Get the Look: Jessica Simpson's Red Beach Dress

04/05/2007 at 01:54 PM ET

Jessica Simpson and boyfriend John Mayer are heating things up Down Under while Mayer’s tour continues. Between performances, the two got a chance to hit Byron Beach, where Jess showed off an adorable red dress. We are loving her new hippie chic style — could it be the influence of her laid-back guy? This red and white pocket jumper is actually an old vintage piece, but we have found some very similar ones that will be perfect additions to your spring wardrobe. Now only if a rockstar boyfriend come along with it.

Get the Look:
Super Suite Seventy Seven Melinda Pocket, $245,

Seven Hills cotton halter dress with drawstring empire waist, $98,

Red Sweetheart dress with white heart buttons, on sale $40 from $70,

Island dress with fern print, spaghetti strap and front pockets, $23,

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Photo: Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic

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AnnieM on

I must be honest, she looks like a cow that got caught in some midwestern farmers picnic tablecloth. That side cleavage is…well, side cleavage. Sorry, but those are my first thoughts on seeing this. Maybe because she isn’t standing still in the photo?

May on

This dress is adorable, but she looks like she is going to pop right out if! I like Jessica Simpson, but has anyone noticed since she has been with John Mayer she has toned down her style or is it just me?!

HS on

She is WAY too top heavy for this dress.

Haley on

Ever hear of a bra?? Ugly dress, maybe it would be better in a different color!?

Tiffany on

I totally agree with you, May! She seems dark and not her usually bubbly self. It seems like she is either growing up or she changes her image with her boyfriends.

350Zgirl on

She looks like a milk maid! She is way to top heavy for this dress.

Cigana on

This dress looks terrible on her and if some regular woman wore this dress it would be in the back of a magazine as a Don’t! Just because a celebrity wears it, doesn’t make it fashion!


Jessica Simpson is ‘hippie chic’? That’ll be the day!

laura on

i love her! she’s so cute. i have to agree that she is alittle too top heavy for this dress (she should atleast have a white tank underneith) but it’s still a very cute dress. i love her even more now that she’s with john. she doesn’t seem as high maintenance as before and she seems alittle more down to earth. and i LOVE the dark hair on her.

alice on

I don’t care for this dress. But I do like Jessica more laid back look, she looks less shallow now. Maybe she is finally realizing what is important in life.

444 on

For anyone to say she looks like a cow yeah right!!!!! Let me guess AnnieM are you americas next top model? Why is it such a big deal her style has changed. As for her not being bubbly take a look at the picture. Let the girl live her life as she should be able to.

christine on

oooooooooh, this is SO not a good look for her. Why doesn’t she wear a bra, ever? It totally makes her look like a naughty farmer’s daughter or milk maid with the side boobs action.

As for changing her style… of course she has. She’s a chameleon girlfriend. She’s doesn’t know herself well enough to trust her instincts, so she just molds herself into what her BF’s want…

May on


I thought I was the only one who saw a change in her. I dont think she is trying to grow up. I just think she trying to be like whoever she dating. I mean who knows maybe she is trying to grow up. I guess we will never know until we speak to her ourselves, which maybe never. I guess for some people NEVER is a good thing. I hope I made sense with my comment.


rashundra. on

ok. WHY would anyone wear a bra on the beach? plz, people : think before you write things on this blog at the risk of sounded like an idiot.

Jillian on

Yes she does fill the top out a little but she is still beautiful. Its a cute dress and for those of you who say she changes w/every man(she’s been w/2)…ok, she was w/Nick for a very long time and had the same look …and now she is w/John and she colored her hair…BIG DEAL!!! She changed her haircolor…thats it!

KC on

Umm, that dress doesn’t look good on Jessica. She is practically handing out the sides. She probably should have worn a tank top or a baby tee underneath.

jwhite on

Jessica is just like any woman in her mid-20’s. She is in the process of finding herself. If you think back to the early Newlywed days, her style was very laid back. It is so great to see that side of her again…happy, relaxed, and not so high maintenance.

I think the dress is adorable. Who wears a bra to the beach? She wore the same dress to the airport but put a blue jean jacket over it. She dresses appropriately for the occasion.

beth on

i am not a fan of the dress, period.

