Would You Wear Jessica Simpson's High-Waisted Pants?

04/18/2007 at 01:34 PM ET

High-waisted pants have been lurking on the fashion horizon for a few seasons — either you are thrilled for the break from low-rise jeans and the threat of muffin tops or you are terrified at letting your torso be swallowed by your waistband. Jessica Simpson is apparently up for the challenge, stepping out for a night of dinner and dancing in a pair of distinctly high-waisted chambray pants and a clingy ivory turtleneck. While we might have picked a pair of pants that didn’t have pleated pockets on the hips, we tip our hats to Jessica for trying a different look and a hot new trend. But we want to know what you think! Tell us: Would you wear high-waisted pants like Jessica? Do you like the look on her?

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Photo: neill j. schutzer/ramey

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CBS on

I don’t like it at all, it makes her look fat

natalie on

no. those are hideous.

amber on

ewww these pants are ugly, this style went out in the 80’s and they should never come back.

Tamara on

I think it looks like she raided Grandma’s closet for those. I’ve seen a few photos of celebrities sporting the high-waisted look (ie. Gwen Stefani). However, I’m not sure why people think that “muffin top” is less flattering than the high-waisted look. To me Jessica’s pants look like the come just below her sagging boobs. Not flattering at all. High-waisted pants also give the impression of a “gut” and a large bottom. Not a fan at all. I’ll be sticking with my low-rise pants.

isi on

I would not wear those pants. She looks ugly in them like a roll of sausage. Those pants are the most unflattering pants I’ve ever seen

gross on

That is the most hidious pair of pants I have ever seen. Call me out of fashion or whatever but I think I had some pants that high when I was in 3rd grade hereby vow to never to wear that style again.

Beth on

I was waiting for this to post. I don’t care how “trendy” these pants are, you should stick to styles that flatter you. These pants make her look large, which she is not. I wouldn’t wear this look.

gwen on

no, no, no a thousand times, NO!

jennifer in tulsa on

I would definitely try the high-waisted pants but I don’t think I would’ve worn pleated pockets on the hips! Kudos to Jessica for trying these out!

Denise on

Unless you’re really skinny this look will not work because it emphasizes your stomach. I think a straight leg or even wide jeans are a better alternative.

S on

This is the WORST look I’ve ever seen on Jessica. She looks like a pregnant lady from the 50s trying to cover up that she’s pregnant. I’ve got curves and those are good if you’ve got curves on the bottom…I actually have a pair of Express pants like that and they hide flaws AWESOMELY. They just look awful on her. She should stick w/ low rise pants that look awesome on her rather than looking like she picked out maternity pants. She looked better in that red dress in Australia!!

NMc on

The look makes her appear much heavier that I think she is. She is a good looking woman and this does not compliment her at all.

EZ on

OMG. Never ever ever. No.

ally meyers on

Hell NO! Those pants make her look fat and her boobs look horrible… you never want your tits to be almost near your stomach… oh jessica!:(

TinaS on

These are truly disgusting and completely unflattering. The pants make her waist disappear and her stomach and chest look huge. She is a cute girl but this look is awful!!!

Julie on

Never! Those things are hideous. I don’t care who you are, some trends just don’t work and shouldn’t be worn.

Lauren on

I’m sorry, but those pants are hideous. Jessica is beautiful, but those do absolutely nothing for her figure. They make her look bigger all over. The high waist makes are breasts look saggy like an old woman’s. The look like they would be in her lap when she sits down!

Kellie on

I like high-waisted pants just not the ones that Jessica is wearing in this photo; they are not flattering on her at all!

dawn on

Ah no She is not a big girl and she looks like she packed on about 50 lbs in those pants maybe it’s the photo but no if that’s the look they give no way.

faith on

i have seen some okay looking high waisted pants, but these are just COMPLETELY UNFLATTERING! she is a tiny woman, and they make her look like she has a pooch! note to jess–never wear these in public again.

amanda on

I think she looks horrible and dowdy. I do like her hair darker though.

Elda on

i love Jessica but i don’t think i’d wear anything like that.

AshleyL on

Hell no, they look awful what was she thinking?! She looks like she has a fupa.

Sara on

I know Jessica isn’t fat at all, but these pants make her look kinda round. They are very unflattering to her figure. She needs to donate these to a clown.

Donna on

she looks pregnant

Lilli Lil on

Oh HEEEELLLL No. C’Mon Jess… my grandma wouldnt wear those and she’s like 90! double sad face for you girl.

Katy on

those pants are hideous! they make her look very heavy. bad choice…poor jess…

Priscilla on

She looks like a cow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jen on

Those are incredibly unattractive. Put the “mom-jeans” away.

Lorna on

Jessica is a beautiful woman, but those pants make her look awful! There are some trends that should never be trendy again, and the high waisted pants are one of them. I would never, EVER wear those pants.

Katie Smith on

I think it makes her look fat and I would not wear them.

Maybelline on

I think the pants make her look fat. Especially since she has big breasts. It makes her look slumpy. She’s wearing the “mom jeans”.

Misti on

She looks hideous! Not to mention about 20 pounds heavier!

kristina on

No, I would never wear these pants. These pants should have never come back into style and I don’t think they flatter any type of figure. I do agree that this is not Jessica Simpsons best look, I think that some of the comments are cruel. She is no way fat or looks like a sausage, these pants simply do not flatter her.

enigma on

Ha! Sara, very funny indeed! You are right, Jessica does look round here. She should have just kept out of the 80’s fashion graveyard and kept those pants buried where they died!!! NASTY PANTS!

Well, I think most of you here will not like me for saying this…but, I can’t stand Jessica Simpson.

I don’t find her pretty or beautiful, she doesn’t strike me as having any extraordinary talents, her face always has some stupid expression on it, and her mouth is always wide open…like she’s about to catch popcorn in her mouth?? And, her color, she should just stay natural…her hair looks terrible and that spray tan is far too much…yuck!

I just find her terribly annoying….I have high standards to when it comes to having real talent having been around some damn fine talent myself. I know there is someone out there far more prettier, far more talented, and far more deserving than Jessica is. And if, you don’t like it, well that’s that! Please, no offense.


Sara on

Euch. Does anyone remember that Saturday Night Live commercial for Mom Jeans? That’s what those look like.

Mendy on

These pants are so 80’s and need to be thrown back into the closet. She looks fat or pregnant. Sorry Jess those pants have got to go!

blackcat on

she looks like a twinkie.


she looks ugly. these pants make her look fat and pregnant. is she trying to hide a pregnacy???????!!!!

niman on

i am sorry but those pants are horrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
u-g-l-y!!!! what happend to jessica? she looks like she
got really fat?!
oh no! she didn’t where those 80’s grandma pants did she?!
oh ggggrrrrrrrrooooooooossssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

Anonymous on

Jessica’s chest is too big to wear pants like this. I give her credit for trying to make this style work but, the first rule of wearing high-waisters is to make sure that your chest does not hang over the waistline.Ladies,lets leave this style on the runway where it belongs.

Kess on

These are awful, there is a reason high waisted clothing is never around for long. She looks like a cross between a little old lady and a pregnant woman from the 50s. She’s not fat, just a little heavy right now, and these do not flatter her figure. Someone should have stopped her.

j on

NO, she didn’t. oh jess. why. maybe nick took all the mirrors with him when he left because her appearance has gone downhill since the breakup.
this look is AWFUL.

Brenda on

No way! They are very unflattering on her. I do not like the look at all!

Yael on

Does she own a mirror? Some friends she’s got… they could at least tell her they look heinous out of love and sympathy.

Julie on

Now thats some serious camel toe! You have to admit it looks like she has it! Those pants are NASTY and her boobs look like they are sagging to her belly!

osh on

what was she thinking??? she looks pregnant….

