Is Halle Berry Really Going Bald?

04/11/2007 at 04:30 PM ET

She’s one of Hollywood’s great beauties, but for her next role, Halle Berry says she’s going to take it all off — her head. That’s right, the Oscar winner recently told PEOPLE that she’s going to shave off her gorgeous locks for an upcoming role (to play a woman who loses her hair and is forced to see much of how her identity was tied to her looks). “For [Nappily Ever After], I am going to shave my hair, so I’ll have short hair again very soon.” And beautiful female stars breaking out the clippers for their craft is nothing new: Demi Moore did it for G.I. Jane, Natalie Portman shaved for V for Vendetta and Sigourney Weaver went chrome-domed for Aliens 3. We say, if anyone can pull off a shaved head, it’s Halle. Tell us: What do you think of Halle shaving her head? Will it be a good look?

Read more of PEOPLE’s interview with Halle Berry in this week’s issue.

Click here to see more photos, news and a full bio of Halle Berry, and click here to see more on her style in Off the Rack.

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j on

anything for publicity, right halle? it’s not enough to just do it as your JOB, for a ROLE, you have to announce it first. just like all your bad relationships, just like your suicide…get OVER yourself. i can think of 10 more beatiful black women than her right now who are quiet and classy and just go about their business and yet still get their picture taken all the time. that looks like an awesome dress, maybe someone ELSE could actually do it justice!?!

Steph on

I think that even though she looks amazing with hair, if anyone can do it and pull it off its her!!

Annie on

I think Halle Berry is a stunning woman and can pull off any look. The same goes for Natalie Portman and Demi Moore. My question is this though, why do we applaud and encourage a woman to shave her head for a role in a movie, yet we persecute and ridicule someone for shaving her head in her own personal life? (i.e. Britney Spears) I’m not saying she doesn’t need help. She obviously needs it because of her addictive personality, but why was her shaving her head the biggest deal since her divorce? Why was THAT action the straw that broke the camel’s back? Just something to think about.

KC on

The sad thing about that is, bald or not my boyfriend is still going to think she is drop dead georgous!

alice on

I don’t dislike Halle Berry, especially compared to some other celebrities, but I do agree with some of J’s comments. Halle does often come of as desperate for attention and like she always wants to play the victim. Someone that wanted to kill themselves over a man isn’t someone I would look up to.

Jane on

Wow do we have a Hallie Hater? Seriously let the woman be human. We all have our problems and if we were famous we would have just as many public breakups and depression rumors as the next celebrity. Plus don’t always believe everything you read. Give her a break. I don’t even think it’s a big deal that she publicly came out and talked about chopping her hair. She’s trying to build up her upcoming movie. It’s a smart move. She would be dumb to not pump it up. Don’t be so judgmental. I know we have our opinions and I respect them all but I have an opinion too and this is mine.

faith on

forget about the hair—-that’s an amazingly seductive dress. even though the bottom part looks like fish scales! love it!

faith on

to answer annie: because shaving your head is a drastic action. it’s commonly viewed as abnormal for a woman to do that, because most women prize their hair. so in most cases, there’s something weird going on in your head if you decide to randomly shave your head. when you see a bald woman, it’s not usually by choice (illness, etc.) the actresses shaving their heads only do it because the role calls for it. don’t you think your family/friends would think something was wrong with you if you went to a salon in the middle of the night and shaved YOUR head?

brit on

wow J you have a bad jealousy issue over halle dont ya think? grow up….

Lori on

Even bald, Halle will still look beautiful. I love the dress on her.

andreina on

It’ll be the end of her career, just like Demi’s and Sigourney’s…

Natalie doesn’t count because she’s much younger than these women…

Mary on

I don’t know about this but I say do whatever you like with your hair it is yours not personal property yours but the thing is I not sure I like the fact that shes going to shave her head to me its a desprate act for money{not to be rude}

Autumn on

I agree with Jane. Talking about your next movie role isn’t a desperate attempt for attention, it’s just good business. Besides, she’d be beautiful with a paper bag over her head.

Julie on

Wow, someone is REALLY freaking bitter. I’ve never heard a bad think about Halle, and she’s definitely never seemed the “attention seeker” type. I can’t imagine what provoked that tirade.

Also, her breasts look AMAZING in this dress! Wow!

Julie on

Also, it was really brave and honest to talk about her issues with depression. A lot of people need to hear that someone who seems to “have it all” goes through the same problems they’re going through. It helps to know other folks have been there too.

Brenda on

Does anyone else notice how lately she always looks like she has put on weight or may be pregnant??

Emily on

Geez, SOMEbody’s hostile.
I loved Halle’s short pixie hair, so I’m excited she’s going to be sporting that again. I thought the long hair distracted from her PERFECT face.

