Would You Wear Stilettos on Ice? J. Lo Does!

12/29/2006 at 02:00 PM ET

File under amazing feats of fashion: First Mariah Carey did it, and now Jennifer Lopez is wearing stilettos while walking on ice in Aspen. The fashionista left her snow boots at home — no fuzzy boots for J.Lo? — and headed out on into the wintry streets in her mega-heel YSL platform boots. Unless the ice in Aspen has a special no-slip quality that we don’t know about or Jennifer’s dance training gives her a super-human balancing ability, we think she should pick up some shoes with better traction! Tell us: Do you dare to wear heels on ice? What’s your winter footwear standby?

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Kathi on

No, I wouldn’t wear them…..I’m far too practical and have bad feet. But, who can deny that she does it with major class?

Alicia on

I am a big JLo fan, but this just makes her look stupid. Go buy some boots- sans suicide heel!

KJ on

I can barely walk on ice with rubber boots, let alone stilettos. But I have to give it to the girl, she looks great and I’m sure she made it to her destination without any problems. She is pure class!

LKD on

Not on ice! I live in Wisconsin and we usually get lots of winter weather and the only time i wear heals is going to the club! Otherwise its Ugs all the way!!!

Carrie on

She does look pretty stupid, not the mention the fact that it looks like her left foot is slipping on the ice. Buy some snow boots.

marie on

not the smartest move JLo. It looks like everyone is waiting for her to fall.

Mrs.Borrego on

I think J-Lo should be wearing the other girl’s boots. They look much more safer.

No, I would NOT wear heels on ice.

j on

IGNORANCE–both w/the boots, but moreso w/the fur!!! (you can take the girl outta the ghetto…) she looks completely, 100% foolish. atleast we know if she fell on her (nasty, huge) butt she was alright!!

Becky on

Amen ALicia! SOmetimes you have to be practical and when there is 3 feet of snow on the ground that is a good time. sometimes being a slave to fashion could actually harm you. But i am sure there are people running ahead of her shoveling and throwing salt down for her.

wildflower on

who knows, maybe they are good for traction…I could see them helping her dig in…she might not be so crazy afterall.

I couldn’t wear them though, I would break my neck.

Misty on

puhleeeze, I can barely wear stilettos without breaking my neck let alone on ice…she is crazy! The look isn’t that great either.

funfun100 on

Well, why not? If she has some “support” from people around her and she’s sure of not slipping, then they look awesome, but if they make her look stupid because she slips, well that’s her problem.

KJ on

I think she can pull it off, I would be flat on my face. Go JLO!

denise on

The bottom of the front shoe looks like it was custom made for the snow. Look closely. Even though, she can always manage in heels, despite whatever environment. One thing she is not, is clumsy.

Anyway, that’s the true definition of a real celebrity; always made-up, perfected from head to toe, in true form and style. She doesn’t look stupid to me. She looks like Jennifer Lopez, bonafide fashionista superstar!

MN on

I have to say that this raises sacrificing for the sake of style to whole new level. The lady’s got guts… but wearing those stilletos on ice is just nuts.

Mike on

IMO, this takes sacrificing for the sake of style to a whole new level. The lady’s got guts…. but wearing those heels on ice is just plain nuts.

Heather on

Yes, it looks stupid, but I have done it too. The only difference is that JLo appears to be much better at it–I would be clutching my husband to keep from going down!

Heather on

PS. I fell at the mall in 60* weather the day after Christmas wearing Birkenstocks, so if I’m going down anyway, I may as well be wearing shoes I love!

Elda on

Not!! Once again she’s wearing dead animals!! She is so insecure because she can’t live without a man!!

Lisa M on

Well, I’m guessing she doesn’t see snow very often.

enigma on

NO! and YIKES!
Another case of high fashion verses the weather.
I agree with Alicia, (It makes her look stupid)
J.Lo is not presenting her smarts at all in this case of high classy fashion!
You know she slipped/fall at some point! or maybe there are spikes in the soles we can’t see!

