Are Skinny Jeans Over Already?

12/07/2006 at 06:00 AM ET

Well, that was quick! Apparently our readers aren’t the only ones ready to retire the skinny jeans trend. Former drainpipe devotees Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton have come out in flared jeans in the past few weeks, and Rachel Bilson, who we thought looked adorable in her skinny jeans, has also moved onto wider straight leg jeans. We’re not chucking our skinny jeans yet — they are still the easiest cut to tuck into boots — but it looks like this trend is winding down. Do we hear a collective sigh of relief? Let us know.

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Photo: Brandi Pettijohn/FilmMagic; INF; Chris Wolf/Flynet

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Sydni on

Its about time the skinny jeans went away. I mean people need to understand that they don’t look good on everyone. Only if your anorexically skinny, maybe. But then you just look gross.

Skinny jeans do look okay tucked into boots though. I just don’t like them with the heels and stuff.

lauren on

What? I LOVE and live in my skinny jeans! what will i do when i can’t wear them anymore?

Twentyfourgetonwithit on

I will still wear my skinny jeans. Nicole Ritchie and Paris Hilton don’t affect my personal style.

Merissa on

If they’re over I’m glad cause i hated those anyway
I am more a fan of the low rise bell jeans………so sexy!

Leonie on

I am DEFINITELY over skinny jeans, but only if you can be over something if you’ve never been into it in the first place. They’re just not flattering on me, and on most people I’ve seen wearing them.

I’m (almost) proud to say I don’t own a single pair of skinny jeans, and have stuck to my flares and wide, straight jeans.

Hurray for the demise of these awful skinny jeans!

Erin O on

I’m bummed. I love skinny jeans. They look adorable on with flats and boots, which I absolutely wear all the time. Well, this is one trend I’m not letting go of yet. Go ahead Hollywood. Here in Germany, skinny jeans live on!

T L on

Who cares!

mg on

Oh no! I absolutely adore skinny jeans, I just find them to be so clean and chic. If this trend is truly on its way down I will not be sighing in relief, rather hunched in depression. Let’s keep them skinny jeans around!

Mags on

THANK GOD! I’m a bigger gal (a hippy size 10) and there was no way I could get on the skinny jean band wagon. I love my flares and bootcuts…sticking with them.


I can only HOPE that the phase is over!! Skinny jeans are only made for those that are a size 0 while the rest of us have to be “out of style”.

Jennifer on

Wow, just because stars wear a different cut of jeans People starts crying “Are skinny jeans over already”!? Come on, even celebrities change up their jeans style once in awhile. I like skinny jeans for tucking into boots only. Perfect for when it just snowed & you don’t want to ruin your shoes. In my opinion, skinny jeans look bad if they aren’t tucked into boots. I don’t think they look good at all with ballet flats.

Jenna on

No, I love skinny jeans! I think they’re so chic. Plus, I think the stars are just going for versatility. I don’t wear skinny jeans every day…

Becky on


SaraS on

Bye Skinny Jeans Bye Bye, Let the door hit u in the rear on the way out!

Lu on

Since i’m not the skinniest girl on earth, i dont wear skinny jeans that often. Still, i dont really care if the stars are retiring theirs. I will still wear my skinny jeans cause, just as you said, they are the best cut to wear together with boots. It looks fantastic!

Carrie on

i don’t think it’s over quite yet. skinny jeans don’t go with *everything* and it’s okay to let them rest every once in awhile.

J. on

Gladly!! I never liked them, and I never could wear them. I think these celebs look much better in these wider styles.

KO on

I always thought the skinny jeans were more about marketing than style. I don’t know anyone who would wear them!

Alex on

To be quite honest, I was never a fan of the skinny jeans. I think with fashion, you should just wear whatever looks good on you, and makes you feel good; whether it’s ‘in’ or ‘out’.

Priscilla on

I sure hope so!!

Jessica on

Thank goodness, I hate skinny jeans, even on skinny people. It looks like they have a constant wedgie.

Kristin on

Thank goodness, the skinny jean was not one of my fave fashions choices. You literally have to be as tiny as Nicole to even look halfway decent in them and they still didn’t look good. I think the slightly flared leg is much more flattering on women to begin with. Plus, I am tall and the jean ending at my ankles looks stupid to be hoinest- not a good choice in jeans. Glad to see it is already loosing steam.

Nancy-Jo on

Hate ’em, hate ’em, hate ’em…….long live flares!!!!!!!

Tiffany on

I think that the people who don’t like skinny jeans are the people who don’t look good in skinny jeans, because skinny jeans are soooo cute and you can pair them with anything! so, i could wear this trend for at least a few more months.

Angie on

I have never worn a pair of skinny jeans, nor will I EVER wear a pair of skinny jeans. I hope this “trend” is over for good!

Me on

Skinny jeans didn’t even look good on skinny people. What a terrible fad. Didn’t we learn anything from the past; if you wear something skinny on the bottom, you look like an ice cream cone.

Amy on

I think the only way skinny jeans look good, is tucked into boots. Other than that they are really ugly. I am so happy that the flare legged jeans are on the in again!!!

carolina on

Why are skinny jeans in boots popular? I can’t wait for the retrospective look on that trend…

hina on

It’s about time that we move on from the skinny jeans!

Susan on

Thank goodness – that is one trend I will be happy to see go! I have thighs, so I could never wear the look. No need to be jealous anymore!

Kat on


Michele on

I’m glad if skinny jeans are over. Nicole looks so cute in that pic!!!

Sondra on

I only use my skinny jeans when I wear boots and they are tucked in. I am a fan of the straight leg/Boot Cut…this style is not too wide like flare or straight like the skinny. It’s what works for your shape and what type of jean it is. Jeans are tricky. One pair will look good on someone and not on someone else. That is why jeans are the hardest thing to buy in my book BUT I SURE DO LOVE THEM;-)

C on

Where I come from those have always been called “TAPPERED” and not “skinny” and as far as I am concerned those went out at the same time the BIG HAIR did in the 80’s. They are just very unflattering no matter what size you are. I’m stickin’ with my trusty flares and boot cuts!

andre on

I love the skinny jeans… I am not about to stop wearing them just because they don’t. And I love how they look with heels, very clean and sleek

Jane on

Guys, if you don’t like em’, don’t wear em’!! Why is everyone so hung up on the whole skinny jean phenomenon?? I’m a size 4(that doesn’t mean anorexic does it?!?!) and i wear them and i think they look fab! And I also think they look fab on many other people as well. it’s just the same as everything else…it’s just got to suit your body that’s all! Personally, i hope they stay in style for a long time…this is the most variety we’ve had in fashion for a long time!!!

