Posh Talks Design, Fashion and J.Lo

04/13/2007 at 06:00 AM ET

PEOPLE recently got the exclusive chance to chat with Victoria Beckham about her new line of sunglasses that has just launched in the U.S. (her denim line is coming this summer). Why sunglasses? Posh explains, “Sunglasses have always been a signature for me. They’re a great last-minute accessory and have the added bonus of hiding tired eyes after you’ve been up all night with the children.” The fashion-icon inspired shades are already a hit with celebrities like pal Jennifer Lopez, who was recently spotted sporting a pair of candy striped frames. “She loves them!” says Beckham. “It’s a huge compliment that she’s wears them.” And she’s not the only one, husband David has a pair of the unisex aviators and, notes his wife, “he looks great in them!” Next up for Beckham is the launch of her dVb denim line due in stores this summer. “The philosophy is very focused: great fit, exceptional quality and a shot of high fashion for the girl who wants the perfect pair of jeans.” As for her own posh style? “I’m a fashion girl at heart and love to go all out when the occasion is right,” she admits. “What can I say? I’m a girl’s girl!”

Get a pair of dVb sunglasses ($280, each), available at Fred Segal Trend, 310-394-7535

Click here to see more photos, news and a full bio of Victoria Beckham, and click here to discuss her style in Off the Rack.

Photo: John Muggenborg; Anthony Harvey/WireImage

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Spider on

She calls herself a “girls girl” … with hair like that? Girls girl have girly hairstlyes…

Ashley on

Terrible haircut. The sunglasses might be ok, but I can’t tell – need to see a pic of someone wearing them.

KT from Cda on

I like the glasses but not the price. I agreee about her hair. Not very girly like at all. But I guess she likes it. I think long hair makes you girly girl but some look better with short. Each to their own.

dawn on

I wear Glasses all the time and i never paid 280 for frames. That’s just silly. And please don’t go it’s quality it has nothing to do with quailty but who’s name is on the endorsement.

Elda on

i like them but to me their just another pair of high priced sun glasses!

lucy on

UGKKKKK. I hate that girl. I don’t know why everyone is obsessed with her. The sunglasses are ok but thats way to expensive. Blehhh. I think i just threw up in my mouth when i looked at her!

Claire on

Can’t she just GO AWAY!! Nobody here in the U.S. cares about her over-exposed, rich-self… JUST GO AWAY ALREADY!

Beth on

$280 for a pair of sunglasses? Hahahahahahahahahaa!!!!
I wouldn’t pay $10 for those ugly sunglasses at Walmart (maybe for $5 if they looked cute on me). What a waste of money.

Lauren on

Uh… there is NOTHING wrong with paying $200+ for sunglasses. its called DESIGNER things! duh! i bought CHANEL sunglasses $350, 2 pair Marc Jacob Sunglasses $90, $300. I will probably buy some of her sunglasses too! And for the record a TON of people love her! I love her jeans she did with Rock and Republic! So stop hating just because you can’t afford it!

Enough already! on

“What can I say? I’m a girl’s girl!”

UM… with the body and haircutof a LITTLE BOY!

VB really does have a pretty face, but the way that she has let her body wither away to nothing then hide behind her big fake breasts and spray-on tan has left her looking gross and pathetic. It’s ironic that of all the celebrities to mention wearing her clothes, People mentions Jennifer Lopez — who has an amazing, GIRL’S GIRL body! JLo is a “girl’s girl”, NOT VB.

julie on

I really don’t get what makes people so incredibly bitter about her. For some reason, when Victoria Beckham is the subject of conversation, everyone feels it’s okay to be nasty. What has she done to deserve such hatred? Been skinny? Loved fashion? Been rich? Gotten a hair cut? Sounds like every other celebrity / wealthy woman.

yvette on

HAHAHA Lauren is a Label slave. If VB bottled her crap and marketed at Brit Perfume, Lauren would buy it and call it Designer.

Alice on

I don’t see why people rag on this woman so much. I don’t necessarily understand why she is so famous, but its not like she is out doing something evil that people have to insult her constantly. Its not like she Paris Hilton.

Denise on

If you want some cheap and chic sunglasses this summer, try the Marc by Marc Jacobs ones! You can find them at Bloomingdales and Nordstrom and they’re only $90.

