What'll They Think Of Next: Pedicure-Friendly Boots

01/08/2007 at 11:01 AM ET

Sure, it’s cold out, but getting a pedicure is still a great way to pamper yourself. If your toes are freezing in flip-flops and you’re sick of smudging your fresh polish while putting on socks, you aren’t alone. Bootie Pies (Pedicure Boots for Posh Toes), are Ugg-like winter boots made of suede with a warm lining and fold back patent leather toe to let your nails dry while keeping your feet toasty. The boots come in five different colors, including this coconut creme and are sold exclusively at bootiepies.com for $128 a pair. Seems a bit much to us, but for the pampered footsie, why not?

Photo: bootiepies.com

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Jackie on

these are absolutely ridiculous, not to mention UGLY.

Lis on

Thats a dumb idea. Who would wear boots like that. If you don’t want your polish to get ruined let it dry first, when you put one of these boots on it will get smudged anyway. I wouldn’t buy them.

Orlee on

Brilliant! I need these desperately!!

Lily on

omg….so cute!!

Hope on

totally fab! lovin them!

Hayley on

i bought these a month ago in pecan- and absolutely LOVE them! too funny!

j on

stupid. and i get a pedi every other week. if you’re going to a good salon they have things (high speed dryer, heat lights, etc) that ensures your polish is dry by the time you leave. i don’t see these boots catching on, sorry.

O on

so smart! i always think i’m dry and then ruin my toes when i put my shoes back on!

Jazzy on

saw these the other day on someone in nyc- was dying to know where to get them! great find!

KJ on

Cool – I’d love to have a pair.

jen on

I have worn these boots as pedicure boots and regular everyday boots and have received numerous compliments. What a great find. I think these boots are ridiculously awesome, not ridiculous! I will recommend them to anyone and everyone.

Lisa G on

my husband makes fun of me all the time for wearing flip flops in winter. these will be perfect

KT fr Cda on

What a stupid ugly idea.

lizzy on

I must have them!!! I go to a “good” salon and sit under those heat lamps and still get those lines on my toes after I put my shoes on. That means a $60 pedicure is ruined. Bootie Pies seem like a really bargain if I don’t have ruined toes at the end of the day!!!

Sonia on

Neat idea, if you get pedis often regardless of how quick that blower is you will always screw up your nails. Love the suede!! Sexy!!

Melanie on

These are totally a great idea! I am guessing you would have to put the boot on before the polish. I love my pedicures.

Penelope on

I’ve been complaining about this very problem to my pedicurist for years!!Glad someone finally answered the call….

GabbyZ on

I work in the cosmetics industry and my boss bought these for our whole staff for Xmas! I’m lovin mine. Kudos to people.com for spreading the word, and to bootiepies for keeping my pedicures in good condition!

tiffany on

Some people are so stupid. If you really think they look great then that’s great for you. I hope you’re happy with them. But then there are the people that only like what magazines tell them to like. I’ll bet if they had a picture of Paris Hilton wearing a garbage bag, there are some morons who would be like “That is so cute” and start wearing it.

yen on


Janda on

Kudos to Tiffany. Are women (and some men) so MINDLESS now-a-days? I am now convinced that if you know someone who knows someone that can get your product in print, your product will kick off (thanks to mindless people) and you will become rich. Kudos to the inventor for making it rich, but darn, these boots are hideous. All it takes in today’s world is the power of suggestion and mindless people follow it. Gag me…..

KJ on

Tiffany, you should really lighten up. This is a place where people can voice THEIR opinions and not everyone has the same one. All people are not stupid – they just think differently. It would be a sad, boring world if we all looked and thought alike. So, have a great day and put a smile on your face. Life is Good!

Stephanie on

Are they joking? how stupid.

Summer on

These boots are a brilliant idea for people who live in cold climates, they are intended more to be functional than gorgeous. I think Uggs are less than attractive but I wear them because i live in WI and they are the only thing that will keep you warm. Some of you critics need to step back and look at the bigger picture. These will save tons of money and grief in botched pedis, and if you are someone who doesn’t get pedis, just move on and don’t comment.

Mica on

if you think they’re ugly don’t buy them- but we all said that about uggs a few years ago and now who’s laughing

C on

Nice idea, ugly boot.

Mollysemanian on

Wow – FUGLY.

stefanie c. on

SO SMART! I heard about these but wasn’t sure where to find them. My polish never dries before I leave the spa– even under the lamps.

