Would You Wear Emmy Rossum's Crystal-Studded Makeup?

01/22/2007 at 05:00 PM ET

Emmy Rossum is usually the picture of polished, slightly conservative good taste, so we had to look twice to make sure this was her. Emmy attended a Swarovski event at the Metropolitan Opera House in a suitably elegant Georges Chakra dress and Rickard Shah pumps, but her crystal-studded smoky eyes are what really got our attention. We’re all for a little glitter, but four different colors of Swarovski crystals glued to her eyes reminds us a little too much of 80’s club kids or drag queens to be worn out in real life. And how exactly do you remove those sparkles when you get home at night? Tell us: What do you think of Emmy’s makeup? Would you wear this look?


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Tabitha on

Given the event she was at (Swarovski event at the Metropolitan Opera House) I don’t see a problem with it she is young and can have fun with things!

Kim on

She’s generally very pretty, but this look is kind of scary…

karen on

i like the look as its very adventrous and certain the attention on her beautiful brown eyes.

kristina on

She looks like a 3 year old who got into mommy’s make up bag! Not attractive at all for such a naturally pretty girl!

Bethany on

I think she looks a little cirque de soleil-ish. it’s a good look for a costume party though. &hearts

Patricia on

Hmm…The crystals are too big, the mascara looks clumpy, the eyeliner looks like a child drew it on (over & over again); and to top it off, it looks like she was crying.

It would have look much better to use small crystals and only on the top lashes.

debra on

hmm…. she kind of looks like she went through a car windscreen and still has the safety glass stuck on her face!

Jackson on

It looks cute on her but it would drive me crazy – so no, that’s not a look I’d go for!

Ainsley on

I think it is appropriate since she was at a Swarovski event

jonezy on

This looks rediculous!! Her makeup looks so thick that you could take a butter knife and scrape the 2″ thick foundation right off her face.

Tamar on

Holy moley! What did the girl do to herself? I saw this picture from a full body view, not a close up and though it looked fine. But this picture is just dreadful…for anyone!

Michele on

Seriously? NO

Charla Dickenson on

She’s a very pretty girl. The look reminds me of a ballerina up close after a performance of the Nutcracker. It looks whimsicle and sugar plum fairy-like. If she toned it down quite then it could have looked quite lovely. Glitter can be fun and pretty, but it’s a less is more kind of thing!

leonora on

make ups applied badly but with the right makeup application this could of looked amazing.
maybe next time she should hire a better make up artist

Lila on

Yikes! Now THAT is the definition of raccoon eyes and what happens when you overdose on makeup.

Meg on

Ahhh, she looks about 30 years older. Why not just accessorize with some beautiful jewelry or something in her hair (a la Hilary Swank)? She’s looking a little drag queen-y here.

Kristin on

Only if I were a caberet performer…

j on

umm…no. maybe the concept was a good one, but she went too over the top w/it. i’m sure this didn’t look good close up or far away. maybe if she was on stage or going to a costume party–not a gala at an opera house–swarovski sponsored or not!

Alice on

Its probably one of those things that looks better far away. But of course, People has to find the worse looking picture for everyone to tear apart.

C on

Looks very uncomfortable. I guess the look was suitable for the event, but looks a little like she belongs in the Ice Capades.

yen on


Felicitas on

No, it looks ridiculous!!! Well maybe if I was an extra on Star Trek.

Rebecca on

That’s a little too over-the-top for me, so not something I would wear. I think it would have looked better if they had stopped halfway through the make-up application.

Ryan S LaCorte on

OMG! that is a lot of eye makeup! i think it is funny when you see the girls that look like they use a whole pencil every morning when they put on their eyeliner!

Lauren on

She looks stupid and the make-up takes away from a naturally beautiful face.

Katy on

I think it looks like she has something in her eyes. It is cute, but it doesnt look very appealing.

Elda on

Not sure what to think of it? I think she would look prettier without the studs.

Jessica on

I think she is gorgeous! But with the jewls its a little too much, but shes young, smart, and knows that she doesn’t have to act like Britney Spears and Paris Hilton to be noticed! I think the jewls bring out her eyes and maybe in the dark, or far away the look great but i wouldn’t wear something like that, but come on its Emmy Rossum! She can do whatever she likes!

Chrissy on

It looks absolutely ridiculous! I think this look is more appropriate for a pole dancer – it’s certainly not for a fancy, black tie occasion! Ugh!

Valley Girl on

The eyes are bad enough and then the face make-up on top of that…UGH…..Kevyn Aucoin is rolling in his grave!!!!

