What Was She Thinking? Mary-Kate Goes Grunge

10/25/2006 at 05:00 PM ET

Mary-Kate Olsen seems to be in a fashion time warp — first the Eighties and now the Nineties. The petite star emerged yesterday in an outfit reminiscent of the Grunge look popularized by bands like Nirvana — oversize flannel shirt and all. But like some other starlets we know, she seems to have left her pants at home, opting for thin leggings and ultra-clunky Balenciaga boots (and bag) to complete the look. We think leggings are great as a layering tool under long (read mid-thigh) tunics or sweaters, but with just a buttondown, Mary-Kate looks a tad overexposed. Tell us: What do you think of Mary-Kate’s look? Love it or hate it?

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Photo: RAMEY

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stylemaven on

I love it!!! Grunge is back, but not many have tried the look yet in such an extreme way. Hats off to Mary Kate for being a bold trendsetter!

Stephanie K on

I don’t know about the leggings, but I am a fan of flannel when used appropriately. Think Jessica Simpson, when she wears an oversized flannel shirt and a cute pair of jeans and boots. I’m wearing that right now actually!

My biggest problem with MK’s ensemble is the shoes — it looks like she can’t lift them with her teeny legs!

Mrs.Borrego on

I don’t like it at all. She can barely walk with those shoes on…I do like her bag though.

Tricia on

I’m a fan of the recently stylish 80’s look,as well as the 90’s grunge look.Though I have to say it looked better on Kurt Cobain than it does on Mary Kate.

Andrea on

What?! Are you kidding me. I would not wear this for pajamas. My husband just looked at this picture and shook his head. This is not attractive. This is not quite the “grunge” I remember. Regardless… please find a new style Mary-Kate!! I beg you.

rachel on

i agree about the shoes- they have got to go. but i like the shirt, and the leggings aren’t bad. but it would work much better with jeans.

Rachel on

I love this look on Mary Kate!! Most people could not pull it off, but she looks adorable!!

Katherine on

No comments…I just went silent and continued looking at the picture..I am opened to experimenting with styles and I would be interested in trying some Grunge looks but there should be some limits,eitherwise you end up looking like a clown..

Jamie on

cute. only she can pull off the “just rolled out of bed” look and look halfway decent.

now if she can only act…

Sonya on

Please dont bring grunge back..that was awful.

Kim on

Everytime I see her all I can think is that she really needs a bath and a comb. This time the hair isn’t as bad, but I still think a shower is required. Also, way too much eye make up. She reminds me of Ally Sheedy’s character from The Breakfast Club – if she just cleaned up a little bit she would be VERY pretty.

mia on

Please with all the money this girl has…please hire a stylist. Heck I will be your stylist. This is not stylish it is pure laziness on her part. If she’s not looking like a bag lady lately, I don’t know who is?

J'me on

Don’t those girls have a clothing line they seriously need to wear it. What just because she is famous it does not matter what she looks like when she walks out the door. I guess that is what is like to be filthy stinken rich. I would at least try not to look filthy or stinky. MUAH! Love ya girl.



mega on

yyiiiiiiiiiiikkkkkkkeeeeesss! grunge can be ok, but this…

liz on

For two girls who have a fashion empire, why do they always look like they need a shower and a change of clothes??

Maggie on

I think the outfit looks great. I was thinking that when I saw the picture earlier. When I saw it in “What was she thinking” I had to comment. I think she used the new trends of the season and put them together well. Plaid is in, leggings are in, and short boots are in. She is so petite, she can pull off wearing leggings as pants. I might try to find a shirt like that! She and Ashley always look great!

Elena on

Hello? Grunge isn’t just coming back–Ashley and Mary Kate have been “dumpster dressing” for over a year… So just because they choose plaid, now it’s grunge? More like retro-1992.

Linda on

I would like to see both of these girls who are multi millionaires by the way class up there appearance and dress more maturely. They are so beautiful. Remember their modeling photos earlier in the year. They look great when they clean up and show their faces. They are role models for children who still watch their videos. Ditch the bags, ditch the grunge and show off their natural beauty. They would be surprised how it will affect their love life I am sure. The bottom line is that they dont have to impress anyone and they probably dont care.

