How High Are Ashley Olsen's Heels?

11/14/2006 at 11:15 AM ET

How High Are Ashley Olsen's Heels
Henry Flores/Buzz Foto

For some of us, high heels come out on only special occasions. But for petite Ashley Olsen, heels are her daily footwear — for everything from red carpet events to picking up bouquets at the local florist. But this pair of extra-high Balenciaga platform pumps stopped us in our tracks. How high are those heels!? Carrying flowers as big as she is, Ashley is able to maintain her balance in her almost five-inch heels. Wow! Even though she isn’t the first star we’ve spotted trucking around town in some seriously high heels, we’re sticking to our ballet flats for now. Tell us: What are the highest heels you’ve ever worn? Do you wear them on a daily basis?


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jam on

More power to her. I think she’s amazing for having the balls to walk in them big ol heels.

Erica on

As much as I love high heels, I can’t wear them to do errands. I can barely even wear boots without feeling some pain. Sneakers are my best friend, heels are my occasional lovers! But when I was 20, I wore a lot of high heels! (Note to Ashley: at 30 it will catch up with you!)

Alex on

I’m almost 16 and I have a pair of boots from Target by Issac Mizrahi, and they are 4 1/2 inches high. I wear them to school all the time. People love them. I’m extremely short (only 5′) so they give me a bit of boost. I’m still on the hunt for a good insole, but they are quite comfortable. Great look for fall.

Bunky on

How did they manage to photograph her so she looks like Edward Furlong? I can’t claim ever to have worn heels,
but they look incredibly uncomfortable (and unstable).
I think a stiff wind from the back would make her pitch forward.

Bunky on

And those flowers are seriously huge. She looks like she’s in Gulliver’s Travels.

laurs on

Oh my gravy, those shoes are making MY feet hurt!

sweetie on

great that she can walk in those heels–but her feet will be in serious *permanent* trouble if she keeps it up (her ankles too)! high heels can cause damage, just as chinese foot-binding did… just think about it…

i’m only 4’11” and wear heels quite a bit, but sometimes I think that being short is seen as a disadvantage. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG with being under 5-4!!

Linda on

Betty Page move over!
This little chick-a-dee is sporting some serious foot fetishist’s dream come true!

Looking forward to seeing some whips, riding crops and paddles with the next outing!

….reminds me of those J-P Gaulthier wild days….

*bisous mes amours*


j on

i have some 3-4+ inchers. stuart weitzman. TRY them, they’re comfy too!!

R on


Maery on

Used to wear 3-4″ heels every day, ’til the orthopedic surgeon said I needed surgery to fix the bones in my feet! I’m flat shoes now, with an occasional high heel day. The heels will get you – ask any doctor.

Nicki on

The shoes are cute, but she definitely needs to go back to blonde!

EChizzle on

Hey, You got to give it to her. I’m 38 and can’t even walk in 4 inch heels.

I once bought the sweetest red suede, peep toe pumps that were a 4 inch heel. I walked a couple of blocks and felt like to balls of my feet were on fire. I hobbled over to the nearest shoe repair and had the cobbler cut an inch and half off my lovely too high shoes. Now I wear them with no problem.

LeeAnn on

i like heels but those look dangerous maby a little lower and hey would be awsome, heels look good with anything

donna on

EWWWWWWWWWW she looks dirty

Your on

i wear heels everyday. in fact, i dont go anywhere that isnt stilleto friendly.

Diane on

Personally I know how frustrating it is to be short and petite. I married a wonderful man who is 6’3 so on our wedding day I wore 4 1/2 inch heels. I wore those shoes out. Most comfortable pair of heels I had ever owned.

Rachel on

You know what? they’re still very young and won’t know anything until the reach 40 or 50 years of age and then they’ll pay for it BIG TIME.

Maya on

Ladies, ladies, ladies…Havent u ever heard of sacrificing in the name of beauty? There is nothing sexier than a pair of 4 or 5 inch stillettos. I practically sleep in mine.

J on

Rachel, that was a very immature comment. Just because we arn’t 40 or 50 doesn’t mean we don’t know anything. We all need to make mistakes to grow and learn. Without that we would know nothing. My Grandma has worn extremely high heels every single day of her life, she’s now 70 and still wears them, every single day. Never once in my life have i seen her in anything but heels. She has no problems with her feet whatsoever. On the other hand, i’m 23, have worn them a few times and pay for it. So who is to say that someone is or is not going to have problmes? They are shoes for peetsake. Let her wear them. If it causes problems later in life, it’s obviously her problem, isn’t it? But what do i know? I’m not 50, so i’m just an idiot!!! Hmm, wonder how i got that internship at the local hospital for being such a downright idiot. Arn’t Dr’s all over the age of 50?!?!?

courtney on

I’m 20 years old and I wear 4 1/2″ heels on a daily basis. A lot of people look down at my shoes and ask how I can walk around in such high heels all day, but the truth is that once you get used to it, it’s hard to go back to wearing flip flops and flat shoes.

courtney on

I’m 20 years old and I wear 4 1/2″ heels on a daily basis. A lot of people look down at my shoes and ask how I can walk around in such high heels all day, but the truth is that once you get used to it, it’s hard to go back to wearing flip flops and flat shoes.