Gisele on

Jessica looks adorable!!
this dress is soooo cute!!! i want one!!
oh!! wear bra at the beach???
come on….

Leigh on


usually when people don’t wear a bra on the beach, they have on a bathing suit top! basically the same thing.

they don’t sound like the idiots

MTP on

It’s been over two years since her and Nick split, please leave his name out of it. The dress does nothing for her. Everyone needs to let her try to live her life. Who cares if she colored her hair or cuts it? All of us women know that we get bored with our look and style and are always looking to update our look….I don’t think any of the men in her life influence the way she dresses.

Nicole on

I think this is a apron, not a dress. j/k…she does look cute (even thought I don’t care for the dress) but her boobs are definitely about to fall out the side!

Karolina on

I love this dress!! The color and style is beautiful and looks so comfortable.
I think Jessica looks great lately, and I agree with May – she has toned down her style. She looks awesome, not like the made-up barbie doll of before.
I do think she could have worn a bra or a tank top underneath though. lol

Carrie on

The dress would be cuter as a bikini cover-up. I like her a lot more now that she is with John, she seems more like a real person. Love the dark hair. Keep it up Jess, you’re beautiful.

rachel on

she looks terrible with that dress!!! what is she thinking? think twice before you put something silly like that on……….she’s hopeless…..

night on

Only one word comes to mind. TRAGIC.

marianne on


Deena on

The dress is obviously made to have a shirt worn with it. If

mandy on

Um, shouldn’t she be wearing something under that?? Wow, not a good look for her

gladis on

I really like the dress, it is really cute !

Elda on

i think she looks beautiful in the dress and i love the way she carries herself, i wish her well w/her good looking man. i saw him w/o a shirt and boy is he hot!

Michele on

This dress does not look good on her at all. She is to chesty for this style without a white tank underneath.
Her side cleavage looks tacky. I hope this is not going to be an upcoming style trend….yuck!

Nicky on

Rashundra. You go girl! My thoughts exactly. Why the hell would anyone wear a bra to the beach. I will try the bra look the next time i go on the beach to see what people think. Lmaoooooooooo! So silly. This dress is freaking cute as hell. And she look freaking sexyyyyyyyyyy in it. Yes her brest is popping out true. But it’s real and its hers. She didn’t buy it like say Pam Anderson who pops out of every bloody thing. I definitely have to wear a bra to the beach the next time i go though. lawddddddddddddddd. The thought of that is funny. STOP HATING PPL. And damnnnnnnnn is John Mayer looking cuter and cuter everyday or freaking what? Great looking couple. I’m so happy for them.

abc on

she looks terrible here….gross….she is not the least bit pretty….and she changes her style when she changes the man in her life….

Penelope on

I have seen very, very few things that disgust me that much. It looks like a trashy, oversized version of 4-year-old’s first day of school outfit, without the shirt underneath.

Rebecca on

I agree with laura- the dress would have looked nicer with a white tank underneath. It’s not a terrible dress, but she looks too exposed- hopefully those buttons are sewn on VERY tightly! As for her style lately, it’s good to see her tone down her looks lately. She always looked so fake and made up before. Now she looks more natural and happy.

jesssica on

uuugly looks like she walked out of the farm

georgie on

are those breasts or melons? yuck. she really needs to cover those things up more. at least from the sides….*sigh*

Candi on

She is beautiful in everything she wears. I think there are just some very jealous women in this world that HATE on girls like her by trashing what they wear when they know deep down she is hot. The dress is cute. SHE IS ON A BEACH. What do you people expect her to have on, a VERSACE gown? Come on… And her boobs are perfect. Most women pay to have boobs like that. Good Lord women are so critical of each other it is disgusting.

Maggie on

I think the dress is totally adorable…maybe on someone else, though. Jessica is a bit too “topheavy” for that dress. She could pull off some really cute stuff. She just needs to get the bustline altered…BTW I LOVE her hair brunette! She should have done it ages ago!

cait on

You wear a bra to the beach when you aren’t wearing a bathing suit! Especially if you are as top heavy as she is!

Besides, I hate that she’s dating John Mayer. He’s too good for her.

