What Do You Think of Knee Socks?

10/24/2006 at 05:00 PM ET

For many of us, knee-socks are something we wore with school uniforms as children or now refer to as “trouser socks” that stay hidden under pants. But along with all things 80’s — t-shirts, haircuts, booties— they are making a resurgence as legwear meant to be seen on adults. To counteract any unflattering effects of visually blocking off your calves, be ready to flash some thigh to balance them out. Try them paired with a mini-dress, like Lindsay Lohan (left) or Molly Sims (right), or with shorts, like Kirsten Dunst (middle). Just don’t pair them with a pleated skirt unless you are going as Mary Catherine Gallagher for Halloween. Tell us: Will you try this trend? Are you going to rock knee-socks?

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Sarah on

My boyfriends thinks knee socks are the hottest thing a woman can put on… it doesnt matter what they go with! I on the other side, beg to differ and he will NEVER see me in a pair. What is the point? To look fashionable or to keep 1/8th of your leg warm?

Norah on

Knee sock are just a no, looks like something a child would wear. Surprisingly though, Molly Sims made it look cute. Lindsay looks like an idiot.

zee on

i think this is atrocious and grown women should draw the line between being trend ho’s and looking good…it is beyond me why anyone past the age of 6 would wear these, esp out in public ! *shudders*

Brenda on

I thought all three celebrities looked darling. For once, this is a really cute look—unless you have flabby thighs and then, forget it!

Rebecca on

Ick- knee socks are definitely not a trend I’d wear. I have nothing against them, other than the fact that they’re just not a flattering style. On most people, they just look silly!

Leilani on

HATE IT. i’m usually all for taking risks and changing styles but knee socks are not pleasing to my eye AT ALL. haha, i keep relooking at the pics above to see if i can become more open minded to this style…but NO. bad bad look. no one is able to make this acceptable with any outfit.

Ivana on


Jennifer on

This is a “no” unless you are a child.

micheleeee. on

Oh my Gosh.

Girls in Hollywood will wear ANYTHING to start a trend

Knee-high socks are ugly, gosh!

Why cant they see that!?

Jane on

Yuck!! Unless your playing soccer or rugby, the only people who should be wearing knee socks are Catholic school girls!!

dawn blagborne on

knee socks are fine when you are a kid.
but, for an adult ! oh please.

emily on

suprisingly i like them.

they actually look really cute…and yeah some how guys go crazy for them.

suzanna on

so so cute!! im lovin it!!


they look DUMB!

they look stupid!




OMG! Where does the maddness stop?

Jen on

I personally like knee socks, but I’m not too sure about them on some of the above girls. Not necessarily a great trend, but if you like it, I say go for it.

Heather on

I don’t like them and I don’t think I will be wearing them.

Courtney on

I wouldnt ever wear the look but it looks great on Lindsay Lohan!

cate on

I LOVE IT! theyre soooo adorable!! i would totally wear them!

Christine on

Definitely won’t be wearing those… I was damned to school uniforms for my last two years of high school – I don’t need to do that again.

Katie on



I think they look cute on them….you know perfect legs, nothing flabby, but on regular girls…NAH

B. on

Ew. Knee highs? Are you kidding? It reminds me of a private school uniform. So won’t be wearing them.

Amber on

Well they can be nice with certain clothing items, but it must be with some caution to wear them out in public.

sharon on

I kinda like the knee socks. :)

Cara on

Knee socks. Too cute. A keeper for the fall!!!

kawashima on

I think the style is adopt to japanase fashion style knee socks is popular in japan it can wore in office,work,students,young and old woman used it.Gomenasai(sorry) my english is not perfect.

Mette on

I have had some for years.. Just not famous enough to start a trend. And I guess people don’t think of it when they are hitten under a pair of jeans… Hmm…

Wolfy on

I like knee socks, but only under jeans or pants. And I love the thicker, colorful ones, like they used to have back when my sister was young. Boy, were they warm! Especially since I live in the northern half of the US and it gets cold in winter. As for wearing them with skirts or dresses, I don’t think so, unless I have a long dress (to the ankles or floor) and I’m feeling too lazy to wear pantyhose!

AnnieM on

I’m with Norah, but Kawashima makes a good point. Once again Lindsay Lohan is trying too hard and looks idiotic. Maybe she’s on her way to be served with a subpoena and thought if she looked stupid they’d take pity on her.

Steph on

Those look very silly. Famous people just seem to throw on anything these days, no matter how whack they look.

