Get the Look: Kate Middleton's Concert Look

07/03/2007 at 01:00 PM ET

wenn; Simon Hammond/Splash News online

Kate Middleton needs no advice when it comes to fashion. Stepping out in a regal looking white dress and white cotton Issa trench coat for the Diana memorial concert in London on Sunday she showed off a royal sense of style. With rumors of a reconciliation in the air all eyes were on the beaming Middleton, who dressed down the outfit with her favorite black knee high boots and a perfect blow dry. We love that her outfit was stylish yet practical. As Issa designer Daniella Helayel tells PEOPLE “She looks very chic, demure and understated in the trench coat. It was the perfect outfit for the weather and the event!” We couldn’t agree more. If you can’t afford Kate’s $900 designer trench, try this casual white trench for a similar look, on sale $30 from $80, at Add these Isaac Mizrahi boots, $36 at, and this Ann Taylor sheath, $80 at — and you’ve got the look!

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glad on

she looks really nice…i like the look…but c’mon boots in the summer…neah….but then again i dont know the weather over there…

smile ; ) on

am i the only one that thinks she looks like Lauren (LC) from “The Hills” ? They bear a striking resemblance, minus the hair color. I think its all in the face. Although I prefer Kate anyday.

alia on

Yeah…I don’t like the boots in the summer…but other than that, she looks really cute:)

t on

Its not summer in London you simpletons, do you really think she would be wearing a trench if it were summer? And London never gets hot, its cold and clammy there most of the time.


Elda on

I love Kate’s style and I love the way she presents herself, kinda like Princess Diana use to be like.

Josie on

She looks very cute for day. For night, take the trench off and add some bangle bracelets, maybe a necklace and she’s good to go! It’s cold in London, so she did good going with the boots.

Ingrid on

Personally, I don’t think she looks that great. She kind of reminds me of Crown Princess Mary of Denmark-not only do they have the same facial shape (very round) and coloring (dark hair and eyes) they dress somewhat similar.

First of all, ‘t’, chill out. Glad said s/he didn’t know the weather in London. No need to call us simpletons.

Two, even if it is cold, the boots look idiotic with the dress. (By the way, if it’s so cold and clammy there, all the time, why is her dress sleeveles.)I would have gone with a strappy sandal or a peep-toe pump of some sort. Even plain flip-flops would have looked nice.

On that note, let’s face it-this girl is milking her title as ‘Future King’s Ex-Girlfriend’ for as long as she can.

tonya on

The girl has got it together!!! She looks good!! LUV the outfit!!

PIP on

t you might want to check your facts. England is in the northern hemisphere as is America last time I checked, which means that….. it is summer over there. Who are you calling simpleton now!!!!


Rose on

She looks very regal indeed!

k8 on

The boots do throw it off…brown would have been a better colour choice in my opinion…

And it is rather warm in London this time of year…I spent last summer there and wore flip flops, capris, and tank tops most of the time

Sasha on

Well it’s a good thing she’s wearin the boots…since england is being flooded at the moment in some areas and its pooring down everywhere else..she looks stylish and practical!

kat, england on

Okay, “t” and others, living right here in england, PIP is right, YES it’s summer, but NO, it’s not acting like it at all. It shifts from cold to hot, hailstorms, thunder and sunshine, so it’s hard for us brits to pick outfits as we can get whole spectrums of weather in one day here. hence the boots and the trench coat.

and she looks great, but the girl needs to find a talent other than having dated Prince William or else I can’t see her purpose of being in the limelight.

t on

PIP I believe that you would be that simpleton!

Weather for London, United KingdomAdd to my Google homepage
Mostly Cloudy
Wind: W at 12 mph
Humidity: 72%Tue

60°F | 55°FWed

59°F | 57°FThu

60°F | 57°FFri

62°F | 55°F

Alyssa on

I like her style but $900 for a coat thats absurd!!

Norina Dove on

LOVE THE LOOK!!!! The boots did “dress down” the outfit and with the heel, looked very chic. Rock on!

