Which Simpson Sister's LBD Do You Like Better: Jessica or Ashlee?

02/13/2007 at 01:53 PM ET

When the Simpson girls turned up at the Sony/BMG post-Grammy party, a few things became apparent — Jessica and John Mayer are definitely a couple, Ashlee is now the blonde in the family, and the girls share a taste for wearing little black dresses on the red carpet. Newly brunette Jessica turned up in a super-slinky vintage minidress with a crystal halter, while little sis Ashlee went for a swingier D&G chiffon frock with crystal accents. Two sisters, two black dresses that sparkle — and two totally different looks. Tell us: Whose little black dress do you prefer? Jessica or Ashlee?

Click here for more photos and the full scoop on the Grammys party scene in our Red Carpet Confidential blog.

Photo: Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic; NPX/starmax

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Nicole on

Love them both, they look great!

cc on

Jessica! Ashlee looks cute, but a bit fake looking. I personally like Jessica’s dress better.

Michelle on

Ashlee’s dress is better than Jessica. It’s sexy without trying too hard and more flattering than Jess’s skintight number.

Nighthag on

Ashlee hands down.

Lis on

I think they both look good. I love their different hair colors. I like both dresses but i think i like Jessicas dress better,just a little.

ng on

Jessica’s fits better. She looks great with the brown hair. Ashley looks a bit frumpy. I wonder what Jessica’s slim down tricks are?

Mesha on

I LOVE Jessica Simpsons hair. She looks better then ever. She should definately keep the brunette look.

Jackson on

They both look great but I really like Jessica’s dress. I think she looks so much better with dark hair.

hallie on

Overall I would have to say I like Ashlee’s better, love her shoes and accessories. I think it is more along the lines of something I would choose for myself. Not that Jessica doesn’t look nice, I think they both chose something that works for their respective bodies and personalities.

enein on

While I dislike both Simpson’s sense of style, in this case I would choose Ashlee. Jessica always seems to be squeezing into teeny outfits and she ends up looking like a sausage casing. No doubt she has a beautiful body but can’t you leave a little to the imagination? Ashlee’s LBD is too short, as is the trend in Hollywood these days, but it’s cuter.

Tina on

Both sisters look great, but I prefer Ashlee’s look. It looks like she isn’t trying as hard as Jessica.

Kari on

As far as the dresses, I like them both. But there is no middle ground! Jessica’s is too tight and Ashlee’s doesn’t seem to fit her very well. Jessica looks nicer as far as accessories, hair, makeup etc… Ashlee’s skin looks like she applied way too much sunless tanner, she just looks kind of icky.

Jan on


Cute dress, nice hair color.

I don’t like bright blonde haircolor, but I’m not liking the brown on Jessica either. I’m not sure what it is, but it seems her overall coloring is looking a little toasted. In a fake way. I’d like to see her with a natural glow, and with maybe more of a honey blonde color rather than the too-blonde shades or brunette color.

Sarinka on

Ashlee definitely….She looks really great here.And I don´t like Jessica´s hair.

Alice on

They are both looking really good. I love love Jessica in this pic, but I saw the ones with her and John Mayor from that same night and she looked amazing. Love the new hair color.

dawn on

Jessica looks like a man with boobs, her sister can tell she has had work done looks unnatural. BUT if I choose it would have to be Ashlee.

BC on

I dont like either of them I wish people would show us someone more interesting

ann on




Kim on

I just love Jessica’s hair. She looks amazing. My vote is Jessica, but Ashley looks great also.

j on

first let me ask what the point of trying to stir up sibling rivalry is?? second they both look great, but ashlee surpassed jess a long time ago in looks & style. jess’s pose of sucking it all in and needing to exhale is played out.

Violet on

I think Jessica is too masculin. So I like Ashlee´s dress best. But I still think that her face looks unreal just like a fake (yeah i know she´d got a lot of operations).

Lizzie on

Ashlee looks SO MUCH BETTER than Jessica. She doesn’t look like she’s holding her breath and sucking it in (like JESSICA) and she looks very comfortable yet sexy.

ljay on

Jessica’s dress is better, I would wear it. She’s more natural looking too.
Ashlee looks so fake after having all that plastic surgery. Everything about her is fake!

Jen on

I love Jessica’s look!!!! Ashlee looks great too, but I like Jessica’s more.

Amber on

Ann, for someone who is being quite harsh in saying the Simpsons girls suck and have no brains, I would have to say that you don’t appear to be all to grammatically and spelling inclined.



JJ on

OK did Ken Paves go on vacation?! Jessica’s hair looks terrible in that 80s french twist thing. I love her with brown hair but this do is a DONT. I don’t care for this dress either. I would vote for Ashlee. She’s a bit too tan but she looks more comfortable in her own skin.

Mrs.Borrego on

I have to say Ashlee! Jessica’s smile is fake and well Ashlee is just trying to look cute. Nothing wrong with that because well she does look cute. I like that she wore her hair straight. It looks good and I love her dress and her clutch is cute too.

nancy on

i think they both look great, but…..jessica hands down. i love her hair dark.

Jen on

Jessica by far. Ashlee’s face looks so plastic its incredible. I prefer the big ol’ shnoz on Ashlee. Jessica can look awesome w/out trying.

Penni on

They are BOTH stunningly beautiful women.

Alice on

Haha, I agree with Amber. I think Ann should win an award for most illiterate blog ever written. Maybe you should worry about your own brain before you worry about anyone else’s.

Hebba on

Jessica! Ashlee looks like she’s had a bit too much plastic surgery.

Trinity on

um does anyone but me notice that ashlee looks like she has been going to the platic sergeon too often??? her dress is so cute, but she looks totally fake!

