Nelly Furtado's Off-Beat Accessory

11/03/2006 at 04:30 PM ET

MTV Awards shows are always the place to try out unorthodox fashion (and in some cases, unorthodox behavior). Last night’s European Music Awards were no exception, but Nelly Furtado’s arms really caught our eye and got us scratching our heads. The sultry Canadian singer paired her slinky satin gown with airbrushed faux-tattoos of flames going up and down her arms. Nelly’s rep tells us she wanted to “look like a Goddess with all the pyro-tech in her performance and white flowing dress.” Tell us: what do you think of Nelly’s out-there accessory? Is this super-hot or a burn-out?

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Photo: John McConnico/AP

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asho on

i think it’s actually really different and unique. good for her for trying something new. i think she looks GREAT!

Misty on

I LOVE IT! I wanna get it done! Go Nelly! She combines Classy with Funk.

Misslissy on

I think the flames look great. It’s definetly not an everyday look, but for a fun night on the town or a special occasion it adds flare!

AnnieM on

I’m sorry, but in my opinion, tattoos of any kind on females is completely low class.


and why is it low class on ONLY females?? The old double standard? Very hypocritical..just because YOU dont like it doesnt mean its “low class”…some people REALLY need to open their minds to different things..

sheamil on

Why is a girl with tattoos unclassy?? That is completely untrue.

sheamil on

just because a woman has tattoos,that doesnt mean she has less class than you do.

nicole83em on

I applaud her for doing something different.And her dress is absolutely gorgeous.

Bunky on

Does it have to be red? It looks like a rash.

Mrs.Borrego on

I’m sure this shall start a trend with all the celebs. I really like it. I think it is something totally different and I have never seen anyone do that before. Well Jesse James has it going on..but Furtado looks smoking hott.

pink lilys on

What u people actually would wanna wear that!

u r all blind!


I think it’s so clever..and if I had those arms I would do it!!

Jordan on

As long as it’s not permanent, I think it’s an interesting addition. This photo, though, only shows her from the side. To really decide whether it goes well with her look there should be a view from the front AND the side…maybe even one of her performing.

Personally, as long as it’s not permanent, I think it’s a great idea.

Misha on

It doesn’t look good…and ruins the gorgeous dress! It might look good with a different outfit though.

Allison Renee on

i wood personally never do it..BUT GOOD FOR HER FOR GOJNG FOR IT!! it duznt look half bad!!

Andrea on

She should have got real tattoos. It looks too fake.. almost like drawn on with a marker.

By the way, tattoos on women are not trashy, depending on what kind. They are creative, colorful, and beautiful. I can’t stand people who think they have more class just because they don’t have tattoos. Believe me.. I’ve seen some pretty trashy people that have not one tattoo. Some people need to look at their own selves before they start judging others.

Tammie on

Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. You may not think tatoos look trashy on women, but I agree with the person who said they do. IN MY OPINION they make women look like low class trash. To each his/her own. I think Nelly’s look ridiculous. JMHO.

tracie on

that looks ridiculous

christine on

Um, ew.

night on

looks like henna…i think she was just having fun. It’s not a tatoo I don’t

Lily on

eww this makes her outfit look really tacky!!

AnnieM on

Low class and completely unoriginal.

regina on

i like the idea, but i don’t like the finished product. the red looks like she’s got skin troubles and the motive doesn’t suit the dress.

micheleeee. on

Who cares if she looks unclassy?
These tattoos are not permenant!

Real tattoos are just ink on the skin
It’s just like saying that people with a certain hairstyle arent classy.

I mean, GoSH!

Leilani on

ew. evening dresses and tattooed arms don’t go together. i’m sure she thought she was doing something clever and “risque”…NOT. this just looks bad. not pleasing to the eye, not edgy, just bad.

Canuck on

I love the dress she chose to wear – stunning. I also like the tattoo work, as well. It’s very artistic.

I just don’t like the two together. Maybe if the flames were silver or gold I might like it better. Just not this combination.

TZ on

I think it looks great in one of her old videos she is wearing old working boots with a classy ball gown. It shows creativity indivuality and a beautiful but non conforming attitude. The artist has done a really good job, very talented and super creative!!!!!

wonderwhy on

i’m low class? i’ve got a 6-figure job, huge penthouse, a mercedes and 6 tattoos…and i’m low class? i’ve worked my butt off to get where i am, climbing the corporate ladder, raising 3 kids and being a damn good wife…but i’m still low class. hmmmmm

Tammie on

I said IMO they make women LOOK trashy, not that they ARE trashy.

