Has Mary-Kate Gone Working Girl?

03/28/2007 at 04:55 PM ET

Is this a whole new Mary-Kate Olsen we’re seeing? Where are the clunky shoes, the over-sized cardigans, the absence of pants? We can barely recognize the petite star in her trendy wide-leg pants, pale pink button-down shirt and darker golden-blonde locks. As she leaves an office building in L.A., she almost looks — dare we say it? — professional and conservative in her new ensemble. But don’t worry, the white sunglasses and chunky cocktail rings still give the outfit the signature Mary-Kate spin. Tell us: What do you think of Mary-Kate’s new look? Do you love it or miss the old funkier style?

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JH on

I think she’s too petite for the width of those pants. They swallow her up and look pretty UNprofessional in my opinion. However, it is nice to see a change!

Alice on

I have to agree with JH. I think the working girl look is great, but MK should stay away from the high-waisted pants…she looks like a 5 year-old playing dress-up with her mommy’s clothes. Cute shirt though!


Bebe on

Its nice to see Mary-Kate wearing clothes
that fit her right. Her oversize clothes
before make her look sick and old.
Hope to see more improvement
in her fashion style.

lmn on

shirt yes, maybe in a smaller size, with a cami peeping out, not the pants though…

Amy B on

It’s a nice change for her. Although on anyone else i would think it looks too big. I agree with the playing dress-up look. But it is refreshing to see her in ‘nice’ clothes.
I like her shades!

Shellsea on

What a refreshing change, this fashion choice is much better than what I’ve been seeing her in lately. I have to agree with the comments above though, the pants do seem a bit large for her.

Don on

I’m just glad to see her NOT look like a “bag lady” for once. Keep it up MK! You are doing better!

ucokaty on

nope not cute… try yet AGAIN….

nhilario on

mary-kate and her sister are such pretty girls and i would really like to see them dress accordingly —clothing that is less severe in design and sized to fit in softer colors, accessories that don’t overwhelm them and haircuts that complement and reveal their faces. they tend to come off as much older (in a bad way) and tired looking.

Kristen on

Anything is better than what we’re used to seeing IMHO. Maybe it’ll just keep getting better.

ML on

Personally I think this is a terrible look for Mary Kate. The pants are clearly too big for her and although the wide leg look is “in” and you can see what she was going for she didn’t pull it off.

Chirsta on

I completely agree nhilario. Mary-Kate and Ashley are very pretty girls. I would also like to see them wear clothes that fit. Not squeeze or are tight on their bodies, but clothes that dress them accordingly. I also agree the accessories they wear are overwhelming on them and their hairstyles just don’t give them justice. I also think that some of the make-up that is put on them can be a bit extreme, especially with the racoon-eye make-up, over extreme red lipstick. They look so much more older than they really are. I agree to acting mature and dressing mature, but they can still be young and hip too. These girls are so pretty and I hate it when they get such a bad wrap. My cousin has been a fan of them since she was a little girl and watching them grow up and she can’t believe the way they have turned out. Even though their outfits are out there, I do have to applaud them for being “good girls.” Meaning they are staying out of trouble (not being the next Paris Hilton). I haven’t heard anything about them being like that anyways.

As for MK’s outfit, I also think it’s refreshing. This look looks nice on her. I love the pants, but I think the width of the pants may be too oversized for her petite frame. However, I think the look would have been pulled together if she were to put her hair in a ponytail.

I did read somewhere that one of the twins was looking to get a nose job and the other twin thought it was a great idea and they both may be getting a nose job. I HOPE that story isn’t true. I try not to read too much into things and not believe, but I hope it’s not true and just a mumbo-jumbo story. They are pretty just the way they are.

Janice on

I think both Mary Kate and Ashley look like bobble-head dolls. Scary!!!! For kids with all that money they certainly have NO TASTE!


Id like to see a happy medium!
shes cute though shell figure
out the next treaddd =)

KT from Cda on

She looks pretty good. I don’t care much for the pants but it’s not a bad get up. I even like her hair. It looks not bad. Please someone pinch me! I must be dreaming. I never thought I’d like what she’s wearing.

R on

Oh wow, for a second I thought this was a picture of me which kind of scared me for a second. I think the style is cute. I was just in New York wearing the same outfit including the white legged pants (which I loved), shirt, sunglasses and black shoulder bag. Except I wore a chiffon scarf with the top because it was a little to plain with just the shirt.
Maybe if Mary-Kate added that, but I still think she looks great here.
I’m still not sure if she fits too well considering that it is an old look for a shorter girl but if she can work it, she can make it.

Noelle on

LOVE that girl. This is the best outfit I’ve seen her in in a LONG TIME. LOOOOOOOVE IT!

Tylo on

Those pants are a good move, but she’s still trying to hide her body in that baggy size 2 ;)
it’s still an upgrade i guess.. she went from oddball bag lady to oddball bag lady on a job hunt

cmelanieb on

OMG I am in shock! Her clothes actually look like they are store boought instead of found in the trash. I love her and Ashley I hope this is going to stick and maybe get better. Her hair still looks horrible but i forgive her lol.

