Do You Like Vanessa Minnillo's Elegant New Look?

04/25/2007 at 05:00 PM ET

We’ve had some issues with Vanessa Minnillo’s wardrobe in the past — too tight, too shiny, too sequined. But last night at the Breast Cancer Research Foundation Hot Pink Party in N.Y.C, Vanessa looked absolutely elegant, from her sideswept updo to her bib-front lace Monique Lhuiller gown to her Swarovski clutch. At the event, she told PEOPLE that she was moving on from TRL because she didn’t “want to be 48, saying, ‘Hey kids, now it’s Sean Preston Spears’s video,'” so maybe this heralds a new, more grown-up version of Vanessa. With her attention focused on her new makeup line for Flirt, which she calls “foolproof”, we hope to see Vanessa keep up the stylishly good work! Tell us: What do you think of Vanessa’s new look? Like it better or miss the old version?

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Photo:Charles Sykes/Rex USA

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xyz on

shes so pretty, this dress is just hideous…the ruffles and buttons ruin it…

Amy B on

not really – the ruffles add to much to her large chest and make her look too top heavy. Plus her head is large so this dress makes her whole upper body big looking compared to her bottom…
But she is a pretty girl:)

Impressed on

I have never seen her look more elegant and beautiful. She looks grown up and like someone whose to be taken seriously. Good luck to her with her new ventures.

dawn on

Again i must ask this. Who is she why is she so famous that every week people has to post her picture? I know she’s shacking up with Jessica’s ex hubby. But really what is her claim to fame besides this?

faith on

i agree with Amy B– she looks top heavy, but is otherwise pretty.

Vicious1 on

I’m not crazy about the high-neck of the gown–which undoutedly is meant to be it’s feature–but at least she’s wearing understated hair and makeup to pull off the look as best as it can be pulled off.

alis on

the dress is cute but her shoulders look too broad for it

Elda on

She is just so beautiful, so perfect in every way! i wish her the best on her future projects! Vanessa out beats every latin star period, she is just a natural beauty period!

sjm805 on

Vanessa needs to stray away from pageant couture, the big hair the overdone outfits, just a bit too much. This dress simply isn’t flattering, for anyone. She’s a pretty girl but really needs some fashion updating.

Bobble Head on

Nobody cared about her style before Nick. Now this girl is getting attention that she never could get seems to give her too much press for some reason. This dress is an improvement from her usual outdated prom look but she’s still nothing without Nick. She might be somewhat cute if her face was not so fat. She just looks odd with that big head.

harleydipster on

I think Vanessa looks great in this dress! She is absolutely gorgeous. She gets noticed more than she used to because she is dating Nick Lachey, but she was in the public eye long before she started dating him. She has been the host of TRL for quite some time, a reporter for ET, and was once Miss Teen USA. I wish her the best in all of her future endeavors.

Julie on

Wow . . . “shoulders too broad,” “face too fat,” “top heavy.”

If THIS girl has all these body problems, I’m sure in trouble!

johnetteh on

I thinks she looks beautiful! She was attractive before Nick and she’s attractive now. The dress and updo is very elegant, and she wears it very well.

angel on

i do not like vanessa and the dress is hideous.she is trying to be a style icon like jessica simpson.the only reason people know who she is because is dating nick lachey.i hope he wisw up to her.trl is not losing a thing that she is no longer going to be on the show.

Rebecca on

Why all the negativity?!? Vanessa may not be the most talented girl, but she’s good at the jobs she has and seems like a relatively down-to-earth girl. Nick likes her enough to have her move in, so she must be good to him. I think she’s pretty- not perfect. This dress is a lot nicer than some of her other outfits!

Peace to all :- )

Rebecca on

Why all the negativity?!? Vanessa may not be the most talented girl, but she’s good at the jobs she has and seems like a relatively down-to-earth girl. Nick likes her enough to have her move in, so she must be good to him. I think she’s pretty- not perfect. This dress is a lot nicer than some of her other outfits!

Peace to all :- )

Suzy S. on

I don’t like Vanessa. She’s just a social climber; I hate the dress. She should stick to being Nick Lachey’s girlfriend.

Keepin Real on

Some stars can fart, and People posts it, give this girl a break. She’s looking better and better

angel on

Vanessa is trying to be a style icon like jessica but she has nothing on jessica.vanessa is a paris hilton and lindsey lohan wannabe.

WOW on

This is the smallest I have ever seen her gigantic head look.

what? on

I agree. Who cares about this girl?

marie on

beautiful woman with a gorgeous bod! very smart one too! his nick and jessica simpson thing is soooooooo old. they’ve all moved on and seem happy. i don’t know why some are hating this girl. she’s gorgeous!