Lil on

Ouch, that’s pretty harsh there t, regardless of the temp it’s still summer in England.

alia on

Wow, T….if you think 72 degrees of humidity is cold—or even 62 degrees is cold, then your crazy….that is not cold enough to wear a trench coat and black boots….but it’s up to Kate to wear what she wants….and I’m pretty sure we are all entitled to our own opinions….Not one of these comments on this page gives you the right to call us “simpletons”—- IF you ARE from England,T, you just proved to us American’s how stuck up and snobby you English really are…..mission accomplished, T….

TC on

She reminds me of Sporty Spice!

L on

Sorry simpleton, but it IS summer in London – and suade boots are a definate no-no in the summer, no matter where you live! She always ruins nice outfits with a bad choice of knee high boots! What about Harry’s girlfriend? SHE looked amazing, was dressed appropriately for a outdoor summer concert and definately deserves some column space instead of Kate!

Ingrid on

Guys, we are getting sooooo off-topic. It doesn’t matter what the temperature in London is or what someone else perceives to be hot or cold. Nor is it very fair to say that all Brits are snobby. There are some, just like there are snobby Americans, Germans, Russians, Koreans and South Africans. Yes, t is being slightly immature and rude. It’s best to ignore people like that, they just want attention.

Anway, back to this girl’s look.

B on

Get the Look? How about get a Life! She has no real accomplishments to speak of. Her whole celebrity is based on being Prince William’s on again/off again girlfriend. Perhaps instead of focusing on her look she should focus on developing a work ethic, performing community service, and cultivating knowledge in world affairs. Is she really valuable as a future princess because people like the way she dresses? How pathetically shallow.


I like her. She seems sincere and besides we make her a celebrity, she certainly doesn’t make herself a celebrity. She is young and some people seem to expect a lot from her for no apparent reason. Best wishes to her and I hope her an William work out. They seem sweet together and his mother probably would have liked her.

Kiwi on

I don’t understand the venom that’s being directed towards this girl. You say instead of focusing on her look she should focus on developing a work ethic, performing community service and cultivating knowledge in world affairs. Last I read, she does have a job and as far as her knowledge or lack-there-of, I don’t know her so I can’t judge her. But I see that’s not stopping you. I’m sure you do LOADS of community service, work hard and cultivate your knowledge but still find the time to get worked up over someone you’ve seen in a glossy. She hasn’t asked for any of this limelight, she’s just a girl who’s hounded by the press because of her choice of dates. If anything blame yourselves for devouring all the gossip rags.

Ingrid on

I’m with B…if she has talents, I’ve yet to discover them.

Kiwi: Yes, she has a job-she buys accesories for a shop. Seeing as she works in the fashion industry, she should know that brown suede boots with a sleeveless white lace dress in the summer looks silly! And it doesn’t matter how much community service an average person like myself or B does, because we weren’t two inches away from becoming the future Queen of Britain. Someone in her position should have strong work ethic and work with charities. (And FYI, I volunteer at a food pantry/thrift store for the needy every week.)And yes, she could have prevented all this media attention-she chose to date him, didn’t she?

lynne on

yes…it is absolutely summer in England. It’s called the Northern Hemisphere. It’s winter in Australia, part of the Southern Hemisphere. Geography lessons aside, the boots look silly with that dress. With a black dress, eh maybe it would be oK.

Emilee ♥ on

I’m not crazy over Kate’s dress, but I love her trench coat. The boots are okay, but I would have gone with a peep toe pump. If the weather is a factor, the boots are okay, I’m with “k8”, I think instead of black boots, brown boots would have looked nice, IMO. By the way, $900 is crazy for that trench coat!

B on

Kiwi: I do have a job, do community service and have raised five kids too. But you miss the point of my post. This is not venomous-sorry if I offended you. If the only focus is on Kate’s look and it is the only thing she publicly cultivates then what is the monarchy’s future, what relevance will it have? Sure she dresses nicely–but in the 21st century shouldn’t we expect, and demand, something more substantial from women who have garnered the spotlight and have the opportunity to be a positive influence in our world?

