Jessica Simpson's Back to Blonde! Love It or Hate It?

05/18/2007 at 06:33 PM ET

No more John Mayer, no more brunette locks? We can’t say for sure that Jessica Simpson‘s breakup triggered her going back to blonde, but who hasn’t changed up their look post-relationship trauma? Wearing a second-skin Herve Leger gown, Jessica showed off her new (old) hair while promoting her upcoming movie Major Movie Star at the Cannes Film Festival. We thought at least she would transition her locks slowly back to blonde, but — boom! — she’s back to her old look just like that. We think the dark honey blonde suits the star, but what do you think? Tell us: Do you like Jessica as a blonde? Or did you like her better as a brunette?

Photo: George Pimentel/WireImage

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amber on

Hate the orange color! She looks much better with a warmer darker tone.

alia on

Ewww…that’s not even blonde!!…that’s orange….chose either blonde or brunette Jessica !!!

Kristina on

It looks way to brassy, almost like she poured a bottle of peroxide on her head!!! Yuck. Please either take it back to chocolate brown or platinum blond. Anything in between looks to orangey on her skin tone.

Sue on

Deff Orange!! Love her Blonde!!

Amanda Beckman on

Don’t like it.

gisele on


dawn on

God I love that necklace wonder if they make a cheap knock off.

Jennifer on

Who the heck calls that blonde? That is orange – like her skin!

dawn on

God I love that necklace wonder if they make a cheap knock off.

Marie on

It looks orange not so blonde. She can wear either blonde or brunette I think she looks pretty either way!!!!!!!
Whatever makes her happy!!!!!

Nora on

Well, she is trying to get blonde again because she just broke up with Edward Scissorhands (doesn’t he look like made of wax all the time).
He wanted her brunnette, so she changed her hair…now is back to blonde or orangey…
Let’s see what happens if they get back together…

stephaniek on

i go back and forth on how i feel about jessica personally, but i will say that she is starting to look like the girl we all knew back in the newlyweds days and that’s exactly where she needs to be. stay blonde, jess, and keep up the good work with the more fashionable exterior.

Nora on

Well, she is trying to get blonde again because she just broke up with Edward Scissorhands (doesn’t he look like made of wax all the time).
He wanted her brunnette, so she changed her hair…now is back to blonde or orangey…
Let’s see what happens if they get back together…

Wylie Hymen on

RELAX everybody, It’s probably temporarily brassy and orange. You CANNOT go from true brunette to light blond in one step with permanent hair color. So I’m sure in the next few days, we’ll see a lighter shade emerge- Nicole Richie did the same thing…so did Cameron Diaz.

Amy on

She looks stupid and trashy either way…

Jilinda on

I love the new hair color! Everyone has preconcieved ideas about brassy and orange hair, but I like that Jessica is not afraid to change and not be a follower.

Joyce on

This is way brassy- she should fire her hairdresser Ken

charmed on

yessssssssssssssssssssssssss jess do what u r doing u look great even wen people say no you look great u are so preety

charmed on

jess u look fantastic u are the best keep doing what u r doing

Dena on

She’s probably in the transition stage, or at least I hope, because eventhough this color isnt great on her, the blonde she used to be was her best look! Does anyone notice she looks so much better and slimmer when she’s not busting out of her top??

charmed on

jess u look fantastic u are the best keep doing what u r doing

Sandra in Detroit on

I hope that’s a part of her transition, because it looks brassy and completely unnatural.

Mira on

I liked the way she looked with chocolate-brown hair, and I know I am going to be the first one to say this so far, but I like it better like this than when she wears it too blond. Hate it when people you can obviously tell are not blond dye their hair way too light.

Virginia on

It’s brassy because you have to gradually change your hair from dark to light.

Rachel on

Can I even dye my hair to match my eyes? — Wizard of Oz.. Dorthy.

cb on

hate the orange hair, either stick w/the natural blonde or go w/the brown..brown was actually very nice on her…now she looks like a brunette who had trouble bleaching or’s ugly

kim on

she needs to be blond again. asap

kim on

she needs to be blond again. asap

ann marie on

The color is in transition. In a week or two it will be back to a more platinum blonde. Steps… baby steps.

Brieee on

I dont like the blond in tht [pic so much as her othe rblond ebut comeon shes the most beautiful woman in hollywood she would look good if she pulled a britney and shaved it all off!

Brieee on

I dont like the blond in tht pic so much as her othe rblond ebut comeon shes the most beautiful woman in hollywood she would look good if she pulled a britney and shaved it all off!

