Tara Reid's Over-The-Top Sundance Look

01/23/2007 at 06:00 AM ET

Oh, Tara. The actress looked so great all glammed up in November, but we fear that she is taking her newly-found glamourpuss image too far! Sundance is a notoriously casual event, but instead of embracing the “oh-this-old-thing” chic of the festival, Tara is matchy-matchy in shearling boots, gold hardware-laden bag, and matching white jeans and beret. We’re not even going to discuss the mobster moll mink jacket. And what are those goldilocks curls? Brush them out and put them in a ponytail asap! Tara seems to have mastered how to get dressed up, but now she needs to work on her casual look. Tell us: What do you think of Tara’s Sundance look? Over-the-top or just right?


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Mollysemanian on

I agree that the hair has to go, but other than that I think she looks fine. It’s not like she showed up in a ballgown!

Glenys on

It could be worse!

Diana on

I think she looks just fine. What’s so over the top about it? She is not wearing a gold sparklin dress, now that would be odd. I think she looks amazing (Good for you Tara), she’s really took the criticism that she has gotten over the years and turned it into a positive.

Kristin on


j on

ditch the FUR, tara. do you know what those little animals went through so you could look this bad!?!?

‘real people wear fake fur!!!!’

kesha on

I think she looks good. What’s the big deal?

Amanda on

she could look so worse, does anyone remember what she probably would have been wearing had this been six months ago? i will take this tara anyday

Jenn on

I think Tara looks great. I’d say this is a casual look. The jacket is a little fancy but it looks cold out there! Give her a break! She seems to be doing great these days and I like her look here.

mirelle on


Heather S. on

She’s been doing so well lately, so let’s not get nitpicky! At least she looks warm–all parts of her!

Dragonfly on

No blaring breasts, I’m happy.

Meg on

Compared to her past atrocities, this really isn’t half bad. Give the girl at least a little credit for showing up sober and not exposing anything!

Jackson on


Alice on

Yeah, it could be worse. We’ve all seen the outfits that Mariah has worn to events like this and nothing can be worse than that.

Trinity on

I think that she is just kinda trashy…. and anything that she puts on, in turn, looks trashy. This is no exception. She is trying way too hard!

Chrissy on

She look ridiculous! Her hair is awful and that fur coat makes me sick. I feel bad for the poor animals that were slaughtered to make that wretched coat!

Patricia on

I think she actually looks wonderful for a change and I love the hair its really classy.

C on

She could lose the old lady fur coat, but other than that, she looks good. Boots and purse are really cute!

K on

She looks great! She looks reborn and she can see the light! Leave her alone – you’re starting to sound like TMZ.

Stefanie on

I think she looks cute. Yeah, she maybe too dressed up, but come on she looks better then ever. She just wants to show it off.

katie on

I think she looks wonderful (except the shirley temple curls look really stiff and fake), everything is quite tastefully covered-up. Good for her!

jessica on

I think people are too demanding.There was something wrong with the way she dressed before and now that she has changed there is something wrong again. Can’t you just accept her for her my GOSH!!! Nothing will ever please the press because they always need something or someone to rag on.

Cathy on

She looks comfy and cute.

Susana on

I think she looks great! I defenitely would rather be overdressed than underdressed for an occasion. Even though this is a “Casual” event it doesn’t mean you should show up looking like a bum~

Rebecca on

I think she looks okay. It’s a little fussy, but not tacky or trashy in any way. She should definitely ditch the fur though- ick!

Amy on

I think this is the best she’s looked in years!

Judy on

I like her boots and purse. She looks okay but get rid of the fur coat.

Laura on

She should be ashamed of herself for wearing fur! Shame, shame, shame Tara.

Lauren on

At least she actually has clothes on! Usually she’s falling and tripping over her own breasts! But, I don’t like the mink jacket; I don’t agree with killing animals for pointless reasons.

Elda on

Tara how could you wear a dead animal, common sweetheart i know gotta have a heart for these poor animlas used in this horrible trade!!

Marcia on

she looks great! Living in florida, I don’t ever get to wear the cute winter coats & hats.


Absolutely ridiculous YUCK

Nicole on

Big improvement to how she usually looks (drunk and strung out). I think she looks great.

Shannon on

At least her boobs aren’t hangin’ out!!

Candi on

Let’s face it… The girl has looked much worse… I think we need to give her a break a little. We criticize her for looking overly exposed and to “party girl” now she has changed her image and we are talking about that too. I don’t think you can win for loosing in Hollywood. Everyone is to full of what “INSTYLE FASHION” is and who is wearing what to where. Rediculous and so materialistic it is disgusting.