Marina on

flared jeans are horrible; I always hated wearing them. I actually think I threw them all away…

Rebecca on

So glad this trend died fast! Although I never would have gotten a pair myself- I didn’t ever like skinny jeans and never will.

never on

I never even wore the skinny jeans. Do these girls really have that much power of the fashion trend? If so, thats rediculous.

Ann on

OMG!!please not yet! in my side of the world its just starting.. well ive been a fan of skinny jeans for 3 months now and the crowd here just starting to embrace it.
and since im a big nicole richie fan!!
it’s only reasonable that i follow her trends.

i swear!! it does look good on me!

im just not ready to let goof it yet..

its soooo too soon!!

Vanessa on

WOW this Rachel girl, has a 10 y/o girl body !!

Well, what about if this trend is out? we all dont have to wear all that crap that Hollywood women wear !!

We are individuals, we are unique, and we have the right and the freedom to decide what to wear.
Let’s the uniform to these girls who dont have selfsteem for a change… =)

Michele on

THANK YOU! Those suckers just seemed abnormal with the bunched up ankles!

Bunky on

They look like tights. Just wear tights if you want to wear skinny jeans. Wear them under your regular jeans. Then you can have the benefit of looking like you’re wearing regular jeans, but still have the benefit of feeling like you’re constricting your blood flow.

Lola on

I’m actually one of those freaks that like skinny jeans ~ but I also like flared leg jeans, trouser jeans and boot cut jeans in a variety of rises ~ I have pairs of everything ~ the skinniest jeans I bought were J Brand’s 14″ cigarette ~ slim enough to tuck into boots but not enough to strangle your ankles and I will continue to wear them, along with all my other styles

Who cares what Nicole and Paris wear anyway ~ everyone knows they’re not self-styled

Marcia on

Um they’re not out yet. Sorry y’all. Do the celebrities have to wear them every single day for them to be “in”? We need variety. I’m sick of the flare/boot cut thing ALL the time for ALL these years. They’ll be around just so girls who look good in them can show them off to the haters :)

Mandy on

Thank god. I wasn’t a fan of those at all. You seriously have to be a size 0 and have no fat, i mean NO FAT or even muscle on your legs at all for them to look good. Not that i’m fat at all, but they just don’t look good on everyone. I’m more a fan of bootcut or flare/bell. They just look better. And who cares what Paris Hilton or Nicole Richie wear anyways.

Chrissy on

Thank Goodness! I hate the skinny jean look and trend. I think it looks silly, and is by far the worst trend I have seen in a long time…even on the skinny girls! I am a size 7, and although that may be heavy for some people, I think it’s healthy, and still wouldn’t wear the skinny jean! Next.

t on

I don’t think they are over you can wear skinny one day, flare the next, bootcut the day after that, straight another. What’s the big deal switch up!!!

Kaye on

Skinny Jeans are just sooo CLASSSY! Flare jeans are VERY TRASHY! EWWWWWW!

Liz on

All I can say is THANK GOD! I hated the skinny jeans trend.

Petite on

I am petite and have to admit that I never fell in love with skinny jeans. For my body type, low rise straight cut or boot cut jeans are best. Petite body types never have the option of jumping on the bandwagon for jean trends so no loss for me. I think it’s better to stick with what works for your body type so you look well-dressed all year long. Flares… not my favorite look on anyone.

angie on

I do hope the fad for skinny jeans goes away.. but I do have to say, the classiest most versatile jeans for me, have to be trouser style jeans, period.

Morgan on

I think skinny jeans are unflattering on everyone, no matter what size you are. I am a size 0 and I tried on a pair of skinny jeans and I looked hideous. They make most peoples hips and butts look huge in comparison with the rest of their body, and I’m speaking for myself too.

Mindy on

Skinny jeans (tapered jeans) I will be glad to see go. You have to wear them with the right shoes not to mention have very long legs! What a relief that I won’t feel the need to buy them to be stylish!!

Tammy on

Nooooooooooo I love my skinny jeans….. they cant be over and i really dont think that just cause a few celebs stopped wearing them (for a couple weeks) means their over, and by the way to the previous comment no one is forcing you to wear them!!!! so its not that we didnt realise they don’t look good on everyone, trust me we notice lol!

Amy on

Thank god. I am built a little more like JLo or Beyonce-bootilicious! Since skinny is in (not in my world), then they of course look good on the stars. I look ridiculious in them. Hopefully they are done for good. As well as the anorexic trend! Curvy is beautiful too!

andrea on

i have trouble with jeans. i don’t like flares, but i don’t really want them to be straight down either. also i don’t like my jeans to be super low waist, but not too high. i’m a complicated person, lol.

Aimee on

I was never a fan of skinny jeans. Though I live in the most fashionable city in the US, I see way too many people who should not be out in them wearing them. They are only flattering if you have long skinny legs. And to those of you who think that the only people who hate them are those who look bad in them, I am a tall girl with long “chicken” legs, lol, and I still would never wear them.

Sarah on

hopefully this trend will go awat…i like them tucked them into boots- on some people! not everyone can pull them off! I think that boot cut or flared jeans can look great on anybody!

astoreri on

Thank God!!!!! Skinny jeans look good on like 0.1% of the population. The rest of us look much better in boot cut or straight leg.

The problem with the whole “if you don’t like em or don’t look good in skinny jeans don’t wear them” theory is that way to many people who DON’T look good in skinny jeans and totally CAN’T pull them off wear them anyway.

I’m actually not a fan of flared jeans either. They are another trend that I think only looks good on tall people (but again as with the skinny jeans not everyone can pull them off). Since I’m petite I won’t bother with them, just like I didn’t bother with the skinny jeans.

Angela on

I’m a thin girl with a muscular body type, especially my legs, so skinny jeans never looked good when I tried them on (so I never owned any). Most people I know wear what they like anyways, so the trend being “over” won’t affect me or anyone else I know.

Aiden on

Kaye is right! Skinny jeans are classy and flare jeans are TRASHY!

Gisela on

I´ve worn skinny jeans for years and they are the shape of jeans that looks best on me. But I do have straight, bootcut etc too. But the skinny ones I always go back to. Nicole and Paris choice of clothing doesn´t mean anything to me. I know what I like and look good in and my source of inspiration comes from my mom, Sofia Coppola, Audrey Hepburn. And I guess you always look best in what you feel comfortable in.

