Hot Shop: Chloe Sevigny Hits Zadig & Voltaire

03/19/2007 at 01:00 PM ET

We spotted indie-actress Chloe Sevigny at the hip new Los Angeles boutique Zadig & Voltaire last week. The beloved French brand is a recent transplant to the US, and of course, trendsetter Chloe is already hitting it up. During her visit Chloe snatched up basic cashmere sweaters, tuxedo pants, a sequin vest, ballet flats, boots, a leather handbag – even a necktie (a favorite of two other LA girls)! The Sunset Blvd. haunt is also a favorite of fashionistas like Eva Longoria and Milla Jovovich. Check out their entire collection here. If you like what you see on the site but can’t make it to to the shop, call 310.358.9616 to order anything by phone.

Photo: Amy Graves/wireimage

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jennifer in tulsa on

Who is this woman?

Ashley on

Ok, bad news first…the link to this site sucks – I saw a couple of shirts and shoes that I really like, but nothing about pricing. Also, the web page locked up on my computer for a minute, so be careful. Very limited site.

Now for the good news…I did see several shirts that were really my style. They had some cute shoes too. But, of course, I prolly cannot afford anything they have!!!

Elda on

Chloe comes on some show on HBO, it’s about a man living with 3 women and they all have kids from him but i can’t remember the name of the show. P.S. thanks for the info Ashley.

Carly on

There’s nothing wrong with the site. If you’re having trouble viewing it or it’s freezing your computer, then your system is probably outdated. The prices are listed right under the items. Most items are expensive, but not they aren’t nearly as high as some of the boutiques featured in Off the Rack lately. I saw a necklace that I absolutely love!

Chloe looks SO cute in that ensemble! It’s the perfect mix of casual and chic :)

Dawn on

Big Love is name of the show i don’t like the idea i have to call for price and order if i look at a website for clothes and want it i want to order it there not call some one who might make a mistake.

May on

Has anyone besides myself watched her on the show Big Love with the exception of Dawn. She plays her role really well. Does anyone know when its going to be on again? Could someone please let me know!? As for the clothes, I looked at the web site and they are okay.

May on

Sorry Elda I didnt read the comments all the way through.

enigma on

Is that storyline behind “BigLove” TRUE!?!?!?!?!…

1 guy who is living with 3 women, he bonked each one and has kids with all 3….

THAT IS DISGUSTING!!! I can’t be believe that!!!?? YUCK!!!

I understand why networks want to be “edgy” just to gain high ratings but that storyline is out of place…??????

What woman in her right mind would CHOOSE to live in that sort of f#*@%!$-up situation!! “BigLove” my fuzzy ass!!

Please, excuse my being frank and honest!

j on

i like chloe & her style, but my question is (even w/her getting free shwag) how does she afford all the latest styles!? she’s not in very many films, and she can’t possibly get EVERYthing for free…can she?!?

Kayla on

Okay….I’m really sick of celebrities describing their exuberant purchases. What the heck has this girl done anyways….I’m sick of so called celebrities being famous for doing nothing extraordinary at all. Perhaps doing something humanitarian such as helping children in Africa would be a better means for some celebrities to use their time. So what, she did some shopping…doesn’t everyone?

Elda on

Hey Enigma i would think the same way because i don’t think i would want to share my man but HBO hasn’t shown the show in a while so maybe it went off the air or something but it was good acting though. who knows?

May on

Hey Enigma you do realize there are women out there that do live like the people on the show. That is how they got the idea I believe. Didnt you hear about the man who was wanted by the FBI for having that kind of lifestyle. Sorry I cant remember his name at the moment. They finally captured him. He had women and I believe young girls marry him. I dont remember the entire story with the sick twisted prevert. They usually hide it from the public. You know the fact that they have more then one wife. It is pretty disgusting, but the show is good. At times it makes me sick, but I cant get myself to stop watching. I hope I have not offended anyone, if I have well I apoligize. Its still sick and twisted.

Didi on

Chloe fashion style sucks big time.I never liked anything that she wore and this outfit is not great either.

enigma on

Hey May,

Yes, I do realize that there are women living in those sorts of situations but, I don’t think it’s by choice!! I do remember those stories on the news awhile aback…I think the story was of a moron priest and his 40 plus wives. I remember the look on the man’s face (thinking..”oh there’s nothing wrong with my lifestyle, I’m more of a man because of it”) YUCK!!

And, yes, there are other cultures (today) too that still practice having more than one wife. It’s a very old tradition/practice that has gone on for centuries in Africa, China, Japan, South America, and practiced in certain religions too. I know it’s all for pro-creation…back in the days when infant deaths were at aa all time high. But, today, it’s a practice I have never found true logic in or never believed in!! Thank God for the uproars in the 1960’s….We, women, have the right to speak out because we have the power of knowledge and have very right to put our foot down! I just find it disturbing to know that a show like “BigLove” is on TV and it is being classified as okay for “entertainment”..Yuck!! There is enough of that stuff on the news!!

Plus, I am very sure the performances by the actors were well executed and terrific!!

Anyway, thanks all for your input and no offense too!!

Cheers and Take Care!!!

