Tell Us: What Do You Think of the Golden Globes Red Carpet?

01/15/2007 at 07:39 PM ET

They say that the Golden Globes is the party of the year, and with the glittering array of stars on the red carpet, how could it not be? From Penelope’s gorgeous black Chanel couture to Sienna’s gold-flecked Marchesa to Angelina’s draped charcoal gown, we are dazzled by all the beautiful gowns we’re seeing. And of course, we’re dying to see who just got it wrong. Tell us: What do you think of the Golden Globes red carpet? Whose dress do you love — or hate?

Click here to see all the Best & Worst Fashion of the night, and for more of the latest news and gossip on the Globes, check out our Red Carpet Confidential blog.

Photo: Mario Anzuoni /Reuters/Landov

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jillian on

Cameron Diaz did not look good. Her dress was sort of goofy.

Katherine Heigl looked amazing, as did Eva Longoria. (Eva always does the red carpet right, tho.)

lovely brunette on

well,it’s way more exciting than the OSCARS!! that’s for sure

kat on

very nice

gwendolyn mathis on

the dress was very nice and black was stylish and look very nice the layers.

Shasha on

I absoulutly loveddd Penelope Cruz and America Ferarra looked amazing.Unrealatedly Hugh Laurie’s acce[tence speech was pure awesome

Leah on

I thought Brad and Angelina looked really nice … EXCEPT for the tattoo on her arm. It made her look like a truck driver or prison guard.

Is there really nothing Anelina can do about that hideous tatoo when she is wearing something glamourous?

Leah on

I like Penelope’s dress but the hair looks more fitting for someone in their 60’s.

I loved Brad and Angelina’s clothing choices. Her dress is beautiful. I HATE her tatoo. It marred an otherwise beautiful ensemble. Is there nothing she can do about that stupid tatoo … especially when she is wearing something glamourous?

Robin on

I thought Angelina looked classy,except for the tatoos, i know they have meaning to her but all tatoos look cheap.Jennier Lopez always looks classy and I liked Cameron Diaz dress and her dark hair. The worst was Beyonce she looked cheap like she was going to some porn awards show,and Nicollete Sheridan’s dress was really BAD!

Kate on

I thought Jennifer Lopez and Sienna Miller stole the show.

Trinity on

I think that Jessica Biel had a great dress, however, the arched back, butt thing is terrible. Angie and Brad were lovely as was Jennifer Lopez, Drew and Kate. I really did not like Eva, or Penelope’s dresses. Whats with all the ruffles and bows(Hillary?)… Hidious! Just hidious…

Bob on

I thought Beyonce looked great although People Mag didn’t. Unlike People I also thought that Ugly Betty Actress looked ugly. Among the other worst People Mag should have included Cate Blanchett, I mean she had a frickin train. She looked like she dyed a brides maids dress black.

Trinity on

Oh and I forgot Beyonce… she was the absolute worst! Gold dress and over exposed and way too tight!

Lizzi on

I thought Jennifer Lopez looked the best…that Marchesa was just downright beautiful on her and her hair looked very nice too.

Annastasia on

Drew Barrymore was simply stunning.

The cast of Heroes looked fantastic.

Kira Sedgwick-Bacon was gorgeous!

Penelope Cruz looked phenom! Eat your heart out Matthew Mc.

Brad Pitt and Angelina looked fake, as always, why didn’t he show off his matching tattoo…isn’t that next on his agenda?

Vanessa Williams…what is up with the hair?

So Fresh on

I loved Angelina. JLO looked good.

Didn’t like Sienna, a big WTF to beyonce.

Yily on

I thought Sienna Miller look very beautiful. Her dress was gorgeous! I love the print on her dress; very edgy and modern at the same time. The train really complete the dress. One thing I didn’t like was Sienna’s hairstyle. She should have just put her hair down like she normally would. It would’ve flatter her face more.

Nikki on

Cameron D and Beyonce were the worst. Beyonce looked like a hooker and I Don’t know what to say about Cameron.

mariska on

I didn’t like this dress. The skirt is interesting but with that top, the belt and the hair-do, it makes it look like taken out of a western movie.

Also didn’t like Eva’s or America’s outfits. On the other hand, I liked Cameron’s and Jennifer Lopez looked amazing, the best. Too bad about the wax face.