Kristin on

They both look great- I love Jess’s new color.; SHe looks so happy!!!

Marissa!!!!! on

I like Jessica’s dress better. It’s so cute!!!! And the shoes look really good with it!!!! But Ashlee’s dress is like an old lady dress!

SugarShorts on

Ashlee has a fantastic way of being feminine and edgy at the same time. Her personality rocks and being half tomboy and a girlie-girl isn’t easy to pull off. Her dress is flirty, classy, and she brings attention to herself in a respectful way. I’m just OVER Jessica all together. She went brunette? Trying to get people to take her seriously? Her body is fantastic but really Jessica is a dime a dozen.

KD on

Jessica looks great i love the dark hair! Ashley please be careful with the plastic surgery i think your taking it to far, she doesn’t look like Ashley anymore (be natural)

linds on

I agree with Lizzie, it looks like Jessica might be turning blue with all the sucking in she’s doing, she looks very uncomfortable. Ashlee looks great, her dress is flattering and feminine and not so restricting. Oh, and Amber….lol!

Dana on

i think that both the simpson sisters look great. i love ashlees dress, its something i’d wear myself. but jessica also looks lovely with her new hair color and she seems to be happy with john mayer.

JT on

Jessica is a wannabe Vanessa Minillo,Ashley looks like twiggy…..If I had a choice between Vanessa Minillo and both Simpson girls., I’d take Minillo Hands down!……….after she breaks up with Nick of course…LOL

Lisa on

Both dresses are cute, but Jessica would look a lot better if she had better posture. She always seems to be slouching.

nicole on

JESSICA LOOKS BEAUTIFUL!So my vote goes to her.I like Ashlee’s dress…but her face looks…no no!

Amber on

I also agree with you, Alice! I would also like to clarify that I go by Amber and not AMBER, so I didn’t write the blog underneath my prior one.

I can’t criticize their beauty because I am no more beautiful than either Simpson sister however in response to the question at hand, I like Jessica’s dress better. I think it really suits her typical fashion appearance.

Amanda on

I love Ashlees’s look better. Jessica’s is cute, but I would definately wear Ashlee’s.

Trish on

This is the first in a long time that I have to say Jessica, by far, outdoes Ashlee. She looks fresh, sexy and even maybe younger than her lil sis. Go Jess!

Mary on

Jessica’s shoulders are too wide. She looks completely unbalanced in her dress. Ashlee gets my vote.

Angie on

For once, Jessica actually looks great! I think Ashlee sold out, and I don’t particularly like her music, her tastes, or her wardrobe.

N.Shannon on

I absolutely hate Jessica’s new look. The dress, hairstlyle,accessories and smile are all ugly and she could have done so much better. Ashlee takes this round and I never vote for her over Jessica.

Patty on

Jessica looks like she is holding her breath to be in such a tight dress. It looks uncomfortable and unflattering. Her also also appears “plastic-y” – maybe a wig? Anyway, Ashlee looks better.

Kate on

My vote is for jessica. i think ashlee looks great to but shes 100% fake. at least jessica looks the same as she did 6 months ago. ashlee has had so much work done on herself its sick!

julie on

I LOVE both of them but Jessica all the way I love that girl!!!!!!

Amie on

EWWW! Both of these girls are disgusting….Jessica, please get a new pose and stop sucking in. You look ridiculous!

April on

Well Jessica looks more like a man then ever that face looks like a man in drag!!! and her sister looks alot better then her!

CJ on

Jessica looks a little blah with the brunette hair I think. I like Ashlee’s dress but I think Jessica just looks better in her dress.

Elda on

JESSICA, JESSICA, JESSICA, I love her that girl!!!

Nicole on

I think they both look awesome!!! I do love Jessica’s new hair color it looks great on her!

485h8g on

i think they both look awesome

Sami on

Amazingly enough, I really don’t care for either one! Ashlee’s tan and roots make her seem…….. unpolished
Jessica on the other hand needs to go back to being a blonde, it’s what she’s known for. And her dress makes her look like she’s trying to hard to be sexy, and it’s really not all the flattering.
Not trying to be sexy, is sexy!

Sabra on

Ashley looks much better, I think. Hair is better, make-up, and the dress isnt as tight. Jessica is very over-rated.

autumn on

I think they both look great!

Jennifer Sanchez on

Jessica wins this one, Ashley is trying TOO hard to be like her, and shes not even close, she looks so fake. I liked her better when she first came out.

Rocketinu on

Thank God you didn’t ask who was more talented. I would have to say neither.

Nothing wrong with their looks though.

sonia on

oh look, a couple of FUGS! i dislike them both. poooo on the simpson sisters!

p.s. john mayer and jessica make a great couple…they are both EWWW

Sara on

They are both very pretty!

Elisama on

Jessica is the best!!!She lokks greater than Ashlee.

Meg on

Hey Jessica: It looks better on Vanessa!

Inna on

I am so sick of seeing Ashley and Jessica all over TV and the magazine covers. What are they famouse for anyway? They are both talentless and their looks are a result of plastic surgery. Of course both look good, red-carpet ready, but trying too hard to please. Why can’t we concentrate on people that actually have talent – I am not asking for brains, but just some kind of substance. I mean young women may actually think that its cool being an idiot like them.

Emily on


Although her date was one accessory she should have left at home. Hunny, you’re supposed to upgrade. I know that’s pretty impossible considering it was Nick, but I’m sure a girl as stunningly gorgeous as Jessica could have picked a more attractive escort.

Mandy on

Jessica for sure. I really wish Ashlee would of stopped after her nose job. In some pictures I don’t even know it’s Ashlee.