Rachel Alcina on

Are uou serious???? Ewwwww, god…. NO!!!! With the weight she has put on these are the last thing she should wear, well that and that ugly red beach dress. The style needs to be burned. What happen to Jessica??? Did she fire her stylist??? Does she have a mirror?????

Jen on

High waist is really cute with the right style. I love it with my skirts.
Those pants ARE ugly tho.

shoediva in Michigan on

I LOVE Jessica…but I HATE those pants. I also wish she would go back to being a blonde. It just looks better.

On another note, if I see any more “bohemian chic” looks from Mary Kate Olsen, I think I’ll scream. That hobo, bum look is just plain ugly and wrong. I absolutely can’t stand the way she dresses. I just had to get that out…

Back to JS, I have always loved her sense of style, but these pants are not for her or anyone else really – high waisted pants are just ugly and you’ll also NEVER catch me in a pair of flats of any kind…

angela on

I think those pants make her look fat and pregnant. Her boobs look sloppy fat. Gross

JenB on

That is a fashion risk even beautiful Jessica Simpson shouldn’t have taken. Absolutely awful. She rarely goofs in her fashion choices though, so we can’t be too hard on her.

Vonnie on

I wear high waisted pants, but they flatter my figure. I would never wear one with pleated pockets as I have large hips and that would just make it look very unflattering. These pants would have looked better on someone else. On Jessica Simpson, they make her look pregnant.

angela on

I think those pants make her look fat and pregnant. Her boobs look sloppy fat. Gross

ale on

Hideous! the pants make her look fat, which she isn´t, so is a bad idea. And somewhere i heard that big busted women should avoid turtlenecks, and i see why. It´s a really bad look on her.

ln on

She looks gorgeous! However, those pants are ick. VERYYYY unflattering!

Jeanette on

Why would someone want to look fat and frumpy? She has a great figure and these do nothing good for her!

Ana on

Hey, those are my pants! I wore them in 1983. Enough said.

Melissa on

I hate these pants on her….they make her look really fat and roly-poly, even on the part of her body that should be thinnest, right by her rib-cage. Also, the pleats are riduculous. The material, the color, they style….all of it’s horrible…and they look so uncomfortable the way they hug her crotch. It reminds me of when I was a little kid and wanted to dress myself way before I should have.

jess on

eek. eewww. camel toes are a no-no.

Danni on

Isn’t there a happy medium between high-waisted and ultra low-rise? I don’t think these pants would look flattering on anyone.

melani on

She looks fat…it looks like maternity wear. I would never wear those particular pants. Some high waist pants look good, but those are not flattering to her body style.

KR on

Not with that white top!

Maria on

Even a thin pretty girl like Jessica can’t wear those pants. They do nothing for her, and they make her look fat. It’s just a trend, and she should stick to what looks good on her.

B on

I can’t believe everyone is saying how big she looks. It’s ridiculous, you harp on twigs like Nicole Richie but then when a celeb has a healthy body she is called fat or a cow. She is a gorgeous girl and I hope she doesn’t let these posts effect her esteem. We all have had our days of not looking so great, unfortunately for her she has to do it in front of the world. It’s too bad she can’t look as great as you all must look.

Richelle on

EWWWW!!! This is what I call “a serious slave to the trends!!

lisa on

Those are hideous…she looks totally fat..and she is anything but fat.

marlene on

Seriously???? what is this girl thinking?? This is the worst outfit I’ve ever seen her wear…ewww

Kerry on

Ugh, these are shockingly ugly!

Sara on

Wow that makes me sick … does she not relise that it makes her look so … old and well old. I have to agree with what a lot of you have said … she looks like she raided her grandmothers closet!

MTP on

UGLY! They jeans make Jessica look like she’s 6 months pregnant!! AWFUL!!

Victoria on

Oh my god these pants are so tragic looking that i emailed all the woman in my office this picture…she looks so…..lets say bloated…not flattering at all!

Lauren on

I love high waisted pants, they flatter the figure AS LONG AS YOU PICK THE RIGHT PAIR. Jessica is a beautiful woman who looks goodin most anything, however the pleats on the front do make her look like she is carrying some extra weight in the front. I give her props though, I think high waisted pants can be a great look.

lacy on

i’ve seen plenty of flattering high waisted jeans lately but these are certainly not. the waistline isn’t the issue here; it’s the light wash, the pleated pockets, and the big white button!

Janessa on

never in a million years

Fette on

She looks like Humpty Dumpty. She looks A-W-F-U-L.

Poor Jess – but I guess love can do that to ya…. Make you gain weight I mean!!

Tianna on

she looks dumpy, or like she is pregnant.

Autumn on

I have seen some unattractive outfits before but this is horrid. Beyond the fact that the outfit makes her look huge, the tones do not work well with the dark tan/hair.

Crystal on

The pants are not looking good on her, but she is not ugly. It was just a fashion mistake. We all have made them.

AT on

She looks frumpy with a border-line camel toe!

tina on

These pants are awful. High waisted AND pleated? A recipe for disaster on anyone. She has a great, curvy figure and they make her look dumpy. An awful trend that should head back to the 80s. Yuck.

deb on

She looks like a fool. a fat fool.

amanda on

UGLY pants!!! They make her look huge!

rachel on

they look AWFUL and make her look like and old lady with a pooch :(

evet on

Pants look terrible on her.

Brooke on

I would wear them because I’m 5’7″ and a size 4 with a small waist. She’s short so this doesn’t work. She’s still way hotter than fat face Vanessa.


what are these stars thinking!!! just cause they have they wear everything thats new that comes out !! ITS AN UGLY LOOK AND SHE CAN DO WAY BETTER !!

Lauren on

I love high waisted pants, they flatter the figure AS LONG AS YOU PICK THE RIGHT PAIR. Jessica is a beautiful woman who looks goodin most anything, however the pleats on the front do make her look like she is carrying some extra weight in the front. I give her props though, I think high waisted pants can be a great look.

Mary on

The pants add a good 15 pounds to her and it’s a horrible combination to the turtleneck sweater… That’s one trend I wouldn’t repeat…

yvonne franceschi on

Ladies: Jessica looks pregnant to me, see her huge chest.All
of a sudden this change in her whole body, specially the
tummy. For the clothes this looks good on a average frame
lets say 5’3″ or more. And if a petite girl tries this new
look has to take special attention what she wears on top.
But its a no no to Jessica, where’s her style gone. Yvonne

Joan on

I agree, these pants are very unflattering and make her look fat! They are a trend I would never wear.

Kay on

ugliest. pants. ever.

Trang on

no. no no no no. no.

lee on

I think Jessica’s whole image since she began dating John has changed from cute chic to bag lady. The pants just top off her recent “bad” outfit chooses and make her look like she gain twenty pounds… or could that be baby weight?

AnnieM on

Is this a trick question? Those things look horrible on her.

M on

She looks terrible. FAT!! FAT!! FAT!!!

Rachel on

EWWWW!!!! This look is worse then skinny jeans. Nobody looks good in it, especially Jessica.

Kelly on

Oh No She Did Not… Never in a million years could you even get me to put those on, she looks as if she is expecting a child or something… where is Stacy and Clinton when you need them the most

G on

NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! And while we’re at it, she needs to go back to blonde immediately.

Amy on

GEEZ!! YUCK!! It’s a mix between a sailors uniform and my grandmothers chick jeans! yuck!

susan divito on

No they are so ugly, and if they make Jessica Simpson look pregnant what are they going to do for the rest of us!!!!!!!!!

Buffy on

these are horribel! look at that camel toe????