Robin on

She looks good…Why does she have to dress casual and wear a ponytail? ….as the above article states? Isn’t there alot of photographers at this event anyway? If she dressed down then she would be critized for not dressing better. I think its good to look your best if your in the public eye and she has succeeded..her outfit is very stylish.

Rita on

Why are you complaining about her now that she is covered up?? I don’t see anything wrong with her look here at all. She seems very pretty and happy to me. And her personal assets aren’t in view, which is what everyone always complains about when referring to her in the first place. Confusing how one day you knock her for showing skin & now you knock her for covering up. Funny, funny, funny.

Katie on

I don’t like the fur, but otherwise it’s a huge improvement from what she used to look like!

abc123 on

Some of you so-called PETA supporters make me sick. One reason only: A LOT of you eat bacon and eggs with a glass of milk and wear leather coats and shoes and somehow still manage to think that you are “holier than thou.” I DON’T see you attacking nearly every restaurant in the world who sell animals on plates on a DAILY basis yet you attack those (especially celebs) who choose to wear animals on their backs instead. IF the girl wants to “wear” the animal versus eating one, to each his/her own.

Baaaack to the subject…so she looks is a little overdressed. But she still doesn’t look bad, because NO ONE ever looks move overdressed AND underdressed like Mariah Carey.

night on

Much better than usual.

Whitney on

I Think She looks great! I Love Her Hair its gorgeous!

Cherie on

I feel wearing fur is unecessary and in poor taste. The overall outfit, however, looks very well-put together and sophistocated. One must also consider that she is often dresed by a stylist for public appearances like these. In a society where young women have to measure up against so many unrealistic beauty standards, many young stars find themselves putting themselves in the hands of personal stylists to help them craft “the look”. This unfortunately does not work in everyone’s favor. Do keep in mind that Tara has probably been the victim of poor fashion advice over the past few years. After all, look how the tabloids have created an image of Tara for which she has often been mocked.

sondra on

She is so overdone here

Lizzi on

I like her look and the overall outfit. I’m one of those ppl who likes being “matchy matchy”. There’s nothing wrong with that. The only thing she needs to do is to ditch the real fur for some fake fur…wearing real fur is downright wrong!

BC on

hate the fur hate the hat love her hair

Elda on

Some people believe we should use and eat all the animals here on earth, what we’ve done to the animals already done to us. Animals can detect unusual things in nature what we cannot and as long as we keep disrespecting animals this world is doomed. We need to learn from our mistakes before it’s to late. The Global Warning is just gonna get worst!!

Suzi on

The summer-white pants & hot? Uh, no.

Suzi on

The white pants & hat are a bit much, they do not look good with a (hope it is fake-fur) coat…The hair is overboard blonde-white.

Stacey on

Adorable! I think she looks great. I’d ditch the fur but, otherwise, I really like her look.

Jenna on

she really should try dying her hair a dark chocolate brown or something it would really make her blue eyes pop a la cameron diaz.

MIke on

She looks GREAT!!!!! I’d recommend she keep doing wha she’s doing….

Sami on

I think it’s cool that she put together a nice outfit for the event whether she was overdressed or not. I almost never wear just jeans and a Tee shirt

Wez on

She should be truly ashamed that she is wearing that fur!!!!!

Vero on

I think she looks perfect i love the hair i love everything i don’t know why everybody is saying she looks over the top!

ganstafromdajunkyard on


jessica on

I would just like to say that all the publicity with Jessica & John and Nick & Vanessa needs to stop. They’re not going out, it’s all for publicity. Please believe me. I would know. -Jess

Charla Dickenson on

I don’t personally like her style but as people have said it could be worse(think Paris Hilton). I may get angry comments for this but oh well… please don’t expect people who have had plastic surgery to ever look down to earth and casually chic, the two do not work together (think Pamela Anderson). Once you put the plastic parts in the class comes out, it’s as simple as that.
As for the whole fur debate, I am very ANTI-FUR. I just love how people use the “you eat meat so I can wear fur” excuse. It’s hysterical. Yello, ANIMALS EAT OTHER ANIMALS it’s the circle of life. Wearing fur is unecessarily cruel. We are not cavepeople we don’t need to wear animals to stay warm. Eating meat is for nutrition, wearing fur is for vanity. The two are not equivalent. Please don’t begin the vegetarian debate, it’s a personal choice. Eating meat if for nourishment where as fur has no purpose but to look like … well like THIS! Enough said! Guaranteed with a coat change or a cute pastel blue sweater the outfit would be instantly WAY better.

