Britney's Blue Contacts: Love It or Hate It?

04/09/2007 at 06:00 AM ET

We’ve been so busy tracking Britney Spear’s ever-growing hat collection that we barely registered that the brown-eyed star had started wearing bright blue contacts! With her divorce settlement worked out, this seems like a natural moment for Britney to try out a new look, but we are so used to seeing Britney with dark eyes that we can’t decide which we like better. We want to know your opinion. Tell us: Which do you like better on Britney? Her natural brown eye color or her new baby blues?

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Photo: REUTERS/Eric Thayer/landov; finalpixx

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edot on

The blue eyes look lovely. But the truth is, she just needs to keep up with the blonde hair. The brunette look just washes her out.

rachel on

she needs help! I like her with brown hair and brown eyes-

Martha on

I think Britney is beautiful either way!!

Frank on

Love it.

Keep up the good work Brit

Lisa on

I prefer her natural brown eyes. Those blue eye contacts are tacky!

anon. on

I think she looks great!

Kris on

Hate it. I don’t understand why she feels she keeps needing to change things about herself, she’s a beautiful woman when shes just being herself.

Luis on

She looks great ^^

Lucy on

This is Anna Nicole Junior!~!~!~!~!~! As wild as Madonna was…she reeled it in for her kidds, and acts like she has some grace & intellegence? GROW UP BRITNEY!~!~!~!~!

me on

They don’t look half bad actually.

Mary ann on


cathy c` on

Blond hair blue eyed Britney looks pretty.

Rebecca on

I like the blue contacts- they give Britney a younger look, and she actually looks pretty good in this picture, clean and normal. At least the contacts are a much safer “new look” than a tattoo or shaved head!

Mia from Denmark on

I think she looks good either way. She looks alot like her sister with the blue eyes

Tia on

I love her with blue eyes…

Lake Charles, LA on

Although she is looking like she is feeling better;What does she have that is real? The nails, the hair, the eyes….shall I go on? WHO CARES!!!! I’m sick of seeing her “has been” self splashed all over the Tabloids. So what has Catherine Zeta Jones been up to? Oh wait….she chooses a life outside the lime light…nevermind.

Megan on

Forget contacts- get some parenting classes!

Marie on

She looks beautiful!! Blue eyes suit her totally!!!!

AnnieM on

They look fine either way.

Stacey on

What most people have to understand is Brittney is young and when we are young we do stupid things….I cannot wait for her to grow up and relize she is beautiful inside and out…She needs to talk to her old friend Chistina Aguilera who is confident within herself….

bee on

ugh. brown all the way. she looks like a zombie with that fake blue stare.

j on

copying off paris hilton with her FAKE blue contacts?!?
they’re both gross, i’m tired of them.

Candi on

She looks beautiful with the blue eyes and blonde hair. I definitelely like this look for her.

marianne on

What else do you expect from this girl, she has no sense of style or class whatsoever… she keeps changing her look every single day… split personality I would say!

Robin on

I love the blonde hair and blue eyes! It gives color to her face and a change is nice once in a while. She is a gorgeous woman, but needs to settle down a little – if not for herself, definately for her kids.

GG on

Blonde Hair, Brown eyes..Her look always worked for her. I dont think anyone ever thought she didnt look good. So Brit keep it the same girl just work on that music! :)

Lola on

I personally love the contrast of blonde hair and dark eyes, it’s very Gwen Stefani ~ so I’m going to say I prefer Brit with dark eyes ;)

Angie on

Everything else about her is fake, why not her eye color, too?!!!!

Audra on

I love the blue eyes, but anything that she does right now is because she is so insecure and grieving from a failed marriage.

alice on

I just think fakes eyes are weird. Or maybe its just that I’m happy with who I am.

milly on

It looks fine…as long as she doesn’t go dark anymore..that doesnt suit here at all

Angela on

She may look good with both her natural eyes and her new “blue eyes”, but she needs to quit worrying so much about herself and how she looks and what she can do to change her appearance. She needs to grow up a little bit and think of her kids and put her kids first and foremost. At the end of the day, they aren’t going to care if mommy has brown eyes or blue eyes, hair or no hair. All they are going to care about is that mommy is there to tuck them in at night and not out on the town or on another shopping spree.

