Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen: Look-a-Likes No More

12/14/2006 at 05:39 PM ET

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen walked the red carpet last night for the Dolce & Gabbana charity event hosted by Penelope Cruz, and we couldn’t help but notice how drastically opposite these two are becoming and this time, it’s not just the hair. Mary-Kate kept up her rock and roll vibe with heavy black ankle boots, but went for more of an undone sexy look a la Kate Moss. Ashley opted for a more polished look, with a buttoned-up frock and super high Balenciaga platform pumps. Looking at these pix it’s almost hard to believe these two are related — never mind twins! Which sister’s style do you prefer Mary-Kate or Ashley’s?

To see more of MK and Ashley’s style in “Off the Rack” click here.

Photo: Charley Gallay/Getty; Phil McCarten/REUTERS/Landov

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elpo on

why does mary-kate always look like something is wrong with her or like she has no selfasteem.
The other twin looks good.

andie on

why do they always looks so grungy and dirty? would it hurt for them to look like they might actually bathe once-in-a-while? This is not top fashion. This is sloven and dirty. Gross girls. Straighten it up

Court on

I think Mary Kate went way way overboard on the rocker chick look. I like edging up my look a little, but I prefer Ashley’s more polished feminine look. If she designs an older clothing line, I would definitly look into it.


Dang Ashley looks AMAZING. She is so put together.

Unfortunately i cant say the same for MK…

Courtney on

Does Mary Kate have to be that drastic. I mean she can dress how she pleases but there are plenty of ways to distinguish yourself from your twin than covering up all that natural beauty. I really love Ashley’s more feminine look. It’s great!

wildflower on

They can both look so pretty, but I don’t care for Mary Kate’s somewhat grunge look and Ashley’s dark look…

Emily on

Ashley’s, without a doubt. MK needs to work on her posture, and her makeup makes her seem drawn and ill. Ashley, on the other hand, is glowing and chic. Although both of them look like they could use a good laugh. And a good meal.

Kim on

I love Ashley’s style the best! I’m a girly girl, so sorry Mary Kate…the boho/hippie thing doesn’t do it for me. Ashley is adorable…I’d love to borrow from her closet anyday!

me on

i think both those girls need to hit the gym and put a little muscle on those bones, their legs are disgusting.

Also I think they both look better as brunettes. Mary-Kate looks like a wreck.

Mrs.Borrego on

I have to say that Ashley looks much better in that picture than her sister does. Mary-Kate reminds me of Courtney Love for some reason except for she’s not as fat.

Ellie on

They both look gorgeous & i love both of their styles! Has Ashley lost weight?! She looks just as skinny as MK now…

lu lu on

i think they’re both darn trashy so neither.

Shannon on

They both look nothing like they did on Full House. They were so cute and innocent back then. Now I can brely tell which one was Anorexic. They both are very skinny. And wear ugly clothes.

sara on

i prefer AShley’s style but really admire MK’s free spirit. They are not afraid to move fashion forward and experiment. I just saw their new line The Row and it is BEAUTIFUL. I love love love the t-shirts. I bought one in black. Thanks girls. can’t wait to see what’s next for you

nothing on

theyre all freeeeeeeeeaks!!!!!!!!!! WHOOHOO!!!!!!!!

katie on

I like Ashley’s look better.
Is it just me, or do the two of them always look unhappy? I guess money can’t buy everything.

micheleeee. on

They are stil beautiful. I really like MKs outfit.

kASEY on

I think ashley is prettier and has more style! The hobo look is no flattering on Mary Kate

Amanda on

ashley’s without a doubt.

christy on

eww both of them look gross…if you have so much money why don’t you do your hair and eat something???

Julia on

Mary-Kate looks nasty. Her hair is horrible, and it makes her skin look really washed out. Ashley does look a little more pulled together but even then…and would it kill them to show some teeth and smile?

jo on

ashley: you’re a classy girl.
mk: raid ashley’s closet. and her hair and makeup team.

sara on

okay a few things…firstly, mary-kate’s hair looks waaaaaay too messy and she looks a wee bit too thin…her dress doesn’t do anything for her figure, while ashley’s seems to give her curves…ashley’s outfit looks kinda “grandma,” but i think its better than mk’s randomly thrown together look…ashley looks quite purdy and nicely tanned, while mk needs some curves and some sun!

Sky on

Neither of them look very good! They both look gaunt and sunken in! As to fashion, I prefer Ashkley’s outfit.

Jenb on

I usually really love Ashley Olsens style….quirky, but always put together. This outfit is a little boring, but she still looks amazing. I think that Mary Kate is really fashion forward. She has guts to wear half the stuff she does and, no matter what others say, she usually can pull it off. This would be a A+ outfit in my book, if only she had done SOMETHING with all that hair!
As a fashion major I love the Olsens style. They are innovators in everything they do, especially in fashion.

