Sienna Miller's Bloomers: Love It or Hate It?

01/30/2007 at 01:00 PM ET

Is this another case of Sienna Miller forgetting her pants, or is she stepping up to a major spring trend again? Uh, maybe it’s a little bit of both. After donning a vintage beaded dress for the NYC premiere of her new movie Factory Girl, the actress changed into a sweater and bloomers combo complete with opaque black tights and ankle boots. Now before we start wondering how many times she’s been watching Flashdance lately, bloomers and boyshorts ruled some of the hottest runways for spring — including Chanel and Prada — and will be all over fashion magazines in the next few months. But does that make it ok for a night of going out? Tell us: What do you think of Sienna’s outfit? Would you ever wear bloomers out?

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KT fr Cda on

uhm, looks like someone is looking for attention.

KC on

I absoloutely lovvvvvvvve Sienna’s style (even it it’s over the top), but this is a little to far. She looks like one of Madonna’s backup dancers. I understand this is what’s hot on the runway’s but, I the last time I checked the cement sidewalk is not the runway. This look may have been better if she decided on “hot shorts” and not a brief. This is a little too over the top.

Mellycar on

I kinda like it – in a “don’t try this at home” sort of way!
I definitely don’t think many people could pull this off but I think she pulls it off quite nicely!

I won’t be attempting this particular trend however!

Diane on

Gosh walking around in the middle of winter in Granny Panties. Can you say YUCK?

Bunky on

Hee. This post is very funny.

She looks like she put this outfit on in a phone booth and is now setting out to battle evil.

Kate on

Absolutely ridiculous!

Jackson on

Looks cute on her but it would take a lot – and I mean a lot – of hard liquor to get me in an outfit like that!

Deepti on

I love Sienna Miller’s Style … but this looks somewhat different than what came off the runways. Those were bright summer colors.

This is like from a 1920’s Exotic Dancer’s Club.

And the first person was right “she is looking for attention.”

Jenn on

HATE it!! Does she honestly thinks she looks good? She looks more like she should be going to a gymnastics class. Really disgusting to look at and even funnier that she is trying to dress this look up… weird.

e.nein on

HIDEOUS! Seriously, she needs some fashion help sometimes. I’m all for taking risks but put some freaking clothes on!!

LKD on

UMMMMMM WHAT????????????????????????

KP on

her top is really cute and her hair and makeup look really nice…haha.

Angela on

I think she pulls it off well. Looks like something Edie Sedgewick would wear. None of us need to try to wear this , though. We wouldn’t get away with it…

Charla Dickenson on

Oh my, please put on a cute skirt please,please,please. This is what it looks like when a girl is getting ready for a night out and the fire alarm goes off.
My Grandma used to walk around like this as she got ready for her dinner parties, she had a great body too but I don’t think she ever thought hmmmmm … maybe I should just skip the skirt tonight, wouldn’t that be a hoot!
When I was a young girl I had a crazy notion that guys who dressed like coffee house intelectuals were sensitive gentlemen, it turns out they were just as hormonal and perverted as the meathead jocks. Just because a girl is a funky artsy dresser doesn’t mean she’s not just as skanky as Paris Hilton. I like that she’s a unique dresser and she is pretty, but she’s single now and you will never attract a guy that actually respects you dresing like that. I say save it for the bedroom; for someone who deserves to see all that, upgrade those granny panties and have a fun night with your man.
She must have missed the warning label:

Leah on

They look like my old cross-country uniform.

Vonnie on

All she needs is a cape and she’s off to fight crime!

I will never bee seen in public with just a shirt and my panties. I do that enough in the privacy of my own home.

Where the heck are these trends coming from?!

diana on

I think she’s wearing a leotard because that’s what her character in Factory Girl (Edie Sedgwick) was famous for wearing. D’uh!

janedoe1083 on

That’s a HELL NO!!!!!!

diana on

I think she’s wearing a leotard because that’s what her character in Factory Girl (Edie Sedgwick) was famous for wearing. D’uh!

Kristen on

This is a picture from the Factory Girl premier after party. It’s obviously just a nod at Edie Sedgwick’s famous style. I don’t think there’s anything more to it.

Vee on


Vee on

I find thid outfit so ridiculuos i don´t even find words to describe it

monique on

yikes, stripes, fruit striped gum!

emily on

are you kidding me?

emily on

if you are going to tramp around in panties…
wouldnt you at least want to wear cute ones? on

gross. she looks ridiculous. one shouldn’t even wear this at home alone.

Amy on

I agree that she looks like a wanna-be superhero. All she needs is a cape.

Stephanie on


Carrot on

Sienna, honey, those are tights. To be worn underneath some cute skirt. And a neanderthal fur…to fugly to describe!

pinky d on

It looks like she has put the tights on over the pants. That is just wrong.

Michelle on


Angela H. on

To reiterate what people have already said, this look was Edie Sedgwick’s trademark look, which was even featured in Vogue Magazine in 1965. I think it is appropriate, since Sienna was going to a Factory Girl after-party.

I would wear it if I had the confidence about my body, except with a longer shirt.

Naya Leh on

Ummm…Hellooo ? Anybody heard of EDIE SEDGWICK ? “Little Miss S.” started the whole thing a looooong time ago, in the swinging 60’s. Sienna Miller is just doing her job of putting Edie back on the spot, just in time for the Factory Girl movie realease. It’s called MARKETING.

Heather S. on

Really? This is the lady who is a “fashion icon”? Do I even have to say how ridiculous it is?

The saddest part is that she went from really rockin a tough dress at the premier to going out without her pants on (again). Was she frightened by trousers as a child??

!!!ME!!! on

I am embarrassed for her! I think she should wrap that jacket around her waste and run home!!!

dcgirl on

hee!!! Looks like a girdle!

Elsa on

WHY must certain people feel the need to dress like they have been recently released from the loony bin? She has money, she has tons of designers wanting her to wear their clothes…so I am unclear on why she doesn’t actually…wear clothes?

I sense that she is trying to make a statement. Nobody needs to hear this particular statement, though. Put it away girl! This should remain between you and your gynocologist.

Elda on

What DA!!!! Sienna I mean reallllyyy!!

ugh on

sienna, i am begging you. go back to the olden days when you were stylish!

