Lindsay Lohan Goes Blonde! Love It or Hate It?

03/08/2007 at 02:00 PM ET

Wow! Only a day after lightening her hair from chocolate brown to light red, Lindsay Lohan has dyed her hair again — this time to a bright blonde. After spending two hours and $400 at the Neil George Salon in L.A., Lindsay emerged yesterday afternoon with dramatically lighter locks. Is it just us or does she really look like her blonde mother Dina now? Was yesterday’s red just part of a two-step process of lifting her dark hair up to brown, or did she really just change her mind on the color? We just hope this is the end of the dyeing, and a shocking platinum à la Selma Blair isn’t next! Tell us: Do you love the blonde or hate it? Which look do you like best for Lindsay: brunette, redhead or blonde?

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erin on

i hate it. she looks much better with dark or red hair. ( and without the fake tan!) a little color is good, but she’s taking it too far!

Deepti on

I’m not sure how I feel about the color, but I do like how striking it is on her.


While the color itself is very pretty, she is just NOT a blonde kind of girl. It washes her out..Her brows are sooo dark, and it makes her skin look splotchy. Ouch! Stick to warmer and more natural hues. Not everyone in this world is suppose to be blonde and bubbly. AMEN sista.

Marcia on

PULEEEEZE…..all these young girls need to LISTEN to their stylists…..and at the very least, color the eyebrows to match the hair! Actually, I always preferred LiLo with her more natural, auburn color, but this can/might be fun for spring…just get the eyebrows lightened! (At least her nails are usually in good shape……BRITNEY!!!)

Generation Mess on

She looked better with dark tresses. She should stick with shades that compliment her eye brows. I’m no shrink, but is LL expressing how unhappy she is with herself by constantly changing her look? I’m bored already – I think I’ll go shave my head.

Nicole on

She has gone from black, to red, to blonde in less than a week. At this rate, her hair is going to fall out! The new color is ok, at least it isn’t “bleach blonde” last she had awhile ago, that was awful! I like red for her better.

BR on

she is way too pale for light hair. he skin looks horrible with lighter hair, also not a fan of the dark eyebrow light hair look.

amy on


tammy on

get rid of the fake tan!!!

Kari on

I prefer her hair darker. I wish she would lighten her makeup, her face is always so much darker than her neck.

Dawn on

The red was more natural, the dark hair my opinion makes her look older and drained. The blonde looks ok but it show’s all those freakles and she’s not the cute 12 yr old is she. I agree if your gonna go blonde please do the eyebrows to.

Amanda on

Oh its awful… looks soooo fake

deb on

GEEEEEZ LOUISE! the girl changes her hair color like the rest of us change our underwear ~ if Lindsay keeps this up she may not have to worry about dyeing anything as it will all have fallen out!

Elvira on

You know, i’m really not liking this color AT ALL! I think that the darker colors suit her much better. This color makes her frekles stand out more and truly does wash out her face. Overall, the girl is beautiful and can pull any color off but this one just isn’t the best for her.

Heather S. on

Ehh, its ok. I’m waiting for her to go back to a color that suits her skin… the ones she’s been doing lately just make her look like she’s using olive oil as a cleanser! The blonde doesn’t give her the healthy, even skin tone someone her age should have.

Elda on

it looks ok but i still prefer her natural red hair, i don’t think she realizes how beautiful she looks w/her natural red locks.

alice on

Ugh, not the blond again. I thought she learned her lesson the first time. And look how much darker her face and her neck are compared to her chest. If you are gonna go overboard on the fake tan, at least do it evenly.

Creamy on

she looks great ;D! GO linds!

Rose on

I dont think going all blonde is the right look for Lindsay. I think keeping her natural color and perhaps adding some blonde highlights would be the best color for her!

kate o'connor on

It’s aful on her!!!I love the colour itself but her eyebrows don’t match it and it looks far too much like a wig…anbody agree with me??i thing really dark or the ‘mean girls’ red deffinately suited her best

Nicole on

To add to my earlier comment, I do like how the blond really intensifies her eyes.

j on

nope, HATE it. shoulda kept the red. lay off the tanner too LL!

Lisa on

I love red hair and Lindsay’s natural hair color will always be my preference for her. However, I think she is a VERY BEAUTIFUL young woman no matter what her hair color is this hour (as long as she HAS hair!!) and I see nothing wrong with changing it often. I don’t believe she does it because she is “unhappy with herself”. I change my hair color every 6 weeks! I get bored! LOL How about we all just stop nit-picking this girl and let her live her life the way she wants. IT’S HER CHOICE.

Lisa on

And her eyebrows are fine! Lightening them would look ridiculous!

JenB on

She looks better with red, her natural color. And yes, red is often the “in-between” color when going from brunette to blonde and vice versa.

Elizabeth on

I don’t think the blond looks too bad on her, but the chocolate locks she had before looks the best.

If she REALLY wanted to look stunning, she’s tone down the tanning just a little bit, so it’s more of a subtle glow than, an obvious spray, so there’s more contrast between the skin and hair. =D

dana on

Who cares what color her hair is, she needs to stop dying her freakin skin!!! oh my god, lay off of the self tanner, maybe she should seek rehab for that!!

