Barbie Loves MAC -- And We Do Too!

02/21/2007 at 03:30 PM ET

My four-year-old is totally perplexed about my relationship with Barbie. “Why don’t you like her, Mommy? Why?” “Well,” I answer, “Barbie doesn’t really do anything, except look good — and she dresses like a Valley Girl.” Enter the limited edition MAC Barbie. She not only has a profession — high-flying make up artist — she is cool. She looks state-of-the-art hip in her ethnic tunic, striped jeans, and thigh-high boots. I like that she totes around her make up case — very professional– and that her boobs, while undeniably there, are but a subtle feature. As these limited-edition Barbies have flown off the shelves, you’ll have to find your own on Ebay. I also love MAC’s first ever color collaboration with Mattel, a line of modern, bright eye shadows, blushes, liners and lipsticks. The aptly titled Barbie Loves MAC packaging features a pink silhouette of Barbie in her iconic ponytail. My daughter can play with the doll. I’ll happily play with the makeup. — Alison Singh Gee

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Marissa!!!! on

Barbie is a bad role model. Imagine all of the girls out there who are saying stuff like, I eant to look like Barbie! But some people starve themselves to death just trying to look like Barbie. And “Barbie Loves MAC” idea is just going to make matters worse! It’s a BAD idea!!!!!!!!!!!

KC on

Umm who does that pink look good on? Not my brown skin, shame on you MAC. MAC has been know for making a very large variety of colors that complement a multitude of skin tones, but there past campaigns have been very greared towards light skinned-fair skinned women.

Angie on

I think this is a really stupid idea, I saw advertizing for it at the mall and I thought it was a joke.

Mary on

KC: If you had even bothered to look at the website, you’d see that one of the Barbie Loves MAC models is brown-skinned. And the makeup isn’t limited to just “Barbie” pink.

Tina on

I have 3 barbie loves mac products and I love them all. They are so fun and the Barbie collection has colors for every skin tone.

econ476 on

I grew up on barbie.
I still managed to go to college, have a career, eat three sqaure meals, be curvy and have good self esteem. Lighten up Marissa, it’s just a Barbie.

alice on

I also played with Barbie and my self esteem is just fine.

Trish on

I bought most of the Barbie Loves MAC line and I love it. I agree with the comment left by Alice @ 6:21 pm.

Nighthag on

I grew up on Barbie and I never considered her a bad roll model. I considered her a doll. Everyone is reading too much into the Barbie thing. As for the ‘Barbie Loves Mac’, I just can’t take that serious. Couldn’t they of used a real person to promote this? Are they promoting their products for little girls?

R on

I had so many Barbie dolls growing up I could start a museum. I know where the negative arguments come from but never did I feel oppressed or that I wanted be “her”. I walked across M.A.C the other day and saw the Barbie poster, as well as a crowd of people there when there usually isn’t much. I’m not sure if it was the new Barbie collection but all I know is that when I walked past the poster I felt very nostaglic. And it almost made me think twice about going in.

kathy vicious on

i love mac make-up. luckily i pounced on the make-up line before they sold out. as far as the colors only looking good on fair skin people, i have to disagree. beauty is in the eye of the beholder. get a grip on your self esteem and if you don’t like it no-one is making you buy it. i think it was a cute novel idea for mac to introduce the barbie campaign and even with the neigh sayers i do believe they had a sucessful campaign. go mac!!!!

Jessica on

ya know, i think barbie gets a lot of crap about being a bad influence because shes the only doll that EVERYONE knows off.. little girls already have an idea of attractive and unattractive is BEFORE they even learn about barbies, they are attracted to the doll, and pick one up.. no parent shows a girl barbie and says “This is what pretty is, you need to be her.”
I dunno.. it’s just my opinion.. Poor barbie :(

rachel b. on

Barbie was my favorite toy when i was a kid and my friends would come over to play for hours. the toy is harmless.

Alexandra on

i am played with barbie? when i was child. i like this toy for her beauty. i like her for her blond hair and ideals of beauty!

andrea on

i dont wont to offend people by saying this, but i think it is totally weird to think that girls will have an eating disorder because they played with a barbie when they were 6. my sister and i loved our barbies, but neither of us thought, “o,hey, let me look like a doll!!!!” hello, shes a doll!!!! dolls arent role models, they are fun pieces of plastic

Kristin on

Barbie dolls are the top of little girls’ lists. Sorry to say it but the “bad role model” lable is just not true. PEOPLE are role models, not toys. I would let my 8 yr old play with ANY Barbie vs listen to a Britney Spears CD… now that is a bad role model….

Alice on

Barbie is fine in my book but those Bratz dolls gotta go. Why do they have to be so trashy?

Jennifer on

Barbie = an impossible, white-bred image that is impossible to achieve. It is a ridiculous and dark-ages campaign.

Lauren on

I don’t think that there are many girls out there today who are trying to attain the “Barbie body” anymore. If you ask me, Nicole Richie and all Cate Bosworth are influencing young girls in a negative way. Little girls today are more mature and they know that Barbie is fake; just a doll. That’s what I tell my 5 year old who I do allow to play with Barbie. But the girls on TV dying to be thin are the ones are kids are being negatively impacted by…

Veronica on

I grew up on Barbie as well. All she was to us was a doll. Nothing more. I think the people who think she is a bad role model are the people who are reading too much into her, the people who made her their role model. Barbie was great, I never wanted to be her, I ended up getting a B.A. in Criminal Justice and work for a University and played with Barbies, I still do with my sister. So lighten up. MAC works for great causes like HIV.