Sarah on

Im not even kidding about this: This girl has to be one of the most unattractive people on the planet. I honestly feel bad for her because of her face.

delia on

you will think with all the money, she’ll know how to dress or pay someone to tell her at least.

sat on

why are they always snarling? they seem miserable!

shelbs on

Yeah she looks a lot better when she look professional! I won’t miss the old girl! Love the style!

rebecca on

i think that she looks stylish and conservative in a way she only can. shes just mixing mainstream corporate with her own mary-kate signature way. she hasnt lost her old style at all, its just morphed a little into this cool ensemble.


Yeah those pants are waaaaayyyy too wide for her…but it’s better than her usual hobo style…

Rebecca on

What a vast improvement! Mary Kate looks terrific. The pants are a little too big, but I’d take those any day over the t-shirt-over-tights look she had been sporting.

Kristin on

Well, it IS a baby step towards improvement. Better than the grunge look she has been sporting as of late.

Summerann on

I think it fits her just right. I think petite woman are always stuck with certain styles, but she pulls this on off. She looks stylish and adorable, I hope she dresses like this more often.

kaye on

I admire MK’s choices with fashion…..she is dressing accordingly with regards to her personality and comfortness…it makes her unique! Fashion should be comfortable and personal and that is what she is doing… she is not joining the bandwagon. And HEY, a few months later…. the other celebrities will be wearing these pants….wanna bet?!

j on

this is 100% better than before. if a petite girl can’t wear the high-waisted pants with pleats, then NO ONE will be able to JH, i think you’re wrong!

Heather S. on

Yes! From where she started from, this is a huge improvement! The pants haven’t completely won me over because they would look ridiculous on someone my height, but they really manage to elongate her legs!

Beth on

I think she looks great. I’m sure she has some insecurities about her body and wearing oversized clothing that kind of hides her figure, makes her more comfortable. The whole outfit is cute, and is totally acceptable for a 20 year old professional. I prefer to see her in clothing like this than flannels with leggings and those crazy ass black heeled shoes she was wearing so much..seems as though she is heading in the right direction in life! And it is also a little gratifying to see one of the girls actually working.

Cocoa on

I think she looks a bit better this way. Although both of them need to tone down a lot. Sometimes it looks as if they just step out of a thrift store that was having a sale. Maybe some slim pants will work, but the shirt is really cute.

Lucy on

Is it just me or is she and Posh sucking on the same sour fruit? No smile…..No food……She NEVER looks happy and I never see her smile? Maybe if she had a Oreo she would feel better?

Jordan on

i think most of the outfit is good except her pants. who would hire her for a job if she cant even pick the rjight size pants?

Julie on

The pants fit like they’re supposed to, and they look amazing. They’re pretty and highlight her petite frame. And the small shirt with the rolled up sleeves is perfect. I love this!

Jackson on

For once, she looks like a normal person. I always say ugly things about her but this time – she looks pretty darn good!

Chelsey on

I love MK’s office chic it looks good. P.S. I don’t think she gave up the funky style I think she just had to put in a days work at the office. Don’t worry Mary-Kate is not going to give up her awesome look for the office garb.

nambie on

I think she looks quite fashionable, you would really have to be into out-side-of-the-box style to appreciate it. I think she has excillent taste for the most part.

nambie on

I think she looks quite fashionable, you would really have to be into out-side-of-the-box style to appreciate it. I think she has excillent taste for the most part.

c on

ew. those pants doesnt look good on her. it makes her look hella short.

Marina on

I think she looks so much better than befor, but still donĀ“t like it, I think she needs to dress more casuall, more normal.

Tori on

MK finally comes out of her big jumbo clothes and changes into a twisted professional look. I don’t like the pants, but the shirt is really cute and classy. This look is completely better that her old blanket-covered look. Keep working on it MK! Good Luck!

Tori on

MK finally comes out of her big jumbo clothes and changes into a twisted professional look. I don’t like the pants, but the shirt is really cute and classy. This look is completely better that her old blanket-covered look. Keep working on it MK! Good Luck!

diaz novandy on

i really dont think that pants fit her . .
she seems like joking . .

Gina on

This is a little better look, the pants are a little to wide leg for her. But you know for both of these girls a smile would be a great starter to a new improved look.

Melani on

Too big pants for someone so small!!!!!!!!!!

Lucy on

Is not perfect, but is MUCH better than her old stile!!

Colette on

Those pants dwarf her! I thought I looked bad in wide-leg pants, but Mary-Kate has got to be about two sizes smaller than me. Still she doesn’t look too bad.

SK on

I liked what Mary- Kate is wore. It shows more of the fact that she could revolutionize fashion in so many ways. And I still liked her with baggy clothes, and cool fur jackets. Keep it up MK!!! :)! your doing a great job.

Jessica on

I think she looks so disgusting!!! Those pants are way too big for her and she looks like she is ready to fall over and die!

Kathy Lipper on

I don’t understand her appeal. she and her sister always look like 2 little girls playing dress-up.