Kelly on

I am very happy to see them gone. I never personally wore them as I’m not a size 0 (sorry, 6 instead and would probably look like a 20 if I wore skinny jeans). I never liked them before they came back and am grateful to see they didn’t last long. They do not look good at all on most women and flare jeans are for sure a better way to go looks wise.

Katie on

Ick. I hope the skinny jeans are over. Not cute.

Jessica on

I hope so. I hate them!! However, I think that there are a few that are cute! Like Sienna Miller looks awesome in them!,com_browse/task,product/celebrity_id,353/product_id,2235/

Lee on

Hate, hate, hate the skinny jeans. Glad they are on their way out.

deebee on

I agree they are best tucked into boots. Otherwise, so not sexy!

Jennifer on

All I have to say is THANK GOD!! Skinny jeans look good on size zero models and that’s about it! I swore I’d never buy skinny jeans, I’m glad they’re going out of style!

Cherry on

I am super happy to see this trend disappear. I agree they work well with boots, but most people I see with them on look horribly unbalanced. If you are super skinny with no hips they look good – too bad some curvier women have taken to this trend. Good riddance!

Colette on

This is why I got an inexpensive pair, I know I will be shaking my head next year. But I think they are cute with heels. My style is my own, what these women wear does not affect me. Yes, they only look good on thin women, but not all thin women are anorexic, like so many of you seem to think.

A on

yay! skinny jeans don’t work on me so i never bought them. long live comfort! woohoo!

Amber on

I still love skinny jeans, and high boots still look great over them(leggings aswell :-)).

Reeta on

Supersweet! Those things are hideous.

Meme on

Oh my goodness… Thank the lord. I would almost put those ugly things up as the worst thing that ever happened to fashion. I dont care how pretty your face is, if you come out in those things you run the risk of people never even getting to your face. They take one look at your jeans and they’ve already made up there mind. Yuck! Im happy they are going away~!!!!! YAY!!!!

Mariale on

Oh rachel look so good, she is the best… its so bat that break -up whit Adam Brody he is the best and is so beautiful i loved .. And rechel is the most beautiful!!…I loved!!

Taylor on

I haven’t and never will purchase a pair of the skinny jeans. I don’t like the tight-around-the-ankles look. I refuse to live in the 1980’s again!!! I mean come on, leg warmers! Please, designers, take back your skinny jeans and give us some that are for real women!

steph on

skinny jeans rock

Audrey on

Skinny jeans are so not over. I think Nicole is allowed to wear flare jeans every now and then, and still be stylish.

I will still wear my skinnys for a while before they become “so last year” and look outdated. They are the best jeans for my body type, and I was ecstatic when they became the latest thing.

Sarah on

the only people who can actually wear skinny jeans are the ones whose thighs don’t touch… aaaaaaand because i am not one of those girls, thank goodness they’re finally going away!

Mel on

Oh good! The skinny jeans are on their way out! I love flared jeans because usually everyone can wear them, skinny jeans do not suit everyones body type. Thank goodness for flared jeans!!! Love em!

Carla on

Skinny jeans are meant for those who are weight-challenged and for those who wear a size 0.

seriously, skinny jeans look awful because they expose your ankles and you look so bony in them. Thank god it’s over.

Jill on

I used to think the skinny jeans were ugly till I bought a pair… and I love them.. they are not to be worn every day though.. only with an outfit that looks good with them.. I will still wear mine and look good in them!

Sabrina on

I LOVE skinny jeans/pants and I’m not anorexic. If you don’t like them don’t wear them.

dawn blagborne on

why are they over, oh because the stars aren’t wearing them now..sorry i don’t follow what the stars do (trend wise) so when flats are no longer a trend i have to get rid of all my flats? yea right!!!

Sandy on

HATED the skinny jeans…never owned any and never will! Next thing that needs to go are leggings…they are truly horrible.

jenny on

i happen to love skinny jeans. and living in england everyone wears them… just because the stars stopped wearing them – don’t make them unfashionable!

KB on

I am a size 2 and never purchased a pair. I think they look awful on everyone, including skinny people.

sarah on

i still like skinny jeans and on some people they r flattering
try wearing them with heels and your legs look a mile long

who cares on

thank god. I HATE skinny jeans. I love boot cut, flared, and anything but skinny. They make me and everyone I know look fat. not skinny. and they hurt. and if proper skinny jeans are too bug they just go on like a sock which hurts. if regular jeans are too bug, they just fit over shoes nicely.

Carmen on

I think the only people who are hating on skinny jeans are those who didn’t look good in them to begin with. I love my skinny jeans. I don’t wear them all the time…and they arent’ only for those a size 0….i’m a size 1-3,, I loved them. VIVA LA SKINNY JEAN!!!!

adalynn on

i personally am glad that this trend is over because they really don’t look good on most people, and its about time they are done with!

Kaya on

thats tragic. really. it really is. skinny jeans are my favorite pants. i almost puke when i see wide-leg pants…

Lyz P on

Why don’t people wear what they like. Stars do not make my wardrobe. I have style and taste. If I like something and it looks good on me I wear it!!!

Sam on

I’m a very petite person (00) and have always been overwhelmed by big flaring jeans like True Religion Joey or Seven’s bootcut jeans. I was always the girl wearing the skinny or striahgt leg jeans. When I saw they were in, I was happy, but I’m going to keep wearing ’em even when they’re out. I love my Joe’s cigarette leg and True Religion Stellas!!

anna on

not for me, i love them!

Brittany Ann on

Thank goodness! I haven’t liked skinny jeans from the beginning; they take away what little shape girls like Nicole Ritchie have! Flares are much more flattering, and ANYONE can wear them. I just think it’s about time.

diskobunny on

Thank god, I didn’t buy into it; it was so last summer before it was even hot.

micheleeee. on

I love Nicole weight gain. Look at her arms. They are meatier. LOVE IT!

And the skinny jean fad has been long over.

Leilani on

Long live the skinny jean! I look smokin’ in them and I’m a size 2-4 not “anorexic”. We need something besides the now-boring flare/bootcut trend (and yes I still wear bootcuts with most of my outfits, just as the celebs are allowed to do). Let’s keep it fresh please…

Alisa on

Thank god they are out.

Marr on

i was realllllly into skinny jeans like 2 or 3 years ago. i had like 10 pairs. now they’ve gone completely mainstream and they’re not fun anymore. it sucks. i ditched skinny jeans the minute they started selling them at american eagle. eww.