Ann on

Ashley maintained her socialite get up..
Mary Kate seemed to be in a “Wear just Whatever” mood.
I wont opt for the word “trashy” but almost.

Christina on

Ashley looks best.

mee on

I prefer Ashley’s look more because I think that even though she likes to dress older than her age, she can somehow pull it off. I respect Mary-Kate for her style, but sometimes it seems to much and lately she’s been looking really grundge, and not in a good way.

hilary on

definately ashley’s…she looks much classier and much more feminine. mary-kate looks grungy if you ask me…

Nicole on

:-)Ashley looks so sophisticated and
Marykate looks like she came from a 1980’s Music Video :-(.
But Mk hair’s looks nice.

adriana on

i think ashley looks better. healthier in fact. mary kate looks as if she escaped from some circus with her accidental choice of apparel. nonetheless, i like them both.

ellie on

Mary-Kate looks like a mess. I def. prefer Ashley’s style.

J on

Ashleys all the way!!! So much more polished
i hate Kate Moss

Emily on

Both girls have the potential to be beauties. This look is nothing to be proud of. In my opinion, they look like 12 year olds trying to be adults. I hope this has to do w/ youth and they simply just do not know any better. Best of luck to them, looks like they may need it.

Megan on

Totally love Ashley’s style- very sophisticated chick- what has HAPPENED to Mary-Kate? She used to be so cute.

Fiona on

I think they both look ghoulish…

O'Wryly on

STYLE?!?! WHERE?!?! Neither one of these walking cadavers has a whit of style, class, personality, or most importantly, talent. Sadly, there are young girls that idolize them and that think that the gaunt bag-lady look is the way to go. Somebody save ’em!

Alyssa on

I have always prefer Ashley’s style, and it is still the same with their new look. Ashley looks understated glam while MK looks more of “throwing the look together”. Yeah the features of their faces are different too. But they are identical twins right? The olsen-twins power rocks!

Cathy on

I totally love Ashley’s look, it’s very put together and shows that she’s maturing into a very sophisticated young lady. Mary Kate on the other hand looks like she’s trying to rebel against something. She just looks terrible, tired and a little like Courtney Love in this picture. Which by the way wasn’t meant as a compliment.

Allison Stevens on

i honestly think thaboth of them are losing their fasion sense! back in the preteen age, they were fasionable and pretty…and now…THEY ARE U-G-L-Y!!wut happened to the once fasionable girls!! YIKES THEY LOOK TERRIBLE!! NOONE CAN PULL OFF THIS LOOK!!! pur ugly-ness!!

Nilka on

I like the look on Ashley better.

Christy on

Ashley looks very pretty and lady-like. Mary Kate looks terrible. Is she trying to look homeless? Is that cool now?

karen on

They both look terrible. What happened to those cute little twins? When did fashion get mistaken for ugly.

Enyal on

wow, Ashley looks so much older now. She looks cute, but she realy stands out more as a blonde she looks kinda boring now.

Christine Charles on

To answer the question, if I had to pick which outfit I liked better obviously it would be Ashley. I’m not really into the homeless look! I think that both girls could be really beautiful if they just gained some weight. What’s with their sucked in faces??? Not cute!

Shay on

What happened to these girls? They used to be so cute but in the past few years, they’ve become emaciated freaks!

Ali on

Obviously Ashley’s style is 100X better.

She’s so sophisicated. MK is overrated.

Julie on

They look like rag-pickers and do these designer clothes no favors

Melissa on

Mary-Kate doesn’t look good at all- I just don’t like her style. Ashley looks really pulled together and sexy. She looks the best by far!

Kate on

I much prefer Ashely’s style to Mary Kate’s.

KAT on


// on

mary-kate’s of course! she’s so stylish, while ashley is so preppy, i hate her!

gbg on

what’s wrong with fashion these days?! both outfits are scary. why are all these hollywood girls going along with those horrible fashion trends? i just don’t get it. in ten years people will say: what were we thinking? – well, i am saying that allready.

Dina on

I do like the rock and roll look in general, but Mary-Kate looks too skimpy and not a real “rock and roll” girl. She needs to wear more black and cool rockier stuff.

Ashley looks chic and pretty.

Maria on

I luv luv luv Ashley’s style… for the last couple of years I have really noticed her inner fashionista shinning through and she is one of my style icons, whom I admire and get inspiration from… I do also think that Mary-kate is a great fasionista, however, it is not my style and I definetly prefer Ashley’s polished look with a bit of rock ´n roll to it… rock on Ashley!

Maria on

I luv luv luv Ashley’s style… for the last couple of years I have really noticed her inner fashionista shinning through and she is one of my style icons, whom I admire and get inspiration from… I do also think that Mary-kate is a great fasionista, however, it is not my style and I definetly prefer Ashley’s polished look with a bit of rock ´n roll to it… rock on Ashley!