Shel on

I agree with the positive comments that have been made about Barbie. I also played with Barbie. She was one of my favorite toys. I have a healthy self-image. I have a Masters Degree and a career (which, by the way, Barbie does these days, too) – I teach college. I never wanted to look like Barbie or be her – I only wanted her wardrobe and her shoe collection! LOL! But in all seriousness, I like the comment made by the person who said they felt nostalgic when they saw the MAC campaign. I think that is what MAC was trying to accomplish – to draw the attention of women who grew up playing with Barbie. Like some of the others have already said to you “Barbie bashers”: lighten up! Not everything is about role models or eating disorders. Some of us simply had good, innocent fun playing with Barbie with our girlfriends back in the 70’s and 80’s….and have had no negative reprecussions or anorexia as a result!

you on

um. barbie isnt alive.

Joan on

I grew up playing with a few of the Barbies that my parents could afford for me. I NEVER even had the slightest idea about shaping my life, my self-esteem or my personal goals around this doll. It was just a fun toy…and people, if Barbie was an ugly doll, nobody would have bought it in the first place. I think the Barbie bashers are thinking too much!!! I am very fond of the multiple and interesting careers that Barbie has had over the years: Veterinarian, Doctor, Astronaut, Teacher, Pop Star…even a Politician!!! How can that be a bad role model? Today I have collector’s Barbie dolls and I still love them. I am also a successful Electrical Engineer who has also become a Professional Makeup Artist for models on my free time. And my husband is a successful Electrical Engineer as well. Good money, good careers, good life!!! Where do you see the bad influence? Nowhere!!! Now look at Paris Hilton’s excessive partying and sex scandals and Britney showing off her private parts on parties and tell me who is the bad influence. And for my fellow KC…girl, as a Makeup Artist I can tell you this: I am dark skinned too and it looks great on me! Just go to the MAC counter and have one of their Makeup Artists do the makeup on you using these colors. You’ll be surprised at how well they match every skin color. And if you still don’t like the makeup…well…I think you’ve already noticed that MAC has PLENTY of other colors to choose from!!!

Jamie on

In come the whiny feminists complaining about how oppressed everyone is due to the existence of a friggin’ toy.

I didn’t much care for Barbie.. and it certainly didn’t make me want to be a toothpick. But there’s nothing wrong with Barbie.. quit blaming everyone else for your own insecurities. It’s a toy – get over it.

I like this Mac line.. it’s very pretty. It would look horrible on me, but absolutely stunning on other people. I agree with the people above who note the nostalgia (you feel it whether you played with the dolls or not).. I definitely felt it too. I did a double take when I first saw the poster.

Amita on

I don’t think Barbie is a bad influence on young girls. I mean, compared to Bratz? Come on. It’s just a doll meant to play with. The commercials that I’ve seen of her when I was young, did not influence me to be a bad girl or to be annorexic (I spelt that wrong,didn’t I?)and pretty. I just wanted the doll to play with…that’s all. And besides, it enhances girls’ imagination. They become more creative and more imaginative. Plus, there are different kinds of Barbies of different nationalities and of different jobs and they’re not all the same. So that can teach young girls to accept differences I suppose.
When I was a young girl, I use to play wiht them all the time. I had so much fun with them that I started constructing things for them. For example a house made out of card board boxes and such.
I think that it doesn’t really matter of what kind of doll you give your daughters to play with because they’ll become attached to it anyways. At least most of the time…

So if you’re afraid that this doll will screw up your daughters life, I turned out fine and I’m not annorexic. In the end, its not the doll, I think…I think its about parenting and teaching your daughter the rigt stuff.


youknowwho on

u people r so paranoied just deal with it itll never change

Stella on guys. there is no difference between Barbie and Bratz dolls, you cant
seperate them and say they are different, they are the same genre, both dolls!! pple can claim that they have never been influenced by Barbie while growing up, but how do you is all subconcious.not to mention, alot of you are probably white

andrea on

are you guys kidding me!?? I think its excellent that M.A.C came up with the Barbie line. I think what they wanted to accomplish was the pink and bright colors that are “barbie” colors. They arent discriminating against anyone, and a barbie with makeup on is not a “bad role model” its a DOLL so LIGHTEN UP.

Caitlin on

Barbie isn’t a bad role model. It’s ADULTS that want to look like her, not children. How many women owned a Barbie when they were a little girl? Almost all of them. And how many have turned into Barbie-Wannabe’s? About three. You do the maths?

Other than that, I wouldn’t wear it myself because I’d look stupid, but I think it looks lovely on the models. The blonde model is called Chelsea White. She went to the same upper school as I did – interesting, lol.

Caroline on

omg another stupid barbie ad.just stick with the doll and the playhouse and the clothes. we don’t need makeup for barbie or a car for barbie!

Marissa on

Lol..Caroline is retarded. The makeup is for PEOPLE, not the doll, genius.
I’m 15 and I played with barbies when I was younger – and my self-esteem is just fine, I’m 5’2″ and 125 pounds and I know I look great the way I am. So all of you saying that barbie makes girls all need to get over yourselves. It’s a doll.

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