What's Lindsay's Best Look? Natural or Glam?

10/26/2006 at 03:00 PM ET

Many of us spend our early twenties playing with our looks, and Lindsay Lohan is no exception. From changing her hair color to going curly to changing looks at one event, Lohan loves to experiment with her appearance, including her makeup. She went natural and neutral at the Venice Film Festival, but recently hyped up the glamour quotient with dark, glittery liner and bold red lips at a fashion party in Paris. Tell us: which look do you like better on Lindsay? Natural or glam?

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j on


sprout on

I think Lindsay is a pretty girl. I love her red hair & freckles, but her hair dark is great, too. I didn’t like it when she went blonde — red, auburn, and the dark brown really suits her. And for dressy occasions, the glam is a nice touch. I like her natural look for every day, though. :-) She’s different-looking (in a good way) from the other Hollywood starlets.

rachel on

natural! anyone would kill for her looks, and i don’t know why she tries to hide it.

Norah on

Natural is MUCHHHH better. Her makeup, in my opinion, always looks sloppy, like she did it herself.

Rio on

What is the big deal with L Lohan? What makes her so popular? She’s not that attractive. Sorry but she’s not.

v on

Neither. She’s orange! She used to be a lovely young girl … until the Paris Hilton phenomenon struck the nation.

staci on

i like lindsay’s look no matter what, except the blonde look. she’s absolutely gorgeous and is always a step ahead of us all! love her!

april on

i think lindsay looks hot natural, the make_up just covers her beauty and makes her look like a fake(in other words like a clown).

Dani on

Natural looks better. Either way though, this girl needs to take a vacation.

Courtney on

I hate to agree with Rio (as celebrities endure way too much criticism as it is) but I do not understand why LiLo is so popular.

Anyway, she is an attractive girl but her natural beauty could be highlighted with better hair and makeup! Bring back the red hair and add a touch of polish…

Brittany on

i was really sad to see her change her hair color. I look very similar to her although Im 5’11” (red hair, freckles) I get complimented left and right. I used to hate being a red head when I was young but now I love being unique. I was suprised she changed from her natural look. Personally I thought it set her apart from the rest of hollywood.

dawn blagborne on

i think she looks much better natural…

Alex on

I’m pretty sure she’s hag either way.

Natalie on

she looks better natural with her freckles and a smile

rakel on

She look´s so much better natural, she really doesn´t need make up.

dee on

Lindsay makes a decent brunette but I always favor the natural look. Nice to also see her at a healthy weight as she was awfully thin not too long ago.

Liza on

I agree with most of you here. Not trying to be cruel, but, if she was a legitimately great actress, if she was all about her craft and not her outrageous social life, I’d never say a nasty thing about her. But since she’s obviously not, as Tim Gunn said when he was asked what he thought of Jessica Simpson: “Why is she a celebrity?” Lindsay was a hell of a lot better when she was 11 in the Parent Trap. Now she’s nothing but trashy with no talent to excuse it.

Jane on

She looks HORRIBLE with makeup. She’s naturally attractive. Why hide it?

Angie on

we need to take out all the hater messages in this list. no matter how much they hate her, she still ranks in the money. i love lindsay and think she is super talented and pretty.

Vonnie on

She’s a young girl. Natural is usually best for women in their late teens and early twenties. But being young has it’s advantages. She gets to experiment with all kinds of looks and styles. I prefer natural over “glam”, but they both suit her just fine.

Erin on

I do not understnad how people can bash celebrties they go thourgh so much just being a celebrity. You all sound so jealous. Yes I know they can have all they want and more but can people cut them some slack. They are really just like us they like to glam it up and look nice for special occasions. Do people make fun of you when you cover up your freckles! I think not! I think she looks great both ways and I congrate her on her success at such a young age.

Hayley on

Natural in my opinion is much better. The dark hair and makeup is way to harsh for her fair skin.

SAT on

She’s a good looking girl but I am so turned off by her hunger for publicity!

yvette on

She not even old enough to drink (legally) and she looks so old. What she needs to do is pack on the antiaging cream instead of the makeup.

Jessica on

ugh.. NEITHER! She just looks like she tries too hard. And WHAT IS UP with her lately, sucking her freakin cheeks in for pictures?

Mandy on

She look horrible with that red lipstick. She is a very pretty girl with no or little make-up. That is true with almost all of the stars. Why do they think they have to wear all that make-up to be pretty. It doesn;t help, I think it makes it worse.

mimi on

lindsay looks better natural she is very beautiful why put on all that make up

Sarah on

I have always like Lindsay Lohan, ever since she was in Parent Trap. She look amazing all natural, anyone who has anything but that to say about he is obviously just jealous.

Ashley on

Natural by far!





Andrea on

Neither. She needs something, but I can’t figure out what. I think it’s her eyebrows and her hair. I don’t know. She’s not attractive. I hate to say it.

Lana on

HAHAHAHAHhahahah!!, i love how we are comparing a “natural” lindsay to a glam lindsay. She is clearly wearing a boat-load of makeup and tanning products in both pictures. I think she’s a good actress, but she’s pretty much fake from top to bottom……nice try with the “natural” thing though

sarah on

BEAUTIFUL and anyone that disagrees is just jealous!

Mary on

I think she’s beautiful…if only that glow from her skin wasn’t making me think of my pumpkins…..

JJ on

I am 32 and pretty sure she looks older than I do. Someone needs to tell her to lay off the smokes, booze, late nights and whatever else she’s doing. I guess she’s assuming everything can be fixed with good products and plastic surgery but I don’t know…

carrie on


LmL on

Little bit of both.