Veronica on

The Golden Globes are supposed to be the “fun” awards show, so I have to say that Beyonce was dressed appropriately; she looked gorgeous (and let’s be honest, she has never been understated in the least). JLO was as GLAM as ever but I absolutely loved Drew Barrymore’s look. Didn’t Michelle Williams do Penelope Cruz at the Oscars last year? Layers are done for me…(please take note, Cameron Diaz!).

Caty on

penelope cruz is by far my favorite… she has a great body and she picked the perfect dress to highlight her wonderful figure. the ruffles looked great, very feminine… pure royalty.

mymyselfI on

When Jennifer Lopez is the best dressed of the night, you know the dresses were boring!
Beyonce and Cameron Diaz were the biggest disappointments of the night. Angelina Jolie’s dress was boring.
The designers need to step up and end this “goddess” dress trend, it’s driving me nuts, and its been happening since Nicole Kidman wore hers at the Oscars for “the hours”. Move on! Come up with another trend!

Becky on

Helen Mirren is absolutely beautiful woman. she looked amazing in her dress. it was just enough cleavage for some mystery and for an older woman Yowzah!!!
I thought Felicit Huffman’s dress was beautiful too, the color was amazing

Charla Dickenson on

Wow the golden globes were a major fashion disappointment. I’d Like to have BLACK OUTLAWED FOREVER. No matter how eloborate your dress is black is plain boring and it does nothing for your complextion. Lets face it these people are really not getting any younger and I think they need SOME COLOUR to liven them up. I hope Angie’s internet army won’t come after me but GREY is not a flattering colour when you are clearly a sleep deprived mother of three. She and Brad both look logically very tired. Angie’s dress being grey looked very odd with gold jewellery, silver would have been much better and not so ridiculously expensive. Most of all her dress would have been much more flattering in the following colours PURPLE, FOREST GREEN, OR TEAL these colours would have complemented the reddish hue in her new hair colour and livened her up some. And yeah the tatoos are distatesful. Cameron Diaz needs to get the memo; you’re tall. She needs elegant gowns for the statuesque, not the kinds of cutsy gowns that would work more for Eva, Peneloppe or Salma. Jennifer Garner and Jessica Biel really should opt to work our less. They are clearly healthy, but being healthy does not require tons of muscle. It’s simply hard to look feminine and appropriate in a gown when you are very muscular, it just doesn’t work. Their dresses would have looked better on Charlize Therron for example. I also found most people’s hair looked really strung out. Definitely not glamorous. J.Lo I have seen this outfit and hair style a few too many times on her. Sienna Miller looked like she was on a camping trip from the neck up and the dress was unflattering on her boyish figure, her dress would have suited Halle Berry. Speaking of, a few years ago Halle would came to awards shows and knock fashion out of the park, now everyone just looks mediocre. Ladies MAXIMIZE the bust do not be a fraid of a little push up or padding (ex; Kate Winslet, Ali Larter, Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore and practically everyone) All shapes and sizes are fine and great but FlATTER YOUR FIGURE, PICK A DAMN COLOUR and MAKE AN EXTRA SPECIAL EFFORT WITH YOUR HAIR AND MAKEUP (or ask your stylist to)! NOAMI WATTS; nicely done!

Charla Dickenson on

Reese Witherspoon has lost a lot of weight, she looked pretty but the dress was more MYV then golden globes. Yellow is a lovely colour, if it were a long gown with a pretty updo it would have really worked!

Alice on

Beyonce looked ridiculous. Brad and Angelina were a yawn. Could she have picked a more boring dress. J Lo looked beautiful as did, Drew Barrymore and Reece Witherspoon. I though Sarah Jessica Parker looked adorable, like a throw back to the Carrie Bradshaw days. Jen and Ben were looked good. And Patrick Dempsey was hot.

Lisa on

I thought Jennifer Love Hewitt and Beyonce looked beautiful in their gowns! Worst Dressed?? I don’t agree!

Wendy on

Not the most impressive red carpet ever, but there were some definite stand outs, some good some bad. I would have to add Cameron Diaz to the “what was she REALLY thinking” list and I would add Penelope Cruz to the best of the best for sure, but then again you can never go wrong with Chanel.

Shannon on

I’m personally tired of J.Lo’s one-shouldered Grecian “goddess” gowns. She needs to mix it up a little. Honest. Jennifer Garner’s dress was a cute colour but not figure-flattering.

