Were You A Real-Life Ugly Betty?

01/11/2007 at 05:00 PM ET

Do you know what it feels like to be smart, hard-working . . . and completely underrated because of the way you look? Then we want to hear your story! PEOPLE magazine is looking for real life “Ugly Bettys,” who like the character America Ferrera plays on the popular TV show, are “an ordinary girl – a slightly plump plain-Jane,” as ABC puts it. Maybe, like Betty, your intelligence, warm heart and hard work is overlooked because you aren’t as glamorous as your competition (a.k.a. Amanda).

How did you manage to get ahead despite your offbeat appearance? What pressures did you feel to fit in and how did you face them? What’s the meanest thing anyone ever said to you? Did you ultimately decide to undergo a makeover — and, if so, why? If not — how did you get people to take you seriously? What advice would you give to all the other “Ugly Bettys” out there?

Click here to submit your digital photos and a summary of your story, in 200 words or less, to PEOPLE. And remember: Ugly is the new Beautiful!

Photo: RON TOM/abc

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Tab on

I just have to say I love this show!!! I can’t say enough about it!

kim on

betty your perfect

Sarah on

Ugly Betty Rocks!! It’s the best show on the air right now…it’s so fresh in its writing…hope it gets renewed!

KIM on


sam on

im hot! thats what i have to say!

Jonny on

I like this show but I love more the original version Betty la Fea, that was great!!!!! the original is from COLOMBIA!!!

shopoholic on

i was never an ugly betty!! ever!! i am very cute and petite! :)

Diana on

Betty is a real role model unlike others on this website!

Janice on

Were you?? HAHA I still am a real life ugly betty!!

Hey ugly is the new beautiful right?

Wait does that mean beautiful is the new ugly?

Abby on

I love this show and America Ferrera is really someone to look up to. I mean she gets on national tv and shows people how looks dont matter its about whats on the inside. And she is so beautiful in real life. I honestly think she is a role model for younger children.

Claudia on

She’s neither ugly nor plump. She is a healthy, normal-weight adolescent girl who doesn’t show her breasts nor wear a lot of make-up. I certainly hope my daughter will be an “ugly Betty” one day…

Stop the terror of uniform barbie looks! There’s so much richer fulfillment and more in life to achieve than a high number of idiots who want to mate with you.

bO on

yeah, it’s about what’s on the inside, but ALSO on the outside! They don’t contradict each other.

BC on

I have never seen this show, however NO i was never an ugly betty !

Judy on

I just love this show. It’s hilarous but at the same time deals with the reality of Betty’s every day struggles of her home life. All the characters are so likable even the pretentious stuck up ones from Mogue. They all make me laugh especially Amanda and the guy who works for Vanessa William’s character, i forget his name.

b on

i love the show ans can’t wait 2 see the next show!!!!!

Sana on

It’s a great show, but I can’t stand the fact that a girl HER age is considered ugly for not dressing like a skank or wearing gargantuan amounts of makeup or being anorexic.

Lacy on

Show is good. However, viewers, there is a difference between your and you’re.

Lisa M on

I LOVE this show!!! I look forward to it every thursday!

Niko on

I love America. She is as cute as a button in or out of character.



Samantha on

This is one of the best shows I’ve seen in a long time! FINALLY one is based on someone real!

Nicolette on

I just want to say that i really love the show. i keep on watchin re-runs. its fantastic. every week when the shows over and they show wuts comin up for Ugly Betty, i start to cry, because i have to wait another week to watch the new Ugly Betty eposide.

Nicolette on

I just want to say that i really love the show. i keep on watchin re-runs. its fantastic. every week when the shows over and they show wuts comin up for Ugly Betty, i start to cry, because i have to wait another week to watch the new Ugly Betty eposide.

issy on

i love this show so much though i dont watch it al the time but my point is … ITS FREAKEN AESOME AM I RIGHT OR AM I RIGHT?

Grace Mason on

Ilove the show!!!!! These fasion float my boat and it has a nice flow to it.

Adam on

Ugly Bettys great! it’s the second best show on tv at the moment!!!! (behind Lost of course), and Betty’s cool…she’s real nice and she should punch all the other people who r mean to her! GO BETTY!

rachel on

I think, all of us at one age or another can relate to being an Ugly Betty. I wore braces in Junior High school and had broken out skin with bad pores and dressed in Arizona jeans and Dare shirts/long-sleeved turtle necks that were long and baggy with my every-day Nike shoes. High school got a little better but I still wore faded jeans, stupid collar-shirts, old vests grandma button up’s, penny lofers and bulky Hanze Her Way cotton sweaters that didn’t fit my frame or style. It was hideous! Now, I stay in shape, braces off and looking THIN and GOOD in my young twenties. It does matter when you get older and Ugly Betty can become the Pretty!

Amie on

I find it interesting that the people who think they have nothing but their looks get so freaked out about the possibility of having the amazing personality that comes along with being an ugly betty and are quick to state that they never were an ugly betty.

I was such an ugly betty in highschool, and I continue to “act” like an ugly betty, because good inside makes the outside, whether your pretty or ugly, look absolutely glowing.