Kelsey on

I love skinny jeans!! I don’t give a damn about paris hilton and her BS friends. is there something wrong with being a size zero just cuz u aren’t doesn’t mean you should hate on the sexy healthy people

buffy on

skinny jeans are only good tucked into boots although i prefer flare jeans or boot cut any day, and i am glad this one is over. it does make shoes look clownish only looks good with high boots.

Emily on

We all like a change every now and then. I’m not a big fan of the skinny jeans, but if you can pull it off then go for it!

Bre on

I LOVE SKINNY JEANS!! i live in them and there adorable with flats and boots… they should not be out of style!

shopoholic on

people there would not be fashion if trends didnt repeat itself skinny jeans brought itself back from the 80’s
i love skinny or flare both work 4 me

Wildflower on

Yayyyyy, skinny jeans are so unflattering to 99% of the population and by the way, unless you are 5 ft tall…size 2-4 is anorexic! ;)

Heather on

I hate skinny jeans, always have. That’s one style that should always RIP!

-- on

HALLELUJIAH!!!! Good-bye and good riddance!! Skinny jeans look good on maybe 1 out of every 15 people–and yet about 10 of those same 15 people insist on wearing them. They look bad, and they’re so past tense.

Meghan on

Even for people who are not larger sizes but merely have larger hips, skinny jeans are not flattering and give those women a ‘humpty dumpty’ look. I think skinny jeans can be cute with boots or ballet flats bot not for anyone with hips. I personally don’t even wear boots with my pants tucked in so I had no need for the cut in the first place even if I didn’t have ‘birthing hips’

mm on

i seriously never liked skinny jeans and are glad they’re over. they’re just too tight and i hate jeans that don’t flare a bit.

Krissy on

I hope they’re on their way out! They are so ugly, it’s one trend I want to see GONE!

alicia riggs on

I am like 5’8 and 100lbs and i couldn’t pull off the skinny jean look. I hope the wide leg look stays for awhile cause alot off people can pull that off.

Jen on

I don’t personally own a pair of skinny jeans, but I think they are very cute! If I had a pair, I would wear them a lot! They seem like they fit curves very well. I hope the trend sticks around a well, so I can buy a pair and wear them!

chopsueyluey on

Whew! I am not a size 0 and they look super on gals that are super small :O)

maxdachsi on

thank goodness! it’s an unforgiving trend for women who despite un-wanted charicturistics like a big butt, calves, or thighs, look normal in flared jeans, or wider jeans. but not in skinny jeans!

Abril on

my friend loves them, but she looks horrible in them… so glad that trend its on their way out!

sam on

Ok, so who decides when trends are out or not? According to People magazine, it’s Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie! I’m not gonna say anything about Rachel Bilson because I actually think she has her own style, but come on…just because Paris Hilton is wearing those jeans that does not mean we all have to follow her! Girls, have some personality!

Jennifer-Rose on

Skinny jeans look great on a lot of girls, just not chunky ones. If you don’t like them, don’t wear them. Just don’t hate on the girls that can. Forget about complaining about skinny jeans, I’m sick of girls wearing jeans so tight, they have that horrible muffin top on their waistlines. That’s what should be outlawed.

Sarah on

I love skinny jeans! They show off a good figure and their chic. Especially with pumps!

A M on

Skinny jeans are just plain awful. I knew that once they came in they would go out just as quickly. They are hideous. Just because you are skinny doesn’t mean that you can wear them. They make you look sick.

Sarah on

Omg just cause they dont wear it doesnt mean Im gunna stop skinny jeans. Jeeeeez

Piper on

I think Nicole looks better in those because it makes her not look so thin.

M on

Yes! Afterall there is a reason that the tapered pant was voted worst style ever! What the hell they were thinking by attempting to bring the skinny tapered style back…millions of regular woman are still trying to figure that one out!

Dana on

Skinny jeans are the worst…they only look remotely good on people who are rail thin…it’s about time they go away…I’m glad

Kirsten on

man.. this sucks! I love the skinny jeans, they’re so cute! I’m not gonna stop wearing them yet just coz these three have worn wide jeans on a few outings.

lauren on

I LOVE skinny jeans. and i am so tired of people saying negative stuff about thin girls as though anyone who is thin is disgustingly skinny… and you dont need to be anorexic to wear skinny jeans so whomeever says that just needs to get over themselves…….i wish the trend would stay, but then again, that is just a trend!

Chels on

FINALLY! I’m sick and tired of seeing the SAME thing on everyone in Hollyweird! Same thing goes for leggings. I mean, leggings ARE versatile and cute, but with EVERYTHING you wear? No.

birdie on

First of all, WHO CARES WHAT PARIS AND NICOLE ARE WEARING?! It’s sad to see so many women let celebrities dictate what they wear. I have been wearing skinny jeans for over 6 years now, and let’s not forget that the punk rockers have been wearing them since the late 70s! Audrey Hepburn and her cigarette pants as well. Wear what looks good on you, not what is in. That way, you save money, and you wear things that are flattering to your body type. I am 5’4 and petite in frame, so skinnies have always worked for me, as have straight leg or bootcut. I would never try to wear high waisted wide leg jeans just because they’re in. I would look terrible in them!

rebbb on

Omg i luvv sinny jeans!! It’s true they don’t look good on everyone but if u have the body for them then they lok amazing with heels. They are deff the perfct jeans to dress up and go out in

B on

Skinny jeans only look good on really skinny girls. Any women at all who has a figure looks awful in these. They are like a comeback of tapered jeans.. Yuck!

Kittykatt on

I dont know what Sydni is talkin about but I look good with skinny jeans and Im not super skinny! If you have style you can pull them off.

ana on

nope… therefore I will where my skinny jeans FOREVER!

Michal on

I’m not super skinny (8 sometimes 10) and I have gotten nothing but compliments on my skinny jeans! If you wear them right….Baby doll top or those large square sweaters work great with the skinny! I’d like to see them last awhile longer as long as those low rise butt crack jeans never EVER come back! Please don’t wear those ladies! They are NOT sexy! They are skanky!

Rebecca M on

I love skinny jeans, they fit perfrect and look super sexy with red satin hight heels! People are so affraid of trying new things…. get over it, it’s only cloths, wear what you want, when you want and don’t think about what other people are thinking…. if you love them, why not!

marie on

I’m glad the skinny jeans didn’t last long!

Cindy on

Skinny jeans are SO tacky. I’m a fan of slim straight leg jeans (Levi’s 505). They are tailored through the hip & thigh, then straight from the knee down, & cute with any shoe.

Good riddance to trashy ’80’s recycled garbage!

Now let’s get rid of leggings!!!