Stephanie on

Knee socks are cute, but you need to wear flat shoes or loafers, not boots like Lindsay….

shoegal on

I love love love knee socks and wear them all the time. Actually, when leggings “allegedly” came back in style, I called my sister and said “Why are leggings back in style? They are horrible! I would much rather knee socks come back in style …” and it looks like all my dreams have come true. But, like any trend, you have to make sure it’s a style that suits you and flatters you ….

Steph on

seriously? like, really… seriously?

Andrea on

This is one of the most ridiculous hollywood trends I’ve seen. I mean, come one… are these girls actually serious? I agree with the comment above… hollywood will do ANYTHING nowadays to start a trend. This is laughable. No offense, but hollywood girls are starting to look like hobos.

Jill on

I think it’s a bad “trend” allthough I wouldn’t call it a trend. The only one above who looks good is Kirsten Dunst

Kristin on

Reminds me of my catholic school dyas- no I just need an ugly plaid skirt and viola!

Sunny on

I like to sleep in my knee socks!

Crystal on

NO! that is one look not for me, But my Cuzin
will be in it next week… Sorry not me nothing can make that look good…

ravz on

i think they are so cute! i would wear them

rachel on

knee socks are becoming popular in my high school, with many people wearing them. i think they are hideous, and will never wear them!

Angela on

I like the knee socks, I think they are school girl sexy in a way, I dont know why there are so many people here who hate them. I would like to see them come back in style

Dana on

I think this can be a trendy style with the right things
For example Kirsten Dunst looks okay but others look really wierd so paired with the correct thing and these can be pulled off…otherwise its a no

katie on

ew ew ew knee socks are really ugly.. i mean come on. who actually wears them?

ashley bradley on

You have to know how to wear them, and if you do they are hot!!!!! Molly = Awesome, Lindsey (I love ya but, come on)= U-G-L-Y Youa aint got alliby, you ugly! They are knee highs, rock ’em like you own “em! If not dont bother.

Alicia on

I like them…but I could never pull them off. People would look at me like I was losing my mind. Oh, what bliss it would be to dress with such reckless abandon!

Angie on

I seen Jessica wearing them on Survivor and thought they were sooooo cool….glad they’ve become a trend

selin on

really bad their legs looks bad with thm

Laurie on

For all of those who are down-playing this – get over it. It’s something fun. It’s another form of expression. Maybe you should try it.

sam on

i think that knee socks make women look hot , maby its just me but they look very good

KC on

I don’t mind the knee socks; all past trends seem to be coming back anyway. But Lindsay Lohan thinks whatever she wears is so trendy and great, and she’s just a nobody with limited talent and luck. What happened to the authentic, classic celebrities whom people really look to for the latest in fashion? I’m talking about Nicole Kidman, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Aniston…all truly gifted actors with great fashion sense.

jenny on

I don’t know what it is about stars. They seem to need to stand out because being like everyone else is just not OK with them. Knee socks or no knee socks, I don’t know what the fuss is all about.

Natalie on

I think that knee socks are a weird for an adult…they would look good on a kid though.

s. on

They do look weird.

…but what’s with the whole “They’re in fashion. Therefore I ‘should’ wear them, but because they’re ugly I won’t”…? I mean, kids, just because they’re “in style” doesn’t mean that you automatically should wear them and consciously choose not to. Get some sense, people! You’ve all got lives of your own, so why not just wear what you like and make some trends of your own?

shuana on

i like wearing white knee socks with a short pleated skirt with black heals…white blouse…the only time i wear this outfit is when im in school cus it drives the guys nuts…but my question is…what is it about the school girl look that makes them wild….shakes head…shauna

shopdiary on

they’re great as long as they are no thick. i’d prefer higher socks too, ones that actually cover the knee.

Sloane on

I’m a guy, and definitely an adult. I wear them a lot. Nobody says anything negative, but maybe they’re just being nice. (Oh, & I’m not gay)(not that there’s anything wrong with that).Want to see? myspace.com/kneesockdude

carola on

guys think they look cute cos of the skool-gurl thing and yeah they are. there are some girls here that are obviously reliving a trauma based on being forced to wear them as school uniform LOL. oh and kc, i remember an episode of friends a few years ago when jen aniston was wearing a short plaid skirt and white kneesocks!!! these fashions come and go every few years…