Natalia on

I think leggings are great as a layering tool! I love wearing them with my sweaters and tunics- they are so comfortable…but she looks like she forgot her pants at home in that outfit!

pepperjack on

this is not grunge. this is not back. and this is NOT hot. get this lumberjack workout diva a cookie!

Sarah! on

I love her style! It’s original and in my opinion super cute! Ya’ll are just jealous of her cute self!

rebeccaR on

i agree with kim…i think she needs to take a bath and brush her hair. those clothes look like pajamas and the shoes are too big they don’t go with the leggings which are really skinny. i like her bag tho.

Niki on

The outfit is okay…but she is not very cute!!

NikiP on

Holy. What happened to her? Did all the mirrors break in her house? What a fashion DON’T.

ch on

i love love loveeee everything but those shoes. if they were a little less idk large then it would be better. the platform just looks to heavy or something.

Pat Cooper on

She looks like she is desperately in need of a “CARE” package including food and clothes that fit. Grunge is GRUNGE which puts it a step above scummy. I don’t see anything attractive about it! Dressed down is several degrees better and gives the same idea.

micheleeee. on

I wish people would let MK wear what she wants.

Just because she has money, doesnt mean that she has to wear fancy clothes that cost a fortune.

She can wear what she wants because she CAN and all of us regular people CANT.

And, I must say, I am glad that she has some muscle in her legs instead of just bone.
She has recovered well from her anorexia.

AN on

I don’t understand why people like Mary Kate, Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Richie are style icons…the only time they look half-way decent is when they are dressed by Ralph Lauren themselves or Giorgio Armani…and somehow they still manage to ruin the outfit with black nail polish!
Every other picture of them is of them looking like a homeless bag lady…honestly if I saw them walking on the street I wouldn’t look twice….I don’t even know how the paparrazzi picks them out of the crowd…o yes becasue they look like they are homeless walking down Rodeo Drive…not an everyday attraction!

Stephanie on

If you look at the upper corner of her left thigh, it looks like she is wearing something black under that shirt. I wonder if she isn’t wearing a short-short skirt or pair of shorts.

On a side note, if grunge IS back then we should all count our blessings that it stayed away as long as it has. That was a horrid fashion time in life and should NEVER be brought back to life!

emmidwest on

I think her fashion is straight up hideous. the guy got no sense of style. it’s nasty looking at how she dress in some of the pix. I can’t stand seeing how they’re so different than others. she’s just trying to stand out but the way she’s going about it is not going to make it.

Helen on

She looks hidious!

karrie on

Considering her age, it’s an ok look with a few adjustments. The boots and leggings are an odd combination–flats with the leggings or a heavier fabric in a slightly less form-fitting cut might work with the boots. Even though she’s petite these leggings are a little too thin to wear alone. Plus, they’re shiny and brown and the plaid in the shirt is black, which looks odd to me.

Generally speaking what these very young celebs wear does not phase me. They’re barely out of their teens and young enough to get away with mistakes.

Suzanne on

Cute??? Adorable??? Give me a break! She looks ridiculous!!! Like a little girl playing dress-up in her Mom’s shoes, and as some children do, she forgot to put pants on.

Becky on

I agree with An. These girls look like bums. I used to never believe that the Olson girls weren’t identicle twins, but as they get older i can see the difference, Ashely always looks like a stylish young woman. Why don;t the cameras follow her and not her bummy sister. If regular people wore these ugly clothes they would be called bums, not stylish.

Alicia on

I like the shirt….but she forgot her pants!! And WHAT Is in that huge bag? Ashley maybe?