Angel on

WOW that is one ugly dress!!! Hey, Jessica, you forgot your shirt!

sha! on

Let up on the lady, I think the way a person adorns themself is an expression of self. It’s Independence to live, and do what you want to
To think she was unable to be in her skin and now she is able to do what she feels.
Live her life and she’s living the life of the rich!!!
With respect for herself, now if she was in a string bikini and a now so covered top. What would people say then?

If she wants to wear it, she will do it.
And stay in Fashion for the moment….

candy on

ewwww..shes cute but not right there.

O'Wryly on

You know, all of you catty women sniping at each other simply because of differing opinions really do make me laugh. Is this NOT a forum to post an opinion about the topic shown?! Everyone is entitled to their very own personal opinion and they shouldn’t get crap for it. Even when I don’t happen to agree with something that someone’s posted about a topic or picture, it still makes for entertaining reading. I have long thought that this woman {AND her ex-husband AND her man du jour AND her sister AND her daddy et al} is so much ado about absolutely nuthin’. She’s just another over-hyped no-talent bimbette but that’s simply MY opinion and it won’t ever change simply because someone says something snide about it. As for this dress, she DOES look positively bovine and ready to possibly put her own eye out. With or without a bra, it looks asinine for beachware. The two of THEM may enjoy her bountiful beachballs, but not everyone else is interested. I guess that simply must mean that I’m seething with envy. Too-ooooo funny. Cheers!

Shel on

put a freakin tank top on under that, even if it is a beach there’s no need to shove your assets in everyone’s face.

liz on

excuse me, all you “farm” and “farmer’s daughter” bashers out there…I grew up on a farm and I can guarantee I never wore anything that remotely resembled this hideous outfit. Get over the stereotypes of what rural people dress like.

j on

this dress looked really cute in the other pictures on the star tracks..the one of her from the front. Her boobs weren’t flying out like in this picture. I think she looks totally cute and i love it!

Wendy O on

If her boobs weren’t trying to escape from the top and the sides I would probably like this dress a whole lot more. With a sun hat and some adequate mammary support, I would give this look the thumbs up!

Wendy O on

Am I totally crazy? None of the dresses that People suggested for “Get The Look” resemble Jessica’s dress in the slightest. The one from Forever 21 is so way off the mark, but at least the one at Shopintuition has white piping. Where is the REAL country bumpkin pinafore dress from? Now that’s worth mentioning.

Jen on

I think her and John make a wonderful happy couple
she is SO much happier with him and now in general than she was with Nick
She smiles normally isnt all aboiut celebrity life, wearing expensive clothes shes just doing what SHE wants.

night on

The focus of this dress is her breasts. THey are the first thing one looks at when seeing her in this photo. I don’t now about the rest of you, but I do not think most women want their breast to draw peoples eyes to them. I look at her and see boobs….I try to look at her hair…but her boobs…..she is smiling…but her boobs….side cleavage….hanging kind of low….what was she thinking? Is this how she wants to be seen…as cow with big sagging boobs…is there nothing else she wants to be know for? I guess not…her boobs…let the world look at them…sagging in all their glory…god knows she is not pretty…she can’t sing her way out of a paper sack…so…I guess she is showing the world her best asset…her boobs.

Claudia on

I think she looks good. Not as fake as when she was with Nick. She really looks happy and more natural. And she can wear what she wants, just like us.

Nina on

Here’s the thing – she’s a teeny woman with a petite frame. This dress is too long and too loose for her, but the color is great. I love the concept of wearing something that flowy and effortless to the beach, but I think it would have behooved her to wear something more her size.

And apparently wearing a bra to the beach is a faux pas? Interesting, never heard that one before…

Lucy on

ANY woman with large Boobs should NEVER EVER wear empire (waist just below the breast line)waist clothing. It makes them look heavy, sloppy & shapeless. This type of dress only looks good on tall &/or, slim ladies, & even on them, it can look too cute-c.

Catz on

Bloody hell! Is she actually satisfied with the boob-job she got that she has to show it off like constantly?..Yickes! She really grosses me out lots!
And must be the jealous one..if you want balloons as boobs..go for it! Let’s all hope you don’t end up with a back injury!
Georgie, you’re totally right. I completely agree with you!