Debbie on

The contancts look good on her. To all those raggin’ on her…never had any problems in your life??????

kaitlin on

I usually hate colored contacts but for her I think it’s great. She needs to keep her blonde hair cause the brown washes her out a bit. It makes her look like shes been sick so she had to stay out of the sun and got really pale. Well, she has been in rehab so I guess that could count.

Christine on

I don’t think the blue contacts are too terrible, and in light of previous looks I would have to admit that Britney actually looks nice. However, I can’t help to feel a little creeped out when looking at her with the blue eyes (this is probably due to the fact that it is new and different). All in all I think Britney looks pretty either way, but if I had to choose I’d have to go with brown eyes.

Trinity on

Who cares what color her eyes are… I think that she needs to get a better wig… you think she could afford one! She definetly needs to grow up and start acting like a mother! And personally as a mother, who has time for color contacts…

lorrine on

yes, debbie, you’re right we’ve all had problems,
Debt, hunger, sickness, homelessness, but poor little rich girl Britney’s are self inflicted. that’s why a lot of people don’t feel sorry for her.

I like the brown eyes, btw

Kathy on

Anybody who thinks she’s REALLY clean & sober for good, raise your hand. Hmm… not a single one. I’m sick of everybody doing the “Poor Brit” crap – she’s not poor Brit, that’s just how her “people” are trying to spin this, it’s called damage control. She is out of control, she’s lost her kids because of her antics, and we’re supposed to care whether she’s got brown or blue eyes??? What people should care about is her getting well. And I’m also sick of “haven’t we all made mistakes, give Brit a break” – yeah, we all made mistakes, most of us at 18, 19, even 20. NOT after we had 2 KIDS we’d brought into this world. It’s past time for her to grow the heck up and her “fans” really need to realize that and that doing the “oh poor britney” is NOT helping her at all. Blue eyes or brown, geeze! Focus on what’s important, folks. That includes People Magazine, too!

Lillian Gorham on

Get rid of the fake eyes, ick! Those things are dangerous. And they look ridiculous.

AnnieM on

I’m with Kathy. I wish PEOPLE would give it a break and report on her once she gets back to work. Her personal life is uninteresting.

Camille on

I think she looks better with the blue contacts. Actually, when I first saw this picture, I thought this was taken a long time ago, it looks like the old Britney! I remember a long time ago when I looked up to her and dance with my friends to “Oops I Did It Again.” I definitely miss the old Britney!

mallory on

i love the blue contacts!!

Sarah on

I love them and I agree that the brown hair washes her out. Definitely go with blond hair (when it grows back in) and keep the contacts.

Erin on

I have blue contacts as well and LOVE them. They look fantastic on Britney as well. It’s a simple, fun way to change your look.

Emily on

I think she looks great! She needs a new look and a new start. I love Britney and I hope she gets her life back on track!

TB on

She looks great! Keep up the good work Britney

Jennifer on

I really dont like fake contacts at all. Why? cause they are fake. Coloring your hair is fine…but fake eyes??? I guess to me the eyes are the window to your soul…and when you change them…well..its not you. Britney looks good with blonde or brown hair. Please keep the brown eyes!!

*rammie* on

I think that she looks better with her blue eyes. But either way she is very pretty. Hope she recovers fully.

Angie Patsey on

Her blue eyes are beautiful. Please keep them, Britney. They don’t wash out your complexion so much. You keep up the new look. You look great!

Hunneybunn on

Color contacts are on the market for a reason, and are very profitable. I don’t think that most people buy them because they are unhappy with their natural self or have image issues. They buy them because they may have to wear contacts anyway so why not shake things up a bit with color, or to use as a style accessory.

As for Britney’s hair, it’s probably going to change color, texture and style many times over for a while since she shaved her head and will be wearing wigs. Since she’s photographed all the time, people need to get used to seeing that changing look!

