Who's Gonna Win America's Next Top Model?

12/06/2006 at 10:00 AM ET

After several tough months and so many grueling challenges, America’s Next Top Model is down to its final three contestants: Caridee, Eugena, and Melrose, and the grand finale is airing tonight on the the CW. Sure, we haven’t seen their final challenge yet and that dramatic walk-off, but we already have our favorites. Do you love bad girl Melrose or uber-blonde Caridee or California-girl Eugena? So, tell us: who’s gonna win — and who do you want to win — America’s Next Top Model?

Check out our exclusive blog from Joanie of ANTM Cycle Six. After the show, come back here and tell us what you think of the winner!

Photo: De Yonker/The CW(3)

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eve on

All I know is that the winner better not be Melrose!!!!!! I’m rooting for Eugena!!!

A on

Does it really matter who wins? They never end up becoming models anyway.

Erin on

I think Melrose should win. She’s the only one with any talent, even though through editing they make her seem like a b!%$#. But, Alas, USUALLY the girls that actually have talent don’t win. :( I just hope its not Caridee.

marie on

I could care less who wins, I do not like any of those girls, actually I do not like any of the girls who won ANTM so far…

dani girl on

Is it just me, or do Melrose and Caridee look similar in the above spread? I don’t know who is going to win, but Melrose could possibly be kicked because of her diva-like attitude, and Eugena for her “lack of improvement through the season” according to the judges. Only tonight will tell!

lil mec on

i cant stand melrose uptight snub she just thinks she is better than everyone

holly on


misscat on

i want melrose to win. she tries the hardest and has a professional attitude. caridee has a tendency to be a little hoe-y, what with all the making out with her male model co-workers with a boyfriend back at home in the states. i have no idea why eugena is still there.

steph on

I really want Caridee to win but i don’t think that shes going to. i hate melrose but there is a possibility that she might win… the judges really seem to like her

Taisa on

Caridee! That’s who I want to win! But it will probablly be:
Runner Up-Caridee
2nd Runner Up-Eugena

Melissa on

I really hope either Caridee or Melrose wins. Like I say every week we need a blonde to win!! But knowing Tyra she will pick Eugena. If Eugena wins I won’t watch the show anymore because she is the least pretty, and doesn’t deserve to win. She should have been eliminated weeks ago. I think it will come down to Caridee and Eugena cause from one of the commericals it looked like those two were walking a runway. We’ll see!

Amy on


Taisa on

Caridee! That’s who I want to win! But it will probablly be:
Runner Up-Caridee
2nd Runner Up-Eugena

Taisa on

Caridee! Well that’s who I hope will win!
But it will probably be:
Runner Up-Caridee
2nd Runner Up-Eugena

Miss Sarah on

I was wishing Anchal would win. She was just drop dead gorgeous. What a mistake that was, letting her go. It would be nice to see another minority model win!

e on

i hate melrose – it better be caridee

ashley on

All i know is MELROSE BETTER NOT WIN, she is a bit@# i hate her attitude and she thinks shes a know it all, and she has weird moles all over her face, without makeup or dark hair she is ugly, CARIDEE BETTER WIN!!! she is by far the most beautiful naturally and with make up on!!!!

Angie on

I think Caridee is the only girl who has consistantly had great pictures, and has the personality to match. Melrose has talent, but her attitude would persuade me not to hire her. Eugena has natural beauty, but I don’t think she could handle the pressures and demands of being a model. GO CARIDEE!!!

KC on

In a normal world, your picks would be dead-on. But this is ANTM, and in that world it will end up the same as always, Melrose will go because of her behavior, Eugena will win, because of her lack of talent, and Caridee will get second because of her bubbly personality. Every year, the winner has been someone who should have gone home in the fifth or sixth week, but has been hanging on by the skin of their teeth, and somehow pull something together on the last couple of weeks. The two it always comes down to are the one that has been consistent throughout the whole competition and the one that has improved over the last two or three weeks, and they always give it to the one who has been improving. I love this show, but I have almost always disagreed with the winner they pick.

dontknow on

I want Caridee to win, Melrose just thinks she is all that. Eugena, I don’t think she wants to be there anyway, she is just doing for fun. Caridee always tries her best, and she really shows who she really is, not like the other two.

