Do You Like Fergie Better Rocked Out Or Glam?

02/06/2007 at 04:55 PM ET

We used to really question Fergie’s style — too many braids, warm up suits, and plaid knickers — but she’s really come into her own recently. With all the major stars at the Super Bowl, you’d think it would be pretty hard to stand out from the pack, but Fergie did just that by keeping it rocker-cool during the day and getting totally glammed up at night. There are pluses for both looks (love the vintage tee, love the hot black pumps), but which look is really her? Tell us: Which look do you like for Fergie? Rocker cool or glamour girl?

Photo:Carlo allergri/ap; jeff kravitz/filmmagic

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Naya on

Wow…this one looks better in glam. Fergie has trouble finding the right style + sometimes she looks “trashy-cheap”

monique on

Glam. Definitely.

BB on

I like fergie either way. She is cool and she is rocking both looks!

BB on

I like fergie either way. She is cool and she is rocking both looks!


Ugh, I’ve been over Fergie since she first came to Hollywood. She’s got an awful sense of “style”! She always looks like she’s trying way too hard.. and her music leaves much to be desired. I saw the Black Eyed Peas live (they were opening for Gwen Stefani, I had no choice..) and they were just awful – Fergie didn’t even have a microphone for the first song and a half until someone finally passed her one, and she was dressed like a teenybopper off to the mall. I’ve never been a fan of her.. I just don’t understand the hype! Needless to say, I think both outfits are tacky and ridiculous.. ick, ick, ick.

Heather S. on

Glam. “Rocked Out” for Fergie seems to mean “unshowered”…

me on

She’s ugly either way.

rachel b. on

For sure, GLAM!

frankie on


allie on

I agree. She looks like a man trying to switch over.
yuck yuck YUCK.
HOW did this woman get “famous?!”

Teresa on

I love Fergie. I think she’s beautiful in whatever she chooses to wear. When you’re that glam, you can wear anything and still look amazing. You go girl – keep it Fergalicious.

Angie on

I dont like either she has no style, and I dont think she is good-looking

bay on

I like her better glam. she looks more put together, instead of messy.

Robin on

Glam…is always a better look. Style always wins over Rocked Out.

Julie on

I think Fergie looks alot better in a dress. She should defiently keep the glamour look.

Sarah on

she looks good in anything i tell you all~~~!!!

michele. on

the only thing wrong with the rocked out look is the hat .. and she got famous by having an AMAZING voice.

Brittany on

Lets just say she has to spell in her songs to remind her how the words spell. Thats why all her songs spell almost ALL the lyrics.. :)

Brittany on


Beth on

I think Fergie is beautiful! She looks better glamed up!

Danica on

I like Fergie best when I forget that she exists.

Ali on

I think I’m the only one who thinks her face looks puggish.

craig on

who cares how she dresses. shes still fukin disgusting either way. she needs to fix her face first.

Concetta on

I love Fergie. She looks fabulous in anything. I like her both Glam and Rocked out. Depends on the event I would say. I wish people wouldn’t make hurtful comments about other people. Women should stick together in this world and support one another. Fergie…you are fergalicious and me and my daughters love your music and love to see you perform. Glam it up Rock Doll.


Oh my golly what’s with all the Fergie haters? All they did was ask an opinion!!

Glam, the red pants don’t work, + it looks messier in the rocker look.

Crystal Beach girl on


sp017 on

I think Fergie needs to start dressing her age…here her ‘glam’ look is better but it still looks like something someone younger than her would wear. Her ‘rocked out’ outfits always make it look like shes trying too hard to be trendy and she ends up looking older than she may be. I dont know how old she is, but she needs to lose the eyebrow ring and try a new hairstyle. Bottomline: Fergie really needs a new stylist or a makeover!

Marissa G. on

I think that Fergie looks better glamish because she looks wacky with her rockin’ outfits!

sarah on

GLAM! red pants?

Katie on

Glam, for sure. She looks like she grabbed random things from her closet and thought “there, now I’m rocked out!!!” She just doesn’t pull it off very well.

C on

Love the glam look — that’s a great dress on her. Not so fond of the red pants.

Jamie Lynne on

love it, definately rockin

Lauren on

Glam. :]

Tayme on

I like the glam look on her. The rocked out look would look more appealing if she lost the hat and had a different pair of pants on. I don’t like the color of the pants, I think black would have been better, with maybe a red shoe on.

Rhys on

Fergies style is hit or miss, but in this case glam wins over the other NO RHYME OR REASON look.

Ann on

Fergie looks great whatever she wears. She has her own since of style. Rocker cool or glam, she can rock it. And anyone who doesn’t like it doesn’t understand what it is to be an individual. Please if everyone dressed the same wouldn’t that be boring. Me myself I like people who have their own style.

Fergie on

What’s your problem?Don’t you even know how to read?The question asks if Fergie looks good on GLAM OR ROCK…That’s It!