Dawn on

OMG! Thos pants are hideous! I was a child of the 80’s and didn’t wear them then and can’t imgaine why the designers are trying to bring them back now. Who let her out of the house dressed like that? And when she got around her friends, why didn’t they tell her to go back and change clothes? Thank GOD for my girlfriends becuase they’d NEVER let me walk around looking like a disaster.

Sara on

Those pants are AWFUL! They are not flattering at all! Talk about bringing back the MOM JEANS! ewwww!

colleen on

Nothing about those pants saids, “style”.

Aubryn on

Absolutely not. I’m not sure what she was thinkin when she dressed herself that day. She looks much older and kinda frumpy lookin.

J on

I would not wear these jeans. No matter how skinny you are they make you look fat.

emily on

Janet Jackson from 1985 is calling and she wants her pants back. I can’t tell – are they tight-rolled at the bottom? EW!

Jodi on

She looks like she is pregnant. Not a flattering look for her at all

Nicole on

I think she looks terrible in those pants. They make her look short and fat and like she has a fupa. Not for her and I would definitly not wear them either

Nilcia on

I would never ever wear these pants! And uhmm….Jess shouldn’t either. It makes her look really fat. I mean come on, so many clothes 2 wear and this is what she picks out? I love her, she’s pretty but I so don’t support her on these pants.

bonnie on

U-G-G-G-L-Y………they look awful, throw them away or give to salvation army………

Kait on

She looks pregnant and gross. Bad choice. Maybe, just maybe if they were a different color they would look okay…..

WendyO on

Jess…fire your stylist immediately. And request a refund.

sam on

not only are those pants completely unflattering, her face is orange which doesn’t make her look any less ridiculous.

Nicole on


Lee on

Ugghh, no way! That would make anyone look ginormous! Poor thing, such a slave to fashion.

tink on

I wouldn’t wear them I don’t care how popular or how comfortable they are not flattering nor are they cute

Angie on

OMG!!!!! When I saw these pants, I started rolling on the ground laughing so hard! I thought it was a joke, until I realized she actually wore them out! No one should EVER wear this type of pant!

Elsabeth on

I can’t decide if it’s the pants or the shirt that look worse. She looks like she has grandma boobs and a huge butt.

sar on

She looks like an idiot, as usual!

whitney on

Those pants are hideous! They aren’t flattering to her figure. They aren’t even cute anyway.


she looks fat :(

Sandra Bondy on

Has anyone wondered if she is pregnant? I mean really, those pants, the sun dress at the beach…she is in good shape normally. What is she hiding? Those pants are hideous, pregnant, fat or perfectly toned!!!!

Heather S. on


kim on

heck no!

steph on

I usually like stuff jess wears or things she does to her hair but I can’t believe she came out with these pants on

Candi on

Sure I’d wear them. Those are, so far, the cutest HIGH WAISTED pants I’ve seen thus far. I’m preggers though, so I don’t know how well they’d flatter my baby bump.

Emily on


nicole on

She looks awful! The high waist plus the turtle neck is the worst thing someone with a large chest can wear!

laura on

uh no. i wouldn’t wear these pants. i was hoping the high waisted look wouldn’t come back and would just stay in the 70’s. i love jessica but those pants make her look frumpy and bloated (clearly she’s not. it seems like all the bad fashion trends are coming back. the 80’s seem to be going away and hopefully the skinny pants will go away never to return again.

Jenn on

Hell no! They make her look fat and they do nothing for her.

Stacey on

I was SO hoping that you were going to ask that question. Do I like those pants. HECK NO. Those are horrible. I didn’t wear them in the 80’s and I am certainly not going to wear them now. YUK!!!

Maria on

I think she looks ridiculous with those pants. Did she see herself in the mirror before she left her place?

Patty on

I would try similar pants (without the pockets), but they terrible on Jessica. Sorry Jessica, you should have had someone checking you out before you left the house in those pants.

Laura on

Those are the ugliest pants I’ve ever seen. It looks like she’s slept in them and they do nothing for her.

Yazmin on

They look like mom jeans!! So disappointed in Jess. She usually knows what she’s doing.

kat, england on

these pants are such a disaster that i almost feel like jumping on a nine hour plane ride to america from here in england, tracking her stylist down, torturing them and then having him/her killed…

seriously, take it from someone who is of close to the same shape as her, big boobs and high waists DON’T WORK unless you can hoick your boobs up to your chin and keep them there. she should know better than that turtleneck anyway.

this isn’t the point of the high waist trend, which is to develop an hourglass like shape and defined waist for those who don’t already have them. jessica does, and needs to realize that just because it’s in fashion doesn’t mean you can wear it.

plus, i think if i went through my mom’s closet right now, i would find these in the maternity wear box…and i’m a twin.

Cathy on

You’ve got to be kidding me! Did she not look into a full length mirror before walking outside? These pants make her look like she put on at least 20 lbs… Oy

dianna on

3 Words:
Cam. El. Toe.

Lorraine on

Absolutely the worst, yuk!

ashley on

she definitely has a good looking body, but NO ONE could pull these off…she looks fat and/or pregnant :( yuck!

Jessica2 on

I don’t think it’s the pants that look bad, but it’s Jessica. She looks like she’s put on some weight recently. Either she’s pregnant, or most likely, just not eating healthy or exercising while touring with John Mayer. She’s also been seen out more lately drinking, paryting, and probably eating late at night- that will do it. I think she’d look good if she cut her hair off some.

DC on

I agree with CBS, that look is not flattering AT ALL! Jessica does look a little hefty too. Just bring back pants that go to the waist, not below it and not above it! Come on designers!

stacey on

They are awful looking and make her look pregnant!!

leslie on

Horrible look on Jessica. Her boobs look like they are in her stomach. She should never have walked out of her house dressed like this.

ICK on

Yeah, those are terrible pants. Maybe on a completely different body type. Who let her do that?

ML on

These pants are horrible and make Jessica look fat. Ever since she started dating John Mayer, her fashion sense has gone downhill!

LeeLee on

Maybe John Mayer won’t let her have any mirrors around- if they hadn’t been on the beach in Australia I’d wonder if his doughy complexion was from being a vampire. That might explain the orange spray tan.
She totally looks pregnant. Can vampires procreate?

marie on

eversince she got involved with john mayer, she hasn’t looked glamorous. i don’t like her pants.

maryquitecontrary on

Absolutely HIDEOUS!!! She’s a beautiful girl but those pants and the top are awful! Oh well, she has a man now and so maybe she feels like she doesn’t need to impress anyone on the scene anymore. John Mayer is not exactly a fashionista among men himself so maybe they have more in common than anyone thinks! Definately not a good look for anyone!

j. on

These pants are probably the most unflattering pants I’ve ever seen on anyone, anywhere. Poochy belly, camel toe, saggy breasts, what a mess! I’ve never seen a pair of pants emphasize someone’s flaws so much. I’m staying far away from anyone wearing these pants for fear that they might make me look that way too.

Kelsey on

HELL NO!!!! she looks pregnant!!

Christen on

Ummm, no. I wouldn’t wear those pants if someone paid me. She looks terrible in them. They are not flattering in the least bit! Jessica, I am so ashamed!

Lauren M on

OMG….could she look any worse!!!!!!!!! What is wrong with her!!I hope she can take those back to the store!!!

Britt on

I really like them, I wasnt really fond of the high-waisted pant but I really like these ones.

Teresa on

That is one ugly HO, Looks like she has a Good Year around her belly. What is she feeding that camel anyway…a pair of jeans?

Princess Lea on

These are very unflattering because of the pleats but I think the tighter versions actually help flatten the tummy. Fashion is always evolving but always influenced by the past. I say yes to high waist jeans

Ally on

I would never wear that, It’d make me look fat just like her…

Rene on

She looks like she has a massive case of camel toe! Those pants are very unflattering.