Suri Cruz on

She looks best platinum blonde!

Priscilla on

Looks like shes trying to go back blonde in a healthy way. This is a process most people dont take but is better for the hair. I think she looks great!!

Tracy on

That color is hideous on her! Go back to dark!

Saskia on

Her locks are orange because if she dyed them blonde straight away her hair would get ruined. Cameron Díaz just did the same.

aortega on

This isnt even blond!more like orange…yuck

JJ on

I love it, and you guys have to remember that this isn’t really her choice. She has to have this color for a while to healthily transition back to blonde. On a side note, this reminds me of her ‘Irresitible’ era hair. Love You Jess! Hope you and John work it out.

Britt on

I’m still not sure where the old Jess is at? I LOVED her look back in the day when she was with Nick…I think the only true hair color that suits Jessica best is her blonde roots.
Come on Jessica!!! I miss the old glamorous you!

kim on

Looks orange-ish to me, too. That’s barely even a color you can call “blonde”. Way too close to her tanned skin.

How about just going completely natural, Jessica?

DesperateHousewivesFan on

TECHNICALLY its not even blonde.

Gray on

This happens to be baby steps back to her blonde self….you can’t just go from dark brown to light blonde…she probably go thru at least 1 more shade before she will be back to her original color.

sparkkle on

Girl do whatever you are pretty. Go Blue. Im sure it won’t make a difference. I love it though.

sharon wiley on

I like this color blonde better than her lighter blonde

anna on

She looks horrible! She needs to get a new hairstylist ASAP! No wonder her career is going downhill!

tj on

I think it looks great. She looks better with a light hair color or as a blonde. In the picture her hair looks orange. However, I have a feeling it does not look like that in person.

don k on

well its a little better then that brown hair she had. she just needs to go back blonde and fast. she does not look good in dark hair. oh and we all new it was not going to last with her new man john.

kay on

its ugly!!! i know that she got this professionally done, so i just wanna tell her that she just got ripped off, because it looks like she got a really unexperienced friend to do it for her. she needs to go back to her original blond roots, she looks best with it. And some needs to tell her that this hair color makes her face look dull, even with make up on.

sara on

i like her better blonde, but not this shade of blonde. i hope shes on her way back to the platinum blonde that we all know and love. i never liked her dark locks.

annie on

You loOk pretty in everything and about that could do better. Go back to nick he is hot!!!

Jenn on

Her hair now matches her skin!!!

Marie A on

Did u guys know that to go from brown to blond u have to bleach it in 3 step,ofcourse u cant have it done on the same time thats what u got ont the first step(blond-orange)! give her a break and yes Jessica i prefer you in blond!!!

kim on

Yeah that is orange for sure. You would think the money those hair stylists get paid that they would do a better job then that. I am surprised with Jessica going out in public alot her hair wasn’t done a better color.

kim on

Yeah that is orange for sure. You would think the money those hair stylists get paid that they would do a better job then that. I am surprised with Jessica going out in public alot her hair wasn’t done a better color. keep it blonde or brown, please!

Steph on

Uh, guys, hello? Going from brunette to blond is a process, and in the in-between stange, hair is always that orangy color.

gflo on

It’worse then the orange…she definately needs to go back to her blonde roots becuase it just suits her personality

gflo on

It’worse then the orange…she definately needs to go back to her blonde roots becuase it just suits her personality

april on

the reason her hair is orange is because its nearly impossible to dye hair from dark hair to blond without it turning orange…you have to use green tones in order to avoid the orange, which if you can imagine wouldn’t work well…give it a few more dye jobs…she’ll be back to the blond bombshell we all know (and some love).

Sharona on

I hope it’s just a transitional color as she moves to a lighter shade of blonde. Loved the brunette but don’t like this shade at all.

Massie on

I think she looks great. Although its not her best look the locks have such a contrast on the dress that it looms fab. I am upset bout the John Mayer split. I wanted them to get married and have babies! lol

lotus on

Prefer the blonde.Please get rid of the orange.

Toni on

I agree, I like her one or the other. This look is too brassy! I personally like her blonde the best.

Kelly on

I’m guessing this is just a transition color. If she went from dark to her normal bright blonde, the damage would be greater on her hair. I bet she’ll go brighter with the blonde within days. In the meantime, this transition color isn’t flattering at all.

Ashlee on

Don’t like it!! Either go blond or brown…not orange!!