Marti on

I think Ms. Lohan is a very pretty young woman and the dark hair really made her eyes pop, but she’s a natural redhead and, IMO, I think she should stick w/that. The blonde is ok, though. Maybe it’s for a movie role???

Evelyn on

I like her as a blonde. Although, I do like her best as a brunnette. It gives color to her pale skin and brings out her eyes.

Michelle on

I actually like this blonde a lot better than before when she went blonde. It’s not too light. I really like the brown hair on her best but I think this looks nice for a change.

S on

Although not a big fan of Lohan’s, I do think her hair is great! Whether dark, reddish, or this new lighter look, her hair always looks fab!

HLS on

Hate it – way too unnatural and not flattering in any way. Her natural auburn color is gorgeous and I wish she’d go back to it. Otherwise, the dark brown (not black) was definitely better than this blond.

Patrick Gray on

The change of colour in her hair is for a film role. The film is titled “The Best Time of Our Lives”. It is about poet Dylan Thomas. Lohan plays Dylan’s wife Catlin who had blonde hair. The film starts shooting in April in Wales.

mena on

It doesn’t look bad..But she should stick with red!! It’s what makes her stand out..

loren on

Her hair and face are competing for the same fake color. Go back to red, be pale, revel in being unique.

samantha on

it matches her she is a DUMB BLONDE

Haley on

Believe it or not, I think it looks good on her! I don’t particularly like HER, but her hair looks great. It brings out the color in her skin, whereas the darker color always makes her look more washed-out.

jen on

She can pull off all of the colors, but I like her best with red hair.

Jane on

I think she is one of those people who looks good in any hair color, however my preference is on the darker side. I do agree with the tan color comment, its a bit orange. With her money I would think she could do a bit better. I would like to add that of all the teen queens out there she has to be one of the more likable ones. kudos to her mom Dina.

Lauren on

I hate her with blonde hair. It makes her pale and brings our her freckles more. I like her with either red or black hair. I think she should go back to her natural red. She looks pretty with her natural color.

Heather on


Canadian Cutie on

Lindsay is most beautiful with red hair. As a blond, looks like everyone else in L.A. Her personality reflects a smokin’ redhead, not a blah, brainless blond!

K on

HATE IT!!! HATE THE TAN, HATE THE BLONDE!!! For the love of God go back to and stay with the RED!! Hopefully she will color it so much that she has to shave it all off…like Britney! LL likes the attention so why not?!

georgie on

she looks dirt cheap with blonde hair.

Kayla on

I like her hair colour better red. The colour she had in mean girls was amazing. This doesn’t look good on her.

tasha on

UGGGHHH!!! how awful!! such a pretty young talented young lady this new “color” makes her look to hard and old. i guess this is her version of pulling a “Brittney-Meltdown” hopefully she pulls herself out of this funk (that and she might want to ease up on the whole 80’s make up)

Jenn on

OMG!!! maybe she will be next to do the shave thing. Remember Britney went through the same thing with the hair dying before she went bald!!!

Veve on

she should have stayed with the auburn hair. Red looks so much better on her!

Lisa on

She is a pretty girl… but once again, I am so tired of this orange spray tan. What’s up with that? I know she has to be able to see that it makes her look orange rather than tan.

lkd on

SICK! SHe needs to stick with the Red or even the darker!

C on

She looks much better with her natural red hair, but the blonde isn’t that bad. I like it better than the dark brown. Her skin looks so strange, though. She either needs to stay out of the tanning booth or lay off the tanner, because her skin tone definitely looks bad.

Wanda Calvert on

I like it , she probably needed the change ,like a breath of fresh air

jojo24 on

she’s better off natural.

Rio on

Good Lawd Lindsey!! Go AWAY…..

J on

Lindsay Lohan looks most beautiful and sexiest with her gorgeous red hair. Beautiful red hair and green eyes reminds me of Disney’s “The Little Mermaid.”

sat on


alejandra on

I think that she is not happy at all with herself. Getting a new look once in a while is healthy, but all these hair color changes in less than a week? And what about the fake tan? It seems that she can´t just accept herself and wants to be somebody else. Note: readheads can´t get a tan, is genetic, Nicole Kidman and Julianne Moore seem to have come to terms with it and embrace it.

Michelle on

I think Lindsay Lohan is gorgeous and has the potential to be a good actress but she just keeps screwing up (ok, I admit that dyeing your hair an ok color isn’t that terrible, but I’m not over the focus on her public life yet)
She looks the best with richer colors – auburn, copper, chocolate brown, even black. And while this shade of blonde isn’t as terrible as the last time she went blonde (maybe it’s also because she’s not emaciated this time around), that color just doesn’t flatter her.
Believe me, I wanted to be a blonde for the longest time, but I realized that, like Lindsay, I need to stay with the more saturated colors – so now I just flip between different shades of brown and red.

Jen on

Instead of investing so much time and money trying to “change” their look with their moods, these celebrities should invest in a really good therapist to get to the bottom of what’s really going on.


i think this hair color goes good with lindsay loveing it!