Bunny on

She looks pregnant…on the right person they might look ok…

Mary Jane on

I do not like the look nor do I like her hair color. She looks old!!!!!!!!!!!!

Teresa Sand on

I think she is beautiful, she reminds me of my partner, MaryAnn. So it doesnt matter what one wears. I love inner beauty.

Natalie on

terrible choice, she looks like a Walmart fashion disaster!

Lyndsey on

those are just BAD!!!!!! i love following trends, but this is one i will completely avoid!

Janet on

High waisted pants should only be worn by long waisted, small breast women. Jessica looks terrible – as usual.

sunshine on

A thousand times NO!! She looks pregnant. Only a bean pole would pull off that look.

A. Rayfield on

I am sure she isn’t but I think she looks pregnant in these pants.

helen on

Absolutely awful!

VS on

Ok, Is she prenant!? And look at the red dress from the beach! What the heck is going on!? She looks awful!

lisa on

Another fashion don’t from such a pretty young girl. She is too heavy to pull off this look. NO! No! No!!

Anne on

I hate them. My first thought when I saw the photo of her was that she’d gained a bunch of weight. Maybe it’s just the pants, but either way…. I really think Jess is losing her spark. She was so gorgeous as a blonde and was like the best looking chic in Hollywood. I don’t feel this way anymore…. what happened?

tiffany on

Can we say CAMEL TOE!!???

Crystal on

She is such a pretty girl… but she really does look fat and/or pregnant. It looks like the infamous “mom jean”! Everyone is intitled to make mistakes!

jwhite on

Jess looks fabulous…great hair, makeup, jewelry. But, number one, a girl with large breasts should NEVER wear a turtleneck. Number two, I like the high wasted, wide leg jeans, but pleats? Oh no. She looks twice her size. I wish Jess would have looked in a full length mirror before walking out the door. I fell for ya sister.

Susan on

Fatty fatty 2 by 4…… Horribly ugly!

Jwhite on

Who makes the large bangle bracelet she is wearing??

H on

Ok… that look is hideous!!! OMG she looks like she is pregnant!

erin on

Yeah, not liking the pants….ICK

Jennifer on

These pants are simply disgusting. They look old and unflattering, and I can’t even discuss the pathetic positioning of the pockets. This outfit just adds another “worst dressed” point to her many many many other bad fashion decisions. She seriously needs a stylist with some fashion sense, because her look just never works!

alex on

i would never wear those.. not even if you paid me

Liz on

I love the pants and think she looks awesome. She is showing her curves! She doesn’t have to try to look super skinny all the time. These are hot pants right now and she knows it. i wonder who makes them..

marie on

eversince she got involved with john mayer, she hasn’t looked glamorous. i don’t like her pants.

Lisa on

HIDEOUS. Maybe (just maybe) they would be better on a taller person. So unflattering … Jess, babe, get a clue.

Whitney on

shes ma girl tho

Cece on

Hellooooo, mom jeans!

Christine on

Okay so I am going to have to join the masses and say I do not like these pants. The cut is extremely unflattering to Jessica’s petite frame, and gives the illusion of a gut that she doesn’t have. At first glance it looked like she was wearing a diaper! I sitll love her though! =]

Victoria on

Can anyone who knows haircoloring tell me what color Jess has in this picture?this brown color is so nice and full of shine. Please tell me:)

Sarah on

I like them. I dont think they look great on her per say. The high waist makes her breast look even bigger than they already are. From the pic it makes her look a bit bigger than she actually is. But maybe in person it flatters her more. I love the high waisted pant. They are so cute.

Haydee on


Jaime on

At first glance, I thought she looked pregnant and the caption was going to talk about speculation that her and mayer were having a baby.

Nix the pants! ASAP!

Jen on

I don’t care if they are the new style or not those things are damn ugly! The do not flatter anyones body figure at all!

Michelle on

It makes her look like she is wearing maternity clothes, just horrible and especially not a turtle neck, what was she thinking when she looked in the mirror!

rashundra. on

i’d wear em!

JB on

mooo!!! mooo!!! This is the worst!! How can someone her age be soo dumb in every aspect of her life. It is beyond me!!

Stella on

Ok ever since she has been w/John she has been wearing ugly clothes and trying to be someone else. She has lost her cool. Also those pants make her look OLD and very wide.

Alyssa on

Heck no! Those are ugly!

beverly on

She dressed wayyy better when she was with Lachey. She needs to be looking at Vanessa for some style advice. I mean, Jessica should NEVER wear those maternity outfits!! What was she thinking with the high-waisted, pleated pants and the red dress in Australia?! Jess, go back to the stylist that you had from 2005!!

Meg on

First her taste in men goes from fabulous to nasty and now the clothes! She is just soooo not cool anymore!

Marcie on

Gross!! NEVER!

victoria on

For a woman with a fantastic figure this was a terrible, terrible choice, why did her friends let her leave the house?

sue on


melissa on

She looks absolutely horrendous. How does one pair of pants make someone with such a great body look THAT bad?!

Jen on

Those pants are awful. What’s up with her boobs lately though? This pic and the one with her in the red beach dress make her look like she’s gained a lot of weight up top. She’s really changing her image I guess.

alyson on

can you say pregnant? ewww…

Kayla on

No no no! Those are so ugly and they make her look 20 pounds heavier than she actually is!

Mamalene on

Eeewwwww Old Lady Pants (I’m an old lady and I wouldn’t wear them.)

Michelle on

no. and the ruffled/puckered pockets are heidious. the pants actually make her look fat and shes not.

Sonjia on

I won’t be caught dead in them. They’re horrible, it looks like she has a severe case of camel toe!

Fi on

I thought the picture was advertising her being pregnant! Yuck! Completely unflattering for someone who has a fabulous body!

Madie on

Just HORRIBLE Jessica! Makes you look round, semi-preggers, not flattering at all. You are a cute girl….trash the pants!

big booty on

If they make her look that bad, I’m sure as heck not putting them over my fat gut!

jackie o. on

Oh no no no… she’s so pretty. But this just isn’t doing her any favors.

The only way high-waisted pants will work is if:
1. the girl is super skinny. Like long-legged, long-torso, model-type skinny (unfortunate as that is for the rest of us heh)
2. they’re black — universally flattering
3. she wears a top that’s NOT a turtleneck — there has to be balance. Jess looks like a nun that just broke out of the convent and is trying to fit in with all the “hip youngsters”… This look wouldn’t be half as bad if she hiked the girls up a bit and wore a shirt with a neckline.

Donia on

Has she gained a bunch of weight? Where are her daisy dukes? Can’t fit in to them, can she!?!

Deanna on

Those are the worst looking pants I have ever seen. Seriously. That whole outfit looks absolutely terrible!

rosy on

noo wayy!

Rhonda Lynn on

I was a teenager in the 80’s, Those pants aren’t 80’s!! Those are awful looking on her, and matching them with that shirt makes it even worse. YUCK! It makes her look like she just gained 50 pounds. Very unflattering.

Glad to know my household is not alone thinking she has no talent, looks awful with whatever fake hair color she has and looks fake in her fake tan. She does always have a dumb look on her face and those lips look deformed.

Can’t we all move on and forget about the ‘chicken of the sea’ bimbo?

Brenda on

These are the most ugly pants…they truely do make her look a lot heavier. If these make her look fat there is no way i would wear them, after all who wants to look heavier than they are?!

arin on

those are the worst pants ever…she needs to burn them and never think of putting anything like that on again….

Jenny on

She looks terrible…makes her look fat.

shirley on

yikes! those are ugly pants and her fake tan is even uglier.

Josie on

If this new scarry trend can make Jessica look bad, there is NO HOPE for the rest of us!!!!!!!!!!!!!