Heidi on

No doubt about it she looks more gorgous natural than all made up but i truly think that that applies to everyone.

Michelle on

Natral looks best

Leanne on

Lindsy Lohan is a beautiful girl and she doesn’t need all that make-up. It seems whoever did her make-up put too much of it on. Lindsy Lohan has a face where she can go natural or lightly apply make-up. In my opinion with all that make-up she looks like when your kids playing with it while having a slumber party. AS THEY SAY, LESS IS MORE!

Rebecca on

I normally prefer the natural look, but in these photos, Lindsay looks better with her “glamorous” smoky eyes and red lipstick. I definitely like her hair color closer to natural- I love red hair, so I really hope she goes back. Blonde just did not look good on her at all.

Liz on

natural, definitely!

Elena on

Lindsay is a pretty girl with or without makeup, but she really should rethink her tan (think Nicole Kidman). She looks like she’s in a desperate need of a good scrub. Isn’t a lighter tan “in” these days? At least it should be. There’s nothing pretty or sexy about looking, well, like your peronal hygiene needs work.

Holy Candy on

Depends on the event. Regardless, she should return to her fiery red roots. Makes her more distinctive!

Anne on

Lindsey looks better in her natural state but deliver us from her constant fashion foibles! It always makes me snicker when people say, “Oh … so you don’t like so-and-so? Well then, you’re just a hater/jealous/etc.” Puh-leeze. I see nothing in these vacuous “stars” to be envious of. By all outward appearances, the majority of them are incapable of an intelligent conversation, rational or truly noteworthy thought or deed, and the list goes on. Sure, I’d like to have their money, but you can stuff the excessive lifestyle and rampant brain death that Paris, Nicole, Mischa, Lindsey, the cadaverous Olsen twins et al tend to exhibit on a regular basis.

Kerstin on

It´s like changeing your hair colour,both blond and brunette suite you, but one is definetly stronger! Everyone can pull off glam, cause it´s so feminine, though in her case, she has so very unique look, that even no make-up would compliment her :)!

Amber on

I think she looks beautiful both ways, I’d say she looks better glam only cause makeup enhances a persons beauty(well not everbody); but she looks gorgeous either way.

Becky on

I used to think she was beautiful but she is now looking haggard and old. but anyway she does look better batural i have been noticing that her face is tan and her legs and arms are pasty white so she looks overdone. shouldn’t the foubdation match your skin to avoid looking weird like that. but she keeps partying like she does she is going to need a face lift by 30.

Stephanella on

Becky, do you know how old she is?!

hannah on

NATURAL! OMG! believe me she looks soooooo much better natural, like in Mean Girls!

Kristie on

Natural is better

Sophia Reid on

I am a Lindsey fan all the way. Therefore, natural or glam works for me. She is a beautiful young lady with the operative word being young – to experiment with her looks and her life. Anyone that says she is ugly is very insecured with beauty and their self esteem must be so damaged… I would recommend deep therapy.
Don’t live your life through Lindsey or anyone else to be so bitter and judgemental. Enjoy, live, and be happy with who and what you’ve got – beauty/talent. Some of you sounds like a recluse hiding behind the a key board. How convenient. Confidence and intelligence are two of the most beautiful attributes anyhow. Lindsey, your construction path is leading you there. Goodluck!!!

Becky on

yes she is 20

Debbie on


AnnieM on

I’m with Rio and Anne! It will be interesting to see where Ms. Lohan is in 10 years (or should I say, where she isn’t). Could care less what her look is.

JenB on

Natural! She’s a beautiful girl and a fantastic actress. I wish she’d work more on her talent than her partying. I’d hate to see abilities like hers get wasted.



way hotter than this chick on

natural looks way better…but then again, the personality makes a big difference too. having a im so hot i should change every aspect of my physical being just to try be hotter sort of persona makes it obvious that she’s trying to hard, and it just isn’t working. she should just stick to her natural self.

stephanie on

DEFINITLY Natural. The ‘Glam’ look is so fake and makes her look trashy – and, hey, as much as I love her – I can’t stand that look on her.

Amber on

Lindsay should stay natural–should never go blonde again–she didn’t look good.

bethany on


CC on

LL is better looking natural b/c the glamour look is clownish on her and I also agree she is not very attractive.

alii on

Omg!! she’s beautiful. she’s gorgoeous with natural looks and makeup. but i’ve got to say she’s prettier without makeup!!!

Dina(but not lohan's mom..lol) on

Although beauty is subjective, I can say that i’m very good at analyzing ppl and none of us are perfect and that’s ok but…..I’m sorry.. for a hollywood celebrity she just doesn’t cut it…she always looks burned out or something….but she’s still young and does seem to have a cool personality

Tas on

I’d like to say that just because someone criticizes, or does not like someone, that doesn’t constitute calling them a “HATER” and/or “JEALOUS”. Grow up people. This is a free forum for all of us to express our opinions. Obviously, not everyone agrees, but please quit dismissing others’ opinions with those terms. If you cannot take the heat, stay out of the kitchen!!!

pjm on

Natural enhances her look. Glam makes her look trashy and like she’s trying to hard.

Jen on

Lindsay looks great natural. She’s pretty either way, but the glam look is a bit much.

Carmen on

She looks better au natural. But she still looks waaaay too big for her “britches”.