Rivy on

i got a pair for Christmas- i get compliments on them even when i’m wearing them as a regular boot!

karppool on

What a great idea! I wore mine to the salon the other day, and every person getting a pedicure wanted to know where I got them – including one man who wanted to buy them for his wife and his daughter. No more smudged toes for me……..

Emma on

how stupid can people be???? these are ugly…. if you are going to get the pedis then you pay the price to wear the flip flop….. and if you are going to get boots to wear then why get pedis???? wear the flip flops…. it is not like it is a mile walk to the car and back and even so it is only going to take you 5 minuets at the most!@!!! gaw these are stupid!!!!

Chitown on

i live in chicago so i can’t just run to my car- i have to walk to my apt. these look great for colder days- and cute!

BettyB on

A friend of mine has these and I’ve seen them in person… so cute and stylish! And a great idea!

Emma on

these are the worst looking shoes ever!!!!! gaw if you are going to get a pedi then pay the price for wearing flip flops for the walk out to your car!!!! and anyways you are going to get a pedi why would you wear boots????? that is just stupid just wait till you can wear the flipflops!!!! it is about 2 months that you can’t wear flip flops…. GET OVER YOUR SELF!!!!!! THOSE BOOTS ARE FUGLY

lizz on

i would were these around the house but never to go out

liz on

These boots are so cute and practical, too. Very trendy. You can’t wear flip flops on the ice..I know I slipped last winter.

BZ on

Bought a pair a few weeks ago. Don’t know how I lived without them. Kudos to the girls who thought this up.
Love them, love them, love them

Brenna on

For a Manhattanite like myself these are a dream come true… We walk EVERYWHERE, and the salon I prefer for pedicures is a 15 minute walk from my apartment. I think these are perfect for urban dwellers. Maybe they are not for everyone– they are definitely geared toward the upscale consumer.

ssnyc on

I have had many pedicures in these boots and never had a smudge-and I have walked miles around NYC in them and at the end of the day had no pain in my feet! Great Boots!

Michele on

these are completely ridiculous!!! UGLY UGLY UGLY……..did I mention that they are ugly?

Jenny on

Just stay the extra 5-10 minutes under the dryer to make sure the polish is set!

Katy on

Ok, how do you put them on without smudging your newly polished toes?

L on

Love them!! Cute! Cute! Cute! I’ve been seeing them all over NYC. Just bought a pair.

liz on

You put the boots on after your toes are scrubbed but before they are polished. You just push down the toe flap and slip your toes right in and your manicurist polishes your toes right on the flap.

kate on

these should win some award for the most ridiculous things ever… it kind of makes me wish i thought of them first. You gotta admit it’s a creative idea… right? right? ok then…

Christine Charles on

I’m sorry but these are probably the ugliest pair of shoes I have seen! They are absolutely RIDICULOUS! People.com I’m going to have to ask you guys to try again because these boots suck!

Kitt on

i love the concept, but the design could be better.

barb on

interesting and cleavor, whoever thought of these is ingenous, also, cute web site, I’m going to get a pair.

O on

i have these and have my pedicures done all the time in them. always get compliments. the patent leather toe is so in case your pedicurist gets polish on them, it will wipe right off

Alyson on

Wait a minute…. don’t you still have to slip your foot in and out of the boot? Doesn’t that sort of defeat the purpose? I’m sorry but, some things are just ridiculous and these boots are in that category!

ebbie on

I think they are different and innovative. Some people just can`t think outside the box.

milly on

i like the idea but the shoe could have been better looking..then i would definately buy it

Christina on

THESE ARE AWESOME!!! I love it when products are brought to market that look cool AND serve a function. I hate weaering sandals in winter. By the way, anything and everything patent leather is so hot right now– I have no idea how you could say they are ugly. I wonder what is in your closets….hmmm??

Kelly on

Question! What’s the point of wearing boots if you can see the toes? And also, it’s totally ugly!

Candi on

Is that some kind of scary, twisted joke? Tacky as all get out.

erin on

what the hell is that? only like ugly people like mariah carey would wear that!

erin on

what the heck is that? only ugly people like mariah carey would wear that!

debbie d. on

I don’t know if Mariah has them or not but I’m pretty sure I read that Jessica Alba has them and so does Tori Spelling. personally, i think they are really cute!