KIM on

she just wants diddy’s attention

Alice on

Do you guys know how to read? Edie Sedgewick was famous for dressing like. Sienna just did a movie about Edie Sedgewick. Sienna is now marketing the movie about Edie Sedgewick. You do the math.

dell on

HORRIBLE! She looks like a person with alzheimer’s – forgetting to get completely dressed and thinking she looks good.

Melissa on

Hanes control top? Not only that, the top looks like one my grandmother would wear to a funeral and the boots are reminiscent of Little House on the Prairie.

C on

It looks like she forgot to put on her skirt!

Marcia on

OMG…. she needs to get dressed. That is just rediculous. Sometimes I think the famous among us think they can wear whatever they want just because they’re famous. Put some clothes on, Sienna.

caff on

Puke. Might as well walk around nude.

RG on

Would somebody please tell Sienna that she forgot to finish dressing before she left her hotel room!

Jennifer on

Who cares if she is playing a character who used to dress like this. That doesn’t mean she needs to bring that into her own look. There is NO reason to dress in this ugly getup, unless this is a scene from the movie, which it doesn’t seem like to me. Hate it!

anna b on

It is eye catching and isn’t that what it is all about? She is completely covered and she obviously remembered her knikers– so I don’t see a problem at all–maybe Britney should follow the trend!

Michelle on

I think Sienna Miller’s grandmother is missing her black underwear!!!!

Meg on

Oh my! She looks like she is heading to an audition for a “Bridget Jone’s Diary” sequel. on

yes, i read that edie started this whole thing… but is she edie? NO! she may play her in a movie, but that in no way means that she should go out in her underwear and expect to be taken seriously. and if it is a marketing strategy, she should at least have some sense to decline to do something so ridiculous just to get attention. if the movie’s good, people will watch it regardless of what you’re wearing out. so put some freaking pants on.

Trinity on

I loved everyones comments! You guys are so funny, almost as funny as her going out like that! I would absolutely never wear anything like that! It is still winter after all.

Chrissy on

Give me a break! She’s not actually serious, is she? Just plain tacky!

Candi on

I personally wore something similar to that, other than mine was a long sleeve leatard with a tail attached to it. The occasion was HALLOWEEN and I was a SEX KITTEN though. I doubt I’d ever try and pull that outfit off on a random occasion. I’ll give the girl props though, she does have a rockin figure.

kat on

she looks stupid!

jen on

ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? Fashion has sunk to an all time low. Put on a skirt, please!!!!!

kat on

it doesn’t even resemble an outfit:
it just looks like she ran out of the house and forgot the rest of her clothes.

Sarah on

that’s great, but how many people will actually be able to follow that trend? we don’t all have super skinny thighs.

Meg on

Seriously, what was she thinking?

JR on

Weird and unattractive.

Teresa on

The ultimate in tacky!!!

rj on

I think she looks Super ~ Super Goofy

Gwen on

Girl done forgot her drawers. It doesn’t look edgy or even costumey. It simply looks like girl done forgot her drawers.

terry on

I see Paris, I see France, I see Sienna’s underpants.
It just looks terrible wrong for the winter, maybe at a beach resort but not around town!

Carolyn on

I’m so glad Sienna’s not playing Lady Godiva in a movie!!!

liz on

Just because it showed up on the runway at Chanel does NOT make it tasteful, stylish, or otherwise. WHO persudaded her this was stylish? The Emperor with the New Clothes???

ann on

It looks like she threw on a pair of granny panties with some tights over them!

mia on

I generally like eccentric clothing, but this isn’t “over the top,” it’s just stupid.

Shannon on

That is just plain downright Stupid! She should get Worst Dressed of the Year Award! She makes Mary Kate and Ashley look good!

Angie on

OH MY…. Horrible

bo on

She has the body to wear whatever she wants to, so why not wear whatever she wants to?

Miss Priss on

Only a celebrity can get away with THAT!
Even if I was a celebrity, I wouldn’t wear that

Lisa on

She looks RIDICULOUS! She seems to think very highly of herself. But even gorgeous famous people shouldn’t be allowed to dress themselves.

JenB on

Awful. Looks like she put on a girdle and forgot the dress.

Mary Carmen on

I think she tries to hard to call for some attention, wearing something controversial clothes and keep with her reputation of a “trend setter”, but it looks like she belongs to a ballet class. but she has a nice body so that doesnt make it look thaaaaat bad… but i think its hardly a trend that will stay, cuz it also doesnt looks good on everybody— and because its a STUPID outfit.

Elizabeth on

Not if they paid me a million bucks. She looks like she’s wearing a black diaper cover from the 70’s.

mag on

I think that she is fabulous. Look how she all got you talking!!!!!!!!!
If IO had such fantastic legs I would do it as well!

Mary Carmen on

I think shes only looking for some attention and wanting so bad to ger at the spotlight again, she will so any kind of crazy thing to get it back.

Its just such a STUPID outfit, which make u look like are lost looking for your GYM. and which wont stay as a serious trend it doesnt work on anybody even having a great body.

Barbara on

Very unflattering; it really does look like she didn’t realize she forgot the bottom of her outfit.

diana on

She’s just wearing what’s on the runway (which may be ridiculous or impractical) and you can bet she’s been given it for free

Ellie on

I love Sienna & her unique, daring fashion sense, but this is just horrible! It would’ve looked good with shorts, not granny panties! She has a great body, but there are definately classier ways to show it off.

Melissa on

If Sienna has a stylist then her stylist should be fired for allowing her to go out in public looking like a fool and, if she dressed herself then someone who truly loves her and cares about her should have been honest with her about her outfit, sometimes the truth hurts.

Emily on

Literally, LOL!

me on

It’s what her stupid AGENT told her to do… to stir up controversy and get her publicity. And it’s working isn’t it? Why else would this column be here?

Cherish on

It’s defiantly differnt

tara on

omg! that is the most horrible outfit i’ve seen in a while! i love sienna but the outfit must go! you look like a freak!