Cat on

Oh thank god she’s coming to her senses!! For a while it was like she didn’t own a mirror, she just looks so much better blonde!! I hope she goes all the way back to her original beach-babe blonde locks soon!

Rachel on

Ewwww, that’s the color of my cat’s fur!!! All fake blondes look better brunette.

Christi on

Well obviously she’s slowly going back to her old blonde it’s not easy going from a dark brown to a drastically light blonde. Look at pictures of Ashlee Simpson when she went from black to bleach blonde it was a terrible orange color for a while. So cut her some slack until you know whats going on!

iamkellik on

GROSS ! Too brassy !

J on

People Magazine…this is NOT blonde!!! It’s more of an orange, as everyone has pointed out. It looks horrendous, and makes her skin look really weird.

lill on

she looks fantastic. I hate brunette on her. Finally she looks good again!

lill on

she looks fantastic. I hate brunette on her. Finally she looks good again!

Elda on

as always i think Jessica looks beautiful and glad to see her back in blonde (even though she still would look beautiful in blue or any hair color) i wish her the best on her future projects!!

jamienoelle on

Hmm, I don’t think any look on her is flattering. Maybe she should just follow in Britney’s footsteps and shave her head.

erin on

I Jessica as a blonde, but that is not blonde.

lisa on

please please please blonde or brunette! no more ugly orange!!! and please stop dying your brows!!! :(

dana on

She looks washed out and boring with her hair like this. I thought she looked gorgeous as a brunette.

Ganja_Girl on

Jessica’s hair looks to me like she used a 65 wash semi-permanent hair dye on it and she is on the 55th wash.
Bleach in Califonia blond Jess, you look bad in dark colored hair. Jessica is someone who should always be blond on so many levels.

Gina on

her hair is only that color because you have to go through the process of dying it from dark to light. you cant just immediately go back to blonde therefore to do it properly u have to go through the orangish-red stage before going back to completely blond! and it doesnt look that bad

Sandy on

Jessica looks best in light blonde hair – it just lights her face up. Once a blonde, always a blonde! And she needs to just accept that light blonde is her best. Jessica is not a dumb blonde….in fact, i don’t think any blonde is dumb….

Noelle on

Ewww!! That is a TERRIBLE color. That’s what happened to me when I tried to dye my hair blonde in 7th grade, and I had to pay $200 at a salon to have it fixed. That’s ORANGE, not “dark honey blonde”. Why in the world would anyone think this is a good color?

And on a side note, Jessica, PLEASE stop with the fake tanner! You look more and more orange every day, and now you have orange hair to match!

Stephanie on

Wow.. this looks gross. She should stick to what shes known for.. PLAT BLONDE!! Why would Ken let her leave his chair looking like that?!

Erin on

I like it.

I just wish she’d make up her freakin mind!

Priscilla on

Oooooooooorange!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol She’s changing again since she’s not longer with John. I wonder what her next look would be???? Ahh all depends on the guy…

Grace on

A beautiful person is a beautiful person — she looks great. Jessica will always be in the spotlight, no matter how “bad” all these jealous women think she looks.

maria on

People if you don’t know that, this is the only way to go blonde without damaging hair(red/orange 2-3 months before going to blonde)

Leilani on

this isn’t her usual “blonde” color. it looks as if her hair got burned from dying her hair way too many times. the color looks more orange. at least her makeup looks better than it did before. she just looked like a frumpy old lady while dating john mayer.

Rebecca on

I feel sorry for her poor hair! I really wish Jessica would pick a color and length and keep it for a week or two. This shade is really bad. On a positive note, her dress, jewelry, make-up and natural smile are all good.

K on

Since her hair was so dark before, I’m sure she is just having to lighten it a little at a time. I like the color, but not on her. I think she looks better with lighter blonde.

dannii on

she probably wasn’t going for orange, but she was dark-brown so when you try to go back to blonde, you have to colour it gradually
she’ll be platinum in a month, don’t worry! :)

little 1 on

I reckon its a wig!

Seriously no one would with a decent mind would go out of the house with hair looking that bad. The colour is first wrong, and secondly it looks wet, like she forgot she had a red carpert event and showered, dressed and walked on the carpet.


Edna on

WOW!! What comments!! :o For me, personally, Jessica looks the BEST right now with ORANGE haircolor. She looks much much younger than she was looking when she was blonde or brunette. Don’t listen to these awful comments, Jessica!! You look awsome now!!!

