What a Week! Britney Goes Back to Blonde

12/14/2006 at 12:00 PM ET

This is getting a little silly. How can one woman change her hair color so often? Perhaps Britney saw your opinions about her brunette look on Monday (most of you prefer her as a blonde). Spotted out on Tuesday, the newly single mom seems to have shifted towards more of honey blonde, this time with some extensions. We’ll try to get to the bottom of her constantly changing look and will let you know what we learn. But in the meantime, feel free to discuss amongst yourselves.

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Photo: MBF-AlphaX/X17

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Fernanda Guedes on

She will appear bald very soon!

rayray on

She’s unhappy and stressed going through divorce…she’s trying to “find” herself through other means, aka, hair coloring, wild partying, new “friends”….Yikes! Someone stop her madness and get thee to a Bible.

Mrs.Borrego on

This hair color looks good on Britney. She should keep her hair this way.

Stacy on

She dyes her hair more often than she washes it.

Heather on

This might be a stupid question, but is it ok to dye her hair that much if she’s breastfeeding??

wildflower on

she changes her hair more than she changes her underwear.

Krysten on

I definately like this hair color ALOT better on her. If she had a tan the brown wouldn’t have looked so darastically FAKE.

Ultimately, she just a rockstar mom :)

Cathy on

She is stupid.

yen on


Tina on

I think she looks great with her hair this color. And I also don’t think anyone really knows what she is going through and what it takes for her to recover from her tough year. Maybe she needs to change her hair, go out, find herself again. I am sure she doesn’t love her boys any less than now that she is single and is probably a great mom. She just needs to be left alone and let her find her inner peace in whatever way she desires.

Emily on

I just want to know where she got those boots. I love them!

em on

re: should she dye her hair while breastfeeding…it’s probably okay, I did it…but I bet she is not breastfeeding if she is out and about that much. i was pretty much tied to the couch with my daughter until she was 3 months ol, and tote her everywhere I go since I am still breastfeeding. Unless she is pumping a lot…her baby must be on formula

Beth on

I think this hair color looks nice on her, when I saw this picture, I had totally forgotten about her having black hair two days ago. I have to admit she looks a lot better as a blonde – but this may be a wig – who knows? Looks good britney.

Moonbaby on

A “bible” won’t help her. She needs to find herself first. Not get fed a bunch of crap to screw her mind up, and to imply that what she does that makes her happy is a bad thing. She’s a young woman. What she’s doing is no different to any other young woman, however she’s in the spotlight.
And it looks better blonde.

Nina on

If she’s going to keep this up she might as well try out a red colour, or my personal favorite, that awesome fuscia she had in her ‘Toxic’ video.

yeS! on

I like it!

j on

this girl’s appearance, style, & attitude are DISGUSTING!!!

Belinda on

I hope all her hair falls out. If she spent as much time taking acare of her children as she did get her hair done man those kids would have it nice. I enjoyed watching her through her pregnancies but with each child born she gets less and less intered in them. Poor Jayden and Sean, they deserve better than being designated props for to make mommy look less like a tramp.

Angie on

Hair looks fine, the skirt is another matter. I have grown tired of her barely covering her crotch skirts. Yes, the weight loss is commendable and I send a big salute, but you’re a Mom, and people would respect you more if you quit carrying yourself like trash, heard the song “Respect yourself??”

A on

who cares if her hair falls out? didn’t she get extensions? so half of it’s not her hair anyway…

Jenna on

All of you who are sticking up for her are not being realistic. If she was your co-worker’s daughter, who got married to a man who left his pregnant girlfriend, proceeded to have two babies by him in 2 years, then divorce him, only to be seen flashing people and drinking every weekend, you wouldn’t be so understanding.

Please don’t continue to make her rich and buy (literally buy) into the crap she’s selling.

But, the hair is better than the brown.


Jen on

She is so lost. Once again I ask, where are this girls parents? Someone needs to give her a clue!

Melissa on

I love that jacket!!! Where did she get it??