Emily on


Although her date was one accessory she should have left at home. Hunny, you’re supposed to upgrade. I know that’s pretty impossible considering it was Nick, but I’m sure a girl as stunningly gorgeous as Jessica could have picked a more attractive escort.

Chrissy on

What does it matter or prove? They BOTH look great! I am loving Jessica’s hair.

Jordan on

Jessica looks way better. Ashlee looks so fake. I don’t mean to be harsh but her hair is kind of a washed out yellow, her skin is fake tan, her nose is different (not better), and she looks awkward. Jess on the other hand looks extremely confident and comfortable. She’s just the right size for her body, her hair color is great and she looks genuinely happy.

Maybe they caught Ashlee on a bad day.

Gossipluva on

I think they both look great – healthy and happy. I just feel bad comparing them – its something thats naturally done because they’re sisters, but I’m sure they get tired of hearing that one looks better than the other all the time. (I know my sister and I get tired of being compared).

ilovejohnmayer on


Allison on

I get annoyed with people who get on here and just blast the celebrities, but I really can’t stand either of the Simpson sisters! Jessica is trying too hard (as always) and Ashlee looks so fake! When they are not trying so hard, they look better.

ash on

i love ashlee way better. in every way possible i like ashlee better. jessica looks like a man in a dress in that picture.

Lorenair on

jessica´s haircolor looks like “mr. hanky” go back to blonde and ashlee just looks like the third olsen. both patetic

roxanna on

where can we get the dress jessica is wearing?? love it so much

tracie on


Michele on

Jessica looks AMAZING.She looks well put together, and classy. Ashlee’s hair makes her look like trash. it blends wayyy to much with her skin tone.

Danayelle on

I think Jessica looks better. I love her hair color. Ashlee’s dress needs to be more fitted.

Annie on

While Jessica has the shoulder span of the 80’s queen of shoulder pads Dorothy Zbornak, she is much easier on the eyes then her lip-synching sibling.

Heidi on

Ashlee! You have to be joking if you think Jessica! I think her dad told her to wear that!

Leora on

Im not sure how Ashley looks fake but she surely does look different-I think there was no need for the nose job because that was what made her unique from the rest of those fake barbie dolls out there. Ashley had almost the same nose as Jessica’s before surgery.They both got horrible legs… Jessica’s posture is unbearable. She needs to start breathing because it looks as if she’s trying to hold on straight and tuck in her stomach and I’m pretty sure that is one big fake smile on her face. If Ashley died her hair brown and pulled it back I think she would look almost like Jessica-After all they ARE sisters.

Joje on

Jessica all the way!! She just looks more polished and classier. Ashlee looks good but nothing compared to her big sis!

KG on

Come on, Jessica looks better by far! Ashley’s entire look is ruined by her plastic surgery face. She was beautiful just the way she was. I don’t understand why celebrities feel so bad about themselves that they think they look better with a plastic, artificial face.

Virginia on

My vote’s for Jessica. I love her dress!

Heather S. on

Jessica… for some inexplicable reason, I just think she’s fabulous!

Christina on

Jessica looks like a man! She looks very masculine for some reason, especially her face. I like her better blonde. I think Ashley looks way better. Jessica’s boobs look like they just want to pop out of her dress!

Reema on

i think jessica looks a lot better. its more sophisticated and her hair color looks great. ashlee looks like shes trying too hard.

Roel on

I think ashlee looks better. I think she looks much more comfortable. Honestly girls, how sexy can you be when you’re not in comfort?!?!?!

lilo on

jessica! ashley is not ashley anymore looks to fake, tan and all!

SCGirl on

Both dresses are nice, although I think Ashlee’s dress looks better…She’s not trying as hard…I really like Jessica’s hair better though!

ashley on

I think Jessica and Ashley both look georgous! I am a fan of Jessica so.. there goes my opinion. But both of them are beautiful. I think people should stop being haters and actually admit the truth. People need to check themselves before they critize others!!! And…Jess and John Mayer….TOTALLY HOTTT!!!!!!!!!

shea on

ASHLEY-Fale hair, fake tan…couldnt your make up matched those orange legs? oh..and what about those ape toes…damn! The nose looks WAY better…but still just Jessica’s “Little Sister”

Jessica-Great bod, but looks like a bit too tight on the dress! Go back to blonde…the brunette thing washes you out…so without a purse…just exactly where was she hiding the lipstick?

Dolly on

I like jessica’s dress better but i’m not sure if i like the brown hair. i’m so used to seeing her blonde. Ashlee’s dress is cute but it doesn’t fit properly. I really don’t like her hair and could she have put on anymore of the self tanning lotion? it’s ridiculous!

Rocs on


Jessica is SOOOO weird!

Tayme on

I would have to choose Ashlee’s little black dress. I also think Ashlee looks better. I love the hair, clutch and the shoes. She isn’t trying to hard in this dress (all skin tight), and she isn’t trying too hard to be sexy.

I like Jessica, and I think she’s very pretty, and I thought that I liked the style of the dress until I really looked at it. Her dress reminds me of a body suit that woman can wear under their clothes to tuck everything in (I see them in my magazines all the time). Jessica’s stomach muscles must be killing her, lol, because it looks like she’s holding her stomach in. I do like her hair color and her shoes, but that’s about it. I agree with Sami, it’s not sexy when you’re trying to be sexy.

malia on

i was never really a fan of their’s. when jessica first came out with her new single years ago, i liked her wholesome look. i thought she really looked pretty then. she’s changed a lot since…her body isn’t as sexy. it looks as if she got too buffed. and her legs aren’t great looking. the dress she’s wearing here looks nice but her shoulders look wide. she looks kind of masculine here. she should have at least let her hair down. it looks a little too tight too but maybe it was comfortable for her. i don’t know about this whole jessica thing…she looks like john mayer now! ashlee’s dress isn’t bad either…a little more on the conservative/casual side but nice. dress should have been a little more fitted to show more of ashlee’s figure.

jayball on


Diara on

Jessica! She looks more established and professional, yet sexy. She is confident in being herself, not like Ashlee who has tried over and over to look like Jessica.

