Star Jones's Hair Stylist Gives The Scoop On Her New Do!

03/16/2007 at 05:00 AM ET

We heard from so many readers who loved Star Jones Reynolds new (more professional) look, specifically her new blunt bob haircut. The usually long-locked Reynolds entrusted her longtime stylist Oscar James to chop off her mane on March 5, just two days before the press conference announcing her new show on Court TV. “She said she wanted a new look– something to showcase her great new body,” he says. James– who also styles Vanessa Williams– opted for a simple, classic bob spiced up with five different colors from blonde to golden to chestnut. After two hours of not peeking, Star, James recalls, “spun around in the chair and she took a deep breath a went ‘oh’. I thought I was in trouble. But then she started smiling, she loved it!” And what does the new host of Court TV have to say about her new look? “It’s a new chapter in my life!”

Photo: Matthew Jordan Smith

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Chelle on

LOVE IT!! Star looks AMAZING! Wishing her the BEST!!!

Sandra in Detroit on

That’s really trusting your stylist! I wish my hair stylist had such a strong idea on what would look best on me.

wanda on

Star looks Great. Brava! God Bless you in your new undertaking.

BR on

After 35 a woman should not have long hair. But what is the big deal about her getting her weave cut. It isn;tlike it was her hair, and if she didn;t like it she could just get a new weave

elle on

She looks great has far as her weight loss.. Her hair color is OK, but it is to straight and stringy. She needs more body and a better style..

confused on

who makes that black shirt?

Rox on

Star’s new look suits her. She looks great. She’s kicked up the class. Great job, Star.

DAC on

I don’t care what this woman looks likes. She is a liar, back stabbing money hungry mongrel. I’m surprised if anyone will want to watch her let alone pay her for her self proclaming ways on the airwaves. She makes me sick and her trying to so drastically to make herself look different, didn’t work. Same ol Star. Pretty pathetic to me.

Linda on

DAC…GET A LIFE. Did she do something to you?????? do you know her on a one to one basis? seriously STAR YOU LOOK GREAT and good luck on your new show..I will be watching it..

Elda on

Her make and outfit really fits her well, i wish her the best on her next project!!

tarrimarie on

I think Star looks great! Her new haircut improved her look. She looks slim and sophisticated, good luck on new job!

Caroline on

“spun around in the chair and she took a deep breath a went ‘oh’.


Maxine on

If anyone of us is perfect… cast the first stone or better yet, take a look at yourselves in the mirror. Star congrats on the new chapter in your life and my sincere wish is that you put God first and the rest will follow.

K2007 on

Star has always looked fabulous and out dressed the other folks on the View. Star is just adding to the beauty that was already been there. She looks very youthful. Thanks goodness black does not crack.

K2007 on

Star has always looked fabulous and out dressed the other folks on the View. Star is just adding to the beauty that was already been there. She looks very youthful. Thanks goodness black does not crack.

k2007 on

Star has always looked fabulous and out dressed the other folks on the View. Star is just adding to the beauty that was already there. She looks very youthful. Thanks goodness black does not crack.

Kimber Barton on

I hate the look. She needs some kind of bangs to cover her humongous forehead. And the glasses are too strong – she needs to soften her look.

Lindsay on

She looked better fat. She has a bird face now

Dixie Marie on

I think she looks great!! Way to go Star!!!

Elizabeth on

I think people care too much about things that are not important! If she likes her look that I love it! GO STAR! And for those who have negative comments, than don’t look at her and all of you problems will be solved.

margo on

My comment is ‘who cares?’.

KD on

This look is great for Star. She looks very nice and classy. I’m glad she’s wearing glasses too, it softens her eyes which tend to look really big and bulgy without them.

Deborah Kennedy on

Did Star ever say how she lost weight?I know she denied gastric by-pass.She lost weight very fast and looked sick
but it’s looking more and more the norm.I really wish her the best on her show.I think the view was wrong.

sade on

If you dont care why have you bothered to write…… I think she looks great, for those of you who have negative comments, have a look in the mirror……your not so hot!

