Britney, Paris, Lindsay & Mariah Make Blackwell's Worst-Dressed List

01/09/2007 at 01:34 PM ET


For the 47th year, Mr. Blackwell has come out with his biggest offenders — and who were the worst of 2006? BFFs-no-more Paris Hilton and Britney Spears. Of the hard-partying duo, the style arbiter says “Two peas in an over-exposed pod! Style-free and fashion deprived. . .ladies and gentlemen, the ‘SCREAMGIRLS’ have arrived!” Next on his hit list are Camilla Parker-Bowles (“The Duchess of Dowdy”), Lindsay Lohan (“from adorable to deplorable”), Christina Aguilera (“all crass, no class”) and Mariah Carey (“the Queen of Catastrophic Kitsch”). Rounding out the Top Ten Worst are Paula Adbul, Sharon Stone, Tori Spelling, Sandra Oh and Meryl Streep. Meow! But who does Mr. Blackwell think is doing it right? His “Fabulous Fashion Independents for 2006” include our favorites Kate Winslet, Angelina Jolie, Beyonce and Katie Holmes. Other stylish stars on his list include Helen Mirren, Barbra Streisand, Nancy Pelosi, Princess Charlotte of Monaco, Heidi Klum and Marcia Cross.

Tell us: Do you agree with Mr. Blackwell? Who do you think deserved to go on his list?

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Becky on

i think Mr. Blackwell is dead on

Lindsey on

I think this is so hilarious! What skanks! That picture is horrible!

Diane on

Now, I agree with Britney being up here — she has never had good fashion sense. And I know most people hate Paris Hilton, but if she has anything going for her, she usually looks pretty good, and has an army of stylists making sure she wears cute stuff. For all of Paris’s faults, I don’t think she belongs on this list.

LKD on

Totally agree! Mariah dresses like she wishes she was in her 20’s and britney and paris have had some bad taste lately!!!

faith on

YES. i agree with mr. blackwell. i just can’t believe how GROSS and OVERWHELMINGLY SKANKY britney looks in this pic.

the only thing i disagree with is the fact that he put katie holmes on the best dressed list.

Cassie on

HA! Yea we all would have put them on the top of the list. Ever since K-Fed rolled around she became TRASHY! And Paris we all shoudl agree apon her. OVER EXPOSED! They deserve to be on top. We need to start hearing about Ivanka Trump. Now there is someone all types should look up too!

María Vásquez on

I think Mr. Blackwell it´s totally right… there are some things that money just can´t buy…

Misty on

Gasp! You mean their matching one legged hose didn’t go over well? LOL! I have seen Paris dress cute but rarely Britney. They deserve to be on the worst dressed list with this outfit!

klynnara on

What about the Mary-Kate? She looks like she got whirled around in a trash compacter a few times!

HAyden on

For the most part I agree completely. But I have to admit my number one offender would be Mary-Kate, she seems too contrived and just looks dirty and poor. I would also have to say Sienna Miller. I used to love her fashion sense and her entire persona but nowdays she just seems to be losing it, and her clothes look cheap.

jenifer on

Katie Holmes ???? No style. No finesse. Just Tom’s money to pay for designer clothing. Rosie could have been added to the list … and I’m only talking wardrobe …. no donald rat’s nest barbs ….

Martha on

I think the Olsen twins should be on the worst dressed list. They look like underfed alley cats.

Judy on

He forgot the Olsen twins

monika on

Yea I gotta hand it to Blackwell they are two of the worst dressed of the year, but you gotta think that half the time they are drunk so they don’t care how they look. They will continue to look this way, well into their thirties, just like Mariah Carey. And I disagree with him over Katie Holmes, her fashion sense has went down since she got with Cruise.

hallie on

I don’t believe Christina Aguilera deserved to be on that list. I think she’s always very conscience of her appearance and has great style right now compared to her “dirty” years. I think there are more deserving celebrities out there that deserve the worst dressed award like the Olsen twins (Mary Kate moreso than Ashley), Kiera Knightley, Sienna Miller, Mischa Barton and Nicolette Sheridan to name a few.

A few enviable wardrobed celebrities that should have received an honorable mention are the ever-fashionable Halle Berry, Jennifer Aniston, and for a younger style, Jessica Biel and Jessica Alba.

Crystal on

I actually very excited to see Kate Winslet appreciated for her sense of style. This is a woman who is concerned with women looking the way women were meant to look (i.e. there is nothing wrong with having hips, thighs and boobs). She always looks fantastic, and I think she is a wonderful actress. Kudos to Blackwell for mentioning her.

brookleyn on

i think that everybody should stop hating on britney because she has just had such a bad thing happen. everybody has to vent and maybe she went a little far as to hanging with paris but is it really anybodys business. get over it!
and to the style of people dress. all the stars should be on the worst dress list because the styles are outrageously UGLY!!

Dr. A. on

Uh. . . yeah! Is Paris missing a leg of her stockings, or is that the fashion? Whatever.

Mr. Blackwell (whoever you are) I think you are only pointing out the obvious with these two chics!

Cara on

Mr. Blackwell forgot Rosie.

Liz on

who the hell told brittney spears that her chest looked good in that green dress??! and the stockings? I just don’t get it. Mr Blackwell is once again correct..

Maria on

As much as Paris annoys me, I don’t think her fashion sense is bad. I also don’t think Christina Aguliera should have been on the list. Otherwise, I pretty much agree with the list.

Candi on

I agree with that list, but there are some that are in desperate need that were left off. For the most part, I think that Paris has toned down her OVER-EXPOSING clothes but she could have done away with the one leg fish net in this frock. Britney on the other hand, looks horrible and always has. She makes the South look bad. Trust me, I’m from Alabama and we DONT dress like that!

Oh, and if anyone believed her about her boobs not being fake before, I’m sure they are changing their minds right about now. GROSS!!!

Andrea on

I totally agree…..why would you have so much money to spend on expensive clothes and look so horrible????

lori on

Whats with the stockings? Is that some new fashion statement I missed ??? Are they both wearing only 1 on the right leg?

Maria on

Though I agree with most of the list, Meryl Streep? REALLY? That spot was meant for the Olsens.

Jan on

Christina Aguilera didn’t deserve to be on the worst dressed list. She really is one of the great style fashionistas of our time. Her style is really beautiful. Mr. Blackwell is a hater. Christina’s great!! She is truly amazing. Everytime I see her in a new outfit or dress it makes me want to go out and buy it right then. She’s really beautiful!!

I think he was right on the money with Britney Spears. She looks horrible. However, she’s looked horrible ever since Justin Timberlake broke up with her. Everyone should stop trying to blame Kevin Federline for her trashy look. She was trashy long before Kevin came along. You can’t bring trash out of someone unless it was already there. Getting married for 55 hours was trashy, and that was before Kevin came into her life.

Heather Davis on

Britney and Paris–definately worst dressed list. And Mariah needs to dress for her age. But Christina? I don’t think so. She has shown nothing but class lately. How about exchanging her in a two-for-one deal? Put the Olsen twins in her place!

Desi on

I agree with all of his comments except for Christina Aguilera. She has made such an improvement since her marriage, creating a sexy pinup image without resorting to over-exposure of body parts.


Dr. A. | Jan 9, 2007 2:19:02 PM

Uh. . . yeah! Is Paris missing a leg of her stockings, or is that the fashion? Whatever.


Norah on

klynnara | Jan 9, 2007 2:02:02 PM

What about the Mary-Kate? She looks like she got whirled around in a trash compacter a few times!


Martha | Jan 9, 2007 2:08:18 PM

I think the Olsen twins should be on the worst dressed list. They look like underfed alley cats.


Judy | Jan 9, 2007 2:12:08 PM

He forgot the Olsen twins


EXACTLY…..I find it SO FRIGGIN INSANE that the Olsen TRASHY twins are not on this worst dressed list. They dress and look like anorexic frumps.

j on

HA-HA, paris. this is what your relentless overexposure gets you. finally–you’re good at something, ranked up there as #1 right where you wanna be. congrats!

Tracy on

I agree with Jenifer below that Sienna Miller should be on the top 10. I disagree about Christina A. I loooove her new pinup look.

Kay on

AMEN! Thank god someone is saying it in the press! The best top 3 in my mind, but i agree the olson twins should follow thortly thereafter.

Stephanie on

Britney is the worst dresser ever! Paris is bad as well, but I’vee seen her clean up pretty well, which is more than anyone can say about Britney.

candee on

I agree with all the others, but what’s wrong with Christina Aguilera’s style? I know that in the past she has made some major fashion mistakes, but she’s looking very beautiful and elegant these days (even making PEOPLE’s best dressed list). If he doesn’t like her as a person that’s one thing; but I thought this was about fashion.

Carol on

As far as I’m concerned, Paris, Britney, & Lindsey (among many) are the biggest pieces of trash (I’m kindly restraining my language here) of whom I’m sick & damned tired of getting PR to profit the bottom line for many publications like People no matter what & set no positive example for anyone.
Am I one of those pontificating holier than thou people? NO WAY, I detest PC (political correctness) to the nth degree! There’s nothing wrong with a little fun gossip, etc but not to the point it’s made to seem behaviour along these lines is acceptable & not being held accountable for it is OK.
Guess what? It’s NOT OK & EVERYONE ,no matter WHO THEY ARE, & I mean EVERYONE, should be held accountable for their actions. Average ordinary people are, why aren’t these so called two bit overpaid no talent morons being held to the same standards as the rest of us? I don’t want to hear any lame excuses, etc. from anyone on this!
I would like to give these sorry bunch of overpaid no talent morons a few lessons on how to conduct themselves with some common sense. It’s hard to believe to believe to ones closest to them can’t do so, guess they’re overpaid “YES” people preserving their so called paychecks.
Don’t think I can kick some common sense butt in these idiots? TRY ME! I’m originally from the New England area & know how to do it with tact, I just say things as they are quietly & take it from there. I’m no doormat for anyone.
Let’s hope to see some common sense improvement behaviour wise from these so called “celebrities. They do set an example (positive or not) whether they realize it or not, we’ll see if it’s for the better.