Caroline on

I personally dont like either. Ashlee is smiling too werid like she got a facelift and Jessica is too big on top to wear a dress like that. But IF I had to choose I would choose Ashlee

Saiane on

Is that really Ashlee or one of the Olsens. Jessica wins. She is talented, confident and does not need constantly create the ‘in’ image as Ashlee. Again, are your sure one of the Olsen twins weren’t photographed?????

Jamie on

I think Jessica looks different. But a good different Ashlee kind of looks awkward but thats okay she still looks good.. tralala

chrissy on

Sick of Jessica I think Ashley looks much better then her sister.

Angela on

I like Ashlee’s dress. It just flows a little better!

Kayla on

I think Ashley looks way better. Jessica looks way to uncomfortable, like she is sucking in or something cause the dress is to tight. Ashley looks relaxed, and her dress is beautiful not slanky. They both look good, but Ashley looks way more comfortabl.e

mary on

i like ashlee’s better. the dress is cute, fun, and young. she has been looking great ever since the plastic surgery.

jessica always looks like she can’t breathe in any of her dresses… maybe b/c they’re too tight! hate her new hair color. she should go back to the blonde.

nat on

well i think they both look very nice, but ashlee looks really young in the picture and jessica looks like she is trying to mature for her new man. so congrats girls good wordrobe choices!

C on

Both of the dresses are pretty, but Jessica looks better here. Ashlee needs to lay off the fake tanning, she looks very orange. Her hair also looks like it not only needs a trim, but a really good shampooing.

T&G on

My husband thinks that Jessica looks like a man. Which I do agree with him…her shoulders.

T&G on

My husband thinks that Jessica looks like a man. Which I do agree with him…her shoulders.

T&G on

My husband thinks that Jessica looks like a man. Which I do agree with him…her shoulders.

T&G on

My husband thinks that Jessica looks like a man. Which I do agree with him…her shoulders.

T&G on

My husband thinks that Jessica looks like a man. Which I do agree with him…her shoulders.

monica on

I like Jessica look she always looks amazing I love all her clothes.

Kayleigh on


Jo on

Both look good I think, but I really like Jess’s new brown hair. Looks fantastic. Like her dress better too.

Evie on

I think Jessica needs to darken her eyebrows to go with her darker hair. The color is good but her face looks a little weird without eyebrows.

ashley on

I LOVE YOUR brunette locks JESSICA, going back to your roots! AWESOME! Lets keep it natural for awhile and Rock it!

Becky on

Please give me a break. These are two individual with different minds and different taste, that should be allowed to express them without being compared all the time. Just let them be, they both look nice and that is all that should be said without any compairing.

rena on

i think they both look good. i really like jessicas hair

Clarice on

Ashley looks fresher. Jessica is kind of skanky looking.

kristen on

I really wish we could just make both of the Simpson girls disappear from the face of the earth. Jessica looks like she is wearing the undergarments I have for under my wedding dress and ashlee looks like she’s 12. The world would be a better place if we didn’t have to see either of their annoying faces…

nola on

ready aaaand… exhale.

sara on

wouldnt it be so nice to wear a $5000 dress ONLY once and have that beautiful fake tan wear all that makeup and dye your hair evry other day the jewlery that cost 900,000 dollars yet…they still get critisized its like being in high school again

Jessica on

Jessica looks far more mature. The dress is formfitting and she definitely has a lovely form! I don’t care for Ashlee. I know some celebrities, if not most, have had plastic surgery.. but it’s generally subtle and enhances slightly. Instead, Ashlee has changed herself drastically and is horribly fake. I cannot ignore that, no matter what she wears.

nicole on

they both look hot!! i do like ashlees dress better, though. they both look great.

Brooke on

Jessica, but I wish she would relax in front of the cameras. Both girls are very pretty and I would take Jess over Minnillo in a heartbeat. Have you seen her Maxim pictures? Jess may show a little more clevage than the fun, sweet girl that she seems to be.
Minnillo is NOT self confident. She is desperate and enjoying her 6 or so months of fame, clinging onto Nick. Does he ever look truely HAPPY when he’s with her? He misses Jess and I think if given the chance, he would dump her and rekindle the love he had with Jess.
Ashlee is a pretty girl, and even though I’m not a fan of plastic surgery, I think she looks great. Her style is much more sophisticated and her and Jess look so much more alike. What happened to her music?

kristi on

Both girls don’t look that great really. Jess’s dress is too tight and paegent-y, it’s really nothing special.

Ashlee’s dress looks like a potatoe sack, and her face is looks retarded from all the plastic.

Shar on

Ashlee looks better…I guess…Jessica is too common already. I am just over that styled dress…it’s been there, done that.

Jessica plays it too safe and does what everyone else does. Ashlee is more her own woman.

Rebecca Thompson on

I like Jessica’s….very classy…Ashlee’s looks a little frumpy and strange on her.

drrr on

I can’t believe that you’re going to act like you know these peoples thoughts and personalities. We don’t know them or who they are, so don’t presume to decide if they are happy or not. Idiot. Personally, I think Jessica looks like a transvestite and Ashlee only had a nose job for gods sake, not a facelift. I’m sure you’re just as fake on the inside as her new nose. Who are you to determine her worth? Maybe it’s YOU who doesn’t have any self esteem…

alicia riggs on

Can we find someone else to read about except these two? Jessica left nick to end up with john mayer wtf is that? team nick

joy on

hands down to Jessica! She looks great in her dress and I like her new brunette look. Ashlee’s dress is cute but it just doesn’t fit her. She’s a stick with a cute wardrobe hanged on her.