KC on

Wow I’m not sure if she fired her stylist, or is just so in love she doesn’t care what people think if it’s the latter I applaud her….but…

I knew it wasn’t me that thought she looked Preggers. There is something else not so right about the picture like the pants aren’t button correctly. I am a firm believer that everyone can wear a high waisted jeans, but it’s just has to be the correct waistheight, cut ( pockets etc), fabric, denim weight, and denim color.

sam on

They’re nasty. She looks like she’s gained 30 lbs. and has a FUPA (fatty upper pubic area)

Rebecca on

Did she look in the mirror? I think this is the worst outfit I’ve ever seen her in. First, she needs to get a better bra, then she needs to burn those pants!

On another note, I love that she looks so happy these days.

Leenie on

No way! If SHE looks this fat in these pants, can you imagine what the rest of us would look like? Hang ’em up, Jess…

am on

the brown hair is ugly, the entire outfit is ugly….doesn’t she get enough money to do nothing … can’t she at least afford a stylist…hell i’ll help her for free

Andrea on

I think that those are the most unflattering pants… they make her look huge!

Laurie on

Those are the most horindous pair of pants I have ever seen. They make her look huge. Anybody that wears those are not fashion conscious at all.

Sam on

Yes but she shouldn’t…she looks huge!! Jess is a pretty Trendy girl…but this is one trend that was not made for her body type

CG on

HORRIBLE!!! I don’t care who you are or how hot your body is… NOBODY looks good in something like that! They make her look about 6 sizes bigger! I can’t believe she looked in the mirror and thought to herself “yeah, this looks good and I look super skinny too!”

Rachel on

Those pants are as ugly as her new boyfriend.I thought he was a cool guy but now I question his coolness!Can someone tell Jess that the ‘bra-burning’days are over!!!She looks huge and I know she isn’t so obviously the whole outfit is a bust…..ha ha I just made a joke on accident!

What was she thinking? on

First off, these pants should be burned and what is up with the white, short-sleeved turtle neck she’s wearing? Not a good look…The pants make her look like she has a camel toe…

renee on

I’ve seen some ok highwaist pants but it always seems
like jess is totally off on her fashion choices. She doesn’t always get it right and this is definately one of the times.

stephanie on

Yuck! Those pants make Jessica look HUGE. Did she look in the mirror before leaving the house!? I don’t care what the trend is but if it makes you look like you have the body of great aunt Bertha don’t do it! Yikes!

Renee on

YUCK. Yes, she looks pregnant in those and the spray tan hurts my eyes.

Lilix on

Those pants are UGLY!

Patty on

If they make her look bad (and she is beautiful), I can only imagine how I would look in them.

Jaclyn CC on

i think the whole package is unflattering for her figure. i do not think she looks fat, because, come on, she is not, i just think she looks disproportionate. she does have a beautiful face, smile, and hair!

lee on

I love, love this look. It is trendy. In a few months, everyone will be sporting this amazing trend. I think that it only further emphasizes Jessica’s assets, if you know what I mean. . .

Kasey on

Listen, Jessica: The idea is to channel Catherine Bach 1977 … not Catherine Bach 2007.

Brooke on

No way, she looks awful. They make her look like she has gained a lot of weight

CD on

Only one word could describe this look….TERRIBLE!

Kelley on

First of all they look like Mom Jeans, and second of all she looks pregnant. What was she thinking? I guess all the love from John is making her go crazy.

Melody on

Can you say “moooooooo”?

Please NEVER wear these... on

What on EARTH was she thinking? this is the WORST look on a celeb EVER….YUCK!!!! definite one for the worst dressed celebs books… no kudos here…

ashley on

Hell No! Those are horrible and she looks fat.

Maryse on

Nope, I wouldn’t wear high waisted pants like Jessica or not ever.

Jessica is a beautiful girl, but these pants don’t justify her figure. She looks like she’s gained some weight, which is no big deal, it’s not like she’s a 1,000 pound whale or something. These are like 70’s style pants. Which shouldn’t come back {remember Marcia Brady, LOL} Those pleated pockets are horrible. It looks like she needs a bra as well.

I saw Jessica on E! News, and they showed her wearing this little black top that really enhanced her boobage on top. Her “girls” were flowing out at the top, they looked like they needed to be contained. She’s just gained some weight, which enhances her “girls” more. None the less, these pants are horrible, and doesn’t display her curvy figure the way it should be. Plus those pants look somewhat uncomfortable. If you look at the top of the pants where the button is, one side of the waist flap is turned over, which is a sign that the pants may be too small for her or something. Also, that’s the wrong top you should wear with those pants. Her whole outfit just looks icky. I do like her purse though.

K on

is she trying out for what not to wear???

J on

Oh man…no way she looks soo horible, those pants are not attractive in any way, shape or form…It is the most hideous look I’ve seen in a long time..She’s giving brunettes a bad look, whats up with the orange gloppy tan, she looks like she played in the mud before getting dressed.. GROSS!

vsb2000 on

Two words….[CAMEL TOE]

mott on

i would not wear those – makes you look poochy in the abs. leave them in the 80’s where they belong.

Nathalie on

Those are the ugliest pants I’ve ever seen her wear! I guess she didn’t look at herself in the mirror before going out.

Kathie on

The pants aren’t too bad, but she should definitely consider a new bra. Droop droop droop

Lisa on

Is she pregnant? She’s looking a little thick as of late. Hmmmm

andrea on

She’s NEVER gonna find a new HUBBY wearing that PIECE OF clowN PANTS. hER BOYFRIEND MUST BE GOING oH! oH! time to find a new girlfriend. I wouldn’t be surprised if he dumps her now…

Julie on

Dear Jessica,

Two words: Never again.

lala on

Have you heard of camel toe?

Jayme on

High rise jeans are awesome! Your stomach isn’t hanging over your jeans and you can make it appear smaller zipping it into high risers! They really show a feminine figure and are off the hook! Watch Dazed and Confused, the girls look great!

misty on

Yuck! If this is the spring trend, guess I wont be trendy. These pants are unflattering and boring like something my grandma could probably make fun of.

A on

Hahaha!! Those pants are just god-awful! The material looks weird, the waist is up in the rib area, and the pockets (??) have an odd daiperish look to them. And what’s up with the button area? Are they buttoned? Why is the button so big? They make her look super bloated and like her bloat is pushing the beltline over…like dun-laps disease.

Brittany on

those pants are OUT OF CONTROL. she has camel like nobody’s business and looks like she put on 20 lbs. put ’em away jess, you’re more beautiful than that.

marina on

i love jessica simpson soo much i always thought she was so smart so beauifulhad the best hair style and clothes style. i love her new hair she looks amazing and i love her new bf and her new style. but i really didnt think she looked amazing in those pants maybe if they werent so baggy and high up then they would look sexy love you jessica!

michele on

No, No, No…..She is so cute and those pants are not!!!



Kaitlin on

Jessica should stick with regular pants. The high-waisted jeans aren’t very flattering on her figure.

kari on

OMG!!! EWWWWWWWWWW…she looks so FAT. Who let her out of the house looking this way.

Lauren on

Poor Jessica! She’s not THAT old…as in not 70! Those pants are just sad and not at all flattering.

Kacie on

Wow…that is awful!

susi on

she does look fat in these, they’re not even that cute i mean MAYBE if they were denim but that material is ugly….

Melissa on

no,no,no,no,no! I would try high waisted pants- but the color and pleats make her look heavier in the middle. I give the girl credit for trying them out!