Frab on

Wow Charla- black is not boring. You might not like it but when done right it’s very fashionable. Talk about being critical. But it is your opinion. Also, I agree about Angelina’s tattoo, it did ruin the overall effect of the dress. However to whoever said all tattoos look cheap- I think that’s an extremely offensive thing to say. If you see someone with a tattoo do you automatically think “wow how cheap do they look”? That’s pretty stereotypical. I personally don’t like tattoos but I have no problem with those who want to have them. To each her own.

katie on

I thought Nicolette’s gown was WAYYYY more flattering and interesting that Drew’s wrapped bath towel- when will they get rid of that horrible grecian-bathing style? Beyonce grabbed the flash&trash award- her own line maybe? Gag! And grey on Angelina was almost as bad as her Morticia look of a few years ago… Tim Gunn recently claimed she makes no fashion mistakes~ lol. I think Gunn majorly mis-fired that critique! And who does she think she’s kidding, that she and Brad weren’t together during their first film?! She stole BillyBob from his fiance while they were still living together… she has done it before and she did it to Jennifer. I think Brad married her for the insta-family, but she really seems incapable of holding her own child as precious as her bought ones. Maybe if she would figure in the cost of a broken marriage as payment for Shiloh.. maybe then she’d see how much personality a newborn has. I think she’s seriously lacking in feeling, except when it benefits the Angelina Jolie Show.

Heather S. on

Angelina looked incredible!
Jessica Biel’s dress was understated, but with that body she could work a paper bag.
JLo’s dress looked like a fancier version of what she wore to TomKat’s rehearsal dinner, which was probably the most fabulous dress of all time!

Meanwhile, most of People’s “bests” could have benefitted from a few fittings–I looked at a lot of dresses and just wasn’t happy with what they did to their wearers. A beautiful dress just isn’t as beautiful when it’s wearing a star instead of vice versa.

Beyonce’s dress was a God-awful tragedy. Sad, she usually does quite well with dressing her body!

KT fr Cda on

I was really disappointed with most of the outfits and the hair do’s. I liked Reese’s and Sherl Crow’s hair. But when Reese went on stage to present an award, she should of brushed it quickly b/c her bangs where falling out of place. Overall, I think they all could of done better. I did like Helen Mirren’s dress a little and I thought her neckless was pretty.

cindi on

i loved jennifer lopez, drew barrymore, eva longoria and felicity huffman. angelina jolie was very pretty too, minus the tattoos.
hated cameron diaz and beyonce’s dresses and vanessa williams and sienna millers hair.

Kristin on

I didn’t bother watching.

ashley on

Eva’s dress was horrible. The dress was horrible by itself then adding it to her. It clinged to the wrong parts and it made her figure look boyish. It didn’t flatter her by any means but everyone is so in love with her right now so she can’t seem to go wrong. She looked bad and I don’t see what the fuss is about her. She isn’t that beautiful. There were far more people that should be best dressed that actually looked beautiful.

Elda on

No doubt about it Penelope looks like a Latin Godess!!! She’s beautiful and she has one of the most sexiest neck line period!!!

BC on

Angelina jolie looked beautiful….however i watched the damned thing from the start but never saw them walk the red carpet just sitting at a table …brad looked horrible

M on

I enjoyed the red carpet last night. Sensible, elegant, and fun. These women were comfortable in their skin and enjoying the evening.

America Ferrera’s acceptance speech was so gracious, as was Jennifer Hudson’s. Congrats to all of the winners!

Adrian on

I thought everyone looked amazing…however, I cringed when I saw Brad and Angelina walking the red carpet. I am glad he didn’t win the acting award..I was rooting for Leo!!

distar on

Reese Witherspoon- loved the yellow, and the new haircut makes her look less saccharine sweet. Though she looks too skinny.
America Ferrara- she looked great in the purple. And her genuine acceptance speech was refreshing in a night when everyone seemed jaded

JLO, Nicolette Sheridan, Drew Barrymore (unmatched skin?), and that girl from Gray’s Anatomy with the hideous dress/hair updo.

Helen on

Penélope looks lovely

Rebecca on

I loved J Lo’s dress and Salma’s the best- I know it’s a common look for J Lo, but it works for her. Other favorites: Kate Winslet, Drew (minus the streaky fake tan), and Jennifer Hudson, although she would have looked nicer in a brighter color. I did not like the dresses chosen by Cameron, Beyonce (so tacky!), and Jennifer Love Hewitt. The rest were okay…. Angelina’s dress was incredibly boring and made worse by the gold necklace and tattoos.

Liz on

Besides Drew Barrymore who always looks beautiful – I think Helen Mirren looked elegant and stunning, especially for a 61 year old woman.