Maria on

I luv luv luv Ashley’s style… for the last couple of years I have really noticed her inner fashionista shinning through and she is one of my style icons, whom I admire and get inspiration from… I do also think that Mary-kate is a great fasionista, however, it is not my style and I definetly prefer Ashley’s polished look with a bit of rock ´n roll to it… rock on Ashley!

Malin on

weel, i didn’t really like ashleys pose but otherwise she was smashing!

Illyana on

Do you guys have any doubts? Ashley’s much better.. Mary-Kate outfits are quite stange!

Illyana on

I have no doubt. Ashley’s much better.. Mary-Kate’s outfits are quite stange!

Becky on

they both look like slobs.

Jen on

Wow in that picture Mary-Kate looks a lot like Evan Rachel Wood. I think I actually like Mary-Kate’s outfit better, at the least the dress. Ashley’s is a little too frumpy looking. Also, Ashley’s face is looking alarminglyy thin….

Barbara on

I prefer Ashley’s style a little more. Mary Kate just never looks compleatly put together and unkept. I’m sure some people like the style but I prefere Ashley’s classic look. Only think I do not like on her is the dark brown hair. She looked better as a blond.

Becky on

is it more or does MK’s knees look ashey?

j on

ashley looks better, but still not all that great. wish these two could clean it up a bit and throw a smile our way every so often. is it me or does mk need some moisturizer on those knees of hers? gross.

Tiffany on

Ashley definitely looks better than Mary Kate. Not only does she seem to take better care of herself, but she even has a better posture than Mary Kate! MK needs to straighten up some. I think that Ashley is beautiful, and looks good blonde or darker. It’s so weird how identical twins can look so drastically different.

Sondie on


Laura on

Honestly, both of them would look better with a smile on. Why do they always look like they’re scowling?

They both look like very unhappy people.

Becky on

FYI They are not identicle twins.

Kimberly on

They’re both sad looking! I don’t get it – with all of the money they have – why can’t they afford a great hair stylist and groceries? They look malnourished and have no sense of style. Poor ratty looking little things!

Rhivi on

Hello Anoexia. They look like they’re trying to be older than they actually are. Smiling might be nice, too.

Kaye on

Ashley has a better taste of fashion BUT I ADMIRE Mare Kate for expressing herself where she is comfortable. I think that fashion is VERY PERSONAL. Wear whatever that makes you comfortable and that makes you a very secured woman whatever other wannabees or jealous people say! ALL THE BEST MK & A!

Jenn on

Ashley looks so much better – clean, put together, mature, but still stylish. And her legs are fantastic!

Mary-Kate, sadly, looks like an aged actress trying to show she’s still hip by trying too hard. She’s a mess.

Heather on

Mary Kate’s style is called “bobo” for bohemian bourgeois, which means dressing like a bag lady while carrying a $2000 bag. Not a fan. Meanwhile, Ashley is a knockout here! And all things considered, they are among the least screwed up child stars around–think Drew Barrymore and Macauly Culkin!

Jill on

Give the girls a break. They are both beautiful. They are only 20-years old and still trying to find themselves.

tostylestalker on

Anyone who knows/appreciates style should know that they are both outstanding and distinguishable. Flawless, always.

Brandi on

ashley is more stylish with her clothes but mary-kate is more stylish with her looks(skinnyness)

A on

I think they’re both gorgeous and I love both of their styles! I like Ashley’s fashion sense for the professional world or going to dinner. I dress more like Mary-Kate at home or shopping or partying etc. She’s definitely less sophisticated and confident. She looks like she needs a hug! And better posture! I would hug her and put a book on her head if she let me!

ágústa on

ashley becasue i have loved more then mary-kate my whole life and mary-kate is too much!

kathrine on

Put on some weight, that would go really well with both outfits!!!

Connie Radcliff on

Both of these girls need to hear one thing “EAT!”

I do prefer the polished look that Ashley has here to the sloppy look of Mary-Kate. These girls have so much money but it looks like they are bag ladies. Neither one of them has ever had a very good fashion sense. It’s too bad – they used to be such pretty little girls.

Janice on

Seriously, I like the Olsen twins ( and we’re almost the same age), but GAAAD why does Mary-Kate’s hair always look so dirty and lifeless? It just hangs there, and never looks super clean. You’d think with all those billions she’d be able to afford some pretty rockin’ shampoo. At any rate, i love Ashley’s dark hair.

Erin on

I actually have to add something a little different. Everyone is going on and on about how thin these girls are. Has anyone ever considered that it isn’t their fault? Some people just cannot gain weight.

More on the topic, the blonde looks horrible. Ashely looks very nice…although this may be the first time I’ve ever been able to say that. I hate their style most days.

Shawn on

They both look a hot ass mess!! They certianly don’t wear any of their lables clothing. The media needs to stop hyping them up as if they are fashion mavericks- fashion mishaps would be more suitable.