Shellsea on

Wow, I hate to say something negative but this outfit is really unflatterig. As a few of you’ve already mentioned… they look too much like “Mom Jeans”. :) LOL!

roberta from brasil on

I really wanna know who designed that pants…PLEASE LET US ALL KNOW!!!! What a big mistake!! Not even Kate Moss would look good on that! I HATE highwaist pants!!

anonymous on

as a fashion retailing major, to society they are like oh no those are hideous! but they are actually very high fashion, you will see them alot on the runway and she looks stunning in them:) way to go miss simpson!!

Krista on

She looks terrible. No way would I wear those.

nobody on

i also LOVE her brown hair, it looks beautiful!

Elisa on

I love Jessica Simpson, but these pants suck!!!!!
They make her look fat and pregnant. Bad choice Jess.
I give her props for trying out those pants, she’s brave.

Tracie on

Nooooooooo! They are terrible. She looks huge!

Robyn on

If this is high fashion, may I always be unstylish. This is a horrible look. The only person I know who really likes high waisted pants is my 80 year old granny. It really makes her look 20 lbs. heavier.

Connie on


Vivian on

These are worse than “mom jeans.” Her stylist should be fired.

Rosie on

Even with her great body it still looks like she is wearing a pamper. NOT a good look at all.

Kim Arnett on

These are DEFINITELY “Mom JEANS”!!! Disguting…..not that I’m at all surprised though, these stars and their weird clothes!!! Why can’t they just be normal?

CarolMariane on

No I wouldn’t. I’m short-waisted and wearing high-waisted pants is uncomfortable for me. As to Jesssica’s wearing of this style, I’m not that interested in what she wears.

Ilyse Bernikow on

I think she looks heinous!

sarah on

Those are THE most hideous pants I have ever seen in my life. They make her look at least 20 lbs heavier (all over, not just on the bottom half), and those are some strange bulging bits on her hips. Not only that, but the uneven waist band makes the pants look cheap and badly made. What did they cost, about $2000? She’s got more money than fashion sense.

Mandy on

Jessica Simpson can’t even make those pants look good – NO, NO, NO!

cody on


Jelena on

My god, she got SO FAT!!!!!!! What a cow.

Diane on

This is simply the worst I’ve ever seen Jessica Simpson look. If I ever want to feel like a middle aged housewife I’ll buy a pair of those jeans. Otherwise NO

Mindy Chamberlain-Killian on

If this is a new trend, it is safe to say that I won’t be joining in…

Katie M on


Lynlee on

She looks like a fat, big-boobied, grandma in a diaper. I hate when people wear stuff that they probably know looks ridiculous just to be “stylish.” I’ve never liked this moron, but I hate her even more now.

Blonde on

First off those pants are UGLY!! they make her look fat and do not make her look cute…..jessica use to dress soo cute when her and nick were together and she knew how much to show off and it was cute…and now she is falling out everywhere or wearing ugly clothes……..she might as well give it up because without nick her career just isnt the same and shes lost a ton of fans.

Tiffany on

She looks absolutely ridiculous, from top to bottom. The pants are hideous, and when you combine them with that top, it makes it look like she needs a little more support, to put it delicately. Seems like there’s a little too much bronzer on her face, as well. She’s a very pretty woman, but this is so not her look.

loulou on

omg jess will never learn. THOSE PANTS ARE HORRID!!

PIP on

This is THE ugliest photo I have ever seen of Jessica Simpson. What is with her boobs – they’re all lopsided!! and who is she trying to fool – the pleats are TERRIBLE!!!

Erin on

Yeah, they don’t look good on her at all. I’m waiting for the tabloid speculation on her being pregnant with John Mayer’s baby – in those pants, it’s inevitable!

bella on


alice on

I think the outfit is awful and not flattering at all. But come on, the girl is hardly fat.

Carrie on

Never. She looks overweight; these pants do NOT flatter her. Although it may just be the way she is standing, she should avoid pregnancy rumors…

cdp on

Um…is she pregnant? Surely not but those pants tell a different tale.

Chelsey on

This is an awesome new trend but not for her. These pants make her look fat. I think if she had the pants in a different color with out the pockets they would look better. But at the same time this style doesn’t always look great on a girl with a full figure.

Erin on

From the chin up, you look great Jessica! However, this is probably the ugliest outfit to come out of Hollywood in decades. Probably since high-waisted pants were last in style!

Terri on

Hideous, the pants, not Jessica.

Melissa on

If that style makes Jessica Simpson look like she has a belly, I’d hate to see them on the average woman. Especially me!

beth on

i love jessica, but i don’t know why she has transformed herself for her new boyfriend. she would have never gone out looking like that while she was with nick. she always looked gorgeous and happy with him, now she just looks like a ridiculous mess. she should find who she is and not change herself for any man!

Lee Lee on

She looks pregnant.

chygirl on

NOOOOOO!!!!! I will NEVER wear those or anything that looks anything remotely like them. I think it makes her look fat and frumpy…I hope she got paid big bucks to look that hideous.

sharon on

she is too short waisted for high wasted pants

Kathy on

I’m NOT a huge Jessica fan to begin with, but my GOD.. does she 1) not own a mirror??? 2) Not own a dang bra that fits??? 3) Not have friends that are willing to tell her she looks like CRAP???

These idiot celebs, I swear – they’re going to wear what’s trendy even if it makes them look like a pregnant Grandma! Which is exactly what Jessica looks like. She looks fat, her bra has clearly lost whatever support it might have ever had, she looks pregnant, wrinkled and if you lopped her face out of the pic, you’d swear this was an 80 year old Granny!

Man, I’ve seen some horrendous outfits on celebs before, but this may very well be the worst yet, primarily because she was TRYING to be all cute and trendy! At least when Biork or some of the more “out there” celebs dress like a clown, they KNOW they are and are doing it for the attention! Methinks Jessica was NOT anticipating this kind of negative reaction. Man, fire that stylist!

SG on

Is she pregnant??? sure looks it……..never seem her look so fat

Tracy on

Hate these pants

on her or off her, UGLY

the pleats, the pockets, the button under her boobs?

Shannon on

1987 called, they want their pants back!

Angela on

Absolutely ridiculous! They go along with the sagging boobs and fake bake. She needs to put some money into buying mirrors and taking a good look at herself before she steps out in public!

Kayla on

usually jessica simpson is really stylish, and i know these pants are in style right now, but they make her look a lot heavier than she is. i dont think they look very good, not just on her, but really on anyone. not a good style!

jazz on

It’s always funny to see celebrities starting to look like the person they are dating… what happened to that cute girl with style ? not only does she look like J.Mayer now but she also dresses like him ! tasteless and all I can see lately it’s just one faux-pas after another girl ! and by the way, I think it’s time for you to get a new stylist or the old one back !

caroline on

gag me with a spoon. I love you jessica, but COME ON!

Lisa on

These look TERRIBLE on her. She’s a tiny thing and looks FAT.

Heidi on

Those pants are gawd awful, she looks pregnant…and the crotch, eww gross! I wouldn’t be caught dead in them!

JE on

I normally think Jessica pulls herself together well, but did I miss something here? In those pants she looks like she gained 30lbs while in Australia. She looks fugly. It would have been better for her to stay home and away from the camera. Another comment, not trying to be Simon Cowell here but her Mystic tan is orange. It’s like she tried to look awful.

Melissa on

The ugliest thing that I have ever seen!! I can’t believe that someone would actually wear them, especially someone that is as pretty as she is. This is one look that she can’t pull off and should never try again.

chantelle on

those pants remind me of someting my mom would wear. she also looks fatter in them. not a good move but i still love her..

Robyn on

I hate this outfit….makes her look heavy and frumpy.

Mandy on

She looks pregnant in this outfit……….not flattering at all.

Brittany on

Those are the most unflattering pants-they look like they are from the 90’s and they make her look terrible. What was she thinking???