Dragonfly on

Get some mukluks girl! http://www.mukluks.com

Anna on

I hope she fell…

marcjacobs on

Goodness, how you people underestimate J.Lo all the time! Those boots are obviously made for the snow. The only difference is that the back has heels. She’s 100 steps ahead of ya guys in the fashion department. If they were just regular boots, she would be sliding all over the place by now.

Don’t be jealous because Lopez can rock stilettos in heels, and you guys can’t. That’s why she’s Jennifer Lopez, and you’re not.

Caty on

That’s just playing pretentious. It’s ok to wear boots on ice…actually, it’s the wise thing to do. So don’t be afraid, JLo, we won’t think less of you if you try on some boots while in Aspen. You’re still fabulous.

Allison on

No, I would break my neck without a doubt!

Gail on

I wouldn’t want to be JLO and jealous of what!! Honey the truth hurts don’t it!!! She is nasty!!

Jennifer on

All I can say is that money cannot buy you common sense! I wonder how many of her assistants had to hold her up as she walked on the slick ice. Go get some boots..

Shoegal/ JLO fan on

I give it to her. There is no picture of her where she looks bad. She is always glamorous. This is what being a star is all about.
I DO WEAR stilletos when there is snow and I am in Boston. ‘
Keep on wearing your horrible rubber boots. Leave the glam shoes to the pros! :-)

Kim on

Crap No!!! That is so crazy!!! She must be begging for a broken neck!!! :)

sarah on

well this was taken in colorado and i live there and right now the streets and sidewalks are so icey and even with practicle shoe you slip so i definatly would never wear those in this kind of weather

kel on

Why does she have to put on a glamour show every where she goes? This is a ridiculous picture. Who would wear them in the snow and ice? I think she cannot live without the press…god knows she can’t put out good music.

CV on

It would serve her right if she fell flat on her cushioned butt!

kel on

WHATEVER, Those boots are not made for snow and ice….come on….she is just vain!

Oralia Diaz on

Looks pretty dumb. I live in ND – and we know ice!

Parker Girl on

Hey, this is not new! I moved to Colorado 20 years ago and ALWAYS wear high heels out on the shuttle buses. It makes for a great look and you can always play a damsel and find a knight to help you out! We call them phee-phee shoes, named by Joe Trip of Tulsa, OK.

Di Di on

I Do all the time… I bust my butt , but I look good doing it. LOL

jLh on


Sue on

Not the smartest move! Why not just buy some snow boots.
Stop trying so hard before you fall flat on your face and make a fool of yourself…or you will be known as J.Fool!

jennjenn on

just plain stupid! if she were to have fallen and broken her poor widdle ankle, thats all we would have heard about for a couple of months until she was up and running again! thats why our children/teens dont understand what REALLY IMPORTANT news is!

kd on

I could never pull it off, but I think J.LO can handle it.

I’ve seen her dance in stilleto heals in her music videos kicking her feet left and right and keeping perfect balance. I think ice should be no problem for her.

Haley on

As someone who grew up in snow country, I would say stilettos would be about the most ridiculous pair of shoes you could wear!! But if you are in Hollywood and have to look camera ready at any moment, I guess that’s what you have to do. Duh.

Stilettolover91 on

She looks great, i wouldn’t be able to walk in stilettos on ice, although i do wear them alot. Only her & mariah can pull that off and possibly Beyonce.

Pattiro on

Wwoul definately NOT wear them…I live in Wisconsin & although we’ve had such a mild winter, I would not weat stilleto heels even in summer!

Kate on

only if I was an idiot! What happened to being a practical person with common sense????

priddylady on

People in sports wear cleats. Perhaps J.Lo thinks she’ll have more traction.

Cherish on

I think she looks pretty stupid wearing heels like that on ice and snow, i would bust my butt for sure if i tried to do and besides, she loooks like she’s going fall any second

andrea on

i wouldn’t wear those in 80 degree weather, let alone wear them on ice. these boots are just tacky in my opinion, and they look extremely uncomfortable. wouldn’t you want to go for comfort while walking in the snow??

Chacha756 on

No way – she looks ridiculous out in the snow with stillettos on!