L on

I agree with pretty much everything here. I hated the blonde look on her..it didn’t match her at all. But I think she looks really good with the dark hair. The make-up is a nice touch. I think that without it she probably doesn’t look dressed-up enough for certain events.

J on

Both…..Shes great either way,glam and natural

karen keil on

i prefer her glam, her natural shade of gloss is way to pale and pink for her orange skin tone, the glam look taken the attention away from all her freckles, but her makeup is sloppy.

duane murdock on

Lindsey Lohan looks good no matter what. She is a natural beauty. She shouldn’t hide her looks behind makeup.

Sarah on

She’s pathetic. A so-called roll model? All she does is glam up to get media attention, and then party all night. Gee, what a STAR!

Christine on

Well in my personal opinion Lindsey’s natural look still doesn’t look natural (the tan and the makeup) but I still think she is gorgeous. Out of the two pictures above I would have to go with her glam look, I think the eye makeup is fantastic and really makes her eyes pop!

Mike on

Let’s not forget that LL is only 20 years old. Frankly, IMO, she has plenty of time to have a mature appearance. I like her MUCH better when she is more natural, playful and spunky.

Livie on

Um…i like Natural way better! I think she looks real in that picture. She dosent look really done up but she still looks good! I like how she has red hair in that picture.i think that she should keep the red and darker hair colors, like brown and stuff. The blonde was too much. Her red hair and freckles makes her different from all the other celebrities and very likable.

Livie on

I have always been a fan of Lindsay. I want to say that she is amazing for putting up with all that gossip and publicity. Imagine how hard it would be to have a picture of you on the worst dressed list one day and you have to go on the red carpet the next. She looks good either way but i think that she should keep it natural and show off her features while she is young. I didnt like the blonde, i think that the red and her freckles kept her unique out of the other stars and that made her more likabe, but i respect what she does and she looks good anyway.

Livie on

I have always been a fan of Lindsay. I want to say that she is amazing for putting up with all that gossip and publicity. Imagine how hard it would be to have a picture of you on the worst dressed list one day and you have to go on the red carpet the next. She looks good either way but i think that she should keep it natural and show off her features while she is young. I didnt like the blonde, i think that the red and her freckles kept her unique out of the other stars and that made her more likabe, but i respect what she does and she looks good anyway.

Heidi on

i like both looks but i think she would look better natural!!

bling blong on

Natural!!! Hate the red lips Sry butI do they need to go she isnt that great getting into trouble a lot! i dont think so but she is ok though dont get me wrong

Kayla on

I think Lindsay looks way better when she is natural and when she doesn’t have to get all glammed up. She is a natural beauty.

Ella on

I think that she should go back to her natural look. I know she wants to be another Marilyn Monroe type, but she keeps getting more trashy. Marilyn was always put together. I was glad when Lindsey put her wieght back on. She has a great shape and a cute face. All the glamor in the world can not change a cute face into a beautiful one. She needs to enjoy being young. Go glamor after she turns 27. Then by the time she is 30, she will have it down pat.

smartipants on


sosie on

I think she is beautiful with and without her makeup. I thonk she looks better nautral, but again she looks gorgeous with makeup if she doesnt overdue it.

sofie on

I LOVE LINDSAY LOHAN! i really do., oh I think she is the cutes person in the world! and all the make up is so not her, she is so much better natural =) Im a very big fan of her!

Sofie on

I LOVE LINDSAY LOHAN! Im a very big fan of her, and I dont like all the sry make up on her face, she looks better natural

Mackensie on

im not a big fan of Lindsay Lohan … but she is pretty naturally …. but the whole glam thing has gotta go

Kat on

I guess i like the “natural” look… however its hardly natural.

bunny on

She really needs LOTS of help!!!

Kasey on

I think Lindsay looks soo much better natural. Yeah, alot of you people don’t like her but you have to admit, she looks better natural.

Janice Smith on

Linsey is beautiful and talented,she has a look that is unique and not another version of every one else out there. Some of the glamorus looks work some not. She needs to love herself enough to find balance in her tulmulous life so she’ll be happy,make better decisions in her career and her life,then that girl will glow! No matter what she decides to wear.

Jodi on

I’ve been a fan of Lindsay since The Parent Trap. She morphed from an adorable kid into a beautiful young woman… However, her hard partying is taking its toll. She’s beginning to look haggard, and I hate to see it happen. Linday – focus on your talent. You are a truly talented actress and the hard partying is doing nothing positive for you.

Samantha on

Natural; she looks like a little kid in her mom’s makeup otherwise. She could be so pretty if she didn’t cake her face with makeup but instead is incredibly unattractive.

erika on

I think lindsey looks beautiful naturally.

taylor on


taylor on



dedee on

She is an amazing natural beauty. Yes she parties too much, no she hasn’t proven herself as an acress – but then neither have half of the other actress in Hollywood. She is young and gorgeous and if we had the disposable income that she has at the age, we would have been just as wild. It looks a lot better at 20 than it does at 40.

Carla on

Lindsay is beautiful AND shes got amazing talent.

Cheyenne on

NATURAL! Her makeup looks horrible like she put it on in the dark while she was beins attacked by a shark I hate her new makeup style.

amelia on

she’s a celebrity that’s the point of all. that’s what stars do. they needed different looks in different way. not like the rest of us.

mia on

NATURAL!!!! Absolutely natural! Why try to hide a beauty?! Is it anyone who DON’T wanna look like Lindsay!?

bea on

you look so much better NATURAL!!!

Amy on

The natural look is the best for her!

Cocoa on

NATURAL…She looks great without all the makeup.