Ok what is this girl thinking.. She if so rich and dresses like she is so poor… If i had that money ill be looking like JLO.. Shoot i am middle class and dress better than her! Ughhgg

Terra on

WoW. Absolutely terrible… I can’t stand that these girls don’t fix themselves up more. Also, the twins may actually look better in EVERYTHING they wear – if they had a little more meat on their bones. Those chicken legs shouldn’t be exposed in leggings ever!!!

kristin on

Imagine if we all had cameras snapping our pics everytime we stepped out. I bet it wouldn’t be pretty. Maybe she was lazy that day, or comfy. Good for her for not giving a *@#!.

beth on

I am so glad everyone is in aggreance that those shoes are hideous. I think those ugly ankle boots should NOT be worn with anything but pants. Speaking of pants, where are Mary-Kate’s? I am glad to see her looking a little more healthy, and perhaps she is more comfortable in her own skin, but if she were really going for a grunge look, I think a pair of ragged jeans with holes in them would have been more appropriate. Also, I agree with Rebecca and Kim. Her hair always looks greasy, like she hasn’t washed it in a few days. I have three kids and a job and school, I know I am busier than M-K has been lately and I still find the time to shower and make my hair look decent! I still wish her nothing but good thoughts, and hope she stays in recovery!

grace on

I think the look is great! she looks comfy. leggings are very in and plenty of people wear them by themselves. her bag is a little too big. but like someone said before it looks like she is wearing some kind of black short-shorts or a mini under so that is completley appropriate. I know this look is not for everyone but on MK it works!

Nicole on

If I may quote the Queens of Comedy on this one…”Eat a two piece and a biscuit”…I can’t even concentrate on the outfit because all I can think is “Hmmm, wonder how her legs hold her body up?”

laura on

obviously she doesn’t care about what other people think of her style so why are you even discussing it?

Sarah on

Just because they’re twins, I don’t think it’s fair to compare them. Ashley almost always looks nice and polished. MK, on the other hand, is a walking nightmare! I understand wanting to be a trend setter, but is this really the way to go? Yuk. She needs to take some pointers from her sister!

lisa's cat on

I think that if she wants to wear it, ok! i am not a fan of the plaid, but i luv the tights with clunky boots- and its better than some things shes been wearing.Also the bag is perfect- it looks like it would actually hold some stuff. Also, I think think that the media should get of of mk and go critisize somebody who ACTUALLY has style issues.

Mintie on

Money cannot buy good taste!! She looks awful, poor thing!

jennifer on

why is People contributing this “bringing grunge back” to her? this outfit has been walking around the East Village for a year now, it is classic nostaglic hipster. Come on, Urban Outfitters have already mass produced flannel for this season, so there is nothing new to this look. The next off-the-rack is going to be how some star is making the trench coach “reborn and chic.”

celebfan on

oh mary-kate, mary-kate, mary-kate!!! WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU??? what happened to the teen fashion ICON??? The one with all the cute clothes that EVERY SINGLE GIRL between the ages 11 to 22 would give their lives to wear??? Just because you’re all grown up now, doesn’t mean that you have to retire your sense of style? It doesn’t mean that you have to roam around chateau marmont looking like a zombie from the eighties!!! Just look at your sister ashley!!! She looks NORMAL! she dresses normal! she remembers to wear PANTS at all times!!! Next time, mary-kate, I hope you’ll make me proud.

lara on

Those shoes have been all over Vogue for months now. Plaid is huge. If you have tiny legs, leggings look awesome. Guaranteed people will be wearing some version of this outfit in a few months. MK is a fashionista-she wears the trends before they are in.

Mari on

Wow. She was probably thinking that we all have better things to do with our lives than pick apart her outfit or compare her with her sister or expect her to wear only the latest stuff that would make all you people go “oh she looks cute”. I’m curious to know where she was going or coming from. If she were at some high-dollar function then I’d also ask “what was she thinking?”. But for dashing around town or just hanging out who cares. Money or not she’s dressed the way she wants to be and I admire that. Even if I thought she looked like a clown I wouldn’t criticize because she’s obviously not somewhere where she’s expecting to pose for cameras. And oh horror the thought that she’s wearing something that’s not considered “in” right this very second. Are you people serious? Do you throw all your clothes away every season? Not everyone wears only what’s on the front pages of magazines. *Those* are the true fashion victims. Dress to express or dress for comfort, but dress to impress when you’re at a function and posing for cameras. As for critiquing the look itself, you can tell she actually is wearing something beside the leggings because you can see it peeking out under the shirt on her right thigh. I bet reaction to this would be more positive if over the leggings she wore a skirt that came to mid-thigh.