Chi on

To Faith,

A number of women shave their hair because they want to. Please don’t make assumptions for everyone else based on your limited interaction with other people outside your comfort zone. It would have been more accurate for you to preface your comment with an “in your experience”.

T on

Halle Berry is a very talented actor. I’m surprised to see so many people knocking her for calling attention to the fact that she’s losing her locks. I think it’s good for business to tell people what’s going on especially when it comes to women and their hair. I remember when Demi/Natalie Portman/India Arie first premiered their new clean shaven heads everyone made such a big deal of it. I think Halle is just trying to avoid negative publicity by warning us first. The woman can wear whatever she likes and still look ten types of good. Stop hating haters.

MCM on

I doubt this has anything to do woth attnetion getting or publicity.

Halle Berry has always come off as being very up-front and honest with her personal and professional life.

As for her appearance, I really think Halle Berry has the face, figure, and confidence to pull off the shaved head, and remain absolutely to die for gorgeous in the process.

As a hairstylist for 25 years, I’d volunteer to do it for her free….

sweetie on

Do your thang Halle, do your thang. I have read the book Nappily Ever After and loved it. I can’t wait for the movie version to come out.

Sandra @ Detroit on

I loved her various pixie cuts, and I look forward to seeing them again as her hair grows in.

Ashley on

My friend recently was diagnosed with breast cancer and lost all of her hair during chemotherapy. I think this movie will be wonderful for women to see, especially those going thru similar issues. It took my friend a long time to get over losing her hair – that is actually what she feared the most about cancer! I think Halle has good morals and is not seeking attention – maybe seeking to help other women???

By the way, she will still look hot bald!

faith on

good grief chi, why so defensive?

i had no idea i would hit a nerve! i don’t think what i said was even MILDLY controverial; and i think a lot of people agree with me, or britney shaving her head would not have even made the news! not to mention, i used phrases such as “commonly viewed,” “in most cases,” and “not usually,” because contrary to your belief that i am incredibly sheltered inside my little comfort zone, i DO realize that NOT EVERYONE who shaves their head does it because something is wrong with them. so why don’t you take your own advice and not make ASSUMPTIONS about me?

CD on

Halle is a beautiful woman, but I must say that her beauty stands out even more when she has short hair. I could only imagine when she goes hairless — how much more beautiful she’ll look. Also, keep in mind that she’s also very thin and tall, so anything with that stature is appealing and beautiful.

P.S. I recently when short as she did in the past – and it’s my best look ever. My face looks much lighter and sweeter…according to my hubby. : )

Gail on

The whole suicide thing was from an interview that she did several years ago and Parade Magazine (I think it was Parade) chose on their own to bring up again in an article on Halle. From what I understand she was not happy that it was being dragged out again. As for her hair, I always loved her hair short. I think it suits her face.

Monica on

First of all J get a life because Halle Berry look good if she has no hair or not becuase she has money and if she can pay for a hair restoration that let it be. So it is like that she can never go bald. And about the Black Beautiful women she is one of them so get it right. STUPID

JimB on

As some, here, have said “with or without” hair Halle is one lovely lady. And, to boot she is “FORTY” …..

As Annie said, we make too much over what a woman does, or does not do, with her hair. If she has long hair and decides to cut, it is a big deal. If a woman, with any lenght hair, chooses to “do something she wants to do” and buzzes her hair off, or even shave her head, there is something wrong. If it is not medical, then we assume it it mentally.

If a man shaves his head nothing is said, infact there are women who would rather is a man with a shaven head, then hair. And, I am sure, the these women, there are men, out there, who love to see a woman with her head shaved.

No matter the reason, for a movie or personal, Halle has said a number of time she is looking forward to doing it. That in it’s self tell me she finds nothing wrong with her, or any other woman (or man at that), shaving their head.

As for it being a career maker, or not, she has more going for her than her hair. For one she can act and act in all kinds of roles very good.

Besides, lets look at all the women who have, been for the last five years or longer, been going around collecting money to shave their head for a charity.


I wonder how many women would shave thier head if no one made a big thing over it!

j on

people like to attack on here if your opinion differs from theirs. look at what was said about me from stating my opinion: i’m a ‘hater’ and need to get a life. oh, and i’m stupid. simply because my post appears first and others don’t agree with it. i just sit back and laugh at the ignorance of people. don’t let it bug you–it’s not worth it!
now if you’ll excuse me, i need to go get a life…

georgie on

quite a few women shave their hair off – just not in america. here in europe quite a lot of people thought it was cool that britney shaved all her hair off. in fact, i think it’s a pity she started wearing wigs, why not show off her new short hair-style? she’s a pretty girl, i’d be surprised if it didn’t suit her. i used to have super short hair for years.

