Would You Carry A Clear Bag?

03/06/2007 at 03:32 PM ET

When we noticed designers like Oscar de la Renta (left) sending clear bags down their Spring 2007 runways, we thought they were great accessories for the beach, vacation and hanging by the pool. But do you really want everyone to see what’s inside your bag every day? That’s where cute makeup cases come in — to conceal your personal belongings. Try these striped black and white travel cases from sephora.com ($15-$35), or this Very Sexy velvet finish case from victoriassecret.com ($10). For a designer look, get the Louis Vuitton monogrammed cosmetic case at eluxury.com ($240). We have also rounded up some clear bags for you, from the Oscar’s big splurge to a cute and cheap option from Target. But tell us: Would you carry a clear bag?

Oscar de la Renta (left) white patent transparent travel tote, $895, oscardelarenta.com (available mid-March)

Affordable Luxury:
Furla Giovanna Furlanetto Boarding bag, $450, furlausa.com

Faux Birkin Inspired clear tote (available in 6 color trimmings), $32, shopsueyboutique.com

Pink-trimmed clear tote with lining (also comes in purple, blue and patterned), $15, at

Photo:Oscar de la Renta/Jeremy Spink

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j on

yes i would if it were the amber louis vuitton they used to (still do?) make. that’d be about the only exception.

FH on

That’s all I need, give someone a reason to mug me. I live in Chicago, this bag is about as practical as a blinking sign on my neck flashing ‘free money.’

R on

Yes I would. I actually saw those bags going down the runways too, and I have to admit, I did think twice but I truly beleive its an essential just by looking at all the cute new styles. It’s not something I would take to the mall, but I would definetly take it if I go to the beach or a bag where I can keep in sewing supplies or anything that easily lets me see where everything is.

Jana on

thsee bags are basically loss prevention bags all the girls carry aroung at the dept stores and second like I want some hot guy next to me in a elevator seeing my collection of tampons at the bottom of my bag!

down.penguin on

This has got to be the worse idea of the entire fashion season. Are they serious?…I guess there really is no more room for privacy anymore.

claudia on

No, I use to be forced to carry one of those when I worked for a retail store why would I want every one to see my personal belonings???????

Linds on

No! Absolutely not. This looks cheap, no matter who designed it.

gladis on

i really like that bad but i would not carry it around just anywhere..to the beach, yes !
to work, no !

alice on

Cute bag, but not in million years. Nobody needs to know what is in my purse.

LB on

Absolutely not! This reminds me of some cheap purse that is found at claires or walmart…it just looks trashy. No one would carry that.

JH on

I also think that clear bags look cheap and very “middle school”. In fact, I really don’t like the whole lucite look, especially on bags and shoes (jewerly can work sometimes). So I am really disappointed that this is supposed to be one of the “big trends” of spring. The only time I would carry a clear bag would be to the beach, and even then I would probably prefer a non-clear bag.

Dawn on

Wouldn’t work well i always carry tampons with me

ClaudiaPortugal on

For sure, this one’s pretty and fashionable. We just can’t carry ugly things :P

Elda on

no way!! i live in a big city (houston) and there’s to many purse snatchers that live here!

cmelanieb on

Heck NO! I am in my thirtys but have to admit I still don’t want others to see my “Hygene products” lol. I can hear it now: “No wonder she is so grouchy…”

Emily on

I don’t think the contents of my bag — socks, a billion lip glosses, crumpled receipts, etc. — would be a good fashion statement. But I guess it would require me to clean it out more often, which is definitely a good thing.

Melissa on

Not me, a better idea is the clear compact case for inside the purse, not a clear purse.
I’ve got a clear compact case for in my purse, has all my lipsticks, hand sanitizer, lip gloss, and trial size stuff. Then when you travel on a plane, all you have to do is toss it on the security belt! No need for ziplock bags :).

lizz on

no for everyday yes for the beach. it is cute though =)

kat on

didn’t anyone see “How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days?” The purse is a huge part to the ingenue and mystery of women! What would men think when they realize the magic bag of wonders actually contains a 2 year old lipstick, a dirty tissue, loose change, a few crumpled bills…. and tampons?

Miss Amy on

Hmm… unless I’m headed to the beach, I don’t think this trend is for me. The line between looking trendy or trashy is WAY too thin here.

However, I did just design some make-ups bags at 1154lill.com and this could be a good chance to show those off in public….

cori on

no, i haven’t carried a clear bag since i was seven, and e wasn’t too crazy about it even then. what’s in my purse is my business and no one else’s.

Kristen Y on

I agree, these bags will look cheap no matter what brand it is. Not to mention, I wouldn’t even care if I was just going to dinner, I still would want everyone to know what belongs to me.

K on

pretty, but not the most practical trend for spring. it’s not like we actually only carry some dainty notebook, sunglasses, and lip gloss.

Carly on

I’d use a traslucent bag to carry a towel, sunscreen and bottled water to the beach, but that’s it! It would be a huge pain to have to carry all of my stuff inside littler bags in my purse. I have to dig around in there now to find what I want; I can’t imagine having to check 5 or 10 tiny other bags. I don’t think it’s very smart to carry a clear bag, really. I usually have so much stuff with me – ipod, phone, wallet, plus things like tampons, medications, etc – and I do not want people seeing those things through my bag. I definitely choose safety and security over this trend!

Night on

I had to carry a clear purse given to me by the large department store I worked for many years ago. Anyone with a handbag was required to use the clear issued bag. No regular purses alowed. It was awful and degrading. I would never do it again.

rachel b. on

Clear is not a good way to go. It would show my check book, credit cards, make-up and lady stuff. I like dark fabrics and would only use the clear as a beach bag.

