Will Heather Locklear Ever Age?

01/12/2007 at 02:00 PM ET

At 45-years-old, Heather Locklear has the same youthful appearance as she did back in her Dynasty days (although thankfully she has left the shoulder pads behind). Not only has she kept her taste in rock stars, but her long blond hair and lithe figure have remained eerily the same — as has her fashion taste. Don’t get us wrong, Heather looks great for any age, but wouldn’t it be nice to see her ditch the trendy togs for a more sophisticated style? We remember how great she looked in suits as Melrose Place‘s resident toughie Amanda Woodward and would love to see her rock a grown-up look once in a while. Tell us: what do you think of Heather’s ageless looks?

Photo: Jill Johnson/jpistudios

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Dp on

Why would she, look at her she looks great. I don’t think there is anything wrong with her looking trendy. And who says when you get older you gotta start dressing like it! Why not look as young as possible!?!

Rebecca on

I love Heather’s style! She pretty much always looks classy and fashionable. So what if she likes trendy clothes? If wearing things that most 45 year-olds wouldn’t makes her feel young and happy, good for her. She never dresses in tacky clothes and never looks like she’s trying to be a teenager again. If I have a nice figure like she does at 45, I’ll be rocking a similar look.

Jackie on

i’m not a big fan of heather’s…but i think she looks great for her age. she definitely needs to ditch the braids and pigtails, and babytees, but i wouldn’t go as far as her wearing suits. she can class it up a little though.

shopoholic on

i don’t think she will! she is so beautiful!!

Tiffany on

Why would she need to? She looks great as it is and if she can pull it off she should. Why make her start dressing as a grandma when she is 45? Maybe some of the young girls (Britney, Lindsay) should take lessons from Heather on how to dress!

Stephanie on

I think she looks fabulous for her age. And they say, you’re only as old as you feel….

Karen on

I’m 45 years old too…and if I looked like her…I’d dress any *%!# way I pleased!

Michelle on

come on guys! she looks great! sambora was just stupid :)))

Laura on

Ageless look? For crying out loud, she’s 45 not 75! She’s not quite over the hill yet!

Mindy on

She looks great!! I see women in their 30’s wearing stretch polyester pants, etc, and other Granny type clothes.They are the ones who should change.

Eileen on

I think she looks fabulous – like a teenager! I’m only two years older but I’m unfortunately relegated to muumuus and stretch pants. Heather looks chic and comfortable. Good for her!!

Mrs.Alfaro on

She looks hot for her age.

Candace on

Heather has something that most Hollywood women do not have, becuase they can’t buy it off the shelf: class! She also has style and taste, and will always look great because her beauty shines from within. Tommy and Richie are the Big Losers here. Go Heather!!

Lindsay on

I think she is fun and very pretty, I don’t think a more sombre look would suit her personality- she’s yummy mummy/ sexy soccer mom material, not Katherine Hepburn

Melanie on

Heck if ya got it flaunt it!

Candi on

She looks beautiful for her age, but I’m sure her “ageless” beauty was bought too. Not that that is bad, I’m not sure I could think of anyone that wouldn’t take a few years off with a little botox!

stacy on

I think she looks great! If ya got it flaunt it! Don’t change a thing!

allyson on

I think she looks great! If I look like that at her age I will be dressing trendy too. Rock on Heather!

Jenni on

I think Heather stil looks fabulous and I love her style

Jenni on

I think Heather stil looks fabulous and I love her style

Jenni on

I think Heather stil looks fabulous and I love her style

Mars on

Give this dress your age a rest. If you didn’t know her age, this wouldn’t even be a topic for conversation. When is the US going to drop this shallow scrutiny of every component of a woman. Why don’t we go after the men with breast larger than many women who are allowed to walk around bare-chested without being arrested for indecent exposure(sexist America) Heather, wear it as long as you like! I am in the same situation as you. Look a lot younger than the years and am appreciated for it, not condemned by a shallow need to make news out of everything media.

A on

If you’ve got it-flaunt it! She looks great!

Mercy on

I think Heather is very sexy and attractive at her age. I’m not gay, but if I were I would totally be into her.

Carol on

Age is just a number and her style looks great.

Atia on

Heather looks great. The media is always complaining. If Heather wore suits, they would say she should dress more youthful. If she wore a mumu they would say she should dress more slimming..

You can’t win…


She looks great for her age. She’s very sexy. Big blunder for Samora.

Alicia on

She should stay just the way she is! She is amazing.

j on

i think she looks absolutely fantastic in this picture, no question!!!

Kaisa on

She is beautiful!!

