Avril Lavigne's Girly Side: Pink! Chanel!

04/18/2007 at 06:00 AM ET

While her ties from her “Sk8ter Boi” punk days may now reside in her garage, Avril Lavigne hasn’t totally ditched her punk roots — think of it as “sexy punk,” as her stylist Jessica Pastor terms it. From the pink streaks that have appeared in her long blonde locks to the fuchsia pumps she recently requested from Pastor, Avril is all about embracing her girlier side — and her love of pink! Even the Hot Topic shirt that she’s selling in support of her new single “Girlfriend” features a pink skull logo that she describes as “kind of cool.” We may never see her sporting it in public, but Avril tells PEOPLE that her at-home staple is the Victoria’s Secret Pink collection — “the thing that says ‘Pink’ on the butt and, like, my pink Ugg boots.” And while Avril admits that she doesn’t actually “wear a lot of high end stuff,” like any fashionable girl, she “loves Chanel. I think they’re a really good brand. Everything of theirs is good!”

Click here to listen to exclusive audio of Avril talking about major moments in her life!

Photo: Ramone /Landov

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Jamie on

Avril is and will always be cute. I’m happy her life is going so great right now!

first comment woo!

Miss M on

Sexy punk? Fire that stylist immediately! There is no such thing. I bet the stylist wasn’t even born when Punk was fashionable! I cannot stand Avril. Her biggest mistake is she doesn’t think before she opens her mouth.

Danielle on

I love love love Avril! I dare anyone to say that she is selling out by looking a bit more girly. Its not like she’s Jessica Simpson or anything. She is almost 23 years old and she’s married so the tie and t-shirt combo is a little childish. Her Girlfriend video is so great. I have to jump around when I watch it. She’s still punk but she is sexy, she’s not SELLING sex. I’m going to buy her album today!

Alice on

I’m not a fan of hers. I know she is just a young girl, but she comes off as so phoney to me.

AnnieM on

Chanel is it!

j on

she’s cute & i like her funky style, i think it goes perfect with her ‘tude. i wish she’d darken her hair a little though, this color seems to make her look very washed out.

Richelle on

Avril IS a phoney! I dont like this look at all.. She just looks like a weirdo–not a sexy punk!! haha thats so funny!!

faith on

i agree with alice. i am not a fan of her “look at me! i’m punk!” sytle. and with the exception of her first single, i’m not a fan of her music either. her latest video is horrible– but i’m sure the junior high kids like it, because it looks like that’s the demographic it’s aimed at anyway. i mean, come one, she actually sings “and h#ll yeah i’m the mother$#@ing princess,” in the song. barf. but if you paid me millions of dollars to sing that crap i might do it too. i mean, if this is her real personality, then more power to her, but i just think that as a married woman it comes off really silly and juvenile to be parading around singing about how she doesn’t like someone’s girlfriend.

as far as her wearing chanel, who cares. i’m sure she looks just fine in it, because she is a pretty girl, i’ll give her that.

faith on

holy cow! when i wrote my first comment, the pic of her in that heinous dress hadn’t loaded yet. that is awful!! it looks like a cross between a barbie outfit from the 80’s and an extremely unfortunate bridesmaids dress.

Katherine on

this whole magenta pink look has so been done! gwen stefani did it, pink did it, even rachel mcadams did it! punk is supposed to be shocking and avant gard–avril is boring and unoriginal.

Chloe on

Yawn… next.

Bridget on


Gracie on

She is really a cute girl…however, that dress is U~G~L~Y!!!

me on

Avril sucks. End of.

GLO on

You’re either a punk or not a punk!!!! Come on!!!, this is the same girl that talks mess about britney and hillary for being “girly girls”! Now avril, if you like to take a walk on the wild side, i dont recommend doing “sexy punk” What a POSER! Think b4 u speak Avril!!!! P.S Her new song is sooo annoying! It sounds like a cheer song!(Avril? A cheer song?) BLAH! : p

KD on

Avril dress is really cute. Its not something I can pull off, but I have friends who dress in that style.

I think she gets her influence of this style from the gothica lolita trends that originated in Japan’s pop-culture. There’s a subculture here in the US that are into it to.