AM on

Yvette, you’re hilarious. I couldn’t agree with you more about Lauren. So sad, she sounds really dumb

elle on

Wow.. is that a little smile on her face???

edot on

Wow, AM and Yvette. Do I sense a little jealousy at not having the money to BUY 300 dollar sunglasses? Do I? No, but all the more power to people who do. It doesn’t mean they’re “dumb” or “sad”.

On a seperate note, I love avi’s, they’re my signature sunglasses and I think VB’s are stellar.

yvette on

Listen Ediot, never said $$ was an issue. I just thinks its funny that people think price buys you class. Create your own trends! Really, avi’s are not flattering, not even on CHiPs Erik Estrada, not even on Tom Cruise in Top Gun! But I do realize the droid problem that Celebs cause, so rock on with your Avi’s! More power to ya. :-)

kitty on

Nobody is “mad” because they can’t afford these hideous glasses…Just seems like to me you’d have something more important to spend all your bags of money on, that’s all. So many people are starving, but instead, you’re “Designer” sunglasses take priority. It’s ok. They will understand, Lauren…

Alice on

Ugh, the same boring argument. Just because someone buys themselves something nice, doesn’t mean they don’t donate to charity. I’m sure no one here donates every extra cent they have left over after bills and expenses.

Gracie on

I think they are cute, but I would just as soon have a GREAT pair of Ray-Ban Aviator’s w/excellent protection and the idential look for $119…

AM on

Edot, no jealousy. I have plenty of money to waste. I just prefer to not spend it on glasses that are worth about 50 cents…

kitty on

I’m not talking about celebrities here, but I seriously doubt that these certain non-celebrity people donate to charity after buying themselves such vein (very expensive) gifts – most normal people who donate to charity wouldn’t buy these stupid glasses in the first place…Geez, there are so many self-absorbed people in the world. There are more important “things” in life than some stupid ridiculously priced sunglasses. Get over yourself.

Mary on

Wow, so many bitter and angry people here.

Anyways, I’d never pay full retail for sunglasses. I picked up some nice Fendi and Dior sunglasses on amazon.com for less than $60.

Jem on

I was at first fascinated w/ the dvb brand but after trying her whole range of sunnies on in Harrods, i realised it’s a whole load of overexposed, cheaply made, expensive plastic. The glasses do not suit anybody that isn’t her, that’s why she’s always the only person modelling whatever product she adds to her ridiculous pricey brand

yvonne franceschi on

Gee, girls, everytime some issues comes on Victoria Beckham
I just laugh at home, reading all your commentaries about
her, really I do not know her major achievement? is it
being a wife to a guy that gets millions… paid for
kicking a ball? So this is life and fame some have more than others,
if you can afford to pay 200 bucks in plastic sunglasses go ahead do it without any remorse in your heart and tomorrow
when you wake up in the morning, you will say to yourself
OH MY GOD what have done. Yvonne


You guys are jealous because she looks good and is skinny. Just cuz she is from somewhere else doesnt mean you gotta hate her. ohh and by the way her hair looks great, she has style unlike you and your long hair.

Leah on

You people are freakin’s hilarious. The same people who do not like Victoria Beckham throw themselves at Paris Hilton’s feet. At least Victoria Beckham has a purpose in life. She can sing, she designs clothes and more importantly is a wife and mother. Some of you really need to wean yourselves off the Haterade as it’s making you drunk with envy.

And what do you expect sunglasses to be made of? Platinum? Even the highest caliber glasses are made of a combination of metals, none of which are particularly high grade or hard to find. Funny how you have an issue with her glasses yet not with the other high end designers that make their glasses out of the same materials and charge the same as or more than she does.

And since when is short hair a symbol of being a boy? Only women with confidence and perfect bone structure can carry off a hairstyle like that. She happens to be one of them.

