T.R. Knight Goes Pink! Love It or Hate it?

05/18/2007 at 06:00 AM ET

While some of his other cast mates are making headlines in New York, T.R. Knight was keeping a low profile in Hollywood until we spotted him with a new, very bright, hair color. The Grey’s Anatomy star took his natural brown locks to pink! The show is over for the season after last night’s finale, so no chance of seeing a pink haired Dr. George on set. Interestingly enough, this isn’t the first time T.R. went outside of the box with his hair color– around the same time Grey’s filming wrapped last year, the actor went blue! Maybe it’s a summer look. Tell us: Do you like the pink or do you prefer T.R. as a natural brown?

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Crystal Beach girl on

Why would he want to do that to himself???

Tracie on

I LOVE T.R. Knight! He is my favorite person on Grey’s! If he wants reddish pink hair, I say go for it!

Terra on

I don’t even know who he is and I HATE IT!!

Kate on

I think it looks kinda silly but I think he’s not serious with it. Maybe he just likes to look funny. I don’t think he will be keeping that hair for long thou..

Callie O. on

WOW … i think he is a very good looking man but WHY the CHANGE … Brown is best on him poor thing…

tony on

AWSOME- so hot

Lauren on

He looks stupid!! What is the point of that hair color?!

j on

this is a toughie–HATE IT

Summy on

Don’t like the color at all! He is a very attractive man, he doens’t need the crazy hair color to stand out. To each his own though!

kaye on

I am just happy that T.R. came out and told his public the truth. It’s his life and his business but I am glad he is an honest person. With the pink hair, if he is doing it for himself without pretense then go for it!!!

Sherry on

T.R. is so cute it doesn’t matter what his hair color is.

d on

You probably wouldn’t print my true comment so NO Comment.

Kat on

It is red first of all. And I love it. I think it makes him even cuter. As if that is possible.

Rebecca on

Eh, not so much.

faith on

oh, come on. i can’t imagine anyone saying that they think this is a good change for the long term. for the short term it may be fun to experiment and shock a few people, but seriously. he probably does this at the end of every season simply because he CAN. all season long he is under contract and has to keep up appearances according to the network’s liking, so i guess he feels the need to express his individuality when the season’s up. whatever. yawn. i know he’s been through a lot with the whole name-calling thing, and he has expressed general disdain for his working environment with the exception of a few cast members. i never even watched the show, but it got a ton of press coverage because of the on-set antics. i feel bad for what he had to go through, but i hope he can get over it soon. he’s on a hit show and is getting paid tons of money for crying out loud. i know people who are being discriminated against for nothing or atleast a lot less!

sorry, i know that had nothing to do with hair. like i said at the beginning of my rant, i prefer his natural color for the long term. just my opinion.

Lisa on

I love him, but hate the hair. It seems kinda childish, though I am sure he is just doing it for what ever reason I don’t know.

Alice on

Big deal, he dyed his hair a crazy color. Its not like he is going to keep to keep it like that for long. Get over it.

Brandy on

I love TR to death and think the hair so cute. I like that he changes up his hair during the summer.

HS on

I think T.R Knight needs to get lost with that hair color, this tattle tail of an actor needs to be released from grey’s cast ASAP.He looks like a trouble kid..

Maria on

Good way to get more attention. How many brown haired straight guys get so much attention? None. So he went gay and pink. LOL

laura on

Looks like he’s having fun, anything wrong with that? Life is short, live it up.

Jennifer on

He looks like Perez Hilton, sorry Perez – not a good look!

Randi on

I’m not really into it, but i still luv him so it’s fine!

Branna on

I love T.R! He’s so cute..and he does an awesome job on Grey’s. I dont like his hair this color, I think he should really stick with his natural one, but he is T.R Knight and he can do what he wants to, it is his hair ya know. But anyways I still love him!

HB on

I think it’s for this year’s ABC Upfronts in New York. Last year he dyed his hair blue, so maybe it’s just his annual thing. I guess when you have to have your hair how Grey’s wants it, you go a little overboard as soon as the season wraps. He’s entitled!

Jennifer M on

Wow…HATE IT. Hopefully he dyed it just to celebrate, but it still looks so silly.

Dani on

That’s pink?

5KidMom on

Why not?!…..Good for him!

enigma on

Well, I am with faith on her comment and I prefer the natural look myself. I also understand the whole “spurt of the moment” thing too.