Tara on

Eugena is gorgeous!! she looks so exotic and ethiopian looking shes the only one who has the high fashion couture look… caridee and melrose are average pretty girls that you see all the time but eugena is exotic i want her to winn!!!!

nicole83em on

Who cares?? Nothing will become of them anyways. NOthing ever becomes of the ANTM winners,except Adrienne and thats only cuz she married that Brady guy..

Lindsey on

Melrose.. she is who she is and she’s hated on because she’s naturally talented

Zee on

i have no idea why eugena is still there, her skin is awful and the judges have, week after week after week,spoken of her dead eyes. she has one good shoot and she deserves to be there ? what about aj who had one bad shoot and got kicked off? this judging is the most ridiculous,inconsistent and hypocritical i’ve seen since dancing with the stars.
as for carrie-dee and melros…i increasingly cannot tell the difference between the two esp in their pictures,and they are those look-good-in-make-up-typical-faces girls i’ve seen a thousand times before.
it doesn’t matter who wins. cuz none of them have a fresh, new look, and they never go on to have sucessful careers anyway. BOO !!

Lindsay on

I think Caridee or Eugena wins cause in the preview its only those 2 walking down a run way…I do believe Melrose should win tho…

Jeanine on

I want Caridee to win. Eugena took too long to get stronger and I dont understand why Melrose is still there. Yeah she takes good pics, but every other season when there have been girls her age it was said they are too old to be just starting in the industry. The only person whose commented on Melrose’s age is Nigel.

Tyra on

Caridee will win. She’s the one who has had the best pictures throughout the show. Melrose is to snobby and Eugena just hasnt come far enough in the competition. Watch and see!!!

marquisha jerry on

I think it shouldn’t matter if a black or white won last time it should have something to do with how their picture turned out on the last runway. So i think eugena should win if it’s the black girl

Sarah on

This comment is directed especially to Melissa’s message posted Dec 6, 2006 11:20:22 AM. So basically you are saying that Tyra has a preference toward Eugena because she is Black, are you kidding me? I think your comment about them picking a blonde is just stupid and absurd, they should just pick the person that has been consistent throughtout the competition and that i think is Melrose.

kristine on

well i agree that they pretty much dont become models anyways but i think they’re all great but i think caridee or eugena is going to win. melrose probably wont cause everyone thinks shes a snob

Andrea on

I can’t stand Melrose so it better not be her. I hope its Caridee. I think she is the best and most likeable out of the 3 girls left.

maria on

i think caridee should win…she has the best personality between the 3 girls…eugena is ok ..however melrose should not win at all…she thinks shes better than everyone else and is selfish..cant stand her..caridee and eugena r so much better than that and have so much more potential..booo melrose!!!

b on

Wikipedia said last week that Melrose wins, and Caridee was the runner-up. Wikipedia is usually right, but we only have a few more hours to wait and see.

Overall, this season of ANTM was a huge, long….. snore.

Dana on

the only person i liked this season was brooke.. and shes been gone for a while… so i dont really like the girls left. i guess i want melrose to win only because i think she has the most talent, but she does have a bad attitude.

Nena on

If you had to consider what is left over, none of the girls are anything special. Eugena is never happy Caridee has no self control and Melrose is overly self confidant. Who do you pick? Michelle.

Mike on

I thought that Melrose had the proverbial eye of the tiger from the very beginning and even though she may not be the nicest person, I think she is the most deserving of the final 3.

truthBspoken on

Personally, I think that all of the girls that they have chosen as winners are not good. I don’t think any of these girls have any passion toward modeling, just a passion of being famous. I don’t model but i know that it takes effort and constant persistence to achieve the great. I watch this show and majority of these girls just step in front of the camera and expect that they don’t have to do a thing. It is one thing when people look at you and see a beautiful girl. It is another when people look at you and see a pretty face and more.

