Should Ashton Kutcher Shave Off His Beard?

05/16/2007 at 12:54 PM ET

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Ashton Kutcher with the clean-shaven face that he first burst on to the scene with — but this week, he’s crossed the line from cute and scruffy to out of control! Between the beard and the messy hair, Ashton looks more than a bit rumpled, especially next to his always immacute wife Demi Moore. We think it’s great when guys play around with their appearance, and if anyone’s handsome enough to pull it off, it’s former model Ashton. But, come on — stop punking us and show off your famous face again! Tell us: Do you think Ashton Kutcher should shave his beard? Or do you like him hairy?

Photo: James Devaney/WireImage

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Christin on

Please shave! Love to see that handsome mug of yours!

bee on

shave ewww

Lauren M on

It’s cute on his face and I’m really into beards and FACIAL hair….but he has GOT to shave his neck….and keeep the beard neat and trimmed….Don’t go all Brad Pitt on us, Ashton!!!!

enigma on

Oh my!!! My first reaction was EEWW! Then I thought Ringo Star (kinda cool!), then I thought bigfoot (not so cool!)

Aston Kutcher is handsome but, I think the wicked scruffiness isn’t working for him….hopefully it’s for a role he’s playing and fits the part?!!


AshleyL on

Yes please please please shave!!!! My goodness that thing is awful it’s growing down his neck like a freakin wooley mammoth!! I hope it’s for a movie role or something, and not something he plans on keeping!

Lisa on

Yes – or at least clean it up.

faith on

he just needs to clean up his neck. the beard looks fine, but letting it extend into his shirt collar makes him look like a werewolf! but a very cute werewolf! love the shades.

Beth on

I agree. He should shave his neck and keep the beard trimmed up!! But I like the facial hair. It’s sexy.

Dona on

God yes! PLEASE shave it off!!!!!! Grrr-ROSS!!!

Samantha on

I think the beard needs to go, he looks scruffy, and have you ever smelt facial hair? It gets raunchy after a day….

Lyndsy on

It wouldn’t be so bad if he would at least shave his neck!!

Melissa on

He is probably just trying to look older for Demi, just like Justin did the ugly beard thing for a while with Cameron.

PLEASE SHAVE IT OFF….. The hair on the neck is so unattractive, even for a beautiful creature like Ashton. Ashton, please show us your pretty face:)

yvonne franceschi on

I like very much Ashton as an actor, but pls shave your face
My ex-husband was a hairy guy and he always kept his beard
trimmed and cleaned. So whats with the long hair and beard to appear older next to Demi? Yvonne

debbie on

He at least needs to shave his neck! That is nasty!

JenB on

Eek! I am not a fan of facial hair anyway, but this is icky! Ashton has such a pretty face. He shouldn’t hide it behind a wall of fur. He looks like Hank Williams Jr. Gross.

Julie on

I agree about cleaning up his neck.

trace on

Just like anyone else if you are going to have long hair and a beard, keep it neat and clean looking or you just look like Grizzly Adams….YUCK!!!

J on

Please shave!! He is hot but not with that bread. EWWW!

katy on

Ugh!! Shave it off!

Summy on

I do like the scruffy beard on some men. It makes them look even more manly. I like it on Ashton even though he needs to trim it up, especially on the neck. He has such a beautiful face though to cover it is a shame. I’m undecided!!!

Terra on

SHAVE IT!! Or at least clean it up!

Lisa on

i think he should at least trim the bottom. i love beards though!

dee on


Sami on

Yes shave! He looks like a dirt bag.

Olivia on

Definitely shave it off. It’s disgusting!

Elda on

with or without he still looks fine!

C on

Yuck, I don’t like the way he looks, but isn’t it possible he’s keeping his look scruffy because of a part he’s playing? After all, he is an actor.

Kristin on

Mountain Man comes to mind….

Misty on

Please shave, or please shave the neck

alia on

OH MY LORD…he looks homeless…that NEEDS to be shaved off IMMEDIATELY!

Brenda on

SHAVE! It looks like crap !

alia on

OH MY LORD…he looks homeless…that NEEDS to be shaved off IMMEDIATELY!

jandy on

Yes definatly shave!!!!

Laura Hanson on

Maybe he’s going to be in that new mega-hit “Cavemen” or one of Geico’s commercials. ugh. I hate that look!

Claudia on

Please shave boy! Are you trying to look older for Demi? You look better clean shaved and that is how she met you.

Shannon on

Shave the neck…. shave the neck…. oh please, shave the neck!!!!

h on

Well, Demi is the one that has to kiss that prickly mess, so maybe she should be the one deciding!

Jenn on

If he’s got to keep the beard, he needs to trim it up. That hair going down his throat is terrible. But optimally, I’d like to see him clean shaven.

Heather on

So I generally like a beard. My husband has a beard and I love it… but Ashton? Nah, shave it sweetheart1

PAM on

SHAVE IT PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Leah on

That’s not a beard! I think something is trying to choke him.

Laura on

Either shave or have it trimmed by the jaw. It looks unkept like that, makes you want to look away.

Nichole Duckworth on

Eww!! Please shave. All that nasty hair is covering his gorgoeous face!

L on

well, unlike most of the people here, i love the beard! i’m a sucker for facial hair–my friends are always making fun of me for liking guys who look like bears. so yeah, i’d say keep it! don’t shave that off, ashton.