Paige on

I think that skinny jeans are really nice to tuck into boots but some people just don’t look good in them. Plus flares will never die out.

B on

skinny jeans are out but leggings still in? funny.. anyhow, i just LOVE skinny jeans. it’s not cuz paris isnt wearing hers that i’ll put mine to rest.

Fantaseal on

Well, I personally dislike skinny jeans because they make you look really thin… well TOO thin, and they make you look like a boy … you know like a cowboy?? But I guess they compliment a cute outfit with boots…but I mean, even then. Chao!

Sunni on

Whatever! I for one get sick of all the silly changing trends. They don’t always look as good one one as on another. Skinny jeans or whatever, I go with what ever looks good and comfortable on me.

Maya on

Skinny Jeans are hot…ppl who dont like them dont have the body for them!!! dont hate…i will never let my skinny jeans go not for no one.

Kelly on

Well, actually I am all for the skinny jeans. I love them, they look really pretty. And just because Nicole Richie, Paris Hilton and Rachel Bilson suddenly decide that they’re not in anymore, doesn’t mean that they’re not anymore. I don’t think they’re the new trend setters. At least they’re not for me.

melissa on

Yay! They made shoe selection waaaay too hard.
I was over it from the beginning & I’m over it now.

Molly Brennan on

I get comments all the time on how great my skinny jeans look! They are very sexy…especially with patent leather shoes (like jessica simpson’s)

Caroline on

No! I love my skinny jeans, and I am going to continue to wear them through at least January! They are a girl with chicken legs best friend :)

Becka on

Yaaaaaay I’m so ready for skinny jeans to be over! The only look I liked was when they were tucked into boots, other than that I didn’t like them at ALL. I’m about 5’10” so wearing them always made me look like my legs were waaaay too long; I never bought a single pair though I admit I tried some on just to see what they would look like.

$3R€N@ on

I LOVE SKINNY JEANS!!!!i look beutiful in skinny and they are good with everything!
Skinny 4ever…bye bye

aja on

thank god, the skinny jeans r gone… they were never in!!!

Alyssa on

Sknny jeans are the classiest jeans, they are not for everyone esp if you have Jlo butt. Skinny jeans are perfect with everything! Oversize sweaters, coats, long boots. Ofcourse u cant wear them if you dont have the body for it. People who are hating on them are juz jealous coz they cant wear them!

julie on

i love my skinny jeans! they’re so cute! :( what will i wear with my boots now? i will still wear skinny jeans…i love them!

megan on

i like the skinny jean thing but im not going to die just because they arent in style anymore and i liked them with boots and flats but i also like flared and boot cut – – i have always liked variaty and i will continue to wear the skinny jeans

Siren Silvana on

I think Skinny Jeans are ugly. I wore them when I was little, lol.

Amanda on

Skinny jeans are the worst trend probably ever. They really just don’t look good on anyone, unless they’re tucked into boots. It’s time for a more flattering trend.

Caroline on

Gross I hate skinny jeans whoever thought of that shoud die. Why would you wear tight jeans around your ankle

bella on

Skinny jeans are really cute, but they get old!
They are so cute tucked into boots and Ok with heels.

Katie on

I am a size 6-8 and I LOVE MY SKINNY JEANS! They key to skinny jeans for people above a size 0? Longer shirts/sweaters (in style) and cute shoes (baleet flats, heels or boots). I have a little “junk in the trunk”, and it only accentuates these assets– which, yes is an asset. You just got to get used to it ladies, but I am telling you– they are great!

kerri on

i think that shes to skinny!!
i mean dang!!
im 12 years old,and im not that small.
id say i weigh 97 lbs.
she weighs like 80 lbs.
way to SMALL.

Raine on

Skinny jeans? They are straight leg jeans — they’ve been around for years and will continue to be available. You just have to know the right terminology so you can find them.

rebbbz on

I luvv skinny jeans, they look so great and they are the perfect jean to dress up and go out in. Flare jean are more for hangin out. If you’ve got the les for skinny jeans then they look amazing.

Tres on

Finally!!! Who said looking like a dated eighties “hooker” was HOT?!?!?

Sam on

Im glad. Skinny jeans are just plain ugly. They dont look good at all. They remind me of the typical dorky kid in 8th grade whose mother picks out his clothes. UGLY!

emma on

OMG!!! I’ll so miss them, they look great in heels! Everyone always complains cuz their not figure flaturing, but I can pull them off so i’m bumed but if the celebs say there over the it magz will follow

Kate on

Thank you god….I h8 them with a passion….well besides to wear boots over…go flares and boot cut!!!

Nuriddeen on

I love skinny jeans. I always hated my jeans lying over my sneakers. And the jeans are great for heels and boots!

Andrea on

okay i may be having an airhead moment here, but what is the difference between skinny jeans and straight legged jeans? they both go straight down. i mean, the only thing i could possibly think of is that skinny jeans hug your ankles more and may be tighter. i have a pair of “skinny jeans”.. but they don’t hug my ankles. i think i may of gotten the wrong size though, lol. anyway, these will probably be my last pair. i’m not totally in love with them anymore.

Catherine on

Just because they dont wear skinny jeans once doesnt mean there out of style. and i loveeee skinny jeans there way cute! if u can pull them off..or else dont wear them

Tori on

Girls, Girls, Girls,

Skinny jeans CAN look good on you.
Pair them with a long shirt.

PS All of those other jeans were never fully “out.” So you can wear any cut.

sarina on

thats sad …i love my skinny jeans, they are the best thing to happen to the fashion world…i even went all out by buying j brand…i hope this is just temporary

maddy, erin, and everyone else on

hey! we all luv skinny jeans and have at least 2 pairs each!
except erin
she is fabulous though. u would all lov her
she looks like a model
we have like incredible skinny jeans.i garuntee that in the next few days, nicole, paris, and mischa will all be wearing them again. we wear both skinny and regular jeans, and they can both be in style
we love people!

Vicky on

I have always hated the skinny jeans and I am glad people are starting to get brains. In my school about two or three people could get away with the skinny jeans. I am not included in this. I tried them one once and my legs couldn’t breath!

Bring on the wider jeans!