GF on

I think it’s sexy! What guy doesn’t want to see form fitting clothes on a woman as gorgeous as her?

slr on

Maybe if it didn’t actually look like bloomers, it would be ok but it doesn’t look attractive at all. And sorry, even Sienna cannot pull it off.

me on

OH please! she thinks she can do whatever she wants. Her looks just stink… she is way too ugly and untalented actress who is just famous for dating jude law. Attention seeker cheap trash… Find yourself a stylist you look like a total idiot!!

lizzie on

For the luv of pete, put some bleedin’ knickers on, ya tart!

tanya kristine on

She’s darling.

outfit is stupid; but, she’s darling.

Jennifer on

I usually love her style, but this little panty get up has got to go!

Kristen on

I think it’s bit too much, and looks like your half naked,
but I love Sienna.

laurie on

she is as ridiculous as this outfit!

annie on

It is one thing to want to be different and also be a trendsetter, but she has crossed the line. Just because she is a celebrity does not make this outfit look great or appropiate. I, for one, love fashion and want to look stylish but would never consider this look anything but tacky. Who does she really think she is. She should go back to England.

Arlene on

She is just seeking attention and the more you talk about it the more she will continue dressing like this.

Looks like Alzheimers hit her early.

soeid on

In the beginning I sort of admired her rambunctious style…but over the past couple of months I’ve seen it go from rambunctious to just ugly…..somebody should get her a stylist…it’s getting old.

Sooz on

Not just “no,” but “Hell no.”

jl on

She always looks amazing. Everyone from Muccia Prada as well as proenza schouler love this look. It will be everywhere soon, she’s just a few months ahead.

Meaghan M on

And she had the nerve to diss on Pittsburgh?! At least in Pittsburgh we wear pants! Who does she think she is?!

jennifer on

yah that really looks like she is looking for someone butt she is trying way to hard!!!

Jan on

I think that this look might get people thrown out of restaurants and stores, for a lack of appropriate coverage. I hope that the Prada and Chanel trend isn’t true, because when it trickles down into Target, H&M and Forever 21, there could be a lot of people walking around without their pants. This looks like underwear.

Sara on

She looks ridiculous. She has become tiresome.

xoxo on

eww…i have a feeling shes trying to be all im so awsome i can wear whatever i want but… its hidious

Rebecca on

That’s one trend that should be left in the 60’s! But if I had to see anyone in granny panties, it would be Sienna- she’s got a gorgeous figure.

Charla Dickenson on

Obviously this outfit was for her movie; the whole Edie Sedgwick style, BUT that does not excuse it in anyway. Ther are no excuses for terrible outfits!
She looks like one of the crazies that tries out for American Idol, I can just see her dancing and singing utterly terribly and then arguing like a mad woman with Simon.
Clothes say a lot about a person, and everyone here has pretty much summed up what this outfit says.
I don’t care if she sponsored an entire Russian gymnastics team and she’s just bursting with pride, there is absolutely no reason to wear this outfit in public.
She looks like my little niece; after ballet practice or during a particularly stubborn age(5, not 25)prancing around the house refusing to put on her party dress for christmas dinner.
To Sienna I say, put on some pants or put on some skates! And if it is the latter I expect a triple sow cow.

Wendy on

Tonight she was on an entertainment show telling everyone that she did not have a stylist. Wow, I couldn’t tell!

night on

What an idiot.

Francessca on

In regaurds to Sienna Millers recent fashion catastrophe: what makes her think that wearing her underwear out in public is exceptable. People have been arrested and charged for wearing simular attire out in public for indecent exposure. Just because one feels that wearing underwear in public is good idea does not make this so. Please next time remember your pants so you don’t resemble a hooker.

lilac on

This is funny! Reminds me of “The emperor’s new clothes”. Umm Sienna…. you aren’t wearing any bottoms.

fashionhistory101 on

As at least one other poster pointed out, Edie Sedgwick was famous for wearing leotards and black tights with a top. Vogue photographed her in that outfit and a simple Google search will turn up tons of pictures of Edie in that ensemble. Sienna was doing a fun, daring tribute to Edie at the premiere of her movie about Edie. I’d say that’s cute. I would expect the fashion editors at People to have SOME knowledge of this.

Clarice on

This woman is what is referred to as a fashion victim. She tries way to hard and ends up looking like a fool. Then she complains that no one takes her seriously.

Cat on

she is our new edie sedgwick.
style, glam, sex

sonja on

I think there intresting. I wouldn’t wear them, but then again I don’t have legs like that too.

SLB on

This look is so weird. I mean what were the designers thinking? Have they truly run out of great design ideas, and just gave up and put the models in their “panty hose”. How funny. No way, would I ever try this look and I think she looks horrible, in the “I forgot to put on my skirt” look. I don’t like her anyway.

Nini on

I am embarrassed for her. It looks like she stole my grandma’s body shaping panties

Brandy on

She’s a maniac, maniac on the floor..and she dances like she’s never danced before.

Brittany on

Her outfit is fugly. The end.

Allison on


redhotchilligirl on

She looks terrible!!! She needs to put on some skirt!

Lupi on

Idiot test #4859473 – Sienna Failed
Seriously, if the lead actress of the film is still wearing the film-inspired wardrobe to the after-party, makes you wonder what stands out more in the film, the acting or the wardrobe?

Christiana on

You have got to be kidding.

Listerino on

Oh Boy. This looks shocking! It looks like she forgot her skirt and doesn’t seem to notice or care.

ilonka on

love them a hundred times. i think she is becoming a fashin icon, which she proves time after time… at least shes daring to wear something other than straight-from-kitson merchandise like those other hollywood starlets!!!

kate on


JoAnn Reyes - Almacen on

HATE IT! Geez. She should fire her personal stylist right away. We all know that there are clothes that even if they look real great in the runway, are simply not things you’d wear out of it.

Sienna has to grow up, especially in her taste of clothes!

stellar ;) on

I think it isn’t as controversial as the other celebrity’s outfits. She hasn’t overdid with this outfit.
She just wants a lil bit of attention :)

Christine on

Oh dear, not good, not good. I think she had one of those “I had a nightmare the other night that I was in the middle of a crowd and had forgot to put my skirt on…..” moments.

Yily on

Sienna Miller is undoubtedly the most influential fashion icon right now. She basically re-invented the mod look by playing Edie Sedgwick in “Factory Girl.” Ever since Sienna was spotted with leggings on, every stars in Hollywood copy the look and don’t forget Sienna’s infamous bohomian trend.