AnnieM on

No 444 at 4’10’, 88lbs I don’t rank “up” there with the models. But I don’t make my living selling my “product” to the public either – therefore I’ll say what I want about her. PEOPLE asked, I gave my opinion ie: cow. I’m sure you’re taking no prizes either.

Laura on

I think Jessica’s new style is a good look for her. She looks good in practically anything she wears.
I think she should be able to wear whatever she wants. And some of the above people need to back off. Who are you to say that she changes her style for each boyfriend? You don’t personally know how would you know. And I’m sure that everyone who leaves posts aren’t fashion gurus!

jessrocks on

I think Jessica looks amazing. Who wears a bra to the beach? You know, one of the ways to help yourself get over your ex is to make some changes to yourself- dying your hair, buying new clothes, etc. Let the girl be!

alice on

Chances are, she wasn’t on a public beach or she was on a secluded part of it. Why would she be concerned about a bra if no one was supposed to be around anyway?

lacy on

when i see celebrities not looking their absolute best when walking around in public, i remind myself of the days when i leave my house and would never want my picture taken. she’s not walking down a red carpet or even attending a public event, she’s hanging out with her boyfriend! i bet he loves how she looks.

that said, i think the dress is precious. but the dresses linked don’t hold a candle to it!

kat on

That dress is beautiful I really want it.

Emma on

This dress is tragic! I dont now where she got it from but they should be sued!!! Bad look for her!!

Beth on

Jessica Simpson has got THE most gorgeous body! She looks happy and relaxed!! :-)

I wish her (and John) nothing but the best!!!

Jen on

Um, who wants to look like this? And I agree w May, Jessica’s style has gone down hill since hooking up w John Mayer. Ugh

katy on

I like Jessica but this is not a cute look at all! The dress is a bad choice on her but I do like her dark hair and she looks happy so good for her.

Lola on

She looks 20 pounds heavier in this dress – dreadful!!!

Cristi on

she should’ve worn a tank top underneath, or at least a bra

C on

She looks like a reject from Hee Haw. Ridiculous, ugly dress.

Kathy on

God her boobs look huge…she is so beautiful and she looks like crap here

Kiki on

Wow a celebrity who is not starving herself, and not on drugs and she is mocked for….. not wearing a bra on the beach? She has normal breasts…that’s what normal non – silicon breasts look like.

She looks really happy, and seems to be enjoying herself. I don’t think she asked to be photographed and analyzed on her day off at the beach. Why would someone where a bra at the beach? Leave her alone and let her enjoy herself.

blackcat on

Jessica is short, she has a stocky build, and with her big boobs she seriously looks blotted! And, I don’t like the dress or her hair color….she should just go natural with her hair and lose some of that top heavy weight!!!!

Candi on

Hey Catz,

FYI, I’m not the jealous one, did you see me make a negative comment about anyone. NO! Thank you, I didn’t. I’m not jealous, I have boobs of my own and they are real. Just like hers, where have you been? That girl’s assests are as real as they come. Maybe you should get your facts straight before you start slamming others for theirs. And by the way, no back problems to this day!

Michelle on

I think Jessica looks gorgeous with dark hair. It matches her eyes and skin tone so much better than the blonde. As for the dress, I think it is cute and natural. I am top heavy like she is and maybe for a day out shopping, she should have a little more support underneath but hey, for the each, it is a natural look.

Richelle on

Wow!! Either way~she’s accomplished what she is set out to do! Have people talking!!

Michelle on

Oh and for the reader that posted the comment that Jessica should “lose some of that top heavy weight”, some petite girls are just born with large breasts and no matter how much weight they lose, the breasts stay large. Jessica’s figure is adorable. She is petite and toned with natural “assets”!!!

brenna on

I don’t like this dress at all!!!!!!!!

brenna on

I don’t like this dress at all!!!!!!!!

Tonya on

I have to say it is silly to wear a bra to the beach but a bathing suit makes sense. For us big chested girls who wear small pants sizes you go girl cause that is an awesome dress I would totally wear it of course my cleavage would be covered a little more but the dress is awesome and I wont knock on the boobs to bad cause it is really hard to find under shirts or shirts in general.

blackcat on

Michelle sweets….Yeah breats stay the same when your bod loses that extra poundage I know that!!! But, if Jessica can afford a boob job she should get what’s called breast reduction!!!! Plus some of the other posters say she got a boob job to be bigger. So I don’t think it’s all “natural assets” there.