Brittany Ann on

I’d love this outfit if it actually fit her. She’s such a beautiful girl; if she’d wear clothes that properly fit, she’d look amazing.
She’s on the right track with this outfit, she just still needs to realize how tiny she is.

Brooke on

I really dislike this outfit. She has a very small figure which makes these pants look TOO oversized and they don’t look trendy which there supposed to. I really liked her old indavidule style. It set a high fashion bar that made people go for a more unique style.

Leisha on

The pants would look great if they were the right size!

Alice on

I have to laugh at the person that said at least one of twins is actually working. Meanwhile, they have been working since before they could even walk.

mia on

ok horrid she may be trying to look professional but it isnt working she looks awful.

U2bella22 on

Good Grief..do these girls EVER look at themselves in the mirror before they leave the house. Is this the kinda clothes alot of money buys ya? Yikes!!

camila on

I think that MK is gorgeous no matter what she’s wearing. I mean she is a superstar and has gone so far thanks to her personal style, so i consider she shouldn’t be critizised.


Gea on

Those pants don’t fit her at all! Also she needs to pull them down a bit.

Marion on

I love it, she always has such funky clothes and i love the way she has her own style.

elm on

I have to say that I love the girls’ style precisely because it IS style. They’re daring and creative and it shows. Sure, some looks fare better than others, but at least they’re out there taking risks. I have nothing but admiration for adventurous ensembles. Heaven forbid we see these two out in Abercrombie t-shirts, low rise jeans, flip flops and a Coach bag.

Amanda Sweet on

omg- those pants are like SOOO unflattering!! she should check out a much smaller size. she would look good in them if they were skinny work pants.

aj on

i think mary kate has been dressing horribly lately and she needs drastic change. her makeup always looks horrible. WERE”D THE CUTE CHILD STARS GO?????

Robin on

all I can say is EWW!!!

Dana on

Ok, I have to admit that I don’t like the high waisted pants, BUT they are back in style. She needs something to accentuate her figure because she has the figure of a 12 year old boy. Maybe her size 2 body would benefit from a size 1 clothes so that it doesn’t look like she is wearing clothes that are 2 sizes too big. I do think that it’s an improvement over the whole homeless/hippie/hobo look. UGH!! Instead of getting her nose “done”, how about she smile and get her boobs done instead to give her a figure that is discernable. I say, good job on keeping with the trends rather than try to make her own, which doesn’t seem to work for her.

Emily on

I understand that Mary-Kate has her own style and that she wants to be very unique but these working girl pants just swallow her up. She is very petite and next time she goes for that looks I believe that she should pick a slimmer cut for her small body.

Carrie on

its not my fave. look but its better than where she has been going

Jen on

I love it!! Its such a could change from her stupid hobo clothes, towering boots and overdyed whtie blonde hair. That look made her like a sick, anorexic, no style dag. The new hair colour is a lot more natural, a good length & suits her. Well Done!!

Rachael on

She looks too sierious she should were clothes that actually fit her then she wouldnt look like a 10 year old! Sorry Mary Kate but I liked the funkyer girl better.

RKC on

MK Neeeds too lighten up she looks like a ten year old who is playing dress up I liked it better when she was funky I love the shirt bnut maybe in a size that she could actually FIT into.maybe if she is trying to look seirious she could go with a Jacket, shirt, and pants that actually FIT

Rachel on

I like the pants how they are different, i just think they would be a lot better if they weren’t so high and so wide. It never hurts to look good and be comfortable, but these look a little too comfortable.

LC on

I think that the shirt looks nice! but the pants look to big and baggy with the shirt cause the shirt is tighter. but its nice to see her were nicer cholthes that fit her!!

Cheyanne on

I think Ashley and Mary-Kate are beautiful girls. I think there styles are ok but i think most people would agree with me that a more casual look would look better.

maria on

love her style!!!!

keep like that mery-kate!!

andrea on

she looks like… i don’t even know what!!!!

Letter Coat on

i honestly never liked the way she dresses up. she’s sooo untidy. she tries too hard to be stylish but ends up looking rubbish. sorry sounding harsh. but its really my honest opinion.

CarolMariane on

I actually like Mary-Kate’s new look. It’s adds an element of sophistication and maturity to her overall appearance.

Jocelyn on

finally something that actually wearing pants

Doss on

It makes a nice change. The needed a bit more work though. I think the pants shouldn’t have been so wide legged, and they shoud have been lower waisted. The shirt needed to be a little more fitted. But loving the sunglasses, bag & new hair! & of course she is wearing some serious heels!

xsxynix on

i think she is so pretty she looks nice but the bottoms are a bit 2 big for her lol so who cares well i dont

Lindsey on

I think that’s Ashley. If you look at photos of them, Ashley has a rounder face and Mary-Kate’s is a little bit longer. The twin in this photo definitely has a much rounder look to her face. And her chin isn’t as prominent as Mary-Kate’s normally is. Also, this outfit looks a lot more like something Ashley would wear, not Mary-Kate. Either way, I like it even though it is on the baggy side…It looks a lot better than the homeless/grungy look they go for.

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