Jen on

Anyone else think that Mary-Kate looks a lot like Evan Rachel Wood in that picture? I don’t really like either of their outfits. Also, Ashley’s face is looking wayyyy too skinny.

sarah on

I love these girls! They have an unbelievable fashion sense, but I’d have to say that Ashley looks better. She looks polished and put together whereas MK does look like Courtney Love.

Danielle on

I like the Olsen twins period. I like MK because she always looks so freakin cool. I think everyone has to admit that even though you may not like the way she puts her clothes together, if she had on like six items then you would wear at least three of them. She is an innovator, hands down, period. Now Ashley, is a fashionista. She always looks like all the rest of the fashionistas. I have always liked her clothes. Personally, if they had a fashion line “together” that would be great because it would be boring without MK and it wouldn’t be put together for the masses without Ashley. As for their hair and skin color that is a personal choice or would you like them better if they wore safe “Gwyneth”blonde bobs and”Lindsay”fake tans.

Candi on

Ashley looks good but she has definitely looked better. I love the shoes and the hair and make-up and it is nice to see one of them with a little Sun Kissed glow. MK on the other hand is an absolute mess. She must go in her closet with her eyes closed and pick up ten articles of clothing and walk out with them and make that the OUTFIT FOR THE DAY! Horrible, I know that if I was worth as much as they are, you would be able to tell that I cared about how I looked as much as I cared about my OVER PRICED bags!!!

Dana on

Ashley…..absolutely without a doubt!From the hair color to the tan and down to the clothing!!

yvette on

You would think that with the HUGE bank account they have Mary Kate could afford to buy some lotion for those dry white knobby knees.

jessica on

mary-kate always looks grungy. i think she takes her style a little too far. she could deff. polish without taking away her own sense of style. and what the hell happened to ashley?! she looks great but did she go out and buy herself a new face?

Becky on

Mary Kate looks like she is heavily on drugs right now. Ashley looks like she may do them too, but she doesn’t play up as much to part that MK does.

Jen on

I think Ashely looks much better Mary-Kate has really no sense of todays fashions.

UAO on

These two always look like they need flea dip. They have all that money and still look rumpled and raggy. Do they own a HAIR BRUSH? How about a bottle of SHAMPOO? An IRON?

Heather on

Are they taking anything? They look so sick.

Anonymous on

Yeah… I grew up with these Girls. Loving them! I always relied on them for fashion sense, etc… However, when MK got really skinny I realized that looking up to her was not an option (particularly as I struggled with the same issue as her :( ) However, I continued to like Ash… However, why is she getting so skinny :(
However, In terms of fashion… I love Ashley’s style
MKS is way too grunge and she never looks classy … I dont personally think she takes very good care of herself but hopefullyt things will turn around for her!

No matter what I will ALWAYS love the olsen twins! However, I think they need to get over the rough patches of celeb life.. as much as I admire the Hollywood scene.

Layla on

They are both equally beautiful, but with two very different styles. I prefer Ashley’s look more, because she seems more put together than Mary-Kate.

Sue on

What’s with these two? They’re both pretty girls, but you’d never know from the way either of them dresses. Don’t they pay someone to advise them on their image? Where is their publicist!?

Alyson on

Neither one of them looks healthy, or happy!
If they were my daughters, I’d be concerned.

beth on


witchywoman! on

can yousay cheek implants??

Elda on

I don’t know about Mary Kate but Ashley looks stunning!!

Caddie on

i thought mary-kate was the anerexc one but it looks like ashley is.

Jerrie on

WOW!! i havent seen them in so long, i had no idea who they were, but i think they both stylin as ever!

adriana on

mary kate’s knees look ashy i would think that with all that money she would be able to afford sum lotion. why does she always look so ragedy? and i think ashley really needs to go to the bathroom. why do they pose that way?

adriana on

mary kate’s knees look ashy i would think that with all that money she would be able to afford sum lotion. why does she always look so ragedy? and i think ashley really needs to go to the bathroom. why do they pose that way?

Kelsey on

mary kate and ashley olson has let fame affect them. They really have no talent in acting, they have no sense of style anymore and there not role models for young girls because both of them look way to thin, which encourages other girls have a desire to look thin. I think ashley looks better, then mary kate for the sake of the post.

chelsea on

i dunno ilike ashleys style better here but other times i like mks. a mix is good

someone on

They look anorexic and they both look 40 years old.


hoogee on

I like Ashley’s style. Mary-Kate looks like she just got done dancing on some tables.

j on

marykates hair color isn’t the most flattering to her facial features, neither is the hair style itself. i think its wonderful she’s trying to do something different but people do what works and you dont see people walking around the street with braid halo looking things.
ashley on the other hand, although looking like a few carbs would do her good, looks gorgeous. she looks like shes a mess, but that look is in right now and she can pull it off. the dark color of hair on her is gorgeoussssss and i dont know why she ever was platinum it is so not sexyy..on most people.

someone on

mary kate clearly looks downright tired and down- she had went through a lot with her previous eating disorder.
ashley kinda does look like she has an eating disorder
although they’re wonderful people (full house was great), they dont quite show it by the way they dress (and then again, they probably dont care what we think!)