Victoria and her husband are confident people. They are good parents (with all the money they have, they do not employ full time-nannies). They are successful in their respective careers (she makes more in one year from royalites than the lot of us in 5). So she has implants. Good, ok, that is ONE thing you can say about her that is bad in your mind. Are you happy now? I’m SO sure she gives a crap what you think of her. I am sure she is sitting in her chauffer driven nigh-end car with her gorgeous husband and children on her way to dinner at some posh (sorry, had to) restaurant with her wealthy friends dressed from head to toe in designer clothes that cost more than most of us make in a month crying because you don’t like her. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…You WISH.

mike on

What’s so special about these…. i see a ray ban aviator style lift off…. how much thought went into producing this… where’s the inspiration… ? the differentiation…. ? i see neither…. i can’t help think it’s just another hastily introduced product, linked with a branding to attempt to shift loads… there are loads of similar branded guff on sale out ther… i’m not convinced

E Caine on

Stop the hating and the jealousy already. Why do women have to be SO pathetic and just hate on other women all the time? So what if her hair is short, that is the style she prefers and it looks fine. We don’t all have to run around with long blonde hair thank you very much! On top of that EVERYTHING designer is ALWAYS overpriced. You are buying the name. The comments some of you make have absolutely NO foundation or base and just boils down to jealousy, which is pathetic.

MEL on


Gracie on

To Ally…and all the girls that think the negative comments that are always directed to Posh. We are not jealous…we just think it is such a waste for someone in her situation to never care about anything other than her looks & fashion. I mean, don’t get me wrong…we all care a little or we wouldn’t be responding to the comments section at people.com…yes? But look at Julia Roberts, Halle Berry and even J.Lo now…They care about other people and other things in the universe besides looking good and fashion. They also try to set an example for girls/women, that looking good is not about starving yourself and shopping all day. Sorry girls, I’d rather be Halle Berry than Posh any given day….It has nothing to do w/being jealous. It has to do w/having a life outside your selfishness…Does anyone ever see her w/her kids? Ever? That pretty much says it all girls!

Kendall on


I can’t belive that you guys can hate on her and not feel the least bit guilty. What has she ever done to you? By the way, she is famous because she was in the “Spice Girls”. It helps that she married a soccer star, but she earned her own money for a while. I understand if you don’t want to buy $280 sunglasses, but they were probably not made for the people that don’t want to spend that kind of money! IF YOU DON’T LIKE THE SUNGLASSES AND DO WANT TO PAY THAT MUCH FOR THEM DON’T BUY THEM. Its as simple as that. Don’t waste your time ragging on a person that didn’t do anything to you, go do something where your brains can think logically. Because you certainly arn’t right now.

Rita on

I’m not talking about celebrities here, but I seriously doubt that these certain non-celebrity people donate to charity after buying themselves such vein (very expensive) gifts – most normal people who donate to charity wouldn’t buy these stupid glasses in the first place…Geez, there are so many self-absorbed people in the world. There are more important “things” in life than some stupid ridiculously priced sunglasses. Get over yourself.]

I am offended by that comment. I am a person who buys expensive things…be it for myself, my husband or child. However we give generously to charities, both money and our own time…can you say the same? Do not presume to know what people are like, and do not groups us like that. That is called stereotyping, and I have to tell you most people find it EXTREMELY annoying. AND…what makes VB so horrible? What makes her different from every celeb that has started a fashion line? BTW…a girl’s girl is someone who ENJOYS being a girl…the dressing up and fahion and accessories and all. It has nothing to do with their actual physical appearance, so that fact that she’s not curvy or is so super skinny does not come into play.

Luisa Garces on

I think you people just hate victoria cause she’s famous, has a gorgeous husband(yvonne franceschi: its called soccer but not that you would know)and is rich, and has PERSONALITY. Buyin yourself nice things doesn’t mean your selfish, mny celebrities donate millions what do you give 10 bucks at the most.

lily on

I like to buy designer items that are fashionable and i get comments on all the time. I also buy stuff from wal mart. I like the shades and I think VB is cool. Shes got a nice style.

On another note, to the person who said that someones shades takes priority over starving people. Well most people that are starving can blame their ancestors or their government for being greedy and stupid. Its not my resposibility to go to school for years or work to be famous and make good money and then go save the starving. I have the right to indulge myself if I am working for myself.