Over 55 on

To “BR”. What is this about women over 35 should not have long hair? My Aunt Anna wore her beautiful, long white hair in either a braid or a bun until the day she died at 87. It’s not up to you to decide at what length a woman wears her hair. I will wear my hair long (shoulder length or longer) until I can no longer care for it or I don’t like it, not because of someone else’s opinion or fashion dicates.

Selena on

I, too, don’t understand all the hoopla – especially about her haircut since it is a weave and could easily be redone if she didn’t like it. It is just like putting on a different styled wig which is hardly anything newsworthy.

melissa on

Star, you look gorgeous and professional. Much classier.

Cheryl on

Star needs a bang or something, but this cut is better than the long weaves. Its an improvement.



stacy on

Do you thang girl!!! You look good. I’m so happy your a sista and doing so well… Dont u just love your haters!!!! Keep them upset…

Beatriz on

Why is Star Jones Reynolds making such a big change in her life? When she was fat, unmarried, and with big hair she was “BETTER” liked and way more successful. Why all the change?

erica on

Over 55,
My mom has long hair and she is 55. As you mentioned your aunt wore her hair in a bun or braid! So does my mom and I hate that. I am always telling her to cut her hair! Have a style! If you’re going to have long hair to wear in a bun or braid you’ll look old! This is not Little House on the Prairie! I am 30 and just cut my hair into a pixie cut yesterday! So easy and stylish and my husband loves it! Why are women so afraid of change???

Stephanie on

I really like Star’s new look. I really do!!! She look great! Wonderful!! Go Star!

Penny on

I’d like to say KUDOS to the photoshoppers who touched up this image of Jones-Reynolds. The thighs don’t match, but they’re pretty close, and the waist has a pretty good hourglass cutout going on. I run 50 miles a week but yet her thighs are thinner than mine, and I only weigh 118 pounds, so good job. Man, I’d love to see what they could do with pics of the rest of us! HERE, HERE!

Jazminer on

Star! Looks great she was one of the best Hostess from the VIEW! the VIEW is not the same without her…she looks BEAUTIFUL!!!Wish her the best!!

Tiffany on

I think Star was “better” liked because she was fat, unmarried and had bigger hair. People like that in Hollywood tend to get overlooked. Now that she has made a drastic change in her life, the spot light is now on her. Human nature makes us ask why and even begin to covet things that we see everyday. It is sad but true, most of the negative comments on here and every where else stem from jealousy. Sad, huh?
Star, you look fabulous. You are truly an inspiration.

Krista on

Her hair looks good, but let’s face it – she’s still Star!! Same old annoying, pretentious know-it-all.

BC on

Linda you get a life. She looked better fat her face is all fake looking she is nasty and she screwed up with Barbara Walters bad mistake her show will NOT last.

stephanie on

Oh c’mon. Star’s egomania is what’s offensive. Who says “I want a hairdo that shows off my great body?” particularly if the great body was achieved via gastric bypass.

Rose Pickens on

Star, you look great!!! I am so proud of you. I hope you stay encourge and keep moving forward. People always have something to say, whether it’s good or bad. Just belive in yourself and live every day to the fullest.

Ashley on

You crack me up Lindsay!! She DOES have a bird face now!!

nan on

i love the new look. she is finally in proportion with her small size! she always looked a little too big “headed” with the long hair since she ost so much weight.

Alice on

I hope she got rid off her over the top diva attitude along with her bad hair.

Bibi on

Star looks OLD and Starved!!!!! PLUS, I a can not praise someone who didn’t tell the truth about a common weight loss surgery. I use to like Star, but since I saw her not being honest about her weight loss story, I lost respect for her. She owed it to her fans from the beginning to TELL THE TRUTH. I think it was a publicity stunt so she could “milk the public” SHE IS A FAKE! Plus she lost an opportunity of a life-time with Barbara Walters! Well, I’m over it, so what ever floats her boat. I wonder if she stills breaths as heavily as she did on the “VIEW”? I honestly hope she is in better health. With this said, let me get back to realty and make some BBQ!!! Want some Star?

lacey on

I am 40, still have long hair and will not get it cut, not because of change, but because I would look just like my brother, ew. If she had gastric bypass, who cares? It’s her body, her business. But I do agree she needs some bangs to soften up her forehead. Live your life for you Star, not for anyone else.

noaveragechik on

If Star is happy, then we should be happy for her. I think her new look suits her and definitely seems to make her feel good about herself and that’s what counts! She is talented and smart and seems to have found a fresh, new look for her new show. She looks healthy and ready to begin a new chapter in her life and career!