I’m partial to the blond hair. Back in her heyday she was blond so it looks more like what I envision when I think of “Britney Spears”. I didn’t examine the girl’s eye color closely before, what color her eyes are is quite insignificant to me.

sarah on

What ever happened to being satisfied with what god gave you? Why do people feel the need to have a different hair color, implants and eye color. It shows that the women of our country and especially hollywood are far too self conscious, stop being fake!

bridget on

She is making those of us that have NATURAL blue eyes and NATURAL blonde hair have a bad reputation. Why not be comfortable with who you really are? Britney should stop looking for ways to alter herself and start concentrating on her family.

Michelle on

As a woman who has been bald after surgery, I say that we should just stop focusing on how Britney looks for a while; I’m sure she feels self-conscious enough as it is. Does anyone else remember Joan Rivers’ nasty comments about Jenny McCarthy at the Oscars a few years back? Let up.

I agree with some of the other readers above; just stop giving Britney publicity until she gets her life in order. New hair, contacts, who cares? The girl has two kids she needs to start thinking of. Brit, abusing yourself the way you have been and acting like an idiot is selfish when you have little guys. Who cares if you’re sober for you, get sober for THEM. You’ve already put them through a divorce, don’t ruin their lives any more…

Manda on

Britney is a beautiful girl! She needs blonde hair because she doesn’t have the right skin tone for brunette hair… she looks washed out. I love the blue contacts but also love the brown eyes. She just needs to grow her hair back and begin the process of picking herself back up. Just remember Brit, this too, shall pass!

Amy on

Her eyes look really good blue. She looks like a baby doll.

Krista on

The truth is – fake contacts always look FAKE. No exception here. She needs to work on her “inner man” and stop being so concerned with her outward appearance. She is clearly a young woman in distress!

Brenda on

Britney looks more Glam with BLUE eyes. But I really hate the FAKE look. Why can’t she just be proud of her BROWN eyes? I love the natural look. I guess the natural look doesn’t SELL. Britney is such a beautiful women and she needs to OWN it again.

Brenda on

Hey, Britney is selling an IMAGE. Her fans love to she the hot, sexy blonde, blue eyed super star. The magazines want the same thing or they cap on her image. If Britney went on stage with her natural hair color and natural eye color she wouldn’t get the same reaction from her audience. She would be BORING. Britney is smart she knows what SELLS. WHat sells is Britney’s tight toned body, fab blonde locks, blue eyes and her sexy dance moves. Now Britney needs to WORK on her toughest job “being a super mom”. Take care of your children and stop partying.

Aubryn on

i think she needs to go back to her blonde much prettier..and the blue eyes and blonde hair warm up her face. She looks gorgeous.

wildflower on

The blue really make her eyes pop! I love them.

I am not any fan of Brit’s but as a mother, I hope she is able to straighten everything out and make the most of her blessings. The kids are young enough that they didn’t see all of this, of course it is all recorded for their viewing pleasure later in life, but I still think she has a chance to make up for her mistakes and raiseher kids just fine.

Aisha on

Britney’s new contacts are an improvement. She always looks so washed out these days. She should step away from the limelight and focus on herself. She’s burnt out and needs privacy and help.

eo on

She looks so much better with the blue contacts

emama on

Great, but I think she didn’t need that, she’s naturally beautiful!!. Good luck brit.

O'Wryly on

Enough already. Tabloids don’t really need to be reporting on every little thing that she does from her hair of the day to her eye color to her shopping sprees to whether or not she was flatulent last Tuesday. She’s just not that interesting to read about. If she had a working brain, she’d park her posterior at home with her sons for a good long while and get her duckies in a row before making any major decisions about what comes next. Divorce is never easy, even if you know it’s the right thing to do. It still takes its toll and she just needs some emotional healing time before beginning any new ventures. Spending time with your kids is a superb way to heal on the inside. She should enjoy them while they are small … all too soon they’ll be teen-aged hellions and we’ll be reading about THEIR daily exploits ad nauseum.

Lely on

She looks good!