Angie on

Lost???? She’s 25, I think her parents are done raising her. How about she raise her kids and set an example? I hate how she dresses and keep hoping when she grows up, her style will change. My husband says the sexiest thing about a woman is being classy first and that exudes sexy. Sarah Jessica, Angelina Jolie, there are several of these ladies that don’t walk around with breast hanging out and other private areas that are steaming. She needs to quit shopping in the junior’s section….think I’ll nominate her for the show, What Not to Wear, they would have a field day with her. Completely GROSS, sad because she could be a knockout.

Traci on

She is using vegi color on her hair, washes right out. doesnt hurt unborn baby, or your hair

I think she looks great, she needs to rethink her priorities

Amber on

Not much to say on this discussion really, what she does is what she does and thats all I can say.

I use to dye my hair alot(mostly Blonde) since the age of 13 to now(20), I feel like I lost my thickness of my hair which now feels quite thin(or in the middle between thin and thick). I dyed it back to my natural hair color(auburn) and made a pladge to myself that I will not dye it again, hoping I’ll keep my pledge(which I kind of doubt) and that I will not go to thin or bald as I get older.

Amy on

When i was 16, i dyed my hair a drastic different colour every month. It really did start falling out. I had to start taking health supplements to repair the new growth coming in! Britney has me beat. She already has a receeding hair line- she can’t afford to lose any more hair!

j on

is she TRYING to make kfed look good?!?!?!? becase it’s working…

Kim on

I don’t really care what color her hair is, I’m just tired of hearing how she needs to have some fun time – she was having fun getting pregnant two times and now that she’s single – it’s time to have some fun? She has two small children to take care of so she really should have thought about that long before now. I am a single mother of two boys and they are my priority and since I support them by myself, I don’t have time to hang with the girls – I have to work for a living! She needs to grow up and stop acting like a teenager and dressing like one!! She’s just gross!

Amy on

Haha! Great comment “J”!

MN on

I think Brit should worry less about hair color and more about taking care of her kids. Pick one and stick with it (for at least a week or so)

Amber on

I think she looks good in this picture. I also liked the brown hair on her. I think she could pull off the brown better if she would just FIX her hair, which seems to be the problem. Also, This outfit is a lot better than what i’ve seen her wearing in ALL the other pictures on here. Granted I think she should have worn a knee length skirt instead of the mini (or shorter boots with the mini), but it sill better than what i’ve seen on her recently.

Jo Jo on

When you live your life in the public eye you need to conduct your life in an appropriate manner or you will be tortured by the press. She deserves every bit of the bad publicity she is getting. Firstly, stick to one hair colour longer than a few days. Her constant changing is just proof that she is going through a lot of turmoil in her life and that she is obviously very unsure of herself. She is a mother of two boys and her first priority should be them. What did we expect? She happily went out with KFed while his girlfriend was pregnant with his second child with no regard for his girlfriend’s feelings or the welfare of their children. Whatever she wants she thinks she can get. Grow up girl and start taking some responsibility for your actions!

karen on

I loved the black hair! She looks hot with this hair color though….She stick to this color….putting and taking off is not good for your hair (she can end up bold) and that is a no no….

J. on

I’m waiting for the day she has no hair. I’ve never seen someone dye their hair so much. As for needing to have some fun, I am a young mother also, but you’d never find me out until 5am four or five nights a week. Thats just wrong. A few nights a month out with friends, dinner and some drinks and I’m usually in by 2am at the extreme latest and thats all I need to feel my age, which is 26, only a couple years older than Brit. I’m sorry she’s going through such a tough time, and I hope she gets through it, but she needs to try to do it with some grace, so many women have been through this and they seem to manage just fine, even celebrities.

unknown on

She spends too much time on her hair. Chidren are a blessing from God, she should invest in her children like she does her hair.

