Madonna's Oprah Outfit

10/27/2006 at 06:00 AM ET

While Madonna discussing her unexpected adoption controversy on Oprah, she wasn’t only winning over the audiences’ hearts and minds. She also scored some style points for her onscreen appearance. Demure with soft makeup and curls, Madonna carefully selected a deep blue, pheasant print silk jersey dress from cult British brand ISSA. In fact, an Issa spokesperson tells PEOPLE, “She felt this was the perfect dress for a new mother. She thought the color would look great on camera too.” It turns out that Madonna loves this colorful pheasant print so much she owns six different ISSA dresses with the exact same print (click here for this dress and similar styles to the one she wore, right). No wonder she is a fashion icon– even in the most difficult times, she rises (and dresses) to the occasion. — Monique Jessen

To read more about Madonna’s style on Off The Rack, click here.

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Rob on

I thought it was nice. Nothing earth shattering. I mean we did only get to see it from the chest up.

Amber on

It’s a very nice dress, I like it.

rachel on

i like it!

Jane on

I agree that Madonna looked good for her Oprah interview, but can anyone tell me why she kept looking down?? My take is that she was reading something (a script perhaps?!?)
Additionally, there is something unnerving to me about this adoption. As a young woman with fertility issues, I fully support the adoption of children and hope that I will be so lucky to build my own family through the adoption process. However, there is something horrible about the fact that the poor must give up their children and rich and famous celebrities can come in and act as the savours of the world.
If Madonna really wanted to make a difference, she would have provided David’s father with the means to take care of his son. It seems that the reason David was placed in an orphanage was because his father was poor and could not take care of him NOT because he did not love his son.
There is just something incredibly wrong about the fact that the right to have children and a family appears to be a privilege of the rich. Adopting the children of the poor is not the way to solve this problem. We must lessen the divide between rich and poor. NO ONE NEEDS AS MUCH MONEY AS MADONNA OR OPRAH. Do these celebrities not realize that they are part of the cause for this horrific poverty?? Spread the wealth!!!

Sandra on

This is a really nice dress. I love it. I really hope that she is able to keep David and that all the talk will be over soon. :)

megan on

It’s horrible! She’s the worst dresser, in my opinion. Her hair, her makeup, her everything is not good.

RT on

Can someone tell me why she all of the sudden has an English accent when she says certain words? It was the weirdest thing listening to her speak because it did not seem natural for her to have that accent. Did anyone else notice that?

Courtney on

Preach Jane…but seriously I agree that providing his father with the means to take care of his son would have been a truly loving gesture rather than to keep saying “I am providing David with a life.” His father and mother gave him life and I hope that David still gets to have a relationship with his father and know his culture.

Back to the dress – I like it. This is a good look for Madonna. Mature and stylish. Go M!

Ericka on

She looked great and gorgeous. I wonder if people understand that Madonna supports 6 orphanages and does allot of work for the African Aids children.. and is also creating a center called Millenium to support women and children who have aids. To adopt a child in need is a very generous of her. She will dedicated to this cause for a long time as she wants David to be a spokes person when he grows up… she is committed. Hope other people will emulate her. You could tell she loves that child and its the best thing that has happend to little David. I admire her so much.

rayray on

I agree with Jane’s comments. Indeed, it is nice when a child that has no home can be adopted and taken care of….However, I do agree that this situation is out of control. I feel bad for the father. I also do feel that celebrities can alter laws, politics, ethics, all due to their status in life. Back to fashion, her dress is so-so for that much money. And I think she kept looking down during the interview because either she was reading a script or she was not telling the whole truth. That is why she couldn’t face Oprah directly in her eyes during questioning. That is one sure sign that someone is contemplating what they will say because they have been insructed or are trying to conjure up nontruths.

Adrymala on

LOVE the dress- but what’s up with the roots? The worst part about her reading her “script”- which were most likely notes from her lawyer on how to answer the questions Oprah was going to ask (because you know they gave her the questions prior to that interiew)- was looking at the inch and a half of rootjob undone.

