Thinking of Pulling a Britney? Donate your hair!

02/20/2007 at 03:21 PM ET

Are you looking to embrace your inner Britney Spears — and shave your head? Instead of selling your hair (the salon where Britney went razor-happy is auctioning off her tresses), what about donating your ‘do? Britney’s ex Kevin Federline reportedly donated his hair to Locks of Love when he went from a shoulder-length coif to a buzz cut. That charity provides free hairpieces and wigs to children who have lost their hair due to illness. It’s pretty easy to do — take it from someone who knows. Three weeks ago, I made my own donation. I just filled out a form online and mailed in my cut-off hair (which took only a year and a half to grow — the charity needs a minimum of 10 inches). Best of all, you don’t need to go for a full-on chrome dome like Britney; a nice short bob will do. — Cara Shultz

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j on

this is such a good cause.
i’m sure britney HAD to shave hers off to start all over w/the constant dying and extensions every other day. do i still think she’s crazy? oh yeah.

AnnieM on

I would definitely donate my hair if I were to cut it. Doubt I’d shave it though.

Amy on

I’ve donated to Locks of Love three times. They definitely prefer donations of 10 inches (most of their clients are young girls who want long hair), but they will accept donations that are shorter – they just will sell them to help pay for overhead. It’s a great cause, and if you don’t have the patience to grow out your hair to 10 inches, I’m sure they’d be happy to take something that is more in the 5-7″ range.

Elda on

I have long hair down to my waist and i have really been thinking about doing something for a good cause besides my hair grows so fast. P.S. Cheer up Britney I still am one of your biggest fans, when you smile you always look pretty!!

enigma on

Donating hair is a kind act of empathy which is a beautiful thing!

I can certainly understand that crazy itch ones gets when they feel the need to “lop-it-all-off”……….

But, I find myself wondering about Britney’s mental integrity!??! I mean, look at it, her marriage was shaky, she gives birth to kid #2, gets a divorce, goes partying wacky style, leaves her kids at home, plays and teases around with her fans and the public through her web-site, she says one thing does another, gets her hair colored so many times that she probably needed to have it all shaved, gets it shaved, gets inked twice, etc,etc,etc! Plus, she looks AWFUL and UGLY!

And, NO! I do not hate Britney…it’s just a simple observation, I don’t even know her! I don’t own any of her music.

And, she wonders why, how, what, where, when, and askes for respect on top of it all…that the media takes all of her actions “out of porportion” as if it’s been straved for food for ten years. Yeah, they are going to eat every crumb that falls from Britney’s table of action!!!

I think she’s falling into that can’t-turn-around-now-to-save-yourself-hollywood-mental-maddness!!!

Something is wrong and it’s not good that she is a “role-model” in so many young girls eyes!?????

Julia on

When I was in high school, my school had an assembly for Locks of Love every year. It is a great cause. Every year at least 50 people donated. Ann Curry also donated. One girl actually shaved her hair and donated it, very gratifying.

Amy on

Isn’t Brittney a great role model????
(note the sarcasm)

Kate on

I was going to donate my hair to Locks of Love; however, when I found out that they send some of the hair overseas to sell, I was a little disappointed. Then I found out that they actually charge most families for the hair, based on a sliding scale (because, you know, middle class families don’t deserve it as much as lower class families ..??). I hated the thought of donating something so someone else could pay for it. I also read that they do not give the hair to cancer patients, since their baldness is considered “temporary”. I hope I’m wrong, but what I’ve read suggests otherwise … (I read some of this on wikipedia).

karawara on

Who would want Britney’s hair? It’s fried. Are we forgetting how many times she has changer her hair color in the last 5 months?!

Charla Dickenson on

Donating your hair is a wonderful thing to do, what a kind and selfless act. I am full of admiration for anyone who has done such a generous thing. In this image obsessed and superficial world there is nothing more beautiful than giving a piece of yourself to help another feel more whole in the face of such painful adversity.

Thanks for the inspiration.

Charla Dickenson on

I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t comment an all the Britney controversy.