GoddessLu on

Melrose should take it all. She’s consistent, she’s the most professional and she wants it. Why is selling yourself and self-confidence a crime and thought of as snobbery? It’s what you need to survive in the biz. The fact that the girls (Eugena in particular) says she makes them look bad only highlights their immaturity–my making myself look good does not directly make you look bad. Lift yourself up sista!

Katrina on

I love Caridee…shes got a unique personality and she can take a great photo…i dont think Eugena has the “it” factor and Melrose is just too coniving. I just really dont like her.

me on

everyone seems to think melrose is the big b(rhymes with witch) but caridee and all the others are the ones constantly, CONSTANTLY, moaning and whining and complaining. melrose is way more driven, talented and professional than fan fave caridee(who is seriously lacking in the professional department)

Laura on

I think Melrose will win.. Caridee has a good shot though.

I agree with others… Why is Eugena still in? She’s annoying and vacant.

I’m fine with Melrose, I think she knows how to model. Who cares of she’s a biotch.

Cila on

every1 but melrose.. shes full of herself.. baby ur not that cute.. ur momma doesn’t even think your cute.. caridee should win cuz shes the only pretty one and i think she has a great personality.. yup yup.. she should totally win! :)

whatever on

caridee and all the others are the ones constantly whining, complaining and all about melrose, i’ve rarely heard her say mean and nasty things about the others(the anchal comments werent really mean, she did say anchal was pretty, just that she wasnt improving)

diamond on

i reallyyy want eugena to win. I konw the judges don’t like how her eyes are so dead, but i think she is definatly ethiopian looking and is a new look for ANTP

sexyman on

I dont even care who wins. ALL the girls in this cycle suck. What the hell is Tyra Banks thinking…she eliminated the ones with real potential early on. None of the remaining 3 even look like models, they are boring as hell. This show is going downhill.



mary ann Gregoire on

It better not be Melrose. She is just the most arrogant individual I’ve ever seen. She has not brought out her true self.

Karlyn on

I really hope Caridee or Eugenia wins. I hate Melrose, she looks too old to be a America’s Next top Model. and she has a really fake personality.

Daniel on

Melrose should win, Caridee is crazy, and Eugena just flat out sucks.

Brandie on

I think it will come down to Caridee and Melrose. I hope Caridee wins! She has been pretty consistant thru out the season and has awesome pictures. I don’t think the reason why Melrose is hated on is b/c she is naturaly talented. I think it is b/c she is too high on herself and no one wants someone like that to win. This competition is about who can be a good model, who is right for this industry,and who has more consistancy. Thats why I think Caridee should win!!!!

Melissa on

I’m rooting for Melrose! Eugena should have been gone before Brook and Caridee is to crazy and unpredictable for my tastes.

liz on

oooh caridee better win. first of all melrose is a straight up u kno what n i dont think that eugena deserves it. all eugenas taken is crappy pics with no emotion. melrose does sumtimes take good pics but she always looks really old n mean. just how whe acts makes her face seem really pointed and sharp. if that makes any sense.

caridee has taken remarkable pics over and over again. she has worked harder than anybody else and she keeps pushing thru. she deserves it. not to mention her great personality. shes got that sumthing that makes her interesting and actually makes you like her. unlike melrose who everybody hates. i wouldnt feel too too bad if eugena won but i deff want it to be CARIDEE.

as long as its not melrose im happy!

