Coloring Your Hair At Home? Don't Follow Brit's Makeover Habits

01/05/2007 at 02:00 PM ET

To those of you jonesing for dramatic hair color makeovers à la Britney or the Olsen twins — hold on a minute. John Frieda head colorist Sharon Dorram-Krause, whose clients include Kate Hudson, Kate Winslet and Linda Evangelista, warns that non-celebrities should proceed carefully. “I don’t recommend it for the layperson because they don’t have a colorist at their disposal, and the hair really takes a beating [in the process],” says Dorram-Krause. “A lot of times [stars] aren’t doing these transformations overnight—it happens over stages.” She recommends deep conditiong with L’Occitane’s Shea Butter or adding Vitamin E tablets to a Kerastase mask for “an extra boost.” And if you do decide to color your hair yourself, make sure you do a strand test on an underneath layer of hair to see how the color will take, says Dorram-Krause. “Otherwise it’s months before your hair looks good again.”

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LKD on

She is going to break her hair!!! What happened to the cute bob cut that was her best look since the “come back”

j on

huh. don’t follow brit’s MOTHERING habits either!!!

Wendy on

I can’t stand that bob, or those fakey-fakey extensions. I LOVE the dark-chocolate brown color on her, though. I think she should stick to that! It looks PRETTY, and grown up.

T on

She’s hideous.

Jason on

Well gonna have to disagree when she appeared on david letterman’s show the second time I thought that was the best she had looked in 2006 but sadly she had to ruin it by putting hair extensions back on and not dressing very flattering and doing way too much partying.

Jason on

Well calling her names constantly isn’t anymore respectable than the things that she has done.

KT fr Cda on

I’ll be sure to following the hair dying tips when I win a pile of money. The average person cannot afford a hair colourist or stylist. Oh and J, truer words have never been spoken! So funny!

shopoholic on

What happened to her? if you look at her 2 years ago she looks like a different person!!!!!!!!!! She also got a little heavier since the time she payed a visit to David letterman

Nic x on

I used to be a big fan of brit and she used to look so stunnin i tink she lookes better with the hair extensions like me i have hair extensions they really can be good when u need em ! The bob looks a nightmare cant stand it! and the dark brown is ok But blonde britney is best i bet u all agree lyl n i hope britters releases a come back single or albums soon in 2007 xxxxxxxxxx

Cathy on

I think that she is stupid along with her hair. I like it how she says sorry to all of her fans and expects everyone to forgive her. SHE IS TRASH and there is no reason for her actions. . .and on top of that she says she knows it was wrong the way she has acted and the CONTINUES TO DO IT????? This girl needs help and is she going to give her kids to friends like she gave everyone of her dogs away to friends because it was to much with dogs and babies????? WHATEVER Brit you are sick and heartless and I feel terrible for you kids that have a mommy that only thinks about herself.

pinkfish on

she look better brunette, she look slimmer, more sophisticated and more expensive girl. In blonde, she looks cheap.

katie on

Who says Brit or the Olsens’ hair looks good?

Kristen on

Britney needs to chill with all the hair coloring, stick with a look for a few months and see how that feels.personally think she’d look great with a more natural look, like a nice light brown, with some honey blonde high lights.

crystal on

What we need to do is not make comments about her so that people will get the point that we don’t like her or care to see her pictures plastered up everywhere. I know some dumb person is going to say, “well you wrote in here”… but I’m just asking everyone else to please stop the madness! Let’s ignore her and maybe she’ll go away! :-)

Quinci on

I liked the short bob, the darker hair looked very nice, and the blond hair extensions are just a little too long. I think she looks nice either way.

Melanie on

She doesn’t know what she wants in her life and on her head.

Beth on

Jason you are so right! Sure, I’m not a big fan, but how would you feel if some one said things like that about you? She’s made some mistakes, but so have you, they just arent published in every magazine.

raph on

It seems that money doesn’t equal taste…

kaitlin on

I’m not against dying your hair. I am if you change your hait color and length every day. Brit, you look best with your natural hair, long and blonde, cuz we all know blondes have more fun.

O'Wryly on

Well, Beth … that’s the price of being famous. There you are in everyone’s face, an easy target. And let’s face it – she sets herself up for it constantly by being so cheap, tacky, low rent and classless. It’s not like she holds herself to any standards be it fashion OR coiffure-wise, and certainly not in the mommy department. She’s that horrific wreck on the interstate that you just can’t help but look at …

crystal on

Well said!!!

Jason on

Well O’Wryly and the same could be said for calling people deragotory names.

Melody on

personally I like her natural hair..light blonde/brownish.. I like her hair when it’s real and at medium-length. I like the brown a long, seems more like a mom.