Katie on

Is it just me, or does she look depressed in every picture that I’ve seen of her? I guess money can’t buy everything.

Lynnette on

She is way too young to be looking so old! Does she really pick out her own clothes or is some assistant trying to get noticed? She needs to start taking of herself it looks like and then tackle the wardrobe. Your appearance is a reflection of how you feel. If she starts feeling good about herself I am sure she will look wonderful in whatever she wears. Slow down make, your own schedule, pick out your own clothes and enjoy life!

Carrie on

i like it.

Gabby on

has looked at herself lately? wat the h*** is she wearing? thats the worst outfit in the world!!!!!

nat on

I think that she needs to get some pants on, get a haircut and quit smoking.

Mary on

I prefer this to the bag lady look, but hey, she’s young and rich, she can do whatever the hell she wants!

carrie on

Maybe her jeans are in the bag. The platform on those boots make them really, really ugly. And I agree with the people who say ankle boots should only be worn with pants.

Rebecca on

Sorry Mary-Kate, but I don’t like the flannel or the leggings with the flannel shirt. However, I don’t think she looks overexposed. For such a well-paid girl, she could dress a lot better.

jax on

I think Mary-Kate is quite the style icon so now that she’s wearing grunge again you’ll see more people wearing the trend

Rob on

Pleasssse!!! Why should this day be any different than any other day? These 2 sisters have all the money in the world and tiny frames. Though I can never tell them apart, they both really good be fashion plates. Their clothes are alsways to big, sun glasses to BIG and hair to long for their frame. 9 times out of 10 they always look like bag ladies. Thats ashame!

Amber on

Love it!!! Grunge is a good trend, and quite comfy aswell.

Love her flannel shirt!

Lacy on

Its ugly!

night on

This outfit is so much better than what she usually wears, but that is not to say it is a nice outfit. It is just less awful than what she usually is seen in.
What alarms me is the look in her face. She always looks stunned. LIke a deer in the headlights. As well as deeply depressed. Lets not even mention what the effects of her years of nutritional deprivation must have done to her health. She looks like a sick young lady no matter what she wears.

marnie on

she looks ridiculous

kristin on

i LOVE it. shes so so cute. only she can pull this look off.

Kristin on

Tacky- everything about the Olsen twins are tacky. They were cute when they are 2….



Andrea on

Okay, what is this “comfy” bull. You can be “comfy” and STILL wear freakin pants! My goodness we’ve reached an all time low. Also, if she was going for the “comfy” look.. I highly doubt she would be wearing wicked witch of the west shoes. My version of comfy = jogging pants, tshirt, tennis shoes or slippers… comfy does NOT = button up shirt that takes several minutes to put on, tights that squeeze the heck out of my legs and stomach, platform boots that kill my feet, and a bag that looks like it weighs 50 pounds. Yeeeeaaaah… sounds real comfy! ;-)

stephanie on

most of the time she’s able to pull it off – other times it just looks like trash.

Ellizabeth on

HATE IT! Your look says a lot about you….and I can’t say much about her in this outfit….

Lorea on

I think this look is disgusting. Looks like she just rolled out of bed and threw clothes on that were on the floor…not to mention the shirt looks like it could be her fathers! Sometimes dressing like that is okay cause at times us girls just don’t feel like it but that is in the comfort of your own home!! I think when you have money like her and Ashley have dress like it! The Oslen’s are gorgeous and they should look it.

jill on

i think MK looks great. she moves fashion forward and is not afraid to experiment with different looks. thank goodness she and ashley look different from all of the other teen girls out there. they are the BEST

khawla on

i totally hate it its so missed up even marry-kate d’t look pretty

Jen on

I guess this is better than what she usually wears, I like the flannel shirt. I think the shirt might work better with a skirt or pants though, she kind of looks like she forgot to put some sort of bottom on. The boots are not all that nice..I would ditch them if I were her.

Carmen on

Um, like Mary Kate hasn’t been grunge for the longest time?? What else is new?