Sandy on

I love it, its a good look for her.

MandiDakota on

Such harsh words for Britney! Let me first preface this by saying I’m not a big fan of Britney….on the other hand, I do pity her in some ways. Think about it – we all lifted her up as a goddess and the moment she showed any sort of flaws or imperfection, we preyed upon it and picked her apart. We loved her as a goddess but loved her fall from grace even more. Even now, we’re all hungrily devouring photos of her shaven head and the latest way she’s messed up her life.
Can you imagine growing up in the spotlight? Your first relationships picked apart in the media? I think Britney is terribly stunted and still emotionally at the level of a 16 year old. We really should be ashamed of ourselves….we used her up. Now we revel in her disgrace and magnify her flaws.

AnnaS on

How much more fake are you going to get?

Nicky on

Blonde hair Brown eyes.

Elda on

i think she looks very pretty, it’s not like she got implants or something. she may color her hair, etc. but the girl is for real!

Katherine on

It’s quite interesting to read all of the posted comments about her every choice & the consequences (good or bad) that follow. I look @ her situation and do feel somewhat sad. Not to say that she’s not immature and has some growing up to do. Who hasn’t @ some point? Some peoples opinions are pretty judgemental. She’s not being asked to have her every move posted in every paper & magazine. And if you’re so sick of reading it, why are you? Just to make it clear, I’m not saying,”poor Brittney”. However, sadly enough, I made some bad choices earlier in my life and regret them. But, that’s what lifes about. I would like to hear someone’s life story that’s filled with perfection and no pitfalls. I think that she looks great & hopefully, she’s learning along with growing.

whitster on

SHE LOOKS BEAUTIFUL!!!LOVE the blue eyes!!!! She looks young, healthy and happy!

Katherine on

It’s quite interesting to read all of the posted comments about her every choice & the consequences (good or bad) that follow. I look @ her situation and do feel somewhat sad. Not to say that she’s not immature and has some growing up to do. Who hasn’t @ some point? Some peoples opinions are pretty judgemental. She’s not being asked to have her every move posted in every paper & magazine. And if you’re so sick of reading it, why are you? Just to make it clear, I’m not saying,”poor Brittney”. However, sadly enough, I made some bad choices earlier in my life and regret them. But, that’s what lifes about. I would like to hear someone’s life story that’s filled with perfection and no pitfalls. I think that she looks great & hopefully, she’s learning along with growing.

Katherine on

One more thing, we only give ourselves a bad rep. NOT…yes I said NOT others.

Emily on

I love it! If she wants to wear something different~Go for it who the hell cares! If I were her i wouldn’t, more than likely she doesn’t care either! Give her a brake, she’s human.

Ryan on

I like it, but i think it makes her look to much like linday lohan

Khaled Rahimee' on

They look great. Anything Britney Does, She pull’s it off well

Khaled Rahimee' on

They look great. Anything Britney Does, She pull’s it off well

Doroty on

Looks completely unnatural.Whats the point of doing it? Anybody likes to look like a plastic dool? Except her…

JenB on

I always prefer natural, but I like her blue contacts just fine. Sometimes change is good. My eyes are gray-blue naturally and I usually wear clear contacts or glasses, but I also have contacts in brown, bright blue, and green. It’s fun to do something different every now and then. It’s not like she got an eyeball transplant.

Carrie on

Britney looks really good natural. Britney also looks pretty with the blonde hair and blue contacts, but when I first saw the picture, my mind didn’t say Britney, my mind screamed BARBIE!

JJ. on

She looks like crap the shot of her in blue contacts she looks like she’s trying to be la lohan gone 12 year old muppet. she needs a stylist.

alice on

I agree that the media should leave her alone and let her heal herself, but on the other hand, she is putting herself in the spotlight. If she doesn’t want every moment of her life captured on film, then why is she hanging out at every Hollywood hotspot. She could just as easy go back to her family in Louisiana or somewhere else more secluded but this is the life she chooses for herself so I’m not going to feel sorry for her. And it is sad that all you have seen her do since she left rehab is shop and go to Lakers games when she has 2 babies at home. You would think that having all that time away from them while she was in rehab, she would be spending more time alone.

beth on

love it. but more importantly, she needs to stick with blonde hair, it brightens her up so much more, no matter what color eyes she has

kim on

For those who keep saying she should settle down for her kids or take parenting classes, you’re forgetting that her kids don’t actually see her and are being raised by nannies. They’re probably better off that way truthfully, at least nannies are qualified to care for kids and are reqired to be there on a consistent basis.