Elatas on

This is the definition of a fashion victim! I’ve had my share of slipping on icy streets, living in Canada. That’s like driving with summer tires in the winter… not very bright.

Margot on

No way! she looks ridiculus out in the snow with stilletto boots on..I wouldn’t dare!

DoLo on

In the east we don’t play that!!!! J Lo knows the deal…

Melanie on

I don’t think this is a well thought out idea….Yes, her outfit is cute and fashionable but is a full length leg cast really worth looking cute?

Isabella on

Please, I was raised in New England. I can walk on ice wearing anything and still do. Haven’t fallen yet. If that’s what she wants to wear, if that’s what she’s comfortable in, what’s the big deal?

el on

shes a freakin moron…

Kellogg on

What an ass…how stupid and vein?

Sherry on

No way!

DukenDaisy on

She is and always be a loser! I am currently pretty well snowed in in Loveland, Colorado-I hope she smashes her phony face and body! I know that is terrible to say, but there is something about her that just makes my skin crawl!!No, I am NOT jealous of her, I have to much class to want to be anything like her-all she cares about is the “almighty dollar!”

DukenDaisy on

She is and always be a loser! I am currently pretty well snowed in in Loveland, Colorado-I hope she smashes her phony face and body! I know that is terrible to say, but there is something about her that just makes my skin crawl!!No, I am NOT jealous of her, I have to much class to want to be anything like her-all she cares about is the “almighty dollar!”

jacinda on

hell no. i hope she busts here ass

DukenDaisy on

I am currently snowed in in Colorado! She is about as real as a 3 dollar bill! She just makes my skin crawl-always has and always will. All she cares about in “the almighty dollar”!

Kathy on

She probably thought the heels would give her a grip—I;m still trying to find the best bet for winter (as a native Californian).

erica on

Let me tell you, I wore TIMBERLANDS upstate in college and fell PLENTY of times! But I was walking all over campus! These celebs don’t walk people, it’s just a photo op as she looks like she is looking for her car! Anyone can wear stilettos in a situation like that! And the fur? T a c k y

All these old “divas” are trying too hard!

IQ on

God, you people are soo boring!!! Calling J.Lo “stupid” left and right. Why does she have to be “practical” and dress for the weather? That’s what we “normal” people do. She’s a celebrity. She’s Jennifer Lopez. She was born to look good and entertain us, and that’s what she doing. I think she looks fabulous, and the most important thing is that she didn’t fall or slip the slightest bit. She’s a pro when it comes to heels.

Have a little fun! You act as if she deliberately went out of her way to personally offend you by wearing heels in
the snow. It’s just fashion, and I love her for it.

veronica on

I wonder if all this pathetic name calling would occur if Cate Blanchett or Halle Berry were the ones wearing heels on snow. Guess the Lopez haters are out in full force..

Linda Carmichael on

Yes! I’d wear them in the snow and everywhere. Jennifer looks divine. All of my brothers are inloved with her. They only wish they could see her in more V-neck dresses.

melissa rose on

She’s just copying Mariah! God forbid someone ELSE gets a little attention! And where is her scrawny hubbie? Too cold for him?

claire on

Awww! I’ve missed her soo much. I’m really excited for 2007. Jen’s back, and it’ll definitely be her year. Can’t wait for El Cantante, Bordertown, Dance Life, Como Ama Una Mujer….woman is fierce!

BellaLuna on

S T U P I D just begins to describe HOpez. What is she trying to front with the long black gloves and the ring on the outside…Standing in front of trash cans waiting for a ride…not much has changed in 10 years for her has it.

The true celeb’s & locals about Aspen must be having a good hearty laugh at her.

micheleee. on

We all know the saying: If it aint broke…

But I really dont like the coat with the fur on the elbows. gross!

nancy on

will if i have no choice then i guess so i would do the same thing like j.lo.. or probably buy a snow shoe later..

Lisa on

Nope, I am no slave to fashion.

Storm on

If she falls on her butt, serves her right! I thought she was smarter then JFK’s wife. Wearing heels like that in Aspen.

krungkrung on

ahahahhahaa, did she busted her big ass? J.lo J.lo J.lo

Melanie on

Who cares! If she wants to walk on the ice with stillettos, more power to her! She looks fine no matter what!