Looking at this ensemble, I kind of get what she’s going for. Her wardrobe is a mixture of 70s mod look combine with modern pieces to create a unique and original look. Does it work? Yes, it work. But does it work for normal people. No. Only Sienna herself and other wannabe IT girls can pull off some of the trends Sienna create herself.

Still, what fascinates me about Sienna Miller is her confidence and courage to pull off some of the daring and innovative trends that others are too afraid to wear. Nonetheless, there are a few miss for Sienna. But that’s completely normal since fashion is about taking risks and not afraid to try new trends even if it doesn’t work and Sienna does just that. She know what works for her and that’s what make her so influential when it comes to style and substance.

Bedina on

I am gobsmacked.

orderly logic on

“BLOOMERS”??? She’s wearing briefs.

Main Entry: 2bloo·mer
Pronunciation: ‘blü-m&r
Function: noun
Etymology: Amelia Bloomer
1 : a costume for women consisting of a skirt over long loose trousers gathered closely about the ankles
2 plural a : full loose trousers gathered at the knee formerly worn by women for athletics b : underpants of similar design worn chiefly by girls and women

Melanie on

OMG! Is she coming or going from dance class? If she is she should have pulled on sweat pants and if she isnt… well YUCK

Andreina on

She has personality for wearing this. She has a beautiful face but no neck therefore, she’s not elegant.

Andreina on

Bladder control problem, anyone??

Ann on

sienna sienna sienna.. maybe this is why men cheats on you. you’re absolutely… (sigh) hideous!

Lisa on

I personally don’t think that Sienna’s style is ‘all that’. This surely proves my point. She looks ridiculous. I’m all about style and fashion, but I find others that do a MUCH better job than Sienna!

BC on

I for crying out loud!

j on

LOL. this just cracks me up. and she claims she wants to be known for her acting ability? riiight. i’m all for being fashion foward–the difference is whether or not you can actually pull it off. seinna, you do not.

Courtney on

It looks like she forgot to put on her pants. And that shirt is not that flattering. She should have kept her original outfit on.

Jdizzle on

It looks totally stupid.

ashleybee on

absolutely horrible

Jenny on

if she can oull it off, more power to her!!

Nicole on

Did she forgat to put her pants on before she left her house?

seanan on

Does anyone remember the item on the girdle that Gwyneth Paltrow wore post pregnancy. These “bloomers” look just like that girdle. Bloomers do not have angled side seams for a tummy panel. A leotard (dance bodysuit) does not have these seams either. This outfit looks like a girdle over a pair of tights. I think Sienna forgot the outer layer of this getup.

Melissa on

I love it. I think everything she wears looks fabulous..

Brittany on

I absolutely do not like it. Runway outfits and celebirity life party outfits should not be the same. Maybe if they weren’t so tight and so high up. How many women would wear those? A short skirt would be understandable but not every one has 1% or less of fat on their thighs to wear bloomers and look like Sienna Miller. It’s eye catching in a bad way.

Dee on


michele. on

another example of how Hollywood [[ including Sienna ]] is trying SO hard to stand out ,, that they end up making asses of themselves.

michele. on

i respect indiviualism ,, but i do not respect stupidity.

enigma on

I find myself at a loss of what to say!

Although, I like what Charla and Vonnie had to say!

Somehow I sense Sienna is trying to be one of those art student rejects! The kind of art student who is so in love with themselves they feel anything they do will be accepted no matter what, because the people around them are too
chicken to say something because they will have upset the new and upcoming cat’s meow artist who thinks they are
god’s gift to the art world….whom by the by can’t paint worth for….#@*%’s sake!!!!

Well, she is named after a color! It’s either burnt sienna or raw sienna…either way her stlye is both burnt and raw, which is not all good!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nat on

she is fabulous.

Robyn on

i wouldn’t wear it.

Miri on

I HATE it. It looks like she just forgot her skirt, or something. HATE it.

Maura on

well with legs like hers…she definitely pulls it off

judyk on


Charla Dickenson on

Very awesome comments Enigma,
I cannot stand pretension and the “look at me ,I’m so talented” approach to fashion, or life for that matter.

Fashion is a form of art. The most creative and artisitc girl in the room is never the one without pants on. the true talent is the girl who doesn’t need the shock factor to get noticed. Of course people will pay attention to childish over the top fashion, but it lacks all creativity.
I am not trying to be mean. Fahion is a personal choice and it’s not like she’s wearing a kitten coat or something. Although she does look like catwoman. Like most people I was just joking around and sharing my views of dislike for this outfit. Anyone who wears an outfit like this, on a day other than the 31st of October, has got to be able to take some jokes.

Nicole on

I don’t think it’s cute at all. She always seems to be really cute in something or it’s just plain hideous.

NIcholas on

If she is so confident and fashion forward, why is she holding her coat to cover her backside as she walks by? (check the picture) Very highschool. You can’t be a shy showoff. Own it, or put on a skirt.

enigma on

Thanks Charla! I certainly enjoyied the image you created of your Grandmother before dinner parties…hee-hee!

You must forgive me. I was so flustered in reminising of my art school days, I overlooked my spelling and grammar.
My art history professor would have a hissy fit!


Vi on

This reminds me of a recurring nightmare I used to have about going outside in my underwear. OMG, Sienna has the same dream. Is she sleepwalking?

What is this woman thinking? “Oh, I think I’ll put on my Grannie’s knickers and toodle off outside without my bottoms on, just to see if anyone notices. Ooooh, they’ll think I’m just like Edie. Except, I don’t have an eating disorder, or a drug problem. No, really, I don’t. I just LOOK like I’m on Crack.”

Kristin on

Booooooooooooooo!!!!!!!! Get off the stage!!!!!!!

cybele on

Is she kidding?!! I don’t care who says that look is the newest fad….it still looks like she forgot to a put her pants on.

angel on

really looks as if she forgot to get all the way dressed

SAT on

Sienna Miller=overrated. Get out of the spotlight if you want to be taken seriously as an actress!

rachel on

she looks great! a new trend obviously..i love sienna shes so beautiful and ecentric

catherine on

but it not too bad and she will bounce back up as a fashion icon ~

enigma on

Hey Vi, you are soooo right about that dream!!! I know exactly what you mean!! You’re very funny!!!