Tara on

caridee or eugena. I greatly dislike melrose

Natalie on

I agree with KC(comment 20)…its not very fair! I dont think that Tyra is a good judge. For example, last week when Caridee was really cold and didnt tell them right away that she thought she was getting sick, tyra was like you need to tell us if you are extremely cold or sick (something a long the lines of that) But from past tyra comments, I think that if Caridee had backed out earlier Tyra would have been like you shouldnt back out that early..as a model you need to deal with uncomfortable situations (which she has said before)…i know…she just telling them how to do better. anyways…..
I do want Caridee to win because I think that she takes really good pictures, she has a great personality ,and doesnt have the typical model look.

Tara on

Anchal was my favorite; she was so gorgeous.

Heidi on

AJ, because she’s stunning, a bit edgy and real. Oh wait, she’s been eliminated. Ok, how about Megg. She’s a free spirit with great energy and is beautiful in a natural nonconventional kind of way. Woops, she’s out too. Alright, Anchal. The woman’s gorgeous and a courageous choice since she could potentially break new ground for Indian women in the industry. Man, she got booted as well? What else is there to say? ANTM, RIP.

Cutie123 on

WHAT IS WRONG WITH U PEOPLE!!!!!! All u think is Melrose cause she has blond hair! I want Eugena to win all the way!!!! She is pretty and u all are all jealous! Dont Hate!

leeann on


moku on

caridee of course. She will be america’s next model . For me she has all the things that make a girl model and then supermodel.

tracey on

i think melrose should win because it takes attitude to make it in the modeling business. she may be a B*$@% but just look at Naomi Campbell – obviously it takes some b*%$@ness to make it.

leeann on


Stacy on

Caridee will hopefully win.

Krista on

It’s not a popularity contest. It’s about talent. I think when it comes down to everything, Melrose has the most talent out of the three. I like Caridee, but she has to work a little on professionalism and some grace. Eugena has a lot of potential, but she’s not there yet and it would be nice to see some passion for modeling out of her. Melrose has been the only consistant one overall and she’s actually capable of an outgoing personality on camera. Besides, you only have to look at most models, not listen to them. I think some of Melrose’s b*tchy personality was a result of reacting to the jealousy of some of the other contestants and the content that’s edited.

kelly on


TomTeezy on

I hope Eugena wins, but i know they are goin 2 give it 2 Caridee…For the obvious…Best Americas Next Top Model is EVA DIVA

sarah on

EUGENA!!!! she’s the best

Jose Negron on

I think Melrose should win. Melrose blows the other two girls out of the water. Just by looking at her pictures, you can tell she already has Top Model/Star Quality Appeal!


ewwwwwwwwwwww, melrose,not even> she’s soooooooooo ewwwwwwwwwwwww> “fall on your face in the next challenge
please’caridee should soooo winn> “more talent than that crazy melrose> ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww much>hahaha “2 thumbs down melrose>>>.hahahahahaha

angee on

I would vote for caridee because she is consistent, However i have boycotted ANTM because of the simple fact that tyra is a judge. She shouldn’t have a say in the votiing of girls because she has a more personal relationship with each of them. Her opinion and judgment would be subjective and it is hard for me to believe that she eliminates girls that need to be eliminated. The show no longer appeals to me and it is awful that many girls have been let go that would have done very well. I stopped watching it after AJ was let go. I thought that she was one of the best girls with her looks and pictures. I’m only posting here because I saw the article. Too bad the twins were let go as well. Their pictures were very original. Oh well hope melrose loses.

Katelyn on

I really would like Caridee to win but i think melrose deserves it the most she has tried sooooo hard but she bothers the crap out of me…. i think that eugena should ahve gone a while ago i dont really understand how this show works sometimes…. some people are given WAY too many chances think jada eugena and anchul and then poor brooke and AJ were like kicked off the first time they had a bad photo and this happens every season it bothers me so much yet i keep watching. Its so addictive i really hope that if melrose wins she has enough drive to actually make it BIG unliek the winners in the past.