Patti on

Heather looks great and she does her way. She has a style that’s all her own and is relaxed and confident in her own skin – Way to go Heather – jeans or suits- 45 or 25 you Rock!

Antonia Pearce on

Why should she wear a suit for a casual afternoon? She’s not the Queen of England. She looks fabulous, not the least bit tacky. I’m 45 too and I see no reason to start dressing like my late grandmother, nor should she.

Jan on

I’ve always thought Heather is a class act – both in the way she looks and the way she carries herself. I do hope one day she will find a man who will treat her like the lady she is.

Patti on

Heather looks great and she does her way. She has a style that’s all her own and is relaxed and confident in her own skin – Way to go Heather – jeans or suits- 45 or 25 you Rock!


Why fix something that isn’t broke, you all talk about how great she looks, then she need to dress more sofisticated? Heather dresses in what she likes and what makes her comfortable and is very stylish, it is not like she is stuck in the 80’s..I am an insurance professional and 46 years old. I look young for my age and I dress young, but that is what I like. So, let the more stuffy personalities dress more stuffy, let us relaxed people be relaxed!!!

Meg on

She’s not friggin ageless, give me a break!!! Do you see how much makeup she wears? You could scrape it off with a putty knife. Come on, look at those eyes, she looks like she should be in her fifties. She is not aging well at all

Alice on

I don’t think she dresses inapporiately for her age.I don’t always like her style, but I don’t think she dresses too young or trashy. Focus your negativity on the stars that really need a new look, aka, britney, mariah, paris, etc.

Billie-Jo Ramirez on

Why does everyone keep saying she looks great “for her age”. She looks great for ANY age. I don’t see anything wrong with the way the woman looks. She’s very classy!

Patti on

Heather looks great and she does her way. She has a style that’s all her own and is relaxed and confident in her own skin – Way to go Heather – jeans or suits- 45 or 25 you Rock!

anna on

yeah, she looks awesome. i’ve never once looked at her and thought, whoa, she should change that look! which is more than i can say for a good many “young startlets”…

Elda on

Whatever she is doing it’s working because she looks great!

Brainiac on

I don’t think she dresses too young, it’s just casual! And it’s not too difficult to retain youth, you just need to eat well and exercise moderately. Besides, she doesn’t look ridiculously young for her age; she looked too old for her age when she was younger!

Dee on

She looks wonderful. I hope I look as good as she does when I am 45.

KJ on

She is so beautiful and it’s not all about age. I’ve always thought that most women get better looking with age. I’m 47 and have never felt better mentally or physically. I love being an “older woman”. I look forward to the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s.

J. on

If I looked that good at 45, I’d wear the same thing. She’s trendy, but not so that it looks fake, she still looks her age. I love her and she’s georeous!

Christi on

She always looks great! 45 or not. She is dressing completely appropriate for how she looks….trendy, fun and by no means tacky or over exposed like Britney! LOVE what she is wearing in this picture! She looks just a great dressed down as well and she is a very sweet/genuine gal.
Go for it Heather!

micke on

heather looks more sophisticated and sexy than most hollywood stars, like a good wine she just gets better and better with age.

Chrissy on

I think she looks great! One can only hope to look that good at 45. The way she dresses is comfortable to her, and it fits her too. She’s single & beautiful as well, so why not. She presents herself as a mother very well; I am sure her daughter is proud of the way her mother looks and dresses. Go Heather!

Raquel on

Heather looks amazing. Now I realize why my cousin has been in love with her since he was like 10 (he’s 32 now).

lynzey on


Rita on

She’s a gorgeous woman, who dresses nicely, without showing off every inch of skin she possibly can. Who cares how old she is? If she can look good, age doesn’t matter. She looks like she is 25, why not dress like it?? Keep up the good work, Heather!!

Mrs.Borrego on

Heather looks really sexy all the time. You go girl!

Susie on

I think she looks terrific. To criticize her look is crazy. She is stylish and can carry it off no matter what her age.

Danielle on

Don’t like her personally, but I wish I was this good looking. But I don’t have her money either. I actually have to work for a living.

Priscilla on

When you have a gorgeous body like Heather and always look so beautiful and polished, I think you should dress as trendy as you want to be. She looks fabulous!

FB on

Heather looks awesome and always will! She carries herself with class ans self respect. Hold your head high Heather, you will always be the “Better Half”.

Jennifer on

Yikes, Anna – do you have some anger issues going on? That was all a little unnecessary!

I think Heather looks great. She’s a class act, through and through.

Marisa on

I think she looks smashing! Good for you Heather! She has classic style, like Jennifer Aniston. If they are dressing themselves kudos! and if a stylist is doing, well he/she will be working for a long time.

