Who Needs A Stroller? Gwen Stefani Gives Baby Kingston A Stylish Ride

10/25/2006 at 06:00 AM ET

More than one reader asked us: “Do you know what kind of slings Gavin and Gwen have been using? It looks as if baby kingston is very secure.”

It’s true! Baby Kingston does always looks comfy and adorable in the slings parents Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale tote him around in. Now, your little tike can be too. Gwen’s funky reversible leopard/orange one from The Rockin’ Baby Shop, is totally sold out for now, but check out the others they do have by clicking here. FYI, Gwen is in good company– Angelina Jolie and Courteney Cox are also fans of the Rockin’ baby slings. Gavin’s simple black one and Gwen’s white floral one (not pictured) are both from the OOPA Baby Shop, whose celebrity fans also include Kate Hudson and Brooke Shields. Kingston might be spotted in his slings for awhile since they are sturdy enough to hold infants and toddler. Could Hollywood be saying good-bye to strollers? — Andrea DeSimone

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Photo: Friolo-Flores/Splash News; Jean/AAD/star max

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Ruth on

I am sure that celeb parents who choose to bring their children on tour with them DO bring a nanny along. However, these picures are of GWEN AND GAVIN slinging their own child. At least by bringing their baby on tour they get to spend some time with him. (and not just hear the reports of the “milestones” he’s “hit” while they were away.)

I bring my children shopping and on errands with me because I do not always have someone to stay at home with them. I enjoy this and so do they. I use carriers and stay out only an appropriate amount of time. Yes, they get “bored” sometimes, but boredom can stimulate the imagination, teach patience and the fact that the world does not revolve around them. I am also able to teach them good life lessons along the way, such as thriftyness and waiting our turn (such as in check-out lines), just to name a few. My 3 yr old loves to count the fruit that we buy as I pick it out and put it in the bag. And the chance to play in the mall play area or to ride the carousel is reason enough for my children to BEG to come with me! It’s not for my “convenience”, in fact it is alot harder for me to get them ready and to interact w/ them while out and about, but it is worth the extra effort. And sometimes, I leave them home with a sitter, but that is rare because my husband and friends all work full time. My parents live out of state, so bringing my children is often my only option.

I am very thankful that my parents took the extra time and effort to keep me close to them when I was young.

Parenting is never easy, under any circumstance. I applaud all parents who try to stay close to their children and take the time to teach them about the world themselves as much as possible.

Bronwyn on

First of all, I’m thrilled to see celebs wearing their babies.

I have to address an earlier comment though:

WHAT is the problem with wearing a 2-year old in a sling?
Would you have a problem with a 2-year-old in a STROLLER?

Oh, and BTW, not everyone has the “luxury” of leaving their kids with someone when they go out to run errands. Even if I did, I would take my kids, because I love to be close to them, and vice versa.

Kristin on

I was at an Old Navy the other day and a new mom had her little tiny baby ion the sling- most adorable thing I saw. What a great way to keep them so incredibly close. Sort of like recreating the “womb” for them- knowing they are protected etc. Although- I give you moms credit for one thing- if you can handle a 2 year old in the sling more power to you . I am just thinking of my back giving out and we both go tumbling down. But it is awesome all the same.

Ruth on

I would only wear a two year old in a SLING for a short period of time (i.e. less than 20-30 mins…if that even!) For heavier babies/toddlers/children, there are more comfortable options (two-shouldered carriers) that allow children to be close by and safe yet easier on your shoulders/back.

I would also like to note that carrying your child in a carrier of some sort keeps them safe from child predators. It’s scary that we parents have to think of these things, but children still get stolen. And I am sure that celebrities especially think of this factor.

As a mother of 2, I find that both of my children (ages 1 1/2, and 3) love being carried in my carriers, and having their freedom. I do not “trap” my children. They want to be carried sometimes. I by no means carry them all day.

Unless you have had children and have used slings and other carriers, it would be wise to keep your uneducated opinions to yourself. YOU are not “SuperNanny”, so please spare us your ignorant ideas! (Oh…sorry, did I just say that out loud?!)

Meredith on

well my kid is now 30 years old and when i was younger, right when i had him, i got a sling from my best friend and i once droped my kid on his head and he suffered from brain loss. I dont recomend this for your child. Dont make the mistake that i made.

