Ashley Olsen's Turban: Would You Wear It?

03/02/2007 at 01:45 PM ET

Blame it on Miuccia — as soon as Prada showed their Spring collection with all the models wearing satin turbans, we know the look would be in style. And while stars like Jennifer Lopez have always loved their headwraps, trendsetters like Ashley Olsen are already snapping up the pricey Prada bands ($300 and up). Of course, if you don’t want to invest quite that much in the trend, Forever 21 is making a version for a much more bearable $5. But the real question is do you want to wear it? Tell us: Would you wear a turban like Ashley? Is this a trend you’ll try?

Click here to see more of Ashley’s wacky fashion choices.

Photo: celebrity babylon

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elle on

Wacky doesn’t even begin to describe the Olsen twins.. And the turban…NO!

Catz on

Hell yeah! I’d wear it in Halloween!

HLS on

She looks like a platypus in a nasty wig and glasses.

Kim on

It’s so nice to see that despite all the money she has, she is still going to take some time to scrub her own floors.

Catz on

on* even..

L-Thangy on

Okay these girls have so much money why do they dress and look like they are homeless. WASH YOUR HAIR!!

Nighthag on

Hell no! Reminds me of the old time actresses that used to wear that type of head gear. The twins always give me a good laugh!

emily on

Never in a million years would I wear that & look that ridiculous.

Sandra on

No. Just no.

steph on

that’s just weird

j on

LOL. come ON. do you really need to ask us this?!?!? if her intent was to look like a complete fool, i’d say mission accomplished & well done!

Dawn on

I wonder why these girls feel the need to be bag ladies.

Nessa on

Where is the rest of her “Wednesday” costume?

marianne on

I hate the way they dress…they are ridiculous !!I dont understand all the attention to these girls…Full house ended like 2 decades ago…

R on

I’ve always liked the turban. Even though I think it’s one of those pieces that need some consideration when they’re being put on, I still think it’s a great icon of fashion. Turbans have been introduced in style as early as the 1900’s and I’m glad they’re making a comeback. Ashley’s turban is more modified one and I think those are one’s that may have more of an impact on people wearing them.

Amber on

…..walk like an Egyptian…..

titi on

Yeah it does look ugly or better yet really ugly…i’m a fan of the twins and all but i don’t understand how much they have changed..

Allie on

I hate this turban!! The Olsen twins wear things like they have no money!! I really like headbands but this is gross!!

Candi on

That has got to be the ugliest thing that I have seen her wear thus far. As far as I am concerned NEITHER one of those twins is a fashionista. Both of them dress like baglady’s and it is very hard to imagine the amounts of money they spend TITLEto look the way they do. They are horrible horrible little things.

Dawn on

I think i understand why they dress like they do. Think about it if they dressed normally they wouldn’t be in the news would they, what would make them special? I Feel sorry for them thinking about it no fashion sense and looking like bag ladies willingly.

lu on

Do these two girls love to read our ugly comments? I think so, that’s the only reason they don’t wake up and dress like normal people, they have so much money and yet, a homless could dress better than them.

Mary on

Turbans should be worn only by fortune-tellers and Sikhs :)

Rebecca on

I guess I’m the only one who kinda likes this one? It’s better than the headbands that were popular over the summer and I bet it’s great on a bad hair day. Ashley’s hair looks rather scraggly here, but the headband helps it out a little, IMO. I would try it… just not sure where or how….

yvonne franceschi on

When you really have a bad hair day, you could wear anything
but this little girl should shave her hair, its in very bad
condition and thats why she tries to cover it with all the
fashion trends. And also she may have all the millions in
the world but she doesn’t have no sense what is style, fashion or glamour. Yvonne

Noelle on

I do like the turban alot. It’s a modified verson, more like a headband. “R” is right, turbans have been around for a long time and were very in style in the 1900’s. It’s a classic, elegant look and Ashley has made it modern. Also, turbans are a very wordly, peaceful garment today. That’s what fashionistas do. They don’t just blindly follow “trends” like I’m sure some of you do. They pick unique items and make them the new style. Go to this website to see the history of the woman’s turban.

olsens-go back to your planet on

You’re not making any kind of statement–You are, however, constantly proving to the public of your incapability to set trends. Oh, and by the way, “marching to the beat of your own drum” doesn’t mean looking dumb 24/7. And the Turban?! Are you serious???

cmelanieb on

I have a very similar turban, I wear it when I give myself facials!

sitko on

First of all, this is NOT a turban. Check your definition folks. Secondly, the Olson’s are sicko — they need to get over themselves. But, if they did, then what would the tabloids write about?