JenB on

Silly. Just one more way to waste money.

sherry on

Uglyest things ive ever seen…Come on who would wear those!

Mollie P on

jeez you people are brutal. i happen to think they are really cute and a great idea. just watch, they’ll pop up all over the place now!

erica on

lizzy pays 60 bucks for a pedicure??? WOW! I get a mani/pedi for 20 bucks where I go.

Melanie on

These are ridiculous! It’s bad enough people are wearing UGGs with sweatpants! What are they going to think up next? Ugg sandals?

paige on

I own a salon In Buffalo, NY. We do plenty of pedicures in the winter, my clients would love these boots! Even with the best drying products I recomend drying for at least a half hour and a lot of clients don’t have that kind of time

Stephanie on

VERY VERY UGLY. I have no words.

Hope Ashley on

I would never wear them. They have no appeal at all. I must say it is a great idea.:)minus the leather

lizzy on

You definitely get what you pay for and I love to be the first one to find something trendy to wear. Patent leather is so in right now. I think we will be seeing a lot of Bootie Pies. Kudos to the designers. They are fab!!

Miss Greenie on

Infact Malaine….they have already come out with UGG Sandals…i think they’re a good idea…and sort of cute! have a good day everybody! :)

Miss Greenie on

Right on Kerry! hit the nail on the head! :)

kathy on

omg though thats a cool idea, who would actually wear something that hideous? i mean why dont you just wear flipflops? and why would someone pay more than $100 for that?

Christina S-F on

These are a GREAT idea! I can’t tell you how many times that I freeze my feet off when I am trying to let my toes dry during the cold months when pedi’s are a MUST!
My only gripe: $128?????? No way. They should make a Walmart version for $30.

QueenDarlene on

for those of you who are saying “why not just wear flip flops”– THAT IS THE WHOLE POINT! i live in denver and women who get pedis all the time (like i do) don’t want to wear flip flops in the winter. exposing your entire foot in a flip flop to the cold and snow is what is ridiculous!!!! having a pedicure boot for this purpose makes sense and i am getting a pair before my next pedi. for those of you who are so jacked up — if you don’t need them or like them– it’s simple–dont buy them. i’m w. kerry–if you have nothing better to do than sit around and write obnoxious things– I would really take a good hard look at yourself–nothing says “loser” like misdirected anger like yours.

Stefie on

umm…youre not so funny clara. or clever. the name UGGs came from the word ugly. thats what they are named for. jeez, serious hostility is right. Queen Darlene- im with you a thousand percent!

kat on


beth on

For the pampered girls who can afford “pedis” every week or every other week, I’m sure if they have money to spend on that – they can waste their money on this silly shoe. I, personally always have polished toes, but I do them myself, and they look just as nice as my friends toes who go spend $20+ on pedicures, and I do them at home, so there is no worry about putting shoes on or smudging.

Lauren on

totally gross!eww!no-one will be able 2 pull them off!not even kate moss!terrible idea.

Caite on

Never mind the fact that these boots are slightly ugly…if you are worrying about cold/snowy weather your toes and feet are going to get wet/cold the second you leave the salon. I too live 15 minutes away from the best salon (walking distance) in my city, but I would not buy these impractical shoes. Wait an extra 10 minutes if your pedi is that important and save the money!

Nameless on

Why all the anger? Especially you Clara? Everyone is entitled to their opinion! And it’s just a shoe you wear when you get a pedicure, that’s it. Everyone’s getting so emotional if you can’t handle a simple shoe poll I don’t even want to think about how you guys handle the local news much less global news. There’s more important thing to worry about than some new shoe trendy that will be gone by next winter. I’m sure UGG is design something else right now to fit everybody’s need, even Clara’s

*Stephanie* on

I think these boots are so not a hit..They are very stgrange..lol..sometimes strange is good, but in this case…not.

Cheri on

Can’t believe some of the things they come up with! Those have to go!

norma on

when i first saw them i thought it was a joke!!!i
funny…i think the pedicure would get ruined when ur slipping your feet in them!

Karly on

you put your foot in BEFORE you get your toes polished. you get your toes polished while your foot is ALREADY in the boot

sdkf on

ummm… seriously $128 that seems a bit much for a stupid and ugly item. why are people so lazy nails dont take that long to dry. pathetic!!!