Jen on

I totally agree with the whole list. Britney and Paris need to grow up and start dressing more appropriate. Esspecally Britney, she is a mother of 2 boys and she can dress more appropiately. Mariah needs to start dressing her age.

Karen on

AMEN, Mr. Blackwell……you can add Mariah and the Olson twins to the list, too!

Lin on

I agree for the most part, but I actually think that Christina Aguilera stepped it up this year and has been looking classic and nice.

Mandy on

Katie Holmes as one of the best dressed? Wow! I can’t believe that! I totally agree with Paris and Britey on the worst-dressed list but where are Mary-Kate, Sienna Miller, and Mischa Barton? They all manage to look homeless and destitute while they have millions in the bank!

Lanni on

Britney forgot to put her top back on after breast-feeding her children!! oh dear!!

KJ on

The Olsen twins are #1 as being fashion illiterates. They are so, so sad! I wish someone would step in and help those poor little frumps. Britney is just plain disgusting and Paris just doesn’t have a clue!

Quinci on

Yes, Britney and Lindsay both deserve to be on this list. I don’t agree with Paris and Christina Aguilera being on the list. I think they both have a very good sense of fashion. I think Britney and Paris should’ve traded dresses too. :)

ljay on

I agree with Blackwell. However, Christina has had awesome style since she’s been married. For the most part I like how Lindsay Lohan dresses. Mary-Kate deserves to be on the worst dressed list

Donna on

I agree completely with Mr. Blackwell’s list. These women may have millions of dollars, but money does not buy fashion sense or class when it comes to how to dress appropriately. Britney is just plain ‘yucky’. She looks like something you’d see walking the street 3:00 am in the morning on Sunset Boulevard.

Carol on

I stand by the comments I made under the name of “Jen” (which I certainly didn’t type that name, lord knows why it showed up that way) Maybe it wasn’t fancy (aka PC) enough for this blog.
If I had kids (which I unfortunately don’t, it wasn’t meant to be) I sure wouldn’t have them dress like these so called celebrity street walkers (who have no common sense & class).

marion on

i’m glad katie was included.

Nat on

He needs to replace Christina with the Olsen twins and the list will be perfect! :-)

Lauren on

I don’t think Christina Aguilera should be on the list. Her fashion sense has improved a lot in the past couple years (mainly I think, because she got married.) I would actually put her on the best dressed list now. What do y’all think?

KT fr Cda on

He tells it like it is! Spot on!

gwen on

Ha! Of all the times I’ve seen this picture, I’ve been so distracted by Britney’s extreme mammary spillage that I never even saw the one legged fishnets disaster. I think maybe all these passing out/DUI episodes have been played to up justify the fashion sense of these two.

KT fr Cda on

I think he turned a blind eye to the Olson twins.

Crissyblue on

What about Mary Kate and her “won’t-give-them-up” witch mini boots?? Surely our “littlest hobo” should have made the list!!

Jo jo on

Look at Brittney, shes knows she looks funny and is kinda hiding behind Paris.

gracey on

I agree 110%

Jordyn on

wow! there are a lot of negative feelings about BS here but maybe it should be a wake up call for her to either pull herself together or get out of the spotlight. in another way all 3 girls at the top of this list should have out deepest sympathy — they came into stardom too quickly and are all alone in the world — how do you go back?

CrystalLight on

What about Mary Kate! and her won’t-give-them-up witch mini boots???? Shouldn’t our “littlest hobo” have made the list!!!!

Tamara on

I don’t think Christina deserved to be on the “worst” list. Ever since she got together with Jordan her style has vastly improved and she’s come out with some really beautiful classy looks. I agree that MK deserves to be on the worst side more than Christina.

Missing on the best list: The most obvious choice, Jennifer Aniston who is effortlessly classic and beautiful. Also Anne Hathaway, Jessica Alba and Reese Witherspoon, all who look cool and chic without trying too hard.

Leah on

I completely agree. The ScreamTeam look like a very expensive disaster most of the time. Money does not equal good taste. I’m in agreement with the above comments about the Olsen twins…especially Mary Kate. MK looks awful. They should replace Christina Aguilera on the list. Christina is not always on target but she looks a 100 times better than the twins and the ScreamGirls.

Heather on

Why was Sandra Oh on the list, though her dress at the Emmy’s was ugly, she did not deserve 9th place.

jackie on

What a pair of skanks alright and he forgot the Olsen twins. Maybe this is why we see so many teens dressing like skanks – look at their role models!

LSH on

Why didn’t Jennifer Anniston make the best dressed list? She should be #1.

Izzy on

Although he picked okay, there are some people, such as Christina Aguilera and Angelina Jolie who DEFINATELY don’t belong on those two lists. The only deseving people on his list are Britney Spears, Paris Hilton and Beyonce.

Christina Lyons on

With a few exceptions, I think Paris dresses nicely, same with Christina Aguilera. Britney on the other hand, well, we’ve all seen the pictures. Lindsey is a spolied brat that still has a lot of growing up to do and I don’t know WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO M.K???????? She looks like a dirty hobo out on the hunt for food.

Holly on

Paris’s sytlist must have had the night off. She usually looks pretty good.

This photo reminds me of a couple of 2nd grade girls playing dress up or something. I can’t imagine what they were thinking when they went out like this.

natasha on

I’m glad to see someone finally notice Beyonce’s great style! But he should have also included Jessica Simpson, Nicole Richie and Halle Berry on the best dressed list. And Oprah too cuz she dresses well and dresses her age!

claudia on

Trash Trash and more trash. With all that money they need to be on “What not to wear”

pstewart on

I agree with Mr. Blackwell, except for dear Katie, she is trying to hard to be fashionable. Halle Berry and Cate Blancett should have been on the best dressed list. Jennifer Aniston is to plain jane.Mary Kate always looks like the cat dragged her down the street with those terrible blister black boots.The only thing fashionable on Angelina Jolie is Brad Pitt.

BC on

I have lost ALL respect for miss britney spears….I will never buy any of her music again EVER i dont care if she makes a come back she is a skanky woman yuk

Amanda on

I don’t agree with him on two points- Christina Aguilera and Katie Holmes. Christina Aguilera has really turned her style around and dresses wonderfully now. I disagree about Katie Holmes on a purely personal basis, I just don’t like her. Tom should have made the list in her place since he probably dresses her.

KIM on


Rhoda on

Oh good heavens! Could Britney look any more disgusting and greasy in this picture? Right on with Britney and Paris at the top of the list! Mary Kate and Ashley both need to be added! They look so gross, when I lookat pictures of them, I can’t help but wonder what they smell like because they just look dirty!

Christine on

i agree with britney spears being number one but i dont think that her and paris should have tied for number one because britney is ten times a worse dress then paris hilton is..which is pretty sad since paris hilton doesnt dress that well

kim on

Good picks! I would add best dressed to Jennifer Aniston, she always looks great from casual jeans to gorgeous dresses, she’s lovely.

Mary on

What gets me is that Mr. Blackwell placed Christina Aguilera HIGHER than Mariah Carey on his worst dressed list. Is the man blind or something? Does he not see that while Christina dresses considerably well, Mariah dresses like a hooker?

kim on

I’d also add Kate Hudson to best dressed list, always looks cute!

jill on

The thing about the Olsens, though, is that they do clean up well for big red carpet events, and we’ve all seem them get glammed up in gorgeous gowns. I think they run too hot and cold to end up on the list — they’ve had their good moments. Whereas Britney looks like her music sounds — horrifying. Paris belongs there, since her clothing looks like Barbie’s wardrobe. I think Christina has cleaned it up this year, so she should have been left off the worst-dressed list, in honor of Mischa Barton. She looks like a homeless hippie.

One thing: BEYONCE?!?!? She dresses like her bedazzler attacked her. I’ve never seen someone so covered in glitter, rhinestones and fringe in my life.

A.G. on

This list is dead on, except for Sandra Oh maybe… the Olsen twins are normally hideous as is Nicole Richie… Christina Aguilera is normally old style classy… Reese Witherspoon and EVANGELINE LILLY should have been on the BEST dressed list… they are ALWAYS classy and beautiful

kim on

oh, and that picture is the ump-teenth one within her “partying cuz I haven’t in 2 years” that she looks so stoned out and appears she does not even know where she is!

jenine on

He should remove Meryl Streep and add one of the following.
Madonna or Gwen Stefani, most of the time they look like
cartoon characters.

keisha on

I think that if they’ve got it, then why not flaunt it? It’s their business anyway.

Karlene on

He is sooooooooooooooo right

Ms Thang on

I believe he was dead-on with the list! Brittney & paris both dress horribly I believe it’s just because neither one of them actually have no sense of style, I mean forget about the whole kid thing because I have a child but overall as you get older you tend to dress more mature and that is what both of these ladies are lacking….I will have to say that I agree with him on Katie holmes being one of the best dressed but what U have to remember is that she has been hanging out with David Beckham’s wife and only then since they have been friends has her whole sense of style changed, I mean really just do a search & look & the clothes she has been wearing since they became friends and then U can easily see why she was added to the list because her style has changed it’s much more mature, even the photograph of them coming back from the Maldives is a different style so clearly people should see why she made the list….Beyonce right on the $$$ she dresses perfect for the most important events



Margie on

I agree with Faith about Katie Holmes being on the “best-dressed list.” She always looks so frumpy and stuffy in her outfits. She’s in here twenties! Where’s the fun?!