PI on

To all the haters of suede boots in summer — it’s fun to put together unconventional outfits and mix and match! You don’t always have to conform and follow ‘the rules.’ I actually wore an almost identical outfit today — sleeveless white eyelet dress and embroiderd brown suede boots (a little more boho)–and was surprised to browse this section and see this very similar look. Remember “a foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.”

Laura on

Yes, it is summer in London. When I was there a few weeks ago, it was indeed hot–around 80 degrees. Maybe it was cool over the past weekend, but that doesn’t necessarily make boots appropriate for the summer. If she wore a different shoe, I would love the outfit.

Amy on

So what if she is an accessories buyer and not a duchess, she can date whomever she wants. I think it is sad how people diss her job, her looks, her accomplishments and her personal choices. Let her be, if she really loves him, isn’t it all that matters?

Yulia on

Oh yeh, she looks really regal ;) in that creased bedgown with black winter boots. isnt it absurd to wear boots in the summer??

Kiwi on

Ingrid – Dating someone famous obviously has it’s downside since there are vultures who delight in tearing people apart and being negative. But there’s a difference between dating someone because you actually have feelings for them and dating them for the sole purpose of garnering attention for yourself. Perhaps I’m wrong but it doesn’t seem like she’s done anything to try and gain the spotlight besides falling for the “wrong” guy.

That being said, I don’t like the boots with the dress. I just don’t see why some nasty comments have to go beyond her fashion sense.

Katie R on

For an outdoor concert in England, boots…I think it’s fine. I think she’s going for some sort of elegant rocker statement.

k8 on

This forum is getting out of control…lol…
we’re not supposed to be bashing in eachother here, ladies, we’re supposed to be bashing the celebs we all love to hate!!! hahaha :)

kate on

Nice try, ‘t’ but do you really deign to call the other people here ‘simpletons’? Have you ever been to London in the summertime? (And yes, the do have a summer, fool.) It’s certainly hot and humid – albeit not as much recently. Sure, there’s a smattering of rain every few days, but don’t go around acting as though you know things that you really do not.

Considering the unusual seasonal temperatures which are currently quite low, her look is perfectly suited to the occasion and the weather. The cut of her coat is lovely.

cb on

I think Kate looks a lot like LC from MTV’s the Hills. Except for the hair color. Kate has a great sense of style and I can’t wait to see more of her and Harry’s girlfriend.

Gary on

I don’t get this outfit? Looks like suede boots with a lace dress in summer? Am I wrong? But on the positive side….she is a very pretty young lady.

pippa on

i have a friend kate (linda) who looks just like kate middleton. i love her style!!!

Karie on

O. H .!!! my God!!! she is a twin of lc Conrad form The Hills – and Laguna Beach- No body have notice that??? Look at her face is the same , the hair.. oh my God!!! please put 2 pictures one of each other and compare their similiarities~!!! PLease!!!

Anonymous on

dont like it.

meg on

I think she looks like Lauren too! I love the look- very sleek

sophieb on

Ive always loved her sense of style and would wear them myself Kate has quite a classy flare.Kate always looks radiant and is an influence to young woman.Love you Kate. White macs and black suede boots should be the latest fashion.

ree on

ummm. the dress is cute. the trench is cute. the boots r cute. but when she put em together it all went very wrong some where. i dont care who she is dating when u step out for princess di, u gotta come correct and she was so not correct. never wear boots with a sleeveless dress. (then they r big and black.) the whole thing was a miss to me and i dont care who she is! Sorry kate! U looked crazy!

claudia on

A white dress with black boots is like mixing a summer look with a winter look.

diana on

has anyone really looked at her? She is my opinion is nothing to look at. She has no
upper lip.

Alex on

She looks very proffesional but at the same time stylish and modern. So I give thumbs up to this outfit!!!!