Deborah Bouma on

They are both very diffrent!

Sarah on

Ashlee looks great!! She’s standing naturally, NOT sucking it in, and sticking it out like Jessica–the Total phony!!
People need to get over the fact that Ashlee had her nose done. She looks great now, and she looked great before.
I just think it’s total hypocrisy that people keep refering to Ashlee’s nose, but say nothing about Jessica. We know she has botox done, as well as her lips plumped with fillers to make them look larger. And by the way, if you check instyle.com (transformations)–you will clearly see that Jessica has had the bridge of her nose thinned out. She left the bump, or perhaps it didn’t heal properly, but the change in her nose is so obvious. It was also recently reported that Jessica had her chin filled in, but it did not heal properly, and now looks ridiculous. (I saw the pictures on (usmagazine.com)last week.
I guarantee when Jessica’s breasts begin to sag she’ll be running to the doctors to get implants.)
I’ll take Ashlee anytime, over Fake Look at Me Jessica, anyday!!!

rachel b. on

both share the sisterly love!

Ru on

Jessica she looks great with brown hair her dress iis also very flattering

hkb on

Jessica looks better….Always will…

Jennifer on

I think Ashlee’s dress looks better,it looks really cute on her.and it’s not as tight as Jessica’s.

V on

Jessica has a confidence that Ashlee has yet to achieve. It carries from her pose to her smile, and puts a simple dress over the top!

tamara on

jessica’s dress, its sexy i love it….. however ashley looks better cause i hate jess’s new hair!

Paola on

Jessica looks better!!!!Ashley looks like Michael Jackson….

Marissa Grider on

I luv both of them, They both look great!!!

Maggie on

Jessica’s dress needs to be two sizes bigger. Ashley’s dress fits better

robyn eady on

I think they both look good,but I would wear Jessica’s look.

derrik on

jessica looks cuter but, they both look great

Stephanie on

Jessica hands down… and I love her brown hair, it looks great on her!

carrie on

I think this time ashlee wins! I love jessica’s hair color but the way she styled it is just plain ugly! I don’t know why everybody on here is judging ashlee for having plastic surgery thats her decision, I think she looks awesome!!

Shadia Richards on

I like Ashley’s look better I mean kudos to Jessica but I think she’s trying to hard to be someone shes not

Brooke on

Drrr….wow. Somebody got fired up. Jealousy? Why cut these girls down? You don’t know them, so why crack on them?

summer on

jessica ashlee looks way to fake. i like jessica brown its a positive change.

night on

Uh Oh…Ashlee looks like she is emualting Mary Kate Olsen…lets just hope she does not take the look too far…she is a good weight right now…but she is about 15 pounds away from being a Mary-Kate clone

steph on

if jessica can’t use her blonde hair as an excuse for being a ditz what will she do? she needs to return to a blonde ASAP!

Dixie Marie on

I have to go with Ashlee this time. Someone needs to tell Jessica that it is time to breathe!! She is sucking it in way too much. She looks so phony. I know Ashlee has had surgery, but I think she looks great.

angeleyes on

ashley looks weird,she looks older than her age,i wonder is it bcoz all of her plastic surgery?

celeb1 on

jessica’s dress is nicer, but ashley looks better

libby on

I love Jessica’s dress! It looks really great on her. I am not so sure about Jessica going brunette. I dont like how Ashlee parted her hair right down the middle and her face looks fake.

Brooke on

I agree about Ashlee starting to look like the Olson Twins, AShley maybe?

dina on

i prefer jess! she’s looks great with brunette and also she’s more sexy than ashley!

Sherry on

They both look great. Awesome new look for Jessica. Ashlees dark blonde color is very complimentary. Like dark blonde much better than brassy blonde on both. Both classy dresses too.

Kiki on

Jessica is BETTER by a LOOOOONNNNGGG shot…She’s just so naturally beautiful!!! And look at those LEGS!!!! You-Go-Girl!!

Jessica on

Jessica definitely! because ashlee has a fake look instead of the natural beauty because of all that surgery!

kristy on

Although I like Ashlee’s outfit better(cute shoes), I think Jessica looks more attractive overall–she looks healthy and fun, and not so fake looking.

Jen on

Jessica! She loves great with brown hair… She just looks very healthy, and very happy….

loretta on

I think it is ashame, that anyone would pit two sisters against each other .they are both beautiful

sharms on

i think they both look good…jessica is more sexy and ashley is more girl next door pretty.


I absolutely lovED ashelee’s style..but now she looks like jessica totally.and jessica is terrible UGLY!

ana on

I like Ashlee much better than Jessica, and Jessica is always like Barbie xD!

Blair on

I think Ashlee’s better than Jessica for everything.Her hair,her dress,her accesories and more…She’s so cute! But Jessica’s like a slut in this clothes.Her her hair sucks.

andra on

Ashely definitely!!! jessica is always wearing clothes that are too tight or too short and she always ends up looking like a bimbo!