DI on

It’s a wig. Wigs are really believable looking nowadays. they can make them with a scalp and everything!

speedy on

*first time I’m commenting on something.
She probably tries to find herself. But she has two kids she has to care for. I’ve got only one boy and do not even have time to wash my hair every day, how come she has so many time to get a new hair color?
and heather – to you really think she is nursing her youngest? she’s not at home all day, where should she find the time to do that???

Rachi on

If in fact that is her real hair, this color is perfect for her, works well with her complection and tones, looks pretty natural. As far as all of the other drama in this girls life, How many of you know young people or even couples that leave their kids with babysitters so they can go out and have time for themselves? I know quit a few, being about Britneys age I can understand a lot of where shes coming from. Give her a break people, shell pull herself together, and her kids Im sure are being well cared for.

notthattheresanythingwrongwiththat! on

with what so many seem to be referring to the lass lately as; the item in the background seems ironic – just an observation – anyway me thinks she looks good in this pic :)

Sarah on

Maybe she should pay some attention to her kids instead of going out every night and changing her hair length and color every day. She’s just another shallow publicity hound.

Tamara on

For someone who a few months ago was bawling during a television interview with Matt Lauer because the press and public wouldn’t leave her alone and give her any privacy, Britney sure seems to be loving the spotlight and constant attention now. Let us not hear her whine about that problem again. The truth is, if she really valued her privacy and that of her children, she would keep a low profile. Reese Witherspoon is a classic example of how to handle divorce with class. The only photos of her that have shown up recently are those on the set of her new film or doing things like gassing up her car.

Britney can’t complain about the press constantly following her, than become Paris Hilton’s latest accessory and flash her private bits to everyone and their dog. Especially when she is fully aware she is prime tabloid fodder.

raw cookie dough on

totally OT – is it just me, or can half the ‘starlets’ out there not ambulate unaided? So many shots of celebs seem to have this mystery hand steadying apparently young, healthy ladies – anywho, as you were, just wonderin’

Elda on

Britney looks good in any hair color she chooses, hope it doesn’t dry up her scalp though.

Barbara on

Forget her hair…. Like a few of you have said… her boys should be priority 1 and nothing else. She said she wants sole custady of the boys and she needs to prove that to everyone out there. Kevin is a part of her life she wants to end but unfortunately she is tied to the man for life now. Time to prove to the rest of the world that she is that young mother she said she was so ready to be. Stop parting all night long and be there for your boys if they need you at night Britney.

By the way does anyone actually think a court will grant custady to either her or Kevin with the way they have been parting. Neither are fit to raise children acting like this. And Britney’s mother should be slapped for not teaching her daughter that she should be at home with her childern if she is going to be a young mom.

Ramona on

Britney should stop changing her hair every other day and concentrate on her two beautiful boys!

Sara on

I think she started out on the right foot on Letterman. The blonde bob was super cute. From then her hair is like a tragic accident.

lissy on

Who cares about what hair color she has. She needs to grow up and start acting responsible, she needs to set an example to her kids and stop enbarrasing them doing discusting things like showing her private parts to the whole world………” come on Britney use your hear your a woman now!!!!!!”

Erica on

She looks the best as a blonde. I like the honey blonde color on her. Good choice Britney!

Amber on

Is anyone really truly surprised? There is no point in even comparing Britney to Reese Witherspoon, Sarah Jessica and others because there is a such lack of maturity. Lets face it, she has jumped the gun in every aspect of her life up until now and I wouldn’t expect a miracle to happen all of a sudden. Someday, she is going to wake up (or shall I say grow up) and realize she has made some rather poor decisions. There will be repercussions that she will have to face…however she seems to facing some of them right now (ie. wanting to live the life of an adolescent with two kids in tow, not to mention a pending divorce at 25yrs old)Fact of the matter is, there is probably more regrets in the life of Britney Spears than she will ever admit too…at least not until she matures.

Heather on

Let me remind you all of another newly divorced mom of 2…REESE WITHERSPOON! Now SHE is a woman with class, style, poise, elegance, beauty, and BRAINS! Britney is a disgrace.