Stephanie Nicole on

I love this, even though they aren’t permanent, they still look really unique, all body art is beautiful and this is a fine example of it.

kaloha21 on

get over yourselves, girls with tattoos arent unclassy, it isnt 1952 anymore. Plus its different I give her props for trying out something new on the red carpet.

Jojo on

I think it looks GREAT!!!!! women who have tattoo’s don’t look low class JUST because they want to express them selfs and be creative!!!!!!!!

Pammy on

I think it looks cheesy, and I don’t like the dress either. The arms and the dress are too over the top, likes she’s trying too hard to look hip and different…I mean, she’s a little girl at home!

Spits on

Hey Tammie,
Money and stuff doesn’t give you class. Look at 50 cent. I like Nelly’s look. She’s cool. Trend setting. I don’t think there is anything wrong with tatoos on either men or women. I would not want one only because of it’s permenance. I like this airbrush idea. I guess I have fear of committment.

Petra on

Bad choice in my opinion. Such a beautiful woman, gorgeous dress.. and then downgrade it with those tattoos. Such a shame!

NoneOfYourBusiness on

Unlike many commenters, I am going to give a justified reason for liking and/or not liking it.

I think it is a unique idea. The pattern is interesting and fun to look at, and she can get it washed off and changed any time she wishes.

However, that color makes it look like some sort of burn. A nice dark brown, black, or even blue would have done better than that rashy magenta.

So I’d give it 4/5 stars (color isn’t everything, though I’ll never even think about touching pink).

Kristin on

Sorry, I have to agree with the majoprity of the girls here- tatts look good when tasterfully done. Nelly looks good and she can pull off this look. Sorry AnnieM, I have 2 tattoos myself and I am far from low class. Evening designing my third one and I work in corporate America with a well paying job and kids the list goes on. I had the class before I got the tatts and I will ALWAYS have the class.

I do agree though Nelly’s color choice isn’t the most flattereing but perhaps she intended it to blend in more seeing that they encompass her entire arm length.

nanie on

Is this the “Prison Break” trend, or what ???

Wendy on

I have three tattoos… And you would NEVER guess it by looking at me in my work clothes, or even most of my lounge wear – because my tattoos are all easily concealable, and I LOVE all three of them and plan to get more. Trashy is as Trashy does – they only make women LOOK trashy if the woman is dressed otherwise trashy… You all are entitled to your own opinion, yes, but you also shouldn’t judge people based on appearance either…

I agree that the concept was a great idea, and I like the artwork, but also that the color choice was not the best, it would have been better in a different color…

Divaisnotabadword on

I love the idea behind the concept. I even like the colour. HOWEVER I think she should have placed the airbrushing on her back instead..

Reeta on

I think it’s a cool way to try out tattoos instead of just inking yourself up and regretting it later. Nelly wouldn’t be Nelly if all she did was put on a nice gown. She has to add to herself. It’s her and I like it.

Andrea on

I agree with the poster that said it’s not 1952 anymore. Good point. I think a lot of tattoos are beautiful, and some are just plain stupid. I think it’s creative expression and when they are done right, they are beautiful, even with an evening dress. I guess I’ll soon join the “trashy” streotype when I get my 1/2 sleeve koi fish tattoo. So, I’ll just go ahead and be trashy while I live in my Downtown Nashville loft with my amazing husband and beautiful baby. ;-)

Heather on

I like tats, I like tats on women, I like evening dresses and satin, and I even like flames…but trying to put them all together in one look….doesn’t work. I love her dress but she should have let the flames do their thing ON THE STAGE, not on her arms. And, yes, at first I thought it was a rash!!!

Bill Watkins on

I do not like this look one bit!!!!! Tackey and uncouth as far as I am concerned.

san on

i love it!she looks great and original!!

sat on

I’m glad she did both arms rather that just one.

Lindsay on

well she looks ridiculous.. her “Fake” tattoo makes her generate the wrong attention.. If she would have just worn the dress without the tattoos.. she would have looked gorgeous.. women with tatoos are not low class.. however visible arm tattoos for example do make a woman look un-classy

Kay on

Who is she trying to be Pink? A classy dress and then tatoos “I DON”T THINK SO!!!” Try something alse Nelly.