America is a fantastic role-model…not just because she does this show, but because she makes everyone see just how gorgeous curvy women can be…and that is something the public really needs to open their eyes to.

rachel on

The good ole look! Looks inside should count for the out but in today’s world it is the opposite and Hollywood and L.A. are actually doing this show? Wow! Go, Ugly Betty and I liked you in the Sisterhood of Traveling Pants movie.

sarah J on

i thnk that ungly betty. is well good because that is what life is like in really life i think treat a person just because of the way they look.

Audrianna on

I love UGLY BETTY its my favoritem show on tv right now…
hopefully thre’ll b another season coming up

Jessica on

This show annoys the crap out of me.

Rebecca on

I LOVE this show, but the original version (Colombian) was way too much better. Too bad for those who do not understand Spanish.

Monica B on

Ugly Betty is just the best show now, but the original from Coloombia “Betty La Fea”, was better. I just loved it!!!

May on

I love this show.Its about time a show like this has come along.Its fresh,heart warming and a lot of people can relate to it.I know I can because I have been there.

Gabrielle Lawson on

I can’t even believe someone would make a show so superficial! Come on…she’s not that ugly…yeah braces, and glasses and bad fashion…if she didn’t smile..she’d have 2 things against her…and for people to watch this show so they can laugh at a girl..is so low…well i guesss since america is becoming obese they need something to make them feel somewhat better about themself…while they sit on the couch and eat their chips…whatevver

Samantga on

Well, I just have to say I’m a cheerleader and I’m cute and sssssss……….HOT!!!

jle on

COMMENT FOR “shopholic”, sounds like you’re a little into your self! I bet anything you’re really ugly in the inside and just plane insecure!

zina on

some of you people are pretty in love with yourselves and there is a fine line between self confidence and arrogance. And ‘ugly’ betty, is so not ugly, im from britain and we’ve only seen the first 2 episodes but she’s brilliant and an excellent actress. i think people really need to get over the whole ‘we must be rail thin’ culture.

Julie on

Wow…a lot of people on this thread sound very conceited: “I was never an Ugly Betty. I’m hot!!!”, et cetera.

All I can say is “wow”. I am shocked that people can be so narcissistic.

Girly Girl on

Well for all you people that say oh I have nothing to worry about I like you…jle I am a cheerleader and hot…well the truth is that you are probably a 40 year old who thinks that you are a pretty little thing! ha! well I can’t say I am an ugly betty because I am a highschool student one of the popular people that you wish you could be!

Pam Matthews - Indiana on

How have I lived without “Ugly Betty” before now? What a wonderful show…Betty you are a true inspiration to us all!


The show is funny!! But i like the spanish one better.

ak ta on


hopenot on

was i an ugly betty? i’m not sure; my friends rn’t that open to me

Katherine! on

Oh yea, i think that everyone has a little ugly betty in them! whether they want to admitt it or not!

Lily on

I havent seen the show. I am a little shocked at the people who think they are so beautiful. Confidence is good but being over confident can be very unattractive. I am not ugly, my name is not betty, but I know what peace, happiness, and internal beauty is all about.

Cristina on

I love this show! Every normal persone can actually relate to Betty. Anyway, I don’t think she’s ugly, just sui-generis :) Which can be great! She stands out in the crowd of barbies look-alike! :)

Abigail on

I was never an ugly Betty,i guess I can be a dork at times.. but the show is funny it doesnt beat the one right now in mex(if you have cable and understand it watch it!)But it will never be as good as the original one from Colombia..all of them are different an awesome..

mama mia on

Girly Girl- I have seen a lot of girls who thought they were hot cheerleaders turn 40 and they are not so hot(or ever were)… better watch what you say about us over 40 crowd… someday you will be one of us!!

Falon on

To Samantga and Girly Girl you two B’s have no clue. Your attitudes suck! I was a tom boy growing up ugly and lanky, however now I am tall, thin, and gorgoes with a college education to match.What will you two losers ever have? Cheerleading doesn’t go very far these days GIRLS!

Deirdre on

America (Ugly Betty) is awesome. She makes the show such a success. She is gorgeous too. I am sick of this “waif” look – men actually like curves, women looking like women. What is wrong with everyone?

juana on

I think that ugly betty is a very good show, although the original from Colombia was way much better

Charla Dickenson on

There is no polite way to say it, the truth ain’t pretty! Here’s what’s really UGLY; plastic sugery, hair extensions, sex tapes and scandals, divorce, rehab stints, prostitutes and strippers, alchohol and drug addictions, DUI’s and drive by’s, needing a personal trainer to stay in shape, I don’t eat carbs, or sugar, or dairy but I’m naturally thin, Marriage number 2,3,4,5,6, breakup breakup breakup, affairs and infedility,’what are underwear?’, public meltdowns, I need personal stylists and spa days just to look mediocre, when my personal stylist doesn’t dress me I walk around looking like a bag lady, I’m a celebrity feel sorry for me, all I want is privacy I whine as I air out my dirty laundry on Oprah, why won’t everyone just leave me alone but oh please buy my cd and go see my movie, my dress costs more than your car, my bling costs more than your house, my closet is the size of your apartment, I brag and brag about my work with poverty then I go home to one of my many mansions in my private plane, The Paparazzi is so horrible, hey where are the camera’s I’m holding an orphan, I’ve been doing interviews for years but I still use the “my comments were taken out of context” excuse, I need bling to shine, and a publicist to speak for me, but I am so glamorous especially in that picture where I’m snorting cr**k, I buy my shoes in italy, my dresses in Paris and my babies in Africa “one in every colour” I’m a multi millionaire but I couldn’t afford a condom; first comes baby then comes marriage? Lies, scandals and corruption. In a word HOLLYWOOD. The new UGLY!