Anastasia on

Latly she was totally like had bad fashion moments! And this is like totally one of them! It makes me think that she wants people looking at her because if I saw her on the streets and she wasnt famous I would still like stare!

Tayme on

To answer the question, no I wouldn’t wear bloomers out. I don’t know what was going through her mind when she put this outfit together. I can understand someone saying this was only for an after party after the premier of her movie “Factory Girl”, but she could have chosen something different to wear to honor Edie Sedgewick. I like Sienna and I do like some of her fashion choices, but this is one I don’t like.

Jen P on

Ummm…I will never be able to do this. Yes I have the body for it but this is one fashion train ride I will never jump on. Think more of a Train wreck. It doesn’t look good. Maybe in the fashion world, and on runways,or in Hollywood even, people are doing this;But in the real world, no one will ever go for it. Mark my words.

mona on

At least she’s having fun with the Edie Sedgewick look–completely appropriate for the after-party at the premiere of a movie about Edie. She wore a dress to the premiere, she’s bringing the old look back for the party. What’s wrong with that? I’m tired of seeing the same prom dress on everyone, nobody takes risks anymore because they’re all afraid what housewives in Kansas will think of them.

maya ozoemena on

Who’s child is this?
and why is she wearing her underwear….someone get her a skirt ASAP!

maya ozoemena on

Who’s child is this?
and why is she wearing her underwear….someone get her a skirt ASAP!

Angie on

I cant even think of enything to say its just wrong, its not an outfit.

Kiki on

Isn’t Factory Girl like the only thing Sienna has ever been in? Besides Alfie, in like the nineties, and Casanova? She is only talented because she was with Jude Law. And she copies everything Kate Moss wears, which is why she always looks “fashion forward.” Maybe a little TOO fashion forward…uh, underwear?

Lori on

I don’t like it… she looks unfinished.

corrie on

if u saw factory girl you would know why shes wearing that outfit.

erica on

i wonder what simon from american idol thinks of this nutty brit…hmm

Vi on

Thanks Enigma,

I’ll probably have that nightmare tonight, considering the sight of Sienna sans pants is permanently burned into my retninas. Vi.

sharon on

Looks like she ran out without her pants!!


Oh boy!!!!! thas sososososo great i cant believe it….OH BOY!!!!!!

Ash on


Daphne on

It looks like one of those panty girdles over tights. What is she, the new model for Maidenform? I don’t care what size you are, it looks like my mother’s old Maidenform 18 hour girdle! Honey, put on a skirt over those drawers, please?

Marisha on

I think it is so funny that some people are getting all annoyed by the comments. Her playing the part of Edie Sedgewick in a movie does not mean she needs to walk around looking ridiculous. That is no excuse, there are better ways to promote a movie. Not to mention, this is not a 60’s version of the style, it is modernized and hideous. Im sure Edie did not wear all black with a glittery top–the sixties were more colorful. At least then we could say oh how cute she showed up dressed as Edie, but you can tell she thinks this is cute and funky. She is right…minus the cute part.

eliza on

God.. she’s a trend setter- leave her alone i bet in a few seasons we’ll all be wearing these or trying to.. someone has to take risks !!!

lynn on


rachel b. on

Definately, a no-no!!!

jodi on

she looks stupid and should be ashamed

Jodi on

no wonder she doesn’t have anybody

kat!e from FSC on

the girl who said that people overlooked her abilities as an actress to focus on her relationship with jude law walks out and about with no pants? i cant imagine why people dont take her seriously.

ruby on

i love sienna miller’s style, and she is so beautiful….at first i hated it but then after it absorbed i really love it, i know its different but really on her i think it looks gorg. and lets face it she is just ahead of everyone else in the fashion world.

Charla Dickenson on

Thanks Enigma,

Your comments are always great to read. I make so many mistakes on here because I write quickly and just share my thoughts and don’t pay much attention to spelling or grammar. Personally I am not a fan of either, I love writing but I’m not so fond of all the rules. This is meant to be fun, so spelling and grammar are not welcome.

Take Care

P.S. I get a good feeling that you are a great student and a phenomenal artist!

enigma on

Hey Charla,
Thanks for your support! I sense from your comments you are worldly, learned, and you from somewhere else, because of the way you spell certain words.

Honestly I could care less about spelling and grammar….personally, I am not to fond of rules either…maybe that’s why I am an artist.

I went to a tiny art school that focuses on classical training. I feel I recieved an excellent art education but, pursuing an art career is wicked hard, fortunately I don’t take rejection personally, all thanks to art school!!

One must remain strong!

Wishing you well! Cheers!

Francesca on

It almost looks like she decided her new Spanx was too good to cover up.

Nod to Edie Sedgwick or not, it’s a sad way to go out in public. There’s cutting-edge fashion, and then there’s “somebody-had-too-many-predinner-cocktails” fashion.

Annie on

Yuck that looks really horrid!

susan on

You know it’s bad when it makes Sienna Miller look matronly. Pinch her so she can wake up.

tee on

I dont see anything wrong with it really. Hey, heres a novel idea, going out wearing your panties!!! Wow!! Someone get Brit in on this and our eyes will be EVER so thankful!
Okay, so its not going to be the most acceptable look and definitely NOT going to be for everyone. I think perhaps for going out clubbing or the like would be fine. Celebs like to wear stuff close to the WAYYYY over the top runway fashion. Runway stuff is meant to be an example of the *style trend*. Everything has to be in your face and make a huge impact. Celebs wear a toned down version of that (some more toned down than others).
I didnt care for the tights/leggings with micro mini dresses when it came out, but by years end I myself had some! You would see less in some ways wearing this outfit than you would in the micro mini skirts and tights.
Sienna is GORGEOUS anyway (Jude, as sexy as he is, is a ninny for cheating on her) and can get away with wearing it, so why not? I think sticking to VERY DARK monotone is going to be the big factor though, and by gosh do not get too shiny!! Shiny will show every flaw and accentuate it even more than the body skimming look already does!

Anna Murphy on


libby on

Wow, I would not be caught dead in that outfit. But if that is what she likes, why not. To each there own!!

Melissa on

GROSS………..our grandparents wore Bloomers..this is not the 1940s people…

Allison on

Sienna is SO adorable but I just cannot understand some of the stuff she wears. This is absolutely horrific!