Layla on

She looks great. She’s very pretty and looks very nice and put together.

erica on

Oh my gosh. T is funny calling people simpletons!! HA!! I am stealing that word for my own usage starting now!

omara on

Yawn! You call that an outfit? No accessories, color or life. Just plain boring

Xena on

FYI: Trench coats are made for spring and summer. As for the boots, the premier designer houses have recently launched their fall-winter collections -which include footwear- so if anyhting, Miss Middleton is fashion-forward!

Lila on

The black boots are just so harsh with the white, especially for summer. I don’t like the look as a whole. But I love the dress itself.

I wish this column was about Chelsy though. She looked adorable and perfect! I would love to know where her dress came from.

Fiona on

I don’t think it’s ridiculous to wear boots in the summer. The weather in England has been a bit colder this year, as is Montreal. And when it’s 19-20 degrees Celsius here (67 F) it’s often too chilly to comfortably wear a dress and sandals/pumps/flats all day. Maybe I’m just used to seeing people wearing boots during the summer. I personally like the outfit, she looks simple and chic. White and black together is classic and the juxtaposition of the suede and lace fabrics makes it interesting.

j on

you’re all wrong

goodmorninggg. on

i was just thinking the exact same thing smiley ;) !!!
you know how is US magazine they have “look-alike of the week?”
it should be her and LC next week!
but i really like the outfit…. for fall.
not summer though.

lola on

Jeez, t! Of course it’s summer in London! It’s not on the other side of the equator, you know. And yes, it does get hot- they have a heat wave every 2 years.

Anne on

Yes, it is summer in London, and yes, at this time of year, it’s usually very hot. However, this particular summer, it’s been raining all the time and it hasn’t been very warm in general.

Katie on

Yeah, tell it like it is pip! WOo WOO! I think Kate looks great and seriously, the boots look awesome! I would wear that outfit, could i afford it.

Nenna on

Think she looks lovely and boots are fitting – we are drowning in water over here and its cold as well – sort of.

Nenna on

I think she looks lovely and boots are fitting here in Europe right now – we are drowning in rain rain rain

Heather on

T- It IS summer in London, as it is on the same latitude as Maine. It is NOT summer someplace like Australia and Buenos Aires.

And I think she looks fantastic. She seems modest, stylish, and cool headed. Something I think many in the public eye should take note of.

sitti on

is that the royal sense of style?! If I were in her shoes, i’d prefer to walk bare-footed than to wear those knee-high boots.. it does’nt compliment the whole outfit. The trench coat would be more pretty if it was a little bit longer for about 2 inches.. and hey, i dont like the dress underneath the coat. But I like her hair, very natural!!!

sitti on

i dont like the knee-high boots, it does’nt compliment the whole outfit. If i were in her shoes, i could have worn peep-toes or rather be bare-footed at all. The inner cloth lokks very ordinary.. duh.. also the trench coat looked really nice but it will be more attractive if it was a little bit longer about 2-3 inches more. But i like her hair, very natural!!!

Ashleigh on

Just to clear a few things up about weather in London. Yes it is summer over her, and sometimes it DOES get hot. But we had the wettest june and start of july on record this year (loads of flooding) and the day this photo was taken, it had been a really wet and cold morning before the sun came out, so Kate was just sensibly dressing, really!-Also Kate is really elegant and classy, love the look!

Sabrina on

I think she looks cute, but I don’t understand why she feels the need to always wear white or black. It’s either the one or the other. And yes, from a WAY back post, T: I’ve lived in England most my life as well as visited there every summer. IT DOES GET HOT, it rains a lot, and is cold during the winter, but it’s hot in the summer, like any other place in the northern hemisphere(minus north pole and other similar regions) who’s the simpleton now?!

p.s I think she’s too pretty for the prince.