Ayse on

Whatever she does, shes is just cheap ang ugly. she must change her brain instead of puttin on some blue contacts

Lilian on

Those blue contacts are the fakest thing in the world, just like Paris HiltonĀ“s. How sad, she looks like Chucky, only that Chucky IS naturally blue eyed. Everybody knows natural blue or green eyes look way much better than fake ones, its not like fake blonde hair which is better done.

Sydni on

Katherine I couldn’t agree with you more.
What you said is perfect.

I think that Britney looks really pretty with blue contacts.
It’s a nice change from her everyday look.
And before everyone bashes her, maybe she is still trying to find herself. She’s obviously trying new things until she finds the right one for her. There is no problem in that whatsoever. So stop saying there is.

HS on

Who really cares? It’s not like this tiny change is going to make her classy all of a sudden.

evalic on

She’s Beautiful with the hair and the blue contacts.

Mena on

I actually don’t like blue eye color and I don’t think it looks good on Brit. She has gorgeous brown eyes, why should she hide them?! Is this some kind of trend she borrowed from Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan (they are also blu-eyed beauties (fake) )?!

Queenie on

The blue contacts look fake. I prefer her brown eyes and brown hair. All she needs is a fake tan. :]

Lili on

She looks really good in blue contacts, and also in that wig! I just CAN NOT believe that she did that 2 herself! Yesterday night i saw her video “Oops i Did it again” and “baby one more time” and i just couldnt believe it!

MJ on

Aren’t there more pressing things happening in the world than what Brit is doing or wearing?? Come on people, it’s sickening already.

Maryse on

I really don’t think this is about what color eyes she has or the color of hair she has. I think she would look ok if she didn’t have such a hideous sense of style in clothes. Since the question is what color eyes do I like…I like her natural brown eyes with her blonde hair. Now take her natural brown eyes, pretty blonde hair, and put a sense of fashion to it, and you’re ok.

lorrie on

It’s sad that she’s missing out on all of the precious moments with her children. That may be her biggest regret years down the line. You can’t get that time back.

Paula on

She looks cute, but she’s so out of her mind!!!!! I prefer the NORMAL, SOBER, SWEET AND NATURAL BRITNEY

Steph on

Her contacts suit her very well! She looks good.

scooby on

she needs to ditch the hats/blue is her color

Katie on

I think that the blue eyes make her look too fake, like a Barbie. Its very unnatural.

rebeca on

oh my goodnes girl stick with your natural self u look way better when your normal oh an di cant believe you are bald. Please get help

Aleksa on

blue looks lovely.
She just really needs to quit drinking and loose weight.

Shel on

Yeah we all have had problems in our lives. When my parents got divorced and I was young, though, my mom didn’t go crazy, skip wearing underwear and get drunk out on the town more than she was with me. Likewise when I got divorced, I took care of my kids, not myself. Great that she went to rehab. But she’s out now and her ass needs to be at home with her kids, not gallavanting about on shopping sprees and lunches. Grow up–you aren’t a child anymore, you gave up your right to act like a child when you decided to have children.

annie on

She is gorgeous either way !

Amanda on

News Flash!! Madonna was 38 when she had her little girl. Britney was 23 nearly 24 when she had sean preston. And not even a year later she had Jayden James. That’s 14 years of maturity that Britney has not yet experienced. I am a young mother. I had my daughter at 18 and if the father is unstable..then it causes you to be unstable. And having kids back to back would cause any one to want to drink. If you say it doesn’t you are lying. She’s young and she grew up in the lights of hollywood where if you make a mistake you are told it’s ok and someone cleans up the mess or you are fried on the 6 o’clock news. Give her a flipping break and don’t comment on her mothering skills. You aren’t don’t know what goes on behide closed doors.