Adrymala on

Last little comment – anyone else annoyed that Guy Ritchie wasn’t part of this interview? Isn’t he an intergral part of the adoption – NOT JUST MADONNA! Why doesn’t People interview HIM!

night on

Poor or not, David’s father gave him up. End of story. One does not give ones child away to an orphanage only to pick them up later when one is financially sound. It is called an orphanage. Poor does not mean ignorant, and this man had to know that the risk of placing a child in an orphanage is that he might be adopted. The woman adopting just happened to be rich. When dad found out this woman is rich and famous, all of a sudden he became ignorant of what an orphanage is? All of a sudden he did not understand what it meant to put one’s child in such a place? Somehow I can’t believe this to be true. David’s father gambled with his parental rights by giving away his child. He lost, and is now trying to cash in on the rich and famous lady.
As for the dress. Who cares what this woman spends her money on…she is an old washed up has been…and a hag. Lets make her go away by ignoring her.

cc on

Unless you’ve lived abroad for a long time it is hard to understand the influence the local accent has on your “native” accent. Vocabulary is also instinctively adapted so that you integrate in your environment and people understand you better. It’s normal, it’s natural. No big deal. No point on picking on her for sounding British.
What is the problem with her adopting a child? Because she is a celebrity she should save the world and has no right to fulfill her own wishes and instincts? Because she is rich she is obliged to help in the ways we think she should be helping and not how she wishes to help so that our hearts can be content? Is she less appropriate as a mother? Would she not be able to provide the child with love, attention, care, a family, education, health assistance, etc.? Is she not already helping many people through her organizations? I don’t think anyone in their right witt can’t see that this child’s opportunities are exponentially better than had Madonna simply helped his father take care of him. He did not even want the kid back. He seems to be content to see him periodically, period.
I am sure she was indeed being coached throughout the interview–and likely reading her speech. She had to! Every little word she says, any little step she takes, everywhich way her eyes look, whatever she does, wears, is object of comments and criticism and ripping apart. I’d say let her be a mom to this child. When he is grown, I am sure he’ll know his roots and hopefully will follow suit in helping his birth country.

Sandra on

Yeah Adrymala, that does seem weird that Guy Richie is never inculded in interviews about this adoption. Strange…Isn’t it?

Kristin on

Roots were hiedous, dress was nice. But come oin she was spending all of her time in Malawi savfing the villlage to get her hair done for the interview, right? If her efforts are truly sincere great, but something leads me to beileve that is not the case. Too many oddities about all of this. Of course she had to read a script she interviews all next week- lawyers need to make sure her story is consistent…

Andrea on

The dress is O.K., but her hair needs a touch up. She has some major roots going on. On top of that it looks matted. I think she also needs some blush or something. She looks like a corpse.

Keisha` on

It was cute and sheek on her! Its finally nice to see her looking appropriate and like a mother!

Norah on

I completely agree with Jane, she couldn’t of said it better. Madonna….how much is she worth? All she really cares about is HER family.

Just to clear up RT’s question about Madonna’s so called English accent. Since Madonna has been living in London….apparently she has “picked up” then English accent. This is why she says some words with the accent. Honestly, I do not think it is possible for a GROWN WOMAN (who has spoken with the American accent her WHOLE life) to suddenly pick up an accent of where she has been living for period of time. Anyway, thats what I heard about her accent.

Heather on

I think she’s pretty…she kept looking down bc she was looking at Oprah on her moniter in front of her.

Erica on

I think the dress is very pretty. Modest but still sexy and sophisticated. I’m not sure why Madonna doesn’t touch up her roots as others have mentioned. She would look better with a nice chocolate brown color.

As for the David issue, I think Madonna is doing him a great service. His father said that if he stayed in Africa he would have died. Jane makes a good point about Madonna providing David’s father with the means to take care of David. But did David’s father ask for that? If he did and was desperate to keep his child, I highly doubt Madonna would force the issue and tear this man from his son! MAybe if he asked for help and wanted to keep David, I’m sure Madonna would have went along with that. But he most likely didn’t ask for that.

Jane also says “celebrities are part of the cause of horrific poverty”. That is a major statement. They don’t necessarily cause the poverty. But I highly agree that with all their money, if each person (lindsay lohan, paris hilton) contributed as much as let’s say Angelina Jolie who donates 10 percent of her salary, yes, there would be no poverty. But instead they buy Balenciaga bags.