Haley on

I don’t think she will ever age the way she’s going! She looks GREAT! Of course we have to question the reason for this…. did she just workout a lot, or has she had a ton of surgeries?

rosie on

well, i think she has the same hairstyle that she had on melrose place. lol

i think heather is a very pretty woman. i think her age is starting to show, if you see her in closeups, but that’s part of life. she has handled the last year with a lot of class. unlike what’s her name, she didn’t take every opportunity to whine about her personal life. i still can’t picture her with david spade. yuck.

Laurie on

Heather has always been a class act and ever so beautiful, and she still is! She is classy, sophisticated, and funny, and just plain adorable. I think she can put on a potato sack and look just absolutely great. She has CLASSIC beauty. GOD gave this incredible lady excellent beauty when she was born and she has grown from a young girl into a fine young lady. I use to watch her on T.J. HOOKER AND DYNASTY. Then i followed her every move, and of course, got hooked on MELROSE PLACE. I love Heather and think she just exudes sex appeal. She is beautiful and sweet and I think Richie Sambora got into the garbage bin when he hooked up with Denise Richards. Denise appears to be in love alright with Richie, but I also feel like she is SOOO
into herself. OK, Heather, in my eyes, is a beautiful angel. May GOD BLESS HER ALWAYS!!!

Angela on

A beautiful, talented women who obviously always knows what she looks great in. If only everyone had that kind of style.

jill on

wow Anna(I mean Denise) seek help…..Now! Heather looks great….

Carolina on

I think Heather is naturally beautiful. She takes great care of her appearance so why shouldn’t she wear trendy clothes and feel youthful.

Jen on

Hate- Hate- Hate the boots on her.

Lisa on

Absolutely fabulous…rock on girl!

mary on

what kind of boots is she wearing- super cute!

Monica Moore on

She looks Awesome!! If it’s not broke don’t fix it!

Nancy on

Everyone thinks she looks so great because everyone has very common tastes. Heather looks common. There is no originality to her style, no personal imprint, she looks like everyone else does who has a body to wear whatever they want.
All of you fawn over her because she is a cartoon cutout of what the average American thinks looks good. Trussed up, tarty, teased hair,overly made up, hoop earrings, high heeled boots. If you all werent so brainwashed by the media into thinking that the closer one looks like a stripper before disrobing the better one looks, than there might be some dissention in these comments.
Regardless of her age, the woman would look a lot better if she ditched the formula outfit/hair and makeup and showed us something that reflected a personal sense of style, which in turn would give us something to remember.

As it stands, she looks like every other middle aged American woman who has taken pains to keep a good body, but ruins the overall effect by adopting the uniform that we see here, and replicated everywhere across the country there are big cities, lots of money, fitness studios/personal trainers, plastic surgeons, and loads of desperation to fit in and adopt the look that is plaguing the country with mediocrity and turning probably really nice women into parodies of themselves.

Missy on

As for Anna, live your own life & deal with your own issues….you obviously have more than enough. Anyway, Heather looks fabulous & I’ve been a fan before Melrose Place! I’m 38 & a size 0, so I know how difficult it is to dress your age. You only have so much to choose from, I just wish I was as beautiful as she is. I think she’s great & has been put through hell by Denise, but she shall overcome, because she is THE bigger person. She will find happiness, no worries. You go Heather, I adore you!

Erin Hartley on

Heather is gorgeous. How does that saying go..”age ain’t nothing but a number”. She definitely inspires a lot of women who are in their mid 40’s …

Wendy on

Heather locklear looks good for her age. But she has aged as we all do. She has always been very pretty and I wish her good luck.

Missy on

Anna, live your own life & deal with your own issues…you obviously have many….
Anyway, I think Heather looks FABULOUS! I’m 38 & a very SEXY size 0, so I know that you only have so much to choose from. I just wish I were as beautiful as Heather. I have been a fan since the “Melrose Place days” and absolutely adore her. I respect her for what Denise has put her through…absolute HELL, but she shall overcome. Heather is the bigger person & she will find happiness. I, too, have been in love with a rock star, so I know she’s a strong woman to deal with that life. I wish her the best & hope she finds true love. You go Heather, I respect your strength. You’re a wonderful person.

jacquie on

She always looks great. I love her style. I’m a big fan of hers. You go girl.



sam on

i agree; anna(whom i really think is denise richards) needs to stop. Cmon, you know heather looks good for her age. Hell, denise is years younger but looks as old as heather(have you seen denise in those close up pics, lol.)Richie Sambora is no more in love with denise richards than a bag of rocks, just passing the time and would take heather back in a milli-second if she would have him.