Camille on

They both need to eat some serious cheeseburgers and gain some weight…Ashley always looks more together than MK, I can’t really figure that out…after growing up with these gurls on TV, they have become less of icon because of their drastic change in style and self-esteem.

Ellen on

Ashley always appears more “together” somehow, and not just fashion-wise. She is much prettier than MK, and carries herself with grace and dignity. MK, well, she’s a bit more eccentric, overall…These photos really place the two miles apart, huh?

anon on

i don’t get why they don’t smile. just smile in one of ur pics please.

Alethia on

Mary Kate looks as if she was sick. Ashley is more stylish by far!

S.K. on

Why do you people care?

Rachel on

I think ashely looks better, but they both look like they are falling apart, they don’t look healthy…


seriously…they use to be cute girls but now they are discusting.

Carolyn on

I don’t care for either look. Mary-Kate looks slovenly and Ashley’s outfit is too old for her. Their hair is a mess. They both look like they’d rather be someplace else. I usually prefer Ashley’s style to Mary-Kate’s, but in this case, I can’t choose. I don’t remember Ashley’s face looking so gaunt. I hope she’s just sucking in her cheeks to vamp for the camera and nothing more.

CAChica on

Although Ashley’s outfit is cute, they both look way too thin and sickly. Necks just don’t look that boney on a normal person who eats healthily. They’ve really gone down hill from their full-house days.

Jana on

I love Mary-Kate so much more becasue it looks so just put together!

maria on

ashley looks way better

Irene on

Ashley looks MUUUCH better!!

carry on

Theyre legs are not disgusting. they are the right size for their age and your probably just saying that because your legs are putrid.

keyla inoa on

why do they always look like they got dressed in the dark they need to clean up the way the dress and look like they are millionares that they are!

lauren on

Who told the Olsen twins not to smile when they are having their photograph taken? I can’t recall the last time I saw their teeth. Anyways, Ashley looks so much better than her sister. It’s good to see she has finally broken away from her “boho chic” days. Maybe she could give MK a few pointers.

nita on

Mary kate has her own style…
but ashley, she tried to much !!
GO MK… you’re rock..

laz on

Mary-kate is slightly better ut they both look really glam!!!

Beth on

Mary-Kate just looks over the top… She really looks like a little girl playing dress up in some really hideous clothes. Ashley’s style is definitely better – but I can tell she is sucking in her cheekbones, and it looks so ridiculous and unnatural. I also seriously doubt Mary-Kate’s sobriety, I think that girl is on crack.

Julia on

Well they kind of look a little trashy, and Mary-Kate should do something with her self she looks freaky!!!

CB on

i think ashley looks much better than mary kay she looks totaly trashy

donna on

Ashley looks sophisticated. Mary-Kate looks lost

Chrissy on

Both of them look emaciated and I don’t care for either look. The look I would like to see them both wear is more weight! They look like cocaine addicts!

Rosie on

they both look hungry and sad

rosamariaposa on

Ashley looks better by far.

April on

i think they both have had a hard life to go through and there just trying find what is comfortable to them and how they want to be they both looks great with wich ever style they try.

April on

i think they both have had a hard life to go through and there just trying find what is comfortable to them and how they want to be they both looks great with wich ever style they try.

ashley on

Why even ask this question? Ashley is clean cut and well styled while mary kate looks absolutely horrible!!!

Susan on

If you want to know what God thinks of money, just look who He gave it to.

Shell on

Ok, for sure Ashley. What’s up MK?? She just doesn’t even look good anymore, the style’s got to go! And to the both of them – PUT ON SOME WEIGHT!!!

Lizzie on

In this one picture, Ashley is the better dressed.

But in other pictures…I don’t get it. These girls have millions, yet their hair always looks dirty and they look like they slept in their clothes.

They need stylists!

Les Talented on

Wow! Ashley looks 10 times better but they both need to take a bath!

rosie on

i loved ashley as a blonde, although she looks all right as a brunette. as for her style…she looks better than mary-kate does but i don’t love the look. she looks polished, but her hair doesn’t look that great. as for mary-kate…i love her free spirit and i appreciate that she doesn’t try to dress the way other people are but…she looks sort of trashy. sort of like she slept in her clothes. what bothers me, i guess, is that they both used to be so beautiful…now it’s hard to tell which of them suffered an eating disorder because they’re both so tiny, and they always look so unhappy…it’s depressing

Sarah Reagan on

I love the Olsen twins. They start fashion trends, not follow them. It’s easy to say Nicole Richie and Lindsay Lohan dress fashionable but it isn’t them, it’s their stylist. Rachel Zoe is behind all of their looks. The Olsen’s brought back leggings, bohemian and rock-star chic–on their own. They are definately the best dressed girls in hollywood.