Erica on

Oh, lol, the accent thing is funny. But when I was in college I started talking like the people around me also! It happens. The minute I stay too long somewhere, their accents rub off on me. It’s natural. No matter how old you are. But Madonna, even when she was younger, had a kind of weird accent I couldn’t place. Maybe she was trying to do the London thing even before she moved there!!

melanie on

Jane, night and cc all had very interesting points. I’m glad that this discussion on Madonna’s adoption is veering into a more diplomatic direction than.. say.. Sharon Osborne’s ridiculous comments. Good lord.

Erica on

What did Sharon Osbourne say?

Julia on

“That is why she couldn’t face Oprah directly in her eyes during questioning.” How could Madonna look Oprah in the eyes when she is actually in London being put on the show via satellite, doing the interview LOOKING INTO A CAMERA? And since Oprah is not sitting IN THAT CAMERA Madonna obviously has to look SOMEWHERE to see Oprah ON SCREEN talking to her. This much to all the comments about scripts and notes… It’s the technology, … !!!

I totally agree with cc who said that “unless you’ve lived abroad for some time it is hard to understand the influence the local accent has on your “native” accent.” Since Madonna is someone who has been living all over the place most her life, traveling around the world constantly, being able to communicate in at least one foreign languages, she is used to picking up accents and vocabulary.

I myself have travelled a lot around Europe and other parts of the world and being quite good with languages (as a European I speak three foreign languages) I find myself adapting to any accent in an instant no matter where I go… and I am a grown woman too !!! This goes out especially to the lady who thinks that it is im possible for a GROWN WOMAN (who has spoken with the American accent her WHOLE life) to suddenly pick up an accent.

If you’ve never lived in a different place than your own, you do not seem in the position to evaluate her accent…

Laura on

With regards to the whole “is Madonna reading notes” the answer is no. If you have ever seen any other Madonna interview when she needs to think of what to say next she either looks down or up. Its just what she does. She’s too good for a script!! I love the outfit, she looks amazing!! Go Madonna go!!!

Tara on

To answer the question why Madonna looked down, that was because she was trying to search for the right words. If you don’t always watch her on interviews, or you don’t always pay attention to what she was doing, that might look to what people thought–“reading from a script”. But hell, no! That’s a very common thing about her. Back to 1996, when she was on Oprah, she would pause for several seconds before she found the right word “recognition” to finish her sense, and she blinked meanwhile. Some thing happened in 2003 after the VMA notorious kiss, she had to look away and turn back to finish what she was thinking and saying. Tons of other proofs in her other interviews, they were all quite noticeable.

Regarding to the English accent, that was due to where she lived and who she lived with. Imagine a lady mostly lived in English with a British hubby for more than 6 years plus their dating, blah blah blah, how could one not adapt some slight accents? Sometimes, that accent underwent a slight change without noticing, especially when the person is surrounded by the British accent co-workers, family members and other people met under social circumstances. She may possibly picked that up just for fun, to see how pwople react with that. That’s what I thought.

On her dressing style, I thought it was absolutely appropriate for that special interview. She was actually much more considerate than she ever was. That is very worthy for applaud. Madonna always know what to wear under what condition! Like when she was meeting with the British Queen in London, she was very elegant and decent, instead of her normal edge-pushing look or casual look or diva outfit. Same happened in 1997 when she met Argentine president.

Tons of people had opinions on the adopting issue. I just don’t want to say any more. Madonna had highly convincing points in her interview on Time magazine. At least, we can’t deny that even IF she’s the worst mother in the whole world, she is way much better that death for the infant to encounter and face. Yes, it somehow shows that adopting kids from foreign countries has become a trend, but what’s the matter with that. As long as those kids are in help! Madonna thinks even IF she had the celeb privilege, that would actually to save the kid’s life. But she is still having troubles. Nevertheless, I hope if she can have more privilege, that would certainly one more less crying baby waiting hopelessly for the cure.

Melissa on

I’m sorry, but there’s a mistake in this article. Issa is not a British brand. It’s Brazilian.

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