Sue Listinsky on

As usual, another star takes looks over common sense. Who cares what boots you are wearing when walking in snow and ice. Then don’t come to Colorado in the snow, it just makes you look stupid when you dress like J. Lo. did.

SDC on

Hmm, I wouldn’t wear the stilletos, and maybe the fur should go, but the rest of the look is, in my opinion, a thousand times better than what Mariah Carey did. Atleast her boobs aren’t popping out and she’s covered, and those pants look better than leggings! And, and and and, at least it’s daytime when J.Lo’s wearing sunglasses. Mariah was wearing them at NIGHT…hope she crashed into something…hehehe

Julie on

Common sense…its just not that common..oh, but she does look good, I mean being a flygirl and all..she has to make a statement, God forbid she misses out on something for us to talk about..its hollywood…this is just something she can add to her history of what to do and what not to do :)

lena on

i think J-Lo can be wearing them ,cause she look like better with anything

KT fr Cda on

Only J lo. Get a life and wear boots. Maybe she’s trying to break a leg. And of course it would be all over the net with her leg in a fashion cast that she designed. Can’t you just imagine the trend it would start?

katie on

Fur and pretentious platform stilletos in snowy la*de*da Aspen~ worthy of mega*divahood. Seeing all that framed by bags of garbage including a dumpster~ priceless! Invest in some Uggs and take the front exit instead of the back alley, Girlfriend ;) You deserve it.

alyssa on

omg amazing stunt but i would take some furry boots pplz

marvin on

God, most of you sad, jealous morons need to remove those sticks up your asses!

Pathetic, how J.Lo haters roam around jumping at every opportunity to have their “say” on her, even if it is in a blog style watch. Get a freakin’ life!

gwyneth on

Did I enter a style blog, or a parent-council meeting?

“Common sense?” Are you kidding me!? Excuse me while I snore away…

Fashion hurts, but only people with style know that.

Lopez is fabulous in every way shape and form. She is definitely rockin’ that outfit from head to toe!

Kiki on

She looks like she’s about to fall over. This looks painful. The look would be cute in a normal situation, but on slippery ice, it just doesn’t work. Look how concerned those girls standing next to her are! I don’t blame them!

Cat on

She looks cute all females know that when you tryna look cute you’re not thinking about the weather all you think about is finally gettin a chance to rock them boots.

d_mystified on

Gee, you’d think she’d have someone carry her across while she waves her feet :).

Missy Pooh on

IT IS SNOW ON THE GROUND DUMB A$$. WITH ALL OF THAT AND FAME…YOU COULD HAVE SOMEONE MAKE YOU A PAIR OF BOOTS THAT LOOK HOT ENOUGH FOR SNOW!!! JUST DON’T JUST OFF THE DEEP END AND WEAR 7INCH HEELS WITH SNOW ON THE GROUND. THAT’S JUST TRYING TOO HARD TO LOOK HOT. If you are only cute when you are wearing 6,7,8inch heels…then how cute are you? Yes she is J-Lo, but come on. If it were anyone else…everyone would be calling them stupid. But since it is J-Lo…..yall want to say she has class. No!!!! Not at all Boo-boo. Go get you some winter boots.

KT fr Cda on

Marvin, when it said above the pic, “Would You Wear Stiletos On Ice?” they wanted everyones thoughts on it. I gave mine. If you don’t like it, I don’t care. Here’s a life lesson, not everyone will agree with everyones thought. That’s life and get over it. I’m sure Jen’s heard it all b4 and she doesn’t care. If she did, she’d of stop dressing the way she does. You don’t see her crying over the negative press so why should you for her?

LeeLee on

Melissa Rose, you are hillarious.

Women who are almost 40 should not wear shoes like that. Her retro-Jackie O looking jacket is ugly-espically with those gloves.
I like wearing black and gray together, but this is just tacky. The jacket is too big in the front,tight sleeves and tight pants, and her glasses are too big for her face. The mixed porportions are just too much.

The girls behind her look much better.