BC on

SOMEONE please tell me when they walked down the red carpet how could I have missed that? was it on before the show or what?

rocketinu on

Hated the color of Angelina’s dress. Still channeling her inner goth and the tatoos down her arm and back didn’t help.

Drew Barrymore was the surprise of the night. She just looked beautiful. America Ferrare was lovely too. I’m not a big yellow fan, but Reese Withespoon looked great, except someone needs to tell her how to stand when she’s presenting – lol.

KeishaMonique on

I thought everyone looked beautiful!! If everyone dressed safe it would have been boring!!! My favorite dress was Salma Hayek’s. She’s beautiful!! And I disagree with what everyone’s saying about Angelina’s tattoos. They represent a sense of self, character and uniqueness, and by the way she is one of the sexiest women on the planet so she can do whatever she wants because believe me not everyone can pull it off!! Be inspired people! Be different!!!

Rebecca on

I also thought Rachel Weisz, Sheryl Crow, and Keisha Whittaker looked gorgeous! Sienna’s dress was beautiful, but she should have left the braid at home. America chose a perfect color- the cut of her dress was just okay. Ali Larter had a pretty dress but there was not enough fabric in the front- wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen!

KJ on

I think Drew Barrymore looked gorgeous. Her dress was the perfect color and fit for her. I’ve never seen her look so beautiful. Cameron’s dress was awful. I know she has better taste than that. Brad and Angelina looked wonderful. I loved the color and style of her dress.

RM on

I thought Reese Witherspoon looked great too — glam but still young and modern, without being overdone. Peneope Cruz looked great and Jessica Beil — beautiful but not overdone. I liked Helen Mirren’s dress too, tastefully sexy, age-appropriate and not too stiff.

I agree that grey does nothing for Angelina Jolie, and she really needs to gain some weight! She looked stiff and pale, like a statue. JLo’s grecian goddess thing IS a little tired, plus I thought her stiff hair and makeup made her look like a waxwork out of Madame Toussaud’s.

j on

i LOVED jlo’s dress. helen mirren was beatiful, liked drew’s dress, loved that reese went w/bright yellow rather than something dark or neutral like she normally would…seinna’s dress was as gross as her hair. angelina missed the mark on her attire AND makeup…i really didn’t care to see those two as much as the camera panned to them. i agree w/the comments about the tatoos as well. obviously it’s a personal choice–whether there is meaning behind them or not, she has defaced her body w/all those ugly marks and it DOES deter from anything else she may have going on.
i loved how beyonce was snubbed. her pose on the red carpet?!?! GET OVER YOURSELF (and your nasty bfriend) already. jennifer hudson and penelope looked great.

Heather S. on

It pains me to bring this up because I live for Grey’s Anatomy and have an enormous soft spot for “dark and twisty” Meredith, but never have I seen a star get BOTH hair and dress as wrong as Ellen Pompeo did last night. The rest of the cast should have locked her in a closet before the show started!

Tiffani on

Emily Blunt’s dress was beautiful. I echo alot of other people’s comments about Drew Barrymore’s dress and JLO’s dress. Very nice!

dalia on

personally i think Beyonce is one of the most beutiful women there, and that was such a dissapointment to see her beutifull body in that..yes, cheap dress..Jessica Biel- when you have such a perfect body dress doesnt matter..J Lo looked very elegant, Penelope- spanish diva, very feminine and stylish..Angelina- I dont care how she dresses, shes amazing woman and i would like her even with the most ridiculous dress

Candi on

Penelope looked amazing, Jennifer Lopez (as always), Eva, Katherine, Sienna’s gown was beautiful, but the poor girls hair looked horrid! Beyonce was way over done. She could have eased up a bit on the baby oil on her chest, that looked aweful and what is up with her DIVA photo’s. My goodness, that girls head has gotten a little bit too big for her body. Cameron, that girl is obviously not thinking clearly since her breakup with Justing. That dress was horrible, her hair always looks like she is about to go surfing and she is always decked out with too much bling. She must be trying to prove a point to Justin that she doens’t need him to buy diamonds for her, she can do it herself!lol

Gg on

The most beautiful were obviously Angelina, Jennfier Lopez, Katherine Heigl, Eva, Penelope, Selma Hayek, Reese. The worse was Beyonce, Sienna (only the hair), and Cameron.

Hey was is just me or did it look like lil miss Angelina was trying ever so hardly to cover up her stomach??? Is a baby a brewing in there???