Stephanie on

I would have to disagree with Blackwell about Paris…I actually love her clothing style! And Katie Holmes…haven’t seen anything fashionistic about her…BORING…oh, but I do agree with Britney Spears being up on number one…that girl dresses nasty!

Sera on

Paris is always trying to make sure she looks better than whoever she’s with. This time she is probably trying to make Britney look like more of a pig than she does. They have no class, no style and no tact. It is extremely sad that they get so much exposure when personally i would rather see people like Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston, Nicole Kidman, Victoria Beckham etc. Ladies that have class and sophistication and who wear clothes that you actually may wear.

C on

The man know what he’s talking about! I agree with all of his selections … good and bad.

Laurie on

Who exactly is Mr.Blackwell?!?!?! Some retired fashion designer who hasn’t mad any designs in years? And exactly how old is he? I think someone who knows a little something about fashion today should be the judge. I agree with some of his worst dressed, but others I don’t, but the best dressed… I mean come on!!!

jessica on

he’s dead on right

Amy on

It gives me hope that almost all of the people who made comments all AGREE! Our morals aren’t falling apart!
I was hoping i was’t on of the only ones who wants to call Britney bad words. We all know that if she wasn’t a celebrity and she lived in are town/city- we would think she is an over paid hooker. I do think Paris and Christina have improved alot. but i agree with Mariah and i think that the Olsen twins as well should have shared Britney’s Trophy! HAHA

Yolonda on

what about Nicole Richie…….she looks like an unmade bed.

Jen on

My picks for Worst Dressed:
Britney-trash heap
Mariah-fat trash heap
Paris-skinny trash heap
Lindsey-damaged goods
Mischa-tries too hard
Sienna-tries even harder
Courtney-washed up is never a good look
Teri- dress your age
Pam-old news, put a bra on
Anna- washed up + stupid = train wreck

Julie on

I agree with him, but I think Nicole Kidman deserves to be on the best dressed list. She always looks elegant.

Becky on

Britney needs to get back on track. Has no one been through a bad break-up and made mistakes?? Remember….everyone’s human. I think the only mistake Britney has made was having Paris Hilton sinched to her arm. Get another dog Paris!!!!!

Kaycee on

Poor Britney – I think her dress is on backwards!!! Christina shouldn’t be on the list – she looks great lately. Take her off and add MK and her witchy boots.


The only person I don’t agree with is Christina Aguilera. I like her style…everyone else really can’t dress!

Miacky on

katie Holmes has no sense of style, all she knows is to shop and shop, I’ve never seen her wearing anything beautiful not even at her wedding, all that money of that stupid dress, Just to say that I spent more money than Melania Trump (where was she on that list, she always looks amazing, even when she take a stroll in the park with the baby, Katie will never have the natural style of Nicole that even with jeans looks better than her, and how come he forgot Jennifer Aniston. stupid list…

Jess on

wow, you know, I can’t believe a sober person would conscientiously walk out of the house looking like that! What are they trying to prove?

Shanna on

Serioulsy, where are Brit’s nipples? How in the world can she wear things like that and show no sign of a nipple at all, especially after having kids. Those puppies are out there.

Paula on

I hope there is someone in the wings to take over when Mr. Blackwell leaves us. I have enjoyed you Mr. Blackwell every since I was in high school some 31 years ago. I’m so sick of Paris and Britney. They need to do something more productive with their lives.

moll on

if britney and paris choose to dress like that know one can stop them. britney should just remember she has two kids and paris should be doing more better stuff

dabluelamboy on

lol!! go mariah!! thats my girl!!

he forgot FERGIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and its funny how aguilera is on the worst dressed list and after a year of TRYING TO HARD to look chic..and katie holmes is a poser ..ever since she got married she has changed into a wannabe classy lady ..she will always be a boring tomboy….

VICTORIA BECKHAM should of made the best dressed list shes always looking great!

MR ME on

Who cares!!

Linda on

Britney looks like a complete skank but I think that we have to admit that Paris doesnt look that bad…

martyb on

with all that money how can you look so bad, do they really think they look good? It’s really sort of sad that they have no one close to them to tell them the truth.

Debbie on

Well, I think Mr. Blackwell is an ass who doesn’t contribute a thing to the world so maybe he should shut his prehistoric piehole.
Who gives a s**t what celebrities are wearing – they probably don those outrageous outfits just to stay in the tabloids anyway!

Jireh Laird on


Jessica on

How is Christina Aguilera on the worst dressed list? If Mr. Blackwell hasn’t noticed Christina has been in some really gorgeous, fitting, complimenting, and elegant dresses. Not only are the dresses beautiful, but she has also been wearing very fashionable jackets, pants, shoes, makeup, sunglasses, ect. Her style has been really great.

nikkie on

i agree britney and mariah both get worst by the day. I think paris is usually pretty upscale, but she has made some bad choices in the past. Britney and mariah both dress like trash. I think Beyonce could have been added for some of her choices as well as Mary kate olsen.

Maureen on

Depraved and deprived. All the stylists in the world cannot make a “celebrity” have integrity. Shame on Britney for neglecting her two little son’s. Style is one thing and substance is another. Take a look on the inside folks. Does not seem to be too much going on there either.

RogueOne on

Oh my gosh, someone please toss some pineapples on those two virginia smoked hams on Britney’s chest. All of a sudden i’m hungry. Cereal anyone?

Sway on

I agree for the most part…I mean women need to realize you can look hot without lookin slutty. But no one ever said you had to be rich to have style and class…

m_a_s_14 on

i hundred percent agree with mr. blak or whatever cause its completely true and don’t they have stylists or any sense?

Alli on

I think he is right on with Britney — she looks so trashy and just worn out!!You’d think she’d have enough money to buy a stylist — well I guess you can’t buy class though! I can’t believe she would ever think half of her outfits even look good. I am NOT a fan of Paris, but for the most part I think she dresses cute.

greta on

The OLSON twins should have tied for #2 after the Brit and Ms. Paris. They look like bag-girls that are spooky and kooky…

KT on

I agree.
Why do some like to show their body parts so much?

Ali on

Christina is a fabulous dresser, I definitely disagree with him there. She’s got a great style! Otherwise, spot on.

Kristen on

I argree with the obvious ones ,like Britney, Paris and
Lindsay. But I think he simply went over board with some names like Heidi Klum, Beyonce, Katie Holmes and Christina.
It’s like get a grip on reality for a second, nobody dresses perfect all the time.

Miss Greenie on

I think for the most part he got it right except for Mischa Barton for best dressed! she always looks SOOO cute with the cutest clothes!!! :)I think she should have been on there

Kristen on

I argree with the obvious ones ,like Britney, Paris and
Lindsay. But I think he simply went over board with some names like Heidi Klum, Beyonce, Katie Holmes and Christina.
It’s like get a grip on reality for a second, nobody dresses perfect all the time, So why pick these girls out for the best when Iv’e seen them all look tacky.

Sarah on

I completely agree with Mr. Blackwell. These girls are projecting an image to young girls today that it’s ok to look like a skank. It’s no wonder that girls as young as 8 and 9 are dressing more and more provocatively when that’s all that they see. It’s really sad, and it does nothing but invite trouble for these young girls as they get older. I’m glad someone is willing to say things about these girls in Hollywood, and hopefully it will change things in order to provide better role models for girls growing up in our society today.

jessica on

It’s pretty bad when Paris looks classy compared to Britney.

SA on

people, we ALL have breasts. It’s all about insecurities to wana show that much. :-S

Brenda G. on

Barbra Streisand and Nancy Pelosi?? Yikes!! Do ya think Mr. Blackwell is a Democrat, or what?!

Danielle -xoxo- on

i actually think paris looks cute in that dress. now brittany looks like a skank cuz her boobs are hanging out like two huge bowling balls. i think mary-kate olsen needs to be on the list! she weighs like -2 pounds and dresses terribly!!!

Rachel on

How old is this guy anyway????? I think Lindsay and Christina always look really good. He doesn’t really know what he is talking about

Molly on

Britney: her clevage looks like a butt in that green dress!
Lindsay: she says she would “die for fashion”. Well, her fashion sense sure is dead.
Paris: she used to dress better, what happened?
Mariah: put on some clothes, woman!
Katie: should stop wearing her grandmothers clothes.
Christina: looking good this year!

Put on the worst dressed list: Olsen twins and Sienna Miller
Put on best dressed list: Jennifer Aniston – a true classic never goes out of style!

Terri Rucker on

Once again Mr. Blackwell has scored a hole in one! Britney, Lindsay and Paris will soon succumb any chances of future fame to their inherent disregard for all things fashionable. Are these women on a fervent path of self destruction? They cannot honestly believe that ANYONE thinks they look hot. They are the epitome of trailer trash. Christina Aguilara simply has terrible taste and needs some serious guidance. ….til next year!

Jessica on

WHAT! Christina most definitley did NOT need to be on the worst dressed list. She has a classy style compared to nearly every starlet these days and has grown up a lot compared to her earlier years. And Angelina, best dressed? She wears jeans a black tee nearly everywhere and almost always throws her hair up out in the forest in some country somewhere. But yes, Britney and Paris..need a little work, did I say a little? I ment a LOT.