katie on

Jess~ I hope they are not going out, the last pick of John and Jessica was gross- his pants were very badly wrinkled and looked like they’d been pulled from the hamper. And the dress she was wearing was soooooooo inappropriate for her chest- they were hanging lower than the waistband and without any support. I don’t believe this is how two people that are interested in each other dress… but Vanessa is verrrrrrrry interested in your ex :P

January on

The hair is absolutely awful, the real fur coat a sin and the hat would be better if it wasn’t a beret. Other than that, she does look 100% better than several months ago when she was a complete trainwreck. I think she’s on the right track to getting her act together.

sabbylol on

Poor tara! all she wants is to fit in- but she can’t. It’s like one of poor girls in high school that try too hard, It jsut does not come easy for her. I mean look at her! has she ever looked good?

NazSantos on

She looks pretty bad for the amount of freebies and fashion care-taking that she receives. She’s not a Sienna Miller – and should seriously consider getting a stylist. Perhaps she can find one that would be willing to do some pro-bono styling for her seeing as how she doesn’t have the most financially prosperous career. I believe in second chances but she’s way past that mark in my book. She sets a horrid example and needs to be stopped.

Kallen on

I think that she is a little to matched, she just needs to tone it down and do something with her hair (i mean what is she doing

i'm better than you on

She looks way too “styled” – the hair is too done, a little too much makeup, and probably too much self tanner. But really, she looks presentable. Certainly not worth complaining about (after all, she is fully clothed and appears to be sober and have her wits about her).

Lauren on

She looks Good! What’s the big deal? It could be WAY WORSE.

Z on

She looks cute and what’s up with the stupid “matchy/matchy” comment. Get a grip! The hair needs to be combed out, that’s it.

Ashley on

I think she looks great. I am glad she is covered up which usually isn’t the case with Tara. She looks way better now than she ever did before who cares if its a little to dressy? I think she looks about the same as zooey dressed up wise and zooey is called best dressed.

Ashley on

sorry the more I look the more I just gotta say “what the heck are you talking about overdressed?” she looks fine to me.

Jen on

This is bad? J-Lo and Mariah parade around in heels, and this is bad? ANd why is it so hard for stars to look cute in winter? I am born and raised in Michigan, where it’s always cold, and I can look fantastic on a night out. It’s called a coat, buy one, they’re nice.

cindy on

I think she looks great!! NO BOOBS HANGING OUT
As people stated before if she would have worn a ponytail and dressed extremly casual something would have been said about her anyways – so I think that change is a slow process but she is getting better.

sarah on

i dont like anything with fur. its cruel.

Genie on

CHARLA DICKENSON ROCKS!!!! she looks a mess! and about the fur….oh, boy. i dont even want to go there but i would suggest for everyone to go look at Charla’s comment. why cant more people see things that way? the only thing i do have to say is thankfully she isnt spilling out of her clothes like she usually does.

kimi on

I think that she looks like she is trying too hard. She looks like the type of people that go to aspen and wear their planned out outfitts.

Angie on

J thats the perfect comment, she looks like a sheep pretending to be a human, she’s wearing 3 different browns, come on please stop.

Liz on

Well, she loves to be over dressed! So does Dita Von Teese… Maybe Tara Reid should be a burlesque dancer! she certainly flashes the paparazzi sometimes! lol

Kristen on

I’m just happy her breast are not dangling out. Her hair looks fine, it’s the coat and the white pants, also the boots, and purse. Even though most browns go together, in
this case they don’t. The pants throw the whole outfit off in my opinion.

Jo on

blah blah it could be worse blah blah….come on, just because shes “tara reid, train wreck” she can get away with looking like a goofball and everyone will just say, oh it could be worse? No, this look screams 3 words to me- TRYING TOO HARD!

Jodie on

I think she looks just RIGHT! its a cute lil outfit!!!

enigma on

First, I agree with People’s “Over-the-top” comment of Tara Reids look.

Secondly, I am ARDENTLY against wearing FUR in TODAY’S SOCIETY!!! 95% of the human population no longer live in caves or next door to the artic circle so, 95% of us don’t need to wear fur to stay warm!!! Choosing to wear fur today is worse than spending spree $100k on clothing, or wearing $100+k on your fingers. It’s stupid and ignorant!!!!!