Ashley on

First of all it’s not a tat, it’s airbrushed
secondly, trashy and low-class are an opinion in most cases
last but not least . . . thank god someone on the red carpet somewhere is doing something new that isn’t just stitches on the dress in a different place.

LeeAnn on

i like it it is unique and looks awsome on her

ima on

…..yea….looks like a rash to me ;)….

suzanne1281 on

Although I’d prefer her without the tattoos, I give her props for being brave and being herself and not caring what everyone else thinks. Go Nelly, you are such a strong, confident, sexy woman!

Kaila on

I love Nelly Furtado. I love her album. I think she is unique and creative. Some of the fashion choices I’m not too keen on, but I think if she likes it, it is her right. These are not real tattoos. They are just airbrushed on her. AnnieM, just because a woman has a tattoo does not make her unclassy and trashy. Having a tattoo, not just for a woman, but for ALSO a man, means they are creative and just love body art. Some of the time, a person gets a tattoo as a meaning or an accomplishment that they have done. Some women will get a tattoo of their childs name in cursive on their ankle or something, but that doesn’t make them trashy. My friend’s daughter passed away and to remember her and honor her daughter, she had her name tattooed on her ankle. She would always remember her daughter, but this was to signify that her daughter was gonna be with her forever, even if that meant an ink tattoo on her body. Body art is mearly expressing yourself and being creative. Many do it for many purposes. Some do it for it for kicks, some have it done for meaningful purposes and some do it because they just turned 21 and they have always wanted a tattoo.

diego on

Awesome, just awesome! I love her music, but her tattoos just do it for me! =D You go, girl!

Teddi on

She looks stunning! Way to go Nelly, be yourself and do what you want. Its gorgeous and original.

And sorry, low class? From a high class perspective: Tattoo’s are an expression of oneself, if you’re too afraid of other people’s judgement to express yourself, your confidence and therefore your class, is extremely subject.

ebony on

I dont understand what all the fuss is about. Why is everyone fighting about HER tattoos or hienna or airbrush or whatever? If she likes it, I LOVE IT. You wouldn’t like it if people went around saying what they didn’t like about youor what you wear. It’s all about self-expression and what makes you feel good. We all can’t look alike nor can we be alike. Deal with it

ashley on

i think she looks totally awsum cuz of her attitude

Baya on

I agree with AnnieM that tatoos somehow reflect low class. They are just so unnatural and really look bad on skin, let alone if they’re permanent. They are completely misplaced on a female body. And one shouldn’t need to express his personality this way.

rachel b. on

not pretty, distasteful and snakish tatoos.

Dan C on

I agree with Baya, & I think a lot of women are doing this because they think it’s ‘trendy’ or ‘in’ to do it. Tatoos are bad enough on men, but I think they’re even worse on women – they spoil the woman’s beauty – IMHO.

nicole forever on

hi i like pcd and nelly furtado becouse … just i cant say how much i love it.But they together will be the best and i do not forget i’m sorry becouse my english will so bad but i’m from bulgaria and i study now english
bye bye lots of kisses gsbi

Erica on

Ok women do NOT look trashy with tattoos…just the way a woman dresses makes her trashy. I know lots of people that have tattoos that are doing pretty well in the world. This is my opinion but it kind of pisses me off that a celeb would do something like that to grab attention to herself and try to “fit in” with everyone else getting tattoos. I know it’s not permanent but it’s still the idea of it. And why in God’s name would you wear that dress with it? Atleast wear one thats close to the color of the “tattoo”. Damn celebrities are stupid.

Toddc on

I think it looks hot. I mean look at Nelly!!! How could anything on her be anything but hot. Open your minds people and realize there is more than old fashoned church peop in this world. Embrace it, love it..appreciate that people dare to be different.

Alexxx on

Omggg. that donsn’t look good on her.

Alexxx on

that doesn’t look good on her

justin talbi on

i just want to say nelly furtado has big ass andshe is very beautiful

lookalike on

COME ON, nelly would look heaps better without that rash looking tattoo her outfit is nice, nelly is a cool female, but tattoos are ugly honestly, it shows no style and its terrible on both females and males, yes she tried something new, and you learn from your mistakes.

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