Dorian on

Christina Aguilera shouldn’t be on the list. Unlike other young stars, you don’t see her in tabloids passed out drunk or getting out a car without panties so the whole world can see her coochie. She has her own unique look and doesn’t follow trends.

Sophie on

Nasty looking females. Sharing nylons?! Blah……..

Teresa Livingston on

I don’t think Christina Aguilara deserves to be on the list. And like her or not, most of the time Paris looks good. However, the one stocking was a huge mistake. Britney needs to tone it down as she is a mother now and is making fans dislike her due to her wild ways and trashy fashion statements. For God’s sake Britney, hire a stylist!!!!

Melanie on

Mr Blackwell knows what is doing. I agree with all of his choices.

Jason on

The only one I disagree with is christina I don’t think she’s been dressing bad and think some people who are going at the people who were named best dressed need to back off of them seriously.

Barbara San Pedro on

I completely agree with Mr. Blackwell’s Top Worst Dresser of 2006. No, seriously, does Britney ever check herself in the mirror before going out? As for Paris, I expected a little bit more. But I guess, MONEY cannot buy you everything. You have to be born with it and some people just don’t have it.

Theresa on

I must agree with Mr. Blackwell and yes there may have been some people missing from his two lists, but what is with all the personal jabs?? I have serious doubts that any of you know any of the current list hits and misses personally.

zo on

i don’t get it. i always see a lot of these celebs purchasing boat loads of expensive stuff… and most of the time, they pay the retailers to make themselves look ugly, tacky, or just plain “nastay”. why, girls? why?

Sarah on

Has anyone noticed that they are each wearing a thigh high stocking each. Not a pair each, but one each.

maud on

totally agree about britney, i mean hello, her boos were falling out of her dress! and what’s up with half the panty, are they trying to make a fashiong statement?

Dominique on

Where should Gwen Stefani be listed, Mr Blackwell?

Diana on

How right he is!!!

kiss on



sandy on

And where is the drunk freak lindsay l.? But he’s right about Paris and Britney anyway!!

Colleen on

yeah i agree they look like sluts in that pic

Diane on

I think they should both grow up. Britany is a mother and dresses like a teen. Paris also dresses like a teen. Blackwell was right by putting them on the Worst Dressed list.

Terra on

I think that he is completely correct – all of these women need a new sense of style – or just a new stylist. Some people may say I am hating on the person by agreeing – that just tells me that either you’re too pressed on this person to realize, or that you have horrible clothes as well……….

Gretchen Andrus on

I am so sick of every time I open a magazine, I see these two hanging out of their too small outfits. You’d think with all the money they make, and not working actual jobs, they could find clothes that fit!

Cinderella on

WOW ! What a purrfect dress for Brits to nurse out of.

Mariah Carey on

Darling… I can teach you some style…


Jessica on

You are so right about Lindsay, Mr. Blackwell. Lindsay’s style used to be so adorable. Now its just nasty…

kyril jarrett on

dead right except forgot Rosie who is softer but still out of style and Pelosi isn’t really in style most days that I run into her.

kyril jarrett on

Right on except forgot Rosie,who is softer yet not fashion stylish, and Pelosr who I see alot of is not always in style.

Sasha on

Bingo, Mr. Blackwell! Britney looks ugly and cheap. Even for partying this is a very wrong outfit.

Donna on

I agree with Mr. Blackwell…they are skanks, and about the panty hose thing whats up with that???is that like wearing one pant leg up and the other one down…Hummmm

brett 504 on

Mr Blackwell is right on. Brittney Why were a dress half her breast are hanging out. She looks terrible and Paris well she always looks terrible.

brett504 on

Paris always looks terrible with anything she wears, she is so thin I Think the gal does not eat right Britney Well why were a dress, half her breast are hanging out and she looks terrible too. Mr Blackwell is right on with his comments.

nick on

how could he have left the olsen twins off his list…they usually look like they grabbed their clothes from a dumpster.

Lizzi on

Paris is a horrible dresser…but Britney can dress well…when she wants to, that is.

JenLyn on

I think Mr. Blackwell is right on. Briney and Paris couldn’t get much trashier. It’s disgusting, especially because these are supposed to be the role models young girls look up to- apauling. The only thing I disagree with is Christina. He should switch her for the Olsen twins. They’re a train wreck and she’s been looking really classy and beautiful lately- I love her look!.

pamela on

well no wonder they are on the worst dressed list that is just hidious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

anne on

paris doesn’t look su bad but britney looks horrible…like a street walker

carlos on

For all of you taking up for Christina A, give it up. She is a shank and always will be one. I also know some aquaintances of hers that say she is a real b**ch.

Jack on

I think Katie Holmes is a wonderful choice! She has always been classy but never too over the top. She developed a unique style way before she met Tom, and so what if she has more money to spend now? Paris and Britney have loads of money and they look like absolute trash.
Plus, isn’t it nice to see a woman in her twenties who wears enough clothes to cover all body parts?

Anonymous on

I mostly agree with the list but don’t think Sandra Oh belongs on the Worst Dressed list. She usually looks great with one big exception of excess… and Lindsay usually looks nice though she makes some mistakes – but considering she can’t blow her nose without someone taking her picture and posting it, I think she should have been spared from the top 10 worst…

Katie on

They are two really nasty people. They have potential to look great and why they dont take advantage of that… I will never know….but Mr. Blackwell is 110% correct!!

Tammy on

The trash needs to be taken out immediately!!

Mary on

I agree that Britney looks awful all of the time. I have seen Paris look very cute most of the tiem and don’t think she belonged onthe list. Lindsey looks as bad as Britney. What looks great in a dark club and while grinding on a dance floor – looks garish in daylight. But the person that is consistantly bad and should be number 1 all the time – every photo/appearance is Mariah Carey! She is too old for her transvestite hooker look. The Olsen twins should have been high on the list too…they look like starving bag ladies. Even though Christina’s look is a little over the glam top – it is nice to see someone dress like an old time movie star once again. Maybe I am old fashioned on some things – but I hate the bare legged looked! Why would you wear a dress worth thousands of dollars and not wear stockings? Bare legs are fine in shorts or even casual dresses – but it never looks good with dressier clothes, no matter how toned your legs are. No class at all.Same with cleavage – some is fine – but just covering your nipples is just plain trashy.

Susan on

Mr. Blackwell is totally correct. Maybe these women will walk up and learn to dress appropriately.

u know who it is on

I agree with everything but Christina Aguilera should not be up there with brittany and paris she has steped her game up and always looks gorgeous, and also everyone acts like brittany never had a since of style, she use to look good she has just feel off since k-fed so back up let her breath and she will be back!!!

Mike on

Either one of them has class, but then again Hollywood has lost its class.

Kitty BigBottom on

If neither of them had the money they do, everyone would say that they look like trailer park ho’s…esp. Brit with her stupid southern syrupy drawl and I Q of 48.

andre on

is this terribly surprising?? we all knew this was coming. britney has zero sense of style. i would have to say though, i guess it’s a bit surprising that paris made it on the list b/c i don’t think she dresses as bad as britney, but maybe it’s her association with britney that got her on the list. does britney even have a stylist?? if so, i would consider getting a new one. if not, i would consider getting one. i don’t think i had this bad of fashion sense in middle school. this is terrible. her dress here resembles a very bad ice capades outfit… or a skanky ice capades barbie (or something like that). also, about her coming back. please britney, stay gone. you’re yesterday’s news. try being a mom instead.

Andrea on

I agree for the most part, but I think Sandra Oh always looks great!

AJ on

Christina doesn’t belong on the worst list, and the Olsen twins deserve to be. So does Cameron Diaz. MY GOD SHE’S FUGLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Laura on

I agree with it all, except Christina. She is classy. And does not deserve to be on the worst list. She can dress and move. Maybe he is just jealous.

Annie on

I totally agree with both list. Obviously it SNAPPED with Britney and Paris. 2006 is something they both need to look back at and say “There’s Room for Improvement”. Kudos to Angelina Jolle for making it AGAIN to the BEST DRESS LIST.

tlc on

Blackwell may very well be practically dead… but even a dead man can recognize what a mess Britney is. I don’t feel angry or hateful towards her. She is a cute girl in her own right but with the money she makes, someone PLEASE hire her a professional stylist. Truly her fashion taste takes on nightmare proportions — for example, she was seen recently in a sheer dress covering a bikini paired with COWBOY BOOTS for crying out loud!! I just want to know on what planet folks really dress like that…

brown sugar on

i agree money doesnt buy everything and if it does boy oh boy brittany and paris and lindsey need to go walk the streets to make more money



Nike Sixx on

Why would you wear a dress like that and your boobs are full of milk which make them enormous at that time. Sometimes commen sense is not always commen.



Katie See on

I think that Mr. Blackwell is right on his thoughts of best and worst dressed. But I think Britney needs to tame it down and dress like a mom but maybe she can in a sexy way still.

sarah on

TOTALLY agree!! paris usually looks great…however, since she started hanging out with britney and britney’s girls, things have gone downhill…cover them up brit!!

Brooke on

I agree with everything EXCEPT Paris dresses OKAY sometimes, she doesn’t deserve to be on the worst dressed list, or the best dressed list, but she’s kinda in the middle. AND Christina Aguliera has great fashion sense; I give her props from going trashy to FLASHY.