Michelle on

I think Melrose should win – granted, she acts like a snob, but all the girls hate her because she’s WON a majority of the challenges… it’s just their natural defense when they feel threatened or jealous. Melrose is the most professional, she’s never catty with the judges or the photographers, and she’s done really well. Why Eugena is still there – I have NO idea. She hasn’t taken one good picture yet.

Vanessa on

Either Eugena or Caridee would be fine with me.

Melrose may knock almost every challenge out of the park, but I think that as a person, she leaves a LOT to be desired.

I hope they’ve got sense enough to see through her.

fan on

CARIDEE ALL THE WAY!!! melrose looks like an old lady..

caridee- winner
Eugena-1st runner up
melrose- second runner up

hopefully it’s like that!!!

Nichelle on

I belive that Caridee should win. I do not think Eugena is ready for ANTM and I do not like Melrose at all. Do not get me wrong Melrose takes lovely pictures but she thinks she is all that. I believe that the only one that won on ANTM and that is really making something out of their selves is Eva, she has been premiered in a couple of movies so far and she has her on show, “My model is better than your model”.

FemmedeFleur on

Someone already said it. it doesn’t matter. none of them are going to go on to be the next Sasha Pivovarova, Natalia Vodianova , Liya Kebede, Daria Werbowy, Tiiu Kuik , etc etc. A few commerical prints here or there, probably, but an actual model who is walking the paris, milan, london, new york runways? Is in the miu miu, chanel, dior, balenciaga, etc ad campaigns? Nope, not happening. It’s just a reality tv show. They aren’t Eastern European so good luck finding a job these days seeing as though thats whats in demand.

FAY on


natalie on




The Queen on ANTM gossip on

As usual, the ANTM editors make one probably semi-snotty girl (aka, Melrose), into a uber-snot by way of editing. HOWEVER, please note that in EVERY past season on ANTM, the bad girl never wins. So sorry, Melrose. You are old looking, annoying, and you kiss way too much ass.

Eugena, girl needs to put some more make-up on during panel because girl is busted. She is boring and sometimes randomly she will manage a good picture. How she made it to the top 3 is BEYOND me. She won’t win because she is not a cool individual.

Which brings us to our winner, Caridee. ANTM producers have been setting this up, she is adorable, and has the personality to boot. If Caridee doesn’t win, then I officially will hate Tyra more than I already do (due, of course, to her over-the-top annoying antics during the show).

In conclusion:
WINNER: Caridee
1ST RUNNER-UP: Melrose

Mark my words!

Jennifer on

I can’t believe Eugena has made it this far! I really hope Caridee wins! Melrose is such a snot!

Becky on

I really like Caridee, I think she should win.. so far melrose it’s been a pain…

Brooke on

Melrose!!! shes the prettiest! and the most talented.

Lyn Garcia on

Melrose seems to want to win the most so I’m rooting for her!


I too have always disagreed with the winners of ANTM! Saying this Eugena will likely win. Although if it were my choice i would pick Melrose she has the most talent. I really like the show and the concept of it but i truley dislike Tyra Banks. She is a complete nut job and the most conceded, full of herself person ever.

Stase13 on

Caridee all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

Tasha on

Go Eugena! Go Eugena! Go Eugena!!! The other two are too full of themselves… Eugena is really down to earth and humble. I love her attitude, and she’s beautiful! Its a winning combination!

Lorraine on

I agree, Melrose’s moles are not beautiful AND I thought she was a ton prettier with dark hair, now she’s just another blonde who I would never walk by and think was pretty if I saw her on the street. Caridee has the best personality and she’s pretty, the whole package.

Nina on

i really really want caridee to win. but of course she wont. I have to agree either melrose or eugena will win because for the past 3 seasons the person who you least expect to win and has no talent whatsoever always wins. which stinks.