Evelyn on

I happen to like it. I think it goes w/ her. I love the way her and her sister dress. They’re trend setters & they take fashion risks, I like that about them. I think she pulled it off quite well, she always does.

Elda on

Not sure what to think about it but some of these comments are so funny!

alice on

I can’t help but to feel kind of sorry for the Olsen twins. These girls have been working since before the could even walk, they will probably have no chance at a real acting career because they have always been marketed as a gimmick, nobody will ever take them seriously. I just think considering the circumstances, they could be a lot worse than they are. They could be Britney or Paris. They have has their issues, but they could be so much worse.

jessica on

the twins wouldn’t know good fashion if it bite them in their skinny none exsistent butts. Someone needs to teach them to dress like they have a limtless money and not like a homeless person on the street.

C on

I think she’s just trying to hide the fact that she hasn’t brushed her hair all year!

Moesha on

EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW she is so ugly now!!!!!!!!!!!

jap on

maybe she came from a spa or salon and forgot to take it off? and yeah i agree…that’s not a turban. cuz i thought turban was know that dude?

Sarah on

EEEEWWWWW!!! No Way!!!

marieS on

sorry i’m not into the mary kate and ashley hobo look

Cypress on

And, is it maily there to hold her fright wig on? Poor thing.

rachel b. on

The noir silk turban gets her hair off of her pretty forehead and usually Ashley wears her hair down dingy. It is a-okay!

gok ata on

thats not a turban.

ABA on

I for one think the Olsen twins have a very unique fashion style and taste, sometimes it goes a little over board but come on they wear high fashion couture clothes.
The thing is that many of you are just to plain ignorant and judgemental that you canĀ“t see beyond your own boring fashion sense.


honestly um……….no but i think ashley can do it and look great too. i think the olsen twins deserve a break theyr just trying to have a normal college experience and they manage to do it together and nsync which is rare they are 100% real and not trying to impress someone who is fake ike um let say paris mcslutty!!

Lucia on

This turban looks great, I also like her sunglasses. I can understand why Olsen twins dress up like that: because they like it! People also think the same about me – that I need attention (although I’m not a celebrity, thank God). Not true! I dress up like I cam from 50’s, because I just love such style and I don’t care what others think. The same is with Olsen girls. And I don’t condemn them. So what what they’re wearing!

rashundra. on

I would wear it.

domino on

I think it’s awesome, very reminiscent of Madonna in the 80’s, it’s time this look made a comeback.

becca on

ya’ll are cruel. The olsen girls are always pushing the limits of fashion, rock the turban, sure as hell beats ugg boots

gisele on

i actually like the headband itself…just not the way ashley wears it because its too much with her greasy unwashed hair. however if you do a clean ponytail and weard the headband it looks great. in fact in was in last months teen vogue and if prada made it im sure its still ocnsidered fashionable

Avi on

I like it. I dont have 300 dollars to buy the actual prada turban, but i sure will buy it when forever 21 makes it

emma on

Ashley and Mary-Kate were so cute when they were little, and now they’ve lost control!!! these girls need to get a grip on life

erin on

alright so you all hate the turban because it’s ugly, yet you love your ugg boots? great.

diana on

sure, i’d wear one.the Olsen girls are quite creative young ladies. and with the money they have…they CAN dress anyway they want. and they do.

Cara on

Hail No! I’ve been waiting for a comment on fashion for the Olsen’s WTH are they thinking? They’re too rich to care what they look like? Everytime I see either one of them, they’re dressed in bags, rags and table cloths. For two girls who have the looks and the money to look human, they sure do a good job to do just the opposite. And have you ever noticed? They NEVER smile. I think both need mental help.

Jess on

Well the Olsen Twins are definitely trying to look “different” from everyone else…attempting to set trends…but news flash girls: it’s NOT working. Apparently we’ve forgotten the basis of hygiene too in the process? Her hair looks pretty bad…I give the girls credit for taking risks but not for looking like they live on the streets of NYC. If you’ve got the money to look nice, you should make an effort to do so.

AnnieM on

You’re kidding, right?

night on

Turban? What turban?
Duck lips
that is all i can see

duck lips

Sabrina on

What’s with that overly affected pout? Do they have any idea how fake that looks when you see it ALL the time when they are photographed? Its almost as though they walk around just waiting to be hunted down by the paparazzi..( and liking it, despite all claims to the contrary.)And as far as being “cutting edge” and “trendy”. Seems they had far better fashion sense at 16, rather than now. As time goes on, they get skinnier, poutier, and more into that Soho baglady look.

annie on

i think it’s pretty cute. i would wear it if i could pull it off. i’d have to try it

Hillary W. on

wow! I could have sworn halloween was in october! not march!

roni on

once again, the olsen girls have outdone themselves with their usual “look at me! i’m like a totally popular and pretty girl!”
i wouldn’t that headwrap on a dog if i were her…
if she really wants to prove she’s got style, she needs to push the boundaries instead of copying hollywood’s fleeting ideas of fashion forwardness

mary-kate olsen on

thats like the moviay grease. uu whap pad dap i dup a doo. popopopop.

j on

i had to wear one of my 7th grade play-The Wiz..oh the sad,sad memories

Jacquie on

That and The Olson Twins need serious trend Makovers.Just Because u c it in a mag doesn’t meen its cool.That’s like if your friend jumped off a bridge would u do it?

