What Do You Think of Sarah Jessica Parker's Outfit?

01/10/2007 at 02:00 PM ET

We usually adore Sarah Jessica Parker’s quirky sense of style. However, we are a little confused by her outfit at the National Board of Review of Motion Pictures Awards Gala last night. The tulip-printed coat reminded some here of a shower curtain, while others appreciated its nipped-in waist. But, we all agree that the Giambattista Valli crimson frock (worn under the coat) was a flop — a voluminous peasant-dress seems more suited for a day on the beach than an awards gala. Even her Christian Louboutins look a little clunky with the outfit, and we never doubt the beauty of his shoes. Is this just a rare mis-step for the normally stylish star? Tell us: What do you think of SJP’s look? Do you like the coat and the dress?

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Karen on

She looks awful in both outfits.

Karen on

She looks awful in both outfits.

the big chiquita banana on

RIDICULOUS DRESS! It looks like Sarah (and like most stars) are running out of pretty and fun things to wear. This getup isn’t even fit for a CIRCUS CLOWN.

Alice on

I don’t think its her best look, but in the day of Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan, we all know it could be a lot worse. She still looks classy and stylish. She hardly ever goes wrong when it comes to fashion.

Cheri on

The dress is not at all flattering for her……the coat helps!


I think she pulls it off, but on anyone else it would not work. I like that she has her own style and she’s not afraid of what people think or say.

KJ on

I don’t care for the dress but I like the coat. She has been known to wear some rather strange looking outfits but I do like her.

Christina on

Awful! I don’t know why she’s on every “best dressed” list. Peter Griffin is right – she looks like a foot.

steph on

don’t like the dress but thing the coat looks really cute on her!

AEg on

I think she looks fabulous!

Sarah on

I actually like this, they aren’t the best choices she’s ever made, but hardly the worst. I this the dress is cute, and I like the coat.

katie on

I commend SJP~ after having to view Madonna in reflective bodysuits, Mariah in spandex everything, and Britney in absolutely nothing- I’m very pleased to see attire that makes you think “art” instead of “vulgarity”. A worthy mother-aged outfit.

monique on

Who cares about the outfit? I am still waiting for that dang SATC movie… bring it on already!!!!! :)

Dana on

i don’t particularly like either the dress or coat, but she seems to pull it off well.

j on

it’s HER. SHE makes it work somehow. she always looks respectable and classy whether you agree w/her fashion choices or not.



Tiffany on

SHE LOOKS GREAT IN BOTH! She can make a tutu in Times Square work she can make anything work. I love SJP!!!

K on

A little bit too much!!!

Laura on

Don’t like the dress at all but I love the coat.

enigma on

Her trademark is bold!

Even though I don’t care for it myself because the dress looks like a poppy flower that was genetically engineered, she seems comfortable in her own skin and with her style!

So, I guess it works!

Dara on

I like both looks. I don’t see what’s so horrible. She has that tiny ballerina body that can pull off anything.

Elda on

The dresses are ok but I love the shoes!!!

Vee on

LOVE IT !! She often pushes the fashion envelope, and did so w/ this outfit again and I think she pulls it off beautifully … Kudus Sarah Jessica !!

oleanna on

The coat is very arty like herself, though I do feel like she’s a litle contrived. Like she’s trying too hard at being prim and proper. but the dress is frumpy and unless she’s trying to hide a pregnant tummy I don’t see why you would want to wear that. It makes her look bigger and she’s not!

clean forest on

I think she looks fine. I love the bright red color.

Gen-X on

She looks great! Anyways, what does People magazine know about haute couture? Nada.

Mrs.Borrego on

I love Sarah Jessica Parker..she’s so fresh. People have bad hair days…maybe this was her bad clothing day? I dont really like her outfit or the coat. I do however LOVE her shoes!

KT fr Cda on

I don’t care for the dresses or her. Yes, I’m sure I’ll be the only one saying that.

Unknown on

Its not my personal style, but somehow she manages to pull it off. Sarah is a total fashionista! She is never vulgar, never undresses for her age(MARIAH CAREY) and always tries to put her best foot forward. I’m sick of Paris(shes famous for what?) Lindsey Lohan, and Britney Spears (get some underwear and some motherly instincts pronto).
Sarah Jessica is a dedicated mother and wife, shes someone I wouldn’t mind seeing more of. You go girl.