Linz on

I think its gorgeous, its a really clssy dark-ish strawberry blonde, a colour I think a lot of women would love but cant achieve.. its also a colour that look good in winter and in summer… she looks like a proper woman

Nana on

she looked smarter brunette

mik on

She looks better as a blonde, not as a brunette or, strawberry blond? or whatever that is.

kate on

I think this IS her “transition” back to blonde. While it is pretty “orangey”.. it STILL looks better than the brown. It is EXTREMELY difficult to bleach up the dark hair she had back to her original color without ruining it. Not sure why she did that.. wanted to match John Mayer. Keep going blonde Jess… you’re getting there.

Kristin on

I like both. This isn’t really blonde, it’s kind of orange. I think she looks really pretty with brunette and blonde. Not so crazy about the orange.

Mandy on

brunette or blonde, she is still talentless.

i would be more privy to seeing her give up the tanning salon. she’s been looking uber-monochromatic lately.

Lisa on

Looks orange to me.

Stacy on

Brunette! Brings out her natural tones. Makes her eyes PoP!

trish on

I agree with the majority! She looks much better with her daisy duke hair.

Zee on

No matter what jessica you look beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!

FusicGreen on

Did anyone ever think that she is in trasnition from the dark hair to light hair? You have to take steps when going from as dark as she was to as light as she used to be. Remember when it was that funky Red color? Ahh yeah, that was a transition shade before she went to quite dark. Think about your Chemistry People. IT’s simple.

Marian on

Its Orange!I much prefer Jessica blonde like before,she was beautiful!Brown hair just wasnt Jessica and orange certainly isnt

ucokaty on

for someone with so much money that color sure looks like she got a kit at walmart and did it herself. that color is horrible! ICK….

jwhite on

Blonde? That is orange. She looks beautiful as a brunette. She should keep it that way. I love natural Jess!

pink on

she looks beautiful any color she does her hair!

BFriday on

I love it blonde…Whats up with her makeup lately?

who cares on

don’t like her brunette or blond…just don’t like her period.

Ally on

Anyone knows that you can’t go from dark brown to her old color blonde overnight people… it takes time… Cameron Diaz is doing the same thing. I think this is way better than the dark brown, that made her look like “granola girl”.

Diva on

I want Jessica to go back to blonde! This isn’t blonde! It’s too orange! Jess please just go back to real blonde! Your almost their!

Diva on

I want Jessica to go back to blonde! This isn’t blonde! It’s too orange! Jess please just go back to real blonde! Your almost their!

Bfriday on

I love her hair the way she had it before. The blonde looks beautiful. Her hair looks orange..HORRIBLE. And whats going on with her makeup lately?

Autumn on

I think she’s still in the transitioning phase.

Carolyn on

you are so ignorant!! to get back to blonde she has to be orange for 2 or 3 months

Sidney on

If one does not have the looks for being a brunette, then one should go blonde. Most women dye their hair blonde because they lack the looks, and it’s always nice to see a pretty brunette. John dumped his convenient booty call because they did not have much to talk about. When John would talk about the environment, Jessica would chime in and talk about her breasts. John Mayers new CD Continuum rocks!

Tas on

I’m sorry but Jess is just not looking good these days brunette or blond. I saw some old pics of her from “Newlywed” days, and she was so much prettier then. More natural looking. I think shes trying to find her nitch. Her singing career is over, so she’s trying to be an “Actress”. The problem is, she can’t act. And why is she promoting a movie she hasn’t starting filming yet, instead of “Blond Ambition” which is supposedly coming out this fall? Sorry, but I predict failure for her acting career.

lisa on

noooooo!! come on

elle on

It is totally orange! Hate it

Lee Ann on

Very unflattering. Too brassy. Did Ken Paves do this to her? Looks like the home dye job I did to myself when I was 13. She should go back to brunnette or the natural looking blonde she had before she went brunette. Gosh, I hope this is not the new trend. We will start seeing orange heads all over the place. I never see gorgeous Dallas area ladies (where Jessica is from) with this kind of blonde.

bubbles on

i like it! but it could go a little lighter to go with her skin

Applin on

I agree with everyone. When I first saw the picture I thought this is not blonde. It does look more orange. As evryone else thinks she looks better as blonde. As far as John Mayer, I’m glad they have split. You talking about a step down from Nick Lachey. Jess just face it you let a great man go. Now Vanessa it getting is “Whats Left of Him”. GO VANEESA!!!!!