LYNN1 on

She should be more interested in raising her children and not out getting wasted all the time. I feel for the children…

CNote on

um hello…you can’t breast feed with huge new fake knockers!

Katy on

Re: Heathers comment about breastfeeding – given how often Brittney’s been photographed drinking and smoking lately – I sure hope she’s not breastfeeding!

Hailey on

Britney is 25 years old and a mother of two, I think she should have “found herself” by now. Unfortunately, she still has to master the concept of growing up first.

Krystal on

I think that people are being way harsh. Who are we to judge her or her mother. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone…no one should slap her or her mother. At her age most people with that kind of $$ would celebrate their birthday kids or not for a week instead of just a day.

Sarah on

Stop coloring your hair, exposing yourself and partying with the wrong crowd and start spending time out with your kids!! Keep this kind of crap up Brit, and you’ll be left all alone!

Courtney on

She looks hot.

judith on

i think britney is so out of earth, very depressed, and her famous blow out, she feel unsure by herself, she is needing catch attention, even she comeback again, she should be clean her image first, and take care her kids.
so whatever hair color she dye, no make the difference on her sad face, and her breakable heart.

Kelly on

This is my favorite hair color for Britney. It looks natural on her and suits her perfectly. I find it so funny that people want to compare her to Angelina Jolie. Now, in no way are they similiar, but how “CLASSY” was it for Angelina to fall in love with a MARRIED man and basically steal him from his wife? Yeah. That’s class right there. PLEASE.

And don’t think for one second that those kids of Britney’s are suffering. I’m sure they are getting all the love and attention they need. Britney is always surrounded by people and I’m sure those children are too. I know we see these pictures of her and in no way am I defending her, but she’s not allowed to go out a couple times a week? That’s just stupid. I know a lot of young mothers who are wonderful individuals and their children adore them but they DO go out 1 or 2 times a week. They say it keeps them sane!

I’m just so sick of people trashing her when we don’t know her personally and if you had a photographer in front of you everyday and you were just trying to live your life, would you be so “perfect”? I doubt it. I know I wouldn’t be. The pantyless pictures were a bit much, but it’s time to move on people. If you don’t like her and you don’t care about her, then why do you insist on trashing her?

Kimberly on

You never know….it could be a temporary color that washes right out. I work at a bridal boutique and I know some of our models change their hair color constantly with temporary color! But I do wish she’d stay blonde!!!!

Rachel on


Love you and the new look!!!

carley on

yeah i agree with Kelly! stop dissing her.. no one knows what she is going thru..get a clue shes raising 2 kids ALONE.. becuase kfed out sleeping with other girls and doin drugs..britney is doing awesum on her own and shes shining like shes never done before! go brit

Rebecca on

I think this shade looks great on Britney! It’s the closest she’s gotten to her natural shade in a long time, so hopefully she’ll keep it. The extensions don’t look too fake and looks like she washed and styled it too!

P.S. Why all the negativity?

sharon on

she’s not playing with hair color, she’s playing with wigs. and very good wigs, too. this color looks great on her. I just hope she’s wearing panties!

Christine on

I think Britney’s new hair looks great! And I love the coat and boots too! =]

kel on

For the love of GOD – GET A STYLIST!

Amy on

Maybe you two have some things in common Kelly?

Tasha on

All this negativity because she is a trainwreck, you cant look away. And the excuse that she needs to get out because she is going through a hard time, yeah life must be hard when you are loaded, have no responsibilties, and have other people raising your kids. Po wittle Britney.

lkd on

STOP DAMMAGING YOUR HAIR BRITNEY!!!!! She is going to have to wear wigs, all her hair must be starting to fall out! P.S. like the lighter colors better!!

cool on

I think she should grow up and concentrate more on her kids rather than her hair color.

Sophia on

I think everyone needs to stop hating, let her be and do whatever she wants. Divorces are tough and she deserves a girl’s night out. I think she looks great blonde.

lizzie liz on


Campbell on

I don’t care if she is 25, 15, 35, or 40. Someone who really cares about her should refresh her memory and let her know that SHE IS A MOTHER. AND that she is the mother of 2 VERY YOUNG LITTLE BABIES. She is over.