Jenifer on

Thank God! Girls with big butts like me–skinny jeans arent the most flattering look!

fiona on

well, as for me…
skinny jeans is okay…it makes me look slimmer than that of flared ones…skinny jeans for life..!

hoogee on

Skinny jeans don’t look good on anyone. They make your feet look ridiculously long and out of porpotion to the rest of your body. I never wore skinny’s, and I’m still wearing my flares. I’m glad those girls finally saw the light!

emily on

finally, the world has come full circle. its about time that girls who aren’t size 00 can be considered stylish. i promise i won’t miss this trend when it really is dead. jeans-just clothes in general-shouldn’t make some girls feel better about themselves, some girls feel terrible, and anyone in the middle/feeling terrible going anerexic just to “fit in”. thank the lord that this one is over.

reena on

skinny jeans looks good only on certain body types , on most women it looks horrid, they were bad the first time the came out and still are. By next year this time the higher waisted straight leg wide jeans will have replaced them. When walmart is selling skinny jeans you know a trend has gone to the dogs. Also the whole jeans and boots combo is very passe.

Lacey on

I’ve never been personally attracted to skinny jeans just because you have to have certain body type to look good in them. I think they take away from a girlish figure and make you look stumpy.

Amanda on

finally!! skinny jeans are soooo ugly!!

cam on

all you ‘big girls’ need to stop complaining and criticizing the skinny jeans saying only anorexic skinny girls can wear them. you are all just jealous that you can’t put down the food and do something about your body image. i am a size 0 and am a long shot away from being anorexic, i could even stand to loose a couple more lbs…
i’m sick of the fat girls putting down a style that really only looks good on the skinnier girls, to make themselves feel better about their extra rolls.
stop whining and go work out. then, maybe, you too can wear skinny jeans.

Ronee on


Sofia on

Thank God! I think skinny jeans were promoting eating disorders. They look terrible on everyone, especially girls that are anorexic: it highlights how they’re wasting themselves away. And how is that attractive?

Chloe on

I think on the right physique skinny jeans can look great. It also depends on the style of the skinny jean. They can be less skin tight you just have to look around. But personally I’ve only worn skinny jeans three times and I like to stick to my boot cuts.

Beth on

Thank goodness, i hope so!! I hated them! They look bad!! why did people wear them?? They made somepeople think that they were too fat or they didn’t look right in them, they should be banded!! lol!

robin on

I hate jeans period. Jeans always looks dirty and unclassy.

Carla on

Thank goodness! I always thought they were a bit horrible. I never wore them even though some friends bought me some. I must say that they’re good for boots though.

Mary Williams on

I loveeee skinny jeans. Yes, they dont look good on everyone, but they are really cute on tall people, like myself. They are one of the only types of jeans I like on me! I would hate to see them leave so early.

Lizzy on

I likle the skinny jeans.I am short and curvy, but I wear them with long tunic tops and stilettos and they look fabulous.Not to mention they look super cute with boots. They are not over for me yet!

Jai on

Jeans and boots combo is passe? It’s a classic look thats been around since women started wearing pants. Thats like saying “Tennis shoes and sweatpants are getting sooo old.” There is a difference between a classic look and a current trend – skinny jeans are a trend, boots and jeans are always in style, regardless how you wear them.

omg on

omg i am sooo sad! come on skinny were the best ever ! it was adorable on skinny people and normal people too … it was just really adorable!

Paris Lafontaine on

Ugly!!! Never wear them they are so out!!!!

Emily on

NO! I just bought skinny jeans and they look adorable on me! I am in no way ready to give them up! *pouty face*

lisa Roth on

I like my skinny jeans… I dont need Paris or Nicole’s fashion advice ! You just cant have thick legs or a bit butt to wear them ! So for those of you that do, find a more flattering fit !

Michal on

I don’t think the skinny jean is about “recycled 80’s.” A trend spun from the popularity of the Pirates movies. Tight pants tucked into boots, flowy tops, scarves tied around head or waist, large belts…etc. We’re all dressing like pirates! I love it though!

Cindy on

Skinny jeans have were a big fashion no-no since they made their name!

mynx on

Skinny jeans out? They were never “in” in my book. I’m tall and thin, and would prefer something tight that has a bit of flare at the bottom.

And for those of you who like to bash those of us who are thin – not all thin women are anorexic. When will people start accepting all body types and not be hypocritical?

Linda on

Good riddance to an ugly fashion trend, it wasn’t cute on Audrey Hepburn, I didn’t like it on Laura Petry and I don’t like it now. Here’s hoping that the skinny jean is gone to that place of wasted denim in the sky and never finds it’s way back. It’s just ugly.

Marcela on

yep. They are horrible. I bet sales for clothing stores were awful, too.

ABC123 on

Fashion advice from Nicole or Paris? LOL. Whatever. When flared jeans came out again people were saying nay to those too. Then that style stayed around for a long time and now skinny jeans are back. Now it’s nay to skinny jeans too. Jeans are jeans, just wear them right. Any jean that doesn’t expose a muffin top or plumber’s butt is pretty much a good fit.

ciera on

I didn’t like skinny jeans until I found a brand that really suited me, they don’t neccessarily have to be only for skinny girls. They’re really chic with ballet flats!
And anyway, since when has Paris Hilton been someone whos style we should copy???

Colette on

What is it with people saying that us small girls are anorexic? You can’t tell if you don’t see the person. People with anorexia will have bones sticking out and/or visible. I have neither, and I bet a lot of the other small girls don’t. I get that anorexia is a bad thing, but to say anything beneath a 4 is too skinny is ridicoulus. I am 5 4″ 115 pounds, which is just slightly underweight(by 4 pounds), and I am a size 4. So therefore not all small gals are unhealthy.

vale on

I LOVE SKINNY JEANS.and i’m not anorexic
mischa barton, ashlee simpson, KATE MOSS, etc keep wearing them…so i think that this trend is not over.

Carrie on

I’m so glad skinny jeans are over. They just looked bad on everyone.

natasha on

reading comments on this post annoyed me.
First off, if you like skinny jeans, then who cares if stars don’t wear their skinny jeans for ONE DAY? If you don’t like them, why are you celebrating? Go on wearing your non-skinny jeans.
In Nichole’s situation, of course she didn’t wear skinny jeans…if she wore skinny jeans with chucks, she would look like she has clown feet. Certain jeans go with certain tops and certain shoes. It depends on what looks best overall, and the overall shape it makes.
Paris, she just has the worst style ever. I don’t know who looks after her as a fashion icon, but she is just so trashy…
And in Rachel’s situation, the caplet is really wide, so if she wore skinny jeans, it would creat a wear triangle shape. The straight leg jeans create a more even shape.