Lisa on

The only reason her hair looks orange right now is because you cant go strait from brown back to blonde. It will only be temporary. Besides that, I love her blonde!

Dionne on

That isn’t blonde, and definately not her best look. She is gorgeous – I like the brunette look – but hair color is meant to be changed. She is a beautiful girl – no matter what.

Kelly on

She looks good both ways but like Cameron Diaz, the blonde suites her better. This color isn’t exactly blonde so it would look good going lighter the way she had it before Mayer.

Brunette on

Yuck! Chestnut was way better!. You have to stick to your roots, not look like a clown when the real color starts showing up. Blonde, unless it’s close to your natural color, doesn’t look good at all.

Diane Horne on

I think Jessica looks better with blonde hair, her hair looks to orange right now but I am sure she will fix it. She does not look good with John Mayer at all, they are so opposites. She looked her best with Nick Lachey, it is such a shame they didn’t make it, they looked made for each other.

ColourQueen on

Jessica is doing what most stars do who want to go back to blonde from brunette without damaging their hair. This is the first step of two to going back to a light blonde colour. Haven’t you noticed that a lot of stars, who go blonde, first have this darker blonde/orangy tone…..Cameron Diaz to name one.

Cherie on

I think she looks beautiful!!! You are all kinda hard on her looks…I only wished I looked like her!!!! Give the girl a break!!!

Katie on

i do think she looks way better bruntte b.c it gives her a more classy style…..but hey its not my hair

Frances on

Definately better off brunnette.

ruth on

hate it!! i liked the brown better, thats for sure.

Ellen on

Jessica looks a lot better with the brown and red tones she should go darker

Britt on

Much better brown! It does make her look a little more sophisticated. Although, Blonde is a summer look. Either way, that Orange looks terrible. My Opinion…. Long and Blonde!

Ali on

Honestly, I don’t even remember seeing Jessica Simpson as a brunette, but then who ever notices brunettes? She not only looks better as a blonde, but she should also dicth the dark honey and get back to her bright, beautiful self as soon as possible!

mihkaela on

i like Jessica’s old blonde hair this looks orange i don’t like it i’d rather her have the dark than the “orange”

jazlyne on

LOVE IT BROWN!!! she looks tanner brings out her face! BRUNETTE!!!

Morgan on

It does look orange, but you can’t go from dark brown to blonde in one night. She will eventually get it back to what it was before she dyed it brown. I love her hair blonde..Hate it brown.

em on

i either like it as blonde or brunette and that is neither. but i think that is supposed to happen when you are changing your hair color from an extreme brown to blonde i mean it helps it not damage the hair i think..

Holly on

You call that blonde??? She needs to pick either dark or blonde…not bounce between the two.

Sun on

I think Jessica looks much better blonde, this is a nice natural shade that highlights her once dark locks. It’s not the platinum she usually sports and a much more flattering colar. The brown was to warm and did nothing to make her eyes pop, this does. Two thumbs up Jessica!

Crystal on

Definitley not her best look, either a light blonde or the dark brown works the best

ketsia mathieu on

i think she looks better with bleached blonde hair.

sisney on

Jessica is a has been who used the best thing she could have ever had(Nick) to get her so call career off the ground. When she thought she was flying she let him go. Ever since she has been going down. Thanks Papa Simpson for being the failure we knew you were. Now Jess is repeating the footsteps. Failed marriage, failed movie star, fail singer (Dolly Parton’s song) Now another failed relationship.

may on

Yew,What’s up? Her hair is a new color everyday. Does she have a new bf everyday?

Brigitte on

Like the brown…soooo much better. It brightens up her face. Blonde, red, just doesn’t do it.

nikki on

This coming from a cosmetologist……Honey, that isnt a color for you. Go to your beautiful Platinum Blonde.This color here blendsin with your skin tone.

Zenda on

maybe im the only one that thinks she looks hot that way?!? I love her -blonde-brunette-and even orange!!
she looks so much happier these days

Krissy on

I love the dark hair on her. The blonde doesn’t really fit her right now.. She should stay with a dark color

Parensou on

No matter what her hair color, she looks like a man in drag.

A on

Classic sign of boy trouble, constantly messing with your hair.

jen on

She is unattractive no matter what her hair color. Class is something she will never have, she is just stuck with the regret of dumping nick for her molester father!

diana on

i think Jessica should colour her hair whatever colour she wants. she is a beautiful young lady. she could go bald and still look great.