Candi on

Good Heaven’s YES! He is starting to look as old as his wife.

aortega on

ewww YES! that thing looks like its going to jump off and get someone!

Dorie on

That’s just nasty – NASTY!

steph on


Rita on

This is just awful looking, especially in the “star tracks” picture of him & Demi. I, too, hope this is just for a part. I’m not a big fan of his, but he could look so much better with Demi by his side. Good luck!!

rachel on


amethyst_moon on

That beard is so not working for him. Hopefully it is just temporary.

sara on

he looks like the unibomber

Dee on

Heck Yes. Shave You Fury Animal!!!

Jodi on

Oh gosh – SHAVE NOW! May I send you a razor?????

Carol Mariane on

The facial hair gives him added maturity but heck….he’s kind of sexy either way, although I have to say, I do prefer him with a little less hair…on his face.

Misty on

Yeah I think so..I’m just not feelin’ it..But if Demi likes the look that’s all that matters…

Gina on

Oh My Gawd!!!! Please, please, please get rid of it! Get rid of the scruffy, unkept look and bring back your good looking face.

Lisa on

He looks so greasy! But at least he doesn’t look like Demi’s son or Rumor’s boyfriend anymore.

Ann Mexico, Maine on

I love a nice beard/mustache, just clean it up and…BAM!


ehhh well if he trimmed his beard shorter, shaved his next, and made it neat and tidy, it could work. but honestly i think he should cut his hair short, and that would look HOT with a trimmed beard..mmmmhmmmmm

night on

This child looks DISGUSTING…where is moma Demi…she should make him clean up a bit.

Fran on

please shave ASAP!

camila on


priscilla on

Pleaseeeee,,, shave and do it now!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tara on


Michelle on

Come on Ashton you look bad….Bring back the fresh clean look

Diana on

looks great. leave it just the way it is~

jen on

oh hell YES!!!!

crazyheinz on

Now we don’t see his stupid face anymore :)

Kim on

Most definately…. make it go.

Katy on

Now he looks old enough to be married to Demi, lol.

Amber on

yeah he should totally shave it. he’s fine as hell without facial hair. if he’s gonna keep it he just needs to clean it up.

Amber on

yeah he should totally shave it. he’s fine as hell without facial hair. if he’s gonna keep it he just needs to clean it up.



x\Germaine/x on

OMG!! Damm I Reali Used Ta LYk Him In Punk’d And Guess Who, He Looked HOT without facial hair

Now..Ahhhh!! He SHOULD SHAVE, he Luks Like A damn WOLF, no offense!!

Ahhhhh Bludi Hell Ashton, u can do Better Than That! :P:P

Ria on

Oh, lord…….Ashton, sweetheart, you have got to do SOMETHING about that mess. Ure beard is starting to get split ends! Either trim it up a bit or just shave it all off and be done with it!

jessica on

i think he needs to clean it up a bit but it doesn’t look bad

katie on

oh my gosh! he looks like a caveman!!!!! PLEASE shave it!!!

Krista on

Yes he look like my uncle who is like 58

George Clements on

Yes you should because it looks ugly and disgusting!

Maryse on

Nope, this isn’t working.

I like facial hair on men. I’m a sucker for the goatee. I think the beard would look decent on Ashton if he would trim the beard down, he looks unkempt, like he hasn’t seen soap and water for quite some time now. Especially shave the freakin’ neck, that hair looks ridiculous on his neck, even worse, disgusting. I also think he should trim his hair some. Ashton looks like he hasn’t seen a bar of soap, water or shampoo in some time, yuck. Ashton is goodlooking with his boyish charm, and while I can appreciate him doing something different, please make yourself look decent. Hopefully this is for a movie role.

Arasia on

Ugh, yes, shave it all off or at least clean it up please.

Aliya on

OMFG!! Please Ashton! Shave! U look MUCH better without a beard..hes hot [[without a beard!!]]

Julie on

LOVE beards on young men, so sexy! But do think he should trim it up a bit, especially the neck.

Barb on

The furry look is not him. He looks like he needs to shave AND shower! Pronto! Lest this is for a film, the sooner the better. It looks like it’s gonna grow again. Frankly, I can’t look at it any longer. Where did Ashton go? Show off that gorgeous face of yours again!

rebecca on

YES, Yes, Yes…..It’s Nasty

Jessica on

He is too cute to hide that face.

Rebecca on

My husband wears a beard sometimes, and while it’s not my favorite, it’s okay as long as it is trimmed. The neck hair is sooooo gross though! If Ashton would shave that, it would look so much better. This just looks too caveman.

Sara on

Ashton Kutcher is a hottie! But, not with that beard that runs down his neck. Yuck. I think he really needs to shave. And, if not his whole face, at least shave his neck. Gross

Josie on

I think Ash is adorable, and this beard makes him old…maybe he wants us to watch him more in his new movie “Spread” where we can really see him, from top to bottom…!!

Alex on

Cool! The muslim style!

yasir on

shave na kary afridi jesa lagta ha

Me on

I watched “Jobs” with a lot of closeups of his beard, and how sparse his beard was (was it 15 hairs per sq inch) made me wonder how long a feather blade would last him… 2 years?

My god man if shaving for you takes 15 seconds just do it.

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