Candi on

She is definitely still reppin’ the Carrie Bradshaw look down to a T! Go girl, you are probably the one person on the planet that can pull off that OVER THE TOP fashion sense. I don’t like it, but my opinion doesn’t matter, people are allowed to be ORIGINAL with their style and that is definitely an ORIGINAL type of dress.

Rachel on

I think she looks fantastic as always…she is a classy woman, mother, and actress. We should spend more time talking about her than idiots like Paris, Britney and Lindsay

pstewart on

Sarah usually dresses nice and her shoes never match her dress outfits which is unique. But the shoes she has on with this dress looks like grandma shoes!

Frances on

I think she looks fine. At least she has enough class not to show everyone her “you know what”!!

Rebecca on

Love the shoes, like the coat, but the dress is not nice! It’s not shapeless, but there’s too much fabric flapping around up top. It’s a great color for SJP though, and her hair and makeup are pretty as usual.

Lara Beth on

The coat is cute but the top of the red dress is not that flattering. But she could wear a grocery sack and be beautiful in it!

lani on

She looks fantastic in anything she wears. Love her!!!!

bill on

Who wrote this piece? This dress is nothing short of fabulous and she looks great! The jacket is not too much and totally suits her.

Jenn on

I think she looks absolutely adorable.

Scarlett on

I LOVE IT!!! She’s always faboules!!!!!!!!!!

Cherish on

The white dress is kinda cute, but the red dress is horrible. It makes her look like her an old lady with saggy breasts.

Superkitty on

Post Sex & the City, SJP has lost her stylish taste ….. She’s trying way too hard to be “ahead of time” …. But not working! Sorry!

ireen on

Horrible styles.

Melanie on


AJ on

I don’t like the dress, but she is still a very hot woman. She looks tasteful and sexy without flashing her cookie. I really admire SJP.

elisa on

I have always admired Sarah Jessica Parker for her unique and bold style. She is always stays true to herself when she dresses and I think this red dress is just another wonderful example of how fashionable she is!!

elisa on

I have always admired Sarah Jessica Parker for her unique and bold style. She is always stays true to herself when she dresses and I think this red dress is just another wonderful example of how fashionable she is!!

enigma on

PEOPLE LISTEN or more like LOOK!!!!

It’s a COAT OVER her DRESS!!!!! Not TWO DRESSES!!!!!!


kay on

sjp has amazing style and is a fashion icon. she looks fabulous in both.

Jazzy on

Lately, she has been a victim of fashion too many times. One wonders why? Perhaps no more stylist such as Patricia Field?

KT fr Cda on

Enigma is right. Look carefully. The person who wrote this artical didn’t either. But either way, the coat and the dress are aweful.

elizabeth on

For all we know, she’s poking fun at the ridiculous fashions that the starlets have worn and decidedly wore a more demure look in response–I say, bravo!

Lori on

SJP usually looks put together in just about anything but I don’t think the cut of the dress is flattering on her. The poofiness is a bit much. The coat has a prettiness to it but overall it’s just okay.

katie on

SJP knows clothes and is one of the only actress’ in hollywood that understands fashion without the help of a stylist. If anyone in this magazine knew anything about fashion they would know that feminine volume, chunkey heels and florals are the biggest looks of spring ’07. Do your homework People.

Blondie on

LOVE the coat, dislike the dress.

Getonwithit on

It works for her. On anyone else who didnt know how to work it or have that much confidence, it would not work.

Madysen on

She looks brilliant, as always.

Kristin on

Right up her alley- she wore this type of fashion during SATC. Me, persoanlly, would never wear it but on her it works.

abc123 on

I normally like her style. However, in these pictures, I don’t like either one :(

katie on

Why is it a crime for a woman to wear something that might make her look alittle bigger? What is wrong with looking bigger? We complain that skinny woman are starving themselves, then a person as thin as SJP wears a non-figure-hugging-outfit, and we slam her for adding volume! Why not save a girl from disappearing into a size negative-00, and let a woman dress daringly bigger if they choose. Women especially, should give other women a break when it comes to controlling them through weight and appearance. I’m sick of seeing boys’ bodies passing for feminine forms! Remember, Hollywood should only be an illusion- not reality.

susan on

I do hate what she is wearing but since she has a natural class, everything looks good on her ! but she should definately change her stylist !