Darlene on

Why the haters? Heather is one of the classiest women in Hollywood. She is private about her life and I would be too if I were famous.I don’t know if she is a good person or not but she seems to be. For anyone one to post commments about somebody’s marriage or personal life is plain ignorant. What goes on in a marriage is between the 2 people involved. This posting was suppose to be about her “ageless” look, not her as a person. So this is to the haters. Get a life and find a way to be happy instead of attacking perople who are obviously more attractive, mature and successful than you! Love ya Heather!

Vi on

She looks great, at any age. If any of you nay-sayers had the body type she has, you’d probably want to go naked to flaunt it, and such comments on her personal life are un-needed and uncalled for, (ie. ANNA). We are commenting on her picture as it is here, not on what went before. She has style, class and major looks. Keep it up Heather.

Christine on

She looks beautiful!She can wear anything!Go girl!

issy on

i say go ahead show the world you love getting mixed up and love being fashonable i would be looking like that at age 55.i think shes pretty ,smart ,and very comfadent!!!

LJ on

Brainiac: “it’s not too difficult to retain youth, you just need to eat well and exercise moderately.” Who are you kidding? For some of us, it’s VERY difficult. That makes Heather all the more impressive. She is beautiful, classy and probably will be for a long timeto come, whatever she wears. Good for her.

Lauren on

Heather looks hot for her age. I love her style and overall just love her.

Jenny on

i’m her age and i have two teenage kids. i dress young and hot like she does and my face and body are hot, not STILL hot (i hate it when people say “you still look great” and i’ve never had botox, etc. you just have to stick to classic, not trashic, and we both will look great for years to come!

jenny on

P.S. Where can i get a pair of those boots?


She is so hot. I am guessing that her Ex’s just are not well educated. An educated man does whatever needs to be done to keep that between the sheets!

Abby on

i think shes a beutiful woman but shes probably lifted her and there

evelii on

she looks stupid

New R on

With plastic surgery – you could accomplish a lot !!! but the question would be until when? you eveantually going to look like a sag!!!!

New R on

With plastic surgery – you could accomplish a lot !!! but the question would be until when? you eveantually going to look like a sag!!!!

J.O on

I want to know where she got her boots! Who is the designer?

david on

Heather IS and ALWAYS has been a class act!! Heather you ROCK! Looking forward to “Angel Falls”!

enigma on


I am with you all the way in your comment!!!

And, you don’t have an anger issue like some people think, you’re just looking at from a different point of view and are not afraid to say it!


rachel on

This woman is shining in her off and on roles seen on t.v. Spin City and make-up ads. Hollywood likes ageless beauties and she is one to be proud of. she is hip to her age!

C on

She has a great body and pretty face, but she needs to update that hair! She looks like the aging heavy metal groupie she seems to be. I worry that she’ll feel the need to keep this look forever and end up with that pulled-too-tight, collagen face like Linda Evans or Cheryl Ladd. That would be very sad.

melissa on

she look marvelous. GO HEATHER 45 CAN’T TOUCH YOU NEITHER WILL 55!

Brenda Cole on

A great look for Heather!

Janet Passsano on

I agree with most of Anna’s comments, although this was the wrong forum to vent as we are commenting on Heather’s appearance. She does look great for her age, but so would most of us if we could afford personal trainers, spa treatments, makeup and stylists, cosmetic surgery, the latest in fashion, interior decorators, new cars, psychotherapy, etc. Since the majority of comments are on the positive side for Heather, I think Anna just saw the opportunity to let people know that beauty is only skin deep, and that even the most beautiful people may have ugly issues and demons that make them unattractive. Anna, Heather’s personal history is NOT WORTH the effort it took you to compile. I admire your passion, but I wouldn’t give this another minute of my precious time!

Tiina on

I think she looks her age (which is okay, should be okay). Check this site and the close-up face pictures.

Theresa on

Great classic look! It suits her well. I’m 49 yrs. old and when I can pull it off, I go for it, too!

jen on

why should she change her looks…she looks like a freakin teenager! thats insane…and she fits in wearing clothes like that…they make her look younger…and she probably wants to feel younger by waering them

night on

Ageless by no means, but that does not mean she is not a beautiful woman. But yes, I am afraid she does look her age…and that is a wonderful thing.
Botox, face lifts, and injections into the lip just look bizarre….Heather looks like a beautiful woman in her 40’s…and there is NOTHING wrong with that.

karly on

i think heather looks great.She has a great style and others should dress like her. She dosent look like 45 more like 30!

grace on

Ummm, you people are blind. Heather Locklear’s body is probably on the verge of spontaneous combustion because of all the chemicals and bacteria from Botox injected into her face. Celebrities have some sort of wild notion that they are god-like and can’t age like normal people. Give me a break. . .