Ashley Brown on

Drama, Drama, Drama. Did anyone even notice how happy she is? Everyone’s so worried about whether or not they like what shes wearing to even notice that shes smiling like crazy. I think that if she’s happy and likes her dress, then she should be able to wear it without anyone saying anything about it.. Com’on. I think that even though her cleavlage is a little bit overwhelming, the smile on her face definitly makes up for the “new fashion trend” that shes going for here.

gina on

not a very attractive pic…

Julie on

The dress needs a top underneath! A bathing suit top would be the best since she is on the beach. Her hair looks so much better dark than blonde. Nick is still hotter by 100% than that creepy John Mayer!!!

Leona on

Ummm…I doubt she had plastic surgery, because everyone knokws that if u have implants they stick out and don’t sag, as in this case where they are just hanging down. I think she should stick to her blonde hair…she looks awful in the brown. Yes, she looks bad in the dress because of her chest hanging down, but maybe it was an “off” day ofr her and she just wanted to hang out on the beach, u know? She’s just normal. And I doubt she’d get breast augmentation because her chest is her “best” asset I guess, apart from the blonde hair…she IS known as a bombshell so there. She’s famous for having a large bust.

Jennifer on

The dress is hideous, not even Jessica can pull it off. Maybe a smaller busted girl could pull off the Raggedy Ann dress, but I don’t

kylee on

Jessica is beautiful!
This dress is so adorable.
come on… who wears a bra to the beach?
She looks so cute and her hair makes her look more
I love it, I love her!
so cute!

sat on

I think it’s adorable. Full stop.

amber on

OMG i love jessica’s new style, she looks so cute, and everyone thats talking about her being too top heavy’re probably just jealous!

LJ on

I try to cut Jess slack because I think she’s pretty much sweet and just trying to figure life out like the rest of us. That said, this photo is truly unfortunate. The look on her face is so evil-creepy.
As for the dress, YIKES. It had potential, but I’m certain it was intended to be worn with a blouse underneath! (Especially since it’s vintage).
It certainly leaves nothing to the imagination and exposes WAY more of Jessica that I ever wanted to see.

Maryse on

I actually like the dress, it’s very cutesie. In my opinion, the look would have been more better if she wore a tank top underneath. I would wear a tank top underneath if I wore that dress, top heavy or not. If not a tank top, than a bikini top. I also love her hair color. Regardless, Jessica is very pretty and she looks so happy.

Andra on

Jessica look’s beautiful in that red beach dress.Love her!!!

Julia on

Jessica is a very sexy woman. But I don’t think a RED DRESS LIKE THIS on the beach is a good idea.

Allison on

Hey! Well, I personally agree with everyone who had stated about her toneing down her style since the break up with Nick & her.
She’s more herself, & not feeling like she needs to be so high mantance, just because her other half is full of himself. Nick, always went for the bigger stuff ( not to mention, yeah if I had the money like that, I’d do the same thing, but there’s a difference of just doing it, knowing you can, and doing it to bragg about it, which in that case, I think Nick was doing )
Since Jessica has been with Mayer, I think she’s herself now, what she truly is. A laid back type of southren girl.
The whole boob thing, relax, everyone seen boobs before, it’s nothing big, & I bet she does have something to go over it, she isn’t that dumb, to go somewhere and just have that hanging there, she’s on a beach, what the hell! I’d let it hang out too, you’re free, having a nice time with your boyfriend, why not?!


Phd, MD, USB on

Let’s remember Britany first dyed her hair brown before she went off the deep end.

michelle on

i love jessica simpson she looks so good in the dress but if we make the dress white it would look even better

Lele on

Unfortunately, the dress that she’s wearing DOES NOT FLATTER her figure AT ALL! Contrary to many of the comments, she looks really good as a brunette. I’m just hoping that maybe now she can carry herself as an intelligent individual rather than an airhead.

Sheila on

Please, oh please, someone tell these women to wear bras!!!!! She is too busty to wear this dress.