Isabel Cristina on

SJP looks good in whatever she wears, she is a classy lady.

C on

I normally love her style and I love the flowered coat, but the dress makes her look like a tomato. Not a great look for her.

Grace on

I really like the coat, but the dress has to go. But then again, she always has quirky, original styles. Who are we to judge? Just because we wouldn’t be caught dead in it, doesn’t mean she wouldn’t. Clearly. But she’s beautiful and fun, so I think she could make a garbage bag look classy.

Hannah on

I think it’s fun and she looks really pretty

marianne on

I DONT LOVE THE DRESS…but I love S.J.P and I think she pulls it off…she has her own sense of style and she always looks fashionable without looking ridiculous….I love the shoes and the coat is adorable !!!

abc123 on

You know, I REALLY don’t understand how someone can give THEIR opinion then turn around and ask everyone else “who are we to judge?” I mean what the heck? IT’S ALL OPINIONS. We’re not judging personalities here (well, at least not most of us)!!! GET A GRIP ALREADY…IT’S JUST AN OUTFIT!

tiko on

i don’t like the first outfit but second we can say it’s not very bad

Jillian on

I would never wear these outfits myself but I think she is so great that she can wear anything. I probably think of her as her charcter, Carrie Bradshaw too much but she can wear whatever she wants. Why is it so bad to be a little creative?

Mary on

I think the coat (paired with a wider belt) would have made a prettier dress.

Lauri on

I think that Sarah Jessica Parker is beautiful and because she has such a petite figure she can wear anything. I think that her choices are odd sometimes and I myself wouldn’t wear them but she can pull off anything. I love the dress!

Randy on


Randy on


Leilani on

She looks great! This isn’t my style but it’s very her. She’s one of few people who can take fashion risks and still look beautiful and classy. LOVE her!

kristie on

Sex in the City gave her all the fashion ideas all those years! So what do you expect?…

Ms. Bailey on

I think that dress is not that bad, the color is not good for her, it could be nice without the top of it. I like the coat-it makes the dress look much better, and she could have done more with her hair and make-up.

yasmina on

i think she looks so fabulous!! se’s very great

sehaliah on

Allo Sarah,Patricia field is on the line for you

Sarah on

Terrible dress, nice coat. I always thought she was a little “Long in the tooth.”

distar on

I love the coat. Jan’s Vogue says flower prints will be major in 07 and I for one am glad- I love love love flower prints.

concheta on

has she ever has it?,(Glam,Style).

Kristen on

I love Sarah Jessica Parker, but bothe outfits must go!

Karen on

I think she may be hiding a new pregnancy.

carolyn on

I think Sarah Jessica looks awesome! I actually really love the dress on her… it only accentuates her unique and funky style. I think its really cool that she doesn’t care about what other people think; we should all be that way. You go, girl!

Claudia on

Obviously she thinks those shoes go with any outfit.. But those dresses are hideous…!

Zuby on

She luks awful, really awful. WHAT WAS SHE THINKN!

Anna on

She is not afraid to be different…maybe we can ALL take a chance and and have fun and be different…

She has set trends that we all have copied

Jackie on

I think she has the worse looking legs and feet. Cover them up Please!!!

Katwoman on

As far as I know, the only people who think that Sarah Jessica has wonderful fashion sense are the media. “Quirky” isn’t quite the term that I would use to describe it…”bizarre” and “train wreck” are more accurate. Have you seen some of the stuff that she throws together? I mean, come on. Who actually wears a tutu?

Jenya on

I think she is most stylish woman on the red carpit!Don’t you agree with me?

martha on

love the jacket. very hot.
sjp is has wicked style

Susana on

what are you talking about, the dress cinches her waist and accentuates her legs, while the boat-neck puts an emphasis on her neck/collar bones. The coat might not be conventional but it certainly matches the dress and compliments her figure. I personally adore Christian Louboutin’s, and her nice dark colored pumps length her legs.

