Hilary Duff's New Bangs: Love 'Em or Hate 'Em?

04/30/2007 at 05:00 PM ET

We are constantly amazed by what a simple snip does to someone’s appearance. This weekend, Hilary Duff debuted new eyebrow-grazing bangs at the National Kidney Foundation of Southern California’s Gift of Life Celebration. We’ve gotten so used to seeing Hilary with her darker hair, but the bangs really seem to change the shape of her face. But the Dignity singer is one of those fortunate people who can pull off anything! Tell us: What do you think of Hilary’s new bangs? Love ’em or hate ’em?

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Photo: Todd Williamson/WireImage; Nikki Nelson/WENN

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Shannon on

Uggggghhh–hate them!

alia on

LOve Them!!…So much Cuter!!

faith on

she has a tall enough forehead to pull off long bangs, and they aren’t too heavy, so i like ’em. i actually think she looks better with them.

kei on

I really like the bangs…I agree that they make her face shape look different. I wish I had straight hair..I’m completely obsessed with bangs but they would look horrible on me. They look super cute on her though. Not everyone can pull off bangs.

Robyn on

I love them! I think it makes her look less severe. She is much too young to look that tired.

Leigh on

I love them…I have bangs too :)

Julie on

She looks fantastic both ways!

Michelle on

I love them! You see her eyes and mouth and less of her forehead.

Annie at GlitterandGossip.com on

Love them – she looks really cute with the bangs.

Maryse on

I love Hilary’s bangs. She can pull off both looks VERY good, she’s just as beautiful with or without bangs. I agree, the bangs aren’t too heavy so they look great on Hilary. The bangs aren’t harsh on her at all. Hilary looks great.

Chrissy on

Love love love them! She needed a change!

becky on

I think they look ok. They make her forehead look smaller. But I don’t think they look right.

Angela on

Love ’em!

Shellsea on

Cute! With a beautiful face like that how could you ever have a bad haircut though… ;)

Jen on

She looks pretty good with bangs, they definitely change the shape of her face.

Vivian Vuong on

Love it! Not all of us can wear bangs, but she wears it beautifully.

Elda on

her new hair style really brings out her beautiful big eyes!

GW on

Love it; it makes her face look softer. I also think the retro-inspired necklace is gorgeous.

Lola on

I absolutely love the bangs. They make her look so much softer. Go Hilary!

Tracie on

Love them! I think it softens her face. Very pretty.

Lucy on

I think she looks good either way! She has a very pretty face and lovely skin!

Jessia on


Lucy on

I think she looks good either way! She has a very pretty face and lovely skin!

Heidi on

I love ’em! They really soften and freshen her look. Way to go Hilary!

Jenna on

I LOVE THEM! She looks gorgeous

massimo on


Bebe on

She looks great either way.
However,the bangs give her
a fresh healthy look.

Kelsey Gibson on

I absolutly love them!!!!!

Ellie on

love them! she looks great either way, but the bangs are younge and fresh. kei, i agree, i wish i had bangs but i would never pull them off…sigh

wildflower on

I love them, she is such a cute girl.
I just bought my 10 yr old daughter her CD and I have to say, I am listening to it when she isn’t in the car, I just love it!

k on

LOVE THEM!!…and i love the colour..i think its a bit lighter then b4 and its glossy!

Bethany on

I love them!!! She looks great either way, of course, but the bangs really look good. They make her eyes look better. They’re really pretty…i have bangs too. :)

Quinci on

I think she looks better with bangs. It makes her look younger, and they just suit her better. Everyone’s getting bangs now (I’ve had them for about 1/2 a year now), and not everyone looks good with them, but she definately does.

kathryn on

LOVE THEM they are super cute and give her face the cutest shape!
love love love

Mo on

i love them!
when does she ever look bad?! :)

C.Jo on

Very cute! When I first glanced at the picture of her with bangs I thought it was Sophia Bush!!

candice on

MUCH BETTER! These bangs make her look more sophisticated and make her face glow :)

shopoholic on

the Bangs arent my absolute favorite look……….. But if it works for her it works for me!

