Vote on Your Favorite Sanjaya Hairstyle!

03/28/2007 at 05:23 PM ET

Sanjaya Malakar’s hair is getting as much — if not more — attention as his singing. In just a few weeks on the show, the adventurous 17-year-old has undergone several tress-formations, morphing from shaggy to super-straight to ultra curly and his most recent concoction — seven teased ponytails in the shape of a faux-hawk (Wonder what Mr. T would think about that one?). What look do you think best suits the soft-spoken singer?

Which of Sanjaya’s hairstyles do you like best (clockwise from left)?
The shag
The ultra-straight
The faux-hawk
The poodle

Click here to take our poll and vote on which of Sanjaya’s styles is his best look, and click here to read Everything Idol!

Photo: Francis Specker/Landov; Frank Micelotta/Getty

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Amy B on

Really must we vote…I don’t like any of them. Although he has nice hair – (wish it was mine)- I don’t appreciate long hair on guys. So i vote none of the above, but if i have to i say the Faux-Hawk!

Shel on

I think the best look for him is the curly hair in the third pic, it suits him better than the others. I wish my curls looked that good, I’m jealous.

Donia on

Definately the shag!

ucokaty on

yikes! if i went any where with my hair looking like it does in his last pic. people would be running away screaming……


I quite like the faux-hawk actully.quite interesting. XD.But I like the ultra straight really ^__^

Ashleigh on

definatly the curls

Carleen on

This guy has better hair than I do. -giggles- I think the first style is the keeper.

Kaitlan on

why do we have to vote??? they all look redickulis so cut the crap and get over it

mimi on

I think that the shag is definetly the best.

Alice on

I can’t believe this guy gets so much PR!!! His looks is HORRIBLE no matter what and he can’t even sing. Shame, shame, shame.

Elda on

this man knows how to get attention and he is doing a great job!!

MS on

wow..he is really weird. i hate all of his hair styles..and him!

KT from Cda on

I like the first one. He really does have soft looking hair.

R on

Ahhh boy am I glad I missed Idol last night since I would have exploded my starbucks all over the T.V. Wow, I heard about the hair last night but didn’t “see” the hair.
Oh my…
If I had to pick though I would maybe say the first one without the quirky smile.

Lori on

I’m envious of his hair… I like the shag best.

shopoholic on

Are u serious? He has no talent what so ever! his hair is UgLY and ridiculous

lola on

Ummm… I vote none!

jennifer on

I think they are all bad. He looks like a girl.

Abby on

The faux-hawk! I think that this is ridiculous, how can he still be in? Maybe he will finally leave! American Idol starts in 12 minutes on the east coast!!!

Louis Vuitton on

definetly curly in the third pic

Jen on

I’m liking the curls..although the faux-hawk is pretty fun.

Heather S. on

Curls… although the straight look makes him look like a very pretty girl.

Miranda on

all them are ugly and get him kicked off the show he sucks!!!

delia on

I say….off with it all

erica on

this kid is starting to scare me!
forget his hair, get a load of those eyebrows!

lynn on

the mohawk of course. the way things are going he’ll probably win AI and Simon Cowell will have a cow!

honey on

Why is he still on american idol? but i love his curls

night on

They all look stupid. AND is this really a man? Can’t help but think “he” looks like a girl in the top right.

Erin O on

I think he just needs to cut it ALL OFF. How about that?

kiera on

i think sanjaya looks weird….all his hair-dos are crazeeeeeee…. hw the hell is he still on the show…beats me???

Jason on

Nobody is forcing you to vote so stop with the pathetic whining already.

Lindsey on

I hate Sanjaya and am no longer watching american idol becuase it has turned from a singing competition to a “who can wear their hair the weirdest” competition

katy on

if i had to choose, i would say the first picture. when i saw him walk out with the flat-ironed hair in the second pic, all i could think of is how much his hair looked like mine lol. i just got mine cut pretty much like it….scary!

Summerann on

Am I the only one that thinks we shouldn’t even be discussing this kid. Yes, he’s a cut kid, but OMG he DOES NOT belong on American Idol!!!! It’s sad that other hopefuls with so much more talent have left that show!
Is the hair the only thing keeping him in there????

350Zgirl on

The shag rocks, but he is a little too metrosexual for my taste!

Lizzy on

I don’t think any of them are a good look!

Tory on

none of the hairstyles are good just like his singing LOL!!!!!

mags on

that’s a guy?

Judy on

Isn’t he getting enough attention as it is….definitely not for his singing ability! I am sick of hearing about his hair, he needs to be voted off of American Idol now!
It’s not a hair competition. I am going to yank out my hair if he wins.

Shellsea on

Ok, so his singing ability’s pretty crappy (and he should’ve left after the first week) but you’ve got to admit… it’s interesting to see what style he’s gonna come up with next!

cate on

ugh i cant stand him. hes got a good voice somewhere in there but it certainly isnt showing. hes gone from bad to WORSE in the time that hes been on the show. and his hair gets wayyyyy too much attention. just keep it natural like that other NORMAL guys.