Considering the state of things I can’t imagine why anyone would want to or be encouraged to “embrace their inner Britney”. People do creative things with their hair everyday. Clearly Britney’s behavior is indicative of something much more serious. I really hope that she will stay in rehab and get proper treatment. I do not know her and I am not anyone’s fan, however I would bet every cent she has that Britney Spears has some very serious problems that absolutely need to be addressed, especially since children are involved. I do not believe that Spears is seeking attention or a career revival through her behavior, perhaps her people are, but I don’t believe she is. I think she is in a state where she is not thinking clearly and her actions are merely those of a person spiraling out of control.

Fame can be very destructive. The media is full of corruption and a hunger for money and power that leaves very little regard for human beings. People have built their careers and taken free rides on this young woman’s back yet very few, if any, seem to be helping her now when SHE is in need. In life’s hard times you find out who your true friends and it seems to me like this young woman doesn’t have a friend in the world. When you are a parent you are a parent for life. I am extremely unimpressed by the lack of initiative on behalf of her family. I have seen people with not even a fraction of these individual’s wealth and resources give SO MUCH MORE effort to help their loved ones in similar situations. If there are any future disasters with this starlet I will find it repulsive to read the fake sympathy from magazines and the media and her so-called friends and allies. Most people see this woman as entertainment, not as a human being. Clearly she is flawed, as all of us are, and there are many people who are much more level headed and responsible than she has shown herself to be. When it comes to this young woman what stands out to me is not all her flaws and problems but the endless problems in today’s world, especially in terms of media and fame.

At a very young age this woman has been manufactured and turned into a commercial product. It reminds me of the Truman Show, but this is not a weekend rental it’s a real life blaspheme; The Britney Spears Show. She was built up to a teetering and impossible height and now everyone is watching her fall apart, laughing and gossiping at her human misfortune and raking in dough with every juicy and ridiculous new detail that creates a perfect money making headline.

For those who seek fame, just take a look at the price $$$$.

enigma on

Hey Everyone,
I hope my commentary on Britney Spears did not offend or confuse anyone! My comments are just pure observations.
I just feel she has lost focus and is blowing with the breeze (which can be helpful at times) but, I don’t think that’s the case with Britney…..??????

I also think donating hair is a beautiful cause (in more ways than one) but, it’s best to do your research of how and where your donated hair will go to! Making sure you don’t fall into a situation like Kate (the poster above)…which, by the way Kate thank you for sharing that info….I had heard something like that awhile ago…but was not sure.

Anyway, I hope my comments did not annoy or offend anyone.

Take care and Cheers!!

Elda on

That was sweet Enigma, your last comment was really sincere and Charla you are so right about the media, it’s all about making bucks!!

Beth on

I am going to donate my hair to locks of love. I am waiting for it to grow about 5 more inches, because when I do cut it off, I still want it to be shoulder-length! But it will be wierd to have short hair agian. Maybe by next summer, or the summer after that I will be ready.
A girls hair can become part of her identity, which is may be why Britney decided to shave her head?
I wish her the best of luck in her recovery, and am looking forward to seeing her interview on Oprah, or Dateline!

rachel b. on

it is not about donating or auctioning her hair but the victim itself Britney Spears and to pull off that uneventful stunt and it was by no means cute or flattering. she is getting help for herself and her hair should have stayed on her head where it belongs and she should go without a wig and face up to her baldness because she is the one that did it!

Jennifer on

Locks of Love is a great organization! When I went from super-long hair to a dramatically short pixie cut one weekend in college, I donated mine — it was just as gratifying as the haircut! Thank you for this plug for a really good cause.