M on


Emily on

They are so cute! Love them, Hil!!

cara on


Milly on

It doesnt look good on everyone…but she pulls it off…Real cute!!

Alex on

I Love them!!! She looks great!

Rebecca on

I love both haircuts on Hilary. I’m glad her bangs aren’t too heavy and that you can still see her eyes. I slightly prefer the no-bangs look on her though- shows off her features better.

Melissa Perry on

I like her bangs. They frame her heart-shaped face really well. It’s a sweeter look for Hilary but yet there’s still an edge to it as well.

Stephanie on

Hilary’s back, bye bye Haylie. She looks so much more like herself, much more cuter and younger with bangs. It’s like having a brunette improved version of Lizzie McGuire. Hilary, you rock whatever you do, but please, keep the bangs.


They definitely change the shape of her face. She looks JUST like her sister now!!!

Jenny on

I love it on her. Typically I don’t feel there are many people who look good with bangs, but she is one of them who do. I think it compliments her face very well.

night on

She has been looking wonderful lately. It might be more to the little bit of weight she gained than the bangs, but either way she is looking fantastic.

jada on

I agree that Hilary is very pretty both ways, but the bangs do look really cute and I know it’s fun to have a change!

John on

hate em, look terrible, she’s so pretty why mess it up??/

natasha on

she looks fab with the bangs

Sadie on

Luv them….makes me want to cut mine!

Mohit Khatri on

i love it the bangs make her look beautiful and she is a style goddess

Mohit Khatri on

i love it the bangs make her look beautiful and she is a style goddess

lauren on

i really like hilary duff with bangs!

Anon on

They look awful, too heavy, as are most people’s bangs. Bangs are for little girls anyway.

Kathryn Camgemi on

Love them; they soften her face. Without bangs, her face is too angular.

j on

she’s cute with or without, i think the bangs are flattering for her features. does anyone but me think she’s kind of dull?

evalic on

she’s more beautiful with d bangs.

glad on

i like them…they look well on her..and she is pretty

Arthur Fachini from Brazil on

She is so beathful with her new hair, he is more beathful now!

Tiffany on

I like them…but she looks way better with blonde hair!

Ash on

I think she looks great with bangs. They really soften up her face. She is a beautiful girl.

happy on

SO UGLY! Those bangs look like something that my dog would throw-up!

Hermione on

i absolutly love her bangs, makes her face look softer :)
shes adorable !

Kelli on

Looks better

Jade on

I like them better! She is still not pretty but a little better with bangs.

Sarah on

I love them it really brings out her eyes

andre on

To be completely honest, I thought bangs were “in” a couple of years ago. It seems to me that things amongst stars spread like a bad virus… if it looks good on one, everyone else will stamp them and make them “their own”.
Seriously, is this why you pay money for a stylist? to make you look like the rest? or make you think you will look better than the others?

Mel on

Love ’em! They suit her.

Terrell on

Wow…what a difference. I LOVE the bangs, she should keep those for a long while. I just bought her album and its so good, Hilary really improved this year.

gertie on

she looks amazing either way. shes stunning!

angeleyes on

i think she just wan to look like nicole richie because nicole is joel’s gf now!!lol…..nicole wannabe…..

Gabryela on


Hilary is
pretty in any way .

Susan on

She looks like Julie Cooper from The O.C. lol

Bella on

I like the bangs so much better! I think they make her look a lot younger and fresher. Her eyes pop underneath them very nicely!

EChizzle on

Very nice. The bangs make her look younger.

brooke on

I LOVE her new bangs!She looks like Lizzie McGuire again-minus the blonde hair!!!

Donna on

They look good, no need to freak out ppl she always looks good cause she’s a fricken celeb!