Rita on

I’m not sure about the going bald thing, but if looks are anything to go by and you’ve seen this full-sized photo, you’d almost wonder if she has reached her goal of becoming a mom in about 6 months or so. Hair does tend to fall out during pregnancy, so I wonder..I wonder..My prayers are with Halle that her dreams become reality soon in the baby department. She and Gabriel would make the most beautiful baby ever!! :-)

Toya B. on

What is the big deal that she’s gonna shave her head and that she told everyone about it??? It’s called promotion and ALL the actors do it. Halle is one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood, NATURALLY. I saw a pic of what it would look like on Extra and it was ok. She’s gorgeous and YAY she’s gonna have short hair again when it starts to grow back. She looks GREAT with short her,long hair too but I prefer short. It shows off her bone structure more.

s g b on

No it won’t be a good look. Why would any woman want to be bald. It looks awful!

Cherry on

I miss Halle’s short hair so I’m stoked she’s doing this! She’s so beautiful she can pull off not hiding behind hair.

Hunneybunn on

Anybody remember the Halle Berry that got away with a slap on the wrist for her hit and run? That’s all I think of when I hear of Halle Berry. Not her Oscar, not her Revlon endorsement, not her star. Her Hit and Run. I’m w/you, J.

Richard on

I love Halle, short hair, long hair, bald. It makes no difference to me. She’ one of those rare women who doesn’t need hair to be seen as attractive. Is there some kind of a conspiracy that Hollywierd bombshells must have long hair down to there to be attractive? I say no, hair is superfical at best.

Gabriella on

I think it’s quite daring for her to do this- most women, like the one I suppose she’s portraying, are too caught up in their looks and too attached to their appearances and beauty products. Halle looked great before with short hair and I’m sure she will again!

Melissa on

Of course she’ll look awesome, what does hair have to do with it? I also think that Natalie Portman looks incredible with the short hair0 a little bit of regrowth from when she shaved it. I personally think she should have kept it shorter…looks amazing!

nyu on

lol wow. u guys take this way too seriously

Maryse on

Halle will still look beautiful without the hair. I believe it’s daring to make a move like that, even if it’s for a movie. I think shaving your head for a movie role is much more better than what some of these celebs do for movies. Gain weight, loose weight, loose weight, gain weight for a movie role…they are constantly putting their bodies at harm, IMO. Hair is hair, it’ll grow back, Halle can always wear a wig if she feels uncomfortable.

My friend battled breast cancer as well Ashley, she recently lost all her hair through chemotherapy, and she’s learned to embrace her beautiful image, with or without hair.

charmaine on

The first thing you have to realize is her long hair is just a weave or extension, remember her in Bond, nearly bald and then over night she has long hair. If you figure she is cutting the hair from Bond off, your talking what, 1 to 3 inches, big deal.

Tana on

what I want to know is how did she get her breasts to stay like that in a halter?

Julie on

Also, it’s weird that this is viewed as a “publicity stunt.” The news came from an interview Halle did with where she answered people’s questions. She was answering someone’s question about whether or not she would return to short hair, and it seems pretty natural to say, “Yeah, actually I’m going to for a movie.”

Alina on

Hey, for J…it is not fair. Halle is B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L. I mean, come on, she is 41 and she looks freakingly amazing. No jobs done. She doesn’t play the victim. She is human. It happens to us , too, don’t you think? I think she is just gorgeous. About the bald thing, she looks much better with short locks, my opinion.

charmaine on

Return to short hair ??? If you remove her rug, she never left it. Don’t get me wrong, Halle Berry is a good actress. I just don’t like the fact that things like this mislead young people who don’t know better. Peoples hair doesn’t grow a foot over night, and breasts don’t go from an “A” to a “C” or “D” from going to the gym for a week.

JimB on

Like I said before, and some of you too, this is for a movie, from a book of someone’s actual life going ons.

Nowadays when Hollywood makes a movie of this type, they stick to what actually happens, or as in the case of “G.I. Jane” might happen. They try to stick to “reality” not fiction — any more. “Reality” brings in more ‘bucks’.

The whole point is she, “Halle Barry”, made the decission to shave her head for the movie. Too that, she is controling what will happen after that ….. Career wise, I really do not think it will harm her’s. She has shown she can handle any image present to her for a movie, and this one is just another image presented to her.





