How Naomi Watts Stays Fit While Pregnant

05/20/2007 at 10:20 AM ET

Look at how great Naomi Watts looks strolling through Manhattan yesterday. In this week’s PEOPLE magazine, we learned the secret to her tip-top mom-to-be shape is pilates. But is it okay to tone your core with a baby onboard? Yes, but carefully, says Daniel Loigerot of DL Fit Pilates in New York City, who works with Naomi Watts. The actress, 38, who is expecting a baby with boyfriend Liev Schreiber in July, has kept twice-weekly sessions-even continuing to use the intimidating Reformer apparatus. "I customized a program for her," says Loigerot, who accommodates Watts’s growing bump by having her work on her side, on all fours or propped up with pillows. Before starting your own routine, check with a doctor. Loigerot offers a few tips:

Avoid exercising on your back after the second trimester. "Baby weight can compress blood vessels in the abdomen." Instead, lie on your side, sit or stand.

Don’t overstretch. "When you’re pregnant, your muscles get looser, so joint stability decreases and you can pinch a nerve."

Breathe. Getting oxygen to muscles is key, he says. "You’re breathing for two now."

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Zenda on

she looks cute pregnant:) but he bf is sooo ugly!! i hope her child will be cute =]

Maria on

She must be counting her lucky stars that Heath Ledger (her boyfriend of 2 years)dumped her for that midget-clingy-meanie-leg-spreader-contraception ditcher Michelle Williams…eventually allowing her to meet a ‘real’ gentleman, Liev Schreiber, who is now the father of her soon to be born baby. I know Heath was hot before, but he’s already bald (he wears weaves) and has a tendency to be fat when not working, and he’s only 28, so imagine when he would have been 40 years old like Liev?!!!

Naomi looks really happy now, good on her. I guess she’s having the last laugh.

Cassie on

She is looking great….pilates or no pilates. Very happy for Naomi…I hope she can settle down now and have a happy family life with somebody who truly does adore her – Liev.

Cryptkeeper on

is anyone else tired of seen large swollen pregnent bellies in tight shirts that show every detail of the pregnant woman? Shirts so tight that we can now see that her navel has popped into an outie…and more…it’s not attractive, and it does not look good. The only thing worse is when these women acutally let flesh show by wearing a too sort shirt..there are some of us who do not want to see your blessed gut, and do not find pregnant woman fascinating.

Julie on

Her shirt isn’t tight; it’s fitted. She’s perfectly modest. Sounds like someone’s got a weird aversion to pregnancy. I think most of us enjoy seeing a pregnant woman.

Kate on

I think she looks great. At least when I will be pregnant I will dress just like Naomi does. I don’t see why women should start to wear old mens clothes when they are pregnant.

Elda on

i have to give credit to Naomi for staying fit while pregnant because it must be difficult for her for being in the last stage of pregnancy and she is still beautiful!!

glad on

hopefully when i get get pregnant some day i can look as nice as her…

Cryptkeeper on

It’s not “fitted” Julie, it’s tight…and she looks like a big swollen heffer. When I can tell if your umbilicus has popped out from being so huge, YOUR SHIRT IS TOO TIGHT. There is alot to say for growing fat gracefully, and showing ones bulging navel is not one of them. The shirt would only have to be about a size bigger to look good. She looks like a cow. No adversion to preganancy…but to people, but a GREAT BIG adversion to people who think their bodies fascinate the rest of us.

Julie on

All I have to say is that if you think THAT is showing off too much of her body, I don’t know how you stand to look at other celebrities. And I’m constantly amazed at how rude people are. Who would ever call someone a heifer when they were pregnant? I have no idea what’s going on in your life, but that strikes me as cruel.

Kate on

Hey Cryptkeeper, it being pregnant doesn’t mean being fat. And she definitely doesn’t look like a cow, come on!