Hillary Duff on

hey people.com… I think this boots are great, now we can put them on as we get out of the saloon withut ruining our pedicure. love you all.Hillary Duff:::

44424122 on

It’s like a really gross version of uggs! (which are sooo much cooler!)

LZ on

O.M.G.!!!! Ladies, ladies r u serious?? They are just boots. Why is everyone going crazy. It’s very simple……if you like you buy, if you dont like then keep walking. Remember this ok… “To each his (or in this case her) own.”

Roy Roy on

this is quite an interesting look if i might add, ummmm i can see where your going with this but im not sure if the UGGS look is the right way to go.
if i might add UGGS are for the winter and not as fashionable as well.
As comfortable as they are, there not the most prettiest.

Sarah on

Dear Sir,

I think this new type of uggs are simply hidious! They ruin the whole ugg brand. I would really not like you to put this on the market, if you havent already. I dont think you will have much bussiness with these.
These uggs are just plain old ugly!

Sarah J. Hopkins

Sarah on

These things are simply hidious. I dont think you will get much buissness with these.
These uggs are just ugly!

paige on

SO UGLY!!!!!!!!

Shea on

These seem like a practical idea; yet, i cannot see myself wearing them due to the fact that they are horrendously ugly.

liv on

think of yourself walking in them, i dont think it’ll be too comfortable with the open toes and all

T on

Absolutely ugly.
I still can’t believe some people out there actually think UGG boots look good.
I never liked them when they were “in” three or four years ago, and I certainly don’t like them now.
Seriously, don’t these people have any minds of their own?
These boots are in no way flattering for anyone!
In ten years, they’ll look back at them wonder what on earth they were thinking.
Remember legwarmers?

sweet lorraine on

I love them! AND I am proud to say that I discovered them BEFORE people.com did!I live in Rochester NY and they are a lifesaver for my winter pedis. Think what you want– but this trend is catching on big time by me!

Allyson G. on

These boots may be practical (if you call $128 practical), but who are you kidding girls…they are UGLY.

delish us on

wow- brilliant idea! why didnt I think of that???
To those of you that are so hysterical and negative you seem a little , ahem, emotional over these boots. Let’s seee…….Are you insecure with your own sense of style (or lack of)? afraid another trend will pass you by while you watch from the sidelines? or are you simply unable to afford them? or are you just really depressed that you can’t even spell the words in the 3 lines of text you wrote?

allondra on

who cares about practical??? I am a pampered princess and these are most surely for me. the only question is what color…

kay on

they are completley hideous. and for the people thinking these comments are obnoxious and we should just not buy them if we hate them this much, its an opinion poll and these are our opinions. you give yours, we give ours. but fashionable in any way?? and yes patent leather is in and YES so are suede boots but this is just wrong.

Sarah Thomas on

they wouldnt be so bad if the toe part wasnt a different color than the other part of it.
eh i think i rather buy me another pair of UGGs..

m_a_s_14 on

thats the stupidest idea i ever heard of yet! come on people get a life!!!!!

Amber on

These boots are utterly proposturous not to mention butt-ugly. Give me a break bored designers.

Jeanny on

i like this blog, and these boots. You are all very nice.

EMR on

These are the fugliest things i have ever seen in my entire life!!! I mean there is like a plastic cap on the end that looks so dumb!If I ever saw somebody wearing these on the street i would laugh at them and take pictures of how dumb the look! FUGLY!!!!!!!!!!

Lee on

Saw a girl wearing them when I was getting my pedicure today. They are so awesome!!! She didn’t even have to dry her toes under the drier and off she went. I definitely need them..I think the trendy purple is for me. FYI the designers are from Jersey. Did you even check out the website? It’s really cool.

Liz on

Either you like to pamper yourself in the winter with Pedicures and like to stay warm while doing it or you don’t. I love to pamper myself and hate to be cold so these boots are definitely for me and if you haven’t seen these boots in person, you really should. They are so cute and they are all over the place now. I think you all wish you thought of this idea. I know I do!!

claire on


Layla on

Bought Them. Wore Them. Loved Them. In fact, had girls stop me on the street and while shopping (I live in NYC) to ask where to find them. They are comfortable and not only a great invention for cold weather pedis — they look very sharp in the closed position– great with jeans.

Charlotte on

Verrrrrrry cool! What is $128 if it saves your pedicure from being ruined all winter! I botched my pedicure last week by putting socks on too soon. There is nothing more annoying than ruining a $50 pedicure.