Rikki on

Honestly, isn’t it time for people to just admit that Britney will do anything to get publicity? Her life choices should be enough to keep her out of print. She has been the author of her own destiny and basically what we have found out is she is tacky and very self centered. Who cares about her hair or her for that matter?

Chrissy on

Britney is nothing more than a disgusting, classless wench. The sad thing is that America eats it up.

Kelly Frazier on

Rather than telling the world that she is trying to change her image, she should prove it. When I was a new mother, I stayed at home taking care of my children…. She either isn’t listening to her publistist or her stylist, or she really isn’t trying to change her image.

O'Wryly on

‘Scuse me, Jason? I called no one a derogatory name – I simply commented on what Britney chooses to present to the public. Granted, it may all be a facade and she’s really a shrewd, articulate, and learned young devoted mother but that’s not what we’re seeing, now is it?! Case in point, today’s bikini/yeehaw boots photo. Perhaps that’s the epitome of taste in YOUR eyes, but it’s certainly saying something else entirely to me and that something is not fit to type. Have yourself a superb day!

Tricia on

I’ve seen pics of Britney’s real hair with no extensions and it’s short and super damaged. I wouldn’t even let the professionals that do Brit’s hair touch mine. What ever happened to her pretty hair like when she was with Justin? Even now I think she always looks crappy and fake.

andrea on

i’m done coloring my hair at home. every time i do, it turns out reeeeeally bad and completely the opposite of what is on the box. not only that, but it makes your hair dry and brittle. i would rather pay extra and get something i love.

victoria on

she sould’nt color her hair at home. i mean ain’t she rich or something. what she can’t afford a salon.

jennifer on

She looks way better in black, she looks so ugly compared to when she first came out. She needs to stop partying and thinking about men and sex and take care of her kids. I learned that in life no one is more important than your child.

Jasmine on

She should just give up, whats the point of making a new album if she sucks, I know i dont want to even listen to it.

Pat on

They should let b and get her life back together.Why is is when some one fall people always want to keep them there? I think they are all human and the are entitle to make mistake like everyone

Candice on

I agree, maybe if we ignore her then she will go away!! What do you all think? I am sick and tired of Britney..Britney.. Britney.. Next!!!!!

Kalin on

You have to be careful when doing drastic changes to your color at home. Hair can only take so much when going back and forth from light to dark – and it makes the results unpredictable, which can make your hair anywhere from red, to grey, to green. If you value length, I would avoid home coloring if you are going for change. Here, Brit cut her hair short, and it was probably from exhausted ends more than anything. At one point she did add in long extensions, but how many average people have the money for that expense?

bianca on

i think that her hair is gonna fall outt!!!!!!

Lisa on

You people are so wrong for being so critical of her. She is probably so low right now in her life, what woul d you do if you found out she committed suicide……would you feel responsible for your comments? Don’t you think you should stop kicking a dead dog? I’m so tired of everyone bashing her because everyone does it and it’s just so mean. You would never want to be treated that way, and don’t forget karma is real and it’s a B***** You people have no morals!

erin on

changing your hair color a million times is a sign of low self-esteem.

Beth on

I’m so surprised PEOPLE haven’t posted a picture of Britney and her newest “hairstyle”. Perhaps it is for the better, because Lord knows Britney doesn’t need anyone to diss her anymore. She is obviously in a much darker place than most of her fans knew. I don’t know if she is in the deep middle of a break-down? Or if shaving her head was a new beginning for her? It must feel nice for her to have her own, undamaged hair growing in. Or it could be the beginning of a long road into depression, or whatever it is that’s going on with Britney. I think she really needs to concentrate on her family and loved ones, but if her career is still a priority to her, she really should give an interview, or write a message to her fans. I wish nothing but the best of health and happiness for the girl.

Night on

I hope people never puts a photo of Britney up. I never like her much and have said some pretty bad things about her, but I will not stop. She is suffering, and needs time left alone. My heart goes out to a fellow mother going throug some hard times.
TO the people at “People” magazine…please don’t post her photo. Thanks for leaving her alone

Tina on

I hope nothing but the best for
brit and I really feel sorry for her I wish there was somthing I could do for her.

staceyy on

Your all jelous!! .. Just because she likes to change her hair soo what ? Its not u lot changin it is it no so all of you SHUT IT .. If she has more confidence changin her hair then she can do it ..

staceyy on

Your all jelous!! .. Just because she likes to change her hair soo what ? Its not u lot changin it is it no so all of you SHUT IT .. If she has more confidence changin her hair then she can do it ..

Rachel on

She looks good with all of the looks except for the middle one.

Clemente Luthi on

This site appears to recieve a great deal of visitors. How do you advertise it? It gives a nice unique spin on things. I guess having something useful or substantial to talk about is the most important factor.

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