Tess on

I think that Paris shouldn’t be on the list she usally dresses well even if people dislike her now britney on the other hand she can’t even remeber who panties most of the time and I know Paris has too but not as much as Britney!!!

Lynne on

Britney is in serious need of an intervention. Paris Hilton is in serious need of a leave of absence.

Robyn on

I think he forgot to include Fergie (BEP singer) on the Worst-Dressed List. She’s so pretty, but she always looks like trash. If she has a stylist, she should fire her.

Ashley on

I’m going to assume that the dress Brit is wearing is from Hilton’s closet (poor little green number is screaming–and so are her mams!!). Blackwell is right on, although I don’t think that Lohan deserves to be in the ranks with Britney and Paris…aside from her one minor peep show she wasn’t all that bad this year style-wise. Her jaundiced skin could use a sober makeover though.

Ireen on

I agree. Brit & Paris looks like trash. Can somebody please give them a full length mirror before they leave their house? Or maybe have their eye checked? Or maybe they are just hopeless…no taste!

Concernedreader on

Is it just me or does Britneys boobs look like they have a life of their own? Lately, every picture I have seen of her out has been of here looking like a redneck mother who works at Hooters well beyond her prime, with her boobs telling her how to dress and not that brain(I know its in there somewhere)!


I’m sure Britney could have invested in a breast pump. Poor thing her breast is engorged she needs to take care of her home business first before hitting the town with that no good Paris trouble making Hilton. She should not have exposed herself like that. After having a baby your body is thin you need to cover up. I have a feeling that Paris had a hand in this. Britney looks trashier than her. They both look like fools. Unfortunately Britney is the bigger butt of the jokes. Come on Girl get yourself together. Don’t be a fool like that man stealing Paris! She’s trailer Trash. If you don’t your going to end up at the rock bottom and she’s not going to help you, just ask Nicole.

Kevin Federline on

Nice call Mr. Blackwell!

vs on

I feel sorry for Britney’s children. Apparently their nanny is raising them.

Lisa on

I don’t generally agree with Blackwell’s list – this is a first, baring Meryl I think he’s spot on. With luck someone will listen and the Skanks ‘R Us look will die. Sexy and skank aren’t interchangable but it does prove money doesn’t buy class or intelligence.

vicki on

I feel sorry for Britney’s children. From what I have read she is never with them.

Lizza on


vicki on

I feel sorry for Britney’s children. From what I have read she is never with them.

Cyndi on

My maid growing up used to call people like Paris and Brittany “common ideas” and that’s exactly what they are. “Common”

peggy on

it’s sad that in this day and age that these two are looked upon as role models, what happened to having morels!!!!!!!!!!! Especially Brittany, her being a mother of 2 young children, she sets a horriable example of what motherhood should be.

patty on

Britney looks like a cow and Paris a skank.
Blackwell is right.
To bad about Britney, at least she has some talent. She should stay away from the likes of Hilton and others with no direction in life other then shop and party.
In 10 years no one will care about Hilton as she will be a dried-up 30 something wrinkled has-been.

cd on

Britney’s recent fashion sense is vulgar and distasteful. She is aware of what she’s doing — I am sure she’s doing it to be in the spotlight. Otherwise, she doesn’t have anything else to expose (career and/or marriage). She reminds me of a younger Courtney Love…dazed and confused throughout her young years. Why commit such waste of years? About Paris, what saves her is her name “Hilton”. Otherwise, she would be any other chic with a bad reputation.

Sam Iam on

Hey, can’t you afford a full-length mirror that you can use before leaving home???

Karla on

Dear Britney’s Friends and Family, For God’s sake someone, anyone take that girl AWAY from Paris and knock some sense into her. Not only is she letting Paris use her and humiliate her, She is ruining any chance she has at a normal life and maybe a come back. I know britney made some very bad choices and has pay for them dearly. But its too late for her to try to recapture her Youth of sorts there are 2 little boys to think about? Don’t they miss her? Doesn’t she miss them!!!. Where are the grandparents?!! Where are the people that are supposed to be her network? that are supposed to say HEY!! STOP IT!!.. I don’t get it, I guess money truely doesn’t buy happiness. To me Britney has never look lonelier or more sad than in that pictur

Angie on

I think this picture says it all! They look aweful!

texasue77 on

britney always looks bad….just saw a pic of her and her nail polish is peeling and nasty…she has never know how to dress………but paris (whom I can’t stand) always looks nice. i would love to have some of clothes and shoes. i dont know how she got the worst dressed! I mean come on there are alot worse dress out there……..just because we dont like her does not mean she dresses bad!

Sher on

What’s the deal with the stockings? Each of them have on one stocking on the right. Is this suppose to make a statement?

Emily on

You would think that because all these people do have millions that they would be the best dressed…but no they think that are so awsome they could do wear what ever they want and look awsome umm no sweetheart ….just between me and you…………..its called a mirror!!!

Chelsea on

Although Sandra Oh’s fashion choices are sometimes a tad bit odd, I do appreciate the fact that she has her own style and wears what she likes. In my opinion, Sandra should have been replaced with someone like Lindsay Lohan. Wearing no panties is always a fashion offense!

Daisy on

Gosh Britney’s boobs arent poping out enough. Ever since she was with Kevin, she has gotten in terrible shape…remember those hardcore abs!!!!

vzxfd on

I think the Olsen twins and Nicole Richie, Micha Barton, Kate Bosworth, and Chandra Johnson sould be last. At the front i think Kate Beckinstale, Rihanna, and Eva Longoria

allie on

britney eeewwwwwww what do i say she looks so gross

susie on

They look like trailer trash!!!! I thought they had enough money to buy a PAIR or pantyhose!!!

emily on

paris is my idol., but brittany needs to get a all around makeover, what about her son? i mean all she does is go to bars and parties, she needs to get a grip on life. and as for paris, thats just normal behavior for her

Lindsey on

Wow~ I would never wear what Britney wore here, even if I was drop dead gorgeous. What was she thinking??? Guess she is matching up to that loser ex of hers! And her boobs look disgusting in this! And what’s up with the one panty hose? Did she lose the other one in the garbage, when she was searching for an outfit?? It’s not sexy, it is so skanky!

Eileen on


cindy on

Britney just lost all sense since she got married, and hasn’t recovered it even though shes divorced now, she shouuld know better than to wear all that skanky clothes at least out of respect towards her children…when it comes to paris hiltons dressing attire I DON’T LIKE IT, but if i was her and i got put on the worst dress list i would fire my stylist, come on who dresses her anyway????? its a shame she’s an heir of the hilton family for her reputation.

sallie on

what about keira knightley? no one ever talks bout her and she is da bomb!

Heather on

The Ashely and Mary-Kate Olsen START fashion treads! HELLO the whole vintage thing was like totally Mary-Kate all the teen started to dress like her and Ashley ALWAYS looks classy! Christina Aguilera has IMPROVED SO much more from what she used to look like! She shows that its O.K. to have curves !!!

kay on

paris has always been a ditz but at one point britany used to be somewhat respectable. now i am honestly disgusted. i agree its fun to look sexy and all but theres a thin line between sexy and skanky. lately britanys clothes trashy and that dress is WAY over exposing. ill admit paris hilton SOMETIMES wheres something nice but thats because shes rich and has stylists. as for the one leg fishnet leggings? sorry ladies, this trend isn’t going to follow through. groooosss. i disagree with the one about lindsey lohan. i don’t really like her but she has nice stuff and same with christina aguilara. she dresses MUCH better than in her dirty days.

Megan on

I like the look myself. I don’t see any thing skanky about it. There’s nothing wrong with showing a little skin. Gosh people yall are so harsh!!!

Elizabeth on

I thought paris had style,but you cant really blame the after party look. Most girls will end up looking this way!!This is a real party girl look….

Rachelle on

I love how Brittney is ripping the other legging piece! Sorry Brit, but you’re not the same size as Paris Hilton XD

Gabby on

Omg!!! What were they thinking. Theres a HUGE difference between fashion,and distaste. Of all the crappy outfits I’ve seen the two of them wear, these take the cake!

Lynn Ann on

Paris and Britney are very low class when it comes to their fashion choices, based on the picture I would say that Paris looks somewhat better than Britney.

friendsfan22 on

the worst on my list:
1. angelina jolie….she stole jens husband(i love jennifer aniston)
2. britiney spears……everyone always talks about her and she never does anything right, and she is always toooo over-exposed.
3. lindsay lohan ……she is such a party girl and everyone feels so sorry for her because she always goes to the hospital.

Ang on

tori looks nice today(different pic to the ‘whatever’ 1 on this site atm-see celeb baby blog =)

Sushi on

I can’t believe Mariah Carey made it to his list. And Christina Aguilera. She dresses WAY better than before she married.

stefani on

i dont think christina should be on the list because she has become very classy. also lindsay shouldnt be on the worst list because she is always up do date and stylish and sandra oh made one mistake at the golden globes and she in one of the worst dressed
but i agree with the rest like mariah because she totally is trashy and needs to cover up and be classy…
i dont agree with katie holmes (and Jennifer Aniston) because her style is so simple and nothing special but i dont think everyone should be ragging on the olsen twins because everything they wear ends up being on the runways…!