Anonymomissy on

She’s transitioning…. but what a time to go through a transition.. Cannes! Dang.. I would have waited until she could hide for a few weeks, then did the gradual changeover… versus go to Cannes to sport her “I think I want to be blonde again..” look, which is obviously what she’s heading towards…I sure hope anyway, because this definitely makes her spray-tan look much too orange and unnatural. The brunnette colour and skimpy tops (and that last halter-style dress where she had only her nipples covered), makes her look much frumpier… this blonder and more covered up look is good for her. Just my opinion.

Anonymous on

I really dislike the color of Jessica’s Simpson hair now. It went from an okay blonde, to granola girl brown, and now to an orangey-blonde? Jessica, make up your mind and go back to the color that fits you and your personality best: Blonde.

Maryse on

Jessica’s hair is orange-y because of a transition she is doing to her hair. You cannot go from dark brunette hair back to blonde over night. She’s taking steps to get back to her original blonde color and she’s doing it the healthy way, the way it should be done. If she were to do something drastic on her own, she would damage her hair, so it’s best for her to go through what they call a transition color. She’ll have this orange-y color for about 2 months or so and then another step will be done. Jessica will be back to her blonde self once again. Honestly, it didn’t matter to me. I thought she look good with the dark brunette hair, but I really prefer her with blonde hair.

Terri on

I like it, but I also like the brunette.

Kristen on

she is hideous either way. I have lost ALL respect for her, and I hope that she bombs in every thing she does

jb on

I think she looked terrible as a brunette and she says thats her natural color. enough said I thought Mr. Ken Paves was supposed to be an awesome hair person.

Ashley K on

Jessica is pretty with a bag over her head, but this is not the color I would go with for her. She’s best as a blonde, but a bright blonde with some contrast. I’d bag the brown and the brassy orange.

Theresa on

In a few more weeks it will be blond. They have to do stages or it will ruin the hair. Just watch she will be a beautiful blond again!

Jackie on

Jess needs to go back to platinum blond, not anything in between.

maryy on

ewww…much better as a brunette her hair isnt even blonde its orange

Emily on

Well, Jess….not so sure. Your skin looks very orange just like your hair and when they match it looks funky

ashley on

I thought she looked really great as a brunette, but not that really dark brunette.

noaveragechic on

Yeah, no, Jess. This is NOT a good color for you. Sure, it’ll be “orangy” going from such a dark brown back to blonde, but it couldn’t have waited until AFTER Cannes? Yuck. I do have to agree with another poster – I think this is a post “John” thing. I don’t know if I agree that he wanted her brunette…seems like a lit of celebrities have a way of “morphing” to look like their partner of the moment. It’s so false and unnecessary – but then again, so is following a man across the globe when you have your own floundering career to work on.

Meg on

When she went from blonde to brown, she had a few transition colours in between…maybe this is just a transition between brown and blonde (I hope!)

milie on

This is orange!!!! Hate it!

Sarah on

I love the way you look!!!!Do what you want!!!!

ken on

I like her Latino look the best with chocolate brown hair and dark skin. I think it is a fresh and sexy look for her, but she looks great either way. And I like the fact she is willing to experiment and try new looks.

ken on

I like her with the Latino look, chocolate brown hair and dark skin. She looks great either way, but I like the fact she is willing to experiment and try new looks.

Jesi on

That is so not blonde she looks terrible. C’mon Jess take a look in the mirror. Go back to brunette.

Lori on

She’s beautiful no matter what her hair color is. However, I would assume she’s in a transitional period of going back to blonde. LEAVE HER ALONE…you all are just jealous. If she wants to wear her hair this way, then so be it. She’ll look good no matter what!

jen on

you are beautiful!! i’d like to see you a bit blonder but this is def better than that dark color you had going on!!this brightens you up…way better!!

anonymous on

Yuck…hate the orange hair. Definitely needs to go back to the brunette

Caitlin on

that is the orqangest blond ive ever seen. She is trying the red head thing out—not blond!

nene on

its not really blonde, more of honey. i like it when its lighter blonde, i didnt even like her in brunette.

molly on

Who the jolly ranchers think that is blonde it is orange for cheese sak .I think she looks better in blonde not orange!

k on

i really like jessica…shes cute, has a great voice and contrary to popular belief i think she is a very smart girl(she has sure made enough money)…but shes been getting such a bad rap ever since her split with nick…whats up with that??…come on people give her a break!…at least she has a great voice and actually does something for a living which is alot more then you can say about most “stars” today…i think she is a really sweet girl and people really pick on her…geeze her hair is just in a transition phase, so what???…shes absolutely stunning!…

kitty on

U-G-L-Y ! Even with plastic surgery both Simpson girls are fugly not to mention TalentLESS !!