Lauren on

I think ashley looks better, but they are both gorgeous!!!

sam on

In the end they both end up wearing too much, and for some reason they look a lot older than what they are

Annie on

They both seem to be unhappy & they seem as if they need to eat something.

regina on

honestly? neither. i think they are both scary.

Ellie on

Personally, I think that Ashley always looks 10 times better than Mary-Kate. Mary-Kate always looks ill–either sickly pale, bad choice of makeup colors, or overboard eye-makeup that makes her look like a drug addict…and don’t even get me started on all of the slouching!

Ashley is just more put together and sopisticated than Mary-Kate. And it looks SO much better.

tina on

I think that both of them they need to work on their fashion they look really bad i will not even go out to work in gym with those close they look very old for their age. every body tries to look younger but the seem to love look order.. love you mary & ashley but this is my opinion

Ashley on

Has anyone noticed that Ashley looks much thinner than her twin Mary Kate? Mary Kate is the one who had the eating disorder and seems to be gaining weight, Ashley seems to be withering away!!!

nicky on

for 2 actresses that make so much money and are always in the spotlight im sure they can afford to NOT to look homeless all the time. actually,ive even seen homeless people with more style than them.its time for them to really think about firing their stylist.

Allison on

I think Ashley’s style is so much nicer and she looks great except she should stop always sucking her cheeks in and looking like a fish.

itdoesntmatter on

MK is popularizing (or just bringing into the limelight) Chloe Sevigny’s style. Nothing great about that.
Also, someone needs to tell these Hollywood “It” girls that looking like an Oompa Loompa isn’t cool! *ahem* Ashley!

Cathy on

Mary Kate is very SCARY. . .what in the world is she thinking everytime she leaves the house????? Really it is awful I get the creeps looking at her.

Karen on

They both are too skinny and look like skeletons. Neither of them look good in anything. Gains some weight!

nora on

well in these pichers mk looks better but normaly ashley look way better mk is geting realllly skinny agen

nora on

oh wait i thouhgt mk was ashley and ashley was mk ashley looks way better but stop sucing yur cheeks and she is getting really skinny

mallory on

ashley looks better

U.K_hottie on

ashley looks hotter.

Cathy on

Wait I think they both look like that Nightstalker freak.

andrea on

ashley looks much better. still needs to gain weight, but at least her style is looking more classy. mary-kate reminds me of courtney love.

spring on

Ashley looks better.

Lacey on

I think Ashley actually looks gorgeous in this outfit. Your right mary-kate looks hunched over and frail, like she has no self-esteem at all. I think the baggy boho look is all to cover up her eating disorder and yeah even though Ashley looks good in this outfit she could use a good meal also and I agree hit that gym it will make your clothes look alot more natural on you. Also why cant you guys wash your hair and make it look elegant?

Jennifer on

These girls need a hug!

I feel that Mary Kate needs a makeover big time. Ashley has a much better look. Yet I would have to say both of them need to eat more. They don’t look healthy at all. I agree with others…they have so much money yet the look like they are bag ladies. Now they don’t have to be dolled out with diamonds and such…they just need some respect for themselved.

I honestly feel bad for them that they feel they have to dress that way. I’m just glad they aren’t putting those clothes out for little girls….ek…We don’t need a generation of bag ladies

cynthia on

Ashley looks better – like the brown hair. Both girls are too thin.

danielle on

Ashley always looks better then MK and its not the clothes, I can appreciate individual style. ahsley is just way prettier. sometimes i watch full house to see if i notice a which is which, i cant!

nana on


K on

I’ve always been a Ashley fan.

amy on

mary kate is rancid. she carries herself all wrong and her fashion sytle is hiddeous! the hair, the make up, the slouchy back…it’s not working at all.

ashley is a lovely girl on the other hand. her complexion is nice, her style is usually much better than the other’s, the brown hair works for her as much as the blonde hair…too bad she never smiles.

there’s no comparison here…mary kate looks like a tattered street walker, and ashley looks like a (healthy) successful business woman.

vanny on

ashley olsen the best

Lydia on

Ashlee’s look is the best! I love her hair and her style is sooo much better then her sisters. Mary kates style is over the top.

Dawn on

I think Ashley has better style.. but i hate the way both of them try to pout their lips. It doesnt look attractive they just look funny. Seriously look at everyone of their about a smile once in a while??

nina on

both look awfulle

Jessica on

MK and Ashley both have an amazing scense of style. And its obvious, that after years of being morphed into one person, they’re finding their individualism! I think its fantastic. I enjoy both of their styles and am pleased to see them experimenting with their looks.

Lynette on

they were alot cuter when they were younger but the one on the right for sure looks alot better.

Gina on

I am surprised anyone cares… both styles are old and borrowed. Oh, wait…is this their new Target line for little girls? They do look too skinny — but isn’t that their calling card? How else would they stay in the headlines? Why smile — it won’t help.

stephanie on

It’s one thing for sure they don’t look like twins any more
but, I think Ashleys’ style is better.