Kim on

This poor child needs some help. I keep thinking she’ll go for a new hairdo that will fit her small frame. She’s too young to look and dress so old.

Leslie on

I wear heels almost every day. Anywhere from 2 in- 5in. I am only 5’3″ barefoot so I love heels. But even if i was taller I think I’d still love them. I think it is a matter of ones own taste. to each her own!

Renee on

I wear heels on almost a daily basis. Anywhere from 3 inches to 5. It just becomes a normal thing to do. They feel like tennis shoes! I run all my errands and even grocery shop in them.

kmm on

She has her car parked at the curb, shops, then gets back in the car. So it’s not like she’s walking a mile in those shoes (or any others for that matter).

Michele on

I’m 5’6″ and most of my shoes are at least 4 1/2″ high. It’s always good to be taller. :)

cate on

theres really nothing wrong with being short! im 5’2 and sure i have some heels. i even have some 4-inch heels. but i dont wear them on a daily basis. its just not practical.

AJ on

I’m 30 yrs old, and I have yet to know a “comfortable” pair of heels.

bibi on

i’m 5’10” and luv luv luv my high heels (several 5″ are my highest) BUT only when i’m going out (club or special occassion)bcuz though i luv my high heels – they DO NOT luv me…i’m definitely a sneakers and ballet flats gal any other day…i do secretly envy those women that can sash shay dont nyc concrete streets effortlessly. my sister is 5’3″ and refuses to wear anything less than a 3″ heel, anywhere on any given day – i dont know how she does it but she does LOL – kudos Ashley

Jessica on

I personally wear 4″ heels on a daily basis, wherein I walk miles around school and do errands and housework and such. I am short, so I rely on heels to give me height. Plus, they are cute! I even wear heels in the snow. The highest heels I have are almost 6″. It just takes practice. My most comfortable shoes are a pair of 4″ heels. Some of us just prefer the higher heels.

Erin on

Being taller isn’t why ladies want to wear high heels…it’s about being sexier. I am only 5 feet 3 and I don’t wear heels for height but more for looking sexy when I wear a dress!

Lauren on

I am hardly ever caught without my heels on. I wear stillettos on a daily basis and have just embraced the platform stilletto at 5-5 and a half inches (which are actually much more comfortable than my 4 inch skinny stillettos I might add) I even have heels on my flip flops! It’s funny though because my fiance is only 5’8 and I am 5’5 without heels and so he has asked me not to wear heels on our wedding day so I won’t be taller than him. I am respecting his request but for one of the dressiest days of my life I am going to be in some good ole ballet flats or flip flops instead of classic heels, which I wear on a daily basis. Irony is a funny thing!

micheleeee. on

I wear platforms a lot and they seem to me to be easier to walk in. So maybe that is the case with these.

I just really like these shoes.

Cara on

I don’t mind the heels or height. In fact I just bought the sweetest closed toe ankle strap leather heels from VS and can’t wait to get them. What is disturbing is that whenever her or her sister are photographed, they always look depressed and messy.

Rosie on

lol WOW I admire her for the fact that she can do that! I luv luv luv high heels but they hurt my feet but I wear them when I get dressed up…

Andrea on

They look like stripper shoes. Sorry.

carol on

what is up with the olsen twins? they have money and people to help direct them and they both look like boho trash when they could be setting style trends instead of “what not to look like” they both need the help of TLC what not to wear.

sweet lily on

How high are her heels, taller than she is and so is that boquet of flowers!!!!!!!!

Karen on

I’m also super short/petite (5’1) and I LOVE heels. Unfortunatley, I also have wider feet, so that, combined with my love for heels or any type of pretty shoes, will make me a very likely bunion surgery candidate in the future. My highest pair at the moment are the Louboutin Decolletes which are 4+ inches. The height slightly push me over my comfort zone. However, Manolo Blahniks seems to fit my feet perfectly, and I can stand all day and sprint in my 90mm Manolos. The perfect arch and roomy head on those shoes, in my opinion, make them more comfortable and healthier for my feet than wearing flat flip flops with no arch support.

Karen on

BTW: someone earlier mentioned looking for comfortable insoles. I think the Foot Petals are by far the best of all the different types of insoles I’ve tried. You can buy them off of, or department stores. They are very cushy, but slim enough that they don’t alter the size and fit of your shoes. I especially love the “Foot Petals Killer Kushionz”. I put them in all my stilleto boots…They have revolutionized my shoe collection!

anon on

More power to her . I have flat feet and I am only 5 feet tall so , I really don’t wear too much heels . I am glad that she can walk in those shoes. They look uncomfortable – Just my opinion .