Liz on

ew. it maks her look old. too much

Valley Girl on

Kevyn Aucoin is rolling in his grave!!!!!!!

Donia on

It looks like she was attacked by a disco ball!

Candi on

Hell no! I hope she didn’t hire someone to do that…

sarah on

For the event, I think that because of her age, she was able to pull off the look. I would never wear that, and I don’t think that she needed to—she looks so great usually!

Angelica Whitefeather on

Hell, No! I wouldn’t wear that look. I hope that Emmy got paid WELL for that gig.

BC on

I would wear this look only for like new years eve or something

lb on

She was @ the Swarovski event at the Metropolitan Opera House. HELLLLOOOOOO?????????? she was just playing up the theme. I think she was just having fun!

Em on

I think she always looks pretty but the eyelashes might have been a little over the top

Annie on

That looks like so much eye boogers. YUCK!!!!

Caitii on

Personally,Im 17 so I would,if it was something at night and really fun..Im kind of odd like that..I dont think it would look good on everyone or everywhere but I quite like it and Emmy can do no wrong in my book!

savannah on

ha no! thats way too much, she needs to take it down a bit!

mel on

I think this look would work better for a circus performer…Less is more.

jennifer on

This is way over the top.

yuki on

I think she looks very cute! Very Original.

Cherie on

To aske the general public whether or not they would wear make-up like Emily’s is absurd. It is obvious that nor would she normally. She did however get made up for a Swarovski event! And sure it looks silly and over-done in a camera close up….BUT THE MAKE-UP AND JEWLED EYES WERE DESIGNED TO STAND OUT ON A STAGE! It is the Metro Op for cryin’ out loud! The make-up is a flight of fantasy! No, I would not wear make-up like this unless it was for a very specific theme-type event. Emily had such an event to attend, and she looked the part. As always, she is lovely.

Lauren on

EWWWW sickness. I hate it. but usually I like her & her movies/style. this is just grossssss.

Suzanne on

it looks like what happened to cameron diaz’s hair in what about mary – excpet it got into her eyes like glue. you know what i mean.

Suzanne on

it looks like what got into cameron diaz’s hair in what about mary – except it got into her eyes like glue. you know what i mean.

RU on

i think its a little to much

Suzi on

Good grief! Absolutely not! She looks atrocious!

Liesl on

I really think that given the event it worked really well. Emmy’s a fashion icon and she knows what works for her and what doesn’t, that’s why she always looks good!

Elizabeth on

She looks like the spawn of Tammy Faye Baker.

Sami on

I think that it looks pretty cool from up close, but when I saw it in the tiny picture, it looked like she smeared her mascara. However, I think that something similar, but downscaled a little would be hot.

karen on

sometimes, less is more

paula on

sorry, i don’t like the look, maybe it’s the eye shadow color?

Tina on

She is a very pretty girl why do that to herself

geane on

Aww i think its cute and also a good idea if you are going to an even like swarovski. Nice try emmy!!!

veronica on

I think she looks like a fish.

Steff on


Angie on

I agree with Cherie she normally would not wear that kind of make-up but for the event it was perfect. She’s a very classy and tastful star we should support her, she’s beutiful

Anne on

It looks heavy and appears to make her eyes seem droopy.

kelee on

I don’t think that I would wear it because it is way to much and if I did wear I would have to wear something really simple.

Jessica on

I think she looks terrific! I mean yes it is a bit over exaggerated but she looks very femme fatale in this and like she is having a ton of fun! Let her live a little bit at 19.

Heather on

I think she looks like a fool. It is not complementing to her face or herself in general. It bothers me.

Loca on

Oh my gosh. What the…. I’m speechless all i could say is it is way too…. how do i put this it looks like you’re going to be ready for Halloween soon. Now all she needs is a tutu and shes a ballet dancer for Halloween.

Lori on

Her makeup looks messy and overdone!

Jessica on

It kind of gives her a scary look, It makes her eyes look to big!

breeanna on

it’s different…neat…thoughtful…FREEEEEAAAKKKKYY!!

Mona on

I don’t think its that bad, I personally wouldn’t go with that look but i think she looks kinda romantic and mysterious. Like when women used to hold up a mask to their face that just covered their eyes, it looks kina like that.

maria on

i think its great…
but no,i wouldnt use it for :)

Me on

Its an ok look for the event. Clearly it wouldn’t be appropriate to wear to dinner but It was a Swarovski event, why not?

R G on

My eye!! Ow, my eye!!

Just blow me kisses lady, don’t get to close.

just kidding, and yes she’s attractive but she doesn’t need the boulders on her eyelashes to distract from her pretty face.