Sheila on

For all of you who say no to wearing a bra at the beach, when you are top heavy like Jessica is it only makes sense to support the girls at all times. I have plenty of bathing suits with built in bras and underwiring because I am top heavy. She doesn’t look good in this dress.

Campbell on

wow…jessica needs to stop eating those krispy kreme doughnuts!

Dana on

That dress is ugly, and her boobs are waaay too big for her to go bra commando like that.

kapiola on

the dress need to go back to daisy dukes goodwill bin :)

Dora on

I think Jessica Simpson is gorgeous. But I hate her brunnette hair. That dress is hideous and wear a bra!

Melissa on

This dress is wretched!! I don’t think I have ever seen anything so ugly in my life…. She’s right up there now with the garbage bags the Olsen twins wear. I think this “dress”, if that’s what it’s supposed to be, makes her look fat. Maybe it’s just the fact that she can’t keep her boob in the sides and they are lopping to the sides… I don’t know…. And do we all see John Mayer the same? I think he is as ugly as her dress lol. He has got the biggest head ever!! I think his head and face are the size of her boobs! EWWW!! I think they look so weird together…

chloe Mai on

Jessica simpson is ugly, she will always be ugly. No sense of style.

that dress is so unflattering on her. it would look decent on someone cute and petite and thin like rachel bilson or paris hilton.

She looks like a drag queen. She was gorgeous during the whole Dukes of Hazzard stage when she lost weight.

Now shes too curvy. heres a tip: lose 30 pounds jess. and god, that hair color looks awful on her.

Janice on

o gosh first of all this dress is not flattering at all and second of all she’s falling out of it!

jenna on

wearing a BARN DRESS @ the BEACH?? That is VERY contradicting! The dress is not well proportioned on her figure.

huhloser on

i think it is fine if she likes it its fine is kinda cute

harr on

Jessica’s dress is adorable & so is she! She is simply gorgeous just being her natural self. John is so much better for her. She looks relaxed and happy. I love her hair dark and blonde. How many girls can look amazing either way? Not many! Love love Jessica!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kristen on

To be truthfully honest she does look like a cow in this dress but I think she down graded since she’s been dating john mayer.

kayla on

i love jessica simpson and she can usally pull of anything but this dress its really not her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Debbie on

Looking at just the is a nice dress. Personally I would have worn a shirt of some kind under it. If I had her bod…I’d go shirtless to! The dress on Jessica? I think it looks good on her. She is at the beach, relaxing and hanging with her boyfriend. Oh, and yes…they are boobs….get over it people.

Anne christine Seijas on

This is a pretty dress but…I know it would look better on another type of body.This style of dress hides her shape. It doesn’t show Jessicas beautiful curves. She has great leggs, but they are not showing! I think she should show off her leggs more.
Hair: Jessey change your hair to blond again. I miss my old Jessica!!

Jennifer on

Bad!!! Bad!!! Bad!!! It look really bad and too much for the beach!!! Horrible!!

jojo on

top heavy’s good;)

oliviaA on

i think jessica looks really happy with john and yes this may not be the best look on her but dont we all put on bad clothes from time to time??? i think people should leave her alone and let her live her life.

shannon on

Ok, lets be serious now…if you guys dont like jessica simpson that much then dont even look at her or worry about her life!! I think she has always looked cute, and she can change her look if she wants….your not her parents and she sure doesnt need your opinion!! Let her dress however she wants…maybe your just that jealous of her! You haters are really sad, get a life for heavens sake

sara m. on

I would not wear this dress, but I think she looks great in it. I don’t think she is too top heavy, I think it looks sexy. I wish I had her chest! lol She always looks great and I love her brown hair, she can work anything.

alice on

Big deal, she changed her look. So I guess every time you have changed your look, it was because of a man? People do grow and evolve occasionally.

AnnaS on

Just because you are famous and rich does not mean you can or should wear anything! have some shame.

christine on

i think its way cute!!! i dont think ive ever seen something ugly on her.And yeah… um who wouldnt try to show off their clevage…if mine were that big i would to!!!hehehe

placide on

I think she looks good.
What do you want people. Want her to go on a fashion parade on the beach? Leave the poor soul alone,she does not have to impress any one but herself

Emmy on

I think she looks good.
What do you want people. Want her to go on a fashion parade on the beach? Leave the poor soul alone,she does not have to impress any one but herself

amber on

i think it looks cute… i’d totally wear it but maybe with a small shirt underit but other than that its cute!