Ruth on

To Meradith,
I am very sorry to hear of your tragic experience while using a sling. Children can fall from our arms as well and have disasterous results, but most of us continue to carry our children in our arms dispite the risk involved. There are definitly safety issues to be concerned with, but my hope is that each parent can make informed decisions for themselves and their children.

I would also like to apologize for my uneccesary comment earlier. Each human being is entitled to his/her own opinion. I was wrong to be so negative, please forgive my unkindness, Erica.

I personally have had very positive experiences in “wearing” my children, and hope that others may have the opportunity as well.

Andrea on

My gosh. I am just reading some of these posts and my jaw is on the floor. How could someone say it is “selfish” to bring your kids somewhere with you. That is absolutely apalling in my book. I bring my 7 month old son EVERYWHERE. He enjoys it and we enjoy being together as a family. I have brought him clothes shopping, to the movies, to the coffee shop, etc. I mean, I could understand if you want to spend quality time on a date w/ your husband or something like that, but I think it’s ridiculous when people say the baby’s too old to go places with their Mom or too old to be held. It’s not saying they are going to be an adult in a sling either. That’s just laughable. Children are only babies once. Enjoy them while you can! Hold them while you can. You will wish you did hold them more when they are too old to hold. I’m so sick and tired of this new age parenting crap. Sorry to break it to ya, but being a Mom does require holding your baby, in case you didn’t get the memo. There have been proven studies that show babies are happier being skin-to-skin with their mommy or daddy. They can hear your heartbeat and feel the warmth of your skin and it’s very soothing to them. So again I say.. There is NOTHING wrong with holding your baby as much as possible or taking your baby everywhere with you. It’s called being a parent, and it may be rough at times, but guess what… that’s the life of a Mom! If my baby wants to be held at 2 years old, you better damn well believe I will hold him. If I have to put him in the sling or some other baby carrier to make it comfortable for me, I will. That is called bonding with your baby. There is nothing wrong with it. It is absolutely amazing to hold a child and have them put their head on your shoulder and hug you. I wouldn’t give that up if my life depended on it.

Kim on

I love using carriers for my baby and can completely agree with all the benefits. There is too much focus now about finding ways to get our babies away from us. I highly doubt that later in life anyone will wish they spent LESS time holding and caring for their little ones- BABIES AND CHILDREN.

With all the hateful crimes going on in the world with criminals that seem to have no feeling for the victims they hurt, it’s amazing to me that so many still try and teach their children they are on their own and need independence as early as possilbe. Love and nurturing breeds love and nurturing. I teach my children I care about them and their feelings are important and someday they will do the same with others.

These parents spending time with their children know what this is all about and their children will thive because of it. I hope more parents will find out the benefits because of this, but hopefully learn a couple easy steps to make it comfy and safe. There are plenty of good resources out there- some were mentioned already.

Jennifer on

Ladies, give Erica a break. She is here voicing her opinion. And that is what it is. Just like all your posts are just…opinions, not facts. I have to agree with many of her points. My mother did not have a babysitter, but that is where my father came in! If she had to spend a long day running errands, she would wait for him to come home to watch me or do it on the weekend so my dad could spend time with me. She is merely saying that women don’t have to drag their kids to the damn nail salon or clothes shopping!! Yes that is selfish!! How are you bonding with your kid while getting your nails done??. If you read her post she said her mother took her to the grocery store or laundromaut when she could not get a sitter! Spend real time with your children doing things they enjoy, not just stuff we enjoy. Go to a zoo, etc, and by all means hold them. But just not twenty four seven!!

And I happen to love the Supernanny. She gives real adive that a lot of middle class spoiled woman could use! Stop letting your kids run the show and get a backbone.
Good advice to me.

Erica on

Ruth, I forgive you and it was nice of you to apologize.

I am not this monster that everyone has described me as. Like you said, this is a forum, where viewpoints are shared. For everyone to jump on me shows not my ignorance, but theirs. Like I said, a sling if fine sometimes, but I don’t agree with bringing children to inapporiate places. I understand that people get defensive, but if you don’t bring your child to the nail salons, etc, this doesn’t apply to you. If you got angry, then yes, you might have brought your children to dumb places or why else would you get mad? My mother never had a babysitter btw, she could not afford it. But she had something that some mothers don’t have nowadays, and I said some, and that is good sense. She raised me with love and discipline. Never did I throw a tantrum in a public place etc. Kids need to love their parents, but to fear them as well. I am against physical discipline, but I believe in respect.

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