Heidi Ho on

Thats sorta an extreme version of her made up (well slightly) the big red lips are fun but dont look too great (or too bad) on her. Id find something in between. Not that any of you care.

Sammi on

She sooo suits glam:- natural makes her look really young
its soo safe and boring…. luv ya

haley on

natural is better. The glam look, looks so fake!

Fubar on

She always look good

uye on

I think she looks much better natural

zuri on

i think that when lindsey went blonde it did not suit her but red and dark brown are great for her with makeup or none

hmmm... on

I HATE LINDSAY LOHANS MAKEUP! and style! The glam look looks way thrown together, and the natural isn’t much better, but i’d say natural

Rachel on

she looks so mch better natural than all that crappy makeup that ruins her skins glow and beautiful eyes and theres a discractin of the colors.

Sharon on

natural. i love L Lohan but i dont like her hair. she was soooo gorgeous with her redd hair i dont kknow why shee changedd it……

Sherika on

I think she looks better natural. Because in that pic she loves all caked on. LL is a very pretty young lady she just needs a little sunlight in her life, and just a little make up. Not that clown look they try to give her. I mean she is only 20 and they make her look like she 30. Her face has nothing to hide, so why keep it masked.

Jamie on

I think Lindsay looks wayyy better natural because i think the bright red lipstick is waayyy too much..
i think that just because they are celebrities doesn’t mean that the media has any business putting them down. it is okay if it is occasionally seeing them on the street and stuff but like Brad Pitt for instance had to file charges… a little too invasive!!!

.:eva:. on

there is something a little bit in between to like natural hair and a hint of make up always works too and sry linsy but i DONT see y any1 likes u

sue on

NATURAL…. DUH !!!!!!!!!!

Sarah on

I think natural is best for her….the black is too drastic and makes her look kind of sick.

Rocky on

Natural!!!! Celebs these days where way tooooooo much makeup and when you put two pictures of natural amd glam you can see that most celebs are way prettier NATURAL!!!

mare mare on

she looks terrible with tons of make up, natural is wat better on her and the bright red lipstick just does not look good on her.

wanna on

I am not a lindsy lohan fan but she acctualy looks better natural then glam because when she puts to much mackup on she kinda looks like a clown. I really didn’t like whe she went blond because she looked very pale and thats not good she should just stay red haired.

lulu on

yeah, um when she piles on the “glam” make-up she acctually in reality looks younger, i don’t know if that her intention or what, and the make-up tones she used on her lips and stuff in the “natural” pose doesn’t suit her either, she is such a chamilion, that i don’t know what she should look like.

summer on

natural please…red lipstick doesnt fit her look…

amanda on

I think that she looks better natural for a more casual day out but i think that the galm is equally complementary for a night time event. i DID LUV HER RED HAIRT HOUGH BUT SHE STIL LOOKS GOOD!

samhf on

I also do not see her appeal. I liked her in Mean girls but since, she has taken on the generic “young Hollywood” persona. Also, what is up with all the shots of her with her mouth slightly open. Is that some sort of come hither look for which she is going? She just needs to stop trying so hard!

Nanda on


Kristin on

Natural for sure. I liked her in the Parent Trap… LOL… she looked best way back then…

Belinda on

Well… duh! Defenitely natural. The red lipstick and the hairstyle she has (glam) just makes me vomit!

Carol Z on

The darker hair color is what makes her eyes stand out more, and also her good bone structure. I feel she needs to tone down on the makeup in the glam shot. She would look better if she would have her hair cut with more layers and straight like Jennifer Aniston.

She is a beautiful young lady who needs to always keep the natural look with a little glam in the evenings.

Jena on

I think her natural look is better

Annie on

I think she looks better natural, but I would have to agree that she not that special. I think there are plenty of other actresses out there that are better looking than her.

jt on

natural… STOP WITH THE TANNING!!!! PLEASE! she has such a beautiful complextion and hair.. why oh why! must she make herself look so fake?

kathryn on

Not Lindsey’s fault she stuck with parents like Macaulay Culkin…anyway she is beautiful and I hope she can keep her head screwed on straight as I think she is as talented as she is beautiful( difference between her and Anne Hathaway? A stable home life and good parents…nuff said)



Amanda on

I think that she looks better natural. and NOT blondee. cuz brunettes are hotter…

Kenna on

I think that Lindsey is beautiful when she has her natural look, but looks fake when she wears so much make-up

hc on

Lindsay needs to realize not many are blessed the way she is. She’s like 5’5 or 7 , gorgeous red hair and a face that’s so perfect she doesn’t even need cover-up. NATURAL ALL THE WAY!!!!!

Samantha Gorton on

I like when lindsay has her natrual style but i like to wear makeup aswell and i love to get all syled up i say that she looks best with red hair but as long as she likes how she looks i am fine with that. Lindsay is my favorite actress so she can look like anything and i will still like her.

Guess Who on

I think she gets better every time I see her. Can’t wait to see what she comes up with next! Love ya, Lindsay!

Aubry on

Don’t try so hard Lindsay! It makes you look cheap!!!!!!!!

amanda on

love her natural look much better than all that makeup!!!!

Karina on

Both! I love her with her red hair the best.

Andrea on

She needs to go back to her red hair, lose the orange skin tone, and use a flat iron. Also, I think she would be pretty with a warm toned lipstick color, but this makeup she has on now is overdone.