WE think that Jessica looks like she is breathing in a lot and Ashlee looks humped over!!! They both look UGLY. P.S. Jessica needs to go back to blonde! P.S. Ashlee still looks really fake!

anna on

hair– ashlee, jessica’s solid looks too fake.
makeup– ashlee’s stands out, jessica’s face just gets lost.
skin color– ashlee for the face, jessica for the legs.
dress– jessica’s is nicer, but neither dress fits.
shoes– both are nice but i could do without ashlee’s black polish

long story short… jessica looks like she forgot to coordinate any of the pieces of her ensemble. ashlee at least looks like she put some thought into the overall composition of her outfit…

sidenote… is it just me or are their bodies turning out to be the same (minus jessica’s man-shoulders) ? and what’s with the constant hands-on-the-hip look ? it makes them look full of themselves.

Isaac on

Well Jessica im with you

Abby on

Ashlee definately because she’s not fake

Me on

Jessice looks disgusting in everything she wears.

michele. on

i like them both in black , but one question : what s with Jess’ linebacker shoulders?

sam on

jessica looks better !!!!!!!!
dont get me wrong ashlee looks great but
she looks like mary-kate olsen in this picture
she looks too skinny she looks better curvy and
ive seen her look better in pther pictures

Maximelle on

I really prefer Jessica’s dress! She is amazing darker!

Nouna on

Okay… Jessica and Ashlee that’s all I keep hearing about? Honestly if you think about both girls look GORGEOUS!!! But can’t anyone who’s RICH look beautiful??? or am I wrong? Now days everygirl can be the PERFECT girl… Why not get your hair done,boob jobs, botox, you could even lose some weight!!! Then you’d be the most beautiful person right? Why can’t we all just accept it it? Everything happens for a reason; Obviously we were meant to look the way do… That’s why GOD made us that way… I mean if he wanted us to look like we wanted us to look then I guess some of us would not have to worry about anything right? WRONG… There’s always going to be an issue or something we’re not happy with in our lives!!! Someone’s always gonna be prettier or better than something that your not and Until you can accept who you are and be confident in who you are you’ll never be happy!!!

Ashley on

I think they both look amazing…however if I had to pick which looks better then it would be Jessica! She is just soo pretty!

a.j. on

uh…tuff…ashlee looks great but is half plastic so jess wins 4 me!

melissa on

I hate to say it but Jessica looks better. It is nice to see her with a hair color other than blonde. ASHLEY LOOKS LIKE SHE HAS A PLASTIC FACE AND A BAD TAN. The nose job is nasty and makes her look horrible, she also needs ot wash that string greasy hair.

LEX on

JESSICA all the way , i think ashlee should stop tryen so hard then maybe she’ll have more sex apeal,—- so insted of looking so despreat she’ll look some what classy——-SOME WHAT

deb on

Jessica has wised up and gone with what looks best on her – something that is form-fitting and shows off all the right stuff. On the other hand, Ashlee needs to loose the baby-doll dress. The only person I can remember that looked good in that style was SHIRLEY TEMPLE and she wasn’t sporting five inch heels and ten pounds of makesup! Oh, by the way, while I’m thinking about it – someone needs to tell the girl that GRUNGE died with Kurt Kobain.

Kris Jones on

Jessica is gorgeous with the new brown hair. John you are a lucky man.

kelly on

i think jessica has the better black dress and cutter then her little sis but personly dont like any one of them b/c there both fake and stupid and ashely tries to mich to belike her big sis but anyway …………

lois on

ashlee is clearly outshining her sister since her nose job. Her legs are way nicer too. Jess’s legs are stumpy.

Liz M on

I love them both, but I think Jessica is better. She is really entertaining, and Ashlee demanded more attention when she was falling in her sister’s shadow. I like Jess’s dress better.

Nacey on

Jessica looks wierd, but Ashlee looks fresh

hs on

both….i kinda like jessica better in this pic

Ashley on

Ashlee’s dress is adorable, but she looks like she’s made of plastic. I’m not a huge fan of Jessica, but atleast she looks semi-real.

Bobbi on

Who cares anyways ! I bet all you harsh critics would fall to pieces if someone said something like this about you ! Think about it before you mouth off ….. Stop hiding behind your monitor picking on others and get a life!

Kayla on

OMG i can finally tell them apart! you go girls!you both have turned out to be stronger relaxed girls than before no matter what you both will always be loved by the world…….

Coli on

Yeah Ashlee had a fake face, but Jessica seemed that she was trying too hard, personally Ashlee did a way better job than Jessica, she went simple and classic and it paid off..!!

Aly on

I think Jessica looks way better. Ashlee looks too fake.

Gen Lalonde on

Jessica looks better for the simple reason that she’s the original! Ashlee only looks that great thanks to a great plastic surgeon… What did you do Ashlee, give him a picture of your sister and say “make me look like her twin?”

Sarah on

Hmmm… I’m not sure I like Jessica as a brunette. And as for Ashley, she looks AMAZING! Ever since her rhinoplasty (and whatever else she did) she looks beautiful. I had always thought Ashley was the prettier of the two, except for her nose and now she looks great. I also think Ashley seems more humble and down to earth, which makes her even more beautiful. That’s what I think about the Simpson sisters. What are your thoughts?

beth on

I think they both look great because they are both showing their own style. they couldn’t pull off each others dresses. they have different personalities and styles for sure.

Lancy on


Jessica on

I think they both look great I love ashlee dress but I think it would look better on jessica and the dark hair would look better on ashlee. Jessica look’s hot with long blonde hair!!!

jess on

ashlee looks much better, i never really liked jessicas style tto much, but she does look better bruenette!

Rachel on

OMG!!! People are so dumb,
Look at urselves and leave ashlee and jessica alone if they wanna look the way they want so be it!!!! Get over it both of them are pretty in their own way okay????

Ciara on

They both look GREAT.I think jessica looks pretter than before.

Jordan on

Jessica definitly looks better, Ashlee looks way to FAKE!