But, honestly, I don’t understand why so many people “like it or love it”….don’t get me wrong I think it’s cool to dye your hair bright red or another funky color on occasion but, really T.R. Knight’s dye job isn’t that great!! It’s as if, he thought about having his hair colored when he didn’t have enough time to spare to have a good job done!!

So, I think his dye job could look alot better!! But, than again maybe he’s having it done in stages!! Perhaps he’ll shock people with another round of bright red….instead of this lack luster shade of pink! I mean, if you’re going to COLOR your hair….COLOR IT and do it BRIGHT and RICH!!!

Laters and Cheers!

Erin on

B R O W N for sure. He’s still sexy though!!!

wendi on

what the hell?

Erin on

B R O W N for sure. He’s still sexy though!!!

Aynsley on

OH WOW. that’s all i have to say. and that he looks like a leprechaun :/

Kat on

why not!!! he’s on break.

Julie on

Not diggin pink hair on a guy.

sarah on

All I have to say is, “What in the H3ll”???????

nkwanzi on

stop hating!! its always gd to change your look once in a while…let the guy be! TR, GO FOR WHATEVER,THE SKY IS THE LIMIT!!

aubryn on

absolutely not. oh well its temporary.

b on

I am totally aware that revealing himself as being homosexual was liberating. But this… this is crossing the line. Part of his appeal was the sweet but masculine guy. Now he just looks like a wanna be Pink.. what am i saying, Id still go for him!

Wow on

he looks like perez hilton…

Nikki on

I hope it’s a semi-permanent haircolor. But I like him!

Kat on

I already wrote on the wall and this comment does not pertain to his hair (love it). I heard the TMZ.com said T.R. is gone from Greys. Which would work with the finale last night. They said he was leaving on his own will but the guy who said those comments about him ( I’m not a regular watcher so I don’t know his name) but they said he was not renewed. Is that true?

Jennia on

Jennia on

Hilary on

ugh. omg. i love TR!! he is so amazing! gawsh but the hair. is a definiant no no. bad boy TR but i still LOVE YOU!

alia on

WHY NOT??… I think it’s fine to expirement…i guess pink is sort of a strange color to choose, but he’s not working and he’s a really nice guy…it’s not like it changes his personality…so it shouldn’t really matter what color his hair is, right?:)

Courtney on

i think that the hair looks good, but i really hope that he isn’t leaving the show. Cuz i love the show and ALL the cast!!

Courtney on

i think that the hair looks good, but i really hope that he isn’t leaving the show. Cuz i love the show and ALL the cast!!

S on

First, in this picture and others I’ve seen of T.R.’s new hair color, it looks more like red than pink. It’s cool & funky – he’s still young enough to pull it off, he may as well while he can. I actually liked his blue hair last year too.
Excuse me, HS, a “tattle tail of an actor” ???!!!??? I’m glad he spoke up and told the truth about Isaiah Washington. Calling out someone for being prejudiced, unelightened, and hateful is NOT being a “tattle tail”. When Oprah interviewed the cast on the set of “Grey’s Anatomy” (before the Golden Globes) everyone was acting like it was no big deal, downplaying the situation, and denying that Isaiah Washington made such a comment about T.R. Knight. WHAT A LIE! I find it incredible how he managed to film scenes for “Grey’s” where the characters George O’Malley and Preston Burke are actually close friends, having personal conversations, after the things Isaiah said about him within earshot of him.
Regardless of sexual orientation of either of them, T.R. Knight speaking up and telling the truth about what happened and the affect it has had on him makes him more of a man than Isaiah Washington could ever hope to be. It’s unfortunate that in the 21st century, prejudice of any kind still exists.
I hope to see T.R. Knight on “Grey’s Anatomy” next season and in his future work – he is a truly gifted actor.

Devan on

I love TR no matter the hair color, but I do like it better brown. It’s summer though and let they boy go crazy if he wants to, he deserves to have some fun. Just as long as he goes back to brown for the show next season.

micaela on

what did he do?he was my favortie person on greys and i dont know what he did to his head but he should go back to natural!

Zenda on

I agree with people that said he looks like Perez Hilton…but T.R is like….WAY cuter than Perez!
i dont like the pink/red hair but if hes happy that way!!:) why not?!



marie is wow on

is he trying to make everyone know how proud he is that he’s gay? well good for him!! i hope he is proud and not trying to hide it!!