San Jose, Ca

LC on

ok…lets get it straight…she looks like a…should i say…CLOWN????

airene on

it looks disturbing!emmy got doll’s eyes so she doesnt need these blings:p

ashley on

Her eyes are awesome, especially for the event. I think the only reason she looks a little scary is because she doesn’t have enough color on her face. A little bronzer on the cheeks and the outlining of the face would be perfect! Great idea though!!!

Carol O.C. on

OMG Emmy that is totally not your style. That is a really cheap look. It reminds me of what Britney Spears would do!

Nicole on

I personally wouldn’t , but if she has the confidence to wear her make-up like that, then good for her.
Her eyes look stunning!

Alexis on

This Is Bull Crap I cant believe she wore it!

caty on

a little bit too much… she always looks good, but this is not her at all. i hate it! she looks like an alien!

Liz on

I absolutely love this look on her. She gets to showcase a much more dramatic side but at the same time look girly and pretty with it. I would totally do it.

Lexie on

It’s a cool idea.. her eyes look pretty, but she’s wearing too much makeup on the rest of her face. Her cheeks and forehead look cakey.

Lara on

Seems to fit the event she attended perfectly.

cindy on

she is a realy pretty girl but that look dosin’t go with he it looks scary is not attractive is rediculous.!!!

cindy on

she is a realy pretty girl but that look dosin’t go with he it looks scary is not attractive is rediculous.!!!

Sarah on

I like it for the event. It’s kind of fun. I’m sure she wasn’t super serious about it, I bet it was just something she thought would be a fun look for the event. It’s nice to see her do something fun. She’s beautiful, but sometimes seems a little boring.

Elisabeth on

Freddy Croger looks more atractive.Her make up is very tacky.

b on

i don’t see why everybody has to pick the bad stuff out… she can do whatever she wants… why not focus on more important, personal situations rather than debating about whether or not her makeup is too thick? there are way more important issues in the world than this.

Synthia on

Freddy Kruger??? Didn’t he have a melted face. I totally disagree. Your way off base.

Tamara Jade on

The first time ever she takes a fashion risk and she flops horribly. I don’t know what’s worse: her standard boring red carpet choices or this hideously over-the-top and unflattering makeup.

yomama on

normally she is sooo pretty, but her eyeliner is overdone and the mascara is too clumpy. If she toned it down a little, it would have been great.

Julie on

All of her other make up looks great, including her lip gloss. She is one of my favorite actresses, but this look does not suit her.

Miss D on

Calling all Queens (of the Drag nature of course)!!!

stacy on

uhmm well i would wear this style to like a party or halloween party something fun like that but not to school or work but i think it pretty!:]

Kristy on

She’s such a beautiful girl and having fun with your make up…I’m all for that!! But if she just toned down the eyeliner and mascara the crystals would’ve have stood out more and it would’ve looked so sheek and cute! She’s got the idea though.

Tayme on

I agree with Kristin, too much Caberet. I think if she toned it down just a little with the crystals, it would look decent. I agree though, it was a Swarovski event, so it was appropriate.

mere on

Woah! ok i luv emmy rossum but da sparkles hav got 2 go!

Gisele on

Where do I get her makeup. It’s fabulous! So she stepped out of the box a little. So what! The same old thing is boring. She looks great! I personally love it!


Ed on

Emmy looks beautiful, no matter what!

Meredith on

Albeit it was at a Swarovski event, whomever did her make-up could have done a better job. I would expect that kind of eye from someone like me who has no experience and just likes playing around, not from a celeb.

Caroline on

omg! she looks like she’s been in a freezer and icicles grew on her eyelashes!

kathleen on

There is absolutly nothing wrong with this she was at an event for Swarovski. A BRAND NAME FOR CRYSTALS. Thats why she wore them. It’s not like she looked like that going to the park. Anyone who criticizes her is completely wrong and is pathetic for insulting something they know nothing about.

kathleen on

She was at a Swarovski event. Thats a brand name for crystals. Thats why she wore them. you guys have to stop insulting her. She wore them for a reason. She is beautiful in anything she wears anyway.

rachel on

it doesn’t look bad, she’s so gorgeous she could pull anything off. but she should deffinatly stick to the more natural look.

Lexi on

I think its pretty and creative. And appropriate for the event. Plus as a 21 year old it is something someone my age and her age are allowed to do every now and then. =)

kandi on

I think this look would’ve looked really neat if the foundation/powder she had on looked more natural. The eyes though, looked really pretty.

rosie on

i think its kind of scary on her, i wouldn’t ever wear something like that. but she is just so gorgeous that i dont think i care what kind of makeup she wears, i still love her!

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