Weirdos!!!!! on

i want MELROSE to win!!!!! she DOES have the most talent!! i just hope Eugena doesn’t win!!!! =)

Melissa on

In response to this:
Sarah | Dec 6, 2006 2:21:46 PM

This comment is directed especially to Melissa’s message posted Dec 6, 2006 11:20:22 AM. So basically you are saying that Tyra has a preference toward Eugena because she is Black, are you kidding me? I think your comment about them picking a blonde is just stupid and absurd, they should just pick the person that has been consistent throughtout the competition and that i think is Melrose.

A) Yes to be honest I think that the only reason Tyra kept Eugena around is cause she’s black. How many times has she received negative feedback by the judges? Almost everytime. Just like last season: Joanie was way better then Danielle, she took better pictures and could speak clearly, but yet for some reason she lost
B) As for what I said about a blonde winning, I would like that cause not a single blonde has won, AND it just so happens that this season the 2 blondes remaining are the best and most qualified so my comment isn’t absurd and stupid.

madrid on

Caridee deserves to win here, she actually tries hard to model as for melrose she never tries she always wants to be the best but she isnt she is good a photos but has no personality, caridee has both, and Eugena either way i just hope melrose doesnt win…..

Beka on

MELROSE! I really like her. shes very talented and derserves to win. Caridee better not win or ill cry and scream. shes to muc a diva and eugena doesn’t have enough talent.

J on


Mark on

Well, I will be very interested to see who wins ANTM this season. I’ve watched Season 7 and have been very disappointed with some of the decisions made and challenges, though not as disappointed as I was when Nik Place (Season 5) and Joanie Dodds (Season 6) did not win. What’s up with our judges? Are they blind?. Left with the three obvious, I would hate to see Melrose win, because her attitude is really sucky. Granted, she’s professional, and appears to be hard-working, but she’s also an egomaniac and appears insincere. I cannot imagine her on the cover of anything. Eugenia seems to want it and is not so out there, but there is definitely some question as to how strong her desire to win ANTM is. I think the obvious choice to win is Caridee. Love her, hate her, but lets see more of her. Even if she is a bit out there. And who said Modeling couldn’t be fun?

Britt on

CARIDEE all the WAY..I do not like Melrose, shes not that great or different looking, and Eugena doesnt do anything for me either.

Stephanie K on

caridee won!! she’s my fave i’m so excited!!!

me on

argh, oh well, melrose was really good at that fashion show which surprised me, and caridee was always the bigger bi***, the constant complaining about melrose proved that, did we ever hear melrose talk so much trash about caridee????? N0!!!!!!!!!!! oh well, i like that caridee sucked at that final runway when she’s supposed to be ‘crazier’ and have a better walk. neither will really make any impact in the industry so this whole season was moot.

Sandra Ivette on

Hi Joanie:
I’m really happy Caridee won. She seem more genuine than Melrose. Like the judges said Melrose is just a face the put on for everything, she was never herself and it shows. Caridee was always genuine. I’m also curious about what are you up to??? Let us know, you’re my favorite always.

Rachel on

caridee won. thank god.

Leila on

I hope Melrose or Caridee wins. Eugena is just ugly. I’m african-american and I get so pissed when the pretty black girls get voted off, and the ugly black girls make it this far like Eugena and Furonda from last season. GO Caridee and Melrose with your diva-tude!

elaine on

Melrose is such a witch.. did anybody else hear her call Caridee a “hoe” during the commercial shoots? That was uncalled for!

Ding Dong the witch is dead!

Merissa on

The brunette Melrose
It would also be good to see the brunette chosen over the blonde

Leigh on

Even though I am not a big fan of Melrose, for looks wise (I just don’t think she is that pretty at all, kinda messy looking and has a beak nose) but I don’t think she is that big of a b____. I just think she is socially awkward. I think she wanted to be friends, but just didn’t quite know how. And then it started downhill, and girls by nature are catty and the others bonded by hating Melrose. She felt in a pressured situation, and I think she has some definite introverted qualities. Sometimes people like her can come across as a b but they really are just socially awkward.

me on

well we all know who it is now!!!! I AM SO DANG HAPPY THAT CARIDEE WON! WOOHOO

Danielle on

What is wrong with all these people who watch reality tv shows and actually believe that the characters are shown for who they really are? Everyone thinks that Melrose was this psyco B, and Caridee was this totally sweet nice girl, and blah blah blah. Has anyone stopped to notice that Melrose was the one who was outsed from the start? People only do that when they are afraid of the other person because they know that they are the competition. It’s just like in high school – all the girl’s are jealous of the really pretty girl and make fun of her. Jealousy is an amazing thing and not that uncommon, I would think that people would see it when it’s right in front of there face!