Yily on

Jessica Simpson looks horrible in those high-waisted pants. What was she thinking? Kate Moss can pull off those high-waisted pants but not Jessica, simply because Kate Moss is petite and has a really skinny frame which works. But Jessica, on the other hand, is curvy and slightly fat, so it doesn’t flatter her body at all. She simply following the trend but it just doesn’t work well on her. Jessica Simpson should stick to tight hugging minis or skinny jeans which works extremely well on her.

Is it me or is it Jessica beginning to lose her looks. She looks really old for her age.

Amanda on

First of all; this is not a new trend (it’s been a big thing for about 2 years in Sweden… almost going out of style now.) Oh and she does look fat. She should fire her stylist…

sara on

jessica really lost her sense of style after she left nick. she looks hidious, horrible, disguisting!!!1

xiayanhong on

I don’t like it at all
the pant looks ugly

amnariel on

Nope, these particular pants are beyond ugly, sometimes it is really wise to check with mirror before one leaves home, several times.

Claudia on

Those slacks are nasty! Really horrible. I won’t wear it, no one will and Jessica sure shouldn’t. If this becomes a trend it’s definetely one everyone will look back on with shame.

kk chalet on

i like the high waisted look… but not those specific jeans, id rather see her in the grey ant braided pair…. not to mention she needs a more supportive bra with that shirt.

hmlojljrl on

As a mother of two young babies, even I would never wear something so horridly unattractive ;in my own home or especially out in public. These are far worse than any ‘mom pants’ I have ever seen. Gross.

Brandy on

Don’t care.

Jennifer on

These pants are terrible! And she is way too tan in this photo as well. Disaster!

AMG on

I absolutely LOVE them! Where can I buy them?

CJ on

OMG! OMG! She looks so fat! Jessica has a good body, why is she wearing this!?

Lucy on


TigMode on

Awful, awful, awful…….she needs to step away from the spray on tan stuff. She has so much of it lately that she looks dirty and grimy from layers of it.

She needs to go to a professional to be fitted for the proper bra size. She a chesty gal and those puppies need some uber support, not to be drooping.

I can’t even comment on the pants…..they’re just hideous.

AnnieM on

You go Melody! I called her a cow the other week and I’m sticking by it (as this photo shows). Does she actually do anything anymore other than follow what’s his name around?

EricsGrrl on

This trend is perfect for the ultra-thin “Kate Moss” body types. It makes them look “slight” and cute.

Here we have a short woman, known for her curves, trying to pull it off. Bottom line? It’s not working. She clearly has become “curvier” recently, perhaps a sign she’s super happy with her new man. That’s a beautiful thing, just not in this outfit.

DustyzWife on

They look like maternity pants…she just needs a baby to fill up those pooch pockets. Awful, awful look for her!!!

jasna stoicevic on

it’s funny to me to see celebrities starting to look like the person theu are dating… Whatever happened to that cute little Jessica everyone was so jealous about ? since dating Mayer, she doesn’t only look like him but she started dressing like him !

Jennifer on

The whole outfit just makes her look at least four sizes bigger than she really is. And sister needs a new bra. Wow, just a bad move all around.

deb on

The whole outfit is WRONG! WRONG! WRONG! Jessica has an hourglass figure. Neither garment does justice to her remarkable assets. Someone PLEEZZ help the girl!

Jessica on

i think the pants would look a lot better if they were a little lower and i also think it would look better if she wasn’t wearing a turtle neck shirt and it would look better if the sleves were longer.

Erica on

I am embarrassed for her.

ronniegirl on

They look as ugly as she does with brown hair.

Terra on

I was SO waiting on a blog for these pants!!! EWWWW!!!! Oh, and “camel toe” LMAO!!!

Terra on

Oh and btw — 350 comments later……. I only saw two people that said they liked this look……….

kmj on

I think she borrowed them from Pee-Wee Herman!!!!

Tara on

Oh Jessica what were you thinking??? or should I say..you weren’t thinking!

Laura on

Those pants are horrible! I think she looks like a pregnant oompa-loompa. She needs a new stylist – she used to dress so cute and look good – now she is weird and frumpy. It’s like she just doesn’t care anymore.

mochiban on

Don’t like it!!! Does anyone notice that she’s been gaining some weight? The pants doesn’t help her either.

dani on

Illllllllll this is YUKE!~

priscilla on

Jessica Cow Simpson…. moooooooo!!!!!

Natalie on

EWWWWWWWWWWWWW!! She looks saggy…and like an old grandma. I would never wear those nasty things!

Emma Abba on

Never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever!
I think she’s pregnant!

Cathy on

The girl has guts. I’m all about trying new styles and everything but there is no way in hell she looked at herself in the mirror before she left the house. It looks terrible, just plain terrible.

shannon on

I would never wear those pants, they look horrible! I bet if John saw her in those he would run.

Kathy Reeve on

Oh no no no no no! Where is her killer body? She looks like she is wearing Mom jeans!

Kate on

noooo..i have to agree on the person who said that those make her look fat,they totaly do.

Tiffany on

Those pants are horrible and incredibly unflattering. The material is weird and the button looks like it is about to pop. Also, is it just me or is Jessica looking a little orange from tanning? That’s almost worse than the pants!

K on

Jess, please don’t take those out of the house again! They make you look like a fatter version of my grandma. Try skinny jeans, gauchos, or miniskirts-but not high-waisted pants!

(Actually we shouldn’t blame Jess for this unfortunate fashion incident… these pants would make anyone look horrible!)

dee on

Those are NOT attractive. They do not flatter her at all

lindsay on

oh my goddd what was she thinkingg when she put that on

rs on


nightnurse on

I can’t stop laughing…Jessica must have put on this outfit as a joke….these pants are far worse than her red dress on the beach fiasco…Did her mother make these pants in home-ec class back in the 70’s? I have not laughed so hard in years…thanks Jessica. You must have some fantastic sense of humor!!

Dawn on

I would NOT wear them here or there…I WOULD NOT WEAR THEM ANYWHERE!!!!

katie on

i love jess! but those pants just aren’t workin for her…

Andrea on

What was she thinking!!?! Her stylist should be locked away… It is a dreadful look. The pants are just vile and as for the shirt… I thought it was common knowledge that if you are heavy chested that you should avoid turtlenecks at all costs.
This outfit makes her look waaay heavier and like she has saggy boobs!!! She should burn it!

christy on

hideous. completely hideous.

k on

eeeeewwww no!

unomas21 on

Is that CAMEL TOE? High-waisted can be cool – in the right fabric and style but these are HIDEOUS. I hope there wasn’t a stylist involved! The whole look is so KMART 1985.

Heather on

What kind of maternity clothes are you people wearing? Maternity clothes are supposed to minimize or accentuate a beautiful baby belly and curving mama bod – these would do neither. Just ’cause your pg doesn’t mean you have to fall into this horrendous fashion MISS.

This is NOT a good look. at all.

Sandra Rogerson on

ew ew ew ew ew, that is all i have to say

Mallory on

UMMMM, well when I get into a nursing I’ll have to give her a call; I’d hate for people to see my diaper hanging out. That’s about another 60 years away though so we’ll see. LOL Those are horrible Jessica, just in case you haven’t noticed.

NB on

NO WAY and she needs to relax on the spray tan…her face is way darker than her body

Jackie Frid on

High waisted pants are a huge fashion mistake on everyone who isn’t stick-thin. i would never wear this trend. It’s unflattering to the body, and there aren’t many tops you can pair with them to make them look decent.

Chelsea on

OMG! She has lost her mind! Those pants are completely ridiculous, her tan is gross, and she’s dating John Mayer. What the hell happened to the pretty Newlywed star? They say Britney’s crazy, but look at Jessica!!!!!!!