If these poor animals were raised on a farm just to make a fur coat(s) that’s just as bad as hunting for them, I still have a major stipulation over both ways! Humans take so much for granted that the next time we really open up our eyes and see what’s going on……..it’ll all be gone….like the 1960’s version of “Planet of the Apes”!

But, in some crazy way I have hope, we as a whole, will change to be better, peaceful, understanding, and more respectful ways!

The only way a person can truly jusity wearing a fur coat in today’s society is if that person lives in Siberia or Mongolia in which they live off the land, where men arethe hunters and women are the home carers and where TV crews come and visit ever two years to do a documentry for PBS!!!

Say NO to FUR TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vicki on

I think the fur should go but other than that, she looks cute. Wish I could afford that bag!!!

Vic on

If she had had on black jeans it would have been a lot better and looked more casual. But the hair…….no!!

Stephanie on

I hope that jacket is fake.

KC on

Can we say your in UTAH Tara and this is not an episode of your err cancelled show Taradise! She is over dressed, I understand the need to be warm, but have we ever heard of the following:
The North Face
You can be stylish, comfortable, and not overdressed all at one time. This outfit is a mess!

Dixie Marie on

I think she looks great. Better than before.

mel on

Her face is used up.

kim on

Coming from someone who lives in Utah, she is a bit over the top, but at least she’s not like some of the other celebrities who show up all “wild west”, Utah’s not That far from California, we don’t all wear cowboy hats and boots, that’s my favorite. I also love all the blogs I’ve seen about staying cute in the cold weather, um, not that hard: it’s actually cold in January in about ninety percent of the country, the world doesn’t revolve around southern California.

kim on

KC, I agree she’s over done, but come on, the North Face? Uggs? just because you need casual doesn’t mean you need eight years ago. I’m sick of people trying to fit in with the outdoorsy types when all they do is stay inside critiquing other people’s fashion choices, lets leave those brands to the real die hards who need them. Anyone else is just a wannabe, (not a trendsetter).

Nancy on

At least her boobs are under cover. I think she looks adorable.

Charla Dickenson on

GENIE ROCKS!!! Thanks Genie. I’m so glad others feel this way too. It’s really nice to get some positive feedback instead of an angry internet ambush (which I do get) because I really mean no harm I’m just sharing my feelings. Anyways thanks again and take care!

Kasey on

I think she looks great! I don’t really see what is so over the top about it?

airene on

now she dressed better… but not apprpriate… its so obvoius that she wants to stand out and show off her polished look!

Faith on

True fashionistas know you don’t exactly match your entire outfit. The more creative ladies know complimentary colors and how to pair them.

Charla Dickenson on

Well said Enigma!

It is so inappropriate to wear fur unless you are truely living off the land. Nothing could be further from living off the land then the selfish Hollywood lifestyle. This type of vanity fur just causes senless suffering. It’s absolutely horrible. The worst example of this selfishness is JenniFUR Lopez, what in the hell is wrong with that woman. She makes my brain cry. How can one person be so selfish and self absorbed? She knows the facts… many people have approached her and shared the horrific details of what goes on to make her massive hideous fur wardrobe. I want to know what her defense is, is she selfish or stupid or both?

Lisa on

She looks great — stylish and casual are not exclusive of one another! I love the coat — and the sheepskin boots and the leather purse … without apologies.

enigma on

Yes, you do ROCK, Charla!! and Genie too! and, all those who agree with us!!!!!!!!

I am glad you are strong in your feelings about being real and sincere!! I, too, have my opinions and don’t mind saying them either!!!!!!

Choosing to wear fur only continues to promote the real
F-UGLY side of mankind!!! Mankind has a weird fixation on killing other creatures when it’s totally uncalled for!
We as humans need to remember we have a good side and need to practice that everyday!!!

Besides, fur only looks good on the creature that was born with it!!!!

Cheers and Take Care! GO GREEN!!!!


T~ on

I think she looks great! and i was going to join the fight against fur, until went to their website and actually read some of the stuff they said they do. EXTREMIST in anything is bad!

i dont think fur is right, but i wonder how many times PETA has been wrong and someone was wearing feaux fur??

nina on

way to matchy-matchy.

Jonathan on

she looks better than she has looked in a long time. Good for her, she’s cleaning up her act.

Charla Dickenson on

I just stand up for what I believe and hope people will make the compassionate and humane CHOICE. I don’t believe in enforcing, I believe in inspiring.


I think she looks cute. Especially the coat!!

enigma on

Charla, I couldn’t agree more! Inspire not enforce!