Rosie on

Come on guys? When a question like this is asked there has to be true evidence. First of all her so-call natural look is not even natural she is still wearing make-up. The question should have been “Does LL looks better with natural make-up or glam make-up?” This would be my answer then…..she looks better with a litle bit of make-up and not the glam look. Glam doesn’t look so bad but it makes her look older. Next time put a picture of her real natural look (that means no make-up).

cookie on


jen on

When I was younger, I used look up to her because we’re the same age. She was sooo pretty, but I don’t think she should have dyed her hair or anything. She’s not pretty anymore! Loose the makeup Lindsay!!!

nita on

both!! cause’ its give a different sensation… uufffphhh..

D on

i think lindsay is beautiful natural…. who needs all that makeup???

roshawnda on

too many freckles!!!!!

Priscilla on

I am Brazilian, the best look ,of course is NATURAL!!!!

Beth on

I am really surprised that most of you are saying that you prefer her ‘natural’ look. I think she looks a million times better ‘glam’. You can say that all of that make-up hides her natural beauty, but you can bet she is wearing the same amount of make-up in the first picture, it’s just more neutral colors. I think the darker hair, and brighter make-up really flatters her.

shelly on

Beth I agree totaly…..she looks but better glam she looks to drab natual…

shelly on

Beth I agree totaly…..she looks but better glam she looks to drab natual…

amy on


Cord on

she looks better in natural…as in get rid of the orange skin and the too thin body…go back to the very beautful way she was before she started trying to look like paris hilton and Hillary Duff.

they have both gone way to thin as well. they look near death. for god sake ladies EAT!! the sucked in face and too thin hunched over look from being unable to hold your purse is horrible.

Lindsey please show us those freckles on your face again and be yourself not what you think we want you to be.

Kendra on

I don’t think Lindsay is gorgeous at all. She is such a fake!!!!

jessica on

natraul cause now she looks so fake!!!

nia on

natural… the right pic looks so fake. stick 2 wht u were given, dude.

Neil on

Hey both ways i mean seriously but in my opiion natrual is a little better because she was more full and not as tired looking she lokked more awake

steph on

neutral. she is so beautiful – she doesn’t need all the extra gunk.

andrea on

Just because she is a celebrity doesn’t mean that she is talented. Lindsay used to look very pretty but now she looks trashy. My comments have nothing to do with being jealous. Its the truth. All you people saying that she is talanted. Please, true hollywood talent is gone. What happened to the Julia Roberts, Meg Ryan, and Nicole Kidmans of our time.



heaven on

natural!!she looks way better natural, all that makeup hides her beauty!!!!

Laura on

I hate 2 say this but LL is just fake and ugly! She looks much better with a redhead . NATURAL!

Merel on

it looks much better
the other one is a bit toooo much

Mack on

What happened to the Julia Roberts, Meg Ryan, and Nicole Kidmans of our time? Hate to break it too you but they’re all only smidgen better, Julia Roberts is a terrible actor! An Oscar under your belt hasn’t meant anything in years, especially in the women’s categories. Meryl Streep, Lily Tomlin, Kate Winslet, Rachel Weiss and Emma Thompson are talented actresses.

nelly on

Hey!! I think Lindsay looks sooooooooooooooooooooo much better natural. When she puts make-up on it always look messy.

Tiffany on

Obviously she looks better natural…she is a pretty girl…but she really needs to take a chill pill. She isn’t setting a good example for the young girls that adore her



Julie on

Well with the black hair she’s starting to look like Martine McCutcheon’s little sister. I prefer the natural look with a b\little blush, gloss & mascara, That’s all she needs!

martina on

my dream is to meet lindsay im from argentina.i have read hair like her .everyone said me that im her sister because we are very similar .lindasy if you read this coment i weel like you to talk togather in messenger and i give you a fotograph of me so you see it !
you are beautiful
la biaa..

Eli on

i think she shouldnt wear any make up and natural look is better, besides wearing that constant makeup is very harmful for your skin.

Cat on

I have to agree with Rio as well, Lidnsey looks like she puts her makeup on while driving. I never thought of her as being the least bit attractive. She was considered cute when she was a kid, but now she is just hard on the eyes. She needs to quite dying her hair, she looks best natural. The blonde hair made her look like trash, and the dark brown makes her look grundgy. I really don’t see any helping her look. She isn’t apealling. She always comes off as seeming intoxicated or just getting over a hang-over. He voice is raspy and she isn’t a good actress. She ruined A Prairie Home Companion for me. Every seen she was in I cringed. How did we ever end up labeling her as an Icon?
P.S. Self tanners should not be used by people with freckles, they make your skin orange. Get airbrushed if you want to go dark. At least then you know you will be brown.

Lucy on

I think Lindsey is beutiful no matter how she looks! Way to go!

sl on

i like her natural, but glam is appropriate for some occasions.
people who comment negatively are like women who pick apart their prettier co-worker, friend, neighbor, ex-boyfriend’s girlfriends bc of their own insecurity. prettiness is relative, and if you’re prettier, you usually don’t care what another person looks like!

Karina on

I think she looks good with both looks but I like better the one with red hair and freckles. I think her face lokes more natural and prettier!! I actually didn’t like the blonde because she looked really skinny and kind of dead. Sorry linsay but actually did!! It doesn’t matter cuz the beauty is in the inside not on the outside!!

Rockin_Chyx on

I like them both on her, but I think blonde doesn’t work for her at all, dark colors really look good on her 2!!!