Meg on

I thought that the dresses were a little boring overall compared to last year, but there were a few stunners and more than a few disasters that kept things interesting. My favorites were Angelina, Ali Larter, Sheryl Crow, Penelope Cruz and Helen Mirren. My least favorites were Beyonce, Nicolette Sheridan, Cameron Diaz, Becki Newton and (gasp!) Kate Winslet. Honestly, who does Beyonce think she is?

I wrote a long blog post analyzing the best and worst dressed of the night and you can check it out here:

Don’t you love awards season?

Beautiful. on


Beauty!! on


Chrissy on

Leah, did you ever think that perhaps Angelina likes her tattoos? It’s people like you that try to bring people down when they don’t fit the “norm.” People can be beautiful and glamorous with or without tattoos.

As for the red carpet fashion, I loved Angelina’s dress but it would have been even more fabulous if if was in another color. I don’t like the Hefty garbage bag hue. Beyonce looked like a stripper. What was she thinking? Something a bit more tasteful would have been appropriate. Cameron’s dress was awful, too. Eva looked fabulous, but I didn’t like the detailing on her dress. The color was beautiful though!

Rocketinu on

I doubt if Angelina is pregnant again. She said in her interview in England that she had never planned to HAVE a baby, that she was “knocked up”.

carolina-girl on

My personal favorite would have to be Sheryl Crowe. The color was stunning on her. The dress was flowy and her hair was perfectly styled to match her makeup.





R.R on




Sarah on

Who made Reese Witherspoon’s sweet red shoes? Anyone?

AshleyL on

Ewe how come most of you liked Angelina’s dress?!? I thought it was sooo boring and drab and hated her choice of jewelary with it too! It looked like it was made out of sweat pants, she should have gone for something more glamarous!

I loooved Jessica Beils dress she always looks gorgeous though!

victoria on

Beyonce and Eva Longoria where the best (Beyonce shines no matter what she wears but i liked her dress )J.Lo was BORING so did Angie

Courtney on

Although i love Cameron Diaz, she is worst dressed.

Claudia on

Penelope Cruz was a huge HIT!!!!
Loved Jessica Biel
Hated Cameron Diaz

Maryam on

Reese Witherspoon looked stunning.. Especially the hair! That was some nice hair..

Angelina Jolie and Brad looked amazing. I’m very biased towards them though.. They are lovely people inside and out, no matter what they wear.

Jennifer Lopez looked beautiful.
Drew Barrymore’s dress was absolutely stunning.

I think everyone looked very pretty.
But the dresses were not as elaborate as they could have been.

Leilani on

I only loved Ali Larter’s and Felicity Huffman’s dresses. Penelope’s was pretty too but I didn’t like the black. I was generally disappointed in this year’s dresses. Everything was either boring ( H. Swank, America F., A. Jolie) or tacky (Cameron, Beyonce, Nicolette). Here’s to hope for the Oscars…

bebe on

I cannot believe Kate Winslet got on best dressed lists with that bland white piece that hung off her figure shapelessly, not to mention the too-bold lipstick, made even worse by the white dress that did nothing for her complexion.



Sheila Marie D. Titong on

I LOVE ANGELINA & BRAD. They look perfect together. I’m looking forward for more awards shows: red carpets, in the hope that I’ll be seeing this two most beautiful people in the world together again. Not only in the outside but also in the inside. I love you Brad & Angelina. Good Luck and More Power.

I think Cameron is pretty but her dress , I just don’t like it. Is that the effect of a break up? LOL. Justin, you look so fine. I don’t know if others would agree, but I like to see you and Britney in the red carpet in the future. REUNITED.

charles on

in my opinion, one of the best-dressed women tonight was sienna miller. her gown was incredible looking. i watch the red carpet on high definition tv and Sienna’s gown really stand up. i love the print and the train was long but not too long. it really compliment her figure.

kathy on

i think salma look hot, angelina head look to big for her body, still prety though, but she doesnt look too happy to be there

andreina on

Hey Penelope, there are OTHER COLORS OTHER THAN black!

Kasey on

I loved Sienna Miller’s Marchesa gown (but not her Heidi hair or aged skin). She had a sort of breezy elegance. Pictures don’t really do that dress justice – I loved how it shimmered when she crossed the stage.

Beyoncé, on the other hand, was the opposite of elegant with too much glitter, skin, cleavage, hair, everything. Her red carpet poses were obnoxious too.

