Kate Middleton Still Looking Fabulous

04/23/2007 at 06:00 AM ET

Kate Middleton must be taking a cue from Carmen Electra and Reese Witherspoon on how to handle a very public romantic break up. Look fabulous, of course! After her split with Prince William, the accessories buyer stepped out for a night of dinner and clubbing with her girlfriends, proving that just because she isn’t going to be the next princess, she can still be every bit as chic. We love her long-sleeve, printed shift dress paired with dark tights — very young Hollywood of her. Even without the Prince by her side, we’d still love to keep our fashion eye on her. Tell us: Will you miss seeing Kate?

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Photo: RAMEY

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Donia on

Yes, I would miss seeing her. She is as classy, stylish, and very much a lady! Prince William is going to regret breaking up with her. It is very much HIS loss!

px on

Does anyone know what label those shoes are from? She always wears such great boots…which are so impossible to find. Thanks in advance for any info!

Diane on

Love Kate. I love her style and I hope that William comes to his senses and realizes what he had in her.

Karen on

Kate, I like you so much more than Prince William. I was absolutely devastated that you two broke up, but good for you. Way to show that you are hot stuff!! Keep it up!

j on

kate always looks very well put together–which is extremely UN-young hollywood of her!!! the breakup is probably for the best, think of how unhappy she might’ve been in that lifestyle. (princess diana) :(

Lea McIntyre on

Yes, I would still like to hear updates on Kate. Every girl has a Princess in them and Prince William is at a loss. It’s sad that money can break up a relationship but Kate is better off in the longrun.

lady on

Certainly we miss, she is so beautiful! But… William is really young, if I was a man, I wouldn´t even think of marriage before age 30.

Voice of Reality on

Why should we miss her? Just because she wasn’t “good enough” to be one of the royals doen’t mean she is dead. I think in the years to come William and maybe the rest of the Royals will regret this move. What do they want to do stick him with someone like his dear ol’ step mum Camilly. This young lady could have brought something to the Palace that the monarchy depreately needs, a shot of youth and true excitement. She is educated, beautiful and seemed to get along well with the young prince. This young lady could even make those silly hats look good. I do hope that she will simply not fade away simply because of those stuff shirts. She should go out and conquer the world, after all isn’t living well the best revenge.

Elda on

Beautiful couple is what Kate and William will always be remembered as, i wish them both the best!

night on

She may not know it now, but she has saved herself a lifetime of pain and public humiliation. No doubt Kate will go on to be a successful woman and have a wonderful full life. She will be able to live her life without being under the microscope. Maybe even have a home and family one day witout photographers chasing her and her children every day of their lives. I wish her all the best.

Anonymous on

Please keep reporting on her. She is very classy and stylish. Your loss, William!

k on

i know i might get some backlash for this…but…i really dont think she looks that fabulous!…her dress is ugly..her hair is just plain and pulled back…and she doesnt look beautiful…her face is plain and she looks kinda strained…hhmm i guess i just dont see what everyone else does…but she seems like a great girl…and she will probably be much better off away from the royal familly…who would want that kinda life anyway?

AnnieM on

Completely diggin’ her!

Angel on

I agree with you ‘k’ that she looks a bit plain in this picture. Not liking the boots with that dress either. As for breaking up with Prince William, so what? Couples break up every day for various reasons. That doesn’t make either of them bad people.

Meg on

Kate represents the fabulous un-celeb. She doesn’t need talent or an Oscar to be famous. I think many of us girls feel that glam sparkle when we walk down the street in those to-die-for shoes. Kate represents all of us un-celebs and I hope she keeps her chin up and steals the spotlight for all of us!

Kathleen on

I was very disappointed to hear of their break-up….however, I think it will be just a temporary one…I think they’ll find their way back to each other…there relationship lasted several years, and I don’t think it’s over…at least I hope not. What’s meant to be will be.

Amber on

No I won’t miss seeing her, I think Wills is to good for her; and he did the right thing by ending it.

P.S That outfit is hideous, maybe it be better in a different color.

sally on

i think she’s looking good. she should move on, be strong and just pray that william finds a more “suiting” girl, which i guess is different from what the world thinks…i think it was done for some hidden reason

Gina H on

Kate’s style is absolutely Class-A. She would have been a classy Queen.

jackie o. on

She seems like a real class-act, which is hard to find nowadays (especially from girls in the public eye). Her outfit here is nice, very London-cool.

lara on

where does she buy her boots? i really love those brown boots

bella999 on

Personally, I think that the dress print is ugly and the fabric looks cheap. I don’t think there is much to miss about her in the way of style.

Kel on

I think that they looked great together & I would miss seeing her. I don’t think that she should be hounded though for her own privacy. If Prince William broke under the pressure of family & etc which ended in their break-up, then it’s his loss.