Mark on

I don’t think she looks good anymore, no matter what her hair color. She just looks fake and unhuman.

mariesue on

I hate it, I prefer the colorshe got just before, it was the best one.

pam on

as a hairdresser for 11 years now, I will say that colouring your hair does NOT MAKE IT FALL OUT!! No matter what you are doing to it. I can make it weak and brittle, it make break off, but not fall out.
That being said, The reddish tones suit her the best, but as a girl, we are always changing our minds and trying new things. It’s just hair, and as celebs prove it, we can always change it back. It’s not permanent like a tattoo.

Elsa on

Once again, just one person looking at another person…I wouldn’t care if she were the Queen of America:
I don’t know that the blond looks bad on her necessarily, it just doesn’t look GOOD. I think it looks like a wig…doesn’t suit her.

Pick a general color and stick to it, please. Something in the red genre would be best.

Lillian Gorham on

Her hair is mostly extensions. I hope that women don’t actually think they can pull this stunt, switching colors in a few days. The hair will break off.

hailey on

washes her out but it doesnt look terrible. who can blame her though? after all, blondes do have more fun! =]

LB on

Not cute lindsay…stick to the red or brown color

Jen on

Blonde is too light for her…she needs to go back to a deeper red or brown, it suits her better.

Jillian on

I think she should stick to her natural red w/ a lil highlights around her face. Blonde is pretty, but red is more unusual, and I think it fits her personality more.

Ellie on

This looks good, but i LOVED the strawberry blond color she had for like a day between the dark brown and this blond. I think this looks better than the really dark brown, but i prefer her hair either strawberry blond or auburn

HL on


alice on

Its funny, they had a different picture up earlier where her bad fake tan looked 10 times worse than it does in this one. Her face didn’t even match the rest of her body. This new pic looks completely airbrushed. I commented on it earlier but for some reason, it didn’t post. Very interesting….

anonymous on

please, please go back to red. Why dye it? It was so pretty.

cat on

Colour’s ok – hate the fake looking extensions. Looks like she’s trying to be Jessica Simpson.

lillianne on

eyebrows should match hair?? how about hair color that expensive should at least match the extensions. the extensions are at least two shades lighter than her hair.

val on

i love it! she looks great.

Tasha on

I think her hair is pretty but blonde does not look good on her. She looks wayyyy better with dark brown or red.

Ann on

Hate Her!

Unimpressed on

Please Lindsay, Stop! you are going to regret what you are doing with your body. stop the dyeing or whatever you are doing. YOU LOOK MUCH MUCH OLDER THAN YOUR AGE!

UW on

Love it…..Love La Lohan……..She’s hot

Anne on

I think it’s aight. She looks decent in this picture. I really hated it when she dyed it blonde before. It was bleach blonde and she was too. She actually looks decent with this because it’s still got a little of the dark mixed in and she’s got a little color to her skin and some meat on her bones. Not bad, not bad. I kinda think dark hair is better for her, but again, this pic is pretty good.

B on

I think she looks best with red hair. It suits her skintone best and is a nice contrast w/ her eyes.

I think the blond looks ok. I prefer it over the dark brown. The brown washed her out in my opinion.

I agree with the others..the fake tan has to go. She looks best pale, with some weight on her frame & with red hair.

She’s still beautiful though, no matter what she does!

Amora on

Lindsay looks better with darker hair. What she needs to work on is her makeup. She is so hard looking. It’s terrible….maybe it’s from the hard life she has been living…truly sad.

Rebecca on

Yuck! It’s better than the lighter blonde Lindsay used to have, but still, her original red looks best on her. She really needs to lay off the bottled tan and maybe exfoliate better- she’s looking so much older in this photo.

hater on

she needs to get rid of her fake blue eyes too.
like you have green eyes… try not to change everything that god gave you.
also stop going to spray on tanning salons and stop bleaching your hair. you’re from NY not LA.

sgirl on

I love it. She look better to me with the light hair. It is a new her to go with her new outlook on life. She looks mature and not like a teenager.

mary on

ew. looks trashy. i dont even like her

Holly on

I don’t like her with blonde hair or black hair. I preferred her much more as a red head. She used to be so behaved, but now she is a party animal. I just wish she would grow up and start acting like a woman.

priscilla on

lucky lindsay can pull off any hair color, but I think a darker shade suits her better. blonde doesnt complement her complexion.

Megan on

It looks like a wig.

Laurie on

Her natural colour is GORGEOUS on her. There are far too many fake blondes! She is getting her life back together and she should just be herself.

Maribel on

She looks gross especially in this pic. She looks crazy. I agree with what someone said below that she is probably unhappy with herself cuz she keeps changing it up. She just like other celebrities need to get over themselves and act real.

Linds please stick with dark hair you look healthy and better that way

Jenna on

I think Lindsays style always is the best

kate on

it doesn’t look real

Samantha on

I love Lindsay with her natural red hair and fair skin. This whole “Barbie” look doesn’t fool me! Why did everyone fall in love with her in the first place because of her natural beauty.

Lynze on

I LOVE HER HAIR…..leave the poor girl alone

Jonelle on

Lindsay,honey … I have four words for you: GO BACK TO RED!
She needs to pull herself together and go back to the locks that nature gave her. I liked her look in “Mean Girls.” Remember when the character Damian asked her character Cady if the auburn was her “natural color” and told her it was “beautiful?” Enough said!