Ng on

Life is evolving. Star you look absoutely wonderful. You looked good back in the day and you look even better now. The brain and the inner is what counts and it seems to be in the top of the range – hence the new show. Big ups to you.

Blair on

She looks good.Best wishes for Star.

Axelle on

I don’t get the big deal about Star not disclosing the method she used to loose weight. It is a personal matter, i mean if she wants to share it fine, and if she doesn’t that’s fine too! It’s her right. If you had hemmoroids, would you sit on national tv and announce it or announce how you got treated for it???????? Hello, it is no different, our personal lives are our own persoanl lives, that doesn’t mean because we are in the media spotlight we are obligated to tell everyone what’s going on healthwise, it’s a matter of personal choice. Only she knows how she struggled and if she felt it fit not to talk about it, i think we should all respect that. Now let’s move on!!

jj on

To all the haters..shame on you. Dac..and the rest hopeless souls…GO GET LIVES!STAR you look great, you left the view in style…you never talked bad about been on the show..i dont watch the view anymore..standards have gone to the dogs!!

Susy on

She looks like a dry lizzard.

Michelle on

My only question is where did all of the extra skin go when she lost the weight? She must have had it cut off. She was way too big and lost way too much weight to just bounce back like elastic. As for her hair- it’s kinda plain. She has a big head and a big face and needs a lil fluff to help cover that up. Her face looks WEIRD now. Any thoughts…?????

brooke on

she looks so much better in this picture than in any of the other ones i have ever seen of her

MC on

Not only do I not think her hair looks better, I think it makes her head look even bigger. She looked better when she was heavier, than at least her head didn’t look like a balloon floating over her body. Besides, it is what is inside that counts, so lets look inside Star Jones; liar, back stabber, God-complex, Vain. She needs to worry about the inside and stop focusing on and lying about the outside.

KT from Cda on

Star looks great and I congrats her on loosing weight. I don’t care if she had gastric or did it counting calories or what ever. The fact is she did it. People that are very heavy are at risk of developing many health conditions and they should do whatever is in their power or bank accounts to do so. As for the long hair issue, I have long hair and I am 35. I have no intention of cutting it either. When I go out in public, I wear it long and I always use a flat iron on it. Sure it takes about 10 mins to run an iron through my hair but it is well worth it. When I’m just staying in then I wear it in a bun. Long hair looks great at any age as long as its well taken care off and styled to your own taste. Sure I’ve had short hair in the past but I feel more comfortable with long hair. I really don’t understand why people are always going on about people who have long hair should cut it. I’m not into fashion but the one thing that I have noticed is that there is a lot of models out there with long hair. If people let fashion dictate their lives then why is their such hatred to long hair???

serenity on

Star looks fabulous. I love EVERYTHING about her new look. She looks younger and her body just keeps getting better.

Jen on

I can make myself look that good if I spent as long on photoshop as howver fixed this picture.
Losing that much weight aged her face big time.

B on

I have no problem with Star Jones, and I think she was beautiful when she was heavier. It was great to see a strong, beautiful woman on tv who happened to be heavy. I was proud of her for losing weight (however she did it), but this picture (which is the most recent and only very recent picture I’ve seen of her) looks like her head is too big for her body. I think it has to do with the angle of her body and maybe her forehead (which someone mentioned earlier). Regardless, the haircut is cute (though bangs might help) and I love her glasses.

randi on

Starr looks so great… matter what she did or how she did it or how she did it… takes
discipline to keep it off..She deserves all
the good things coming her way

k. on

I can’t stand her. She looked better heavier and what’s with the huge forehead. Get some bangs, girl!

vic on

Congratulations Star, on your new look and new job. May God continue to bless you. You look fantastic………



Carly on

First of all why r we wasting our time doing these things in the first place its not like she reads them! But I have to say she looks HOT!