Tammy on

she is beautiful no matter what color her hair is.you go girl

rakel on

Cool why don´t you grow up and get a life i´m sure she doesn´t leave her kids with just anybody. People are allowed go out and have fun even when they have kids, you don´t have to spend every single moment of the day with them. People are just jealous because she´s beautiful, rich, famous and successful. Why don´t you leave her alone.

Kelly on

In response to Moonbaby’s comment that the Bible is “crap” that will “screw with her head,” I’d like to say that I believe that the Bible will do her a lot of good. The Bible is not “crap.” It’s a guidebook to life that was written by 40 men inspired by God. I don’t believe that God would enjoy hearing that his Son’s death on the cross means nothing to you. No amount of partying, drinking, shopping, attention-getting, or public exposure will bring happiness. Jesus Christ died, gave up his life, just for you. Please don’t be so offensive next time you write. You’re not just offending me and millions of others, you’re offending the only One who really matters.

As for Britney, I think she’s a beautiful young woman on the outside. I do think the inside needs work. But who doesn’t need work? I know I do. I’m far from perfect. No one is. Only Jesus was perfect. Compared to him, we all look like trash, right?

Sorry to sound so preachy, the Bible comment just rubbed me the wrong way. Continue on, People readers, continue on.

Angie on

Lordy, I don’t usually comment, and I’ve gone through rough patches, wed young, single Mom at 24, done it all, put myself through college. So, compassion is in place, but some of these comments, please. She’s a multi millionaire, she’s got emotional problems and has tons of money to invest to work with a counselor and “find herself”, she had a wonderful career that she virtually ruined by marrying Kfed in the first place, and then this. There are people that don’t have as many options as she does and pull out of it. They may not have attentive parents and friends to raise their kids why they try to grow up. It’s sickening to watch some celebrities (not just Brit) have so much blessings in their lives, whine about how they’re treated, and basically piss away their blessings and talent. This is not judgmental, but reality. Her career is based on her fan base, she’s not the only performer out there, and if she keeps it up, the public will boot her just as quick as they bolstered her, look at Tom Cruise! There’s a saying, insanity is doing the same thing over and over and wondering why it doesn’t turn out different each time. Pool your resources and your support and pull it together, your fans will applaud and mostly your children will receive the best gift of all, YOU..all of you, they need that. Geez, take personal time, work on your art and career, focus on your kids first and it will all work out, quit smacking on some dude while you admist a custody battle…….I wonder if people try to talk to her or if she’s so spoiled that she just won’t listen……….

wildflower on

Boy, to those who think there is nothing wrong with a parent going out a couple of times a week, I sure hope you never have kids. A parent who goes out a couple of times a month would be far more appropriate.

If you can’t devote the time to the kids….don’t have them.

She is not alone raising these kids, she has nannies, nannies are great in a time of need, but nannies are not there to replace the actual reposnibility of being a mother, no one can replace a real mother.

The thing with Kevin is that she knew who he was when she hooked up with him, yes, he is foul, but she made the babies with him.

Kelly on

In response to Moonbaby’s comment, the Bible is not “crap” that might “screw with her mind.” The Bible is a guidebook to life, and it tells the story of Jesus Christ, who died for us so that we might be able to have a chance to get to Heaven. Please don’t be so offensive next time.

As for Britney, I think she’s a beautiful young woman on the outside. Obviously, the inside needs work. But, is there any one of us who doesn’t need work? No one is perfect. Hopefully we will all realize our mistakes before it’s too late.

Sorry to get so preachy; the Bible comment just rubbed me the wrong way. Continue on, People readers, continue on.

jules on

I LOVE THE BOOTS! PLEASE TELL US WHO MAKES THEM…as far as Brit. shecan do what she wants even if its odd- WHO REALLY CARES?! come-on! people should worry more about how they look when they’re out than what this confused little girl is doing! …now tell me about the boots!