Bex on

While her hair looks pretty in THIS picture, I prefer her with auburn/red hair. She looks much more like Ann Margaret with the red hair.

Lucy on

Love it! she looks very nice in any color…ppl are just jelous of her or something!

Diane on

The hair is too long and too fake looking. She should cut about a foot of it and go back to being a redhead. Hollywood has a million blonds. La Lohan used to be unique.

laura on

i love lindsay’s natural hair color, the strawberry blonde goes well on her as well!

Harlow on

I have always said this…if you’re gonna try to pull off the blonde look, you have to lighten your eyebrows if you have dark brows (IMO). If you don’t lighten up your brows and you’re prancing around with blonde hair and dark brows, of course it’s gonna look kinda funny. I love the color itself (I’m a blonde..I real blonde, LOL), but I just don’t like her dark eyebrows. I think if she wants to do something different, she should lighten up her brows, and the color might look decent on her. For some reason, with the dark brows and the blonde hair, she looks evil looking, LOL.

From what I can see from Lindsay’s skin, I think she needs to stop with the tanning and the laying out in the sun. If you lay out in the sun or self tan too much, you’re gonna get brown blotches on your skin. After awhile when your skin peels over a period of time, it’s gonna do that to your skin. When my mom was younger she used to lay out so much, she let me see what tanning booths and sunning in the sun did to her, and she showed me little brown patches on her neck and arms. Either that or what we’re looking at is Lindsay’s some what pale skin with freckles on them, I can see them on her neck.

Personally, I love the red hair on her. When she first burst onto the scene in “Mean Girls” (which what really got her noticed), that’s the color that I loved on her. She looked great as a brunette. I hated that bleach blonde doo that she sported, I remember seeing her do an interview at the premiere of her movie “Kirby Fully Loaded”. I hated that look on her. The other colors that she experimented with, like auburn, jet black, and strawberry blonde, were okay, but I just love the red on her.

Lindsay is a beautiful girl, who will just get better and better over time with her acting. Hopefully she’s just trying to experiment a little and change it up, or else she’s gonna end up just like Britney, but Lindsay is over that rehab step, hopefully she’ll be on her way to better things.

Amber on

Damn her hair is going to fall out! whats up with all these actress’s dying there hair all the time they think they are so hot after they do that crap to there hair but look how dry & frizzy it is.

lacey on

first red then blonde. is she gonna pull a brittany and shave her head next?

Louise on

I love her with jet black hair. I dyed my hair black when I saw her with black hair.

I think she looks more sophisticated with a dark color

kp on

i’m sick of seeing her face! her hair looks better than it has in a long time but that will last a couple of days. she needs to disappear for like 5 years…..

rachel b. on

Red hair is so her signature color and the blonde is too light.

samantha on

she looks reli pretty!!! loved the choc brown, am loving this blonde, her eyebrows are fine, people with light hair often have darker eyebrows!! IDIOTS!! lightening it to MATCH would look ridiculously pathetic!!!
and HELLO she lives in california.. why fake tan? idiot!! think with ur brains, she looks just fine n u guys are just jealous

Karen on

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Samantha on

she looks dirty.

Sarah on

Lindsey, blonde dosen’t do it for ya. She looked a lot fresher with red hair. This blonde hair makes her look dull.

Joseph on

It’s looks like she’s trying to do too much too fast, with the over bleached-out look that doesn’t compliment her complexion and ‘tacky’ hair extensions that looks a ‘hot mess’. She was so beautiful as a redhead…(do over)!

beth on

I actually kind of like it. She looks like she is getting ready for Spring!!
And it may not even be a personal choice – she may have had to dye her hair for a movie role.. who knows? I think she looks pretty with any hair color. I myself have gone from BLACK to red to blonde.. but I usually keep it brown with highlights.. but it’s fun to change it up!!

elizabeth on

i agree….she should stick to her natural color and no tanning…

Nya on

I don’t hate it, but her natural auburn color compliments her so much better.



denise on

i hate it! i wish she could just make up her mind and choose one color

Michelle on

Hate her, hate her hair!

Jennifer on

BACK TO YOUR NATURAL COLOR! Blonde looks terrible on her…it washes her out. If you’re going to spend $400 on your hair, why not dye your eye brows a more convincing shade as well? Yuck. She tries way too hard, it’s pathetic.

Elizabeth on

I think she looks beautiful. Blonde or red she wears it well. She looks better with the lighter hair. Everyone saying she looks awful, blah blah blah. You are just jelouse and unhappy with your own looks. Please, this young woman is gorgeous, don’t hate!

Chelsea D lovely on

Long as she doesnt shave it off its all good………..Britney!!!!!!!!!!1

Trina on

she looks horrible, dark hair suited her best. She should tone down on the tanning & the hair all together.

KC on

I don’t hate it, but dang Lind’s why couldn’t you stay a redhead. The Red hair kept her youthful and very cute.

Caroline on

Although I don

V on

All of this dye is going to damage her hair! what does she care she’ll just buy more.