May on

Enigma sorry to bother you again. The country where I come from sometimes has no rights for women, actually majority of times. About a couple of years ago a women, who I believe was involved in politics, was cought cheating on her husband and they wanted to hang her because of it. If remember correctly the man was also married. Now my question was why didnt they want to hang the man? It just shows you how backwards and stupid some cultures can be. Yeah okay I realize being an adulturer is not a great thing, but losing your life for it is insanity. The good part of it was of course America got involved and stopped the hanging. But of course no one looks at her the same way. If there was a discussion panel for this I think you and I would be the first ones to start it. Then again I think we already did.

jap on

ok, first of all…i looked at the site, nothing wrong with it runs fine. prices are in euros (E-shop). the styles are pretty simple.

second…maybe being a celeb doesn’t mean having lotsa money. perhaps they splurge even if they don’t have any. there are people like that. because they’re celebs they “have to look good” so they buy buy buy. lol and yes, i also don’t understand why celebs get free handouts…well, maybe it’s a perk if they can’t afford it. think of how many regular folks would buy stuff if they saw their “idols” wearing something branded.

enigma on

Hey May,

You are not bothering me, in fact your comments have been helpful and I welcome the feedback! I wish that, wherever you are, you and other women could rally and put this backwards thinking to end!!

I agree that adultery is a wrong act for men and women!! But, no one should be killed for it, that’s far too extreme for an act that can be forgiven…of course, all in good time and with respect…A person becomes stronger when they are willing to understand and to forgive why it happened in the first place, wouldn’t that be easier than losing a life over it!! I understand your question “why didn’t they want to hang the man!?” It only seems fair right!! But, (some) men have too much pride and consider and think of women ase 2nd class citizens so, if a woman does something wrong (just like a man) it’s the woman who suffer…in those men’s minds women are only good for cooking, cleaning, birthing, and a few others things I can’t name on this site. But, it’s ashame that women of today (no matter where we are) are still being treated as a commodity, like trash!

It pisses me off so much!! Okay, time to breath alittle here…There is a saying…”What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!” Well, I am glad to hear that the people who got involved were able to do something about it! But, it’s ashame the woman is probably being shunned from society now because of it!?!?!

May, I am glad you spoke up on this site and gave your perspective. I wish you the very best in life!!

Thank you!!

Peace, Cheers, and Take Care!!!

May on

Enigma yes its May again. Thank you for taking the time and reading my comments. I see your name often on this site.

I wish you all the best in life too, and you take care of yourself.

Hope to hear from you soon. You know its weird but I feel like I can talk about anything with you, even though I have no idea who you are, strange isn it? People are going to think I am weirdo, but I could care less.

Sorry I hope I have not freaked you out. I am going to stop now. Take Care.

rachel b. on

it’s in the bag when it comes to shopping, cool!

Christina on

Kayla –
You really think this is about Chloe describing her exuberant purchases, or the store using her in what is essentially an AD for the store? What’s more annoying than “celebs that haven’t done anything” is critics that haven’t done their research, because if they had, they’d account for the Oscar nomination Chloe earned for Boys Don’t Cry. If that’s “nothing extraordinary,” I don’t know what is.

Just because she’s chosen to do indie roles over the years and has remained relatively on the downlow unlike the mainstream clones doesn’t make her talentless.

enigma on

Hey May!! You’re funny and nice!!

No worries, you are not bothering me, no you haven’t freaked me out, and no you’re not a weirdo….he-hee!!!

But, I am sure some of the other posters here might get annoyied at the amount of our communication. But, that doesn’t bother me either! I think it’s great that people here (in “off the rack”) can feel a sense of communality through their understandings and beliefs!!

Take Care, Cheers, and Laters!!

Dixie Marie on

I have to say that I was very interested in what enigma and May had to say. You guys have some very good points. I agree totally with enigma’s first post. I am so glad to read that someone agrees with me that that kind of thing is sickening!! It makes me sick on my stomach.

Back to the actual post, I don’t even think I have ever seen this woman before. I guess I like some of the stuff on the site but I’m not too interested.

Alice on

To go along with what Christina said, Chloe is a very critically acclaimed actress and has been for many years. She just prefers to be an actress instead of a celebrity, thats maybe why you don’t know who she is. And from the article, it sounds like they spotted her at the store and followed her around to see what she was buying. Its not liked she called People and told then to write an article about some clothes she bought.

Kat on

Enigma….I just wanted to write and clarify something regarding the show “Big Love,” since it doesn’t look like anybody else has bothered ( I’m not trying to insult anyone here), the show revolves around the Mormon Community in Utah that still practices Polygamy and how it affects the people (women and children mainly) involved. It’s not a show just about a guy with three wives and how he sleeps with them and it also is not on TV saying that this lifestyle is ok, it’s more of what I would call a history leason on the Polygamy sect. of the Mormon Church!!!

enigma on

Hey Kat,

Thanks so much for the info about the show, that helps to have a better understanding!!

Take care and Cheers!

KT from Cda on

She looks more like fashion challanged then fashionable. I have to agree with “enigma” on this one. Yes it is sick that this does happen as we have all seen the news coverage lately but it is worse that a tv show had to be made about it just to bring in the ratings.

Megan on

What is so special about this woman? She is simple and and if you ask me she isnt that cute. She looks awful, why would anyone want to dress like her?????

Faaiza on

Megan…….what is wrong with being simple? I guess you don’t see anything special about her cause maybe you don’t know much about her.

Kaki on

The huge problem with Zadig & Voltaire is that is OVERPRICED for a really poor quality. All the cashmere I bought have no more shape after 6 months…I know this brand for a long time, I know also that we pay for the brand and not for “100% cashmere” (which is not always the case, be carreful, watch the tag!!). I don’t buy Z&V anymore, over… Even if Chloe Sevigny does!

dev on

i was just recently in Paris and absolutely loved this store. HANDBAGS are extremely cute and somewhat affordbale compared to other high end bags here in the U.S. Their bags offer a punk rock and roll style, but keep it polished and classy :)

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