Addy on

ok…. Heather never claims to be perfect. There are photo’s of her that aren’t perfect! She is VERY attractive and she is a very pretty women.. The people with the negative comments are people who are jealous of her, want to be her size and look like her… too bad for you!

JD on

stupid article. nothing should change from this brilliant and beautiful actress. she looks totally fine in her 45.. why should rock stars-looks look worse than any other fashion style? i think it’s more about image. at least, far better than hip hop girls in extremely minimal suits.

Camryjan on

I have been a fan since Dynasty, TJ Hooker & Melrose. Heather looks great for 45, of course when you have hair, makeup, trainers to get you camera ready it really helps. I say keep strutting your stuff Heather you had a trying 2006.

Michele on

Heres to SUSIE!! What the heck is wrong with you people! Ofcourse she looks great for her age…wake up!!! If I had as much surgery as she, I would look just as great myself! This is just another classic case of the hollywood look. I cant believe how naive you all sound. Ok I agree she is very pretty and at her age looks great. But anyone can in hollywood??!! She has been siliconed, lypo’d, lifted, and go knows what else!! Stop praising this girls look and everyone else for that matter who is in there 40’s and above because they still look like they are 20, and lets really understand “WHY” they look this way. Furthermore, one day Heather will regreat what she has done to her body just to look this way. In examply, Farrah Faucett, I pray that Farrah can overcome her cancer, however, god forgive me when I say, she has this cancer from all the damage done to her body of the last 45+ years just to stay thin!!! Hello??? You dont have to be a rocket scientist to figure these things out. Please people stop being so naive and realize this is all fake and phoney!

cindy on

I think she looks great. You go girl. She should be able to wear what she feels comfortable in on a daily basis. There are those times she gets all dazzled up and does just fine. I am her age and I wish I could “figure” out a way to get back to my little size…Heather, can you send me your trainer for 3 months!

Marcia on

I think it dates a woman if she tries to dress like a teenager and doesn’t update her hair style.

BC on

heather is thin but she is looking old any HOT rocker would want something young not a worn out 45 year old. She has also had something done to her face OUCH

Aurelia on

Sure, she looks great. And her style of dress is great for her. Her hairstyle is her own, at least we can say that – she continues to look like Heather. As for all the praises of Heather being classic and holding her head high with dignity, etc. don’t readers have more valuable people to admire and hold in high esteem? Why pour all these praises into a celebrity that could or could not be an admirable person? Anna makes a simple point in being the opposition here as does Nancy. Heather may be a good person, she may not. She may be a good mother, she may not. The issue is, is she a good actress? Nah, not really. Although I love to read the tabloids and browing the photos, I’ll save my admiration for someone I know that actually does great things in their community. I’ve always said, Americans obsess about celebs because we simply have no royalty. Maybe there is a human need to place people on a pedestal. Celebs are probably the worst place to look for that, though. (As are royals, for that matter.)

Ninnah on

she’s smokin hottt!

Christy on

I hope I look that awesome at 45!! Heather is both sexy and classy.

Amanda on

I’ve loved Heather’s style ever since I saw her on Melrose Place. She looks great no matter what.

Jen on

When you got it, you got IT!!! Heather rocks. She rocked then, she rocks now. YOU GO GIRL!!!!!! :)


She looks GREAT!!!!!!dont be hattin!!!!!!!

Caroline on

Money can make anyone look younger!

jackie on

I think that Heather has ridden the popparatzi train like a real trooper. Who do you know that can still look into a camera and be gracious and glamorous after your best gal pal has stolen your man after advising you to call it quits? Hats off to you Heather, you have handled a very embarasing and humiliating situation with the utmost style and grace. Denise just portrayed herself as garbage.

Ho on

People!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She’s pumped full of Restalyn and Botox. You can tell my her chipmunk cheeks and her frozen forehead.

k lizz on

no one should try to look like ol granny when u still got the chance to pass it up

night on

allright, she might have injected her face full of chemicals in an attempt to look younger…but it has not worked..she still looks 45…yet there is NOTHING wrong with looking 45…she is a nice looking woman in her 40’s.

Lori on

Even if Heather has had some surgery, she still looks great for her age… she slim and can still pull off wearing tasteful trendy clothing so she should!

KIM on


Kathy on

Heather, you are blessed. Don’t ever change. You are beautiful just the way you are. It is ashame that Sembora and Denise did what they did to you. By the way, stay away from David Spade, he truly doesn’t fit with you. We love you.