SKW on

I’m a pedicurist at an upscale salon in Connecticut so these really caught my eye. My clients will adore these boots! We recommend drying under the lamps (heat and fan) for a minimum of 30-45 minutes ( also use a drying spray and oil, as well). Many clients simply cannot wait that long in the salon. I can’t wait to spread the word about these! What a great solution!

mimi on

STUPID!…And I would probably laugh out loud if I bump into anyone stupid enough to wear them…It’s part of those horrifying “fashion” elements that consumers buy {even if it’s ugly as hell} only because someone say it is fashion

Missy E on

Wow!!! Between the obvious mix of hate and jealousy I`d say they will do very good. The haters created enough controversy that different big companies have picked them up. And to the retard Clara you need spell check AND medication namely Prozac. There is also an online rage support group as well as people without class anonymous that I am sure will help. You obviously did not do your research before you posted, THEY ARE AMERICAN. They only Aussie here is you. I am sure you an the liquid from your butt hole will sizzle in heck very nicely, sounds like lucifer`s stir fry tonight!!!

Keeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyy on

I think it’s a cool idea!-but,it’s dammmmmmmmmmmmm expensive!

Olivia on

Living in a cold-weathered city this is perfect. No one said they were the cutest, hottest shoes around, but for the purpose it serves I can’t think of anything better! Winter pedicure blues are solved!

KC on

I’m sorry… but if it’s cold enough to wear fleece lined boots to begin with, I’m not exactly worried about my polish being ruined since my feet will more than likely completely covered everyday, anyway! You can still get a pedicure w/o having colored polish that you have to worry about ruining!

julia on

you guys have lost your mind, stop waisting your money on these stupid, stupid ideas for shoes. it looks like a cast.

abc123 on

I wouldn’t wear these…they’re not cute AND they’re expensive. But it would serve the purpose well enough. I, for one, get pedicures all year round, but I would not even think twice of purchasing these boots.

R on

Why not just wait the extra 3 minutes to get them dried? The nails actually have more of a chance getting ruined if you walk out with them bare just like that then if you cover them with normal socks or closed shoes.

heyy on


Kristen on

There Hideous!!!!! The person who came up with that shoe, should be sued, for such a horrific idea. Anybody who get there toes done, should just wait til they have the time to go, and or be patient enough to let them dry.

Dee on

I think it is creative whoever though of it BUT they are down right stupid!! Someone famous will wear them then everyone will!!

lil on

i like them! i’ve never gotten a pedicure in the winter though cause people dont normally see my toes in the winter, not like they are disgusting or anything, and i dont get them in the summer cause of swimteam. But hey, they are cute and even if i have no use for them, i’m sure someone does. After all, if there is a problem there has got to be a solution. so good for bootiepies, 1 problem solved and about a million more to go!

debbie on

Which I had invented these! I have been saying this for years! They are adorable – a bit pricey but so cute

Angel on

I have to agree with Jackie they are ugly and ridicolous. Tell me this, how do you expect to put them on because we all know that when you get your nails done, there gonna smear cause you have to put your foot back in them. The people who made these are dumb!!

carol on

really stupid idea i rather wear flip flops lmao and its stupid its like ugg boots just the front is cut thats gay seriously !

Bad Idea on

They are really ugly!! They are way to much for what they are too. I mean look at them?? Good idea though!

Gabrielle Lawson on

wouldn’t your nail polish smudge when putting your foot into the boot?and besides it looks ugly…but they might be cute under jeans..?idk..but very creative

Diana on

sooooo smart!! wish I had them today!

Radha on

The worst invention ever. How do you put the boot on, if your toe nails are wet. Perhaps, you can stick your foot, boot and all in the hot, bubbly foot bath and then get the pedicure while wearing the boot!

Lizzy on

You ladies have no idea how they work and how great they are for winter pedicures. You put your foot in the boot BEFORE you have your toes polished. Your pedicurist polishes your toes right on the front flap and off you go. You don’t even have to take two pair of shoes to the salon just your Bootie Pies. If I had to wait for a day when I had time to sit and wait for my pedicure to dry for hours, I would never get my toes done. I guess you some people have alot of time on their hands. I love my Bootie Pies!!!