For shame ABC. Betty is not slightly plump, she is normal. Its about time normal sized people were stars of shows.

kick1563 on

ur show is awsome!! go get them!!!! show them your braces and be proud!!!

DaBearsPlayOffs on

I was definitely an Ugly Betty in junior high with zits, glasses, mousy hair, huge plaid shirts and baggy jeans. If it wasnt for all those nasty people who made fun of the way I looked back then, I wouldnt be as kind and generous as I am now. Also, because I dont smoke, eat well and work out I have a gorgeous body, glowing skin and hair. I am not only nice but beautiful. THANKS TO THOSE PLASTICS WHO BUILT MY CHARACTER AND MADE ME TAKE BETTER CARE OF MY BODY. I AM EVERYTHING YOU WISH YOU COULD BE.

amanda on

i love this show even though im less like betty and more like amanda but i still think it is the best show ever made

dancing is my passion on

Ugly Betty isn’t ugly….She pretty!

Tori on

Well first of all!
i must say … look, is plastic surgery prettier! wud u like to have a natural smile instead of botox?? look.. i am smart. Here is my story. In 5th grade … i was obseesed with how i look! if i didnt have every single strand of hair in place i wud die. in 6th same. in 7th same. in 8 th same. 9 th same. 10th same.11th same. then in 12 my whole life changed. A wonderful person named Jason came into my life.we started going out. One day he came over to my house and i had no makeup on or anything
i hadnt even brushed my hair. i opened the door and then Jason said i looked beautiful. He tilted his head to the right andi did the same. we kissed 4 wat seemed like 4 ever. but i relized he accpeted me 4 who i truly was . not the one behind all the makeup and hair spray. Now im 26, and im married. And im married to Jason. I am a fashion designer and am the most natural person ull ever meet! so any young ones reading this… b urself.. ull find ur the most beautiful that way.

Jozi on

I luv the show ‘specially ‘coz nowadays it’s like all this pressure 4 u 2 look a certain way-th@ stuff wouldn’t m@er as much if those images weren’t projected by the media!

Gwen on

Yikes, I don’t care how you look, please learn to write real words.

But I do love Ugly Betty and was glad America won the Globe, she’s adorable no matter what.

Courtney on

I like Desperate Housewives a lot better than Ugly Betty. What’s so great about a girl who is ugly that is trying to fit in?

jessica simpson on

Ive only watched uglee betty only once but its soooo goooood! I HART it =}

LS on

Betty is a fantastic show. Not every woman looks like a supermodel, yet still needs a job and wants to fit in with her co-workers. I think we all go through that akward stage where we have braces, an unfortunate haircut and a style that makes us reflect and say “Whoa, what was I thinking?!” High school was that time for me. But in my 20’s I became the confident, stylish woman I am today. I am still a newlywed and my hubby thinks I’m hot. It’s like a thank you to me for going to the gym and doing all my beauty routines. He appreciates that! Betty is still going through a stage that most of leave behind in our teens. Isn’t that what makes the show so much fun?

DaBearsPlayOffs on

Clarification: By “plastics” I am refering to the physically obsessed clique in “Mean Girls”- sorry if it got misinterpretted. Anyway, Betty La Fea is a great show!

Betsy on

Wow, none of you can spell, it’s you’re not your

Charla Dickenson on

Funny thing I’d like to add, Ugly Betty is about society not JUDGING SUPERFICIALLY. Something we can all work on.Clearly people are horribly cruel to those considered UGLY a horrible word that should be changed to represent character not appearance. Nonetheless, if people think that socially beautiful barbieish girls have it made and GET TAKEN SERIOUSLY that is such a laugh. It’s more like they get treated like bimbo’s, other girls are catty with them and they have trouble finding friends who don’t want to pick them apart. They have to deal with perveted men hitting on them and disrespecting them. Most of them have delt with a lot of sexual harassment. Few people are interested in their pesonality and guys see them as a piece of A$$. The point is whatever your appearance is we live in a judgemental society and it’s hard however you look. I’m not saying boohoo poor pretty girls it’s just the notion that you get taken seriously when you are beautiful is so ludicrous. Women in general have a hard time being taken seriously, but in this stereotypical world who will most people label as “INTELECTUAL” and by extension TAKE SERIOUSLY? Betty not Veronica! It’s seems pointless and illogical to be all preechy about not judging the less socially attractive and then jumping on and labelling all the model types as Bimbo’s. We just all need to stop judging based on appearances, that’s the big issue behind it all. It’s easier said then done but I believe it’s posssible!