Marit on

The blonde hair look GREAT on her! She suits both dark and blonde, which is kind of rare. Love the colour!

Mimi on

Blonde doesnt look bad on Lindsay at all although if I were to choose between the blonde and her natural brownish-red hair color, I’d go for her natural hair color because it suits her well and brings her out, but whatever she does, she has every right to, everyone likes trying new stuff and if this is what she feels comfortable in, then I think we should respect that of her and love/like her for who she is, not what she is. xx

gina on

It looks better on her than the platinum blonde. She looks more like Ashlee Simpson now…hmmmmmmmm

Samantha Derossi on

I love her red hair better than all the colors she did

Kirsten on

she needs to stay brunette better yet her natural color!

lalala on

eww!! she looks horrible!! she looks way better in red. she has a fashion emergency rite there!

me on

She looks used.

allison on

I like it. it gives her a more sutal look.

Little Sprout on

What’s wrong with her natural hair color…? Sheesh! Please, Lindsay, be different than the rest, and be a redhead again!

And I give my “chuckle award” to georgie for the comment about her looking dirt cheap with blonde hair… hee hee…

I like Lindsay, for the most part, for what I know of her, but that’s too funny.

Lauren G on

its not the best…but at least its not like that white blonde she went with before. that was just bad.

Jill on

I think she looks like the guy from the movie “mask” now!

Emily on

I am happy that she is trying to get her young life back together but I am not happy about this hair color. She looks a lot more natural in a red color.

morlissa on

LOVE IT! great color – much better than her blonde color before…

mimi on

I think it makes her look like poser! Just because everyone lse in Hollywood is blonde doesn’t mean she has to be!

Listen To Me on

I think She Can Pull it off But Her Best Color Is Def. Red! So Lindsay GO Back TO RED!!!!

Robin on

Lindsay has a very pretty face, that she looks good no matter what her hair color is, not too many women can pull that off, but seems to be able to always look good.

GeNae on

She looks much better with red hair (Mean Girls) and a little tan, but not orange looking skin. Someone be honest with this girl.

Aimee on

I think she looks amazing-reminds me of Carmen Electra when she’s blonde. Everyone needs to stop hating. Her eyebrows are not too dark-shes got a few pieces that are the same color at the bottom-so they match her base color. Lightening them is what would make her look washed out cause her hair, brows, and skin would all blend and her features would not stand out at all.

Eva-B on

Well actually its not that bad the thing is..HEY EYE BROWS! and yeah mabe she should go for something that suits her that’s more natural..

drew on

both looks nice

inlove on

i like her better with red hair

cristi on

i wish she would just go back to a color that looked more natural on her like a medium brown or a dark red (like on mean girls and the parent trap)

Aine on

This colour really ages her and emphasises her blotchy fake tan!

maggie on

BLONDE is definently not lindsay lohan’s color! she looks better in dark shades. Like black,brown,burnette,dark brown or her natural hair color which is red head!! she is a fire crotch and always will be… she thinks that she will have more fun with BLONDE. no funny…….. yours no pamela anderson… hilary duff……paris hilton…..nicole richie……..tara reid……..kimberly Stwert

kaitlin on

I hate the fake bake, but love the blonde hair since I’m a blonde. I think she looks best with her natural hair color.

carson on

it makes her look like her mom….. older i mean

Victoria on

i hate it she really needs to get her life striaght and her hair

Katie on

i hate it. shes looks way better in red hair i think

Shannon on

she and her mom look alike.. except her mom doesnt always have a drink in her hand..

LaTanya on


Alannah on

I think she looks better with darker hair, she is too fair to sport blond locks.. the color is pretty but it washes her out, she is still awesome though, lindsay can wear a paper bag and still look like a rock star!


don’t like her at all maybe she will grow up one day and be tolerable but she is way prettier with her natural (i guess) color of auburn. when will she and britney and the olsen girls stop doing this junk all the time?

Iskrenie on

Lindsey Lohan: The perfect example of the child-adult.

funny on

i love the colour coz it´s a very natural blonde but it absoloutely doesn´t fit her! it´s just ugly! i really liked her hair as a redhead! in gilsclub her hair colour was amazing! lindsay, honey, go back to red or brunette, please!

Mojabeng on

I like her best as a brunette, the blonde hair is just…..ewww!

Robin on

I think that Lidsey looks a lot better with darker or red hair. She just can’t do the blond thing it looks really bad on her.

Chrissy on

I think she looks aweseome..

jkl on

it shows what she really is a dumb blonde

Autumn Loch on

I HAT IT SHE LOOKS SO MUCH BETTER WITH RED HAIR. She should stop trying to ack like all these other girls who look good in blond because its there color. Her color is red and she should stick with it. You dont see a lot of girls in red that look good. She looks good in red and should stop trying to ack like someone else.

lindsay on

I think the color is really pretty, but she looks a lot like sienna miller with it

ebryyn on

totally disgusting and her blue contact lenses is disgusting too! i really dont know why she working so hard to make herself ugly and fake!

Kimmy on

I think that lindsay looks better with red hair, she looks way to fake to be dieing her hair to blonde.