Ainsley on

You can also donate your hair to Beautiful Lengths. They make wigs for women with breast cancer. I donated mine to locks of love two years ago, and I just cut it off last weekend and donated it to beautiful lengths because my mom had breast cancer. Beautiful lengths only requires 8 inches.

georgie on

my god, the poor girl cuts her hair off and everyone freaks? i mean, it’s not as if she cut off an arm or a leg. i think she’ll probably look quite cute with short hair (in a few weeks or so), she’s got a pretty face. and she’s starting off with fresh, new, undyed hair too.

and as for her children, i don’t see the reason anyone’s making a fuss there either: britney has a mum, a sister and probably at least 10 expensive nannies hovering around the mansion 24/7. i really don’t see why those kids shouldn’t be very well looked after. and so what if she goes out clubbing at night? the kids are asleep then anyway. they’re not going to miss her one second. i really think this is all a whole load of fuss about nothing. loads of mums would love to go out at night if they could afford the babysitter. i don’t see why britney is supposed to be a bad mother and i’m getting fed up with this constant media coverage and critique.

Alice on

It is not Britney’s mothers, or sisters or nannies job to raise her children, it is her job. Its one thing to go out occasionally, its another thing to leave your kids with someone else everyday. I sure hope you don’t have children.

Tiffany on

She probably could not donate it at all as if anyone tested it, it would test positive for drugs or something! Her hair looked horrible anyway and that is probably why they are not donating it at all but selling it to rake in the dough!

deb on

Someone who is out of controll, self-centered, destructive, and extremely rich would not naturally think to do such an altruistic action. Britney Spears stopped thinking about anything other than herself a very long time ago. That would explain why she is in the shape she is today. Locks of Love can do a whole lot better without Britney as their poster child.

Marissa!!!! on

I think that Britney is having a mental break down! Shaving your head?!?!?! Is she crazy?!?!?! Anyway, if I were Britney Spears, and if I did shave my head I would probably donate it to charity but why the heck would I shave my head in the first place?!?!?!?!

wildflower on

I sincerely feel for this girl. As a young mother of two and married, I have had my own struggles with it all, I haven’t dealt with it anywhere nearly as extreme as she has and always found comfort in being with my kids rather than out with friends, but I truly believe all of this is her way of trying to wash away the hurt.

I don’t even think she needs rehab so much, what she needs is someone good to talk to to remind her of her self worth as a human and as a mother, being a celebrity needs to be last on her list. She needs someone who isn’t afriad to lay it on the line for her. I think if her mind was cleared up, she wouldn’t be doing the drinking and partying. It will take someone strong to give her the wake up call she needs and I hope it is delivered soon for her sake and her kids.

Jessie on

Is it really so difficult for everyone to give the poor young lady a break. No, I am not a crazy Britney fanatic but I do feel sorry for her. With all of the negative criticism that Brit is getting, we are lucky that the only thing she has done so far is shave her head. Seriously, with all of the disapproval for her behavior that society has I am suprised that she hasn’t done something is permanently negative or damaging to herself. I mean okay, shaved head, not the best look for her, sure, but by going to rehab she is trying to better herself. Whatever the issues that she is dealing with, we need to be more uplifting and less negative. All that anyone tends to do is belittle her or judge her, yes she has made some mistakes, but it is her life to live not ours, and in case anyone forgot she is human. Give the poor girl a break.

ash on

I was lied to by my stylist when I cut off my hair. It was over 9 inches (cut off), but she told me it had to be 12 inches in order to donate. Later, I found out that is not true – I could’ve donated my hair!! This happened right after my best friend was diagnosed with cancer, so I was sort of doing it in her honor. Such a shame!!!!!

cc on

yeah one day in rehab… that will do a person a lot of good… she not even trying or willing to help herself. I feel sorry for her kids

kel on

Programs that make wigs and hair pieces for people that have lost thier hair due to illness are fantastic programs.
However, hair cannot be chemically treated.
After seeing the constant photos of Britney’s ever changing locks, it hair was probably fried to a crisp.
Also, the people auctioning off her hair…NO mention of donating that money to charity. No, they have to have their 15 minutes of fame and of course profit off of it.
What is wrong with people today?

lorrie on

Maybe she just wanted a short haircut for the spring/summer.
Seriously, I have thought of shaving me head once and I’m not disturbed. Depending on the person, you can look beautiful a la Natalie Portman or Sinead. Britney is not as pretty as them though so it looks a little off, but whatever.
She should show it off and not wear the wig or what was the point?