Koby on

Big chested girls + high waisted pants= Otherwise gorgeous girl looking hideous!!! Don’t try this at home, save this hot look for the lanky girls.

Angel on

I dont think it makes her look fat, I think she is getting fat! I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love her, but she looks to me like she is gaining some weight!

Keli on

Oh my…….need I say more? Her boobs look funny…must be the fact they are almost touching the waist line of those horrendous jeans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ashley on

I think she can pull anything off, she is beautiful

Misty on

Jessica you know better. Throw them away. Better burn them. PLEASE!!!!

Misty on

Jessica burn them & run. Never look back.

Alli on

this is a pretty look when you can pull it off and when the pants aren’t denim. take katie holmes for example… we’ve seen her wear the saiten-y high waist pants and look great… but this doesn’t work on jess. sorry hon

dsj on

I think my retinas are burned …



Stella K on

WOW, those are some U-G-L-Y pants!! A high waist pant could be fllatering but NOT this pair…EVER! There are many things wrong with this look. 1)The color of the pants looks like a hideous 80’s light-wash denim. 2)The button looks like it couldn’t even button up! 3)The pleated pockets are like hip flaps, not a place to draw more attention. 4)The fabric of the pants shouldn’t be a wrinkle-prone fabric. It gives a tummy pouch appearance. 5)The frumpy turtleneck was NOT a good choice to pair with it…too much coverage. The high neck and sleeves create a wider look on top with the already heavy look on the bottom. HERE’S HOW TO WEAR A FLATTERING PAIR OF HIGH WAISTED PANTS: Pick a dark color pant or dark wash denim without pleats or trouser pockets. The pleats and trouser pockets just pull open when you sit or bend and look unflattering. If going with a lighter color, keep it to solid white, cream, or tan/camel shades. For the top, pair with a fitted sleeveless tank/cami with a lower scoop or v-neckline to lengthen instead of widen your shape. Wear a nice tailored cropped or mid length jacket over. Jacket can be casual or professional as long as it has a tailored shape and you will have a FABULOUS outfit!

Kathie on

They are ugly. They make her look pregnant.

Ashley on

I love that Jess decided to do this. My friend always makes fun of me because I wear my pants a little bit higher, just over the belly button because I like them that way. I don’t like feeling that my pants are at my ankles. Ha ha!

odette on

it make her look like she just gave birth not every style fit everyone and this one does not fit her she could also do with a breast job

odette on

it make her look like she just gave birth not every style fit everyone and this one does not fit her she could also do with a breast job

Ute on

What is she thinking?! The dark hair and those hideous pants make her look like she is 40 years old! Go back to blonde…Stop trying to emulate your sister before she emulated you!

lena on

well I certainly wouldn’t wear them.that look immediatly went off the shelf for me. the pants make her look like she has no hips and that in turn unbalances her body making her breasts look WAY too big. Oh and she really needs to lay off the self tanner……

emina on

no no no

Ellie on

She looks like a fat pig!

Maria on

awfull!!!!! is she pregnant??????????????????

Mish on

If they make Jessica look fat, then us “average” size mortals should definately avoid wearing them!!!

joanna on

I love Jessica but seriously I think her blond moment came across her again. What is she thinking!!!

lau on

yep,a little bit of a change doesn’t hurt anybody
c’mon people, be more open-minded please!

brittney on

no, she looks like shes preganat, no but she looks great i like her new hair color she looks better with that instead of the blond

Sarah Connor on

I have to say I think Jessica is stunning and has to the most gorgeous body but thoses trousers make her look so frumpy and rather shapeless. They do NOT suit her body shape. Only go for this look if you are tall and very slim.

rachel on

i think the idea of the high waist pants isnt a bad idea i just think this pair arent the most flattering….on anyone

Bethany on

I think these pants make her stomach look like she’s pregnant!!! TAKE THEM OFF ASAP!!!

JC on

I disagree with people saying she is fat. The girl is healthy probably only a size 6- nevertheless those pants are hideous! People wear things in the name of fashion that are not flattering!

Madina Tabesh on

The pants would look good in any other way, but…..this just makes her look pregnant and gives her a cameltoe.

Ashley on

makes her boobs look saggy

roxy on

They are the most ridiculous pair of pants I have ever seen.They are HORIBBLE!!!!!!

Ga-ross on

Hey Jess Granny called she said she’d like her pants back. She wants to wear them for bingo night.

F.Y.I. Never eva eva in a million years eva!!!!!!



chanel489 on

i think thats the ugliest pair of pants i have ever seen i would never wear those my grandma wouldnt even wear thise

Jessica on

Jessica always looks great in everything she wears…..Except for this big mistake I think they look like grany pants and they make her look fat!!!

Shells on

YUCK! they look like grandma jeans. Jessica what where you thinking darling. No matter what you wear I still think you more beautiful the Nicks new gal. when it comes to fashion and beauti you got it, you just missed on this one;) Nick doesn’t know what he lost. But your new fella is much cutter and has more talent then NL.

KA1Nicole on

Bad pants, bad fake tan, gaining weight maybe? Jessica don’t do this to yourself!

curvy girl on

I love the look…Jessica Simpson can’t look bad…apparently, since I haven’t seen it yet…i envy girls with curves like hers because even though all us girls (like me) think skinny skinny sinny, the guys are staring at the booties and chects, and unfortunately, for some reason, many girls ar ashamed of having curves

Does anyone knwo the brand of those pants?

ayodele on

Is is sooooooo not jessica

bitsy on

ohmygosh.no i would never ever wear those pants.they look rediculous.

jenn on

hey i think its great that you dont have to be half naked to be sexy.but i think a differnt style would have been better or even a differnt color ..lets dress up ladies not down…..

bb on

Low rise pants couldn’t get any lower so designers start putting out the opposite and these people follow like sheep and start wearing them. People, stop! High rise pants are the worst unless you weigh 2 pounds. Because something is the latest trend doesn’t mean you should actually put them on and go out in public…know your own body type and have the sense to realize what looks good on you and what doesn’t. Don’t let designers dictate to you what to wear.

kara.Ellingson on




Mimi on

sorry, jessica’s cute but what she’s wearing is disgusting, and it makes her look FAT! no no no and a million times no the the trousers…..ugh

Kim on

The pants are awful! She is a beautiful girl. The pants make her look like she has a huge stomach even though we all know she doesn’t!

Krista on

The whole outfit is all wrong. From the Material of the pants, to the cut, to the pleated pockets, to the turtlneck…it does NOTHING for her figure. Jess usually looks great, where r her real friends to tell her “NO, sweetheart…next outfit”? I guess even the Rich has misguided days, well either that or enemies claiming to be her friends.

Who on

If the high-waisted pant looks this bad on Jessica, who has a beautiful figure, and on Mischa Barton (the jeans she was wearing were also hideous) I can’t imagine what they’d look like on us regular folk. I say stick to what looks good on your body. And trust me the high-waisted pant is so NOT comfortable….somewhere to rest your boobs I guess.

kylie on

no way!!! mom jeans to the max.
jess… go find clothes from somewhere other than the thrift store please!
can’t you afford something better than jeans from the 80s?
they’re never coming back.. give up.

Alison on

You people are all such a**holes. She is not fat, she is fabulous and i think she looks hot as a brunette. You people are not her so leave it be. So do not call her fat. So what, at least she isnt some anerexic bimbo.

jimjam on

Mmmmmmm, she looks like one of Charlie’s Angels!! I mean, a real life, less intimidating Charlie’s Angel.

Emily on


LO on

It’s a great style, but she should have worn a darker wash and not such a closed up shirt.

Saleisha on

No I hate’em! I Would never wear those.

stylenews.peoplestylewatch.com on

Jessica simpson 1.. WTF? :)

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