Rikki on

I’m so over MK, Ashley, Lindsey, Nicole R., Britney, Gwyneth, and Paris. Truly, please find someone who is brainy and cute – not just rich and who does nothing to better the world in anyway really.

leila on

that’s not mary kate and ashley!!

linda on

yes, maybe MK clothes cost a lot, but she looks like a homeless. I’m really not a posh person, but in this case I’d rather wear Asley’s outfit

katie on

I’d like to know who told MK that it looks good to smile by pursing her lips like she is constipated? Dirty hair, grungy clothes, constipated look and bodies built like a pre-teen boy… good thing they’ve got a gazillion dollars~ but 20 yo’s shouldn’t need that much help to look like a cute girl. They should try to re-invent themselves in the image of the Olsen Twins- the non-looney marketing ones ;)

Christy on

I’m fans of them…but Mary-kate’s boho/hippie look has to go and start looking girlie like Ashley. No offense. Ashley has a very stylish look going on now.

Emily on

Mary Kate looks like a young Courtney Love, needless to say that is not a compliment. Ashley looks a lot better, more sophisticated, more put together.

Firewoman on

Who cares! They’re so stinky-rich they could wear a garbage bag and it would be next years ‘new look’.

Let them be who they wanna be – grunge/punk, whatever.

Jari Hopkins on

Wow!!!!!!!!!! what in the world happen to them I can say that with the clothes Ashley looks better buts whats up with her face? If it was halloween I would understand. I hope the money lasts.

isabella paris on

I think both girls are amazing fashion icons, especially for child stars and girls so young. They both have much more originality and class then other young ‘fashionistas’ such as Paris Hilton(puh-lease), Nicole Ritchie or Lindsay Lohan.
A lot of people are judging for them for their weight (except for one comment that said MK’s looks were better because of her thinness!!?!??! which amazes me)although they are naturally petite and Mary Kate is recovering from an eating disorder which is an illness and takes time. However I think Ashleys face looks a tad thinner than usual and although her hair looks really good, I prefer her as a blonde.
I actually like both outfits, I like Ashleys better its really feminine, pretty and classy but still with a bit of an edge.
I like Mary Kates dress, and her bags cute, but it would have looked better with maybe some good jewellry around the neck and if her hair was styled nicely and looked better and healthier.
Generally I prefer Ashleys style, I love all her outfits-her more glamourous ones or her layered day looks; But I also like Mary Kates rock chic vibes when shes wearing skinny legged jeans or tights or leggings because I really didnt like the baggy pant look. But on many occasions her layered, edgier grungey style looks really cool. Both inspire me.

night on

Their clothes look like they are still on the hangers.

Briony on

I love Ashley’s style it’s effortlessly stylish and makes her look more grown up an dnot like a child that has been rumaging through her mother’s wardrobe. Ashley wins hands down!!

maggie on

Ashley looks amazing, I think. But MK…I think, she’d like to show her rebel personality, but…her style is terrible :/

Sarah on

Mary-Kate is all about getting attention by portraying her “troubled girl” image. Which is extremely fake….
she’s not near the role model her sister is within all levels…speech, style, grace…etc. They’re both goreous women…however Mary-Kate exaggerates her style and her manners so much to grab attention, and some ppl can pull it off even if its fake…. but this petite cute girl just CAN’T…..

oh, but Ashley’s elegant manners brings out the best in her fashion as well!

alexis on

Well Ashley’s style is more glam,, but Mary-kate’s says something and it’s out there.. so i’d would have to say mary-kate’s

a.a on

SO SKYNNY…its alarming..

madeleine on

i love ashleys hair she is so pretty!

Gabby on

mk needs to go back to the dirty blonde look..ashley looks stunning..and anerexic..but the ironic thing about hollywood is a stylist has claimed “clothes look better on skinner people” which basically means…skinny is beautiful..but i think beyonce’s is the way to go

Quinn on

to those of you who feel like dissing mk and a (my soul sistas!) well you just need to lay off BIG TIME! they are creative geniuses with their fashion and makeup. i love the awesome-rocker-i-don’t-care-what-you-think-of-my-outfit-because-i’m-mk-and-i-have-been-through-so-much-so-who-cares-about-a-stupid-outfit look that mk has going on. sometimes i feel that if only people understood the depth and signifigance of mk’s style, then maybe mk wouldn’t have such problems, such as her eating habits and also her self-esteem/body image. i think mary-kate olsen is the most stunning woman in hollywood. she is a strong and influential icon of many girls (including myself). when i grow up, i would be satisfied being half the woman that she is. as for ashley, well sure she’s gorgeous (i mean she’s mk’s twin of COURSE she’s gorgeous) strong, and a confident role model, but well i would be too if i was always shoved in a category higher than my loving twin. everyone keeps saying how much better ashley is than mk, and maybe THAT’S the reason for the season. lets all try to be a little more supportive of mk, and maybe she will be able to gain valuable knowledge about who she is: an amazing young women who is trying her best to make it in a business that is vicious and cruel. much luvins to my peeps back in alabama. holla at ya gurl, mk! (and maybe Ashley)

darby on

i think ashley needs to gain some weight she looks as bad as m-k looked.

mary-kate dosent have a very good fashion sence.