BethBeLaughin on

VB aka “Posh Spice” she had her own fame at one time…and now she’s married to an athlete…lol. Ok, now she wants to be a designer?…This is so crazy. I would venture to say that she gets bored being at home with nothing to do. For a while she was in the light…then Spice Girls broke up and she lost alot. She’s just trying to find a way out…and pay bills…geez. Be haters…She will make lots of money because she knows that celebs all think that the more you pay for things the better off they are…and they buy their way into circles of friends…get a clue here…look at the way Paris Hilton bought her way into fame…without her daddy’s company…come on now, if my daddy owned Holiday Inn do you honestly think that I would be a celeb? And how many of you out there slept with a bunch of people and got famous for it (on the level of a celeb).

kikibooshae on

I think she looks amazing I love the pout! I would never pay 280 for sunglasses. They will probably have a perfectly great knockoff on ebay for 20.00 this summer. I think Posh looks amazing but I feel a bit sorry for her. I cannot understand where her children are during all her travels. I think that value in life is found in the relationships you create not the jeans or sunglasses.

RM1 on

If the glasses look good, then they’re worth the money. As far as VB, I don’t see the appeal. Maybe she would look better if she smiled more?

Isabel on

Some of you do not even know how to spell, but anyhow here I go. It is not about VB hair, skinny body, ugly hair, money, etc, etc, etc… It is her her body language and facial expression. The woman looks and acts like she is better than everyone else, like she does not want to be around other humans. She looks angry and very unhappy. Have you ever seen her smile? Look at someone with love or respect? Brag about her children? Believe it or not, I do feel sorry for her. Life is too short, change your attitude, love a lot! :)

K,Y on

I for one am a fan of victoria and think that fashion is her thing. I’ve seen previews of her jeans and they seem just as nice as any sevens or true religions. I think the sunglasses are reasonably priced for her and overall you are buying designer glasses (and they are cute) so what do you expect.

patty J on

The glasses look fine, but I can admit that there is little difference between those glasses and cheaper lables. I do agree that at the end of the day buying $200 sun glasses aren’t enhancing your life that much. They usaully get lost or broken.
I do think she has a great since of style. She is one of the stars that I enjoy seeing in the magazines b/c she puts a lot of her stuff together herself. Lets faces it most stars have little idea about creating a personal style.

LLawenydd on

I absolutely love her sunglasses… ass for all this about hair, i think it looks simple and sophisticated, there for it fits her personal style, not to mention that a soft haircut with her very angular face wouldnt look right, and long hait on such a slight frame would overwhelm her… and if she likes it i dont see the problem!

yvonne franceschi on

To Luisa Garces: I know that it is soccer, but God these
ladies here have an issue with VB, as I said before I
laugh at home reading these commentaries. Yvonne

Jess on


jolie on

Majority of the times I buy designer sunglasses they have the worst quality. Either the frames are crooked or the lens’ are slightly scratched…but when I buy $10 sunglasses or brands like RL Polo, they fit fine. So as long as Victoria Beckhams sunglasses are good quality and cute, I’ll get em.

Jill on

I LOVE her haircut. She is very hip and stylish.

Karen on

Hair doesn’t make her a “girl’s girl”, her style does. If a guy had her haircut everyone would say he was gay or too feminine, so why does her haircut make her a boy? I think she has a great style and is fun. I wouldn’t wear it because it doesn’t suit me, but I still think it’s great. Stop hating on her, y’all are just jealous of her success.

rita on

sunglases are OK, but her hair cut is terrible…and she never never smiles

Esther on

Just curious……does VB practice that stupid look of hers in the mirror? She has that same vamp (or whatever its supposed to be) look whenever she poses for the camera. I personally do not think she is as great as she seems to think she is. Her only hot commodity is her husband.

Ad on

Victoria always looks stunning… she’s got a great sense of humour aswell (even if she doesnt smile!!!)

Can’t wait for her show to start, bet it will be so funny!!!

stella on

gawd people can be soo mean to victoria beckham dude you PEOPLE YOU GIVE HER THE SAME TREATMENT AS HEATHER MILLS GIVE HER A BREAK

Lisa on

I don’t like her because she never smiles, but I am crazy about her husband.

Maryse on

The sunglasses aren’t my style, and even if they were my style, no matter who makes them, $280 isn’t gonna make me buy them.