Mary on

I like the style of the coat but not the fabric, and the dress is horrible.

lis on

Both outfits are awfull, but then again i’ve never liked her choice of clothing. Shes just not that fashionable.

lis on

Both outfits are awfull, but then again i’ve never liked her choice of clothing. Shes just not that fashionable.

Gabrielle Lawson on

well I think if your a celeb..your always trying something new..and sometimes you have jobs to fulfill such as wear something you don’t totally agree with..yeah 2 bad outfits..but compare that to the other fabulous ones she has.I think 2 strike outs when it comes to the 2 dress…but the next one will be a homerun..! :)

jianna on

i think the hole thing is ugly i cant beleive she even wore that ugly thing it looks like shes wearing a bath robe and the shoes dont even match and that red dress has the weardest cote

jianna on

shes ulgy with that on and wats with the eye thwiching

Jackie-Marie on

She would look great in a trash bag, she can pull anything off, dont be jealous! She looks great in both, way to go SJP!

Anon-o-mouse on

She looks great in everything. I luv how she is so good at picking out things people wouldnt normally wear. She has GREAT taste!

Pat on

The coat is bad. The dress is bad. The shoes are terrible!

Abby on

Sarah looks horrible! These outfits just arent working for her!

Talia Comshiou on

Sarah Jessica Parker in my opinion could wear a bag over her head, and still look better than most people in Hollywood, or anywhere else for that matter. She’s gorgeous..STOP picking her apart!!!

TJ on

I think she is a beautiful woman…but these outfits are awful.

Daniela on

OOps she made a big mistake!!She did it twice, unbelievable!!

Catie on

seriously, who dresses this lady? She always has something strange on

ira on

The red dress was just wrong – perhaps she remembers the SATC days when they’d put her in a sack and she’d look sexy?
The flower dress is nice for church otherwise it’s for her mother.

Lisa on

This dress is very unflatering. With the amount of style that Sarah Jessica usually has, this is a disapointment.

Sheila on

Honestly though I don’t care for these 2 outfits on her, think they overwhelm her petiteness.

Amber on

I like it, its a lil’ weird but at the same time casual. I love the coat(it would look great over a pair of dress pants), and the dress is okay(I would have wore it with high heel boots though).

Jamie on


Jessica on

She doesn’t look that bad. She can do better, but it’s not that terrible.

ladybug on

The person writing the article did look closely…it says that the dress was worn under the coat.

Kristine on

I like the Floral dress. I think it is cute. The red outfit, not so much. However it is better then some of the outfits she wore on Sex & the City.

Lola LaVache' on

come on sarah!your my fav actress!i wouldn’t want to see you in a fashion crisis!get a stylist or suffer many years of mockery.

KMC on

I think she looks great! I love the dress, very fashion forward, as always!

Danielle on


Rosana on


Rosana on


Rachael on

the red flowers are beautiful!

katie on

love love love the dress.

hate hate hate the coat.

Dreher on

Sarah Jessica Parker can get away with anything! She looks fabulous in both outfits!!!

jessica on

Sarah’s so cute, who put her in that awful dress? I do like the coat though, it suits her well!

Mike on

In all honesty, I’ve never understood why SJP is such an icon. I can think of many entertainers who have more style than she does.

Paula on

I hate her sense of style… she always look stupid

Lindsay on

She may not look as kooky and fashion-forward but SJP looks really relaxed and like a woman, instead of the kittenish 12 year-old she was made up as for most of the series.

Emma on

Sarah Jessica looks great in everything she wears!!!!

Kim on

I love her style..even if it is a bit out there but she can wear it all and does very well. Give her some slack..compared to what the other movie stars/personalities wear she is on the right track.

Mandy on

SJP is amazing. Period. She can get away with wearing anything she wants because she has the guts to do it.

kristi on

God, those dresses are as ugly as she is.

Kara on

SJP is a fashionista who can pretty much pull off anything! If you can remember people said the same thing about her style in Sex And The City… and yet three months later everyone was following the lead. Pay attention ladies where SJP goes, fashion follows…..