Winter Taste on

Wow, living in a winter city, I wear boots to keep my feet warm not to show off my widdle toesies with their expensive pedicure. What the f**k do you need fancy polish for if you’re wear boots and closed toes shoes anyways. You’re not madonna. Vapid paris hiltons of the world unite. She’d wear them because they are ugly and idiotic.

And as one person said, the people who made these are dumb. Perhaps but not as dumb as the ditzes paying $128 to think people will care what their feet look like.

Andrea on

I never realized it was possible to make the Ugg boot Ugglier.

Rainne on

Pull the other one – it’s got bells on.

Come on, people. This boot is a) ridiculous and b) butt ugly.

I therefore expect Paris Hilton to have six thousand pairs by the end of the week, and by next week they will all be filthy like her Ugg boots. Because Paris Hilton is trash. Sorry, didn’t I say that loud enough? Paris Hilton is trash. And so are these boots. Have a lovely day.

Kathleen on

absolutely ridiculous…

Liv on

i really can’t imagine taking fashion and beauty advice from anyone that uses the word “fugly”

Ricki on

do not comment if you haven’t at least read how they are used. you have your toes polished while your foot is IN THE BOOT. (ahem gabrielle and radha) the same way you put on your flip flops BEFORE your toes are polished. if you can’t figure that out, then you probably have never had a pedicure before and really shouldnt be commenting at all on something you quite obviously don’t understand.

Dawn from CANADA on


I would never wear these, and even in the coldest of winter, I will wear flip flops…

Its not like these would protect from snow or anything anyways. Plus they make socks that have open toes that you can wear if your really that wimpy in the cold.

kj on

one word “STUPID”

Renee on

you got to be kidding they are discusting, no you cant wear them in a real Canadian winter, you might as well just wear the sandles you would look just as retarded……LOL, only in the movies girls,

Renee cndngirl on

come on the ones who said they’ve worn these and had a pedicure how bout the truth…..lol, did you have them on the whole time, are they water proof too, every other shoe smudges your polish?? but the boots don’t…..lol, Hey here’s an idea, if you dont have time to wait for the polish to dry dont do your nails, please! spare the rest rest of the women with taste the humiliation.

emily on

lame. the only thing worse than uggs are uggs with rip off toes

emma on

ummmm wow ok this is just about the stupidest idiea ever if your that desparate buy a cheap pair and cut a hole in them

BK on

OMG, STUPID, that wraps it up.

JJ on

These boots are amazing. You obviously have not not tried on a pair. If you did, you would love how warm they keep your feet. If you do not get a pedicure in the winter, then these boots are not for you but if you do you should check them out. For the girls who wear their flip flops in the snow to get their pedicures, be thankful you have not slipped on the ice yet. Take it from me, you can get really hurt. And for not getting pedicures in the winter b/c no one sees your feet that is ridiculous!! That’s when they need pampering the most or in the spring your feet will be gross!!

sara on

As a manicurist, I love this idea. I actually thought of open-toed boots about 8 years ago. So to see that someone actually designed them is hysterical!!!

Kirstie on

These are absolutely horrendus! Who thought of these?

Becca on

What kind of moron would wear those?

Bailey on

OMG!!! thise are so DUMB not to mention UGLY!!!!! everybdy out there if you read this dont you dare ever spend $128 on those stupid ugly things! who cares you should get a pedicure in the spring when you have your graduation or some thing and actually xhow your toes I mean of course you are still going to have to take care of your toes but those things are just butt ugly!!!!

Mic on

Wow…thats too bad that someone would actually spend 100+ dollars on such an ugly pair of boots, not to mention way over priced! I could buy at least 3 pairs of shoes for that! Geez ladies, there really is no need to buy all these pointless inventions, or to HAVE to have a pedicure all the time!

grace on

Who ever thinks that these boots, or any boots that look like Uggs are cute, they are abviously fashion challenged. Uggs went out of style ages ago. Get over yourselves people.

crazymommy on

I love them!!! So cute!!! Everybody will wearing them soon and then you’ll all wish you had a pair, too. As for wearing socks with your flip flops, your feet are still cold and your socks get wet and nothing is more uncomfortable than cold, wet feet. As a mommy to young children, I don’t have an extra second to spare to wait for my pedicure to dry but I still need to pamper myself!! Kudos to Bootie Pies!!

Shelly on

if Uggs went out of style ages ago, why does every store I go to seem to be out of stock?