Claire on

she looks like vanessa hudgens (or watever her last name is). hilary duff is relle pretty and i think these bangs look amazing!! but to steal hair from someone else as creepy as vanessa is plain old sad and i like the hair but not the idea!!!

arezou on

Totally love the bangs! They are so in and I think EVERYONE can pull them off…its all about confidence!

mile on


farrah on

LOVE LOVE LOVE the bangs
its like an older lizzie look!!!!! so cute

J.T on

Um her bang are pretty awesome! She really looks more grown up and in style

Heather on

honestly…i don’t care. i don’t like hilary at all. i’d have to say HATE THEM!

jevee on

Its so pretty on her

melissa on

Bangs really work for her. It does change the shape of her face and helps hide her long forehead. I can relate!

Nadine on

I think she looks great!! I gave her ***** stars for this look.

Kezzie on

I love them!!!!

becca on

Definately love them… they cover up her ‘five head’!

Jo on

She looks a lil like Sophia Bush though with her bangs..

amy on

love them! it reminds me of when she was younger and was in “Lizzie McGuire” she looks so pretty with bangs!

Love on

They look cute! But she’s a hottie either way!

allyxo3 on

i think she looks pretty both ways but i especially like the bangs :) she can really pull of anything

allyxo3 on

i think she looks pretty both ways but i especially like the bangs :) she can really pull of anything

Sandra on

I think she looks so much prettier with bangs. I love it

Lola on

I think she is cool now. Shw is older and she should has another look. And the bangs are not bad

Julia on

I think she looks great in bangs. It suites her face well. She is very lucky that she can do almost anything to her hair and still look great!

Julia on

I think she looks great in bangs. It suites her face well. She is very lucky that she can do almost anything to her hair and still look great!

Emily on

I love them!!!!!Now she is older and she doens´t have to look like a young lady. Please, she is 19!! But anyway, she always looks greate!!!!

Clellie on

Ugh… What happened!!
Did she lose a bet?
Was it a prank??

clodet on

she looks like gold medalist Tara Lipinski

Lyddi on

I’m not a fan of her bangs and i dont like her with brown hair. she needs to go back to being blonde.

Jennifer on

If Lizzie Maguire were to dye her hair dark she would look like this. The bangs make her look younger and her face look fuller in a good way as if she had put on some weight.

somebody on

I love it u look good in any kind of hair style you do love it

Brooke on

i love them now that she has the brunette style i think she looks better with the bangs

Tina on

Much nicer with bangs!!!!!! Love ’em!

lucy on


Skittlez on

I luvv emm they look wayy betta than b4 its makes her face look less skinner .. lol …

Meredith on

LOVE IT! she looked too baby as a blonde with bangs, and to mature with brown/black hair. The bangs with Brown/Black hair is the perfect middle point!

paris hilton on

heey i think that they are really hot! i love them knowing hilary the girl can pull anything off! loves it(L) bye Gorgeous xoxo

Mary on


bob on

i love them!!!! she is my new it girl all the way i was on the lindsey bangwagin for a whille but know seein her with dark hair and maturing i really am stating to like her!!

Magda Velasquez on

She looks way better with the bangs, I still think she should go lighter with her hair again though!

Aline on

Love them! makes her look softer

Samantha on

I hate them

christina on

i like her hair better with the bangs. i think it looks more full and gives it more volume.

christina on

i like her hair better with the bangs. i think it looks more full and gives it more volume.

Tina on

The bangs are amazing :d
she is so beautiful girl!!

June on

Well, the bangs are a no go. She has a pretty forehead, she shouldn’t hide that with those bangs…

brenn on

i like them both!

BB on

I think they look great. Though, she looks good either way. I agree, the bangs aren’t too heavy and are just right for her face. I think it makes her look young, yet sophisticated.

c on

i am lovin the bangs. she looks SO cute

lily on

i think it goes well with her, i love it.

Stephanie P. on

I really like Hilary with bangs cause she can pull it off and she looks good with them. It suits the shape of her face….
Now I just wish she goes back to her blond roots!