Anna on

I think Lindsay is beautiful with her natural look of freckles and red hair. I mean, why did she have to dye her hair? I’m kind of upset with her. The Pipi Longstickings style was just fine. I guess putting on some makeup for the Emmys or something is totaly fine, but she just didn’t have to dye her hair.

lory corp on

i think she looks so much as she is susposed to look. she doesnt need all that fake looking make-up. just the natural stuff.

Ina on

None of them are really natural after my opinion. She use a lot more make-up when she is supposed to be natural then I’ve ever used.

Jenna on


Bethany Laurie on

Lindsay is stunning!! i jus think she needs learn how to accentuate that. i thinks shes a great persn and all she needs to do is tone down some of her makeup and shell be that pretty girl next door once again!!!

rachel on

I think that there are a lot of girls on hollywood that are MUCH prettier than Lindsey. Anyway, she looks alot better when she doesn’t pile on the makeup. The bright red lipsticks and dark eyeshadow with her skin tone makes her look trashy.

Malorie on

Natural is always the best way to go. I think when people wear too much make up, they’re trying too hard. Plus, it all has to come off sometime!

It clogs your pores and eventually makes your face look worse!

Isabel on

In the second picture it looks like she put her makeup on in the dark. She hads tooooo much on.

mariam on

i think that she should not wear the makeup.
she is a beautiful girl..
she is much prettier without the makeup.
her frecles make her look so much prettier.
i think the natural look..

missy on

whats the big deal with lohaN???

shes not pretty at all..period

StRaWbErRi on

i think she looks sooooooooooooooooooooo much better natural. i also liked her better when her hair was reddish or auburnish. brown isnt dat bad, tho. anywayz, stik 2 natural, lindsay

Mariana on

I think Lindsay Lohan is a pretty girl…but I tink she´s satay better with red-haried

Mina on


Kaleigh on

i think lindsay looks betta natual! shes pretty either way but i love her freckles!

babyt21 on

she looks better the natural way!!!!

Gab on

She should stay naturel and she would be as sexy as blond, black or full of make-up. That’s my advice.

Milla on

I actually feel sorry for this girl… for all her fame and money and desperate lack of talent, she is just so completely lost. Her make up and hair, not to mention the way she dresses, just reiterate this!!

Adrianne on

she looks way better!!! she’s so pretty with her natural red hair!!!. Lot of people would kill to look like she does!!! And she looked better when she was not so skinny!!!

Brook Langton on

Lets call a spade a spade – Lindsay is absolutely above average in the looks department – I personally do think she looks better au naturel – (but let’s face it – is there such a thing in hollywood?) Anyone who says otherwise is either on the jealous side or blind. She is a lovely young girl, with a successful career that you cannot deny – and so if any of you feel the need to put yourself above her – ask yourselves – given the same situation – how would you deal with all the pressure perpetually placed upon you to look “perfect”?… the pressure that by my reading/responding to this cheesy tabloid article is only that much more solidified. So apologies Lindsay – I think you are great – don’t succumb to the definition of perfect that others see fit to place upon you ! And btw – I’m team Lohan over team Hilton anyday!! =)

ello_gurl on


georgie on

I like her glam. :]

rosa on

i think lindsy is prtty…but she doesnt need all that make up! with all the make up it makes her look fake…the small amount of makeup is perfect!

B on

Lindsay Lohan is so boring!I don’t know why people like her… She’s just a spoiled kid!She looks stupid in both pictures.

Lola on

YO. she looks sooooooo much better GLAM.

Lizzy on

she is so better off with the natural look!

htuck13 on

lindsay’s hot any way she goes, but all glammed up if definately the hottest! it’s sad when a 20 yr old is your style icon, but she’s got mad style!

Luisa Soares on

She’s pretty in all the ways


€do i%! on

I think that she better looks natural.

Kirneisha on

i think she looks good glam and natural

Laura on


Danielle on

i like neither of them. I think lindsay is fake and she just wants competition and publicity. The glam look is way bad and the natural look makes her look kind of like yellow. Maybe just a small touch of makeup would be OK.

alec on

i think that lindsay lohan can pull off both looks, but they are not both appropriate for the same event! if the starlett’s current event is an upscale, sleek, place, then glamour is definetely more appropriate. but for walking around beverly hills, glamour just isn’t necessary. going natural would be much better

ikalite on

for goodness sakes! the girl looks over thirty.. she acts like a trash bag wrapped in armani. an over paid starlet with no talent, no looks and all ass… actresses/ actors are there to serve as role models for people, if not, at least as convincing portrayors… sadly, she’s neither one! (can i say Jessica Simpson?)… i dont think shes gonna last long in the biz. intelligent viewers can only take so much ..

Vanessa on

Actually the looks are both fake. Doesn’t she normally have a ton of freckles? Hmm.. Where did they go? For some reason I don’t see any in either picture, so clearly she is wearing a ridiculous amount of make-up to cover them up. I thought being beautiful was about being yourself, no cover-up needed. Apparently society rates it a different way.

bess on

she looks beautiful when she goes natural! she doesnt have to try so hard!

Travis on

Lindsay looks great no matter what! Needless to say, this pic (with the darker hair) isn’t the most flattering one i’ve saw, but the girl can’t go wrong. Luv ya Linds!

Love's All on

I love how lindsey looks either way, natural AND glam,.. Why do we have to choose,… can’t we just hav both,.. would u like 2 see som celeb @ a prmier,,.. withOUt make up? not even making an effort to look glamurus?!?! OFCORSE NOT,.. I WANT DIVERSETY! VARIETY! GLAM+NATURAL not glam or natural,.. think how boooring this site would be if it were all natural,…

Anna on


Candayce on

natural all that make up makes her look real nasty and unatractive

welsh on

I think she would look so much better if she went back to her natural hair color and skin color. It just makes her look dirty.



jessica on

bright red lipstick isn’t for her she looks like a clown without the white face she should stay natural and once an a while wear make up that makes her look good and not clown like.