GoPatriots on

i dont know about you all, but i like my toes done in the winter- i hate walking around with chipped polish and rough dry feet. even if its only me and my boyfriend who see them! i know he appreciates my perfectly polished toes all year round :)

HP on

good idea but never were them in public

Cassandra on

1. this boots are ugly and impractical
2. “Hillary Duff”!?!?! nice try but it’s Hilary, NOT Hillary

roxy on

I think you would smudge your polish when you slip them on. And they’re ugly, I’m probably going to make fun of anyone who wears them.

Bridget on


elena on

i’m with jackie. sure they’re great for your pedicures but dude they’re called flip flops! sure it might be chilly where you live but then why will you even care? it’s not like any body is remotely inetersted in your feet during the winter. come on! it’s called common sense people!

kait on

“It would be a sad, boring world if we all looked and thought alike,” says KJ. KJ, it would be even worse if we all wanted a toeless boot by the name of “bootie pies”! and, no offense, but why the heck does anyone get a pedi in the winter? who r ya gonna show it off 2 when wearing flips wont work all season? this is just really dumb: not to read a boot by its no-toes or anything.. but come on! boots were invented to get ur toes outta snow!

really tho on

can someone PLEASE tell these people how badly they r getting made fun of for this?

chantal on

Stupid…..your nails will be ruined putting them into the boot if this is the case!!

Brittany on

Those boots are so ugly…….I think that I’ll let my feet freeze. Who walks outside with their toenails wet anyways? Unless something horrible happens and then who cares?

Lauryn on

personally i think the joke of the whole thing is how many of you comment without actually reading how they work or reading previous comments. you slip your foot in before you get your toes polished. duh

Eliza on

genius!! ive been waiting forever for something like this!

Kristy on

You definitely won’t catch me buying a pair of those! (for myself OR my daughters) Those are just plain ugly.

Synara on

In Brazil is very ridiculous.The womans never,never to put this.

Cassie on

love them love them!

Britt on

Thiis iis the stupiiest boot ever….who wuld wear thiis??No one cares wat color or desiign you have on your toes iin the miiddle of the wiinter….!!!{DUH}

Jennifer on

Maybe its just me,but the fact that someone is even PAYING $60 for a pedicure amazes me. I have everything I need at home to scrub, exfoliate, smooth and polish my own feet. And I don’t have to worry about walking anywhere while the polish dries. Seems a lot smarter than paying $128 for special boots so I can pay someone else to do the same thing I can do at home for free!!!

elise76 on

God! I guess NONE of your mothers said if you have nothing nice to say, say NOTHING at all.

Shari on

for those of you that say you can just polish your toes at home I ask– do you also cut your own hair instead of getting it done at the salon?? Maybe you don’t eat out at restaurants because you can cook in your own kitchen?? Well— then there are those of us that prefer to get hair cuts in salons, go out to eat at restaurants and yes, get pedicures at the nail salon all winter long. And for people like that these boots make great sense!! I think they are adorable and can’t wait to spead the word!

Lori V. on

FYI: Looks like these pedicure boots are going to be given out at the Grammy Awards to all of the celebrities ( I saw it on their website http://www.bootiepies.com. I can see celebrities really loving this product. Celebrities always have to have perfect pedicures ( and manicures and hair etc !!)

Jess on

I saw on the website that Bootie Pies are being given out at the Grammys. I love my Bootie Pies. I get pedicures in them, but I wear mine just for fun, too. They go great with jeans and are so comfy and not as heavy as Uggs. You girls wouldn’t be laughing if you tried them..so warm and comfy and trendy. You should also try looking at the website because most of you have no idea how the boots work for pedicures, if you did, you wouldn’t be laughing, but that’s okay because the joke’s on you if your freezing your feet off or ruining your polish or being forced to do your own pedicures in the house during the winter. The rest of us will be enjoying our Bootie Pies,

Posh on

unbelievably smart!

jeannie on

ABSOLUTELY. TERRIBLE. This reminds me of horrible ads for bad products from our parents’ years.
“The perfect shoe for the woman on the go!”
“Too cold for flip flops? Too late to wait for them to dry??” Cue confused, shrugging woman with her toes painted – “THEN TRY… “BOOTIE PIES!”

there is a reason why these haven’t been invented yet. because it’s ridiculous and ridiculously ugly. please women, do not patronize these things.