Diana on

I can honestly say that I was once an “UGLY BETTY.” When I was about 8 years old during my summer vacation my Mom and Dad worked during the day so they would leave me by my Grandmother’s house. My Grandma is kind of old fashioned so she serves breakfast, lunch and dinner at a certain time on a daily basis. She also never allowed me to help her with the chores. All I would do all day was watch television and play with my Barbie dolls. When the summer was over I weighed about 108 lbs and was really plump. I did not realize just how much weight I had gained because my friends were really nice about it when I came back to school. However, I joined this “beach club” group and the kids there were really vicious. They called me “Turkey,” and “Chunky.” When it came time to climbing trees and doing what regular kids liked to do I was not capable of doing it without being teased. I began to have low selfesteem and was very selfconscious of the way I looked. That summer I left to Florida and continued to be teased by my family members. Then and there I decided that I was not going to be called “Chunky” or any other vicious names anymore. I lost a mass amount of weight the right way (eating healthy and exercising) and when I came back home, no one recognized me and I became one of the most popular girls in school. What made that experience so worth it was the fact that i would never tease or put down anyone who might not seem to “fit in.” We are all human and I am happy I went through that experience or else I would not be the person I am today. After that experience I ran for 2 Queen shows and one 1st runner up for both (something I never saw myself doing). Today I am a successful 22 year old woman who already has the career of her dreams and is still doing big things. To all you “Ugly Betty’s out there, remember beauty fades so after that happens what will we all be left with?

Ana on

I have never seen Ugly Betty, but I like the actress Ferrara in ‘Real Women have curves’. I don’t understand what is the big deal women have about weight. When I was in 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th…I was the skinniest person and I was so self conscious and embarrased by it to the point that when we had PE and they measured us and weighed us, I put rocks in my pockets to weigh more. I was tormented when I was asked to wear shorts and short sleeved tops. Growing up, I wore loose jeans and long-sleeved voluminous shirts to hide my lack of flesh. As I look back, however this attire made look even skinnier than I was. If I were a guy I would be attracted to girls with some meat in them. I might say that all this waif-like looks in magazines really make me feel good and I have finally learnt to love and accept my body as it is. I now wear strapless dresses (something I would have never been caught on wearing! and shorts). At least I am not the only bony person around!

Patty on

This show is so refreshing, it makes me happy. I really enjoy being able to watch televison with my daughter and know that she is getting a positive message with this show. Keep up the good work and I hope this show runs for a very long time.


I find this all way too sad. Almost everyone is so hung up on looks. How fine they look or don’t…whatever. This has gone on through the ages when the fact is the one thing that no one has any control over are the genes they are born with. We are all just products of the “swimmer” that got there first. Take no credit nor feel any guilt about your looks. You didn’t pick them and neither did your parents.

les Talenteld on

oh my gosh! she was just so pretty in golden globes!
but no I definately not a ugly betty, I cute and wear a size 0!

miss peach on

wow, you people cannot spell if your life depended on it! that is so sad. well anyhoo, betty la fea was indeed better than this one. although ugly betty is pretty cute. i too had the braces and fugly hair style.

Milly on

I think the show is great & America ferrara is fantastic!!
It’s my new fave show!!! Love It!!

teresa on

Are you kiddin..I am an ugly Betty. Smart, sassy,talented, Hispanic..overweight, wear glasses.I’m not the devil that wears Prada,however I dress nicely and I look my very best. I am loved by my friends of different races..some of which are white, beautiful, slim, and wear expensive clothes. I’ve excelled amongs my peers, am a leader.Did not attend college. Have a hot, successful,intelligent, Hispanic, husband, my one and only. Furthermore,I’m on the ‘other side of 40!’ I have great admiration for Selma H..that she had enough cajones to go ahead with this awesome project, amongst anorexic, plastic-head-to-toe, shallow, airhead, Hollywood!!

Anne on

I sure don’t watch that show because of all the nasty hype about looking ugly. Its sinister and a embarrassment to view. No matter how people look, its very important not to get so obsessed about people’s private appearance because no one wants to go around being labeled “ugly”. As a child, I wore braces and its nothing beautiful about going around looking different from anybody else. Everybody is unique in appearance and that is the only beautiful thing about it.

Sara on


Piglett N on

I think ugly betty is like a rip off of The Devil Wears Prada, i haven’t seen the show but i’ve seen pics of ugly betty and well i dno where she gets those cloths b.c its not realistic i don’t think ihave ever seen anyone wear stuff like and i’ve seen some pretty ugly outfits its exaggerated. well my friend has black hair and braces and those nerdy glasses i don’t think she’s ugly but have u noticed they make all the “ugly” ppl burnetts u never see and “ugly betty” being blond i’m telling u its a hard knock life for a burnette

Kiran & Velinka on


Kiran & Velinka on


GoddessLu on

Ugly Betty is FABULOUS. America Ferrera was 1st fantastic in “Real Women Have Curves”, an HBO movie out on DVD–rent it, but she is definitely the heart of a show that has so many great things going for it. It’s well cast, the lines are HILARIOUS and so well delivered by its very able cast. I love the Marc & Amanda & Betty dynamic, love Wilhemina, love Christine, love the Suarazes (the funniest Spanish family on TV). I hope it’s at least on for a few good seasons so that there are DVDs, which I will buy for sure! Need more Fashion TV please and less Sofia.