I’m not super skinny, but I am petite. Skinny jeans look good on me and go with the type of clothes I like to wear. But that’s not to say that sometimes I do throw on the bootcut because it goes better with my shoes or shirt.
Wear what looks best on you.

natasha on

Also, someone said that skinny and tapered are the same thing…they are not. Tapered means that they gradually get smaller towards the bottom…which normally leaves this wierd baggy upper leg part and ankle tight bottom. They are normally high wasted, making anyones butt look like it goes half way up their back and square shaped. Not flattering on anyone.

night on

Natasha seems to have too much time on her hands….seems to take a lot of passion to care this much about a pair of jeans….find another hobby Natash.

Amanda on

I LOVE SKINNY JEANS!!!!! HOW CAN THEY BE OVER ? WELL SCREW THAT! I AM STILL SO WEARING MINE, NO MATTER WHAT THE STARS DO. THERE STYLE USUALLY IS UGLY ANY WAY !! Can’t you tell I’m pissed? LOL. Still, skinny jeans look awesome with Uggs, which are so not over ! Let me tell you this girls – DONT LISTEN TO WHAT THE STARS SAY, DONT DO WHAT THEY DO, Theey’re choices arent usually the best anyway ! -Amanda

Amélie on

Personally, I wasn’t fond of the skinny jeans trend even though I think I could have pulled it off. I wore mine twice and hated it. Flared jeans are much more comfortable. By the way, just because Natasha happens to know a lot about clothes doesn’t mean she needs to find a new avocation.

Andy on

I don’t think women should always follow how the stars are dressing. Style is about making something your own and Ive seen tons of people wearing skinny jeans that look fantastic. I myself have a pair and a variety of other jeans that look flattering on me and help the fact that Im only 5’1 and not skinny. But Ive gotten a ton of compliments and I feel comfortable in them. Just do your own thing. It’ll make you feel better about what you wear

Jen on

I’ve been wearing “skinny” jeans years before they came into “style’. I love the super straight leg jeans because they feel so much more put together and stream-lined. Straight and tight jeans/pants are so rock and roll. Every time I slide into mine I can’t help but feel like Joey Ramone. I don’t care who says they are “over” because real and true attitude and fashion Never goes out of style. People should continue to wear something they love so long as the look works for them–no one should be mindlessly bound to trends and and the coming and going of certain looks made famous by chance.

Shannon on

Gals, isn’t this 2006? Anything goes! As long as it is flattering on YOU and YOU enjoy it, why do you care if celebs “stop” wearing it? Who cares, we don’t have to follow them! We can wear it if WE want to wear it…as long as we follow OUR OWN STYLE RULES…meaning, no big girls wearing them PLEASE…and no belly rolls hanging over the top…you get the idea, but that goes with any fashion…you just gotta wear what looks good on YOU! What looks good on Nicole and Paris might not look so great on another gal…but hey what you can pull off someone else might not be able to pull off…please, its almost 2007 lets bring in the new year with our own fashions!

lacy on

i personally think that skinny jeans are for emo ppl, but it is cute when u have skinny heans and u tuck them in a real cute pair of boots

Kins on

I love my skinny jeans. There is nothing better than wearing them bunched over my Converse Hightops.

Juicy on

Jeeze it’s not like they’re wearing T-SHirts that say “DOWN WITH SKINNYS”. How is not wearing a certain style of jeans for ONE FREAKING DAY translate to them hating the certain item? I guess dresses are out of style as well?? along with headbands and boots too. Anyway, I think skinny jeans are awesome. True they would not look good on oversized women but they do work for most smaller frames. NOT just size 0s by the way.

Kelly on

Skinny Jeans are SOOOO not over! Kate Moss, Nicole Richie, and Paris hilton look horible in their flares. Skinny jeans are so flattering on skinny people!

Kelly on

Vogue ahbviously doesn’t agree!

ivyhaze12 on

I dont get why EVERYONE thinks thats if youre skinny, automatically makes you ANOREXIC..

The skinny jean trend is classic style, and can look good on everyone if styled properly!!!! If it doesnt fit your style, they havent stopped making boot leg, flarrd, or straight legged jeans…..

stop complaining about fashion, PLEASE!

thanks!!! :)

Lillian on

I have slim legs, therefore I like skinny jeans on me. I agree that on some people it may not make the same affect. The trend may go down a bit, but these celebs don’t make impacts on my clothing. If skinny jeans look good on me I’ll wear em’. It’s like people that don’t have slim legs; you wear what looks good on you! But I’ll make sure to get a pair of flares, I like them on me as well.

rus on

skinny jeans are for skinny people with skinny legs. skinny. key word. skinny!

tucka on

skinny jeans are nauseating.
on e v e r y o n e.

Pepper on

Skinny jeans look good on 12 year olds and women with absolutely no hips. I am thin but have curvy hips and I can’t wear them, so no love lost there.

Stacey ( the fashion queen) on

AGGGH! I am so glad that the skinny jeans came and went like a flash…may they be banished foreva!!!!

Devon on

Are you people crazy???? Skinny jeans look absolutely fabulous, i think the only ppl who dont like skinny jeans are fat people, dont get mad because you cant fit them,i will of course keep wearing my skinny jeans but on ocassion wear flares.

Ashley on

Skinny jeans are adorable on the right type girls.
I love wearing mine.
I don’t care if they go out or not, they’re my favorites.

Lissa on

I have to disagree with the “they look good on girls with skinny legs and no hips”- that would be me and it makes me look like I’m walking on twigs with a big stomach and no ass. Definitely not flattering. I’ll be sticking to my Citizens bootcuts!

MK on

Well,I hope not! I abslutley heart skinny jeans. They go with everything. I do think that the extra wide leg pants are coming back in thoguh. I like em all.

rachel b. on

I think not because the skinny jean trends are hot, comfortable, and going to stay around in 2007.

Bennita on

I’ve been saying for months now, the rest of the world is OVER this trend, come on Australia, we aren’t that backward! Girls everywhere are still obsessively pouring themselves into jeans that generally look rancid on EVERYONE and sneering at anyone who isn’t by their definition “hip” (eg, people who do not live their lives according to what others instruct them to do.)
I know it hurts a lot of young women, but individuality: get a piece of it!

Etta Altom on

Skinny jeans? I wish flares would go out of style. Nothing like being short with tons of fabric hanging around your legs. Flares make women look like vases turned upside down – very unnatual and make short women look bottom heavy and stumpy. Vive the skinny jeans!