Hanna on


Kacie on

Ya know what really gets me about this stuff, is that people who dont really care about the person comments on it anyway…. how stupid!!! I think she is hot, i do agree with people that say she looks like she done her makeup herself sometimes but hey no one can be perfect. She does look great natural!!

Erin on

What a bunch of petty geeks. Lindsay Lohan is an absolute beauty either way, if you disagree you are simply JEALOUS. Nuff said.

katie on

OMG! totaly natural. the glam looks too, too. But she is sucha pretty girl and I love her but the natural most drfinitly looks better

Jeanette on

I think she is a pretty girl as well. I think her natural looks really good… she has natural beauty, which lots of girls want, but she also has spice. She looks very beautiful either way. =)

Tara on

she looks better natural, although the darker hair do looks better than the red, i find the red looks fake if it was her real red im sure it would look better

either way she doesnt look great not a hag but not that good either.

Olga on

I think Lindsey Lohan looks so much better natural… i don’t know why she has to hide her beauty…on putting so much makeup…or just have your makeup look natural…but she still looks good both ways

Tracy on

Natural! I also, liked when she had a little more meat on her bones.

Dineen on

she looks way better natural than with all the makeup on. she needs to keep her hair her natural color not going from blonde to brown than to red she should just stay a brown haired cause it makes her look tanner. but it is all up to her she can do watever she wants to do cause it is her body and she can to what she watns to do with it.

M on

definetly natural

regine on

i agree with you guys… lindsay look way better natural than with make-up

Lily on

i think natural makes her look really pale and tired like she just woke up. Glam she looks more alive and healthy. I don’t think she’s all that hot looking, she’s okay. I liked her better when she was in “Mean girls” she looked more healthy and her body is not as thin as now. I think it’s because Paris is so thin that she wants to be as thin and Nicole Richie is the same way.







Natalie on

I don’t know whats that big deal about Lindsay anyway, she not hot, she has freckles all over her body. i hate her teeth, she kinda has a boys body, she trys way to hard. she just need to get over herself. basically she’s stupid.

Zaydee on

I think shes a beautiful girl and she doesnt need all that make-up all shes doing is covering up her natural beauty…definately natural but if she wants to wear make-up she should find a more pleasant color.

Kellie dever on

She looks beeter natural!! She does’nt look in red lipstick she needs lighter makeup then she would look better!!! MUCH

Elizabeth on

lindsay is pretty either way, she’s very pretty and can pull of any look.

Amy on

Natural. At least until she finds a new makeup artist. Her ‘glam’ makeup looks sloppy. She has beautiful eyes and all that eyeliner and glittery eyeshadow takes away from them. As for hair, red is her best.

iso on

The dark hair looks better on her…takes attention away from her orange face. The makeup is better in the second photo.

cris on

i htink she looks better glamed up becasue when shes all natural she reminds me of a peanut!

Alicia on

I don’t think Lohan is pretty at all. I mean body freckles, gross! She pulls off the homely looking person quite well. I mean, I would have never guessed she was somewhat of a celebrity.
Body freckles, gross!

angelika on

Lindsay looks natural much better.

Felicia on

Oh my god she looks way better Natural, she looks cheap Glamed up

Natelle on

I think Lindsay looks so much prettier al la natural. Doing the glam look I think she is trying to be someone much older, when in hinsight she is only like 20 and besides her make up looks totally poxy! Stick with the real you Linds…!

Drea on

Lindsly is a georgous girl. Mostly without the makup. When she wears too much it doest help her great features it hurts them by completly covering them up.

shorty on

well… number one, she does need to put on a few pounds. curves are much sexier than bones. as for the poll, Natural! except that super frosty lip has to go. let it go.

Laur on

I think either way she is one of the most beautiful women on earth. But I think her natural look highlights that even more. It’s like, “Wow, she just rolled out of bed looking that gorgeous.” Instead of looking pretty with a bunch of makeup and hairspray.

Yerlin on


Sam on

Hellooooo……does the phrase “I’ll always have my red hair” ring a bell?

Lauryn on

I prefer her natural,but I really don’t care because I hate her She needs to leave her hair and body alone and be her onwself….she shouldn’t try to be like all the others

Laine on

Natural! She looks fake with all that make-up on. And not in a good way.

Sophia on

I think she looks better with her natural look because when she’s all glamoured up she looks fake and as if shes trying to be someone else.

susan on

Natural with makeup you look FAKE! what guy likes fake?

susan on

Natural with makeup you look FAKE! what guy likes fake?

Tina on

No matter how hard I look, Ms. Lohan is just not attractive to me in any way, shape or form. Sorry.

you wish you knew on

Quite a lot of you are saying that you dont know why she is so popular… well dont go on her pages and dont waste your time writing about it. it is a waste of your time typing and a waste of our time reading.
i think that she looks pritty average in both pictures, not being harsh but she is not that pritty and she is quite an average person. I think that all of the people that are slagging her of just resent her. to be honest if you lead her life i dont think that you would be complaining. Dont hate becuase you are jelous. There is no point and it is just a waste of your life when there are so many better things that you could be doing… unless you have no life and then i feel sorry for you.
Dont take this personally i am just posting my opinions i know that there will be someone that will have a difference of opionion and to be hoinest i would love to read it.
love and peace

Deb on

What is the hype over her? What did she do, a movie? I don’t see anything so interesting about her to constantly be in People Magazine. Anyway I think she looks better with makeup.