Beth on

I’m 5’6″ 120 lbs. I struggle to keep weight on because of a thyroid disease. I think America Ferrera has an enviable body. I definitely think inner beauty is more important than outer beauty. But I must say, I am treated very differently when I have done my hair and make-up and are wearing fashionable clothes, than when I am out with my hair in a ponytail, no make-up and sweatpants/baggy pants, people are much nicer, more inclinded to smile back at me, or even look me in the eye. And 5/7 days I have my hair up and I’m dressed in house clothes, I have 3 kids and a man to take care of.. and I wish I could always look gorgeous, but I definitely don’t!! And that’s okay too. The people who matter love me no matter what I look like.

Aja on

Admit it or not, almost everyone was an “Ugly Betty” at one time or another growing up!! LOL

“Ugly Betty” is a most wonderful show that let’s young girls know that being ‘smart’ will get you farther than being pretty. She’s only considered ugly because she works in a superficial world. It hasn’t dawned on those in that superficial world of size and clothes that brains got the coveted job with Daniel. And, really, “Ugly Betty” won’t be so ugly once (if) she gets rid of her braces.

I love that show……..and Wilhelmina is a hoot!!

Cheryl on

Yes, I was an “Ugly Betty”, but the opposite of Betty….skinny and not fortunate enough to get braces, not in the popular crowd. I’m over 50 now, lived through it..have the extra pounds now.
I love the show! I look forward to it EVERY week!! She is a great actress and she looked beautiful at the awards!

Kelsey on

Why is the show called UGLY Betty ????? I think she is the most beatiful person I have ever seen ! I’m 12 and I love fashion so I live on wesites like these ! I say change the shows name to BEATIFUL BETTY !!!!!!!!!!!



Annie on

Seriously? I think the shows great but come on. When Kate Winslet did Titanic and had some curves she did all this stuff about how you don’t have to be thin and now she’s lost all this weight and is just like every other hollywood star. How long due you think it will take America once she’s finished this role to start dropping her curves? I give her a few scant months.

a on

So why is it that we all feel compelled to buy into this idea of the “Ugly Betty” The only reason that Hollywood is able to make the standard for who is beautiful and who is not is because we let them by buying into it. It is so sad to me. Inteligent, hard working, and off beat does not equal ugly. Curvy a.k.a. healthy, does not equal ugly either.

Jen on

Since when did FAT become curvy??? I’m so sick of this trend, calling obese women “real” and overweight women “curvy” or “healthy.” You are kidding yourselves. Eat well, work out, take care of yourselves. Not only will you be able to wear smaller sizes but you’ll actually BE healthy. I’m no advocate of walking skeletons, but when fat women make themselves feel better with these ridiculous ego boosting terms it piss me off and isn’t fair to the portion of the population who DO work hard at keeping fit!

night on

i have never watched the show…but the title disturbs me…this girl is not ugly…she has made some bad fashion choices, and needs an eyebrow wax…but she is not ugly. Now with that said…I was an “ugly Betty” kind of girl in high school…but watch out all you beauties out there…Us “Ugly” girls bloom late…and we keep the bloom on the rose a lot longer than those who had it all in their teen years.

Rita on

Was before, still am now, always will be!!! But you know what, I was made this way for a reason. I may not know what it is, but I’m thankful for it. To the “popular cheerleader that we wish we could be”…I will wonder what you look like when you are 40!! I’m by no means the ugliest person on earth, but I am average looking. However, just yesterday at breakfast in our small town cafe, (where I usually go alone, shock of all shocks!!) an 82 yr old woman came over and hugged me saying “you have the most beautiful skin”. That made my day, especially since I am 35 yrs old and had absolutely no make-up on!! We are all beautiful in our own ways, no matter what we look like. And if we are simply ugly on the inside, then there is no beauty on the outside big enough to hide it.

Amy on

I loved the show!! Its my favorite TV show on air right now!! Good Job Producers!

Corrie on

Let’s be realistic, superficial fakey “beauty” is not something to strive for, but physical unattractiveness isn’t something to be proud of, either. It’s nice to use prases like “inner beauty” and “natural,” but if we’re honest with ourselves we know oftentimes those are phrases that are just used to be polite when we really want to say “ugly.” How about we just be happy if we look like normal average everyday women and don’t need plastic surgery and 3 tons of makeup OR a bag over our head???

Julia on

I love this show!! It is what true beauty is about. America is really beautiful inside and out!!