Cryptkeeper on

I’d never call her a heffer to her face, but that is what she looks like in that shirt. I’d be calling her a heffer under my breath though….loosen up the shirt…keep the huge stomachs covered…..lets not see the details of your anatomy ladies….some of us do not like to see your lumps and bumps.

faith on

alright, i too am a bit apalled by cryptkeeper’s comments, but he/she is entitled to his/her’s opinion. by the way, why “cryptkeeper?” are you a fan of the old HBO tales from the crypt show?

as for ms. watts, i think she is pretty and wearing her pregnancy well. i also believe that the pregnant form is completly natural, and is a great display of the miracle of life and what our bodies are capable of. i would not say that i am fascinated, but rather, humbled by, and have respect for, pregnant women and their “bumps.”

while I would never personally use this phrase, who cares if a pregnant woman, as you say, “looks like a cow?” it’s not like she’s posing for playboy or something, she’s with child! she’s not supposed to be flat stomached! i agree that some “bumps” are “prettier” than others, because some pregnant women have to suffer through bloating and large stretch marks or skin discoloration, but my point is, is that IT SHOULDN’T MATTER!!!!

it’s silly to debate the fashion choices of a pregnant woman! we should all just be glad for her that she is healthy and happy, and is excited about bringing another life into this often cruel and tacky-commented world!!!! there is seriously too much going on for a pregant woman to worry about— and while i’m sure she desires to feel cute and look presentable, she doesn’t need people making tacky and unwarranted comments about her choice in shirts!!!

GET REAL!! if you don’t like the way it looks, DON’T LOOK!! this is how we all began, animals and people alike; it’s a course of nature not a fashion disaster!

Cryptkeeper on

touché, faith, touché . My comment were quite gauche . I shall take your words to heart, and live by them. Why , I have already purchased a pair of nice tight spandex man pants.As a matter of fact I am wearing them right now, and I am going to walk proudly trough the streets and let everyone enjoy my bump. It is natural, and if any of the kiddies don’t like it, well they just have to avert their eyes. I am a happy man. Thank you for showing me the err of my ways. I am indebted. I stand corrected. Women walk proud, and show my your lovely bumps and stuff, and I will walk proud and let the world see mine.
I choose the name cryptkeeper because I am an unimaginative, ugly, cadaverish old man, and could think of nothing else.
au revoir

faith on

wow, cryptkeeper, thanks for the sarcasm. good luck showing off your bumps!

crypKeeper on

Oh my faith, I’d love to run into you while wearing my new pants. Nature is so grand and all. I’m sure you will not avert your lovely eyes!!
Be well! Thanks for the fun.

ucokaty on

haha what WEIRD comments…..

she looks great that’s all i have to say!

Summer on

I applaud any pregnant woman that looks this huge! I myself gave birth at only twenty four weeks to a 1 pound 10 ounce bundle of joy!! Now that I can’t have anymore children, seeing pregnant woman assures me that everything happens for a reason!
Cryptkeeper, I would advise that spandex on men is a real hoot for the rest of us. We have a wonderful, unimaginative, ugly, cadaverish old man at my place of employment that loves to “pop” in on his days off with TIGHT (enough to see every little pubic hair) spandex. I hope to see you on the streets and compare the silouettes.
Thanks for the sarcasm and laugh!!!

crypKeeper on

Summer, your sense of humor is grand!! You are a wise and intuitive woman.
All the best to you.

enigma on

Oh Summer (and thanks to Cryptkeeper as well), you just created the funniest visual image in my rather vivid imagination!!! HA-HA-HA-HE-HE-HE!!!!!

Hey Cryptkeeper, thanks for sharing your rather odd and strange banter….it’s weird but, funny!!


Sprmcandy on

Beautiful Gorgeous Lady.

driver84 on

Kanban on the other hand has a cadence which is more like a drummer. ,

Taylor Reid on

my sister had a hard time getting pregnant because she has this abnormality in her uterus.~”;

Ian Henderson on

for some women, pregnancy is very complicated and sometimes deadly too because of complications~;`

Electric Switch : on

pregnancy is sometimes life-threatening specially if there are anomalies during child development and child birth-.*

Madeline Morgan on

pregancy is quite critical and also requires more of your time so that you can monitor your health progress :’.

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