Becky on

Rock on Heather! You are smokin’!

ingrid on

Heather is SMOKIN’ hot! I’m 48 and think she looks FAB, rock on girl!

Shae on

lokking close at Heathers face, you can see she HAS aged alot in just the last few years-and Richie does not have anything to do with it. She is still very attractive and I think she dresses trendy, and why not?

noneyabeez on

I don’t think Heather needs to change a thing. Who says you need to dress like a fuddy-duddy just because you are over 40? More power to her! I can only hope to look that good at her age. I love her style and think she looks FAB! There are some women out there dressing too sleazy/too much like a teenager for their particular age (ahem, Ms. Carey…) but I don’t think that is the case here. Rock on, Heather. ( =

Shawna on

The question was about Heather’s style and appearance for her age. People.com didn’t ask us to comment on her personal life (who of us really knows what goes on behind closed doors anyway?).
I think Heather looks great! We can’t deny that she’s always been beautiful. But I’m sure we’ll have bitter people saying she was having Botox back in the 70’s! The rest of us know better. And as for her style, she could be flashing belly, or cleavage, but she isn’t. She’s tastefully dressed, but not afraid to show her shape. She’s a stunner, plain and simple.

BC on

ho …..youre right she has had alot of botox

Angie on

Hey, if you can pull it off without looking like you’re trying too hard to be young and hip, go for it! I think she looks great.

Linda on

What Heather wears is her business – does anyone know where she got those boots?

stacey SUllivan on

I know many 45 year old women who look amazing!
Heather personifies “ageless” beauty by working hard to maintain the beauty she was blessed with and I’m sure works out pretty hard to maintain her lovely figure. To look your very best does take commitment….so well done Heather!

A on

I think she looks great for her age, but she has had that hairstyle for too long. I think it’s time to get rid of the overbleached teashed hair and go with something a little more natural and classy.

Peggie on

Heather and I are the same age.She was absolutely stunning when we were both 20 and she has trully grown more beautiful each year.She also continues dressing very classy and she seems comfortable growing older.I saw her on an interview recently and she was joking about getting older !Rock On heather !Sambora is old and fat and I wouldn’t even date him now !Besides who knows what he caught from Pigface Richards ?Team Heather 4 ever!Peggie PS Susie,jealous much ?

len on

First of all to Anna, why are you so knowledgable about Heather’s personal life. Is it really your business? You are so angry and judgmental to her. Has she done something to you personally? Does her life affect yours? Highly unlikely. So get a life and stop criticizing a celebrity who you are obviously jealous of under all your anger.

Mark on

The question was about Heather’s style and appearance for her age. People.com didn’t ask us to comment on her personal life. I have been a fan for a long time, a beautiful woman. She can wear whatever she wants and look great.

Christina on

I have always like Heather Locklear and think she is very classy. However, most of the clothes she wears theses days are kinda yucky. Like she doesn’t have the energy to wear anything with color or life in it.She is beautiful but the basic dark clothes really mask her glow. It would be great for her to move past the tight jean, dark teen look. She is too pretty of a person to be stuck in that look.

patti on

as a 45 year old myself who can and does wear trendy clothes i say go girl. if you have the figure have a good time with it. she looks great. in case anyone hasn’t noticed 45 isn’t old anymore.

Joan on

She locks better than Denise ! Richie Sambora what have u done !?

stephanie on

I remember reading somewhere that when ever staff members were asked who their favorite celebrity was, there was always mention of two people, Angela Lansbury and Heather Locklear. So who cares what she looks like? She always impresses me after I heard that. I wish her joy and happiness in her life.

Janice on

Money can buy anything…So outside Heather looks great…inside she has style and that money can’t buy.
She should not be afraid to age with grace…she will always be beautiful inside out.

dancing is my passion on

Heather looks perrrfect for her age…No problems!

catrinel on

bravo to her!!! if she can look that good, why ditch it? why sophisticated and mature when she can be cool and yes, ageless!!!

Lexi on

You guys have no life, commenting on Heather Locklear??? C’mon so she’s hot (or not) who cares, and who sits around writing comments about celebrities anyway. Obviously your lives are just too boring so you have to gossip about Heather. leave her alone and get a life!

Rebecca on

I love the way she looks. She has a great body, why not wear what you want to wear. I don’t care if she is 25, 45, or 65, she can pull it off.

Susan on

I think she looks fantastic and I don’t believe that once women hit a certain age they should start looking like it. More power to her and to all women who help fight these age old biases!



LS on

Heather is a natural beauty, however she is not immortal. She may age gracefully, but she will not appear to look 45 when she is 75!