La La on

I think Rocked out suits her more, i like it cause its a lil different. it makes her stand out.

lndsey on


Ne-ay on

i think fergie is cool and she just love bein herself.. black eyed peas rocks… i just dont get why there are a lot of haters in this world..

Alice on

She has the face of a 60 year old and dresses like a 12 year old. Can’t stand her style or her music.

Nicole on

I love her either way, she is great…..but I prefer glam.

Elda on

Fergie ROCKS either way!!! I love her hit “London Bridge”, she is bad to the bone!!

Deidre on

ROCKED the hell OUT.

Stephanie on

She would look better if she didn’t look like a drag queen.

Sara on

Neither, she’s not pretty at all and how she snatched Josh Duhamel I will never understand!

BC on

she is ugly on


ABC123 on

I don’t really understand what makes the pic on the left so “glam” (it’s only a plain black dress with a bright, wide belt) but it does look better than the pic on the right. I think different accessories (ESPECIALLY the hat and scarf) with the outfit on the right would had made the it look better.

Selden on

GLAM!!! But she’s fergie, so the rocker cool is more the crazy sid of her.

Angela Seal on

In my opinion I think a little bit of both, I mean … red carpet = glam … whereas grocery store = who cares.

~*morgan*~ on

Glam cause she always is usually rocked out….
and showing ur softer side is always a must….
Fergie u look good hun.,keep beein gourgus and beatiful!!!!!!ur awesome Fergie Ferg.

Kimberly on

Glam all the way!

megan in st. louis on

Fergie needs a stylist…BOTTOM LINE. And if she has one already?…They need to put the crack-pipe down and FOCUS.

Kindra on

Glam all the way !

Listerino on

I’m not a Fergie fan at all but I think that she looks better rocked out only because it just seems to suit her personality more to dress crazy than to try and look all demure.

cecilia on

I think that Fergie is a very beautiful person, no matter what she is wearing.

BrownEyes! on

Nothing But The Glam!

Rhayana Ketheleen on

Hello peoplles…I`m brazilian giral…

I love Fergie
Eu amo a Fergie

Kaye M Miller on

Glam… she is too pretty for the rocker look

Lautrelle Smith on

Glam. She looks so classy.

elexxuss on

uhh glam.

izzi on


Julia on

I think she looks way better glammed up.

Sophie on

I like her better GLAM!!!!!

Xiamara on

Fergie looks good in anything because she just got it like that!!!

Trisha on

She looks so much better glam than rocked out

Samantha on

I like her both ways, however, I favor the “rocked out” look just because it fits her personality better.

Trish on

Fergie is such an attractive woman, yet she never makes the most of it. Her clothes frequently detract from her look, not add to it.

Sam on

One word, GLAM… she’s really beautiful and looks great both ways but she looks like a lady in glam and looks… like… not put together in the rocked out look. Fergie can pull off any look though.

Mimi on

Um….. niether! I personally never thought fergie was pretty at all + she cant spell tasty right.

smile on

She looks good both ways. A lot of people think she looks trashy but actually the “rockin” pic is pretty cute and funky. The glam is very pretty and sophisticated. :)

Anonymousss on

i think she luks better glam. Glam is always better.

Laura on

I don’t don’t think she looks hot at all. Her man on the other hand is hot and I don’t know how she snagged him cause she does look manly whether in rock or dress up. she does look like a drag queen when dressed up.

Alex on

GLAM FOR SURE! She does not look very ‘Fergalicous’ Rocker Style.

linda on

I think it’s funny to see how mean and catty people can be with the negative comments on her physical attributes. Typically, people who lash out are the ones who feel insecure, and they need to try to hurt people to feel superior. I mean, get a grip, people. You were supposed to grow out of such behaviour once you left junior high. To those in junior high; my apologies if you’re not that immature.

little miss disgruntled on

Get a clue! It’s all about marketing and having a gimmick.It’s funny how people think that how a celebrity dresses is really about personal style (with the exception of little girl lost Britney, ugh!). She’s a walking talking BRAND. Love her or hate her, she’s wearing those red pants str8 to the bank.

RM on

for me, like when she was in glam style…yeahh FERGIE


forget what she’s wearing, what’s up with her face? tell her to lose the tape holding up her eyebrows and is she hiding acorns in her cheeks?

Ash on

I’m so over Fergie. She has an awful taste in fashion. Obviously in men too ….. I know for a fact that Josh is banging girls on the side, I went to high school with him! He came home last Christmas and slept with a girl that was definitely alot better looking than Ferg

Johnette on

I guess i like the “glam” Nothing too spectacular though. The casual look is well idiotic looking. What is the deal with the hat so high up on her head it looks like she has to pin it to her head with bobby pins. It is stupid looking. Idiotic/ Come on

And Fergie, while i am at it, BOTOX… it is not your friend. Your looking like Jack Nicholson’s daughter when he played Joker You are a pretty woman not a teenager. Its not passing. SO unless you want to look like a deformed person within a matter of years stop. Nichole, you too babe, ask Keith.