Corinne on

she’s hot either way but the darker the better for her!

Megan on

I like Lindsey’s new hair color-
its a good color for sprig- however i do like it red the best! But at least she has hair! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

stella on

it looks rly fake with blonde hair like her eyebrows are too dark and it just looks weird…..get the NATURAL red hair backkk

gorgeous_101 on

Lindsay don’t follow into the dumb blond look represent all us brunettes out there!!!

sling on

love the red! but she still looked nice….go lindsay!

erin on

oh shut up. she looks beautful no matter what color her hair is because she IS beautiful.

everyone needs to get over celebrities.

Jasmin on

I think she looks better as a red head she looks weird with blonde or black hair.

Nancy on

you guys r nuts, she looks great. i do like the dark hair, but for now its a nice change. it will be changed within a week anyways lol…..i think she is the perfect colour as well. its a tad orange, but its good with the colour

Nicole Placido on

I think it looks terrible and it looks wrong on her head and she went to far with the tan and she is so much better of with red hair

blobbob on

omg she looks hot! ahah lol
jk guys..
pcee it♥

ize raniel on

i think she looks gorgeous with black hair, makes her look sophisticated and classy. :) go back to being brunette Lindsay! :)

brooke on

Lindsay Sweetie,GO BACK TO RED!!!!!!!

Diabolique on

One word….YUCK

erica on

In the words of the famous Dolly Parton:

“It takes a lot of money to look this cheap!”

lucy on

love it

enigma on

I really don’t want to be rude or disrespectful!!

I wish the “stars” would keep their natural look! Film-makers should seek out people with the look they want to have in a film. If the film calls for a naturally blonde girl, the studios should go and find the right blonde actress! Painters do it all the time…because they know the real value of staying “true” to life! Oh well both mediums are different in nature so I guess it’s a useless arguement………..???

Lindsay looks terrible with black, blonde, brunette, strawberry blonde……..she looks better with her NATURAL hair color…….a beautiful shade of red!!

But, I also agree with Iskrenie, child-adult…yuck!

All the photos of her convince me that she must be really annoying. I don’t get the sense that she has discovered how to compose herself…she lacks real life experiences. It’s seems ashame to be such a young person and be convinced you are automatically considered wonderful because of all the media attention when it’s hardly deserved. Yeah, she sings and acts but who doesn’t in hollywood. Lindsay just doesn’t strike me as having EXTAORDINARY TALENTS….she just seems average…..please no offense to any of those who like her!

I just don’t get the big deal with her, that’s all!!!


it looks FUGLY
..go back to red



nikki on

love it

magic on

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Paul on

i love the girl, but this blond just makes her look washed out and sickly. please, either the platinum or the brown or red.



Qtae616 on

I don’t like blonde on her, but she’s still beautiful. I think she’s looks better brunette!!

ClaudiaPortugal on

Poor little girl. Doesn’t she have anything else to do but changing her hair colour every month?

me on

well LL you look good don’t listen to what all those people say i like it because i’m a blond and i have not dyed my hair yet and i don’t plan on it ether so you look GOOD but you looked better in RED

Christine on

She needs help and she like totally needs to like color her eyebrows. i think she like looks totally taki

Michele on

I disagree. If you go blonde…don’t bleach your eyebrows. That’s disgusting. Everyone’s doing the dark brows/light hair. It’s almost summer. Who cares? If you dye dark eyebrows blonde, or try to, they might come out red and funky. No need for that! Pluck those suckers, and keep them arched. No coloring of eyebrows!! Lindsey looks nice with blonde hair.

Ms. Tessa on

I think people look best in their natural haircolor. The blonde hair makes Lindsay looked washed out. It does nothing for her beautiful eyes.

Sara on

Hate it…she is so pretty with auburn hair. And so not pretty without it.

maritza on

I think she looks better as a red head even though blonde dosent look bad on her either.

Kathy Tiger on

she looks SO GREAT!!!! i love lindsay and support her all the way- good for her for trying something new. she can pull of anything anyways

shannon on

i love it !!!!!! its looks good for a change!As a hairdresser i like the brown in with it dont go any lighter.

Aurora on

I like the blond more than the dark brown and red. I think somewhere in between dark brunette and blond would be best. Golden brown perhaps? And don’t diss the freckles, they’re natural and cute.

Emily on

i love it… her hair is so long and gorgeous!
she looks good with any colour hair and anyone who disagrees is just jealous

O.C lover on

I really love Linds! But I did liked her hair in dark brown a little bit moore. She has been blonde before and that blonde was much more nicer..

enigma on

I know it’s silly to post at this point but, the first letter “r” in word extraordinary in my comment didn’t quite make it in the spelling…so, EXCUSE ME, to those that have such a problem with a few doesn’t really matter mis-spellings!

Knowing how to spell is good but, attacking those who can’t quite spell (but get their point(s) across) is not so good…I think it’s better to find a nice way to encourage instead….but, that’s me!

Yeah, it is good! Laters!

chrissy on

Lindsay is such a beautiful girl i would hate for her to ruin it. I think red is her best color. She was born a redhead she will STAY a redhead. If she keeps this up her hair won’t be as “smooth and silky’ anymore. As for her eyebrows, I think she should keep them the same, dying your eyebrows is sooo unnatural.
I do love how she works her new blonde look, though. The waves along with the black blazer and tee-shirt is absolutely perfect.