QT on

Kinda cute…..But I hate those boots!

sweetness on

that week the weather was so messed up, wasnt sure if it was gonna rain or not and i think it did at some point

tosha on

she looks nice,but why would u wear those hot boots in the summer time

Anonymous on


sophieb on

Everyone should love her shes elegant and lovely.
I love the white mac and the suede black boots combo but personally i would wear them in the winter. Not really a fasion statement in the summer.

C on

$900 for a trench coat….give me break!!!

Paigan on

Hey i think Kate looks great it really suits her and kate can pull anything off.

AJ on

Must be nice to be 25 and have nothing better to spend your money on than a $900 trench coat. But then again, I might not be a future Queen.

Jess jordan on

i love this trench coat it is totaly sexy i want to get one just like it

Tiffany on

I agree she does look like LC I was thinking the same thing! I dont like the swim suites…I dont think they are that flattering!! you have to be “hollywood” skinny to wear them…they are not for the “average” women!

Miranda on

She looks beautiful, the outfit seems really simple and easy. Not all that flashy and shiny stuff you see on celebs these days, and also she knows that to be stylish, you have to feel stylish, and I think she looks stylish!

katy on

I think she looks fabulous! I would wear the white coat with the black boots anyday.

osagie on

well u look good
so sweet, l wish de best
l which l can just touch and feel de
beauty and complexion of u.

Vanillabear on

Yah well I think she looks great–great hair, great coat, great dress, great boots. I hope everything works out with her & William, they would make a very cute pair. She would make a very elegant Queen someday. Also: I don’t doubt for a minute that Will doesn’t like her. If he didn’t, then why would they have dated for 5 years? Also, I agree that $900 for a trench coat is way absurd! If I were a future Queen, I wouldn’t be spending that much on just a light coat, I would be saving it for helping other people, like maybe donating some of that money to 3rd world countries or something like that. Don’t always be so selfish!
But I like Kate and I think she would be a great Queen!

ryen on

She looks great. Love her dress.

Grace on

loveeeeeeeeeee it. specially the one wid the jacket. i wana steal it lol

Lorna on

Nice white dress, very summery…but why, oh why is she wearing big black boots with it?? it ruins the outfit!

Brooke on

According to, it’s cloudy and 66 degrees.

nikkat on

im definitely rating her outfit 1 out 10. maybe for some she looks really nice in it but no. i think that her outfit is so “BADUY”. she looks better with the trench coat on but the white sleeveless mini dress paired with black knee high boots?!?!? it really sucks. it would have been better if she wore like a black mini dress and accessorized it with a long gold necklace… and some bangles. and she could have tied her hair to look neat. and instead of boots… some nice flats will do. a patent ballet flats or patent peep toe duo would have been nice. but then again… maybe it has grown all over her head that she’s the future queen… she’s really ugly and she’s such a gold digger.

cath on

she looks realy good… but no my style

coco on

Well it is summer in london but on the day of the diana concert the weather was nasty, so i think that the boots and the trench were perfect. She looks amazing.

wow on

Wow. Some people need to read something other than People. To the person who said, “It’s not summer in London” I have a few things to say:

1) IT IS summer in London. The Northern Hemisphere has summer during June-July-August while the Southern Hemisphere has summer during December-January-February. London is in the Northern Hemisphere, therefore it has summer in July. Look at a map. It’s currently winter in Australia, but not England.

2) It’s not always cold and clammy in London, although it’s weather is typically cooler than the U.S.

CJ on

INGRID…Jealous much?

Her boots look great. You must be milking a side of ENVY, with your nasty comments.

She would make a beautiful princess, and a fresh breath of air to a stuffy palace.

varya on

Kate is nothing but a hanger on and if you looked at other pictures of people at the event she was WAY overdressed!

Chelsy Davy looked much better and actually IS a royal girlfriend so why isn’t there news on her?

safia on

She looks really glamourous and royal at the same time.

Its Just Me on

ok well the picture on the right with that white short kind of trench coat rain coat is SOOOOO CUTE!!!!

J on

She is very sophisticated and had a great sense of style. William sure did find a girl like mum.

Dominique on

She wore that to a concert?

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