Isabel on

I love wearing heels and where them daily. Every shoe I wear has a heel on it. I am so used to heels that it feels awkward when I wear flat shoes. I think high heels are sexy and if you can walk in them then why not wear them.

I agree that the Olsen twins look extremely messy and trashy most of the time.

Rebecca on

I’ve always worn heels for going out, but try to stick to platforms as they give you a little extra height (I’m 5’3″) without the harsh angle. I used to dance in 6″ stillettos, so 4-5″ heels are a piece of cake.

Cory on

I think they’re so high because they have wheelies inside the platform. There’s no way that skinny little thing can lift up those big shoes.

Chantal on

The highest heels I will wear are 3-1/2″.
I love them, but they don’t love me.
I used to wear them all day to work, but now my feet are feeling it.
I try to limit the heel wearing to a couple of hours at best.
I want to have pretty bare feet as I age, not a load of bunions.

Colette on

Well, I’m twenty and I wear 4 inch heels all of the time. My highest pair is 5 inches, but they are a wedge style, making them much more comfy. I think that the comfort level depends on the arch of your foot; mine are very arched, so they feel better in heels than in flats. My doctor agrees with me too.

Carol on

I love Mary ;]

Nice shoes!!

Kristine on

Even the first few steps in those heels would make me cry. But I guess it’s depends on her preference.. If she wants to wear them, she wears them.. Besides in the end, it’s her fault if she cries about sore feet or something like that, you know?! .. Unless, of course, someone else told her to wear them, then she can just throw the things at a wall or out the window or something =)

Natalee on

I have a pair of heels similar to Ashley’s. My heels go up to 5″. I am in between in height, I’m not too tall, but not short neither. I wear heels all the time. I wear everything from pumps, stilettos, clunky type shoes too wedges. For some reason, it doesn’t really make that much of a difference to me if I wear heels and than switch to a pair of flat Mary Jane shoes or just plain sneakers. I like the heels on Ashley, nothing wrong with wearing them.

Kierre on

I’m 19 and own a pair of 5 1/2 inch Coach stilletos which I abselutely love, and wore them to the 2005 VMA’s with a Versace. They’re gorgeous and I wear them all the time (my favorite is with my true religion jeans =) )

olha on

it looks good on her=) me.??i jus wear something casual.. cud be anyghing..flip flops, flats, adidas,boots, tennis shoes..i jus wear heels when i dresss up cute=) on big

No Plain Jane on

I only wear up to 3 and half inch heels

Samantha on

OMG! I love her shoes! Does anyone know who the designer is??

rachel b. on

ashley is short and the heels make her taller. i don’t like high heels because i am 5’6 and tall enough.

Viki on

I wear 4″ heeled pumps at home in the evenings daily. I feel in them better than in flat slippers. For housework I prefer 4″ knee-high boots. The highest heels I have are true 6″ pumps. But I wear them only for special events (parties, clubs etc.) and only for a few hours. Walk in them isnt too difficult – it just need practice!

Doss on

Love Ashley’s shoes! I need heels that big myself, I’m even smaller than she is! I can only walk in 4 inches at the most though!

I don’t wear heels all the time, depends on my mood & outfit.

Karen on

look their not that bad they’ve got a big platform at the bottom which is about 1 inch maybe more so that doent count as part of the heel. i have some heels like that and they are comfy to wear

Darya on

These are great looking shoes! I would love to wear them for my husband, who admires really high heels on me. That will have to wait until I’ve given birth and have my sense of balance back. :-)

Does anyone know where to get these, or a reasonable knock-off?

As for what I wear, lately a lot of flats. But typically, 3 inch wedges for daily outings, 4 inch stilettos for fancier occasions. I have some 4.5 inch platform stilettos for very practiced (and short duration) outings. And beyond this, well, there are the bedroom-only shoes. :-)

MC on

samantha, they are by balenciaga and cost somewhere between $1220 – $1700 at Neiman Marcus – but – there are few on ebay for much less so check em out :)

mariam on

Why it’s called how high is mary- kate heels.

Nikki H. on

i am sorry but, i thought that ashley was BLOND and Mary-Kate is Brown ???!!!

Pamela on

I am 65 years old. Have been wearing 3″ to 4″ heels for roughly 50 years. Have found that as time passes, a blocky heel is better – lets me wear heels all day. I usually don my stilettos for evening, going out and special moments when I want to look great in a skirt. It is true, that I can’t wear flat shoes/sneakers any longer, my achilles/calf muscles won’t allow it.

Cindy on

I am tall enough, so I don’t need to be taller. Even so, I always wear very high heels. And they’re always sandals. I doubt that high heels were ever about turning girls into giants. To me it’s always been about displaying the curves of the female foot at their most sensual. These devices are not supposed to feel like sneakers. And, believe me, no sneaker gives you that secret feeling that a five or six inch stiletto provides. The question should be, “When last did someone leave the elevator on the wrong floor behind you just to admire your girly feet and edible toes?” That’s power.

sarah on

i have 6 inch heels its not that tall honestly …. i love heels i wear them everywhere they are my life

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