Katie on

He needs to be voted off AI!!!

J on

He really is the worst looking contestant and he seriously needs to be voted off. He has noooo talent whatsoever.

Trish on

I vote on not seeing anymore hairstyles from him….his hair would look best absent from the AI cast!

Meg on

#1. i thought he was a girl at firtst glance
#2. why is he even on tv he cant sing worth anything
#3. the stylists on AI need to be fired



JH on

None of them…he has bad hair, a bad singing voice and should NOT be on American Idol!

Heather on

I’m really not sure why everyone is railing on this poor boy. It’s not his fault he hasn’t been voted off yet! Every week he’s in the bottom 2 or 3 he looks shocked when he’s sent back to his seat. I think I like the straight look the best. He’s such a cutie.

val on

I think he is cute…

Lucy on

they all look ok except the one with the banana comb in his hair. I think he should also do something with those eyebrows.

BC on

I can’t believe I am even making a statement on this clown. I cant stand him he is creepy and gross reminds me of michael Jackson. that smile is scary and he can’t sing worth a hoot why is this man still on Idol I dont get it ….shame shame shame!!!!

katie on

ugghhh can he just go away already!!

melanie on

he has beautiful straight hair, but its not a boy hairstyle
definetly curly, its the cutest

Amber on

not tht i like it but i thikn the shag is the best

Brittany on

None. He’s ugly!!!

Sarah on

The natural one is best but honestly, who the hell cares? Get this kid OFFFFF of Idol. He has NO voice and his hairstyles are ridiculous….now he’s starting to even backtalk Simon. Just get rid of him

dawn on

well, well, well… let’s face it, it took a lot of “kahunas” if ya’ know what i mean to be seen on national television with that faux hawk. gotta give the dude credit for that and that alone! i like his hair natural…naturally…hahahaha. quite frankly the only time i’ve seen any part of the show was when that poor kid was blubbering like the angst ridden teen that she is…on national television! besides that i am mostly a fan of the try outs, so much more entertaining.

Mandy More on

Myy fave of the hair styles is a tie between the faux-hawk and the shag. The poodle is so artificial and the ultra straight kinda grosses me out.
I feel bad for his sister. He’s getting so much attention (he is somewaht talented) and his sister has to take it all. At first I thought he was very talented and sweet and nice, but this just shows he’s trying to get attention and votes.
If he does win American Idol, he will disappear off the music radar so fast.

Annie on


Zahira on

PATHETIC – He’s not even famous yet.

Mary on

How can you be so mean, Annie? Your comment is coming off as racist, even if you didn’t intend to be that way. He hails from Seattle, which is where I’m from too. And for a guy, he has very excellent hair.

SJ on

Yeah, none of them look good. He shouldn’t still be in the competition. If i had to vote, I’d say the curly. But SERIOUSLY, whats with the faux-hawk?

Emma on

What is it with Sanjaya and his hair?!?!He can’t sing, and I still cannot believe he got didn’t get kicked off a LONG time ago. P.S. I hate that mohawk thing or whatever that was.The poodle thing too.

DesperateHousewivesFan on

American Idol SUCKS this year and i hate Sanjaya. HE SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!

c on

i dont like any of those hairstyles on him. straight hair makes him luk like a woman. and watsup with that mohawk? wtf is that. no offense sanjaya

Marina on

NONE!!! He looks so gay…. His firt picture is like Jennifer Hudson’s hair, going to J’lo’s hair, The third one is a relly good hair do, but definitely not for him, he looks like a woman, and the last one, he looks like… i donĀ“t know.. what…a DOG! he’s kind of cute, but too girly, he really looks so GAY!…. I accept that i wish i had my hair like his, so easy to change and really pretty hair, but for me (for a woman) ,not him.

Amanda on

Yea, not really sorry to say, but he’s gay and all of those styles are really ugly especially the hair down, he looks like a girl seriously! Please be kicked off! (Not to hurt your feelings but its true.)

dianne carroll on

i think that it doesnt matter what hairstyle he has, he sucks at singing. its not american hair its american idol. i think he shouldve gone home weeks ago.

keranssa on

i think he should just get a hair cut. and y is he still on the show?????????

maya on

sanjayas hair sucks

Kathy Lipper on

Michael Jackson wannabe.

Brittany Ann on

I think it’s sad when a guy has the prettiest hair on the show.

brooke on

OMG! i have never laughed so hard in my life! wth is with the last hair job! i mean the other ones were super awful but the last one did it for me. the guy has no singing talent whatsoever and his hair is probably the only thing keeping him in. everyone else in the compettition is so much better. why is he here! (or should i say she) i probably like the poodle look the best because its the best to make fun of.

KT on

They are all WEIRD!!! None of them!! I hate that long of hair on guys!!!

Edith Salinas on

To be brutally honest I have no idea why the guy is still in the competition. I think they should of kept his sister instead, the boy cannot sing. As for choosing a hairstyle I gues I would pick the second hairstyle because it reminds me of mine.