Kathy H. on

Vanessa was frequently in the news before Nick – both because of her job on Entertainment Tonight and MTV. People are truly amazing – she’s beautiful, yet most of the people who’ve posted see fit to rip her to shreds! Hmm, I don’t see any of you on the red carpet or showing up on People’s pages! She looks lovely, elegant, and neither her head nor her shoulders are big or broad. Jealously – such an ugly green monster.

Jennifer on

I agree, People magazine is really pumping Vanessa up. She’s not a big name so why does she have so many articles on this website?

I really like this dress. Normally, I think she dresses very tacky and cheap. Maybe Nick hired a stylist for her or is buying designer clothes for her.

I still can’t figure out this average looking girl landed a hottie like Nick.

Bebe on

Vanessa is a pretty girl.
She looks great in ALMOST
everything that she wears.
This dress however is NOT
cute. The turtleneck style
with the buttons and ruffles
has too much detail on the
dress. Maybe if the dress
was simple without the
high turtleneck or buttons
or ruffles, the dress
would simply be classy
and stylish.

Anyway goodluck Vanessa on your future
projects ahead! Looking forward to see
her in Fantastic Four Part2.

Jaclyn on

I think Vanessa is such a pretty girl! I like the color and the added texture of the black belt and even the ruffles. However, I do not like the turtleneck look. I think it makes her neck look big when it is actually petite. Kudos for being daring!

Avery on

She looks gorgeous!! Look at her…amazing!! All of you who are dissing her outfit and saying she is too top heavy?!?! Are you nuts, I think you all wished you looked half that good! Awesome look, Vanessa!

hilary on

The dress is a bit risky with the ruffled neckline but I think she pulls it off well. She’s beautiful IMO, so she could wear a potato sack and still look good. I believe I read somewhere that the dress is by Monique it’s not like Vanessa bought the dress off the rack.

Anonymous on

love the dress!!! this looks good on her!!

Shay on

dawn,it doesnt matter who the h-ll she is, the question is do you like the look? y do people make things so full of drama!!! you wont be posting a comment if you didnt know who vanessa minillo is! duh! and yes i like this elegant, more couture look. love the dress!

mmm on

I think she is pretty and i like her in that new outfit. As being known because of Nick, I don’t think it that way. The first time I knew her name and seen her in tv is when she won as Miss Teen USA in 1998. It’s funny because I come to know about Nick when he started dating Vanessa.


Sabrina on

I really don’t understand how you could be so critical. Number 1, her head is FAR from fat?! what, seriously, is your idea of skinny then? #2, her shoulders do not look broad; they look beautiful. I feel horribly for these poor women in the spotlight. Some women deserve it, yes. But all this one did was date Nick Lachey and suddenly she’s subject to all this criticism?! Awesome.
Ps, this dress is gorgeous

Mili on

She looks cute, u guys are just plain cruel

Kayce on

I think she looks absolutley beautiful…How can u say she is nothing without Nick?..She was somebody before him and still doesn’t need him for people to notice her…What is up with people saying she has a big head or broad shoulders and that her face is fat?…Im sure none of u can judge…Its people like u that make others insecure!

Crystal Beach girl on

Not a good choice.

Nicole on


therese on

Vanessa makes nice, lovely, sexy, and elegant in this Monique Lhuiller gown; she wears it well! It’s quite a departure from the flashy, sometimes-cheap glad rags she used to wear. More power…

Melissa on

she is adorable how could anyone say she looks heavy
her and nick are adorable together

Jennifer on

i hate it

Jennifer on

I think she looks beautiful! Very elegant and a nice fit for her body. Good luck with everything Vanessa :)

katy on

I don’t like that dress at all….I think she is very pretty naturally, without all that makeup and overdone hair. She should go for a more natural, real look.

Jessica on

She is a very pretty girl…but for some reason she is all of a sudden getting a ton of attention ever since she has gotten with Super Hot Nick

Ashley on

I think she is very pretty, but I hate this dress. It looks like her head is about to explode – not a good look. I don’t think she should leave trl quite yet, what would happen to her if she and Nick broke up? buh-bye fame – no one stays famous for a not-so-good make up line…

Angie on

I think she looks great, she is so fresh & hip. SHe could really pull off anything, elegant or fun. PLUS I LOVE Her with Nick Lachey. I think they are great together, she is such an improvement from Jessica!!

j on

people are certainly overly critical of vanessa for some reason…she’s never looked better-GREAT dress!! i love this look for her.