I scratch my head and wonder how and why the Simpson family is rich and famous ?!

Pastor Joe is a Good pimp ~

Lily Belous on

She looks better with blond hair…it’s not blond yet…but it’s getting there

Sherri on

Ew she looks like a man here… the brassiness is nasty !!

Brenda on

The orange hair is UGLY. Does Jessica know she doesn’t have to change the color of her hair to match her boyfriend? Jessica better look into hiring a stylist. That would be money well spent. Jessica should learn to be happy with herself and stop injecting her lips with crap and burning her natural locks.

mutinta on

looks great blond dark too harsh and dirty looking xxxx


i love her in any color, she is just beautiful. She looks so happy.


i love her in any color, she is just beautiful. She looks so happy.

Danielle on

i prefered her as a brunetter surprisingly. She also looked good as a blonde but not this colour. This colour is not even blonde its a orange-blonde….i don’t like it at all.

Beth on

She is still in the transition process, ya’ll!!! I’m sure she will be back to blonde BLONDE in the next month or so.. be patient. :-)

meekah on

do what u feel is best……nobody else knows ur happiness…go for it..

me on

personally, i hate it, just lighten up to a lighter color then it would look nicer but hey its not my hair, its jessica and she has to live with it, if she like then she likes it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dani on

Obviously she is on her way to her normal blonde. She is way better blonde.

chido on

well this loook will do for the time being. cause those brown locks werent helping anyone. and she looks gorgeous in that pic she honestly does! though blonde works wonders for her!

j on

she’s not transitioning back to blonde as well as cameron did. is it a joke OR WHAT that she’s at cannes?! it’s doubtful that she will ever land a role that isn’t based on her looks/body. but hey, she’s still doing better than britney!! (kinda)

Slim chic on

I don’t care what anyone else thinks ……….but Jessica’s best looks best with blonde hair!!

shannon on

If you’ve ever dyed your hair you would know that changing from dark brown back to blonde always comes out orangy first before the next step to total blonde. So she actually looks perfectly fine till she goes to the next step. But other then that, I don’t care for her.

Tay on

Her hair was so beautiful before she dyed it brunette. It is what made Jessica Simpson herself. Everyone knew her as a blonde. Her hair didn’t look half as good when she dyed it brunette. But this, this is just hideous.

BD23 on

Imagine that, she looks awful! As usual! She is quite possible the tackiest person in Hollywood other than Brit!

Lenore Carfora-Nye on

Firstly, I think she only went dark to please him but honestly, I think it suits her better.

Leigh on

Two words: THANK GOD!

Kris on

God she looks beautiful again! She even looks slimmer. Earlier she looked short and dumpy. That hair color was never becoming of her. She looks amazing! Ashlee isn’t the prettier sister anymore. They are tied.

Ashley on

Obviously shes going through the changing of her hair back to blond so the brassy color is just a faze in going back to her natural locks. I personally liked it brunette hey thats just me…

Ro on

Ohh everyone shush!!!!!!! She is pretty anyway!!!

Allie on

For those of you who don’t know, after you die your hair brunette and you want to go back to blonde you have to change your hair color step by step. Jess is probably going to make her hair blonder after she goes through this phase. I don’t think the color is that bad but blonde is better.

njgurl on

Love it, cause no one can pull off the “I wanna be brunette” thing other than Mandy Moore.

Raquel on

This color is too close to her skin tone. She would look great in a chocolate/mocha brown color. A pretty pink lipstick probably would have helped break up her 1 color look.



emma on

She looks way beter as a blonde and that is not blonde it is oarnge!

Kate on

jessica is a very pretty girl, but she is damaging her hair when she keeps dyeing it. it looks like she just got out of the pool. I think she should just go brunette- her natural color. the blond looks really fake…. and that doesn’t even really look blond, more like orange.

Reni on

Ewwwwwwwww it´s horrible!! She looks so much better brunette!! I prefer blond-blond, not orange! if she wants to be blond again

pam on

She looks more exotic as a brunette!! It brings out her eyes.

Caroline Green on

that is alot more ORANGE than blonde.
but jessica is awesome and she totally looks good in any color she tries.
However plat. blonde was a wicked color on her.