And Britney looks good w/ blue contacts. I have seen them before in the stronger video. She needs to stay natural. I get she’s all about the new imagine and rebuilding her tarnished career..but the blond hair, blue eyed, miss america look doesn’t mean you get a squeaky clean image again.

Erin on


emskey on

Love it! she looks really nice with blue eyes and blonde hair! Keep it brit!

Lindsey on

I think she look healthier with the blue contacts, not to mention prettier. But the pic of her with her natural eyes is just a bad picture, she isn’t that bad looking without her contacts.
-Regardless, she is a bad influence and a tramp.
But who am i to judge?

krissy on

i like both of them i just wush she was my sister i want to meet her in person really soon love ya~ !!!

Mandy on

umm…they kinda look fake on her
but i like her better in blonde hair…

Rachel on

I like the natural look better, although the blue contacts are pretty, it kind of makes her look fake.


She needs to get it togather, ever since she went bad she looks terrible and no contacts or wiggs can change that

Lonyea on

i think Britney looks very beautiful with her Blonde hair and Blue eyes. Britney with the dark hair and dark eyes are her natural hair color and eye color but the blue eyes and blonde hair give her a younger look and maybe justin will come back to her.

Neim on

Oooooooooh ‘yeah u luk gud gal i lyk em eyez!!bsids rehab and the nu luk goes hand in hand it shwz sum change!!!!!!!!!

Carlie on

I think Britney looks better the blue eyes and blonde hair.

Christopher on

hey i like brittany spears with out the blue eyes and she looks better as a blonde. I just do not understand how come she shaved her head i hate it i love her with long blond hair. she looks better with blonde and brown eyes and i hope soon she will become a real person and take care of her kids and job and make more cds

sara on

i think britney look very nice but what ever she does ill be behind her 100%

mary on

I think Britney looks great!!! I believe she should let her natural hair color grow out, the dark brown makes her look washed out although she does look great! And I don’t think Blue/Brown eyes matter considering she looks stunning with both.

mary on

I think Britney looks great!!! I believe she should let her natural hair color grow out, the dark brown makes her look washed out although she does look great! And I don’t think Blue/Brown eyes matter considering she looks stunning with both.

eun on

love it

Becca on

I think that it looks nice…I just hopes that she gets her life back in on track! She is just confused! But I do love the contacts!

Joao Paulo on

She is perfect, no matter what the people say. Britney is the woman.

Ashley on

I think the blue looks lovely. I agree with PP that she definately needs to stay blonde. She just doesnt look right with brown hair. She just needs to completely recover and reclaim her pop princess thrown.

Melanie on

I think the blue eyes look nice on her. I guess anything to take your eye away from these hats she has been wearing.

Victoria on

It’s hard to tell, she’s made up in one and looks like she’s on one of her rough days in the other picture.

Claire on

Britney looks weird with her new contacts. She has gone through a fashion breakthrough (after two years of baby blankets) recently and I am soo glad for that. But the contacts are creepy and if she wants to wear them correctly she needs to get a less creepy baby-doll look.

Sue on

In the brown-eyed picture it almost looks as if she’s got a little mustache thing going on.

JGwf2285 on

I like her blue eyes, It makes her look more happy, and less depressed.

Alessandra on

Britney looks great all the time .She is the best!

Rachel on

She looks so inocent with blue eyes. She could use it.

linz on

she is they only tell us the bad stuff she does..i belive that britney is a wonderful women..the bad only comes out of her..if they would say the good stuff about her 2 would be great…

linz on

she looks great..she’s a beautiful woman!!!

Rachel on

She looks too inocent with blue eyes.

Drama queen on

I hate her ! she looks lika a pig ! eeoo !!!!

Christina on

Doesn’t brittany spears naturally have one blue eye and one brown eye?

Britney on

I love the blue but the brown is more her. Keep up on the blond hair though.

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