Brit on

Now i really think that brittney needs a top that fits her and paris tho just needs to take those nilons off do to they are doing her no justis

kelly_K on

are you kidding? who is saying that paris doesn’t belong on this list? perhaps in the PAST she’s made decent choices but here . . . though not QUITE as ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING as Britney’s choice (I won’t touch those obxonious MELONS with a ten foot pole, literally or figurativley) . . . their little matchey-matchey (which is a fashion faux pas in an of itself) wear-only-one-leg-of-your-nylons stunt is such a pathetically lame attempt to start some sort of fashion-victim teen trend that I’m totally confused – I didn’t think paris was a DORK, and yet, here, she looks PHENOMENALLY DORKY right along with skankalicious britney – all they need here for a perfect skanky threesome is Tanya Harding! EEEEEEEWWWWWWWWW

Aminata on

Britney and Paris are exactly where they should be.
But Christina? NO WAY. She is one of the bést dressed celebs right now. Classy, perfect in every detail and always looks terrific and beautiful. Fúck Mr. Blackwell, he’s a hater.

stephanie on

Give a girl a break, so what if Britney had a bad night every girl has one. To Britney I say you go girl!!!!

Lina on

i think he’s right, but he forgot Olsen twins!

tara on

Katie Holmes as best dressed is a joke right!? YOU must be kidding. She looks as if she is playing the part of Tom Cruise’s elderly wife. Designer duds or not she clearly should dress her age and show off her bod in a tasteful manner.

Kitt on

i don’t think christina aguilera deserves to be on the worst-dressed top ten list. her dirrty days are way over, and she’s been coming up with really classy, elegant with a twist outfits that she’s been really praised for.



Andie on

I think Lindsay Lohan clothes is fine.

abc123 on

All is correct on that list EXCEPT Xtina and Kate Holmes. Xtina has been seen in A LOT of classier outfits lately and Kate Holmes doesn’t dress that exceptional to me to be considered one of the best dressed. NOW if he would have said Victoria Beckham or Sarah Jessica Parker as being one of best dressed or the Olsens as being the worse, then he would have been more correct.

MJR on

Both deserve to be on the Worst Dressed List. Both are nothing but TRASH. I can’t understand why anyone would even want to take pictures of them. Paris has never had any brains nor class, Britney in the beginning was okay but ever since her marriage and divorce from K-Fed she too has been nothing but TRASH. I can’t understand why people even want to waste their time reading about them or viewing any of their pictures.

Shannon on

I agree with Mr. Blackwell, but I would remove christina aguilera from his badly dressed. To me mariah carey is the worst! She doesn’t dress her size! not every thing has to be skin tight girl!

Britney looks so slutty in this (and most of the time) Paris would look ok if she hadn’t pulled off the one stocking fashion miss!

Paris has a little bit of class at least, britney is so the opposite even at award shows she chews gum like a cow on stage! and girl you have 2 sons! dresse like a mother!

kris on

i definitely dont think Lindsay should have made the list, she always looks fabulous

Kimberly Phillips on

Money really can’t buy class.

Ellen on

I think both Britney & Paris look totally cheap! It is if they are advertising cheap!

I am very worried about Britney especially. She is so young & would have a great future ahead of her but a miracle has to happen if she does. She has totally “CRASHED”!!!!! I feel sorry for her parents, her children & all her family & hope they will be able to get her into rehab before it is too late. I feel sorry for Britney also. She has got to know that she has sunk so low or I hope she realizes it before it is too late. I want the best for everyone & certainly do for her. It is a sad, sad story.

Paris is pathetic! Sure she is doing all this for the free publicity & is certainly getting it. MONEY DOES NOT BUY CLASS & SHE HAS NONE WHATSOEVER! SUCH A TACKY YOUNG WOMAN IN EVERY WAY.

Neither of them are educated & apparently don’t think this seems to matter at all. I am amazed at what they DON’T KNOW ABOUT GOD, LIFE, THE WORLD, PEOPLE, CARING, MORALS, JUST ALL THE BASIC THINGS THAT MAKE UP LIFE. So many of our young women look up to them too & I just wish they would realize this & try to be deserving!

The Olsen Twins are pitiful also! Poor little things need some food & appear to need “real love” more than anything else! They appear to have joined a witches cult or something. Another sad story! You can just look at their pictures & see that they are not happy at all.

Katie Holmes deserved to be on the best dressed list. She is very classy & exemplifies happiness & beauty. I hope she will always be happy.

Sorry this is so long. Have been wanting to express how I feel for a very long time especially about Britney. I wish I thought she would read it. Was so happy when she left Kevin Federline because he was bringing her straight down & thought this would give her an excellent chance for a new beginning! She seems to be more in a downhill spiral than she was with him. YOU HAVE AN OPPORTUNITY TO MAKE SOMETHING OF YOURSELF AGAIN BRITNEY! SEIZE THE MOMENT! DON’T BLOW IT! YOU MIGHT NOT GET THIS CHANCE AGAIN!

A Mom from Virginia!

liv on

I can’t believe how many people object to having Christina on the worst dressed list. Ick! It scares me to think of her being on any sort of best dressed list. Yes, she has gotten better, but that does not make it to best status. I would say just average…

liv on

P.S. For the moms complaining about how these girls look: Isn’t your job to educate your daughters on whats appropriate and what not? When I was little my mom gave me a great sense on what is okay and what is not okay to wear. I may have fought her sometimes & got mad for trends she wouldn’t let me wear, but as I look back I’m glad she was a meanie for like, 2 minutes! I totally appreciate her guidance now!

Sarah on

I seriously agree. Britney needs to realize that she hasn’t been hot for like 3 years! And this pic truly shows it!

texasue77 on

u know what is really sad? miss spears has a mother and a manager….where are they? lets be honest…..if i could go bACK and change alot of things i did in my twenties i would. she has had kids with a jerk……..and she seemed to really love him. he cheated on her…..spent her money and just used her. so ok she does look like crap and she does need to clean up but she is still a kid. I hope she can pull herself out of the hole she has dug! She had some really amazing songs at one time. Paris and Nicole, have done nothing to really be famous for. I’m not of fan of brits but i do feel somewhat sorry for her. Her mom and those around her use her for her money and when thats goes they will be gone too.

Lauren on

I agree with Mr. Blackwell. Britney Spears in so darned UGLY!! Her sense of style, skin, hair and anything else we can see SUCKS!!! How can you be so rich and walk out of the house looking homeless as hell!!!! Britney Spears looks like a hooker and the sad part is the slut has two kids that SHE IS RARELY SEEN WITH!!!!! Maybe she should put her focus on them and not trying to line up huppy number 3.

dawn on

I can’t believe based on the photo that you would even ask such a question!! These two girls are poor lost souls.

irene on

I think lindsey lohan knows how to dress…

Gail M. Fuhlman on

Mr. Blackwell, is right on about his picks.

mikayla on

whats is wrong with these 2?? i used to think that britney was so beautiful she has let herself go so bad…i think that she really needs to start acting like an adult if she ever wants anyone to take her serious..otherwise she is just going down..she needs to get back in shape and stop having ger boobs..and everything exposed …she justs looks so trashy now a days serious she is so gross.

Melissa on

I think brittany and paris are just trying to cause a scene here….this is not how they usually dress. They are trying to be funny and that should not put them on the worst dressed list. Paris always has style.

Ms.Bailey on

I hate to say this but I like Paris’s style, Britt is ugly as all hell!!!

Jen on

I give props to Mr. Blackwell no one says anthing abou their bad fasion but everyone can see it and yes I think Mr. Blackwell is dead right.

Marcie on

Personally, i am sick of seeing and hearing about these two.
I think they are both very tacky. I would be embarrassed if i were them. These are not ladies I would respect or call role models.

R on

Who really cares about worst-dressed lists anyways. It’s not like we really need horrible dressing celeb’s to tell us how to look like and what not to look like. Many times, the people watching them are smarter anyways and have enough sense to avoid that.

Also about the list…It seems to me that there more based on the person rather then style. If the person is trashy, then even if there clothes aren’t that bad, it still ruins their whole appearance. For example. Some outfits I’ve seen Paris wear and nice but just because she seems to display a “bad” image to people, that’s probably why people like to bug on her a lot. Maybe it should be re-named- “Worst Sense List”.

Carrie on

yeah, they all dress terribly.. and are terrible. mary kate rules!

Chantelle on

look at paris, she’s missing one stocking!!!

?? on

who cares about the worst dressed list even though it is pretty funny to see some one look that ugly good choice mr blackwell

Ali on

Well, I still adore Sandra Oh, so I don’t know what the guy’s talking about when it comes to her. And I kind of liked Xtina’s look (however strict in scope) this last year.

honorablearthur on


Gabby on

this is funny…i feel stupid for even caring to comment.What is someone thinking?letting it all hangout like that? and this whole show your downunder thing is so disgusting…it’s almost like they wake up and say “I wonder how much attention I can get this time” no offense people should definately not put them in your magazine..they want the attention…and it’d be nicer to read about a celeb that is a good example..and not acting like a slut.Frankly they look like strippers

Natalie Z. on

Dear Mr. Blackwell,

Do those skanks know that HALLOWEEN IS LONG GONE?!
Seriously, get it through your head’s.
Spears: Worst mother on earth.
Hilton: Stop sucking up to britney, her times over, and so will be yours if you keep up this “party scene” with her.
I’m so sick of those dumb girls i could throw sticks at them and laugh.Britney i am so sick of your freaking dumb ways of being i think im about to call CPS. Who the hell watches your kids everynight?! OMG this is making me mad. Brit, are you trying to look like a hoe for the paparazzi or somthing? I mean, its fxcking obvious you got a boob job, no fooling us! I used to idolize you but now your just a disgrace to me! Your mother should be ashamed of you but you made her millions so what does she care!!? And you sister!! omg she probably embarrest to be seen with you! You the perfect example of what NOT to be when you grow up.
-i hope you get my point.
Natalie Z.

