Selma Blair Goes Platinum! Love it or Hate it?

02/12/2007 at 02:00 PM ET

Mike Carrillo/Louise Barnsley/pacific coast news

First Selma Blair got a radical ’80s haircut, and now she’s gone for high impact color! Selma emerged from her salon last week, having ditched her naturally black hair for platinum, almost-white locks. We don’t know yet if it’s a role or just for fun, but it’s shocking to see her with such light hair. We love that takes such risks with her looks, but we want to know what you think. Tell us: What do you think of Selma Blair’s new platinum hair color? Love it or Hate it?

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Nicole on

HATE IT! Her brows are to dark with this color

Mrs.Borrego on

I love it! It’s funky and cute.

Nighthag on

She kind of looks like Annie Lennox. But I think that only Annie could pull that off. I think she’s been dipping into the 80’s a little to much lately. I personally think that she is going through the blues now that her marriage is over. Give her time and she’ll be back to normal.

eye4style on

I think she looks amazing-so punk rock!

Mrs.Borrego on

I love it! It’s funky and cute.

Ineke on

I think it great to have a change. Though I think she suits dark hair but blonde is cool for spring!

Briar on

LOVE IT! its really funky.

Sondra on

She has a man face and this cut looks very strange-

L on

Selma can pull it off with those amazing strong features! She looks fabulous!

Kim E on


Heather on

It looks OK…she needs to darken her brows though!

t on

hate it!!!!!!!

h on

Ugh. I don’t know why she continues to try these unattractive styles. She is naturally beautiful, but this really takes away from it. Two thumbs down.

Heather S. on

I don’t like the style, but more importantly, I’m concerned about all the drastic changes. Didn’t she just go through a divorce? She may be showing signs of going off the deep end…

Hannah on

i don’t like this on her at all…she used to look so sophisticated..but not anymore.

C on

Hate the color, but the cut is better here than in the last picture I saw of her.

night on

She looks awful, but maybe she’s just having some fun. Might as well have fun when you’re young, right?

Raina on

Oh my god, I love Selma, but this ‘do SUCKS. Her skin doesnt go with this. She looked so much better with darker hair. I wonder if she did for a role?? But yea this look makes her look much older. Come on Selma, you can be much more sexy!!!

Melanie on

Actually, I like it! It looks good on her.

Marissa!!!!! on

It looks okay but if she’s going to die her hair, then she might want to do it to her eyebrows too!!!!!

lora on

I looooovvvveeee it!!!! SHE lookes COOLER then she was!!!!!!

mariam on

She lookes great it’s actually better then previous! I love it!!!!!

Stephanie on

I think she looks good. She just should have had her eyebrows lightened as well

Christina on

I think this looks awful on her. She looks so crisp darker and this blonde is too overwhelming for her. It washes her out!

Tayme on

I like the color, but I’m not *in* love with it on her. I think one thing you can notice on someone who goes drastic with their hair color is they leave their eyebrows dark instead of lightening them up a little bit to match the color of the hair. That’s what stands out to me is Selma’s eyebrows. I think if she were to lighten up those eyebrows it would soften her look up more. Right now with the dark eyebrows it makes her look too harsh, and she’s very attractive.

Amelie on

LOVE IT! It’s got a little bit of an Agyness Dean vibe!

Rebecca on

I’m not liking the platinum on Selma- it somehow makes her look much older. She is so pretty and this look just doesn’t do anything for her.


IS SHE AN ACTRESS? Evidentally not a big one. Oh I think I do remember her in a movie (kissing Sarah Michelle Gellar?)… what a great actress. NOT!!! That’s trashy behavior.

Her bleached out, fried mop is hideous!! I can’t believe anyone would actually do that on purpose unless they were being forced to!!!

Oh yeah, I bet lots of guys would love to run their fingers through that mess… LOL. I would be embarrassed to be seen like that. Horrrrible. Ugh. Yuck. Gag.

rachel b. on

I love her hair!

Jen on

OH NO!!! its dreadful. At first it looked like the old white haired man guy pearce plays in the factory girl. The colour simply drains her out and with her black eyesbrows it really doesn’t match.

Rebecca on

hate it

Analisa on

I thought this was Shraon Stone at first glance, until I read the caption. It looks a lot better than that crooked (asymmetrical) look she last sported. Thumbs up!

j on

i don’t care for this hair, but i think she’s a beautiful girl. it’s cool she’s not afraid to just do whatever w/her appearance

KC on

Oh It hurts my soul to say this but I’m not into it. Selma is usually one of my personal style icons, because of her risk and independance in fashion, but this is just not flattering.

KC on

Oh It hurts my soul to say this but I’m not into it. Selma is usually one of my personal style icons, because of her risk and independance in fashion, but this is just not flattering.

Laurs on

While I’m LOVING the cut (I wear my own hair in a pixie) I think the color is horrid. That blonde is all wrong with her skin coloring/tone. Egads!

BC on

FFS….the cut was terrible to begin with and now this color makes it worse!