D Murd on

Hey, these two young women are just that! They can dress how they please.. They have the attitude, the “why not” and they have the money and if you don’t like it, I am sure they would say as I ….F— off, leave them alone, they are becoming what are are meant to be…difference and diversity, is what it’s about. I am glad to see that some not follow the crowd.

karen keil on

hate it hate it! her legs look too skinny and her boots too clunky, bag is ok but overwhelms her.

Christine on

Sadly enough I have come to the point where I do not expect great fashion choices from Mary Kate. But I must agree with the others on the fact that the bag is amazing (but she doesn’t normally have a problem there). As for the rest of the outfit, I must admit that I feel more inclined to like this one better than the other recent choices that simply looked like potatoe sacks!

kate on

absolutely LOVE IT. think she looks terriffic and is always 5 steps ahead of everyone else…. will be seeing people copying this look soon. u know the look will be tired when jessica simpson sports it.

Kaitlyn Hillman on

I love it. She’s my sister, btw. :)

Genesis on

I personnaly think that every person has their certain days that they feel like dressing up a certain way, for example there are some people that dress in the kind of mood their in so if she felt like dressing up like that heyy its her thing.I like that she really seems like she dont care waht people think and she dreeses the way she wants, unique.





ivana on

i love it!!!!

amy on

LOVE IT!!! Anyone who is remotely interested in fashion or reads any kind of high fashion magazine would know that Mary Kate Olsen is one of the biggest trend-setters of this time, right up there next to Kate Moss and Victoria Beckham. Ankle boots are very in for this fall and winter; they are on the pages of every fashion magazine and every popular shoe store is carrying many different styles. Leggings are very in as well, and have been for at least a year and a half. I definitely see grunge slowly comming back into style as well…it’s obvious to me that anyone who is criticizing Mk is not very stylish or fashionable. For, even stylish women who can’t pull off these “trends” would give her mad props for taking a risk and pulling it off quite well. Obviously not everyone can pull this off, that’s exactly why mk is a trendsetter. I guarantee that in the comming months, everyone (those who are confident enough) will start to wear leggings with ankle boots. Most will probably pair a skirt or a pair of shorts with it, only because they are not as daring as mk. Ashley and Mary Kate both have a unique sense of style and that is why so many people follow them and try to copy them. They are certainly doing something right, considering they are multimillionaires and I’m pretty sure that they don’t care what people think of them. The big balenciaga bag she’s carrying is yet another trend she helped create two years ago, which is still going strong. I, personally own many pairs of leggings which I pair with extra large sweaters or long layered tees and I while I do get many stares, I get more compliments and copycats than negative reactions. I think Mk looks very chic and modern! Leave the poor Olsens alone; they are photographed every public moment of their lives!

katie on

i hate the whole thing. it’s like she got tips from a mounth
old pickle.

Alex on

i dont think its all that bad. i dont think that normal people should were it but i think that the stars can pull it off.

mare mare on

the grunge look does not suit her she should try retro chic and a new hair cut, currently that outfit was gross and her hair is bland with a little hair cut and shoping she would look great!

Andrea on

Um.. yeah.. just because someone doesn’t necessarily like what she’s wearing does not mean they have zero fashion sense. that’s ridiculous. i don’t think people technically look at her as a trend setter either. most fashion shows/magazines are actually somewhat criticizing her fashion choices. i personally wouldn’t be caught dead in what she is wearing. who ever thought it was cool to put a shirt over skin tight leggins?! that is just tacky. those boots also look like biker boots. the whole thing is hideous. i’ve not seen ONE person wear something like that and I live in Nashville. Don’t know if that says much, but there are a lot of stars here and very fashionable people walking around, but none of them wear a shirt with only leggins underneath. i could see a dress with leggins underneath or a skirt, but this is aweful. OKay I’m done.

verco on

Dump and weird clothes like she does not know how to wear properly like Linday Lohan, Paris Hilton and others.

Rachel on

Ilove it, too!!! I haven’t seen a grunge look in full effect in years and I’m into to, it’s inspiring to me cause that’s the way I was thinking about going this fall/winter. And I say yes to the leggings as pants, that’s hot and comfortable.