Amanda on

Hell no I wouldn’t wear them…you are just asking to bust your booty!

holly on

j lo and mariah are just sleazy fools, does anyone think they actually ski? stay in new york with those heels, you look out of place and stupid in colorado

reyna on

she looks like an idiot- what is it with these stars trying SO HARD to stand apart from normal human beings? You are in snow, wear snow boots for Christ’s sake. You are on a dance floor, wear stilettos.

Soon a whole swarm of lambs will be following “the trend” and breaking necks left and right.

As for the woman who commented that JLO is “ahead” of everyone and those who criticize “are jealous,” how old are you, 12? Not everyone is a lamb waiting to follow a star’s next style move, THANK GOD.

Lizzy on

She looks amazing, yes…but seriously she should probably get some snow boots. I have to hand it to her though, she looks hot even if she does look like she is going to fall on her butt.

vanessa on

If Jennifer Lopez is so “stupid,” please tell me how I can be stupid too, because I would give anything to be in her shoes…an influential multi-million hyphenate, world-wide recognition and fame, and essentially a horatio alger story. My only wish is to be just as stupid as her.

Shoe Lover on

She looks great now, although the ladies behind her look they are ready to try to hang on to her after she falls. You just can not look cool when you fall on your ass.

KT fr Cda on

What’s the point of giving an opinion when people get too upset if you don’t love the star they love. Giving an opinion is a right and your own. I think they should just shut down this section of People’s site b/c too many people are taking it too personal. It is rediculous how upset some of you get. Get a life. Oh wait, there I go again. Giving my opinion is a no-no. Silly me.

Annie on

Well she looks great as usual , maybe the boots do have great traction? I don’t mind looking good where ever I go but I think those are over – doing it .

C on

Never! Someone please get this woman some sensible shoes before she breaks something!

Delancy on

I live in Aspen …………and have for years ………neither my friends nor I have ever ventured out in the winter, drunk or sober, in boots like those.Broken legs are so confining!

Terri on

Umm,No! I wouldn’t wear them in good weather!
But I couldn’t pull it off like J.Lo either.
She’s a Diva.

Larissa on

She probably has a lot people to catch her if she falls and, to those famous people, safety is not issue when you need to look pretty. I would not use high heels in the ice for my butt safety!

Andre Grice on

Jennifer I should of married you. I love you with all my heart. you are down to earth and so many things i could tell you. LOVE AMG

Lola on

Jennifer looks great, of course, as always. But i would imagine that it would be incredibly hard for her to move around on ice without crashing to the ground and breaking her neck. On the other hand, maybe stilleto heels help traction by sticking into the ice (i know that sounds stupid, but whatever, it might work!). I just have just three words for you, Jen: be more sensible.

K on

When it snows, I usually wear something a bit more substantial outside and then put my heels on when I get to work.

Nobody’s taking my picture behind dumpsters, though, so whatev, I guess…

yoly on

too bad she didn’t fall on her fat ass but then again, she probably wouldn’t get hurt. she should fall on her chest. hehehehehehe!!! dumb ass!

Rachel on

J.Lo knows stilettos have good “dig-in” quality on ice and hard snow. You can also be sure she only tetters on those heels from her limo curbside to hotel/shop front door. Not to mention many assistants. She looks faaaaabulous!!

me on

She’s an amazon! if she falls, she won’t be the only one to get hurt.

Lizzi on

I’m pretty sure she’ll able to find a stylish neck brace when she falls and breaks her neck. =)

Dee on

I wouldn’t. If J Lo is comfortable and can handle her heels in Aspen, why not?

Kristin on

Personally, I would have worn my Uggs and worrieda about the heels at dinner or something. You are in Aspen- outdoorsy ASpena dn wearing heels??? Some celebes still jsut don’t quite get it… even JLo

Dana on

hey, if she can walk in the heels on ice, then whats the big deal? more power to her, i sure couldnt do it

Angie on

Hmmmm — broken tailbone or practical shoes?? I go with practical shoes.

abc123 on

I’ve done it before on rare occasions. But if you choose to do it, leave the house a lot earlier than scheduled. It’ll definitely take you longer to get to where you have to go.