Hey, Charla, I was reading in some of the previous comments and read one of yours comments in the Mary Kate section,
it truly saddens me to hear you suffer from an illness of some kind????! I hope that it is not serious!!!

I wish you the best and a speedy recovery. You have a positive and loving attitude towards life, you deserve to be well!!!

Cheers, Take Care, and my thoughts are with you!!

Charla Dickenson on

Hey Enigma, you’re the one who rocks!

Thank you for your kind wishes. I can tell you are a very caring person with a lot of strength and a lot of character!

My illnesses have been going on for a very long time, they’ve just gotten really bad lately. Nonetheless, I love my life and feel very lucky. Being ill has taught me a lot. I have had time to stop and look at the world and learn some important priceless truth’s about life. It has given me more empathy and compassion for others.

I wanted to thank you for your last quote about fame. I tried to write a post about it but I don’t think it worked
( computer trouble). If it did work I am sorry to repeat myself. Anyway, the quote was great, I would love to wear it on a t-shirt, it’s so true!

Here is my favourite quote of all time;

“The more sorrow carves into your being the more joy you can contain”
-Kahlil Gibran from The Prophet

Take Care and Thank you, you have shared a lot of wisdom!

Jackilyn on

I really don’t see what’s so bad about this. I absolutely love it and think she looks gorgeous

Clarissa on

I like the ourfit, besides the fur coat. I’m not big on fur, but thats just me. But i think fur does look better on animals than on people. but other than that, she looks great!

LJ on

Um, why is it so wrong for Tara to look cute AND dress for the cool weather (unlike shivering Zooey)? Okay, so I’m not a fan of the fur, but I disagree that this outfit is “too much” for Sundance. Besides, aren’t we all happy to see Tara wearing more clothing in general? I think she’s cute, and she looks like she’s having fun.

Rhoni on

She looks great. I don’t think it would matter to the press how she was dressed, someone would find fault.

Monique on


Kendra on

Fur is not cool; especially on try-hards.

Lale on

Oh Tara, Tara, Tara. This girl and Britney Spears need to get together and pool their money for a new stylist. (No offense to Brit’s previous, who did her best.)

I’m thinking they just hire someone from Forever 21 so that they get the cheapy look they’re going for, but will look like they belong among the general public.

Ms. D on

Too much
Too much hair
Too many highlights
Too much make up
Too many trends
Too much partying

tammy on

Not bad at all. she looks like the winter barbie doll. ja.

Teresa on

OMG! Tara Reid looks likea demonic Sherly Temple!
I personally think could ditch a little of the makeup and the over-done hair. Relax Tara; it’s only Sundance!

Allison on

I think she looks great. Its cold up at sundance so why wouldnt she have on an outfit like that?

jessica on

love the hair and outfit…only thing I hate is that animal on her.



Jillena on

I think she looks awesome. I would so wear this outfit, and as a casual look. People should give the girl some credit, she’s really cleaned up. Come on!!!

simona on

I think she looks really nice…:))

Michele on

I LOVE the hat!! The rest just looks too predictable… but i like more of a unique vintage funky style..

Michele on

I LOVE the hat!! The rest just looks too predictable… but i like more of a unique vintage funky style..

Nicole on

Why is she at Sundance? Has she done anything recently?

Jessica on

It’s not hideous or anything but, there is something thats just a bit off…..

Genie on

CHARLA & ENIGMA ROCK ON!!!! go read there comments and stop wasting your time commenting about TARA’s horrible fashion choice!

i live in hawaii where the weather is sooo warm. so thank GOD i dont have to face people who wear fur like this. so being able to comment on people who do is the best! i love it how there aren’t getting too many of those comments like the ones made earlier about how ‘eating meat’ is the same thing as ‘wearing fur’. that was too funny….get educated people! i know that making comments on here isn’t really going to start a revolution but if it makes someone rethink about the choice to wear a piece like that and have a damn heart to know the torture it puts animals in, then i am thrilled to make comments like this one.

Charla, i hope you feel better. i dont know whats going on but i saw the comment. the world needs people like you and enigma to stand their grounds and give people a different point of view.

CC on

I stead of spending her money partying, maybe she should put that money to good use and buy a stylist.

sarah on

Why, why, why wear fur. For one day, she will probably never where the ugly coat again, so very sad.

Angela on

I think she looks cute, and no peek-a-boob. Hey, it’s winter. Wear the damn fur, where else can you? Man has been wearing fur since the beginning of time. Get over it.

Natalie on

I dig it, she has dressed up casual.