June on

Why must we women hate each other? Let’s grow up and let each other live.

katie on

the olsen twins used to be so cute before mary kate went bolemic and decided the homeless look was in??? who does that..

KC on

That’s a half turban headband hybrid,and I would never wear it. As a matter of fact she should be wearing it either!

mq on

why do they always look like they need a shower?? GROSS! They used to be so precious. That’s what Hollywood will do to you i guess

s on

I think headwrap is a must-have!!!! She looks so cute.
I know Spiegel catalog is selling a Norma Kamali headwrap for only $1~! I am going to order one. It just so cheap for designer stuff.

Nightnurse on

This thing looks like somthing women who are loosing their hair wear. I am not sure if I should feel sorry for this poor young girl for thinking she looks good in it, or happy for those unfortunate women who are loosing their hair , for a variety of reasons, because this head wear is coming into a brief moment of fashion.

mb on

that head wrap was just .. a huge fashion mistake .
the olsen’s tend to be a little wacky and funky in their choices but this just took it from trendy-funk to mid-east man funk .
not good .

Elizabeth on

Yikes!!! Only one word comes to my head GRANDMA!!!!….uhahahahaha

Camille on

I’m only 12 and I get very confused about the fashion industry. I receive VOUGE magazine and in the Prada ads, the models are wearing turbans. So when it is seen on a model and in a magazine it is considered high-fashion but when it is worn on the streets it is considered ugly. Isn’t the runway look (not couture) supposed to influence what is fashionable on the streets?

Dixie Marie on

I have to say that I like it. I like Mary Kate and Ashley and admire the way that they don’t try to be like everyone else. It is nice to see someone wear what THEY like and not what everyone else wants them to.

Plumke on

She goes like..hey you suck my kiss!

Jay on

I dont know why people give them such a hard time. First of all they could careless about what you guys say. They dont need your approval. and secound, they have the right to wear whatever they want. And until you have worked and done as much as they have you have no room to talk!

Lisa on

If that’s what stars look like now – I’ll stick with with looking average.

Tonya on

She and her sister need to look at themselves in the mirror before they leave their house.

SP on

Tie a lump of leather on your head and you too can be a rich trend setter.

Claudia on

This girls never look happy! they are always making weird gestures with their mouths.

mekele on

i could just wrap a pillow case around my head and look pretty much the same, but thanks for trying. next?!

Lesh on

I have to say I love it. The Olsens are probably some of the very few celebs that take real fashion risks and have some shred of style.
This headwrap is a winner.

Harlow on

It would look better if I just wrapped my hair in my curtain tie-backs. I would never wear this. Why can’t we just stick to the more suttle looks like headbands or do-rags or headwraps (like J.LO wears)? Just because a model is wearing it on the runway doesn’t exactly mean it has to be a trend. But just like that whole Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Richie get-up, when they wore those do-rags around their foreheads like bikers do. That didn’t catch on too well, now did it, LOL. The only time I’ll wear this is when I have to put my hair back so I can wash my face, and I’ll only buy it for $1. Send this turban to Liza Minnelli, she’ll love it!

Brenda on

Am I the only one who finds the twins extremely fashion forward and elegant in their own, wacky way ?

I simply love them!

Ashley on

hahahaha nope. maybe on haloween!

poo on

she looks like a biker chick with a mullet, maybe she can hang out with uncle jesse again

Madeline Carvajal on

This particular one looks more like a headband made to look like a turban. It does make ones’ head look a bit onion shape. This one is an improvement on the ones I saw with the flower glued around the headband featured in some of the runways.

Natasha on

oh my gosh… Thats a NO!!!!

Donna on

looks really weird and ugly.. her hair is all over the place!

Cecilia on

Ugh! Never in a million years would I wear that! They have millions of dollars. Hire a stylist!