ANN on


Mary on

This is a hideous sundress. If she had insisted on wearing it, then it would have looked better with a tank underneath or a bikini top underneath. Sorry, sweetie.

Kelsee on

Oh, my. This is not an attractive look for her. She reminds me of the trailer trash pregnant version of Britney in this picture. That’s who I thought it was at first glance. Not attractive. I do like the darker hair on her though.

Maggie on

I think that she looks gorgeous but she is meant to be a blonde



andrea on

we have nothing better to do with our lives…….this is crazy. i find myself looking at these pics when there are so many other things i could be doing/worrying about.

rose on

this is not a vintage dress! it is by a designer called alice macall and you can buy it in australia.

Sarah on

I do have to agree, I dont think that she looks that great in that dress. I also think in my opinion that she should go back to her natural hair color I dont like the brown on her at all maybe because we are so used to seeing her blonde. Idk about all of you but sometimes girls are critical on other girls because they are jealous of what they lack.

Lauren on

The dress is fine- cute, actually. It IS the beach, not a runway! And how annoying to have a photographer follow you to the beach, take your picture and then post it online for everyone to talk about? I say cut her some slack!

britney on

That dress looks like part of a halloween costume and that dark hair looks like a wig.

Night on

I love the couples new nicknames…FUGS and JUGS….but in this dress it might as well be FUGS and FUGS.

alexia on

ok then, who’s her boyfriend? Is he someone who has done something?? by the way in Italy we do not know any of her songs too…I just want to say that she is nobody and that dress is horrible on her. you need a mirror darling…

GLO on

It’s just ugly! And, jessica’s bust is too big for that dress

night on

alexia, I need to move to the wonderful country if Italy then…apparently you guys have not heard of Jessica “Jugs” Simpson there. As for her boyfriend John “FUGS” Mayer, I think he is a singer..though not sure what exactly he sings…I’d like to be in Italy where we might be discussing Boccelli….and not what this vapid woman “JUGS” Simpson is wearing.

susan on

Red Dress???? She looks like a barn! Has she been packing on the pounds or what?

Mary on

I think she looks horrible. The write up says that this is a vintage piece, but I’m almost positive that a shirt was worn under it when it was in style. I think she looks trashy. But then again, I’ve thought that since her split. She doesn’t know herself enough to know who to love.

Diane on

Um-is she pregnant?

Diane on

Um-is she pregnant?

Claire on

It is Alice Mccall S/S 06-07 Apron Advice Pinafore – Au $385. It looks better on smaller busted individuals in my opinion. It is a nice dress, but made out of Silk so not really beachy? Don’t much like it on her

Lisa on

yet another bad choice. We know you’re hanging out with groovy John lately, but hippie looks bad on you Jess. Go back to Glam.

Kathie on

This dress makes her look like 20 lbs. of sugar in a 5 lb. sack. She needs to keep her breasts contained.

Amanda on

I am surprised People dropped the ball with this one. Definitely not a vintage piece. You can see it on Alice McCall’s website – it’s in the autumn/winter 06 collection. The model is wearing a white t-shirt with it. And for those of you who go braless even though you aren’t wearing a swim suit at the beach – why?? Your breasts still need support whether you are at the beach or not.

Jessica looks cute in the dress (save for the lack of support)- although it is odd to wear a silk dress to the beach, but if I had money to burn, maybe I’d do it too! And I am pretty sure none of us know why she has changed her look recently – it could be any of the above!

And for those of you criticizing the people who are critiquing Jessica, why are you on this site anyway – that’s what it’s here for! As a side note, if you want to be famous, you should look good all the time – that’s what you sign up for!

Amber on

Are you people nuts?! The fact that a well-liked celebrity wears something doesn’t make it cute! Jessica Simpson is a gorgeous woman, but she looks AWFUL in that red atrocity!! Maybe it would be bearable on someone else, but it is NOT right for her…where was her fashion consultant that day??? They should be fired if they approved that! Nice try and all, Jessica, but you failed this time. Try again!

Julia on


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