D on

People, listen to yourselves. You were saying the exact same thing about skinny jeans, ankelboots and leggins about a year ago, and they were the biggest trends in 2006. This might not be how we normal people would go out, but Sienna Miller has the most amazing fashion style, and she pulls it off like a pro. Stop critisizing people just because it is different. try to embrace new styles, that is the only way to make progress in the fashion industry.

Dixie Marie on

I have nothing left to say. Charla and Enigma have said it best. Leaves me speechless. She looks like my daughter when she refuses to put her pants on. Only dumber because my daughter is only two.

Lori on

What the hell is that….she’s not pretty enough to pull that off and Judes moved on, time to get over it and put some pants on!! :P

Branna on

Wow…she’s going out into public in pantie hose and her panties!! It looks like she took a nap and woke up in a hurry and forgot to put on her skirt! Yeah I usually love Sienna’s style, I mean the way she does her own thing, and usually pulls it off. But this time she fell a little short…so yeah and Im sure she was little cold in this outfit, so i doubt she’ll try this again. Wear pants next time Sienna

debra abbate on

an obvious cry for attention!

Chic Streak on

Part of being a truly *stylish* woman is knowing when a trend should be left on the runway or in the pages of an edgy fashion mag. Trends are meant to be interpreted for street wear -not justen donned and mimicked like a fashion victim.
Furthermore if it is indeed a sad attempt to market the film, she and her team should consider the context of wearing such an outragous (and unattractive) combo in the middle of winter.
Oh Sienna- we miss the organic and naturally stylish you… stop TRYING so hard.

Erica on

Why not? If you have the body to pull it off and where else but in NYC!

cathy on

Sienna Miller is nasty looking. Her face is always greasy and her hair is a mess. Now she has forgotten to put her pants on! She’s a Madonna wannabe!

eileen on

Did she forget her pants? If this is what is in style then I don’t want to be in style.

dove on

she looks like an idiot. more of an idiot than usual even.

Andrea on

Sienna is a fashionista, but this cut of brief looks bad on everyone, fabulous body or not, this is just a bad bad bad thing.

Mara on

I’m sorry but that is one of the most horrific outfits I’ve ever seen. I do give her credit for having the guts to wear it but I’m not exactly sure why she did. Was there someone off camera standing nearby holding a gun to her. I have to wonder….

Deciembre on

It looks like the old lady section at victoria’s secret and is supposed to be a “new and cool thing” for the bridge club.

Dina on

The thing Diana said and i’m commenting on her comment. It doesn’t look like a leotard, it looks like a leo-TURD!!!!! And i think a lot of the people will agree with me!

RU on

She looks like shes trying to get some hmmmmm i’ll say it in a nice way: ATTENTION!!!

Kate on

When will this girl realize that leaving the house with a leotard as part of your ensemble does not mean that you look fashionable and put together? I suggest she invest in some actual honest to goodness pants and skirts and ditch the leggings, tights, and undies that she’s attempting to replace said pants with. It looks like she’s run out of money to buy real clothes or something. To be trendsetting and daring is one thing, but to leave the house looking like this is completely ridiculous. A stylist needs to knock some sense back into this girl’s head… I think she’s gone a bit insane (or thinks she’s hot enough to pull off anything… which sadly NO ONE is hot enough to pull this off as a decent look).

Sherry S on

It looks like she forgot her skirt. I give her props though for being able to wear that in public.

paola on

is she going to the gym or something ??
however it looks a kind of elegante because of te black color ..
but im sure i definetly never get out of my house with those things on me .

Stephanie on


Kiley on

She needs some serious help!!!

sarah on

Hahahaha she looks like she forgot her pants at home or in the limo or cab or something! For heavens sakes. put on a skirt or shorts!

Tink on

That gurl needs to go home and finish her outfit.Good acessorizing but that outfit NEEDS help.

Heather on

She needs to go home and finish her outfit.Good accesorizing though.

Shack on

Seriously, I just threw up in my mouth.

christi on

yuk-O!!!! get a grip, girl!!

Gutrude on

She looks like a Golden Girl missing her skirt. gross.

Caroline on

I think she is wearing a black leotard over her tights.I attend ballet classes and Sienna’s look is definately ballet inspired.

elle on

Sienna! did’nt your mom tell you the girdle look is olny exceptable under the outfit?

Mesita on

I think this outfit is just ridiculous. Sienna is so needy that she’d wear a plastic bag if she thought it was ‘it’. I don’t know what people are refering to when they say they like her ‘style’… what style??? She just copies what she sees on the runway… and not even the good things but just anything!

amelia on

i love siennas style and in my opinion: good for her for trying something new and original!

jaqueline on

im looking at this picture and im trying to figure out how come she goes out like this! i think she really forgot her pants and now she trying to cover her “back”…

caroline on

Hey is she showing us she’s skinny after Tyras fattie thing?

someone special on

wat the heck is she wearing? did she forget to finsih dressing?


K.Simth on

I don’t understand it. Underwear? Big, giant underwear? No matter how skinny you are, this is a fashion NO, NO.

Rachel on

I absolutely worship Sienna’s fashion style! Yes, this is very over the top and that is exactly why she is is a fasion icon and can pull it off. No, I would never wear it and your average jane doe wouldn’y and that is why we are not in people magazine. Rock on Sienna…

tinka on

Having a blond moment? Forgot ya skirt, girl¡

Veronica on

Hated it! And such a pretty girl.

Glenys on

I think it is totally ridiculous to wear panties out in public even with tights over them! It looks like she forgot to put her skirt on or she had a wrap skirt on earlier and it got caught in a door and fell off and she thought she would try to start a new trend! Well, Sienna, this is one of your trends that I am not going to follow!