Kiki on

She is just not attractive at all. She should put her hair down and wear something not suited to a three-year-old!!! Sarah Jessica actually got to keep the entire wardrobe of her character, Carrie Bradshaw, on Sex and the City and that’s why she looks so weird all the time!!! YEAH dawg. And how is that dress suited to “a day at the beach?” If anything it is suited to the trash bin!!!!

Stephanie on

I love Sarah Jessica Parker and she could look AMAZING in a potato sack! I love both outfits, she is just so gorgeous!

Alex on

Both Are Hidious. Especially that red frumpy dress.

Laura on

I’ve never found Sarah Jessica Parker all that attractive or stylish. The outfits mentioned are ridiculous, designer or not.

jessica on

i think theres better clothes at some thrift store than those 2 bathrobes or watever they are lol

Luci on

she can pull any outfit off. she is a fashion icon. question is, could you? probably not. cut her some slack and look at her history…she’s the best.

Hannah on

The dresses make her look fat… and she is NOT fat at all!!!

sanaya on

she usually has great style but with this im just appalled:-(

sanaya on

she usually has great style but with this im just appalled:-(

Christine on

SJP manages to pull off just about anything she puts on, however this outfit is not very flattering but still manages to not look that awful.

Lexi on

eww..the dress looks like something a cat threw up.

valerie on

I like that SJP isn’t afraid of changing up her look. Good job!

Jen on


Andrea on

She`s beautiful and looks stylish in whatever she wears. i love the coat! why should stars always look glamorous at events!? She makes the difference.

crystal on

I normally LOVE everything she wears since Sex and the City, but she made a big ole flop with these dresses, maybe she got dressed in a dark room.

Katie on

While not a fan of the coat, I think the dress looks pretty adorable on SJP! She can def. pull off looks that others cannot…

lojsan on

i’m not a fan of the red dress, either, but sarah gets my credits for always dressing like a woman, not like some high-school chick wanting to flaunt as much as possible (britney, paris, jessica, you’re all rediculous). the red coat has something neat to it, the colours suit her well. the print is a matter of taste, but hey, why not?
sjp will always be a fashion icon for women who want to look like just that, women. she recieves my great respect for looking classy when so many fail to look even dressed. clothes are a matter of taste, leave it that way. if everyone would like the same things, it would be kind of awful, right?

Kim on

As far as I’m concerned, SJP could wear a hefty bag and she’d still look spectacular!! I only wish I had the money to be able to dress like her!

diana on

The look is very “C. Bradshaw” only she can pull it off in this type of outfit- Not one of my favorite.

Maria on

She’ll wear anything to distract from the bow legs and horse face and people will call it “art”. Sorry but you can’t make a silk purse from a sow’s ear, no matter how many gathers you put in it.

Kristy on

Sara always has a sense of style. It’s just her. I personally would never wear something like that, but it does work for her.

Margaret on

I like the dress but not the coat.

MissKaNia on

She should go and get advice from Patricia Field, the costumer of Sex And The City, right away! Don’t let her be at her own choices anymore!

jas on

she looks great!

Less on

That’s really just tragic.

Sarah on

SJP is fabulous, and she always will be…no matter what she wears!

night on

I never care for what she wears, and can’t agree with any of her fashion choices. I think her clother are hideous….but somehow I find her strangely beautiful…it works for her….I am not sure how or why…but the clothes that I detest so very much look strangely attractive on Sarah……she is unique…that is the only way I can explain it…unique, and wears what SHE feels good in…that is what matters I guess.

bethanie on

Love the coat.. HATE the dress, she looks like a deflated baloon! the dress totally over powers her tiny frame.

rachel b. on

The dress is a “don’t” while the rose coat is very springy and urbanish.

mallory eady on

she looks not the best,but all I think it needs is a little less puff or bubble look.

Berrycute on

I don’t really like the dress and i don’t think the coat helps, but maybe its just the angle of the picture or in the position they got her in. Though, I’m glad that she’s not afraid to try dresses that are just different and isn’t afraid to change her style. We can’t force her to wear things WE want her to wear, because it’s not up to us to judge her and tell her what to do, its her choice,but other than that i love it, i love her, YOU GO SARAH JESSICA PARKER!!

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