Christine on

Good job Jenny! I’d do the same for the sake of wearing cute boots!

Andrea on

We do it everyday here in Minnesota, it just takes practice!

lizz on

the boots are pretty cute for fall, but for snow it is plain weird.

Amy on

Give me brains over a sense of style any day. I’m thinking a new verse for P!nk’s “Stupid Girls” song coming on…

Sharon on

I live in Aspen. This is not the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen here.

M. Will on

I bet those heels make pretty good ice picks

Lola on

I mean there cute but I would not wear them. but my winter boots are uggs .

natali on

The picture is cringe inducing, i think the girl behind her is thinking “god i hope i dont have to catch her when she land.” Although the stilettos looks hot, wrong place to wear it

renee on

J.lo looks super sexy!!!!! If she can walk with those on ice that just adds to how amazing she really is! If any can pull that off you rock.

Rochelle on

I think JLo is an animal killer, and fake! I do not like anything about her, or her fasion!

Lolita on

How cute. I’d like a pair…..

Jennifer-Rose on

To J: the only ignorant that I see is your ignorant remark about J.Lo being from the ghetto. What does that have to do with wearing fur boots?! I’d like to know what type of neighborhood you come from where class judgments are okay to make. You shiuld be ashamed of yourself…

Rebecca on

Jennifer looks great! Anytime,anywhere! Hec I’d totally wear heels during the winter time,infact I already do. It really spices up the look,especially during this harsh time of year.

salli on

good job jennny i would do the same thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

salli on

good job jennny i would do the same thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fax on

she does because she has own air-bag (her ass)!!!!!

abc123 on

I mean if Beyonce could “dance” in 5 inch stiletto shoes for songs on end, then why can’t J. Lo bust her behind in fashion boots if she wants? I don’t care for her at all, but if she wants to fall for the sake of fashion, then hey, why not let her? This is NOT the worse or the stupidest thing in fashion I’ve see by a long shot!!!

lis on

She’ll Break a leg in those.

nani on

im sorry but jlo is so full of herself that im so over her!! Im really disappointed that she is Latina; she brings our Latino community to shame. It is so crazy how money can change a person. Instead of wasting so much money on meaningless clothes and fur she should donate it to people who really need it. All these rich famous people disgust me!!

Cici on

I live in Canada where winter ice is nasty and I know if I wore those boots on the ice I would be on my butt in no time.

monika robinson on

Jennifer Lopez always has to be the diva.The boots are hot, but she looks like an accident waiting to happen. So if she falls oh well, give everybody something else to talk about.

Dez on

This pic wouldn’t surprise me if it was Mariah Carey (sp?). That girl’s in deseprate need of a new stylist…outside of the porn world. But, let’s face it, when the only walkin’ you hafta do is from door to car/car to door, ya can wear all the impractical shoes, clothes, etc. ya want.

jaspreet on

she can do wateva she wants shes jlo

Heather on

It’s totally ok for her. You want to know why? She’s got enough cusion for her fall down to the ground!

juri on

its ok but she could have done much better

gabriela on

No!!! but the monster in fur probably doesn’t think about it.



Faye on

I wear them all the time. I have a pair of charles david boots that I took to my cobbler and he installed pointy bits on the bottom of my soles and one on the heel. They have a round rubber thing around them and the bit is almost embedded into them so I can’t touch them, which allows for walking on regular floors. They make walking on ice much easier than my uggs, which I slipped and bruised my elbow on.

Amy on

Buy some freaken uggs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jessica6 on

Uggs? (Short for UUGGly, it had to be deliberate).

I think she looks great, and has the ability to walk in heels in snow/ice, when fat women will criticize.

sasha mclean on

Stop hating, ya’ll are just mad because ya,ll cant pull that off. Further more she was probably in a situation beyond her control anyway!! luv you j.lo



Trudy Sutherland on

I recommend high heels on ice. I use a 4 inch stilettoe with a steel tip and stick-on commando soles with my ankle boots. They give superb grip and I can maintain my poise and balance – even down hill on icy cobbles here in Edinburgh

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