C on

This go’s out to all the ppl that bash britney for the way she is with motherhood. How do you know if she is a good mom or not. So she go’s out at night. Do we live in her home… No! Im not a big fan of Britney but I also know that I have no right to say weather she is great at parenting or not. She just filed divorce, she is going out and having some fun. Let the girl be. And about her hair color I dont really care what color it is, she seems to fit most colors quite well.

andrea on

i’m so over britney. she’s OLD news. if she concentrated half as much on her kids as she did on her hair and partying, she’d be an A+ mommy. how sad that her kids have taken a backseat to her hair and social life.

Saba on

You know, it is said that physically attractive couples typically have a girl first (a la Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie), as girls would be the gender to benefit more from good looks. On the other hand, physically unattractive couples typically have a boy as their first.

Britney has had two boys. Scientific proof the she is a fug monster. You’re ugly Brit (even with stylists, trainers, and chefs); stop trying and raise your fug children.

Eash on

geez.. just because the girl is having a little fun doesn’t mean shes not caring for her kids. give her a break. everyone is saying she needs to concentrate on her kids, how do we know she isnt? coz she colors her hair?!? get real!

Sarah on

No matter what color her hair is, she can’t get any classier. She looks like those girls from small suburban towns. You can take a girl out of a trailer, but you can’t take the trailer out of her!!!!

Melissa on

Yes we all have hard times and we all do stupid things, but come on… how stupid can you be!? She’s like the perpetual teenager who needs to pull herself together and grow up. She sure doesn’t act like a Mom and she is definitely not breastfeeding or spending enough time with her children. She had them but she isn’t raising them, she’s paying someone to do that for her while she goes out.
The hair is blah to me, but way better than the black which was hideous!

lime on

i like the color of her hair.She looks good.
Being a mom doesnt mean you wont have time to
make yourself look good.Maybe shes really an
expert in time management or something.

Kelly on

Wow Amy, you have no idea what you are talking about. I have nothing in common with a superstar. I don’t have children, I’ve never been divorced and I don’t wear short skirts with no underwear and get photographed by papparazzi. All I was saying is that I’m sick and tired of people trashing her when we don’t know her at all. We don’t know what kind of mother she is. Should get a new stylist? Yes, of course she should! Has she been through the ringer this year? Absolutely. I just wish people would stop bashing her if they don’t like her or don’t care about her. It’s stupid and immature.

Please, next time you want to throw stones, don’t throw them this way. You don’t know me. If you disagree with what I said, that’s fine. I didn’t say anyone had to agree with me.

Daniela on

In order to change it so often.. this hair dyes have to be non permanet or something the actreces wear that washes out, or that lasts only days.

Meis on

She looks cute!

andrea on

i think it’s funny how people say things like “you don’t know her so how do you know she’s a bad mom?”.. well, do we really have to know her personally to be able to answer that question?? anyone who goes out partying every night, drinking, sleeping in cars, and doesn’t come home til the morning isn’t there for their kids and therefor automatically makes them a lousy mom IMO. look at her behavior. you don’t have to be friends with her to know she’s not the world’s best mom right now.

So So on

I like her better with blonde hair. She just going a little koo koo right now. I think she would make it back and when she does I’m all over it!!!

KP on

Note the back groud to the left, the big green thing, please—there’s trash and there is Class. Let’s all hope this goes in the trash and she picks up on some class—sooooooonnnnnn!!!!! So much to offer, but should get a new pr person that help guide her in a proper adult/parent manner.

alicia riggs on

I am a HUGE britney fan, love her, looove her, the only thing a I think she should do differently is when she goes out she should have her hair fixed. Everyone mostly sees her on videos, lookin hot and on her perfume commercials she looks fabulous, then she goes out with her hair in a messy bun cause she doesn’t want to take the time to fix it and her make doesn’t look anywhere it looks on tv. she’s starting to lose her appeal by looking like an average person. I can go to the store and see average people everyday. People want to see hot guys and pretty girls when they buy magazines, so for your sake britney, go to the tanning bed, get some acrylic nails and try to fix your hair a little bit beter cause the only way to make him jealous is to look good, he’s seen you in no make-up everyday, dressed the same way, step it, up give him something to miss besides smeared make-up and messy hair.

andrea on

haha britney next to a trashcan. that’s classic.