Devon on

Its amazing how they made such a beautiful girl like america so ugly, i love the show and yes at first i always thought i was so ugly because of the texture of my hair, but now i wouldnt have it any other way, my curls look gorgeous, just like emmy rossums in phantom of the opera and just as long and lucious

Julia on

I LOVE Ugly Betty!!!!! It’s the best show ever!!!!

Steve on

I love the show. And yes, UGLY IS BEAUTIFUL!!! Also, thanks for making this fact known.

Vicky on

I think the make-up people on Ugly Betty have to work extremely hard to make America Ferrera look even remotely “ugly.” However, I hardly think that Betty should be classified as ugly.

She is real… and there are way more real girl and women out there that can relate to America and her character, Betty, than can relate to characters on other shows and other celebrities. Betty for president!

eli on

It is renewed. Ugly Betty is the english version of a spanish novela, Betty la fea, Salma Hayeck thought of remaking it in english because it was sooooo good

kimberly on

i think that they would do a show but in spanish that will be so funny!

Marisa S on

Love the show….I’m P.R. & i love the representation of Hispanics, old- school(America Ferrera) and new school (Salma Hayek).

jenna on

I love betttyyyy !!
Shes my hero !!
i love her braces and how she has food stuck in them ..
its so attractive .
my firned looks just liek her
but uglier
she is getting her hair permantly straighnted and braces off and everybrowes waaxed { theres gonna be a whole head of hair on those puppies }
i love my friend
asprin shes so sweet and smart im so pretty and skinny and BLONDE!!! unlike UGHLY betty

Monica on

I have to say all the shows I normally watch are crime dramas but I got the scoop two episodes in that “Ugly Betty” was good and unlike anything else on tv so I set the tivo and viola.
I’ve been hooked since, its funny, inspiring, interesting and it doesn’t matter who you are you can not help but LOVE Betty, shes fantastic anyone who hasn’t watched this better tune in you wont want to miss out.

GO UGLY BETTY we love you America Ferrera!

S on

I love this show!!! America is a great role model…she is not stick skinny and looks great!!!! You make latinos proud!!

RM on

I am an ugly Betty. And she is not ugly at all! I wish I was half as “ugly” as America Fererra is. She’s beautiful and it’s refreshing to see someone who in Hollywood that is “normal.” I wish I had enough money for plastic surgery, implants, lipo and everything else!!

Ang on

the show is fantastic, but far from the original story. However the cast, story and the production are great.
Check http://www.youtube.com and type ” Betty la fea” for the original colombian version. It’s grea too. I love Betty’s nephew, and her family…

m on

I think what is ugly about the ‘i’m so hot’ comments is the personallities of those people saying it

Ginie Figueroa on

I have to say I was an ugly betty growing up. Until I hit the 11th Grade I started to change and blossom into the hot latina I am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So, America KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK………………..

Abi on

Betty — you looked SO SO amazing at the Golden Globes. “Ugly” Betty? I don’t think so, more like FOXY BETTY. Finally, a real beauty who is not an anorexic stick figure with fake boobs and prosthetic teeth. LOVE it. I will see any movie or tv show with America Ferrera! Do not lose a pound or change a thing. You rock!

Mirta on

ugly betty is such great show. ugly betty her self is such a great example for all women! keep up the great work the to all that work for the ugly betty show.

Maci on

I am a little younger than America and I feel that she is a wonderful role model for all of us!!(at least the ones that are not so stuck up or insicure that they have to tell us on this posting that they are THIN!!) I am not the perfect image that is around right now and it is hard to be like that in High School!! IT IS REDICULOUS!!! That people that are not perfect have to feel bad about themselves!! I do not think America is ugly what so ever!! Even in character!! GO BETTY!!!!!

Angelica on

Betty gives latina women hope for success in the big world no matter what you look like!

Julie on

OMG!!! I personally love Ugly Betty. It’s one of the hottest shows ever! It also got two golden globe nominations and America Ferrera is just an amazing actress. She is very pretty, in real life and plays the role of Betty Suarez amazing! So far in every episode, one or more things are revealed and it just gets better and better. Hopeully, Betty gets her father a safe lawyer or helps prevent him from getting deported back to Mexico and Hilda can get a “real” job or her Heralaux job back. Amanda and Mark will probaly get married and who knows, maybe Betty and Daniel….??? They seem to be getting along and being friendlier than ever. I love Ugly Betty and it is an amazing show. Everyone should watch it and for next week’s episode, it probaly is going to be hotter than ever, mas calientas!!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxo

Alex on

I like so much the show, but the original version Ugly Betty
from Colombia was fantastic!

yelena on

hey i love this show it’s first on air

Tacha on

Betty I love the show, it’s so real!

natasha on


Z Foy on

y’kinda get what you’re born with, eh, and you do the best you can with it. “pretty” . . . “ugly” . . . both are unfair monikers. what’s in one’s HEART will show through one’s demeanor, and it’s one’s demeanor that attracts me.

Ayumi on

I truly love this show!!

natascha kapoor on

in the words of shakespeare, ‘beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’. this is indeed very true. remember, god has made everyone beautiful…….its just that you need to have an eye for it!

Ashley B on

By far this is the best series and deserves every award that it won.