Nat on

I too thought the dresses were quite boring. no real risk takers. I don’t know why everybody seems to hate Cameron’s look, I thought it was quite stylish. I liked Sienna’s dress, SJP always looks sweet, I loved Reese’s hair, most of the others were not really bad (apart from the hidious Beyonce’s gown), but boring, boring, boring. Like Angelina, for example.

Laura on

Angelina stole the show hands down. She looked stunning, classic, and sophistocated. Anyone who insults her does so out of pure jealousy. So she wasn’t interested in Ryan Seacrest’s stupid questions…. Frankly, I don’t blame her. He was typical and redundant in his commentary. She supported Brad and did so with style.

Laura on

A note to LEAH…. You seem to have serious issues with tattoo art. What the hell is your problem? You sound like a pretty ugly & bitter person actually. Tattoos are a time honoured tradition & form of personal expression. All you seem to express are insults. Get a life. You should have one that reads “Loser” tattooed across your forehead. Better yet, try ” Pathetic “.

loc on

Angelina Jolie was stunning in that St. John number. She completely stole the red carpet in that gorgeous gown. Her make-up was flawless, her hair was appropriate, and she has the perfect accessory, Brad Pitt! They are undoubtedly the golden couple this year.

Another actress I thought look stunning was Sienna Miller. Nonetheless, I completely despises the stylist who did her hair. It wasn’t pretty and she look like one of those go-go dancers from “Moulin Rouge.” If Sienna had put her hair down, she would look fantastic. Her dress was beautiful though. Can’t complain about that.

Christine on

I thought Beyonce looked gorgeous in the gold dress – not many people could pull off that look and she did to perfection. J-Lo looked fabulous, (but always does), Drew Barrymore looked sweet, and Eva Longoria looked very pretty…although this year no-one was really outstanding – so cheers to Beyonce for glitzing it up amongst all the black colorless frocks.
I thought Angelina looked drab and pale in grey, and those tattoos didn’t match such a sophisticated dress and hairstyle. Poor Cameron Diaz was definately the worst dressed, she looked far better blond and the dress was unflattering and silly. Poor Cate Blanchette always seems to get it wrong as well, and as for Patrica Arquette – just tragic…

Trish on

I am wondering why there wasn’t more attention given to the beautiful dresses that Sheryl Crow and esepcially Reese Witherspoon. In a sea of black and white dresses, their dresses added depth to the red carpet. It was only today that I actually saw a full shot of Reese’s dress, it’s beautiful…Remember last year when Michelle Wiliams was praised for her yellow dress? Reese’s was 100 times better!

amy on

Reese looked SO stuck up

Elle on

Katherine Heigl,Sandra Oh,Sara Ramirez and Kate Walsh looked amazing. So fun to see them out of the scrubs!

Nicole on

Drew Barrymore looked fantastic….she cleans up so nicely!

meg on

Am I the only one who noticed that Eva Longoria’s dress was the same style as the dress that Felicity Huffman wore to the Emmy’s??? Looked like someone took the white dress and dipped it in ink.

Heather S. on

I saw some new pics today, so I’d like to add that Sheryl Crow looked STUNNING! And Sara Ramirez (from Grey’s… and Spamalot) easily outshone the rest of the cast, the girl is just drop dead gorgeous and looked so glam!

Kelsi on

I thought that Reese Witherspoon looked very good, except the Girl Off of Ugly Betty, Vanessa or whatever.. what was she thinking?! Like did she brush her hair or something!?

Jackie O on

America Ferrera looked fabulous and is a great example to young girls — you don’t have to be rail thin to be pretty and elegant. I absolutely LOVE her.

Was Sienna Miller wearing fake hair in that braid?

Cameron made kind of an off choice, as did Nicolette Sheridan and Beyonce (can we say tacky?). I loved pretty much everything else… white was really the color of the night, though.

J-Lo and Angelina were, obviously, stunning. And I really thought Cate Blanchet pulled off her dress… at least she wasn’t boring. All in all a good night.

mike bucci on

Drew Barrymore……….When she stepped out on stage, it was a refreshing sight to see. So many women wear gowns that are revealing and to be honest trashy looking. Drews gown was THE gown of the night and to be honest, one of the sharpest in quite some time..Way to go Drew!


I just love you america ferrara, I watch every show and movie you put out!! I wish I could possibly meet you in person some day! I believe that would be an honor! your outstanding!!!! from WILLIAM,HALIFAX,NS,CANADA

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