Anna on

It gives her a softer look. LOVE IT!!!!

ellie on


Jaime on

I like her better with bangs.

marisol on


kaylea on

i love her with bangs, it makes her eyes stand out
(thats a good thing)

cutiepatootie on

I think she looks really good…..she looks refreshed!! lol

muah on

i love it..she is so pretty!

anee on

LOVE THEM!!!!! Hilary is too beautiful with this hair!!

Lorraine on

Hey it makes her face
look lesss egg shaped
thats a good thing

Rosie on

I love her bangs but she looks good either way

Rosie on

I love her bangs but she looks good either way

victoria on

Yes, it really does give her a softer look. She looks gorgeous, so much better.

victoria on

Yes, it really does give her a softer look. She looks gorgeous, so much better.

Mahola on

I like them! They make her look more mature and mysterious and seem to suit her face better. I’m for the bangs!

Mahola on

I like them! They make her look more mature and mysterious and seem to suit her face better. I’m for the bangs!

Diana on

Love them, her face looks radiant!


she looks so great!i love it!if theres one thing i admire the most on hilary..she never fears to make changes..HILARY RULES!!!!

Cindia on

I love them! Takes the focus away from her forehead.

Kayla on


nab on

she looks amazing with either one!! i luv her

Cayenne on

She looks great!

nadya on

i love in everyway she look like…keep it cool gurl

Jayme on

ewwww nasty she looks better before

Paige on


Paige on


mery on

i luv hilary duff!!!!

i love everything she does, n specially the way she dresses n dye her hair!!

she´s amazing, i met her lsat year in NY, at Macy´s,after i

had bought her fragance!

tehreem on

love em sooooooooo much better

tehreem on

love em sooooooooo much better

Avery on

She looks better than ever….They make her look older and smarter!

Tayler on

oh my goodness LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!it makes her face so much mature and pretty

Frida on

LOVE THEM!!! Hides her rather big forehead

Bhawana on

i love both her looks i think hiding her forehead for once is good too!!!

Becky Lam on

love both of it, she looks CUTE with bangs too!!!

Anna on

I like the bangs. They make her look a bit more her age. If her hair was still blond, they wouldnt look so good. and they way her hair is [straight] makes it look better. The shape of her head isnt as long as it looked.. i like the bangs

sofia on

hey hil i love you new look its cool better and how you painted it its cool and i love you new song

mimi on

I LOVE IT !! Her forehead is suitable for bangs and she looks absolutely adorable with her new bangs!!

Courtney W on

Omg i totally love them so looks soo cute (well she dose in everything) i just.. LOVE them i cant get over them i think ill get a pair of my own

julia on

i love her bangs now they look so much better
but she looks better with blonde hair to and short bangs,but ether way she looks cute

Afraa on

p;i think she looks better with bangs cause her forhead looks huge and the bangs make her forhead look smaller

Ariba on

hey….i think u look better with bangs

mariana on

I really love them!! she looks so cute!!!

Aaliya on

luv them!
soo cute!

Shelbz!!! on

I love Hil’s hair both ways!!! As long as she keeps her long, dark brown hair, she can pull anything off.

Mallory on

I think the bangs look great!!!!! I want bangs but im not sure how they would look on me!!!!! So I dont know if I should get them or not!!!!!

samatha on

raaandom, but ok. could be better.

Helena on

Love them!<3
She’s so cool!

RT on

come on! She was SO MUCH hotter as a blonde when she was younger and just getting started. I had a mad crush on her than but now, don’t know what to think of her. No, thank you, hilary.

paula podlak on

HILARY DUFF is the best singer and actress !!!!!!!

Szara on

I love you Hilary

I know everything about you

Unnati on

Luved it…!
She iz d best…!
I don’t care wateva iz her hair style…!
Buh diz iz much more adorable…!
Luv u Hilary…!

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