Ellen on

How sad. No one likes Britney anymore. LOOK AT THEM!

jianna on

they have cute dresses but way to shorti mean one of my friends girl has a doll with a very short dress

kim on

ok i think that paris’s fashion sense is fine i think that christina aguilera has great class and style and i think lindsey can slip up a bit but its not that bad, what about the olsen twins they look homeless half the time where are they???

Sirj on

I don’t think Paula Abdul looked 2 bad on Idol this past season but at award cermeonys and stuff..OMG!!! It was horrible. escpecially at the emmys.

i don’t think PAris is that bad as far as fasion goes. She is a jerk though.

Brittney, sweetheart, grow up.

Katie Holmes????!?!?!???!?!?!

You forgot Mary-Kate. What happened to sweet little Michelle???

lsa on

Goes to show, money can’t buy taste

Nina on

oh my goodness. I agree with most of the picks, but Christina Aguilera?? She has looked amazing this year. She has matured soooo much; I can’t recall her looking bad once this year. How could she be on the worst dressed list???

Nannabean on

OMG! How funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jashy on

what the? paris hilton is ow so beautifull anyway… no one cares about what she wears because she looks like an angel…. but britney diserves that… she really looks like and acts like a loser….. ALWAYS!!!!!!

I love Paris Hilton….. shes H-O-T!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Linda Kirby on

I think he’s right on. He missed a few who may have been worse. Sharon Stone belongs right in there with the others who were chosen.

jae on

i so believe that Britney needs a WHOLE NEW MAKEOVER as for Paris, i think she can do better this year…but doesn’t necessarily need to be on the list.

liz on

now why must we care about what the stars wear? i mean if we were to compare what everyone that has left a comment on here wears that would probably be something to talk about?! im not saying that i dress the best cuz i just wear whats comfertable..but that is just a thought for me..but i just put myself in thier shoes…people will always talk bad about britney and paris and everyone else….you might as well give them something to talk about…plus they probably just let go and dont care what people think anymore

irene on

I don’t think Mr Blackwell should even PUT their names on any of his list’s…good or bad, perhaps if we ignored these people and NOT give them ANY coverage (no pun intended) they would realize that REAL people just don’t give a crap!!!

Bria on

What?! That green dress is AWSOME. cchhhyea. Now that the whole world ONCE AGAIN knows what Britney’s boobs look like….put some clothes on ladies. thats just gross.

BC on

OMG britney’s new boyfriend Is HOT ….OMG

Joy on

Britany is a joke, and hanging out with Paris makes her a bigger joke. She wants everyone to take her seriously, but everytime you see her she looks like $2 hooker, I feel sorry for her children. Her and Kevin are perfect for each other, the King and Queen of the trailer park.

Colleen on

I cant believe with all the money they have they chose to look like this……….DONT THEY OWN A MIRROR….OR AT LEAST A GOOD FRIEND TO POINT IT OUT!!!!!!!

BC on

britney is lucky to have such a good looking model actor boyfriend OMG

Courtney on

I honestly think Paris Hilton dresses very Hollywood and beautiful. I liked watching Britney dress up too. They are fine on my list but of course Britney could improve sometimes.
Worst dressed for me would go to Tori Spelling but of course this list has to have huge A-List stars.

olivia on

what is with the tights. and plz remind britney has just had 2 babies and that having a top that doesn’t have enough fabric to cover her boobs is just not natural and makes her look,well, like a paris wannabe skank.

Heather on

I have on word for Britney, TRASH! I’m ashamed to say that she is from my state. Paris dresses pretty bad most of the time but Britney takes it to another level of bad.

dany on

omg!britney might as well go out naked while paris is absolutely clueless.did you see mariah? as if she didnt have enough money to buy a proper dress or a appropriate skirt! they are all sad.

Joanna Wurzler on

I like Paris look and I think she looks great!

Britney looks terrible and her stylist suppose to get fired

long time ago !!!

We love you Britt and we need you to look good!!!

You have to loose weight first !!!

Joanna, Florida

Joanna Wurzler on

I like Paris look and I think she looks great!

Britney looks terrible and her stylist suppose to get fired

long time ago !!!

We love you Britt and we need you to look good!!!

You have to loose weight first !!!

Joanna, Florida

Miya on

This picture is just really bad. Its shows the bad sides of these two.

Tori on


Kiki on

They look terrible. Whoever came up with the one-stocking look is deranged in the head. Paris’s dress would be okay if she had the style to pull it off, but Britney’s is WAY too low-cut and disgusting. WHY IS CHRISTINA AGUILERA ON THE WORST-DRESSED LIST???? She dresses BEAUTIFULLY!

Anya on

They look HORRIBLE! Trashy and slutty. Paris’s head shape looks ugly and what are those smudges on her face? How can Britney let her boobs show like that? Disgusting girl. And to think, she’s a MOTHER! Mr. Blackwell’s damn right.

Facundo Martinez Visfer on

I think this is nonesence! Paris Hilton is a real fashionista, and you can’t tell me that ahe is in the number one of worst dressed!! Perhaps Britney don’t meke excellent combinations, or wear nice clothes and accesories, but she canno’t be also in number one of worst dressed! Thanks, I am Facundo Martinez from Argentina!

coochie on

i just hate paris hilton

Liv on

blackwell was definetely right about britney. put some freakin’ clothes on girl! hate to break it to ya doll, but no one wants to see your boobs. although i dont really like paris i think she has a little more style than britney.

Emma on

I disagree with his choice of Sandra Oh for worst-dressed. I think she always looks adorable, save a flop here and there. Also, I don’t think Katie Holmes should be on the best dressed list at all. Her maternity wear was hideous and very unflattering- I have seen many people who aren’t celebrities look a lot better than her when pregnant! Otherwise, I agree completely with his choices.

Tara on

What happened to poor Brittney? She used to dress more respectable before she met (And married) K-Fed so I think he should be blamed for the whole lot.
Paris Hilton deffinetly deserves to be on Mr. Blackwell’s list, but if she covered up (What is she flaunting anyway?.
And there are three people he forgot. Here are there names are fashion crimes: Lilly Allen = Wearing dresses with joggers? (whats the point?), Mary-Kate Olsen = Trash can alert! and Seinna Miller (Jeans are not ment for tucking into your high heels!

traki on

They look so slutty! You would think with all their money they could show some class. Obviously Britney has lost what little brains she has left….I feel sorry for her kids!

Abby on

i think we all would have them on our worstdressed list if we had one

Ms.Sweden on

that guy has no idea what he is talking about! i mean there is some people that dress REALLY bad, but not Paris! maybe britney but not Paris!! kisskiss

michelle on

finally, the truth! it’s a shame money can’t buy taste…

rachel on

Britney S. loves and craves the attention. She likes being dirty! Paris H. is dressed fine in the little red dress and isn’t too revealing. She does look like a fool being seen in the press with an ex. wife (oops) husband… and not responsible mother trying to regain her Hollywood image. It’s so over B.S.!

rachel on

Britney needs to be taken into a bathroom to change and Paris should take charge of her going down in the tubes friend.

a.j. on

i reely dont think paris deserves 2 be on the worst dressed list…but then again, i dont think britt shod be either!

Anna on

This picture of Brittany is horrible. Your boobs hanging out of you dress is definitely out also if you wear tights wear two of them and ones that preferably don’t have holes.This is Brittanys time to glam it up not take it down she got rid of K-fed i guess shes taking baby stpes.

Jessica on

I agree with him. Paris & Britney did do terrible, Paris basically all year & Britney after her divorce, hellooo? Underwear is made to wear, not to sit at home, while you party. I do think that some of his other worst-dressed choices did have good outfits many times, but they did choose some hideous ones.

tifanni on

paris looks like the grandmother out to lunch with her granddaughter!

Hannah on

wake up Britney, get a freaking dress that fits!!!!!!!!!!

sarah on

Britney has big boobs because shes breastfeeding

Rachel on

Yes i totally agree with Mr.Blackwell!
Oh my God, britney and paris, what were you thinking??

ben on

brittney jugs are huge.

sanaya on

it looks like one of brits boobs is gonna pop out

victoria on

ew. thats disgusting. first of all. brittney needs to put some pants on. and a shirt. paris. is just gross. period.

noone on

britney but i think she is trying to get someone else looks like a slut but i think she is trying to get another guy and i dont blame her and kevin was lucky tht she didnt leave him sooner i think the only reason she stayed is the kids and publicity

Nikki on

As far as Mariah, I wish she could be left alone. Perhaps she doesn’t dress for her age, but one could say, she is just trying to get back the years she missed out on. She got married young, and her youth was pretty much taken away from her – and everything that comes along, with it. If you actually observe her from her early career 16 years ago, you’ll see how shy of a girl she was. Maybe the past 5-7 years helped her discover herself and gain new self-esteem.

Britney is an awesome performer and has shown a good taste in her performance outfits. In her free time and life away from the stage, she dresses exactly like most American girls – carefree and comfortably, and not so much tastefully, necessarily. If you notice, there aren’t really that many “fashionistas” around; it’s all about the laid-back hoodie look, which is tragic, but is what it is. Sometimes she also wears tees that almost try to send a message: she WANTS to be left alone. She does not want the association with the stage princess; in her own life, she just wants to rejoice in being a girl. She is also a young mother, and that is a difficult role to settle into, especially with a dead-beat daddy.