Maryse on

I can understand him doing something different for the time being, but I’m not digging the color at all. T.R. should make the color more richer in red. He’s precious though. When I first saw the show I liked him best, I thought he was so cute.

I like him best brown.

Babygiraffe on

He can do what ever he wants. Just like everyone else!

Virginiarocks! on

I think the funny thing about most of these comments is that if Jessica Simpson or B.Spears (if she had any) dies their hair…the comments are completely different…almost everyone is brutally honest and sometimes cruel when commenting on them…so, I guess someone’s reputation and personality does make a difference on the way the public percieves the celebrity…

rocketman on

if any guy has the guts to do that,more power to em!!!!!!!!!

Alice on

He already dyed it back to brown this weekend.

mnoelker on


tayla on

OOOOHHHHHHH i dont think he should of done that…he was so cute before that sucks


OMG!!! he looks like a FREAK!!!

sara green on

ummm noi’m sorry but it just don’t look right

Chrissy on

I love it…you look good T.R….,ove the pink

Chrissy on

I love T.R. on Grey’s…The show would not be the same without George and I love, love, love the pink hair dude.

Sam on

When you have to keep your hair exactly the same, day after day, and no chance of changing it even the slightest bit while filming Grey’s, it’s nice to be able to go out of the box and be able to be yourself while on break between season. Give TR a break. He’s being who he is, he’s being himself.

Kate Gordon on

In my opinion this is just to get some attention, a pulicity stunt. Poor TR…Guess he´s not getting the same attention from the media than the other cast members….

He´s a great actor, anyways, but definately looks better with his natural hair color.

k on

i love T.R. and whatever he does is absolutly fine with me. : )

Franziska on

I think he looks great, he just wanted to go crazy with the hair, and why not. I wish I had the courage to do something like that. I think he’s great in many way and a role model for other people, me included:)

kelsey on

i go crazy colors all the time! wats the big deal? hes not gunna be on camera! more power to ya T.R.!!!!!

Matthew A. Megill on


Kristin on

I like it.. Let him do what he wants. Maybe he just wants to make a change, mix it up a little:)

elaina on


olivia on

me encanta i love itttttttt

Unknown on

Hey, Why would he want to crap up his old hair by dying them? I mean that’s SICK. God gave you a hair color and wants you to stick to it. Why would anyone want to change the way they look by using that JUNK? In fact you shouldn’t change the way you look using anything. Don’t you read the bible, it says that you don’t have to look pretty outside but the inside has to be good. But T.R. is SICK to dye his hair because God gave him a beautiful hair color, why didn’t he just leave it instead of dying it. Well it is your life you are messing up not mine.

?? on


alia on

Geez “unknown”…don’t you think you’re being a tad extreme?!? I mean…he already died it back…

S on

Unknown: calm down, it’s just hair. Since when does religion or the Bible have to dictate EVERYTHING in life? And why do people (in general) have to bring up the Bible whenever they want to make a point? (I’m not aware of a passage in the Bible saying ‘make no changes to yourself’ or ‘don’t alter the color of your hair’.) Does that mean we shouldn’t cut our hair or wear make-up either? Is it just because T.R.’s hair is a reddish-pink? Why target him, millions of people dye their hair, both average people and celebrities – some colors look natural, while others are clearly not. I’ve never heard of any religious institutions that are against quite so many things. Is there anything or anyone that’s good enough for them? Besides, hair dye is often temporary and is very minor compared to things like tattoos, piercings or cosmetic surgery. Now some companies actually make vegetable-based hair dye. There are more important problems and people doing much worse things in the world than dyeing their hair.

mel on


McHottie on

I agree with Faith.
Pink, or red, whatever and who cares?, doesn´t suit him!!!!! He looks better with the brown hair…
Maybe he just doesn´t want to be called “Bambi”

teij on

i love tr no matter what. his face aint changed so yeah he looks good blue was better but red, i think its red.. reds still good

Lynda on

T.R., you do what ever feels good to who you are inside. I like your hair being pink, and I think that it looks good.

Mysti on

I think it’s kinda great, actually.
Most of us like to make changes to our appearances fairly regularly, but actors are usually bound by contract to not change even minuscule facets of their looks. Who wouldn’t blow off a little steam and go wild when they get the chance?

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