Lindsay on

i think shes one of tyhe most gorgeous women on television… i think she can pull off whatever she wants to!

~kelly~ on

if you got it… ROCK IT BABY!

dina on

She’s a beautiful woman but I think she is WAAAAAY to skinney. And I also think she should dress with a little more sophistication. After all, just because you CAN dress like a teenager doesn’t mean you should.

Sarah on

I think that she looks very trendy. There’s nothing wrong with looking young and being attracted to rockstars.

maleja on

of course she looks great, its her job to look good… but i thinnk about how much she spends in plastic surgery, make up, botox, etc… I think is great to have that body and that face with 45, but this “beauty” isnt all, why we said of someone “ohh shes so cute”, when we dont really know her, i want to see her without make up, and without pose, and than i would be saying “ohh shes looks great at her age”

Mimoza on

She looks stunning.Keep it that way Heather!!!

Teena on

She always was pretty but let’s face it, she has had work done. Anyone who thinks otherwise is very naive.

Joanna on

She does not need it. She looks great like that, therefore she dresses as that.

Taron on

I think she should ditch the Pam Anderson top effect but besides that, people only dress more mature as their bodies look more maure, so she has no need to!

Lisa on


Debbie on

Heather always looks good what ever time of day or night it is. Go for it! I’m 45, and dress just like she does! And get compliments all the time. If it works for you, and you look good and feel good, who cares what age you are! Your only as old as you feel and make your self up.

Maloy on

She looks great whether she has work done on her or not. To her detractors it just reeks of envy.

bethanie on

hey, I like heather, but if I had access to a personal trainer, personal cheff, *& only had one child..ect….I could look just like her!!!

marina on

She does look good but I would be interested to see if she would still look as good if she hadn’t had a facelift. It’s true that she is too skinny but I guess everyone on tv feels they have to be.

Samantha K. on

She does look great, but with her money and resources – she should!

Kelly on

I always thought she looked like a Barbie doll. Nothing special and kind of fake.

Brenna on

Why dress frumpy just cause your getting older? Heather is still hot and she doesn’t look trashy. If you’ve got it, flaunt it!

Kristen on

Am I the only one who thinks she paid for this look? She has a constant smile on her face, like it’s frozen in place! We could all look this ‘perfect’ with the right amount of money.

For the record, Bon Jovi have been together for well over 20 years (they jusy completed their last tour over the summer), so I would hardly call Richie a ‘has been’. He found out while on tour that she filed for divorce, so I don’t really have alot of sympathy for her.

mary on

omg your so perfect i love “the perfect man” you were great. its cool you are into rock stars just watch out for so of thouse guys!!!

Robyn on

Heather is 45. Even though she looks great she does need to glam up a bit more. It might make the sadness in her eyes go away.

mary on

I think she looks ridiculous, sure she’s pretty, but it’s too young.

Audra on

Heather looks amazing as usual, BUT her hair kind of looks like one of her ex’s hair dos (Richie Sambora).

linda accardi on

Heather is beautiful-Period.
The rich and famous get tired of each other very quickly.They have so much that they just want a “trade-in” every few years-usually the kids suffer.
I think that Denise is an opportunist who just goes with men for the sport of it.
But any woman who would go with her friends husband,no matter what is a horrible person-there are only a few rules and to break that one speaks volumes as to what type of woman Denise is…Richie will be so sorry that he left a decent woman like Heather,a beauty too.

Michael on


Rose on

I think Heather is beautiful inside & out, I don’t personally know her, but she has an aura about her. She will always be an ageless beauty.

ann on

Am I the only one that thinks she has had a face lift? A pretty bad one at that, her face looks so ‘pulled up”. Not natural looking at all.

Lindy on

I am watching her on a Lifetime movie right now…It’s based on a Nora Robert’s book called Angel Falls. Anyway, I cannot get past the weird look to her face. It’s all puffy and really kind of scary looking. There was no need for her to go these extremes. She has ruined her face and that is so sad because she was a very naturally pretty lady. I can’t say that I have seen one single plactic surgery face that I think looks good. It makes these people look like monsters and like their face is ready to explode. Ick.

nina on

Heck no she shouldn’t change her style. She’s the most stylish person in Hollywood. Suits in Melrose Place? She doesn’t work in an office, her business is about looking good. She’s perfect the way she is. You couldn’t be more wrong.

joanneroberts on

After watching her on Lifetime’s “When Angles Fall” last night, I thought her face looked weird. She looks like she had a bad nose job. Did she? Or was she supposed to look that way? Did anyone else think she looked strange?

irma on

I think she looks better than ever! I didn´t like her much when she was younger. Now´s when her age really suits her.