I do like Victoria’s sense of fashion, I have to give it to the girl. I like her hair, but loved her hair long and wavy.

Michelle on

Her hair is by Vidal Sassoon and is honestly the best thing about her. The problem is that she has a really progressive European style that the demographic reading People just can’t realte to. Why not try making something of yourselves rather than wasting your time trashing celebrities?

Lea on

I personally think VB is quite pretty and I like her hair, but she would be absolutely stunning if she would just smile. She appears to be the most miserable woman on the face of the earth! I wouldn’t pay $5 for her sunglasses as my mother taught me to use my brain. Just because it has a celebs name on doesn’t make it good stuff. BESIDES, WHO IS SHE!?!

Sakura on

I dont want pay that money to celeb’s things.
I think she just misunderstand herself that she is a designer. she is just celeb who was in populer girls group and married with famous soccer star.
if she didnt marry David Beckham, she wouldnt famous like now and I think she knows that. if she wasnt Victoria BECKHAM, she is just someone in Spice girls.
lots of people remember spice girls, but not each girls.

xyxy on

she can wear them around her waist

Torrie on

Sunglasses cute, but her hair is horrible

Mo on

Actually, she was waaaaay more famous than David when they got married. It is thanks to her that his star has risen and so they are a power couple. I love her haircut, but to each their own. It makes perfect sense for her to design clothes and accessories as she has very good taste. She wrote a book on fashion tips that was a massive UK bestseller, and quite frankly if you don’t like her stuff then don’t buy it. No sweat off her back, she has more than enough money to last her a lifetime.

Angel on

well i myself wouldnt pay that price as a fashion student you know that fashion and styles change so why spend so much for stuff you wont wear next year if you are a logo slave by all means go for it but if you have your own style and are wise about money and fashion im sure youll stay away from them and get more for your money

chrissy on

be jealous. posh has money, looks, and awesome style.

T on

She is HOT, and she has great taste in clothes as well as acessories all the people that talk are just jealous.. they cant look or afford what she can..

Susie on

No. 1 – It is not soccor its football….the rest of the world call it football so why do the yanks have to be so irritating?

No. 2 – Nobody knew who David Beckham was until he got with Victoria

No. 3 – She is a good mum and gets papped constantly in the British press with her children. She doesn’t employ a nanny and is doing what every other mum with a fulltime job does.

No. 4 Whoever said she is known in england as being a ‘tacky wag’ obviously has never been to england…she is considered the ONLY UNTACKY WAG – she is considered the only WAG who earned her fame and has style – in fact she doesnt even socialise with the WAGs

No.5 What are those of you who are wittering on about the starving doing on a celebrity obsessed website like this? Ha ha the biggest contradiction EVER!!!!

No. 6 VB has style, a wicked family and a gorgeous man – id love to see you work it like her!

No. 7 Her sunglasses rock, as do most other designer glasses. They are the one thing which make an outfit look hot

No. 8 You just cant handle the fact that us Brits do it better!!! (dont shout at me but im bound to be biased!)

Susie on

P.S Why do you lot have to steal all the UKs shops (Topshop, H&M) – can’t you get your own style? Obviously not, americans arent known for their style!!

Holly on

Yall are so stupid. Short hair does not mean that you are not girly! And I love her glasses. Good for her. Stop being jealouse

sandra c on

First of all, David Beckham was known as a good football player in Europe even before Posh, although she did help things….Second, to the person who asked why Americans steal all UK shops, such as H&M……H&M is actually not a British store, it is Swedish and found all over Europe. Even though it is now in the US, it still does not carry the same styles as in Europe and I know because I am from there and have shopped in both places. Thirdly, a woman can be girly and sexy with short hair as well. All she needs is to be confident with it and a nice face helps, so move on from the 1800s when it was necessary for women to have long hair.

Gracie on


gracie on

k people its not even funny any more about how many rude things are being said about her u should all be ashamed of your selves why? BECAUSE You ALL ARE BEING PREDJUCIE !you dont know Victoria personally? so then stop aying awful things about her .If you dont like her style then just dont buy her clothing line and leave the woman alone.

alia on


BTW: Gracie: “PREDJUCIE” is not a word :(

Krista on

My comment is for Leah…that’s whats up girl!!!!

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