Didi on

Is she appearing in a commercial for Friz Ease???And yeah HIRE A STYLIST!!!!
The style bum and older lady look just dont work.
The so called turban (which is not a real turban though) might work well only for certain head shapes and with certain outfits otherwise its just a disaster.

angeleyes on

they are just pathetic….they are desperate to be in the tabloids so they just wear like idiots…its the only thing they can do to be in the tabloids everyday lol

Mary on

Makes you miss what they used to look like on Full House…. I have one of those turbans, I wear it when I wash my face to keep the hair out of the way – lol. Don’t you just hate it when celebs have money and they wear crap and get away with is as “fashion”?

alice on

I don’t see how people can say they are desperate to be in the tabloids. Why, because some idiot happens to photograph them while they are at the store? If they wanted to be on the tabloids so bad, they would be doing something a lot more outlandish than that. Something like Paris Hilton would do. These girls stay pretty under the radar compared to a lot of other celebs.

Cassandra on

I think it looks rad.

danelle on

she looks like uncle jessie with that jacket and the glasses straight out of ’92

danelle on

she looks like uncle jessie with that jacket and the glasses straight out of ’92

Alison on

I’m not sure I’m the only one that thinks this…probably not. But those two remind me of aliens!!! enough said!

mary on

omgsh okay don’t get me wrong I LOVE LOVE LOVE mary-kate and ashley but thier ”looks” are nawt hawt

Hannah on

Haven’t you people heard of being different. or being Indie?
you’re all being so close-minded. it’s a head band, and it’s cute. seriously. you guys just need to think outside of the box. i would wear it.

Sarah on

Ugh! I would NOT wear anything the Olsen twins wear. They always look Awful!!

liana on

I think it looks great. Aesthetically it works. Why are we criticizing just because it’s not the status quo? It’s refreshing to have people who dress differently.

Katie on

Unfortunately I may be one of the only people who actually likes this. I dont think I could pull it off, but I think Ashley wears it very well.

Jen on

actually, it’s cute for a casual look. maybe you have to be a young new yorker or l.a. girl to get it, i don’t know…but you all need to loosen up a little ;). fashion should be fun.

french on


Theresa on

Yes! i’m actually also making one, and buying the forever 21 version

Jen...another one that is on

Hey I just want to make another note of what Jen said above – “fashion should be fun”. That’s truly important! Remember when we all had some sort of crazy fad that we look back on and are just horrified at what we wore? Well, every fad and look is somewhat silly. I don’t understand why we all have to make a big fuss over what others wear. The concept of “style” is not to all have the SAME looks- it is to share your personality with the world and have a different look, a different style.

Also, on another note, have you all ever realized when the last time MK and Ashley were in a movie/TV show? I don’t even know. They really haven’t done very much with themselves lately- just gotten eaten up by the media. Well, in Ashley’s defense (not that I would ever let myself go out of the house like that lol) maybe they just want to look as low-key as possible so as to not draw much more attention than necessary.

Just thoughts ladies! Love you all

mebby on

Alright both of those olsen twins need serious styling tips. Dont they understand how ugly they are dressing now in so little time and 2 of a kind they dressed really nice. What happend to that?

dress better!!!!!!!!! they always get choosen for worset dressed why don’t they listen? man what do there parents think l would be so embarssed to be with them in public.

Chelsey on

Why don’t people get it this look is awesome! Everything that these girls put on is fashion forward! you know that in a year everyone else will be wearing this the olsens are ahead of everyone else they start the fads. HELLO big sunglasses Mk started it!

sasha on

i actually have that and i think it’s a classic look from the 1930s. it looks cute.

Katie Roberts on

Well, at least they have there own style…and honestly they are not gonna care what other people have to say about what they wear!
So they should wear it as many times as they want!

liz on

i would wear it i am ur bigest fan u r soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

marg on

Are you kidding? its so hot, and so interesting everyone will be wearing it and you all will be fashioning your own out of your old used leggings in no time….ill be over here saying i told you so.



abigail on

I lovee it!!! although there abit too expesnive!

Gossip Girl on

I LUUURVE The Look. Very Individual But Stylish.
Simple Chic. You Guys Who Dislike It Obviously Have NO Eye For Fashion.

You Know You Love Me,

Gossip Girl.

Natalie on

Being twins make them special :D, And I dont like how they dress, but all in all they are beautiful girls, and them being twins just make them unique, and well they dont really care what we have to say, because mk and ash have eachother, its proven that twins are just naturally closer then regular sisters, so i dont know why aly and aj or hil and hayl duff try so hard, nobody cares about them, thus hand, the veronicas are pretty cool!

Pershia on

i definatly would, if any deshiner would be bold enough to make this look a statement any one would.

beauiful on

yeah…i hav one like this in brown from prada…its gorgeous!!!
and i love it! those who think it’s ugly……well they have no sense of fashion what so ever!

Elle on

i think it’s hot and i respect her willingness to take risks.

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