Sam on

I don’t think no one here has the right to judge Britney, we don’t know yet what it going on with her, who knows what kind of mental illness she has?? All of this is her parents’s fault!! If they didn’t worry about her from the beginning is not her fault, if I would be Britney’s mom I wouldn’t even go out cuz I wouldn’t have a place where to hide my face from shame. Or maybe is not her fault either, maybe is her manager’s(if she still has one). How many stars have fall appart because of doing everything their managers teel them to, like doing drugs, and that’ just an example.
She is not herself right now, do you really think she is awared of what one day of rehab means?? of what it is to leave your kids home alone with the nanny every single night?? that your youngest kid may not even know you?? shave your head?? not at all!!
She’s in a very hard time and we should all support her intead of being so sadical by making fun of all the trouble she’s passing through right know or simply enjoy gossiping about her…
By the way, modesty apart, I’m 13 years old and I seam to be a little bit more mature about this situation than most of the people that has commented here.

Nighthag on

Georgie: You must not be a mom. If you where, you’d understand what people are complaining about. Babies wake up many times during the night. I prefer to be there for my two when they do wake up. Babies and kids take comfort knowing that mommy or daddy will be there for them. Sure, I do need a break too. Every once in a while is good but not every night. A nanny will never replace a special bond between a child and a mother. And no, I don’t want to be out clubbing everynight. I prefer to stay home and get my sleep so I can get up early to take care of my two with a mind and body that is fully awake. Not with a hangover and reaking of booze. If she wasn’t prepared to do this, then she should not of had them. Just a mothers prespective.

poor britney on

BRITNEY IS WEARING A WIG BECAUSE SHE IS REMORSEFUL!!! I’m sure she is ashamed now of what she has done, even though she was sick of her hair being overtreated, but come on it didn’t look that bad. She did it for a cry of help, and in an extreme way. It was an act of self-destructiveness. SHE NEEDS HELP! I think she shaved her head to symbolize how she feels in her life. She will have an interview with Matt Lauer in about 6 months and then she will tell us all about why she shouldn’t have done it, she was depressed, etc… And hopefully her life will be better by then. And for a WOMAN, her hair is her crowning glory, and shaving it off is an ugly, self-destructive thing to do.

Jennifer Sanchez on

She needs to go to a nut house already i feel bad for her kids

georgie on

Alice, a lot of mums leave their children with other people every day. it’s called a créche. here in weird old europe it’s actually quite normal. when women work someone has to look after the children. i don’t see anything wrong with that as long as you reserve some quality time for your children. as for britney, who knows exactly what she does? all we see is some distorted picture painted by the press. or do you have her daily schedule? nope. neither do i.

Beth on

You know what you do the first day you are in rehab? You unpack your stuff and meet everyone. I doubt she got any treatment at all. And I’m pretty sure the girl needs it. I understand not wanting to stay there if the media is constantly swarming, so guess what? Go out of the country, do what you need to do in order to get better. If not to help salvage your career, but to be normal, loving, and supposrtive of your boys.

Lyndsi on

I think it was a good cause but i wouldn’t have shaved my head for it!

Dixie Marie on

I say two thumbs up to Charla, Wildflower and Jessie. I couldn’t have said it better myself. I do feel for Britney. How lonely to be at the top.

Alice on

Nobody is talking about having someone watch her kids while she works, in fact you weren’t even talking about that. Of course someone is going to watch her kids when she works. It doesn’t mean she should have someone watch her kids every night so she can go party. What kind of mother does that? A bad one. And do you think she is up to taking care of them the next day when she is hung over? Probably not. You obviously must be very young if you don’t understand any of this.

georgie on

yeah, right. i’m 30. i have kids too. you’re not a bad mother if you’re not there all the time – night or day. and you don’t have to be hung over when you’ve had a party either. not everyone gets drunk. and a nanny CAN have a special bond with a child (i used to be a nanny). this “mother is best”-myth is just so outdated. so where does daddy come into the equation then? is daddy worth less? can daddy not take care of children as well as mommy can? yikes. talk about emancipation here.