Stella K on

I just bought my first pair of skinny jeans BUT only because it’s easier to tuck into boots than my other jeans. Skinny jeans only look good on celebrities and models because they are thin so it lengthens them and looks flattering because it’s all one straight silhouette. On the rest of us who wear regular and larger sized clothing, it makes the butt and hips look huge and nobody wants to emphasize that! I wear a juniors size 7 and every pair of skinny jeans I’ve tried on makes me look funny yet I see even big girls wear skinny jeans when I’m out shopping…a definite no-no! Style is all about KNOWING what you can and cannot wear and you should only wear what looks good for you, NOT because it’s trendy.

toni on

UGLY…UGLY…UGLY on everyone…..Low rise, flares are very sexy. Skinny jeans make everyones butt look flattish, wide and feet look huge. Living on South Beach i have noticed that this style HAS NOT taken off. Big sales in the Botiques trying to unload these unattractive 80’s (except for the low waist) fashion mess. Boyfriend trousers are selling very well. These are the extra wide flowing pants… Nice for upcoming summer season.. Goodbye skinny jeans and .. oh yea.. please take leggings with you. Everyone please repeat after me ” 1980’s BAD, BAD, BAD”

Katie on

I absolutely adore skinny jeans! I love them with a passion. I do believe that you have to be able to pull them off, because sometimes they just look absolutely horrible. But most of the time, I think they look great and very cute!
It will be the world’s end when people start following everything Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton do. Really, if you like the jeans, then wear them!

thinkingediesedgwick on

I still wear my skinny jeans especially when I’m wearing ballet flats.

I just bought my wide leg jeans and they REALLY do make you slimmer and taller. Matching round toe shoes and a nautical top, you’re good to go! :)

Oh yeah for those CURVY women who are looking for a perfect pair of jeans, Lane Bryant stores DO sell flattering wide leg trousers/jeans or even skinny jeans.

aziza on

i think its good skiny jeans are not in anymore there just ugly

kayde kalapus on

i don’t give a crap about paris hilton and nocole richie.
push im ganna wear skinny jeans every single day[:
no matter what

sukidesu on

wide leg looks like ur going to study in the library for biologyim 5ft 2 i weigh 100 even. its actually flattering on me. i get swallowed up in wide leg. like im wearing big sis’ hand me downs. and they’re never tight enough. long live straight leg! – sukidesu

Diana S. on

I love my skinny jeans! I have big hips and little feet, they accentuate my curvy bum!


Erika on

Skinny jeans CAN’T go out of style. They’ve been around for a long time and its apart of alot of peoples wardrobe. A ton of kids at my school live in their skinny jeans, they wear them all the time. I’d be lost without my skinny jeans..I dont see how people hate them so much. If you dont like them, dont wear them and if they’re in style then get over it. Even if they did go out of stly, I’d still wear mine.

Mako on

Oh, give me a break! Think for yourselves, people! If you like skinny jeans, wear them regardless of the trends. if you don’t like them, don’t wear them at all. It’s not that difficult.

Personally, I like the style, but I HATE jeans. I’ll wear my skinny pants whenever the heck I feel like it, though, no matter what anyone says.

kate on

only skinny people can use skinny jeans ¬¬

Zhila on

OMG! Gurls i got curves so i luve to flaunt them. But skinny jeans dont help, so I’ll always stick with flared or bootcut + boys love girls with curves, so flaunt them! LOL

Ana on

I loooove skinny jeans! but my legs are not so beautiful…
they`re not fat or something like that, but they are not straight.
So I hope ;)

OnlyMe on

Um, these jeans have been around since the 60s, and this crap with flared jeans is more annoying. I think skinny jeans look chic and might encourage the overeaters to put down the twinkies and bon-bons. Don’t have to be a vegan to wear these jeans, but you can’t be a carb monster either.

And since when does anyone give a flip about what Hilton is wearing?

zoe R on

Finally! I hated the jeans when they were first popular and I still hate them. Trends do not affect me in the “Oh-now-I-have-to-have-a-pair-because-the-stars-are-wearing-them” kind of way. But you do get tired of seeing everyone else wearing them – only a rough 1% of the population looks good in them; not even celebs are flattered by them! It’s like wearing a spandex suit.
I acknowledge they are wonderful tucked into boots and almost bought a pair because of it.
But other than that I am GLAD to see them go! Wider legged jeans are so much more COMFORTABLE anyways.

Nunya Bidness on

Please! Skinny jeans are hideous! Even on the 10% that can pull them off! I don’t think they look good on anyone, esp. guys. I hope this trend is over….

Namaa on

yall should kno the lil skinny white gurl bottom is OUT- its the bootylicious that all tha men want n yall KNO it- i try ta keep some junk in my trunk no matter how much weight i lose!lol

Connie on

I’m shocked so many people feel “relieved” because they don’t have to wear skinny jeans.Isn’t it more intelligent wearing something that looks good on you? instead of saying “oh..thank god! now I can hide my 10-size butt and stop looking like a parade cow!!”

Emma Watson's #1 Fan on

Just because little Ms. Paris Poophead decides that she doesn’t like wearing skinny jeans anymore doesn’t mean that I can’t wear them! I love wearing skinny jeans with long shirts and maybe a couple necklaces, a nice bag, and high heels.

Brittany on

Haha, & to think I am just hopping on the skinny jean bandwagon, but for one reason only. To tuck into these adorable boots I just got for the upcoming winter season. I held off on getting these for so long because when I heard skinny jeans, I thought back to those straight legged jeans from the 80’s and 90’s. But I must admit, I’d rather do skinny jeans than high waisted jeans. They just don’t look flattering on anyone!

Aysha on

Id have to disagree with the comment bellow..
I have a typical latina body which means yes im def not anorexic but Im not the overweight type either i have the average latin curves n i love how my skinny jeans look on me.Its hard for me to find jeans that fit so perfect liek skinny jeans so Im def not going throw away my skinny jeans they r great n i juz got my sister into loving dem too. Why should we juz get rid of dem because famous people are doing it to? I could care less about what they wear im into my own fashion n thats about it

miriah♥ on

i love my 00 skinny jeans. ♥♥ they will never be out of style.! and who ever doesnt like skinny jeans… oh well.. you should wear them they cool.

miriah♥ on

just cause paris isnt wearing them for awhile doesnt mean shes never going to wear them again… *Just sayin*
if you can’t wear skinny jeans then why try to fit in them.. i don’t get why people who don’t look good in them keep wearing skinny jeans.. yukkk… but, some chunky girls can pull it off.. like one of my friends.. shes chunky but NOT fat and she can pull it off..

Sara on

Skinny jeans look good on skinny or tall girls ! it should not be a trend ! every girl should just pick the good pair of jeans for her ! i am not so skinny and i wear them with a long shirt or jacket ! and i wear bootcut jeans with tights .. all jeans are good just the fitting ones !

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