KT from Cda on

Kind of funny when you think of it. Demi Moore shaved her head bald in G.I. Jane and Hallie just did a movie with Demi’s ex. Yes, I’m full of useless info. Anyways, is it really ness that she shave her head?

deb on

Is anyone reading the blurb before blogging? It says that Halle is cutting her hair for her “NEXT MOVIE ROLL”! Maybe some people should sharpen up their reading skills instead of their poisonous tongues! Halle Berry is beautiful any which way!

jen on

if somebody had 2 it should be her

Patricia on

Halle cutting her hair, or her weave ? Halle is a pretty girl but I have read in more than one magazine all that long hair which she is “cutting” is just a weave anyway. I would be far more impressed if she took down all that fake hair , and said this is the real me. Young women look to celebreties as role models and with so many sporting weaves or extensions it’s telling young women that they need to be fake to be pretty.

JimB on

Deb, you are right, to a point. If you read a number of news articles (i.e. People and US) where she has given a “personal” interview she says she is going to “shave her head” in her next movie. She has also made this same statement on a few television programs she has appeared on, too. She even used the word “smooth” a number of time, to.

So, according to her, she is going to “shave her head” not just “cut her hair”. I am sure you know there is a BIG difference between “cutting one’s hair” and “shaving one’s head”.

Jane on

J, you were called a Hallie Hater by me (taking full credit) bc you seriously were hating on her. Simply stating your opinion is fine but to start talking trash about the woman saying there are other blk women out there who are prettier than her and she doesn’t look good in her dress is wrong. If you have a problem with Hallie as a person and her actions then that is your opinion and I respect it. But I don’t respect you when you drag her down to the ground bc of her appearance. We can’t help the looks we get when we are born. Why base who she is as a person off of her looks? It makes everyone who reads your comment feel like you’re jealous of her whether you are or not. It’s not fair. By the way my ignorance is clearly stated in my comments written so respectfully and eloquently. Now I guess I’ll take my ignorance and go.

nhilario on

I think she is going to look gorgeous—she carries herself well in whatever the style of the moment is and I do not think that her being bald is in any way going to interfere. She has (and I hate to use this term) “good hair” so, her hair well grow back quickly. Halle Berry is an all-around beauty.

ES on

When you’re Halle Berry, you don’t have to publicize what’s going on in your life. The paparazzi and gossip columnists scrutinizing your every move do that for you. Although I’d never shave my head for a role, I admire her committment to her craft. But hey, she’s already had a pixie cut, so it’s not like she has to wonder if a short do will look good.

linajeane on

my head is bald. I love it! i bet halle will too! she can make it shiny and she doesnot hav 2 dry it in the morning. That takes 4eva!

nikki b on

I completely disagree wit J. Being a celebrity, all ur business is going to be on front page news. And i think with her going public about her depression, she could save someone’s life. As non-celebs, we see the glitz and glamour, thinkn that their lives are picture-perfect. Not true. They are humans with problems, obstacles and struggles just like the rest of us. So give her a break…have a heart.

Si L. on

all i have to say is that its a part of a celeb job to talk about their next jobs and assingements and its all apart of being a real person to tell whether you feel scared or not bout a certain thing. she was in an intervirew and obviously as any woman would be thinking and not looking forward to cutting her hair. and she will look bomb.!!!

susan on

Halle is gorgeous and she has got every thing in life to be happy about, but the weird thing is that she can’t feel happy she is never content with what she has and she looks sad deep inside. what a shame !

NP on

WHAT DO YOU THINK OF HALLE SHAVING HER HEAD? WOULD IT BE A GOOD LOOK FOR HER? Wasn’t this the question. Why do people like to discuss other matters…well, I think that it takes courage for somebody as beautiful as Halle to do that (as when Demi Moore did it), but if it is for a role on a movie, it shows how professional she is. Also there are a lot of wigs out there that they can wear on the mean time.

Eva on

Any idiot can shave their head for money…which is what she is doing,for a movie. Courage would be harnessing her greed and saying thats not me, take me as I am or get another actress.

alia on

I agree with you np…everyone should stay on the subject!!!…and wtf “j” or whatever your name is.. if you hate halle so much why even comment on her? the press and public pry information out of her.. like her suicide attempt and relationships… give the woman a break… i don’t know why almost everyone who comments about these celebrities are so extremely negative!!! Get over your own problems and stop taking them out on celebrities!!

sue hunter on

I have always liked Halle with shorter hair, so I am sure she will look great with a shaved head.

Susie on

I agree with you Eva, this is about unbridled greed not fashion or anything else. If she wanted to keep her hair I am sure the producers would work around it and just digitally modify her for the bald segments.
I saw a movie with johnny depp were he played 50’s film maker ed wood. ed wood was missing his 4 front teeth, do you think johnny depp had his 4 front teeth pulled out just to look the part, of course not. Movie magic can work around most anything. Have some backbone Halle, just say no .

kesh on

can any one send me her virtual bald pic ?
wen she s going to shave her head ?

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