Paula on

Glam all the way! She is verry hot!

Melissa B on

I think Fergie is a man.

danny on

she’s a mess but better glam

Kristen Y on

I think she’s one of those people who can pull off both looks, depending on what type of event it was.

jessie on

I think they both look good but the glam she needs to cover a little more and in rocked out the tee needs to go and replace it with a tank top and red pants ewwwwww get a different color and not so tight

deb on

If you’ve got it – flaunt it. Fergie can keep the sweats for later when she’s fifty years older and 100 pounds heavier.

Emily on

Fergie sometimes can look a little cheap and what not, but I believe in these two pictures Fergie looks mich better GLAM!

Kanecia on

Hi Girl
Your style is the bomb and you is so pretty.You is so my role model and I wished I could look like you.Love the music by the way.Keep doing whatca doing girl.Hollar back.


Kari on

Personally, I don’t think Fergie deserves to be famous, there are so many more talented, deserving people out there. Anyway the glam look looks good on her, but she’s never able to pull of the rocked out look, the way she wears everything there, she makes it look cheap- and makes herself look cheap.

Meaghan on

She’s beautiful either way so it really doesn’t matter what she wears but I prefer the glam! I love Fergie.



kaitlin on

I think glam looks good on everyone but a couple people. She can almost pull off glam. I like this look better because I’m a girly-girl and I like some of her songs but hate most of her clothes.

Kelsey on

Hmmm…. Tough descision. She looks mature and very grown up when she’s glam. But, when she’s rocked out, she looks wild and fun!

Bel on

UGH! She is ugly either way! She has a bad sense of “style” . Hate her eyes! looks freakin evil!

sarah on

My question is where can I find black high heels like the pair she is wearing?!?

Loca on

She totally looks better glam

nina on


mima on


Missy on

She can get away with either! She rocks!

taylore on

deffinitly glam!

abb on

I like Fergie’s glam look the best. I love fergie’s songs but her “rock” look is kinda crazy.

John S. on

She’s ugly both ways.

ruben on

WOW glam definetly

Fashionista on

Can’t you already tell which one I like better? (For all those dumb people out there with no sense of style, I like the glam style better)

russo on

FERGIE?? She’s G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S all the time.

kelcie on

glam i dont like the RED RED pants sorry some might just not me

Peggy on

Personal style doesn’t mean means “original”..Nothin wrong with that:)

anna on




giovy on

i LOVE Fergie! I think she’s beautiful! i prefer her in Rocker Style!

lauren on

Ugh, I had to take a look at Fergie because my boyfriend is very picky and doesn’t think most celebrities are anything special, but he really likes her. She’s pretty, I just don’t understand his taste!

Mary on

Fergie should stick with glam.
It works for her, she looks GORGEOUS!

I love her songs.. BUT HER CLOTHES?
Someone should get this girl a new stylist.

She doesn’t look cool in Rock she looks trashy and trying to hard.

Hun, if you’re going to do rock do it right.
Also I don’t think Fergie is that pretty.
Yeah her hair is gorgeous and she has a nice body.
But her face? She looks like a dog I once had.

Glam works best for her and makes her look more girly.
Which makes her look prettier than she does in “Rock” clothes.

me on

I’m not at all a fan of Fergie or her style. I never like her outfits. If I had to choose between the two, I’d definitely choose glam.

Samantha on

better in the dress, but she is so beatiful. how does she look like a man?? or like shes 70 years old?? i dont understand how you could possible think that…shes vey pretty.
great body, great smile, and pretty hair.

julia on

i think rock is the best but,glam is cool. love julia the best

Caroline on


Rachel on

It depends on whether it looks good. The rocked out look is good for louging around the house.

Ashley on

I ttly say GLAAMMM! Don’t even look at the stupid ppls comments who say bad stuff…I wonder wat they’re wear’in? nyways u still ROCK!

Amber on

GLAMOROUS OH DA Foxy Foxy-er! LOL! Ur AWESOME Fergie!!!

Fergie's #1 fan on

Fergie looks good in anything she wares!!!! She is always beautiful!!!!!! She can never ever ever look bad because she is better than every one!!!!!!!

Alex on

she isn’t a man! for god damn sakes thats really low and f****** retarded! she has a great cd and all u think about is how she looks! oh sure just slap a god damn lable on every thing!

TrannySpottah on

I think that *HE* looks a lot better when he’s rocking out. Rock out with… whatever it is that you have, out… brother.

jessie dicochea on

i love fergie very much i think she is marvelous and gorgeous she has a great body and a beautiful face, she sure knows how to rock that body of hers. she was born to rock out, keep on rocking gorgeous. i use to have pictures of her when i was trucking cross country had them on my ceiling. what a woman,

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