KT from Cda on

That dress is hard on the eyes! I’m sure she will find someone else. I wouldn’t want to be married to the royals. Too much media scrutteny. You really don’t have a life to your own. Maybe she is better off.

kat on

I think that Kate is a very classy girl.
I’ll definatly miss seeing her in the tabloids!

jennifer on

who is she never heard of her until now

e on

it seems that everyone’s response for these women is that they “look fabulous” and are “getting revenge”, but honestly, it looks like they lost weight from emotional trauma. reese witherspoon and kate middleton both look like they lost at least 10 pounds, and that’s not sending a good image to impressionable teenage girls.

as for her outfit, it’s cute and understated, which is something that is severely lacking in much of today’s celebs. she is a far cry from the “young hollywood”, she knows how to cover herself!

Samantha on

I think Diana would be disappointed to see her son following Daddy’s foot steps at messing around on his woman.Kate seemed to be perfect for the royal family. They need a fresh face. But she seemed to be good at not taking the public eye away from the price.

nu on

I heard that the Queen doesnt want another Di, I think that Prince Charles should not show his face or theirs in public with their past actions. Thank goodness she escaped the rath of the family when she did. You’ll get your prince lets just hope it not a real one. Great going Kate. Elizabeth I and Victoria is gone, it’s way over guys.

Carol on

I read these remarks and some people are so mean spirited. She show class and has her own style and the dress is great, it is just a matter of peoples taste. SHe has always conducted herself in the best with s her young age. Personaly I think it is the best thing that could of happend to her, DON’T FORGET HE IS CHARLES SON!

brenda on

If you followed Kate alot, you’d know she always has brown boots on!! almost always. It doesn’t seem either of them is going to regret the breakup. So, let them both move on and find the true loves in their life. She’s not so classy as to complain about the paparazzi, but always pose for them. Please, you want a love story, look at how Prince Harry and Chelsy are with each other and the look in their eyes. Out of all the years Kate and William dated, you got one maybe they are in love pic. Chelsy, Now there’s a strong girl and you never see her do a “pose” or complain about the paparazzi. Prince William and Kate met and dated and now know more what they want in a future love, end of story.

brenda on

by the way, want to know what die hard fans think and a place that knew they had probably broke up last November? check out http://www.theinternetforum.co.uk
they call it everytime and seem to get it right and ahead of any, and I mean any news items that appear. Yea, last November while skiing, she sat apart from him and he partied without her, then no seeing each other at christmas, valentines day or easter…please, PEOPLE wake up!!

Yulia on

hmmmm….when Katy Holms weared the same kind tights just couple months ago (when she was outing with Vic Backham in Italy) aditors verdict was that she looked too old for her age. but look at this Kate and she looks fab. whats that?double standards? and the dress has too deep low cut (in another mag you even could see hulf of her boobs in this dress) for the girl who was caring about her immage as a future queen. so does it mean that in this so opened mini dress she shows her real one??i always thought that she is too chip to be a queen. she doesnt have that natural style inside of her as Diana had. and will never have.

Theresa on

I think Kate Middleton is fabulous. I will miss seeing her in the tabloids, but I don’t think she’ll miss the attention.

kss on

I think that Kate is a picture of a real lady… which is very un-Hollywood of her. Compare Kate to Lindsay, Paris, or Britney and see who the lady is. I would like to continue to hear more about her. She seems like a wonderful person. William will probably look back one day and realize just exactly what he had. Keep it up Kate. Show the world that real ladys really can exist in the fame spotlight.

t on

It is a shame that your life had to be on the front page of every magazine, yes, young, beautiful with a whole life ahead of them. It might not be anyones’ loss because you dont know personally what either one them is like, they look good together, yes, but maybe not made for each other.

kiki on

i think every one should stop “william” bashing…. i mean, as much as the tabloids make her out to be the victim, it could have been a mutual descicion, and even if it wasn’t, what is all this will-bashing going to result in? nothing. yeah she looks nice. forget about william… he might even be hurting for all we know

Kaitlyn C. on

Kate will do just fine after her break-up with Prince William. I have to admit, dating Prince William…she’s so lucky.

I really like her dress. I like how she paired the tights and the boots with the dress. Very chic.

I wish her the best.

Ingrid on

I live in New York and even I can’t get enough about Kate! I love her style. Please feature more information about her. The breakup is completely Wills loss and one day he will regret it. He is a royal, but I think she can do much better!

Brooke on

I had read that she buys many of her shoes at a London based store call LK Bennett. Try their website. I love boots and I would love to find where she bought these.

Melissa Johnson on

Comment to Kate from my 11 yr.old sister.
That was RREALL SStUpid!!!! HA ha ha !!!!

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