WendyO on

I totally agree with JH…this reminds me of those clear plastic mini backpack purses that all of my girlfriends had in middle school. I may have had bad hair back then, but at least I knew that a clear purse was a tacky, bad idea.

Becky on

People don;t need to see my maxi pads and birth control pills

Brandy on

Totally did that in middle school, really.

lenora on

No way, I agree with FH. I live in Philadelphia and a bag like that is a no no.

Milly on

I think its pretty but i wouldn’t buy it for the simple fact that i wouldn’t want anyone to see what i’m carrying around.

Heather S. on

I remember the backlash when we had to start carrying clear bags and backpacks in middle school… hopefully everyone thinks it’s just as ridiculous now!

alice on

Wow, I never realized that people who work at department store have to use clear handbags. I bet that would be degrading.

Lis on

Why would anyone want to carry a bag like that? No one needs to see the crumpled reciepts, makeup, that pack of gum spilled all over the bottom of your purse, or the brand of tampons you use. Some things are better keept to your self.

Harlow on

Being a woman, I carry a lot of stuff, and some are personal things. I carry a lot more than your standard lip gloss and sunglasses. But you’re right, this would be ok for the beach or something, but not for an every day thing. You can put your sun tan lotion in the bag, hair clips / ties, lip gloss, sunglasses, and a water bottle for the beach, nothing more than that, like personal things: check book, wallet w/ money and credit cards…

If you’re using it for everyday use, who would wanna show their pocket book of checks, wallet filled with money and credit cards, and my small Polaroid camera? That’s just asking for someone to rob me, and these people are brave, they’ll do it during the day time. Also, who would wanna see my wrinkled reciepts, gum wrappers, post-it’s, small notepad, pens, small address book, and my Hershey candy’s…plus seeing a small hand bag (that is also clear) that contains my lip gloss, hand sanitizer, hair tie, mascara, packet of tissues, and other things. Also, I don’t want someone seeing my maxi pads. This wouldn’t be a good idea for someone to carry, unless used appropriately, considering someone could jack you up.

Missy on

I remember seeing this look years ago on the runway.
The models would line the bag with different types of scarves so that it could match every outfit.

Allison T. on

This concept is really the pits. Frankly, the only thing more messy than my kitchen is my purseā€”do I really want the entire world to know what a slob I can be?? I think not!!

Stacy on

No way. Just think of how dirty it would look within a day…finger smudges, makeup dust, etc. YUK!

Erin on

I agree w/ most of the above-people can see what you are carrying which is slightly inconvenient-pads, tampons, make-up, etc.

Sarah Marie Catherine on

There is no way! Why in the world would I want people to be able to see what I carry in my purse? That is definitly a lack of privacy!

KT from Cda on

All of you bloggers made me laugh and I couldn’t agree more. If you are going to carry something like that, then you might as well just hand it over to a mugger. I’m a personal person who enjoys my privacy. This just doesn’t fit into “My Privacy”. Also, as we have all had see through purses or wallets as kids, after awhile, that pretty clear things starts to look very scratched and looses its shine. Though, I guess that’s the whole idea. Then you’d have to go out and replace your purse each week.

AnnieM on

No – for the same reason I don’t have glass-front kitchen cabinets – hide the mess!

Maybe.. on

I MIGHT wear this.. I think that if I did, I would for sure use different patterned makeup bags and wallets to hide my belongings. I think that if it’s done properly, this look could be really great!

french on

NO, i think its a bit tacky!

Sophia on

I’d wear it! especially the clear Chanel bag!! it’s so cute! I have lots of colorful things that would look good in it! My green pebl phone would go great in it!

Vicki on

My job is making us carry clear purses as of April 07. Mind you I work in a prison, so all the women that work here it’s mandatory. I think it’s ridiculous others are buying the designer one if they have to carry one.

Debbie on

Please bring more clear bags out with stylish markings/colors. I am thankful for the trend because I despise changing pocketbooks for work and then personal outings. I would much rather be safe because of today’s environment which we seemed to have brought upon ourselves. It seems everyone, but me thinks this is a tacky, cheap way to be stylish and everyone seems concerned with muggers. I work at a maximum security prison as a computer analyst and it is a requirement if we have want to bring anything in. TIP: Guess what, if someone wants your “stuff” which most muggers/criminals do, it doesn’t matter if they see the stuff or not, you probably have already been marked simply by the way you carry yourself and they know the price of your outfit. Sorry if I disagree, for the designers, please make more of the clear bags. Thanks for helping us that are required to have this type of item, be stylish.

VB on

I think it would be good to wear to work (and keep only your little notebooks, pens, etc in it). It’s a very elegant-looking bag for that. Or you could wear it to the beach or something to keep your towels, flip flops, or sunscreen. I love the little make-up bags that are see-through though!

kassi on

well right now im trying to find a clear bag and.. its extremely hard.. but what all the rest of you dont think about is certain reasons of why people have to carry them. For instance im about to start up beauty school and where im going they require clear purses..SECURITY reasons. DUH!! i think its a brillant idea!! so you other people can think what you want!! ;)

kimberlyx on

i deff would.

Melanie on

I like this. I just bought a clear backpack (the kind really meant for high school kids) and I plan to use it for everyday. I’ll just wrap my wallet/checkbook in a pretty scarf and I already have a colorful pretty makeup bag.

I usually just carry a sunglasses case, sunscreen, my Franklin classic sized organizer and maybe a small book of choice. I never throw hygiene in the bottom of my bag, so its not an issue. We’ll see if I get comments/looks/stares!!

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