Jill on

It would be really nice if she would start putting her children first instead of herself. She seems very selfish out on the town every night. Be a Mom and take care of the precious gifts you have. Children are more important than anything else.

Heather on

It looks in the pic like her left knee is cut… party foul? Guess that’s why the mystery hand is there for her now!

Alicia on

Good publicity or bad publicity…is still just publicity- and when you are a downtrodden superstar trying to make a comeback, you will take what you can get. Look at all of the attention she is getting!!!

That being said, give the girl a break. Just because you see photos of her out partying doesn’t mean you know what is going on in her life 24 hours a day. And for those of you coming down on her and criticizing her parenting skills and making comments such as “I don’t even have time to wash my hair somedays” – you should really make taking care of yourself a priority. You’ll be glad you did. And your kids and family will thank you for it some day. I think what Britney needs, as do we all, is a little bit of balance in her life.

andrea on

alicia : we don’t necessarily need to know what’s going on in her life 24/7, but what we do know is that she is partying from at least 11 or 12 to maybe 4-6 in the morning. guess what, babies wake up multiple times in the night and where is she.. PARTYING.

also, do you have children? it can be extremely difficult to shower and do hair and makeup when you have a baby. i was in the middle of showering today when my son woke up from his nap, so guess what.. i didn’t get to finish getting ready. it happens. that’s life as a mom!

Sarah on

Doesn’t she realize that dying her hair so much will just make it all dry and horrible????

ath on

She just cut here hair very short so she’s always wearing extentions or is it all a wig?

Tiredofit on

Jealous Girls! I am sorry noone has a life but has time to sit around and complain about Brit’s life. Leave her alone and stop hating! Do you think she really cares about what you or I think about her? NO. She is living her life the way she wants to live it. DO YOUR THANG BRIT!

CC on

First of all, does she not realize that her hair is going to fall out from dying it so much. I just think that this shows us just how insecure she is with herself right now. I have never in my life seen someone change their appearance this many times in the past month. It is sad, very sad. No there isn’t anything wrong with her going out but she needs to do it in moderation. I have several friends with kids and they get out of the house atleast once a week. We don’t stay out that late though. But we also have a 8-5 job too. What she is doing is natural with a break-up, with our without kids. But it should be handled differently when you do have kids. They need her just as much as she needs them and the sooner she realizes that, the better off she’ll be.

Brunette is totally better!!!

Alicia on

Andrea: yes, I have 3 children- 4, 2, and 3 mos. Single, low income and I work full time. Thanks for asking.

UAO on

I wonder if there are any undies beneath that skirt. Let’s hope so, it looks chilly outside.

andrea on

alicia: it’s a lot harder to find time during the day to do hair and makeup (especially every day) being a stay at home mom, which is what i am. i barely get a minute to sit down and rest my feet, let alone stand in front of the mirror spending hours primping. not exactly top priority on my list of things to do every day. not to say i don’t take care of myself, but i don’t have time to blowdry my hair, flat iron, and do a face full of makeup every day. that’s all i’m tryin to say. ;-)

Caddie on

she looks really good with blonde hair again she hould stop dying it and just keep it blonde well this is off of the point but im so glad she brokeup with k-fed

anon on

Andrea & Alicia,
Do you guys need to take your little tiff outside? It’s a little tedious for everyone else. Since both of you have such tough lives being mom’s and all, play with your kids and stop fighting with one another on a stupid blog!

tinkerbell on

bet it’s a wig

andrea on

anon : guess what, you’re doing the same thing you’re griping at us for, so why don’t you butt out. if you didn’t barge in i wouldn’t have even have said another word, lol.

end of conversation.

andrea on

so getting back on topic. i still think britney is trashy, but i dig the jacket. i’d wear it. she needs to lose the extensions though. no matter what color hair she has, they just don’t look right.