Shelley on

personally i think they are fab. who wouldnt love pedis in winter without freezing your butt off?

BeautyBlogger on

beauty bloggers like myself all around the world are loving these boots. guess you all are a little slow in the fashion world :)

elainee on

I got them as a gift for Xmas and I love them!!

PediLover on

all these nay-sayers clearly dont understand what its like to live in the city and want a professional pedi. i tell you, once you try these boots, youll never want to go back…

Nessa on

i bought these MONTHS ago and every time i get a pedicure, people stop to ask where i got them. hmmm..maybe i should be a style editor for people…?

jenny+tim on

it’s so funny that people who 1. never get pedicures or 2. never tried these boots are saying such negative things.


I own a pair and they ROCK!

Heather on

I think I would spend $128 on something else.

Jessica on

Worth every cent!!! Comfy and cozy. Kudos to Bootie Pies.

Dawn on

WOW!!! Love them!!!

giselle on

I think they are so cute!! A good idea, to boot!! (HA HA)

Lorraine on

As a mother of three, I’m lucky if my kids will sit through a toe polish change, let alone wait an hour for my toes to dry. In the summer, it’s no problem, but I would always ruin my winter pedis by putting my shoes on too quickly. This looks like its going to solve my problem perfectly. Hey Bootie Pies- you’ve got a new customer right here!

Lara on

i hate having to bring my flip flops to the salon and then walk home carrying my boots and freeeeezzzing in my sandals- this is just brilliant!

Morgan on

I think the bootes are absolutely horendous. They are really ugly, and personally I would have no use for them as I do live in Florida. But These boots are a brilliant idea for people who live in cold climates, they seem to be more intended to be functional than to be gorgeous. And hey, if you think they are cute, more props to you. I think this idea is innovative and sensible. If it works it works, but if you don’t like them, you sure don’t have to spend the money on them.

Lila on

I love them!! They are too cute!!

Greta on

Well, I just saw these on the TODAY show this morning and in one of the celeb weeklies recently! Seems a lot of people are loving them!

Krissy on

saw these on the today show..had to buy a pair immediately! loved them!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lissa on

I saw them on the Today show, too!!! wow!! Too cute!!! Just bought a pair.

ChattyK on

smartest idea ever!



Megan on

WOW, those might be the most ugly pair of shoes that I have ever seen. Why not just wear a pair of cute flip flops for a few hours after getting a pedicure???

Stefanie on

If you want to run around and do your errands in the winter in a pair of flip flops– go ahead– NOT ME! I think these are awesome. Just saw them in IN TOUCH magazine this week–they are hot!!! Mary J Blige, Scarlett Johannson, Jennifer Hudson and several other celebs are wearing them. They make great sense for people who don’t like to wear flip flops in the winter!!!

Andi on

Too expensive? Try TOEZIES! For $12.00 these socks are perfect for wearing with your favorite flip-flops to the salon for your pedicure! http://www.mytoezies.com

Penny on

who would want to wear flip flops in the winter with or without sox? i do like the idea of the boots tho.

BrookieG on

these are great!! you couldnt pay me enough to wear flip flops in the winter!

LAgrrl2 on

Love these! Believe it or not we get “cold” days in LA– these are perfect!

kay on

uum, well personly I think they are just horrendous, and as for the idea (hello!) isn’t this fashion we are talking about? well, I would have to say that i would NEVER NEVER NEVER EVER were them!

age 11

Betty on

Uggs are ALWAYS, I repeat: ALWAYS, a very bad idea. Please stop tainting your feet, not to mention your entire WARDROBE, with those hideous hideous articles of footwear. If you won’t do it for me, please think of the children.

Jess on

Uh, do people actually still wear these atrocities?? They should be ashamed.

Fiona on

Is this a joke? Those are the ugliest, cheesiest things I’ve seen since K-Fed’s white socks with flip flops. C’mon gals, take a step back and looook at those hideously tacky things.

Karenkitty on

love love love this concept!! I get pedicures every 2 weeks, so these are GREAT for me come fall.

debra z. on

I think they are great for pedis, especially where I live.

BeckyBecky on

these are perfect! i HATE getting pedis in the winter bc i freeze

ShaniaGLove on

these are so friggin smart!

PL on

Just saw these on Rachael Ray. FABULOUS!!

Ting on

thats the most gross thing ive ever seen!!!! ew, hell no

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