Too much fashion-information. Sometimes “Less is more”.
Too much fur, hair, hat, boots, white pants…TOO MUCH.

cecilia on

yes and in the beginning of time people chased down the animal with sticks and killed it with their bare hands and then made the fur them selves. do you think tara did it that way?

deby on

tara is beautiful, but i completely disagree with the fur coat. when you are a fashion icon and a role model for young girls, set an example. do not wear pelts of murdered animals.

Tanya on

shes trying to be matchy and it looks baddd

emily on

I think the out fit would be fashionable if she diddn’t hav the hair

KT fr Cda on

Trailer trash.

Trish on

shes a celeb so if theyre gonna wear coats they will be expensive and i think its cold outside and she is dressing for the weather. She looks perfectly fine to me.

TLE on

Seriously Tara! Act like you’ve been to Park City and to Sundance! Nobody dresses like that in Park City, as it is very laid back and casual… trust me, I’ve been there!

alexandra on

stooop it! give this girl a break. I like what she’s wearing. Plus, her boobs ARE covered.

christine on

its just very difficult for me to stand those PETA people, eating meat and wearing leather shoes, while leaving blood hand prints on some public figures who wears fur’s office. Some people are vegetarian and they wear fur, I dont see them killing anymore animals than those who eat meat everyday.

anyhow, this outfit is fine, and its not too overdressed. I’d say the fur is too heavy, perhaps a shearling military jacket would be better.

nina on

Too much of a bad thing.

Renee on

She looks great, she has come a long way and looks like she is glowing. I dont approve of the fur but I will not bash her for it. Personal opinion.

Renee on

I think she is glowing and looks just fine. I dont approve of real fur but I will not bash her for it.
Go Tara!!!!

jj on

Gee, nothing says sexy and casual like having the carcass of a dead animal draped across you! NOT! I understand she’s renting one of Xtina’s old looks, but she’s not working it very well. And who beat her face with an Oompa Loompa face kit????

sam on


dany on

I think she looks great even though she is a little too dressed up. Everything looks really cute.

SpanishFly on

She looks cute. There is never anything wrong with matching. This is an OK look for “dress-down”…she does not have to do the “grunge dress-down”. You go Tara (though I would brush out the curls)!

Jen L. on

Oh Tara…poor Tara. Go away already. Your time in the Hollywood lights is so LONG over. Really girl…no one wants to see you anymore.

Charla Dickenson on

Thanks so much Genie,

Just so you know, in case you didn’t, this exact
issue of “eating meat/ wearing fur” is being
debated again here on off the rack on the blog for
Natasha Richardson’s Dress Deja Vu
(It has a picture of her in a black dress with fur at the bottom, which of course flared up the big debate).

Thank you for your kind wishes Genie. The world really needs a person like you who is so kind and encouraging of others and who stands up for what they believe. Your comments really meant a lot to me.

Take Care

roahel on

from the neck down it looks fine.

lisa on

Love her….saw her in the VIDA Tequila luxury lounge at Sundance….she looks the best ever. What a come back

Christina O on

what’s wrong with what she’s wearing?she looks ok too me

enigma on

To Genie,

Thank you for your support as well, you ROCK ON too!
I agree with Charla, the world does need more people like you, who are kind, understanding, respectful, and compassionate towards others and animals too!
I was in the studio all weekend, excuse me for not responding earlier to your comment. Plus, you’re lucky to live in Hawaii!!!! Enjoy the big waves!!!

You seem to be a very nice person, I wish you the best!

Take Care and Cheers!

Kiki on

If Christina Aguilera wore this, all anyone would be saying is how great she looked in it. But since it’s Tara Reid, it’s suddenly “over the top.” I think she needs to ditch the fur but other than that, she looks cute, comfy, and stylish.

Tayme on

I actually like Tara’s look at the Sundance. Not over the top at all. I think I would ditch the hair, and gone with a different style. I like the coat, but maybe too much. I do however like the boots, pants and hat. One day Tara is being bashed for being too skanky looking, than she’s too drunk, her boob pops out, and now her fashion is too much for Sundance. Who cares. She’s cleaned up her act, looks healthier and isn’t showing boobs. I call her clean up act more classier than in recent years. She’s beautiful.

tm on

I think she looks great, much better than most celebs who often look like they found their outfits at the Salvation Army. Even the fur looks great. Anti-fur nuts need to get over it; animals are going to die anyway, whether or not they’re turned into fur coats. Life in the wild isn’t like a Disney movie. Go Tara! Don’t listen to idiotic naysayers.

Jacklyn J. on

She looks great!

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