Melody on

Ugly Betty is a great show. America Ferrara has always done movies that demonstrate that us Hispanic women have a little extra something!! I was chunky when I was growing up and believe me I wasn’t all that in High School, but I really wanted to be. Now that I am all grown up, I can appreciate everyone for who they really are in the inside. America and Salma Hayek both opened a door for us, (because Salma fought to have America in the show!)I am happy to see them prospering! Like they say in my island of Puerto Rico…Hechen pa’ lante!!

Em on

I really love the show Ugly Betty. All week I anticipate the day I can see the new episode.

Foton on

I was an Ugly Betty till 17 ,I was a hard -working students plump according to my Barbie-like companions and was laughed at to care only about my studies .Those were “ugly ” days . However , I am 30 now surprisingly hot and stylish ( with brains too ;) and the “Ugly ” persons now are my old school girlfriends who are over-weight with granny glasses ,3 or 4 noisy children in tow and no job; because they don’t have the brains for it. What ‘s inside you will come to surface one day :)

Lily on

This is my second post….

Courtney prefers Desperate Housewives… I prefer family, real bonds, true friends, real tears, and belly aching laughs. That is in real life and what I allow to come into my life through the television. Ive never seen Desperate Housewives and you couldnt pay me to watch.

I dont think that the focus is what you look like but more of how you represent yourself. I think that if you dont take good care of yourself and your appearance you may lose some crediblity, but what truly matters is how you handle situations and how you treat people.

So no plastic surgery, cheating, scandal, and skanks arent for me. Kudos to America Ferrera for standing up and being proud of who she truly is and not of what she can pretend to be.

Sami on

I’m thirteen, 5 foot 11, brunette, blue-eyed, 110 lb., anti-preppy, and muy bonita! Tell me- “Why am I not famous?”

erin on

no never I started going out with boys when I was in third grade and boys still tell me i’m cute

Loca on

I have to say Ugly Betty is 1 of my favorite shows along with The Class. Mut if i were to review it and the highest was 5 i’d give it a 5

breeanna on

I don’t much care if other people think i’m an “ugly betty” or not. i wasn’t put on this earth to impress other people. Some think we’re just put on this earth to reproduce. And if we are then we should! just kidding. :D lol

dawn on

I’ve never been an “ugly betty” but when i was in grade 9 my best friend was labelled as “ugly”. people called her rumpelstiltskin and asked me why i hung out with her because i was soo much better looking than her and popular people weren’t supposed to hang out with losers. What a stereotype! i just told them that if all they look at is an appearance then they’ve got to be blind. What’s the point of having eyes if you’re not going to use them? people should be seen for who they are not what they look like. She used to have gapped teeth, greasy hair, and she wasn’t exactly the skinniest person in the class. Now she has the most beautiful hair i’ve personally ever seen, she weighs a healthy 120 pounds and there is no gap between her teeth because she got braces in grade 10. SHE LOOKS GREAT!!

Tiffany on

I just want to add to all of the above comments. “Ugly Betty” is a show that has been long awaited. I am latina and very curvy like JLO. I dont fit into a size 1/3 jean because of the rear end that I have been blessed with. I am soo tired of society thinking that if you do not weigh 100 pounds and wear a size 0 you are not beautiful. Every woman..regaurdless of shape is beautiful and this show proves that. Looks are not everything! And my best friend was very heavy in elementry and all the way through junior high..now she is stunning! She lost alot of weight because of health issues and now all of the guys who used to call her “miss piggy” are biting their tongues. I have never known what it was like to be an “Ugly Betty”, but I have never put anyone down for being one either!

yo its me! on

hey i love your show but i wanna know at the end is UGLY BETTY going to become PRETTY?

Jamie on

I really love this show! Its the best! America Farrera is such a beautiful person and an awsome role model!!!

Synthia on

I was an ugly betty in grade school. I was so embarrassed. My mom told me one day that the girls who usually aren’t very attractive at a young age, end up being the ones who are attractive later and the popular girls usually end up fat and ugly later on in life.

I’ll be darned if it weren’t true. By high school, I was modeling for clothing stores. My ugly betty image changed into something that girls still hate me for. I can’t go into a store with a non attractive girl behind the couter without being treated poorly and for no reason. That is sad. When I went through my stage, I didn’t treat anyone that way. I have girls at work trying to make me look bad only because I weight 100 pds less than they do and I’m five inches taller. Sad!

And, what is really funny, to a degree, is the popular girls who made fun of me in grade school aren’t so attractive anymore. It is odd how things change.

Mom always knows best.

For all the teens reading this, if you feel like an ugly betty, just remember, you will blossom one day and the finger will be on the other hand.

Nathalie on


Bree on

I think that Ugly Betty is an excellent show that shares one of the most important misconceptions of today’s society. Looks don’t matter, who you are inside matters.

One thing that bothers me is that people keep saying that she is not ugly in “real-life” and I feel that defeats the purpose of the show and the message. It doesn’t matter what she looks like on camera, or off, she is beautiful on the inside, and we should all strive to be like that.