Ismarelda on

Star looks great! It is her real hair however, who would wear a weave that short. You can look at and tell. And for those who are commenting, I hope she continues to wear her real hair period, whether you are black or white or other ethniticities. Extensions are very damaging to women’s hair and the stylists who use them are just making money off of these women who are ruining their hair. And white women wear weaves and hair extensions too, but as usual, they don’t publicize it and they say “extensions”. I know because I am a hair stylist and you wouldn’t believe how many non-women of color are damaging their hair with this stuff. I refuse to use them on my customners and tell them if that is what they want, they can go elsewhere. I am in the business for the care of the hair, not the damaging of the hair.

Star good luck to you, I know you will be a smash, I was with you throughout all the dirt thrown at you on The View and Barbra WA WA is getting her pay back. Star, you did’t deserve what was done to you. It was nobody’s business what you do with your body and since when is it a job requirement to discuss your medical options? Just because that sick puppy Ms. O’Donnell wanted you too. ANd so what if you were delirious with happiness over your wedding and so what if you are a style queen? Women do so much dirt to each other it makes me sick. And what happened to Star regardless of how she carried herself was dirt being donen to a women of color, by who? White and Jewish women. So I’m glad that Star left the View and I’m glad she took matters into her own hands and told the truth as to why she was leaving. I care less about Barbara’s intent to use Star until she brought Rosie on, how insensitive and heartless. And I’m glad that Star showed her intelligence and Trumped her. Donald Trump was the only one who spoke on that bit of dirt done to Star. No one championed Star, but everyone took daggers to her.

So I am happy for her and I hope she becomes bigger than Rosie and Barbara Wa Wa. I once respected Barbara, but no more as far as I’m concerned she is a liar and she can’t be trusted.

Kristen Y on

Short hair hair is much better for the frame of her face.

rachel b. on

Jones has got a new cute hair-do! She has definately changed since having that weight-loss surgery and just is not the same and I miss not seeing her on The View because of her eagerness to join into the daily convo and make funny remarks. I can’t get why, she had to look like everyone else but her old Star self?

Latoya on

She looked GREAT BEFORE her weight loss, but after ….ehh. This is the best she has looked since the weight loss. She lost too much at once and looked terrible. I hope she’ll look better as time goes on. The glasses are too big but besides that it’s ok.

Krystal on

She’s a beautiful lady regardless, but I preferred her more glamorous look.

Tamara on

Star at first I thought you were making a big mistake! But after I have seen you today gyrl I must say that you look fantastic! Gyrl I know you feel it too! You only live once take advantage of technology and love the skin your in!!!!

megan on

Why does she always look like her head was cropped in from another picture??? Id be less worried about the hair and more worried about catching the person that did that to her.

Mandi on

Who says you cant have long haor after 35? the person who said this is an IDIOT!

There are a lot of hot female celebraties who are 35 and older with long hair.

Chirsta on

I agree Mandi and Over 55.

My grandmother has long beautiful hair. She’s not afraid of change, she just loves her hair. Who cares if she’s stylish or not, since when is it a crime to wear your hair the way you want it. Whether she wears her hair in a bun, braid or down, it really doesn’t matter. There’s more important things to worry about than whether your hair is stylish or not. My grandfather thinks my grandma is still rocking even after 35 yrs. of marriage.

As for Star Jones. Congratulations to her and I wish her the best. I love her new look. I love her hair. She looks great.

Kat on

Wow, Star Jones looks amazing with her new hairdo and the glasses. I almost didnt even recognize her! It is a major improvement and goes so well with her new body image.

Walt on

Who is she? She look a bit better than monkey… is she beautiful? Are you blind all?

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