Margaux on

I’ve gotta say that while I really can’t stand Ashlee, her style has certainly surpassed that of Jessica. Lately she has just looked much more polished and put together. And while I am not a fan of plastic surgery, it really did do her wonders.

ruby on

I like them both but if i had to choose i think i would pick jessica, I think its more fomr fitting and looks very fantastic on her but ashley’s is amazing also i love both of them its hard to choose they both look marvelous!!

Jennifer on

Ashley looks way better than Jessica but she would look fine if she dresses like shes sopposed to but they are both pretty now matter what!

Julie on

Jessica’s dress is def. better! She always has better fashion then Ashlee

becky wright on

they both look Great!!!!!!!!!!!! they have there own look!!!! i love jessica and she is finally happy again but nick isnt hes still looking sounds like to me!

mer on

They should switch dresses Ashlee would look better in Jessicas dress because it is to tight on Jessica.

lily on

personally i would weare the one ashlee is wearing but jessica is more beautifull because shes not as fake as ashlee
getting a nose job is discusting!

Abbie on

i think they both look good but i am gonna say ashlee looks a little bit better than jessica. because she has the stage presence.


jessica looks more natural than ashlee because ashlee looks like malibu barbie! i think that she should go back to being the punk rockstar and stop trying to look so much like her sister because it just does’t work for her. sorry so brutal just being truthful.

Beth on

You know what? Everyone was dissing Ashlee for having a “rock” style and black hair and a big nose, now she went and changed all of that, and ya’ll still aren’t satisfied. Her music is actually fairly entertaining and she looks damn good.. give her a break!

May on

I really like Jessica’s style better then Ashlee’s. Jessica looks better in black. They are both beautiful, but Jessica has always looked better then her sister.

Gaby on


Twinkle Pink on

Love them both but Jessica is just carries herself so much better. She just has the look and the eyebrows! I’m so jealous of her eyebrows! Peace, Luv and Joy!

Diana on

I don´t like jessica’s hair… I prefer ashlee

Anna on

ASHLEE!!!! She looks so much better than Jess. Although I like both of the sisters, Ashlee has always been my fav of the 2.

kris on

Jessica Looks Beautiful as ALWAYS!!



lskdjglsdkjg on

ashlee is kinda a fake….too much sunless tanner….

gah..both sisters need to stop competing too much…

CodySoda on

i really like Ashlee’s new look. i do think that the tanning spray was to much. i love jessica’s new hair color. she is a beautiful girl to me and i also love ashlee. i like jessica’s dress and i like ashlee’s dress. they are both sexy and beautiful to me. i am ther BIGGEST FAN!!!!!!!!

Jessica on

Jessica looks GREAT as always!! Ashlee is gorgeous too, but Jessica just has that natural beauty.

kristin on

Jessica is definitely beautiful. She has such a great sense of style and I love her new hair. Ashlee lokks to fake. I agree with one of the fan’s, Nick would go back to Jess in a second. Vanessa was nothing. She never appeared in any magazine until Nick came into the picture. Jess belongs with Nick!! Vanessa Nick will always love Jess. You can tell!!!! Get over yourself and establish your own fame like they both did!!!

Daniella on

Jessica looks sooo much better than Ashlee!! Ashlee looks like skeleton and fake!

breanna on

I think that they both have two totlay different styals so its hard to compare the two i love ashlees dress && i love jessicas hair….. but i guess i would pick ashlee cause shes my favorite cause i love her music

Ronnie on

i love both of them and both dresses look gorgeous. but i still love ashlee more. i think she looks incredibly sexy but jessica is fine as well. overall though ashlee wins in my opinion

Steph on

To be honest, I don’t like either of them….but I will admit that Jessica always looks better.

kelley on

first of all i think jessica’s new hair is a lot cuter than Ashlee’s hair. But the dresses, i like both but Ashlee’s more..except it needs to be more form fitted.

Darcy on

I would say Jessica looks better, mainly in the skin area.
Ashlee looks great but her face is light, her arms are beige, and then her legs are bronze. Don’t get me wrong I love Ash, but she is like a earth toned rainbow.

Sam on

Ashlee looks SUPER fake. Her dress isn’t as flattering as Jessica’s.

tianna on

omg jessica’s dress is soo cuteee:] i love jessica, ashlee looks a little fake!

Sally Sampseon on

JESSICA for sure looks mtons better!!!!!!1

Kimmy on

Definitely like Ashlee’s dress better–Jessica looks like she majorly inhaling to suck it all in for the dress–she looks way uncomfortable. I must add though, Ashlee needs to start eating again…

ashley on

JESSICA!!!! Ashlee looks terrible… sorry, but it’s the truth…

jessica is way better. ashlee is a jessica wannabe.

Dany on

i love jessica way better than her sister. Ashlee looks like an ungly plastic doll with extremely bad makeup!
I love jessica wayyy more

Brittany on

Jessica definitely. She looks healthy and happy. Ashlee doesn’t look that fabulous right here. I’m loving Jessica’s brunette ‘do. I actually like it better than the blonde. It really suits her, and it gives her a grown and sexy look.

Mary on

OOOOOOOH, I love em both.
Sooooo much.

But if I had to choose which one I’d dress like above..
It’d be Ashlee.

They both look absolutley gorgeous though.

marize on

Ashlee looks pretty,but Jessica looks hot

Terisa on

Both have their own style, both look good.

smile on

Jessica looks way better and happier. Ashlee is obviously just trying to be like her sister, but she ends up looking like a poseur. It’s frightening how much Ashlee looks like Barbie in this shot (and NOT in a good way). Jessica looks more “real” with her new dark hair and gorgeous smile. Plus she’s less…orange.

Kelly on

Neither, Jessica looks like a man and ashlee looks like she is going to cry!!!