Kelli on

Wow..All I have to say is Wow

Charla Dickenson on

Thanks Dixie Marie,

Isn’t it funny how when a child does something it can be really cute but when an adult does it it’s creepy and weird. I guess that’s what growing up is all about. Unfortunately I think many celebs never really grow up. Hence; Pantsless in New York … funny that sounds like a Will Ferrell movie. If anything good comes from this fashion disaster it would be some hilarious male comedian mocking Sienna (not in a mean way) by wearing this outfit to an event or in a movie… now that would be great.
I feel there is a big difference between fashion and outfits that make you look like you are having a nervous breakdown. She looks like she’s going to throw a temper tantrum any minute. I’d really rather see this outfit on Sasha Baron Cohen in Borat 2.
Take Care

Charla Dickenson on

Thank you so much for your kind comments. I come from a family of painters and writers so I really admire artists. I myself am a writer. You are correct, good detective skills, about where I am from, my background is European.
It’s really great that you remain so strong, that is such an important part of being able to get through life and enjoy it. It can be quite hard for creative and artistic people who often have to forge their own path in life, but it so rewarding in so many ways. I respect all honest careers and callings, as they are all valuable and needed, but I would never trade writing for anything more socially acceptable. I really respect your great attitude and clear and positive outlook.

Best Wishes and Take Care

enigma on


Thank you, you are kind, thoughtful, and very respectful to everyone here!!

I read in a comment of someones in another section (I believe), someone asked you if you were a writer, I had been wondering that myself, too. I am glad you are.

Like the people who blog here too, I always make it a point to read what you have to write!

If, I may, I am going to guess you are from the UK region!
Plus, it makes sense you come from a family of painters and writers….the term artistic or artsy, comes up a lot!!

Well, I must go and paint!

Take care and Cheers!! Wishing you well!!!

kate on


Carla on

What a waste of talent and energy by celebrities trying to one-up each other in of-the-minute/of-the-second fashion trends. Put on a pair of jeans, a RED T-shirt and make a meaningful statement instead of looking like like you partied so hard you forgot to finish getting dressed.

lili on

I think she forgot parts of the outfit
never try this at home!

Marina on

HIDEOUS!!! that’s it.

Cari on

She looks seriously deranged!! I mean how cna you have all that money and access to the stylists and still look that terrible! Get it together woman!

juju on

Sienna, babe, u have the best style! U should have rocked the street that night!

Katie H on

HELL NO! Wearing “bloomers” out in public loses the sex appeal for when you are in the bedroom because it leaves nothing to the imagination.

Deb on

Oh why would one go out without their pants on?? Or maybe a skirt? Maybe she needs to see a therapist.

Maryanne on

It’s an interesting choice of attire, but I wish I looked that good in my bloomers.

Lauren on

Sienna is a beautiful girl and normally she can pull off anything but not this! Seriously put on some pants…no one needs to see that much. Its ridiculous!

Tiffany Riley on

The only place this fashion statement is okay is on a theater stage for a production such as Chiago or Carberat. She just looks plain old ridiculus! Please Seinna put on some pants!

Bronwyn on

Poor thing, her skirt got caught in the passenger door and the limo had already taken off.

Angie Portwood on

This looks ridiculous! If I were to walk down the street like this, I would be committed.

jacqueline on

i want to like this becuase its sienna, and i love her style, but i just can’t accept this as the “new trend” she’s not wearing any pants! i get “fashion forward” but she needs to rewind.

ABC123 on

What the hell…this just wrong. Dead wrong.

Christine on

I hate it, it looks aweful…she has a great body but she doesn´t have to show off THAT much. It looks as if she was wearing underwear. not nice.

Isolde on

Normally Sienna Miller wears beautiful, trendy things that I covet, but not now. Why is she wearing granny panties in the middle of winter?? Those must be very warm tights, like the kind ice skaters wear. I can’t believe anyone could ever even consider wearing what Sienna is wearing in that photo.

Soph on

Is she wearing a leotard or underwear? Leotards are meant for dancing and excercising, whereas underwear should be under your clothes. This is an awful outfit-NOT MEANT FOR STREETWEAR

whatever on

LOL It looks like her skirt fell off! Hilarious keep up the laughs!

Kristen on

Looks like she is headed to a Hollywood aerobics class.

Karen on

Did she forget to get fully dressed? Yuck. These stars need to have more fashion sense. My daughter is 12 and dresses better.

lency on

So if the powers of the fashion world said that wearing a lamp shade on your head is in vogue, does that mean you should wear it. That outfit just plain ridiculous.

jenny on

A lot better than the panty-less wonders that have been flashing everything to anyone who wants to look or NOT !!

Charla Dickenson on

Thanks Enigma,

You go out of your way to complement and encourage people with their comments which is so nice to see. You are very strong in your opinions but still so respectful of others, I wish that’s how all people were. I always like to read your blogs too!

You may and you are partly right with your guess. I am half Greek, a quarter Swedish and a quater British. My name is a bit misleading. May I ask your background?

I couldn’t tolerate the world without art or artistic people. Luckily people like you won’t let that happen!

Take Care and enjoy your painting!

enigma on

Thanks Charla!

You may ask as well, I am half Serbian and a mix of English, Scottish, and German.

I love to know people’s backgrounds, where they’re from and where they would like to be going! I come from a diverse city but, now live in a “country/town” setting…it’s different but, good! My boyfriend is half Greek and half Puerto Rican. He loves art too!

Yes, I am rather opinionated but, at least I know who I am and I am not afraid to stand my ground…like you!

Take care and Cheers!

Charla Dickenson on

Hey Enigma,

Your backgrounds(you and your boyfriends)sound really cool. My husband and I would love to live in a smaller town someday. For now we live in a city because of work and we really do like it. It is quite multicultural which I love.
I hope I didn’t come across the wrong way. I meant to say beliefs not opinions; you are very strong in your beliefs and yet still so respectful of others.
I really believe that there is a difference between morals and opinions. I feel that you, Enigma, stand up for morals. Things aren’t black and white and there is a lot of grey but, underneath it all there are some real moral truths about life which I feel you see very clearly.

Sometimes I read my posts and I have to laugh at myself because I am very opinionated and people are not always pleased by it. I feel I still have a lot to learn about life and I try to be as open as possible to growing.

But, like you I know who I am and I will not bend when it comes to standing up for what I believe.

Thank You and Best Wishes!

enigma on

Charla, you are very funny….

No worries!!!

Since, I moved from my home town to go to art school, I learned awhile ago not to take things so personally!! So, there is no need to explain yourself to me, I understand.

Yes, I agree with you, that is a difference between morals and opinions. Morals are what is right, what is wrong, and following the best course of action. Opinions are formed on how one feels, well everybody has an opinion and that’s what makes for a wonderful playground for debate in this blog in morals verses opinions.