Britt on

I think she looks TOP!!!!
Blonde hair seems to make any normal boring brunette in to a hot babe,don’t you think!

Chantal on

Every one who thinks she looks better in dark hair or red is jelouse on blond wiman,as any person with brains can see that with blonde hair she is so HOT LOOKING!!!(than again all blondes are!)

Hélène on

She’s better off with her natural red color. It looks nicer on her and blond just doesn’t do it… not with her eyebrows or her newly found skin tone. Self tanning is NOT the best way to go.

Naomi on

I like her natural color the best. I love red hair

Leslie on

I usually like if DARKER BUT this shade of BLONDE looks great on her long loose waves!



jackie on

i love it i think she looks better as a blonde but as long as she is happy with her look wear it how you want lindsey

laura on

i think she looks ok but i think she still looks better with red hair like from the parent trap.

Dierdra on

I think its a better shade of blonde than she had before but i like her best at her natural red.

AC on

Lindsay definitely looks more like her mom when her hair is blonde. I really like Lindsay’s hair when it is red, which I think is her natural color?? I think that she looks great with dark red hair, different from all the other girls.

Megan on

STICK TO red or brown! She should look more natural…the blonde and trying to force her pale and freckled skin to be California tan is just rediculous. Yuck.

nikki on

i like it now and i liked it before.. cmon guys! change is good.

vic on


Laura on

i liked her better when she was strawberry blonde.



James Bond on

hi, i am an 11-yr-old girl.honestly,i think we need to stop worrying about what these stars look like and start worrying about what they are doing to affect our generation. Stars like Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan go and party , get drunk, then get arrested for drunk driving.They think that they can do whatever they want because they are fampous, but they can’t . Every little thing they do affect girls my age and older. These girls want to be like them and do everything they do.If they behave poorly,a 12-yr-old girl is going to behave poorly because her role model did it.i don’t want our generation to become a bunch of people who only care about Guchi bags or the latest Prada design because that stuff doesn’t matter. i want my generation to be people who want to make a difference in the world.Not by starring in a movie but by saving homeless kids in africa or providing supplies for people in the slums of Uganda. Stuff that matters. Something you can stand for. I don’t want this generation learning to not care about anything because the people they look up to and the people who teach them only show them that stardoma nd fame matter and people will care about you if you’re a star.please help me save my generation!

Heather on

I think Lindsey looks beautiful with any hair color. I personally agree with the other commenters that the red is best for her. But she still looks good. She has the ability for a universal look. What’s wrong with change? Give her a break… How would you feel if someone was scrutinizing your every move?

Tristy on

I love it red! She needs to stick to being all natural and go back to red. Youngs girls look up to her and they need to know that your natural hair color is whats best and that you shouldn’t tan to get attention, plus you’ll be healthier that way. I used to tan and stopped because I didn’t want to increase my risk of cancer any more than I had already.

OC on

I don’t care to see here in every magazine out there but I’ll put my personal opinion aside and say that she does look hot!

Liz on


jcoldico on

Hated the dark hair. She looks normal again, and not so cheap.

Jessica on

I think she looks gorgeous no matter what is the color of her hair. She is a succesful young actress and most comment posted reflect a lot of jelousy. Most people who posted are unable of spending every month $400 in their hair.I think she should have the color she feels like having and it is very stupid to to judge someone or give regarding THE HAIR COLOR.

Jessica on

I think she looks gorgeous no matter what is the color of her hair. She is a succesful young actress and most comment posted reflect a lot of jelousy. Most people who posted are unable of spending every month $400 in their hair.I think she should have the color she feels like having and it is very stupid to judge someone because of THE HAIR COLOR.

mali on

maybe if her brows werent so dark, bcuz honeslty the color itself is GREAT. its very natural & pretty, like Gisele Bunchen’s color.

laie on

she would look so beautiful with red hair – go natural. you rarely see red heads in hollywood. she could pull it off. she can’t pretty up her inside though – that is beyond ugly.

CJoy on

I think the blonde is a lot better than the black. But, she does look horrible! She should stick with her natural color red because thats what everyone is waiting for! The red hair! But if she really wants to change her look all the time the next thing you know she is going to look ugly! Because everyone is beautiful just the way they are! But, I don’t like Lindsey! I like the old her in the Parent Trap!

jewels on

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Farmirea on

lol she is a freak!!

RR on

She ugly no matter what color her hair is. Well no not ugly plain out nasty looking with her terrible fake tans. She is trash. Hopefully she won’t last very long in Hollywood. She is no talented actress by far.

kvd on

I don’t care what color her hair is, I just wish she’d go away. Talent and class in her generation is non-existent.

Sarah on

i love it!! she’s so cute

Erii on

I think she looks better like a brunette or her natural color red.. dont like the blonde hair that much! XXXXXXXXXXX

Eriiii on

The brown hair looks so much better on her or her natural colour red..

enigma on

Hey James Bond!!

I am VERY IMPRESSED by your comment…for an 11yr old girl!