Jean on

not only do her poor kids not have their mother around when she is with them they probably don’t recognize her, what with all the hair colors, I know my kids noticed if i changed my hair color, they didn’t know who i was for abit! I wander if she carries on her parting ways at home, turn up the music, have a drink, etc, when getting ready to go out, And does she smoke ( if she does infact smoke) in the house, with her kids there? Second hand smoke anyone? I feel sorry for her poor babies, what an example they have, from both parents.

andrea on

i agree jean. i don’t see how any of her behavior has one bit of positive influence on her babies. i would feel so guilty if i acted that way as a mom. heck, i miss my baby if i’m away from him longer than an hour running errands or something. i couldn’t imagine being away as much as she is. my heart would ache.

olya on

i think she just don’t know what she wants. she makes silly mistakes. It seems to me, she should define, that she wants from a life, instead of to run here and there

Rachel on

her hair looks good, although her style is a little on the iffy side…

A on

*sigh*…maybe it’s best that Britney leaves her kids to be raised by nannies. we don’t really want her instructing the future of our nation, do we?

Mattie on

ok she looks like a tramp and i would be ashamned to be her kids, grow up to be like 14 and see pics of my mom looking like this!

maia on

ugh, i am so sick of britney’s desperation to try and make a comeback after she dumped fed-ex, using detestable clothing and not spending enough time with her children. if you’re listening out there Britney, you’re getting old.

Elizabeth on

If she keeps this up she’ll be bald in less than a year! But I don’t care, I’ll laugh!!

Manoella Garzon on

Hi everybody!!!Im from Brazil n im a big britney’s fan!!!
I prefer britney blonde!!!! When we think in Britney,we think in blonde!!!When we think a sexy britney,we associate her with a blonde colour!!!!Brunette???No way!!!hahah She looks good brunette,but she looks better blonde!!!

Thanks 4 atention n sorry my mistakes in english!!

amy on

she will not go bald and if she does she will buy new hair lol what a loser

Alaina on

ok, so maybe some of you guys don’t like Brittany’s hair color and maybe some of you do. If that’s what she wants to do than she should be able to do it without people making rude comments about it. So if you can’t say that you don’t like it without being rude than don’t say it at all!

astoreri on

Trashy Britney next to a trash can!! I love it.

As for her hair, meh, whatever doesn’t make a difference what she does to her hair now.

N on

How can one women pull these hair changes off? Common sense everyone…. there are such things as wigs.. and other hair accesories….. I swear these are the dumbest topics. Are you guys just trying to make anything up to disrespect and dogg this girl.


Not sure how they do it….I’ve used chemicals most of my adult life and now my hair is breaking off…yes, I do use good products….Brittany needs to stick to blonde hair…

Alisha on

Blonde looks cute on her. When she dyes her hair brunnette so goes too dark. She needs to stick with a color that compliments her skin tone. (a warm carmel brown would be adorable!)

Joannah on

I’m not a fan of Britney. Blonde isn’t bad on her but I was pleasantly surprised at how well I thought the raven locks suited her. Each to their own…I’m a raven myself and would never dream of going blonde. Not for any political reasons, it’s just not a color that does anything for me.

rachel b. on

back to blonde hair (britney) and trying to find herself and wandering…where are her boys?

Sarah on

aww i

beachychick on

Fernanda you were VERY right!!!!!!!!

DR on


trevor on

britney looks way hotter in blonde hair

jordan on

i love britney spears you guys are just mean you need to suppport her and be there for her. blah you guys suck i love britney spears

jordan on

i love britney spears you guys are just mean you need to suppport her and be there for her. blah you guys suck i love britney spears

J on

Work at home: 8664739021

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