Colleen on

I think Vanessa looks elegant and mature… Where can I find something like that off the rack?

fug on

The high collar brings attention to her large head. She is an average looking girl who got lucky. She was neer in polls like this before. I think she looks best when her hair is down, straight covering her face making it slimmer.

Kelly on

Alot of people here certainly love to talk bad about people. First of all Vanessa is beautiful, and she looks great in anything she wears. People here are just upset beacuse they aren’t famous. Jessica is pretty 2 but Vanessa is way more beautiful & looks alot smarter.

Alice on

I just can’t bring myself to like this girl, and no, I’m not a fan of Jessica. She just seems like another talentless wannabe.

wendy myers on

I dont think that her head and shoulders look enormous and she certainlty isn’t fat. She has a nice figure like women are supposed to. I do not care for the dress and find that her style seems to be a bit overstated. I believe that less is more. Sometimes dresses that are gaudy and pagent like really take away from the person wearing them. It all comes down to personal preference.

kat, england on

WHEN will big breasted celebrities learn that you cannot wear EVERYTHING that’s in fashion right now and look the same as people with smaller chests???? Seriously, as the owner of a pair of (and I kid you not) 30G breasts,I know that she should know better than a collar neck and a bib front dress like that. Other than that, she looks stunning. I think you people need to stop picking on something as trivial as the size of her head…it’s not exactly something she can do anything about!

glad on

I dont think that Vanessa is a pretty person but i actually like the dress…it is really cute and it looks good on here…who ever dont like the dress has no sense of style…

AnnieM on

I’m still stuck back on the comment from the blog several days ago when it was pointed out to me how big her head is.

kitty on

I love fashion, and I do have a pretty good sense of style. This dress is all wrong for her – part of fashion is knowing your body and what looks good. I agree that not everyone can wear everything in style. This is a fashion miss for Vanessa – sorry.

Cassie on

NOPE…She bugs the hankie out of me.

Misty on

Yes I do. I think she is a very pretty person on the outside & judging from what I see in the media, she seems to be inside as well.

blah on

She never gets it right and always ends up looking tacky. I hope her 15 mintues of fame are almost up because she has nothing to offer.

Kikilicious on

I dont understand why many of you are being so negative. Personally, I think she looks really good. She really has a fantastic body, not too thin, just right. She looks like a woman not a 10 year old boy.

Kikilicious on

I dont understand why many of you are being so negative. Personally, I think she looks really good. She really has a fantastic body, not too thin, just right. She looks like a woman not a 10 year old boy.

kristina on

I love this dress and I’d love to wear it! :)

fugs on

The dress is cute. It’s her face that is the problem. If you met her in person, you would agree.

mountain on

I think that all of you are horrible and haters. If you can’t say anything nice then don’t say it at all. And even if she is famous just for dated someone or if you think she is talentless, she is the one on the red carpet you are not and if you had the same opportunity you would take it. So just shut up, and if you were SO pretty and perfect then you would be famous.

wow on

Looks like she finally hired a stylist and stopped dressing like an outdated prom queen. Nick must be paying his mail order bride Vanessa very well!

alia on

Vannessa is a gorgeous girl—but i’m not so sure i love the dress–

aliacomment on

I swear i say this everytime I comment on this site—WHY DO YOU GUYS EVEN COMMENT ON THESE PEOPLE IF YOU DON’T CARE OR IF YOU HATE THEM?!?!?!?!?!?!?!–so annoying!!

(I’m just gonna stop saying it!)

Kaitlyn C. on

I like the dress, but that turtleneck/ruffles is really hugging her neck. The top part would look so much better without the ruffle crap. As for the rest of the dress, I love it. I love the hair and make-up too. I agree her looks at past events haven’t been great, some of her dresses were too tight, too shiny, too showgirlie….but she looks really beautiful in this dress.

annoymous on

This is one of her best looks. She actually looks like a lady for once.

Richelle on

Wow! there sure are a lot of haters in this room!! Now u all know she looks good!! quit hatin’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rachel on

Not crazy about her or the dress but it is much better than her past looks.

Terence on

Now that she’s leaving TRL maybe she will start dressing her age. This dress is a good start so hopefully she does not go back to dressing like a tart.

jess on

all this negativity about her weight is what spurs eating disorders, people. she looks great. not that crazy about the dress, but i’ve seen worse. her face looks flawless

James on

Vanessa, host & judge on the show True Beauty, wore a beautiful red lace dress on the show that aired Mon 2/16 and my girlfriend must have it… HELP me make it happen

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