Sometimes its fun to think outside of the box and wear creative fun outfits. Way to go Avril! :)

Terra on

So….. I don’t really care for most of her music or her style – but I love. She’s who she wants to be and finding herself more and more along the way. Phony? She doesn’t think before she opens her mouth?? That’s what makes her REAL!!! She’s not phony – she says what she thinks as soon as it pops into her mind!!! Better than half of these celebs out here who only say what their managers allow them to say. Sorry “Miss M” that obviously the only time you can express yourself is in Peoples’ blogging – that’s probably why Avril has everything she wants in life, and you’re still miserably hating on Avril. Holla!

Elda on

she’s young enough to get away with it, it’s cute!

350Zgirl on

She looks like a drunk drag queen!

KR on

this girl does nothing for me music or fashion wise. so i’m actually not sure why i’m even posting right now. ha. :)


Hey the girl has spunk! I ♥ spunk =]

lilix on

I hate that dress! And I hate the new Avril’s song!

Maryse on

Pretty girl, but hate the dress. I wish she’s ditch her punk image, because she’s so pretty, and she’d look great if she dressed in something more classy but still fun at the same time. For instance with this dress, ditch the foo-foo Barbie crap, make the dress simple (classy), but keep the color to make it fun, or add touches to it that are fun. Do the make-up over too. I do like some of her music…I like her slow renditions of songs, like one of her new songs “Keep Holding On.”

amber on

this dress is so cute but not on her.

yvonne franceschi on

who cares about her music, but at least she’s trying to be
a girlie girl. When the first time I saw her on TV, I said to myself: why is this pretty girl dressed as a boy and isnt punk style from the 80’s.

phyl on

She looks like a pink vampire

jen on


misscat on

she needs to fire her stylist immediately.

oh, and decking yourself out in mass-produced made in china crap from hot topic is NOT punk.

AL on

Shouldn’t this be in the ugly bridesmaid dress blog? one word: FUGLY

deb on

I don’t think Avril looks any different from the other “stars” running around out there – so what! I think this particular outfit is indicative of the new phase in her life – let the girl be!

s on

Okay, it is good that she dresses how she likes and everything…but I do not like her style or her music at all! Her latest song is very annoying… and that dress is ummmmm… So, anyways, I’m not a “fan” really at all but it is kind of cool how she does what she likes I guess and doesn’t mind wearing different outfits.

kayla on

I think she looks good both prepy and goth.

night on

A stupid dress with a fake smile to go with it. Even Avril is tired of Avril. She is no longer a 16 year old girl, but a 23 year old WOMAN. Time grow and mature. In her fashion choices as well as her musical style. Her fan base of teen girls are maturing, and will soon be so bored with her adolescent music. She should take a cue from Christina Agulera who matured her musical style over the years and grew artistically. Avril will fade to obscurity if she does not act her age, mature her musical style, and grow into a sense of style that suits a young woman of 23. If not she will be a has been by the ripe old age of 25.

Nicole C. on

So her new look its pretty outrageous for manny people to deal with. But she is married now and i guess it was time she turned… into a prep. Im a goth and i do not plan to stay like this the rest of my life. Im glad she changed, lets just hope she doesn’t tuen into Paris Hitlon now.

Libz on

OMG- she looks soooooooooo cool, she is so thin and pretty, she’s mi number 1 role model, i luv her!!!!xx

claudia on

you rock avril i love you you ar de best in live

janae on

here last video did suck but you guys need to stop haten on ppl see can choose the way she dress all she want to lether be and i think she should stay punk it’s nothing wrong of been yourself or try to find out who you are

angel on

that clothes doesnt much look nicer than i thought it would its to sossy even the makeup hi avril

Annie on

ppl just give her a break!!! mayb @ first she might seem fake, but once u get 2 no her, shes actually kinda nice. yes, i have met her. my dad works in hollywood, so i get 2 meet a lotta stars. shes actually kinda nice, if u really get 2 no her. give her a break ppl. if u dont like her, why r u looking @ her picture and reading about her??!!

massimo on

the dress is disgusting!!

but i love her and her music!

Yawnzies on

Again… it’s all be done.

Just google “Amy Lee Malice in Wonderland”.



S on

i like avril but the dress is just horrible!
she is better in punk
the overdone pink eyeshadow is bad

Sera on

I think it’s great how she can be girly, but still punk, in her own special way. (:

She’s great role model, in my opinion.

Rock On, Avril!

Alex on

wtf is wrong with u people she rox and she isn’t phoney at all! ur all popular people who cant tell a punk from emo! so f**** off

emily on

shes getting to old for this typea thing. shes always trying to be different..time to move onn girl. love the songs tho and her tshirts ..just not her dresses like that

Lorelei on

nice :D

zabrina scott on


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