There was no way that Caridee should have won. Didn’t anyone hear her comment to Nigel Barker about the stick up his butt? She’s rude and vulgar. That behaviour is not meant for someone who is supposed to be a role model for young women everywhere. Caridee and Eugena totally pushed Melrose on the outside just because she was a better model then them – who does that make the jerks?

dawn blagborne on

does it really matter who will win? when it’s all fixed
like every reality show..i know reality shows need to be
put to rest already..like yesterday….

dawn blagborne on

does it really matter who will win? when it’s all fixed
like every reality show..i know reality shows need to be
put to rest already..like yesterday….

Sunni on

I agree with Dawn

Bubbles on

i think that eugena should win !!!! go eugena !

Sandy on

Don’t get me wrong; I love Tyra, she’s a fabulous model, but I sometimes don’t think she/the judging panel make the right decisions. Girls with major potential get kicked off after one (ONE!!) bad photo.
Eugena has a beautiful face, (did you see that CoverGirl photo? It was AMAZING!) but she seems to be an open book with no personality, no drive, and dead-eyes.
CariDee takes pretty photos — but dosen’t she often look insane when she’s shooting commercials? Her “My Life As a CoverGirl” short clips make me want to jump in fright!! If she got some grace and learned how to be professional, then maybe I’d begin to understand whats going on with her. o.O
Melrose…So professional! Just because shes not a “natural” dosen’t been she can’t work hard and DOMINATE! (Haha!) She continually rocks photo shoots, challenges, commercials, and the runway! While Tyra DID make her the beeeee-yatch this cycle, I think Melrose has the personality, body, brains, and face for modeling. ^^;

Ya’ll can disagree with anything I said, but this is just how I interpertate everything on this cycle.
This was a pretty good cycle in my opinion (love you Melrose, AJ, Megg, and Brooke!) with the wrong eliminations of Brooke and AJ to the overdue eliminations of Jaeda, Anchal, and Monique and the debated decision of America’s Next Top Model winner of Cycle 7of …(*drum roll*)…CariDee!
(DAMN! Melrose shoulda won :P)

Giggle on

I wanted Eugena to win. She’s got so much presence and a beautiful figure! Thye would call Tyra racist and egocentric! We had 2 black gurlz dat had alredy won.

Hannah on

Caridee wasn’t that good, but none of them were top model material, in my opinion. Melrose could have been, but with such a demanding personality I don’t think it would have worked. You can’t get that much attitude until you are top model, and have ten assistants gettign you anything you want.

Anyways Caridee won because Tyra liked her. You get on Tyra’s good side, your set. It’s especially easy if you have a sob story that you overcame to model. Eugena was Blah, I liked Michelle. She was funky, and cool. AJ was pretty awesome too, as was Anchal. Michelle was only eliminated because she didn’t “want” it. And Brooke was eliminated unfairly, she was gorgeous, a good model and her elim. shot was pretty damn good. But that’s just me.

Caridee is annoying, and gives off that slut vibe. You can find a Caridee in any little town working at the drug store.

yeifrid moises on

so i whant to see the show on dominican repoblic soo.
i am a good fan. kisses for oll girls..love ya…

Chrisst on


jojo on


J@zM!NE on

Well they are all good so good luck to all of them

hope96 on

better not be melrose!yeah she’s talented and quite pretty but her attitude….
i’m pointing caridee!:)

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