For your age, you seem very smart, ahead of the game, willing to step back and take a good look at life and your surroundings….you have a great power in hands right now! I hope your parents, teachers, and friends recognize this strength you have!!!!

Since, you think so maturely for your age please don’t get disappointed because of your age, there was a girl, Soph age 12, who has posted a couple few times in “off the rack” seemed alittle discouraged by her age…but, I encouraged her to use her age and smarts to her advantage and the worlds as well!!!

I greatly encourage you as well to do the same, to stay STRONG, FOCUSED, and BELIEVE IN YOURSELF and what you stand for in life….people will listen and respect you when you’re STRONG!! If, you have an inner direction (already), follow it and stay true to it!!!!

There is nothing more powerful then having a DIRECTION in your life at your age!!!

When I was in 1st grade, I knew I was an artist. All through the years in school (grade through college) I drew and painted. I encounted and still encounter rough spots but, that doesn’t get me down. I am now almost 30yrs old and I still LOVE BEING an ARTIST plus, I get to make money at it…not full-time yet but, I am working at it!

To all the rest of the posters here……….


James Bond, you have my support!!!

I wish you the every best in life!!!!!!!!

Ana on

I think her red hair looked much better! or the dark, but this blonde is nothing for her!

Diana on

One word describes it all GROSS!!!! I dont know what is all the facination about this girl I mean she used to be pretty back when she did mean girls and I gotta hand it to her it was a pretty good movie. But I really dont get why she is so famous thats about the only good movie she’s done the rest of the things she known for is just partying and crashing into ppl.

Samantha C on

she looks reli pretty!!! loved the choc brown, am loving this blonde, her eyebrows are fine, people with light hair often have darker eyebrows!! IDIOTS!! lightening it to MATCH would look ridiculously pathetic!!!
and HELLO she lives in california.. why fake tan? idiot!! think with ur brains, she looks just fine n u guys are just jealous
re “james bond”: ur comment was so general it’s like lalala i wanna save homeless kids in africa, but how about “saving” ppl closer to you first? try to help yourself, then people around you, people closer (i.e in the same continent) that need help and maybe then expand…
look at the people who commented on this page? give her some space, if any “normal” person had a really big makeover you won’t want to upset them or put them down, maybe it went a bit wrong but u hafta do your best to make them feel better, compliment them!

enigma on

Hey Samantha C.

I agree with you to a certain extent in your comment towards “James Bond”. I think focusing on this country is far more important than venturing outside the borders to help others (right now). There are thousands of people HERE IN THE U.S…..going hungry, can’t afford “healthcare”, can’t afford to go to school to get a better life, needing medical attention, or can’t buy food or clothes or a car or whatever else they need to live a decent life!!!!!

If, the U.S. fixed itself internally then the rest of the world just might respect it alittle bit more as a nation and just PERHAPS not feel the need to hate the U.S. sooooo much as well….it’s a scary reality!!! The U.S. needs to fix itself and it’s great that there are young people like James Bond who see the need to do something in life at least!!

So, let’s focus on encouraging where it’s needed more and not shoot down ambition!! Please, no offense!!

Cheers, Enjoy, and Take Care!!!

Max on

She looks good with all colours but red suits her best. At least if she’s blonde she will get pied!

Heather on

HATE IT! She looks like an old grandma that tans and tries to look young. It’s all wrong for her.

nicole on

She looks alot better with dark hair. The blonde just washes her our more and makes her look pale. dark brown or auburn is good for her.

martha on

The blonde hair looks like her mother; Lindsay needs to go back to her natural brown with red highlights! The “color” washes out all her cuteness and looks very crass & cheap!

Xx Elle xX on

she always gna b a beutiful gal. the tan i think looks v.nice. and with the tan the blond looks gd. i lyk her with ginger hair and pale skin tho! but she puls it al off sept blak””!!! tht wos too dark xx

c on

meh. i think it looks okay. but i prefer dark hair tho.

Joy on

I don’t think blonde suits her. It is much better with her natural red hair it suited her best.

HopeRox on

If you ask me,i cant really see the old lindsay lohan with blonde hair,Her Red hair brings her out of the crowd
(its not like everyone else’s)i have red hair my self i dyed my hair blonde once too (but it doesnt suit redheads)also Red hair matchers freakles.I also think its time for her to stop dying her hair, before she has nothing left.
I’ll be happy once the old lindsay lohan cames back with her red hair.(REDHEADS ROCK)

jane jones on


Elise on

i love the color..i think its beautiful. I also love her natural red
from being a cosmetology school student, she did the right thing with doing a 2 day process. Thats the same thing i had to do when i went back to blonde from being a level 4 as lindsay was.

you girls only say u hate it because you cant have her gorgeous hair =)

Sam on

i actually think she looks pretty smokin as a blonde. i like it anyways…

Mastablubba on

Hey People

just watching this lustily bum Shaking vid on youtube…

check it out!

May you can share something similar.

happy watching

Lindsay on

love it she looks so good with blonde hair!

edward josue on

PARA-Lindsay Lohan -me gustan tus canciones sobre todo ´OVER´ y eres una chica muy bonita.

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