Angelina on

Sounds like Anna is a MIGHTY bit jealous. I think that Heather looks fabulous. I have watched her from almost the time her career began. She personifys class and elegance. She is totally beautiful. I think that there is alot of people out there who write NASTY comments cause they DONT have what she has. Dont worry Heather, you will always have a LOYAL fan in me…Ang

Marlin on

I think Heather is the most beautiful woman on T.V. she could have a lot more than what she had with Richie, he is so stupid for letting her go,

Kate on

This is the 1st time I’ve ever read these things, but I really had a good laugh over some of the comments! Someone asks if Heather dresses too “trendy” for her age, and some people, (Anna/Denise) go off on major tirades, like they really know ALL the details of her personal life! Others say Heather has had TONS of plastic surgery and she’s being poisoned by botox! ( These “experts” must be M.D.s, because they express themselves soooo eloquently! ) I, personally, know many women who are even older ( gasp!) than Heather, and still look fabulous, because they watch what they eat, exercise regularly, & have great genes!…What was the question again?… :> Anyway, I agree that Heather’s look is classic and up-dated with her “skinny” jeans. Most women of all ages and sizes can pull this look off, depending on the style of jeans. Heather’s hair length shouldn’t be an issue, either. It’s just below her shoulders, clean, shiny,& not too “done”. ( Too bad she hasn’t worn her hair in a glam. “up-do” like darling Denise did recently…Tres Chic!!! hee hee! ) Thanks for the laughs, guys! Rock on, Heather!

BarbO on

I watched Angel Falls the other night and I used to think there was no one more beautiful than Heather Locklear. I still think she looks pretty good for her age, but really now, Her chipmunk cheeks, weird look to her face and ratty hair in the movie was really depressing. With all her money and she looks like that? Honestly, do these stars think they really need it or look good. I don’t know how she got in front of the camera looking like that without her mother telling her to fix it!

Ray on

Heather is more beautiful than ever.

Bobbie on

She is gorgeous! She doesn’t need to change a thing. Why should she dress “older” just because she is in her 40’s when she doesn’t look her age!! I say keep it young while you look it! Rock on Heather!!

Sharon on

C’mon, she could make anything look good. Young or old, if it looks good, it looks good.

Dannie O on

love the boots.. where can i get them??

Patricia Collica on

Definately one of my favorite actresses and idles, pure sex kitten!

Pat on

She looks adorable.

Ben on

What??? she looks all saggy and loose. She may look ok for a 45 year old, but she’s still 45 and uhm I don’t want a 45 year old, screw that noise sheldon, gimme a 25 year old any day of the week year, decade, score, century or millenium.

No matter how hard old (above 30) girls work out, they’re still not a hot 25 year old hard body, deal with it chicks.

So let it be said, so let it be written, etc etc etc.

tina feyson on

I think she does look old for her age. She has had work done of her face so to say that she isnt aging is ludacris! She doesnt look half as good as Halle and she is only a couple years older. What about Angela Basset she is way older. Now that is when people shows signs of slow aging.


Willow on

For the people who think that Heather looks crappy, you need to take a long look in the mirror at yourself and see the flaws that God gave you! Heather, is a few years older than me, and if I could look that good at her age, I would be so happy! People, stop comparing her to others, and focus on your own ugly faces!!!

Chris on

Prettiest girl I have ever seen. Restores my faith in the human race…. Hey Heather – I don’t play guitar but I sing very well..marry me!

brenda on

Boy – I wish I had those looks at 45, anyway of makeovers coming on TV, or anyone need a guinea pig for makeovers. Call me – i’m ready and at 45 and just became single with three kids, I would be all over anything to have that figure and that young look again.
LUV the ageless beauty
Brenda L.

jim on

Heather is amazingly beautiful!

Jackie on

On the PLUS side:
She also has a sweet personality

On the NEGATIVE side:

Her skin looks much older than 47 year old. I think she has had premature aging on her face because she dates rock musicians who probably SMOKE cigerettes and drink heavily and that takes a toll on her face. She should start dating good men who don’t smoke, don’t drink and get plenty of sleep so she don’t have negative influences around which negatively effect her skin.

Nowadays 47 year old woman can be wrinkle free is they take good care of their skin.

I am 47 and have NO wrinkles although I am not as thin as her. I am 5’8″ and slender (but not as thin as her) so perhaps if I were as thin as her I’d have more wrinkles? Now that I recently divorced, I date men 10+ years younger simply because men my own age think I am younger so don’t ask me out. I get asked out by college boys a lot.

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