Erika on

Mary-Kate ily!

Mary-Kate completely pulls off this outfit and looks as cute as ever…i love it.

Vonnie on

The only thing that makes this “grunge” is the fact that she is wearing a flannel shirt. Other than that, it does not fit in the grunge category. Regardless, It’s a decent look. I’ve been wearing it for years, especially now since I live in the MidWest and am too busy with my kids that I need something comfortable.

melissa on

i’m not a big fan of that style, but her changing her style shouldn’t be that big of a deal! Maybe she just wants 2 try somethin’ new, give her a chance, maybe she’ll find that grunge.

melissa on

i’m not a big fan of that style, but her changing her style shouldn’t be that big of a deal! Maybe she just wants 2 try somethin’ new, give her a chance, maybe she’ll find that grunge isn’t 4 her

Kim on

I think she should try something else. The strong colors don;t go with her pale skin. She looks so thin! Poor thing…

James on

This Olsen is neither a trend-setter or a fashion tragedy. Anyone that has any sort of idea of what’s going on in fashion (or the world for that matter) knows that this look has been going on for a while now, while the olsens were still in Betsy Johnson. Downtown NY hipsters made this look famous and now the L.A. morons are finally catching on to a good thing. She’s late in finding this, but she looks good and she’s still ahead of the game so lay off.

Maria on

Great outfit. I don’t see anything wrong with it at all. The shirt is plenty long enough. It hits a tad over mid thigh.

Annika on

hi there, I LOVE Mary-Kate´s Style…..it´s awesome

florencia on

I love her! it doesn’t care, whatever she wears she’s beautiful! she’s the most beautiful girl in the world after Angelina Jolie, Liv Tyler and Mischa Barton

LeeAnn on

i like the shoes and leggings maby a different shirt though but hey its the olsen twins they have unique and different taste and whatever they whear is gonna end up being a hit one way or the other

Nikki on

Mary-kate looks great because she is so darn tiny, she does the leggings justice. But to say that she is actually dressing grungy, I would say no. I have been waiting for this comeback for a lonnngggg time (since it’s hey-day!), and to have the $2,000+ dollar balenciaga boots and bag is in no way grunge. Grunge was about the cheapness of it all, the flannel possibly is from a thrift store, but the rest of it is too exspensive. The outfit was cute and very “Mary-Kate”, but not quite grunge dear!

Emily on

Cute, but I don’t like the boots. People obviously are missing the whole point of the Grunge look. I’m more of a fan of the 80’s trend, not too much of the 90’s Grunge trend, but to each their own. These styles were gonna come back sooner or later. Looks from all decades are coming back with classic twists to them. I’m bord with the boring jeans look. Why not wear a pair of leggings? Get used to it. To each their own.

ZIG on

I agree with the person that said that this is not grunge. THIS IS NOT GRUNGE. The person who wrote the initial article thinks that this is grunge because that’s what he saw in WWD. Probably the same place Mary-Kate got the idea. Either that or she got dressed in the dark and has no idea.

stina on


Cathy on

Look in the mirror you crazy girl.

kiki on

Come on, this look is cute! Definitely off-beat, but I think she pulled off the grunge thing pretty well. It’s much better than the bag-lady outfits she used to wear!

Vickee on

No. Thats basically all I have to say. Just “no”. I’m no fashion icon, but when I see an outfit like that…?! Yes, I’m not too fashion wise, but I do know that that outfit, is a total “fashion-don’t”. The shoes are hideous, not to mention the plaid shirt? And for heaven’s sake, where on earth are those lady’s pants? News flash, the “Pj-just rolled out of bed” look, is SO 2003. EW.

alexis on

I LOVE it and would totally wear it out and about!

kikki on

I think Mary-Kate is very thin,but noenbody can`t say she not is beautyful!:D

mi&ma on

We personally don’t like the MK and Ashley style right now. They looked very great when they have more inches, like when they have 14. Now, MK and Ashley are very anorexic, and if you think: “So, why they have THAT style if they are going to lot of a fashion shows?”. To think.