Karina on

omg what the hell has happened to these poor girls? I remember a few years back i envied their looks but not nemore. They always look so gross, especially Mary-kate, you’d think that with all that money they could actually buy some nice clothes of even some professional advice. They have the potential to be so pretty. I dont get it. And whats wif the never show ur teeth smile, they have lovely teeth and look so much more attractive when they have a big teethy smile, and someone should fire their make-up artists, awful!!!

carly+amy on

they look ill but they are reli pretti xx

rachel b. on

One seems to be grown-up than the other.

lmg on

I think that Ashley has impeccable taste, and usually I wouldn’t think of her going brunette…but in this picture she looks gorgeous and her outfit complements her dark hair. My style is definitely a lot like Ashley’s, and I love everything she wears. Plus in this picture, she looks like she’s like she could be 25. Amazing job, Ashley!



Abbey on

eww ashley does NOT look good, but Mary kate does.

Phoebe on

Mary kate is he one with the BRUNETTE hair. not ashley. ashleys the one who looks like trash.

cyndi and kelsey on

we think they look good, but we’re twins and we look better.

Roxy Allington on

>OMG whats goin on???? I sooo ttly LOVE them but i’ve always been a bigger Ashley fan!!!!! Although both look like they just got back 4rm the “GHETTO” both of them have 2 clean up theyr act b4 both of them end up like Britney Spears only less CRAZY!!!!lol BYE!!!!

kiki on

whats up with them they dont even look human like ashley is sooo overated and MK is a “hooker”!!!!! are they on crack? In my opinion they both look like TRASH!!!!

Cate on

I naturally like both of them very very much.
these are comments so that they’d change somehow.
both of them have to gain much more weight because they looked really ill as if they want to be slim but they got ill-thin instead.
Mary-Kate has to wear normal teens outfit , don’t wear major class clothes like any other superstars.or else she’ll look like a show-off. where natural tank top or cool tops would be good.
Ashley…there’s one thing about her…she looked like an ill person in that smudge make-up and she also looked really old. not counting the outfit.

And for both of them, again, they should drink milk more-it’s not only for children. i’ve read it somewhere-the limit of height growing up is about the late 20s. They really should start drinking milk before they get too old.
Height, fat (wee bit more fat) and fasion are now their problems to be looking really beautiful.

victoria on

i grow up with the olsen twins being my number one roles models,i still like them,but they do both look too thin.i also have a friend who loves them and wanted to just be like mk,t’ill she lost weight to look like her,making herself think that being skinny is cool, not as muach anymore since she was in sick-kids for 5 months.i just wish they would relize that ther slowly losing there fans that grew up with them and seek help and just get there lifes togethers,a lest for the fans they still have!!!!!!!

Donna Samoylich on

Hot? Well…i don’t think so. I certainly think they try to hard. Well, MK does. She used to be so spontanious and such a ro-model to everyone. What ever happened to the cute adorable twins they used to be!!! It makes me mad just to look at them now.

abbey on

ashely looks okay but could have look better but she still rocks!!!!!!! Mary-kate looks ok well I guess i love her pruse anyways you both still rock!!!!!!!

shunta on

how did mary kate and alsley meet

Dani on

omg! what is wrong with these girls. First of all they are wayy too skinny for their own health and secondly they always seems as though they’re making fish faces or something. Idk, they made the only weird faces when plosing for pictures, but alright lets just say that’s they way of like.. smiling or w/err… i admit ashley is more elegant in this pic (although i still think she’s wayy too skinny). what in the world in up with mary-kate? seriously she looks like someone’s crazy grandmother or something. Someone who just rolled out of bed and said hmm.. i think i’ll attend the dolce and gabbana charity event. I would be insulted if someone came to my party or an event that i put together looking like she looks right here. you would think that will all of their money she could find some prettier clothes to wear. anyway, that’s my opinion.

hannah on

girls what did you do.your twins come hannah ps.i love youal when you sing

prezzo on

hey u no ya fit dont ya both of ya love ya…

mka have gone off the rails on

oh my gosh. either theyre different people, not twins at all, or they had plastic surgery. its shocking, i thought of marykate as the bad twin with the anorexia and evetyhing, but not ashleys just as bad! she looks terrible here , her face is gaunt and everything! shes just as skinny as marykate!! theyre both way too skinny and seriously they look terrible…they’ve gone too far. what happened to the innocent old days when they were kiddies?

misty odonnell on

I have a baby girl that looks like the olson twins when they where on Full House as babies every where we go someone always tells us that she looks like them I am trying to get her picture out there to see if anything would happen. So if you could help that would be great !!


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