What is admirable about these women is that they are real and not pretentious, like many of their counterparts (think Goldie’s fake smile). They are not trying too hard to be who they want to be. They are both outstanding performers, and that’s what they should be credited for – not their lifestyle choices. Neither one of them ever claimed to want to be a “role model”. It is time to put people’s lack of individual talent and overpouring jealousy behind and let these beautiful women enjoy their own lives, while we enjoy their music and contributions to entertainment.

Denys on

You just have to look at that picture and there is no question about it Mr. Blackwell is 100% right.

Ishy on

Did they just come out of a strip club…worst dressed? That happened a long time ago for Britney!

AHhhhh on

okay…i completely agree with everyone on this listt..however this guy has got to be blind when it comes to christina aguilaraa..she doesnt deserve to be on that list..

Gianna on

No way, They look beautiful! (joke)For one thing, Brittany is popping out of that dress. Those two are such a pair, they’re both so full of themselves! YES, they should be on the worst dressed list.

B.A. on

OKAY!the whole one piece of the panty hose on one person and the other part on another person NOT A GOOD IDEA and i mean britney needs to cover up a little and paris normally does dress well obviously both of them were drunk or something because nobody in their right mind would step out lookin luike that…knowing cameras were going to be all over them…unless they just wanted attention..WELL CONGRATULATIONS they got it but i dont think they wanted this kind of attention!

Victoria' on

brittney spears looks like she went out in her lawn and made that ugly peice of cloth and paris well there is no help for her

roxy on

He is so right. But what about Scarlett Johanson? She is so hot right now, and knows what to wear that looks good on her body.

joann on

i think mr.blackwell is dead on they are such skanks brit needs to learn that she has baby fat and needs to wear a bra!!!!

Jen on

Britney, sweety….. (clearing my throat)… Please… just stop. You look bad in our eyes, already. Don’t make it WORSE!!!!!

shayla on




Caroline on

They always look f…’d up

nicole on

What the Hell!!!! Brittany is not showing any respect for herself and her children! It’s one thing to have a good time, but please have some respect for yourself. Do you want your children to be subjected to this craziness later on in their life,by their friends? I hope not!

w/e on

oh my… Britney lookes horrible… she might as well just show her nipples! Paris lookes fine, but I think that the bottom of her dress could look better…

someone on

ewww omg what were paris & britney thinking?!?
they look terrible!
i agree with mr.blackwell completely

someone on

eww omg what were thye thinkin??
those outfits are drop dead hideous!

Kylie on

Brittney looks like grass and if she layed in it then she would probley blend in. Pairs dress is cute not her worst dress.

loosie on

britney cover the boobs ur a mom now. paris ur fine GO PARTY!!!!and britney act like an adult 4 once!

mielen on

Britney Spears is out of her mind. She needs help with the way she is acting. Not like a woman but like a teeneager. Her drees is horrible. She needs help.

Ashley on

WRONG. Paris almost always looks really cute and Christina Aguilera definitely has style.
Why is Katie Holmes on the best dressed list? That’s a laugh. And why isn’t Mary-Kate Olsen and Helena Bonham Carter up there?
I think Mr. Blackwell needs to take a closer look at what celebrities are wearing.. he’s slipping! :p

Audrey on

Wow…What two very trashy women! You would think that with all that money those two have, they would have a little more class!?

maci hampton on

i love this look! its amazing! me and my friend are gonna do sumthin like it with the fish net on homecoming or at least we want to if our mommies let us :)

Kelci on

Yea I agree that they should be named some of the worst dressed. Look a Brittney’s boobs popping out of her dress. Paris is at least covering up a little. Oh, and what is whith the ugly fish nets. Can you say skanky!

Gina on

How can Christina Aguilera be on there?!? He looks great, especially compared to how she used to dress!!!

dancing is my passion on

Umm…..What in the Hell are they wearing, is that legal?

Margaret on

Absolutely. When are we going to able to pick up a magazine without having to look at the latest mess these two self-centred girls have made.

elise76 on

I guess the Street walker look is in, where is their pimp? It`s like they crawled out from some nasty run way show at the trailer trash convention, specially Britney. As if her accent didn`t give it away!

Jessie on

Paris doesn’t look that great in this picture, but what is wrong her her typical attire? I watch reruns of the Simple Life all the time and find myslef wanting most of her clothes. She typically has a very classic and flattering look.

I think it is terrible to compare her clothing to Britney’s. Britney is NASTY!

wit on

im more concerned about why paris appears to be wearing a stocking on only ONE leg….whats that all about?

Nicole on

Brit looks a hot mess!!!

aj on

Why isn’t the atrocious Bai Ling on his list? But then she’s usually half-naked which probably disqualifies her.



Candice on

I am a huge Christina fan, I cannot believe that she made worst dress list, she has dressed absolutley amazing this last year and she deserves more than that. I am tired of everyone treating her like that. She is an amazing artist and is not fake unlike some people (like that dumb, retarded.. Britney) I am so sick and tired of hearing about her and what she is wearing or who she is dating, how much she is spending? who cares. I dont even watch television or listen to the radio n e more because I am so sick and tired of her. We all know she is a slut and a horrible mother ok get over it, lets move on and recognize those artist that really deserve it, Beyonce, Christina, Gwen Stefani… Do you know why the media doesn’t follow after them all that much because they are not easy targets, they choose to keep their personal lives sacred and aren’t always making fools of themselves. Gwen is a mommy, you will not catch her out like Britney, Christina is a newly wed and is not constantly dying for attention she lets the music do the talkin, Beyonce is very hush hush about her personal life. Those are the ones we should admire not Britney, who is with me?

Amy on

Bingo on Blackwell, so right about these two, now one question I have..Paris, what is with the “odd” colored stockings or were you just getting dressed in the dark?

nena on

Is Britney trying to be the next Courtney Love???? I am a very young mom (22yr) and thank God my body has gone back to how it looked before the baby (1yr) but not because of that I am half naked just to make sure everyone notices I lost the baby fat. I’m just wondering what those two poor little boys will think of their mom in lets say… 5 years from now!

Dixie Marie on

Sarah, just in case you check back in, I breastfed both of my kids for 6 months and your boobs don’t get that big just by breastfeeding. A little larger? Yeah! Huge like that? No. I have to agree with most of the list. Jennifer Aniston shoud have been on the best dressed list.

Marina on

YESS!! Finally someone speaks up about paris & brittney…they have been extremely skanky lately. I love Mariah Carey and all but she really needs to start dressing her age.

Karla.S on

Here we are yapping about Britney Spears yet once you guys so desperatley in need of news that you will keep writing about the same person over and over again….Guess what this is all old news.For the person who said that she dressed trashy way before like before Justin Timberlake.Tell me something what do you wear when you all go clubbing?Oh I’m sure you all would make the best dressed ,right??? why? can’t afford it!! thats why!May-be they just don’t give A flying f on what we all think.They went out on the town and had fun doing it.Then there are bottom feeders such as all of you and this site,that are so jealous of the money these women have made(no where near what we can only dream of) that all have,and that they can afford to do what they want, when they want. sooooooo,I truly don’t think that with all they’re own goings on in family life and then there’s they’re work which you have all admired at one time.I’m sure Britney has a real laugh at you all.where are your own children right now… why aren’t you being the perfect parent& get off the computer and go spend some time with your own child and or family….but oh you all are perfect,God is the Judge of that.God judges. Not us!go look after your own lives.That’d Include cleaning your own back yards before you start cleaning someone else’s. We are fast to Judge,we are all Gods children.God forgives all,and the way that these young ladys are dressed well it has nothing to do with anything inportant thats going on in our world! Try checking out the real news…and then i could see haveing a discussion on that ,but on actors and actresses,come on you guys who cares whos wearing what!!!!!!!!!!! GROW UP!!!and get a job and some lives. KARLA

Addi on

you know what funny?’
if people didnt have nipples, it would be acceptable to let your whole boob show…..b/c people can let their boobs hang out of their shirt as much as they want as long as their nipple doesnt show….
i don’t know, it was funny to think about.

Sarah on

At least poor Sean Preston didn’t top the list this year. No child deserves to be put at the top of the worst-dressed list.

stacey on

it is the most horible pic in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Katherine on

OMG! this is insanly wrong…. hey brittney… why don’t you put some clothes on! and paris… red is deffinitly not your color….! sry… but i didnt want to lie….! love ya… hahah not!

c on

lol. britney looks like shes doing the arm’s thing(the one that makes yer boobs luk bigger. she needs to cover up maan. she doesnt luk lyk a mother at all. and paris? shes a bad influence. no offense.

stina on

Im not a big paris hilton fan, but i really dont think she should be next to britney on the worst dressed list. Britneys skanky all the time, Paris..not nearly as often!!!

ashley on

hi i love you guys.

vanesa on

i agree with the list but christina should not be on the list did he forget about shakira her bummy style never changes she always looks like a bum! even if she tries she always looks dingy she needs help from a profetional stylist.

Rachel on

My question is why are they holding hands at least paris doesnt have kids but britney should be at home with her kids that why she had them????????????

ashlynn on

It just wasn’t Britney’s year. But Paris totally shouldn’t be up there, because she looks fine- besides once or twice she’ll dress really weird otherwise she doesn’t belong up there.

kris ann on

=0 lol

nandy on


dann on

paris and britney bbf

Abel on

Mar01Adam Once again Court another amiznag show! Especially like the part about how Rhiana got Chris Brown arrested for beating her then did a music video about S&M. So think the charges should be dropped because of that. Just makes it seem like they were having some fun and she decided hey good way to get revenge for that mistake he made last week. Keep up the good work hun, you got support from me 100%!!!!

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