Dpriincess on

I Love Ugly Betty its the hottest show ever, I hope she dates Daniel

Jes on

It is actually not “fresh”. The original story is from Colombia. And copied.

Dayna on

I would like to respond to Synthia’s comment on Jan 25. I think that you are missing the point of the show. It is not about the outer beauty. I’m glad that you have grown up to have confidence, but it seems funny that you are commenting on how other people are fat and jealous of you so they treat you badly. The show has nothing to do with being ugly or attractive on the outside, and absolutely nothing to do with being ugly once and growing out of it.

This is a very uplifting show for anyone, whether ‘ugly’ or ‘perfect’ to show that it is what is on the inside that counts, and that you don’t need to change yourself to fit in in order to be happy.

Just a thought.

catherine gilispie on

ugly betty is the best show going. love it sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much. daniel is soooooooooo hot and i hope her and him get 2gether. but i saw a pic and it looks like he’s leaving her house with his shirt half open. mmmmmmmmm….interesting

monica on

Betty is awesome!!! it’s good to finnaly see a latina on the screen. Keep doin watcha doin, chic!

kristina on

i love ugly betty but im no betty! America Ferrera is so nice!



Nikki on

Hi. I love the show Ugly Betty, although I’ve only seen it a few times. But what I would like to say is that all the people that say beauty is on the inside are right! And all the “cheerleaders” saying they are beautiful and gorgeous and hot. are wrong! Because I’m a cheerleader and I don’t say things about that and I definetely don’t put people down on it. You should be nice to everybody so you can one day find their inner beauty.

Luz on

Hey everyone, this show is great, I have to admit, but the real version is from COLOMBIA, and that one was amazing….Enjoy the Ugly Betty, it is a good way to have fun….and QUE VIVA COLOMBIA, COLOMBIA, COLOMBIA…..

Colombiana on

This show is very good, but you should learn that the original version (1998) is from COLOMBIA, COLOMBIA,COLOMBIA…..Viva COLOMBIA ….This country has such a great and talent people, not only drugs (he,he,he,he)

Tameenah on

I Love Ugly Betty!!betty u r my role model

kemsey on

yes, i was an ugly betty growing up.peers can be very cruel while youre trying to grow up and fit in just like the rest of them,i was held back because of the cruelty i expirenced.i was very over weight,and to me not so attractive.it has followed me to my 30’s!its terrible that the parents dont try harder this generation to promote equality amoung appearance’s.i still feel the pain!!!!!and think we should do something about it!

kent j on

The current beautiful is UGLY.
I would like to say that the skinny model liberal prochoice no meat model type is UGLY.
GIve me REAL women that believe in right and wrong and know what it means to work hard.
give me real women who know where the hip line is and where pants that USE it rather than pants that create BULGES

fck current fashion
fck liberals
fck vegans and vegetarians
fck most of you reading this.
fck daniel as well… he needs some major REPENTING!

Nadine on

I was like an ugly Betty until I got into highschool. Before that, I was very diffident, because everybody (I mean vicious kids)were teasing me for my red hair (which I’m proud of now, though they aren’t as bright as when I was younger), very bright green (vwey uncommon color) eyes, freckles and I was really skinny and had wide hips (like J.Lo’s or Eva Longoria’s type) and I stopped growing at the age of 13 (I’m stil 5’5″, but then I was tallest among my friends). I thouhgt I was the ugliest person in the whole world and even wanted to kill myself (since I was 4, I was teased about my hair)… But I’ve grown up, went to a highschool where everything changed. I found out how to use make-up or do my hair well, what clothes to wear (though we had to wear uniforms at school), I gained more meat on my bones and hips, got bigger breasts and learnt to be proud of me: my weird eyes (guys really like them now), skiny and healthy hair (color isn’t important!), porcelain-aristocratic white skin and my hips. Right now I think I’m really pretty.
So if young girls, who are unhappy about their looks, are reading this, I can say that don’t worry. Ugly ducklings will became swans sooner or later. That happened for me, that will happen to Ugly Betty, that will happen for you. Just be patient and wait for it.

JB on

Actually, I believe the original version of this show started in India & was titled “Jassi Jaise Koi Nahin”. The American version is almost a carbon copy of the indian version but either way, it’s still good! And yes, I used to be an ugly betty but thankfully things got better once I knew how to properly use make up & be fashionable!!

fish.and.kat on

Though I havent watched Ugly Betty yet, but I have always liked the Betty La Fea show. In Indonesia the show was aired like..mm..8 years a go I think! It’s really funny, and I hated that snobbish blonde girl

Terria on

I love the show it is refreshing comedy but has real life issues. Keep up the good work betty



Blanca on

I haven’t watched Uggly Betty yet, but I’ve heard it’s a great show. Right now La Fea Mas Bella is playing in Mexico and I love it, that would be like the mexican version.

brunette1 on

i love the show Ugly Betty, and she’s not really ugly. But Betty’s fashion sense is awful! I mean, seriously, I’d rather be an Amanda.

and to “kent j”: i’m a veggie, and a liberal, and my mom’s in the fashion industry. so watch your words.
p.s: i’m only 14….

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