mi&ma on

We personally don’t like the MK and Ashley style right now. They looked very great when they have more inches, like when they have 14. Now, MK and Ashley are very anorexic, and if you think: “So, why they have THAT style if they are going to lot of a fashion shows?”. To think.

pickle on

hey i think that this look is original to her and she deserves it they are being unique and personaly i thin that she kiksass in this original look and it shows that she isnt a follower which is definatly a breath of fresh air when you look at some of the other starlets who are such sheep!! WAY TO GO MK!!!!!

kikki on

You can see everything about her and her twins Ashley,but the true is…they are beautiful,just beautiful.
Mary-Kate is thin,all know..but I think her twins sister Ashley hjelp her to be better! I know that!! be strong Mary-Kate!! I think about you and your twins sister all the times

lola_forever on

MK’s legs are great! and i love that bag. this is such a cute outfit, only wish i could pull it off! well, i might be able to, ive never been out dressed like that. i might go a bit more like MK’s style, i think its fantastic.

bobbi on

i love these boots,mary kate is my style icon i love her.. i love that what she choses to wear is so bold and it makes people pay attention..

bianca on

she looks gorgeous as hell.
i am so going to be trying this outfit one day soon.
mary-kate is hotter than ashley! x

sally on

OH mi GOD! Im loving the grunge boots! Does anyone know where i can buy a pair!? Ive been desperate to buy some since i saw a picture of mary kate olsen wearing them! PLEASE HELP!!!!!

katie on

i really love this. its funny i actually wore something almost exactly like this recently. i didnt have those shoes but i really wish i did i wore knee high black boots instead. and i had some shorts on over my tights. and i had a scarf. other than that, almost identical.

rose on

she looks amazing
i love it
shes one of my biggest idols in the world of fashion

John on

That’s really not that grunge.

Lila on

But this isn’t exactly grunge is it? The whole point of grunge is that you shouldnt spend hours in front of the mirror – which is exactly what she did. And the shoes, as lovely as they are, don’t go with the flannel and the out-of-bed look. Chucks, worn under a pair of ripped jeans, even mini shorts, would have been a better choice. Nevertheless, she looks gorgeous.

Liz on

I’m not too big into what she’s wearing in that picture but I’ve seen others. What she’s wearing in the other pics she’s definitely pulling off grunge better than anyone else. Hey, I should know, I was a teenager back in the 90’s and dressed grunge!

I saw someone say she’s a trend-setter. I completely disagree. Kurt Cobain made that grunge era and will forever be the trend-setter to it no matter what other year it comes back around.

christina on

i love this look. i think its a MAJOR upgrade from her old played-out one. but then again i’m biased, since this is my personal style

nick on

so it is now 2008 and the grunge style is in. haha! its so funny how everybody hated that look of hers but now its everywhere. PEOPLE, you’re hilarious. MKO is always ahead of and sets trends. lol

Nancydoll on

Why do you people care weather she dresses “80’s” one day and “90’s” the next? This look is hot either way and i actually dress very similar to it. Over sized shirts with leggings is comforable and looks amazing. Boots or clunky shoes fits it well too. Shes the perfect gurl for this type of look.

maddie on

this outfit is so cool! Its grungey and different!! I love it..

Janie on

Grunge is totally making a comeback, and she looks fabulous. and to tell you the truth, if you have the legs that can pull off just wearing leggings, why not? if you’ve got it, flaunt it

nat on

I think she looks great…..she has a petite little figure to pull it off. Grunge doesnt look as bad as it used to…or is that just me!!

Sis on

I think it’s cute! but yes she does need shorts. It ‘s just a tad revealing, but if she were wearing short shorts, it would look very cute. Thank you, Mary-Kate!!

Sarah on

I don’t know what you people are so appalled by. Mary Kate has become a fashion icon. I think her flannel could be a bit longer, but who doesn’t love flannel?! So comfy, warm, and big. You can totally wear leggings or jeans with a big shirt like this.

I’m totally into the grunge-chic trend. Girls can finally be a little comfortable while still looking great.

Love it, adore it!

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