Meg on

I think Britney is going through a rough time and needs prayer but im proud of her for donating for a good cause. shes a good person shes just having a rough time. im praying for you britany

enigma on

Hey Elda! Thanks for your compliment!

Hey Charla! You are very right about Britney Spears being a manufactured and turned into a commerical product.

I can fully understand why people really “feel” for Britney but somehow I think to myself, well, Britney has made these choices to be where she is in her life right now and made the same choice when she started being in this nasty industry of the rich and famous! Britney has risen to impossible heights and standards with a ton of help. A lot of this has to do with her family and agent. They took one look at the young Britney and told themselves we’re gonna make lot’s n’ lot’s of $$$$$$$ from the music industry, GREED was put before Britney’s well being. And then, we the public, are force feed this stuff that is so called “music and talent”. When really it’s all a matter of the industry whispering to itself……. “Let’s see what we can get away with while we’re making tons o’dough!”

Remember, Britney choose to be in this from the beginning and now, so there is where I cannot find myself feeling sorry for her. Everyone has the CHOICE and the POWER to change for the better whenever they want it! I hope Britney holds on strong to her choice of giving rehab a good hard try…….fixing oneself at oneself own choice is hard so, I must commend Britney for attempting in taking the right steps to a better more calm life! She needs to chill like white wine for a long time!!! Regain focus and adjust her attitude towards life….because life is good!

No offense anyone!!


Ramona on

I’m sick and tired of reading about Britney Spear’s antics. She’s a train wreck waiting to happen and I can see her ending up like Anne Nicole Smith or at least Courtney Love. If she put half as much energy into her children rather than doing the stupid things that make the headlines, she and her children would be much better off. All I can say is that I hope that the person she is paying to look after her children is more of a mother than she is. Those poor kids!!! I’m thinking that even Kevin Federline is looking more like the responsible one and that is really scary!!

Alice on

Wow, I glad I wasn’t raised Georgie….

SUE on


wazzup on


Elise on

Britney is like demented or something! You don’t go out and shave your own head! Well it could be fun to shave some one else’s head… but that is not the point!

fred on

She just wants attention!

Ine on

the most STUPID donation (¿?) EVER.
she’s awfully rich, instead of buying a $10 000 000 diamond neckless to her rat dog she could have gave that in donation. Am i right?
I’m from a 3rd world country… hair donation sounds ridiculous.

well, i needed to say that. Kisses 4 U all! =)

lu on

congratulations to the NEW COURTNEY LOVE, her whole purpose was to look desperate? “mission acommplished” mentally unstable? “mission acommplished” get media’s attention? “mission acommplished” Way to go Britney!!!! now you are officially the newest version of failure.

Kitty on

So, you wanna pull a Britney? Cut your hair off, shave your head, what ever…by the way, Britney Buzzed IT! NOT SHAVED! Big difference..SO, chop it off and sell it on Yes, sell it, then you can do whatever you want to do with the money you raise! Actually donate it to where you know you’ll be making a difference… wanna find out? Check out on the organizations you think you’re making a’ll be shocked.. So give the money directly to your cause…

Kay on

By the way, Britney didn’t cut her hair off and donate it.. She did nothing for humanity…she did it for her own publicity..Plus, her hair was prob in such poor shape from the years and years of extensions and colors. No one would take her hair or give her money for only 4 INCHES! You could sell your hair on and then give money to an organization of your choice!!!

renee on


Rachel on

your a girl, your supposed to have hair on your head!!

lacy on

I think Britney is definitly a individual. I love Britney. She has had a hard time over the last 2 years. give her a break geez.

shiva on


Debra McGinley on

I gave my hair to, “Locks of Love” once already; but I was wondering is Locks of Love the only place to donate my hair? I was told that a lot of stars donated their hair to a different company that does not get hair from Locks of Love and these children really need all they can get. Can you please email me and also send me information on where else I can donate my hair. Everyone ones about Locks of Love, I am looking for the company that other company. My address is: Debra McGinley, 1221 Cambridge Street Apt. #1006, Cambridge, Mass., 02139

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