Clara on


Emily on

They both look great in these two pictures. I can’t really tell who I like better though. Jessica’s dress is very pretty but I think it might be a little too fitted for her despite her great body. Ashlee looks great also in her dress but the dress I think it’s too loose. She needs to show her great body!

jen on

definitley ashlee.
jessica looks like a man in this picture with her hair up and her too-tight LBD. no offence to anyone out there! where did her stylist go?

betsy on


J on

I like Jessica’s dress, but she looks way better blond. And I like Ashlee’s hair, but not her dress.

jaimie on

aw i love jessica simpson and i think she looks great!


i like ashley look better! but i still luv ya’ll both

Dennis on


Jennifer on

I’m a Jessica fan, but I have to admit that Ashlee pulls off her look with more ease than Jessica.

dznr on


yami on

jessica looks way better! without a doubt

ashlee looks sooo fake

Kari J. on

I think Jessica looks better. I don’t like the beading on Ashlee’s dress, they look like plastic BBs, the way she wears the dress makes it look like a shirt-if Ashlee needs to make sure she doesn’t look like she pulled a Sienna Miller and forgot her pants. Jessica’s dress is a little tight, but she pulls it off, I love the crystal halter. I smile at smile’s comment..lol

minnie on

im so happy that nick lachey has a beautfiul girlfriend but feel sorry for jessica, john mayer? are you for real? that dude is sooooooooooooooooo ugly! she’s pathetic.

Celeste on

I think Jessica looks great she looks more mature and
she looks like she’s getting it together I’m very happy for her she doesnt have to be that stupid blond she portrayed her weight also looks great she’s not to thin or to thick perfect.

Trisha on

Ashlee wins by a nose! At least Jessica has started shutting her mouth in photos! She used to open it as if to show her tonsils in every shot.

Sue on

First of all, I think Jessica’s dress is more elegant, but she tries to fit herself into clothes that do not fit her.
So I would have to say Ashlee.

Rachel on

Jessica’s dress looks more like support undergarments than an evening gown, and the V-halter strap makes her shoulders look ungainly. The brunette look is really growing on me, though. Ashlee’s dress is simple and fun and with her parted-down-the-middle hair-do makes a nice update on the 60’s mod look.

Shannon on

I love Jessica I own all her music and she is much more prettier then her sister

catherine on

ashlee looks like she got punched in the face…jessica has shoulders like a man. haha neither of them have any talent…..why are they famous again!?!??


JESSICA is the best cause she is more natural.Aslee looks weard with the new nose…..and her dress is a litle big for her.

Jaddie on

I totally think jessica looks better in black then her sister althought I love her sister but she needs to get a new color!

Deb on

it looks like Ashlee’s head was plopped onto another body too much spray tan, Jessica looks ok cause her hair matches her brown eyes now

iskra on

ashlee looks better than jessica this way

CommonSenseRules on

I think Jessica’s dress is nice if one is in the mood to wear a girdle, and Ashlees dress is nice if one does not want to wear a girdle.

Rosario on

ashlee es definitivamente mas bella

Gaby on

Jesscia another trend setter, can wear whatever she wants and still look good. The dress fits her nicely. Ashley looks good too.

Becca on

Ashlee is def improving, but Jessica has always been a natural beauty. Love the dark hair!

Amy Ellis on

What happened to Ashlee’s lips and cheeks? She looks so fake. Jessica looks much more natural besides the lips.

Ashley on

I like Jessica’s dress, but I think Ashlee is looking better than her big sis. Sorry Jesse.
PS…Jessica should really stick to being blonde.

Grace M. on

Jessica by far! She doesn’t look FABULOUS, but Ashley looks terrible. Ashley looks like a sick Barbie doll!

randomreader on

jessica, like always is looking like a drag queen. what a man..what a man what a man..what a mighty good man! yes she is!

nina on

i think ashley looks realy cute, her dress flatters her body really nicely, but she looks a bit fake. jessica looks more natural,but her dreas realy doesnt look good on her at all. i think that ashley looks a little better.

jessica on

i can’t believe it ashlee actually looks hotter jess looks a bit fat so she shouldn’t be wearing a dress soo tight i completely agree with what michelle’s saying ashlee looks gorgeous without even trying

danielle on

ashlee , jessica is to skin tight were ashlee looks natraul

EH on

Ashlee is definetly the hottter sister now!

Hope on

Jessicas is the best. I love the hair. Ashlee looks like she is trying too hard and is starting to look like and ugly plastic barbie doll.

ashley on

I think jessica looks much better than ashley…ashley looks fake or something… her skin looks a patchy!!!

lydia on

jessica looks beautiful.
&& i love it when blondes turn brunette.
i am a brunette.
her dress is also very nice.
just because half of you people probably are perfect…doesnt mean you need to rag on people who arent.
yes some days i’ll look in the mirror && say “hey! i look good today!” && other people tell me so all the time.
but then i look in my three way mirror && want to die.
i dont have perfect skin.
but i have cute clothes && good makeup.
if i had my nose done…everything would be SO much different.
does somebody want to sponser me or give me money to feel more comfortable with myself && actually feel beautiful.
ashlee’s tan is cute.
&& her dress is adorable.

Rachel on

They both look hot but I like look better on the Jessica and I love Ashlee’s rocker princess look.

Rachel on

I like Jessicas dress better. Ashlees lbd is Rock And Roll Chic. But Jessicas is straight up glamorous!

Ashley on

I love them both,but i am a really big Ashlee Simpson fan.Both of the dresses are awesome but i would probably wear Ashlee’s before i wore Jessica’s!

Nicole on

I think Jessica looks better her dress fits better.

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