Deb on

This is to “You Wish You Knew”-learn how to spell!! Ms. Lohan is just an average person-I really don’t see what all the hype is about-what has she done lately? Wasn’t she a kid in a movie once?

sunny on

I like her freckles~!!so cute

franky on

I think she’s better natural. when she wears make up it looks messy like courtney love.

franky on

“You wish you knew??” i think you should go and take some midol (pms pills) or something. we have the right to speak on whatever and do what ever we want to do. if you dont like that move out of our country. i am wasting my time but its a lose-win situation, cause i’m tryin to pass time, yeah i’m not that busy today :)
darn i tried to make a long paragraph like you!

jammie on

NATURAL….. she isnt very pretty when she tries to be pretty
ugh all natural or at least not too much makeup she is way too pretty for it

bel on

she is great in natural !!!

sue on

abit of both brings no harm..she looks sweet n cute with her natural look.But she also looks good with makeup..as long as its not too much..overall i think shes a good looking girl!

sko on

i think she looks absolutely gorgeous in the natural make up!
im also really freckly and ive found that red lips really dont go well with freckles..
id love to see her red hair back though. it really did set her apart from all the rest..

ashley on

lindsay looks better natural and as herself. Red headed people like myself look best as red heads. I think she should embrace the uniquiness of it and be herself. Hollywood changes people and i think it would be cool to see someone not affected by it. sport you natural self its so much more sexier.

Amanda on

I think that she is beautiful..NATRUAL!!

Stacy on

She looks much better natural!

Robin on

I think she looks dirty, almost like she hasen’t showered in a few days. She looked better when she was younger.

Alessandra on

It’s sad that one question is asked , and you get all this Jealousy coming out from all these women ! Lindsey looks good Natural and Glam, it just depends on the occasion. Why are people so jealous of Lindsey she’s had a rough life. And now she’s trying to make it better, she’s just in the spotlight. I thinks she’s working well with what she’s got !!

LeeAnn on

i wouldnt go with either she is not that pretty to me at all and im not a big fan of her but if i had to choose it would be natural

Kaila on

Lindsay is very pretty. She can pull of nearly any look. Sure she may have her partying ways, but she’ll hopefully grow out of that. She doesn’t disappointment me on the red carpet all that much. There was one photo I didn’t care for, it was when she wore those Michael Jackson look-a-like cut out gloves. I didn’t like that look at all, and I believe Paris Hilton was sporting the same look. It looks like it failed miserably, because no one was gonna wear that look. I love Lindsay’s make-up in the glammed up picture. Some may not like the red lipstick, but I think she looks grown up and mature. Her eyes are very beautiful also.

coment on

Both look ar different everybody can have a glam look without having a natural look, so all people with glam look are same as what Lindsay did. Can every surface be painted into same design?, Who knows?

emily on

definetly natural and i think its her best look. i know that most people think she is a party animal and a lot of people have been criticizing her for it. i think we should look at these women for what they do. for example paris hilton is a hotel heiress and Lindsey lohan is an actress. they all have a job to do and we should look at celebrities in a more proffessionell sense and if we do that then we can learn to appreciate them and the good job that they do when they are acting or singing or making movies.

Megan Marie on

I personally think she looks better natural. Cause that is what people say about me. And people call me her all the time. I don’t think Ilook like her though.

Karen on

Natural all the way! I love her red hair! =)

seb on

um…duh! i think we all know the ansewer to that question! lindsay looks so much better natural! i don’t even know why she went brunette. the “glam” look, it’s just not her. the bright red lipstick…fashion DON’T! it may be in right now but i say…why bring back the 30’s hollywood look?

Megan on

I think her natural look is better than glam

ang on

To ALL People NO MORE Fakeness!!
Stay REAL!!!! No morechanginf your self, everyone is looking the same, same nose , same boobs, sanechin, sams lips, cheaks, ahh God made us each different for a reason, so we don’t look alike!! lol

Rachel on

Definetely NATURAL! But she looks pretty either way.

meh on


siena on

natural its sad to see someone soo pretty hide whatr they naturaly have….shame shame

chrissy on

I think her natural style is better because with makeup she looks like a clown…Shes a cute celeb

paulina on

OMG!! NATURAL is always best!!! shes one of my favorite stars and i think she was crazy when she died her hair black!!!

Mick Russom on

I think the picture on the right is more flattering, but she, in general, looks better natural.

I wish should would relax, stop doing alcohol and drugs and enjoy being rich – eat great food, workout, do some movies, relax.

Kenzy on

Sigh. Poor girl. Trying to keep up with everything.

She needs a vacation. And I liked her better natural, of course.
Even the makeup she is wearing in her “natural” picture is too much, the mascara is applied to heavily.
She looks alot more wholesome in her first picture, when she lets her cheeks relax, and shes smiling.
Maybe she isnt sucking in her cheeks? Maybe its the blush?

I wonder what she would look like with her hair up, not in a tight ponytail, a justgotoutofbedsoshutupcauseidontcare kind of ponytail.

Irene on

I prefer the natural look!!She is so beautiful anyway so she doesn’t need makeup!

shaila on

i think natural looks great on her and really shows her beautiful face

stylenews.peoplestylewatch.com on

Whats lindsays 1.. Peachy :)

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