Diane on

This is NOT blonde!! I think she needs to go back to blonde though….jessica go back to blonde please!!

beth on

She looks a lot better BLONDE i do not like the color she has now!!!

kellt on

ewww someone needs a malibu treatment, besides that shes still the biggest butter face in the world!!!!

kellt on

ewww someone needs a malibu treatment, besides that shes still the biggest butter face in the world!!!!

Emilie on

either blonde or brown. orange is not her best look

Jamie on

I love her old blonde hair the best, but if you have noticed lately stars who go from dark to light are usually in an orangy transitional period to maintain the health of there hair, I think that is what we are seeing here with Jessica, I think we are going to see her much lighter in the weeks to come (example: Cameran Diaz)

Ben on

That is totally not Blonde! its orange! its soo discusting! I Loved her hair before(when it was brunette and her natural blonde!)

Brooke on

That is totally not Blonde! its orange! its soo discusting! I Loved her hair before(when it was brunette and her natural blonde!)

Xena on

I am a hair dresser and i don’t believe she will have this long. If you haven’t noticed with Cameron or even Britney(when she had her hair), just before they went back to blonded they had redish hair. This is going from dark to light colors is devasting to your hair. This is just a transitional color. I bet in a couple weeks she will be back to the blonde color we all know her for. This transitional phase in hair dying strips the hair of the dark color, then you ahve to wait a couple weeks, then can bleach. MAIN POINT—this is less harmful to you hair than going bleach blonde from black. If you dont do this your hair will feel like straw…Personally…she is begining to become like britney when it comes to hair…maybe a bald just will make an appearance one day.

Mayra on

I loved her much better when she had her brown hair hair color was more glowing and she just look way cutier!!!!!!!

Jamie on

I think that her hair is in a transitional phase. Her stylist must be working the darker brown color out of her hair slowly and I expect that she will be back to blond here pretty soon. So yes the orange looks bad but think she had to do this in order to get back to a real blond color. But on another note I am so tired of her. Shes boring and she doesn’t do anything worthwhile.

sam on

i think she looks better with either darker hair or blonde. thats not blonde

Lauren on

It is horrible it looks like cheap hair color session from walmart…go back to before..

Sasha on

I like blond or brunette.. anythings better then this orange color!



mickey on

Look, this woman is beautiful no matter what she does, but I do prefer the original Jessica, not the brown or the red wig or this orangie thing. My only question is why can’t some celebs just leave well enought alone, like Ann Margaret was always a beautiful redhead, Farah a stunning Blond. Catherine Zeta a perfect brunett. Why is Fame, Fortune, Beauty and Sucess in busines not always enough?? Most of us would love to have these advantages or the money to change are hair color like the wind blows, but seriously there are so many more needs in this country. Maybe if more celeb types put their efforts into that we could be writing about how many single moms got a job today, or how a homelss family got a home, you know what i’m saying. Put the focus in the right place, into Educating, with that as the foundation then anything is possible, maybe even a hair color change or makeover for someone who really needs if for the job they are applying for. However I’m not discounting the humanitarian efforts Miss Simpson has done, most recently donating a van to a great cause. Good for her! Lastly, beauty on the inside can’t be changed with a color, it’s who you are and how you were raised, so good job Simpson family

Leah on

Jennifer – That necklace probably IS a cheap knock off. Either that or it’s borrowed.

Rowanne on

I really liked her much much better when she was platinum blonde. Brunette doesn’t suit her at all and this almost- orange-stuff is yucky. Go blonde again, Jessica!!

shangella on

love her as a blond! brunette isn’t bad. This picture though is horrible. I don’t like her with redish hair. Some of the pictures of her as a brunette were nice but the ones where the red poped out are not so nice. My favorite is stillplatinum blond like for dukes or hazard.

Abigail on

I like that color it looks good on her. Actually she looks great in any hair color. So everyone please just stop hatin!

grace on


christy on

I think she looks more intelligent as a brunette!

Meleia on

OMG..i Like her hair when it was a chocolate brown!! please change it back!!!!

Mary Clark on

Jess looks better blonde than brunette. Maybe Nick will take her back afterall she still looks good.

JT on

I dont like it at all. But obviously its just a transition back to her bright blonde hair….hopefully.

lindsay on

I am a professional hairstylist/colorist and this haircolor is not orange. From the looks, it appears that her base color is a light level of brown with golden highlights throughout it..its golden not orange

sam on

i think she is going back to blonde the right way,in steps,instead of bleaching the crap out of and turning into britney spears.Shes smart or has a smart hairdresser!

Iana on


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