Alice on

Selma usually looks amazing but lately her hair has been a mess. I am hoping she is doing this for a movie role? But I do think the poster Absolutely Disgusting needs to get a life. Really, its not that big of a deal, move on.

mssoccerbunny on

AGH! Leave the hair alone, girl! I love your natural hair color!

Bigbessiefluff on

Hate it! She looks too much like a boy. Don’t like it at all.

JenB on

Not my favorite look for her, but oh well. Gotta try everything at least once.

rachel on

She looks like a man….and an ugly man at that.

Jenna on

Ew, ew, ew!

Meg on

She looks like an old lady. It really does nothing for her

Michele on

I love it… people need to become a lil more open to try new things.

Angela Seal on

Its okay, but I really think shes trying to copy Sienna Miller in the Eddie Sedwick movie she recently did.

Leora on

She always looked very manly to me. I think this hairstyle makes her even more tomboysh but it is good change.

Trying to look like Sienna Miller?

SCGirl on

I HATE IT!!! I have always admired her for being one of the few sexy ladies in Hollywood to keep her hair short…Everyone has to go blonde for some reason and I think it looks HORRIBLE on her!

mimi on

i think it looks like she is starting to like women instead of men with that hair…

blairfan on

who are you people who post on here? why do you care about what color her hair is.It really doesnt matter now does it? Its okeveryone its blond. She can dye it back to her natural hair color becaue of how short it is easily. It was cut all crazy for a job. And her hair was donated to kids with cancer. Leave the poor thing alone. And why does everyone associate her hair with a divorce. Thats rediculous.

Grandma nature on

not the color for her! and please do your eyebrows. it would look better. a nice honey blond might look nice.

Deborah Bouma on

I’ts fine by me!

Kerry on

OH LA LA What a catastrophy! Not only does she look really hard and unfeminine but she looks about 15 years older.

Chels on

Good Lord!! What the hell was she thinking?!?!

annabelll on

i love it she always does crazy things with her hair shes cool like that

deb on

I think she looks terrific!



Jillian on

Absolutely Horrid!!

Anastasia on

I love it! You go gurl! Looks really sharp on her.

Andrea on

Hate It! She looks like a ghost!

Sara on

I love the cut and I think it is wonderful that she donated the hair to Locks of Love but I don’t like the blond as much, maybe if it was more of a honey blond instead of a platinum. Also, for all of you who post on here, your comments would be probably be taken seriously if you ever bothered to read them over to get rid of the billions of ridiculous typos!!

Aubrey on

Hate it! She looks like a wannabe Pink. I can’t believe she’s walking in public with that hairdo!

babypumpkin on

I think she looks great! It’s a nice new look for her,very edgy and cool!

brittsam on



wow nicole.. the girl under my comment
can we spell to the correct way
its too not to

jann on

Hate it! Looks fake!!!!!!!!!!

MiaCircuitGirl on

I absolutely love it!!! I’ve seen a movie with her having short black hair and she look great. Now she’s gone blonde, I love it even more. You go Selma!!!

lily on

she looks…..different
but never ugly

Knetris on

She’s definetely got to face to rock this cut! I like-the funky and cute look is in.. and not everyone can pull it off-kuddos to her.

Elisa Stapp on

She looks like Gerard Way, the lead singer of My Chemical Romance!

style_gurrl on

it’s definetly a step up from her last horrible hair stye..but I agree. the dark eyebrows look bad with the platinum hair.

Becca on

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!! I absolutely adore Selma Blair. She is such an amazing actress. Her hair just adds to it and I think the new dew ROCKS!!!!

Diana on

I love it. I love the fact that she takes the risk and doesn’t care what others think. Even if I didn’t like it, I would still think she is great for taking the risk… You go girl…

Nati on

Shes a fasionista, she can do no wrong….

jean on


Claudette on

I think she looks great no matter how she wears her hair. I think its a little too yellow but if she likes it who are we to judge.

Jme on

love it… I love how selma blair has a very nice face, how her cheekbones and jaw are at the right angle, and that she can wear any type of hair that she wants… It’s cute, and edgy and looks a whole lot of fun… :)

Emma on

I like it. It’s very bold and it makes her strong features stand out.

Beth on

i think that it looks.. okay. her brows are too dark, she should’ve lightened them.. if she did that it would look great. she looks great as a blonde

JC on

I love her edgy looks!!Good for her!

linda on

Bravo, it’s great, also shows that she is a very secure person, not worried about what other people think and definitely doesn’t follow the Hollywood trend for the long strands (so boring).



Kasey on

YUCK, its so UNATTRACTIVE, but she is anyways, oops, i mean her hair….loose the blonde!!

princssweb on

she looks like Sharon Stone this way…what a trip!



jessie on

nice hair cut.. for a guy!!
hate it on her!!eeewwwwww…….

alexander boccanegra on


alexander boccanegra on

¡linda,linda,linda,linda…. on

Selma blair goe.. I like it :)

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