U2bella33 on

All hairstyles make him a bit feminine looking..don’t ya think?



A.J. on


Chirsta on

I’m just being honest, but I was appalled that Sanjaya wasn’t in the bottom 3 this past Wednesday and voted off, instead Chris Sligh went home. AI isn’t really credible as it is, but now AI is loosing all credibility. This isn’t a competition on who has the best hair, this is a singing competition. Can more people step up and vote this guy off instead of letting the 13 year old crying girls keep him on. I can admit AI produced SOME good singers, but come on. I’m asking myself why is Hayley still on the show…hmmm..must be men keeping her on because she’s pretty or hot as some men like to say, but she deserves to be there over Sanjaya definitely.

I vote for none of the hairstyles. If I really had to choose, I’d go with the poodle, LOL.

There is a place called: This site encourages people to vote for Sanjaya to keep him on. Go to the website and read the mailbag on what people have to say, they’re very upset with this website.

renee on

He looks just like my sister in all these pics. If I have to choose one, I would say the shaggy look. He’s really sweet looking.

Mona on

I don’t like that guy at all but if i have to choose … i’d say … the curls!

fonzey on

i think sanjayas hair looks its best curly. he actually looks somewhat like a guy with that hairstyle.

Robin on

Really I find absolutely no point in voting! They are all ugly and make him look like a girl. Except for the Mohawk thing on his head that just makes him look like a Rockstar Wannabe.

Delores Brown on

They are all weird. get this guy off my favorite show. thanks

charlie on

I dont like any of those crazy hair styles personly i think hes gay

Emily on

I personally do not like Sanjaya, but if I had to vote I would say that I like the curly hair he wore during Diana Ross week.

Terry on

He needs to go…His hair is always a mess and he cant sing….he just needs to go now now now

Fergalicious on

he’s gay.

jl on

All of those hairstyles are ridiculous.He is the biggest joke. He just needs to quit. Does he think that people are really going to buy any of his albums if he makes it??

Beth on

He should cut it short- Maybe he can be in on the Donald Trump/Vince Mcmahon bet- Shave it Sanjaya- !

night on

I’d like to see him sing in drag.

Maybe Baby on

He should follow Britney’s lead and shave the crap off. He looks like a she-male.

Jen on

All of them make him look like a chick, that straight and really curly makes him look like a teenaged girl, yuck. He should cut his hair and look like a boy, who knows he might actually be cute.

Anna on

You want my honest opnion, I think he needs a haircut? I havn’t seen him look good yet.

Quinci on

I would definately say I’m a fan of the faux-hawk. ;]

Joe on

Sanjaya has more press coverage than any other contestant..Sanjaya is more popular than President Bush…The show is totally centered around what will happen to him…Sanjaya has record deals already lined up after his stint with idol..Sanjaya has agents and managers lined up around the block to represent him………but you no it alls still say he cant sing?… SO FOR ALL YOU STUPID IDIOTS OUT THERE WHO DONT KNOW THE FIRST THING ABOUT WHAT IT TAKES TO MAKE IT IN THE MUSIC BUSINESS…PLEASE STFU…BECAUSE ITS CALLED ORIGINALITY AND THATS WHAT SANJAYA HAS !!!!! I PRODUCE BANDS AND THAT KID HAS AN AWESOME FUTURE!!!

Your Daddy on

WAAAAAHHHHH! None of you like Sanjaya, but he’s gonna win anyway! WAAAAAHHHHH!

k on

if he ever has a good hairstyle on the show i’ll probably die of shock. same for if he ever develops any kind of musical ability.

svetlona on

Okay seriously the kid cant sing and his hair is fugly! maybe it would be better to cut off the hair then kick him off! there a lot better singers who happen to be tone deaf!

Steven on

Have you ever seen an music artists picture or seen their music video, and it totally just throws you off their music for good? That’s what this guy’s album cover will do.

Steven on

Contestants are getting uglier and less talented nowadays….

CarolMariane on

As to Sanjaya Malakar’s hair changes, I’d have to go with the ultra-straight look. It makes him look more mature.

Miranda on

OMG Sanjaya sings sooo good and I watch him everythime…. I love his pony hock (ponytail-mohock) I went to school like that and every single person new i tryed to look like sanjaya lol. I hope he wins American Idol

paige on

okie he sucks… hes not talented and ugh he needs to get voted off… hes making the show look bad,
his smile is soo fake and then only reason hes still on is becuase people wanna ssee what hair styles gonna be nexted..

Jillian on

The shag looks best on him, but it looks like he’s cut his hair recently. I liked the longer look better – Sanjaya, please grow it out again!

??SScutie on

I really don’t like any of those hair do’s on him, on any crazy rocker it would look funny, but he really screws them up, by his earings i thought he was a girl…
People!!! VOTE HIM OFF AMERICAN IDOL!!!!! it’s not a wierdest wieldest hair competition!!its a singing one!!!

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