I have always felt the need to be positive, strong, and willed, because I have had to do many things on my own. And, if people here don’t like what they are reading, then oh well!

Wishing you well and Cheers!

Charla Dickenson on

Thanks Enigma,

You are very understanding and very positve. I get the impression that you really enjoy life the way it is meant to be enjoyed.

I think it is so important to be able to take things seriously, when needed, and to also know how to laugh at life. You seem to be good at finding that balance.

I have had to do most things on my own too, since I was a teenager, so I empathize with the valuable lessons one learns from independance.

I wish you well.
See you on another post!
Take Care

MO on

Attention getter I do believe

Veronica on

I absolutely love this look. Sienna is totally hot and I would wear this same outfit if I had the chance. I actually have a nice black leotard and black tights that I wear with a black sweater and ankle boots. I love this look!!!!

Erica on

You kids have a lot to learn. “Sexy” is to be alluring, seductive, confident, etc… and NOT what eMpTyVee tells what is *in* this year.
A lovely body that looks very smooth, attractive & touchable- yet totally covered! Beat that “Girls Gone Stupid”!
Also, most all gentlemen Love a girl in silky tights; even if they are afraid to admit it to you.

peter on

i think it’s different, which makes it edgy and hot, but what do i know? :)

John Martin on

She looks great in tights. I wish more women dressed like her. Maybe she can bring back the fashion of tights and pantyhose. She is hot!!!!!!!!!!!

Erik on

It is amazing that there are only about 20 comments here out of …..200? where people have actually ‘thought’ (imagine that!).

1. “Grannie Panties”- Yes I saw ‘that 70’s show episode’, now that you have a name that is funny to say, you’re aching to say it. It is called a Leotard. Never heard of it? wow! In some stores people are now selling “tap pants” (like a bottom half leotard) or micro-shorts due to the growing popularity or this attractive night life outfit.

2. “Leotards are just for ballet & exercising”- According to whom?? You!? (Feb 7th wrote that). It is clothes!!!! Keep letting Television DICTATE to you what to do and your life is already ‘run’- so just stop thinking for yourself. Get it?

3. (Compared to Brittany S. leaving the house w/out panties)- Look again at this outfit. She is more COVERED up than anyone! The only way someone could be MORE covered up is if they wore complete SCUBA gear out on the town. Her body is covered, nothing is ‘revealed’ with exception to the human form (beauty, art, etc…) Therefore anyone going against it is either: Jealous, very out of shape, hates the human form in many ways and/or considers a night club= CHURCH.

4. I was only a tiny kid in the 70’s & early 80’s but I do remember girls in short-shorts (there was even a song!), micro mini skirts, tight tops & yes even leotards (God forbid!) and Pantyhose (“Gentlemen prefer Hanes!” (and all the other silky brands!)- any, then there was nothing wrong with it. Why do you say (or agree w/someONE that said), “This is so wrong! She is not following OUR idea of Fashion!” -Now?

5. People that dress different or the way they would like to are the trend setters. Do you actually think that “Poncho’s” came back *into style/fashion* because a magazine said, “It is now okay, starting right…. now!” No, it was because someone had a thought (wow!) and decided, “I miss poncho’s, I’m going to wear that again.”

Congratulations to the people here that RESPECT artists and individual thought and humans that are not afraid to be themselves or even slightly different. I am not angry w/the ones that are the oppositte, I am sad for them.

There is nothing wrong with having an opinion, but it is wrong to spread negativity on something that is easily just expression.

oscar on

Well I think she looks fantastic. I love the look, but then again I would cos I’m a man!

Dan on

I think the look is absolutely hot. If I saw that in public there would be a continuous drool hanging off my chin. I think all you woman off this board are just jealous. Perhaps it’s because you lack confindence and have low self esteem to actually pull off this HOT look.

mickey on

She looks like she is wearing those underwear that are more like a girtle to hold in the stomach and pantyhose (not even tights). Which is fine as long as you intend to cover it with a skirt, which she seems to have forgotten!!

Dave on

Very Nice! This is a look of days to come.

Annika on

Is it really called “fashion”?! Perhaps “bedroom fashion” or “fools fashion”, “attention seeker fashion” etc. Too bad that something that looks so cheap, un-flattering, un-done and simply put bad, is considered as “fashion” in a tradtional meaning of the word.

Adam Kassur on

I think her outfit is very sexy and very much a statement to express fashion beyong the norm. I completely agree with such a daring statement and I hope more individuals will be more open-minded to extreme fashion changes. It’s about time that people start wearing what they want without feeling ashamed. I personally also support men who want to wear leggings, such as the Calvin Klein Spring Collection 2007.

TrUsT mE i No on

Who forgot there pants today trust me i no who Sienna did

Madison Tykolis on

Uh!!!I hate it!! She looks like she’s going out to gym class and forgot her pants? I totally DON’T like this look!Next time Sienna wear pants or a mini for crying out loud just no GRANNIE UNDIES!!!!!!!! This is a major EW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Massiekur on

She looks like she’s a wannabe….uh…evil spiderman. You know she used to be my fashion role model but now she looks like she was auditioning to be the evil dude in Spiderman 3!!!!!!!!!She must of missed the label… NO PUBLIC USE OR COMPLETE HOMULIATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I don’t know about you guys but if this is high fashion than it has stooped WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY low. These are the last times when i went cowering in fear of the pictures on the fashion way…..
(1) The Super Bowl 2007
(2) Brittany Spears and The Hair Shaving Incedint
(3) Michael Jackosn :) he he
(4) My Mother what it’s true!!!!!!!!!!
WELL there is just to much to name but this uhhhhh is scary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joel on

Great look!

Caroline on

oops! i think she forgot to put on her skirt!lol

chelsey on

i think sienna miller looks amazing and nobody can pull off a outfit like that shes got the figure so why not wear it?? i love her style she is just fabulosee i love her.

Gsbby on

I found some bloomers on the net. They have a 1 inch ruffle on the leg opening. They in white sheeting material. I have 3 pair that I would wear outside if I were more adventurous, but alas, those of us with a weaker constitution. I wear them under short skirts and they make me feel more secure doing this. My boyfriend loves them. I hope they catch on.

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