LSG on

Kneesocks look good on most any woman, and with any outfit. But why is Lindsey Lohan in the picture ? What she has aren’t kneesocks. They really aren’t even close. And with whatever those boot kinda things she has on….well, she just doesn’t get it. If you want to do the kneesock thing, your socks should be white, shoes black or brown, and when you sit the socks should touch the crease in the back of your knee. If they don’t, they are to short and you have failed in the attempt. LSG

Brett on

Kneesocks don’t look good on all ladies, but when they do look good, they look VERY, VERY good. The catch? Not only do you need great legs/knees to wear them, but a (semi) thin frame as well. Don’t know why, but kneesox turn me to mush…

Bearz on

One should wear what they wish & regardless of what others feel, or think about it. Fashion rules are for birdbrains! Besides knee socks look fabulous. One shouldn’t stop having fun nor keeping ones legs warm, simply because of some silly arbitrary age.

Wear what makes you happy everyone & enjoy life!!!~ :)

Chris on

Ladies please. These women look very nice and please remember these are socks. I am a 44 man who happens to love kneesocks and I am thankful that my wife (42) wears them for me. She wears them in public and yes she gets stares matter of fact 2 types of stares. The first are from other men who happen to think she is cute and second from women who are jealous, and small minded. For some reason women seem to stereotype kneesocks with the schoolgirl outfit. When you ladies complain that he doesnt give me attention, try wearing some kneesocks and see the attention you will get. My wife gets all my attention and I become very protective of her and she is so thrilled. Try it before you knock it

Michael on

It’s about flippin time kneesocks are worn/shown in public. Kneesocks are the hottest item of clothing an adult women can wear! Sexy ankle socks are next!

An adult women wearing a denim skirt two inches above the knee, with a form-fitting top, matching kneesocks and maryjanes is the best look ever. (No one is suggesting that they are worn with super mini-skirts, midrift tops and stilettos…) Yet, they are rarely seen. Somehow stupid-looking footless leggings coming down the leg is fashion, but kneesocks are taboo. Ridiculous! Furthermore, wearing kneesocks do not constitute a costume for Halloween. They should be worn/shown in public 365 days a year by attractive adult women.

melissa on

i think they’re very cute, and a perfect touch 2 an outfit

Kim on

What is all the fuss!!! Knee socks are a part of fashion and clothing.It was a huge fashion trend in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s, . Everyone wore them in those days.Knee socks were big on campus all over the world….Also ladies, and girls wore them often. I say bring them back… They are cute and sexy.I think ankle socks are more for little girls.Knee socks are for anyone who wants to wear them.I am in my forties, and still wear them.Don’t let anyone tell you what you should wear or not wear.Thumbs up on the knee sock issue….Kim

ann on

What’s wrong with knee socks! Glad they’re back. Drives my husband crazy when I wear shorts, white knee socks and cloggs.

Relax and have fun

RBN on

Girls look so sexy wearing knee socks. I love them, and i hope to see more……….

Susan on

The women who commented they do not like knee socks, and will not wear them for their men who love them, just do not get it. When I first started dating my current boyfiend, he told me he would LOVE to see me in knee socks. At first I thought he was a bit off kilter, but when I saw how he related to me when I wore them, I began to discover how much fun it was to turn him on and keep him turned on. Some women may think it looks silly, but whenever I wear them out when I’m with my boyfriend, I get a LOT of attention from other men too.

Brian on

My girlfriend occasionally wears white knee socks when we go out.
The other evening she wore the socks with a black pleated mini skirt, white top, natural tights and mary jane type shoes.
The looks which she attracted were incredible. The comments she received were all very polite.
She also has some white ankle socks which fold over and are trimmed in either dark blue or pink.
Once again, the looks she gets when wearing these are amazing.

Barry on

What can I tell you. I have been waiting years for this to become an acceptable style. I understand most adult women would be reluctant to wear knee socks but for those of us that like them that is disappointing. I think the women look great but that is my curse as most women don’t like knee socks.

Janet on

You young girls have no clue as to how many men love the knee socks look. I’ve been wearing them all my life, and continue to get nice complements and lots of smoling stares when I wear them. My boyfriend loves the look.

LeeAnn on

i like them whith the outfit lindsey is whearing its cute

william on

My wife started wearing my oTC dress socks with several skirts and dresses and finally bought some cable knits to wear–in balck–brown–navy–white. She gets many compliment from other friends and likes the warmth the knee socks provide vesrus trouser socks or nylons. She wear either clogs, low-heeled pumps, or loafers.

Emily on

Ah, I remember when I wore the knee high socks. I had to actually, because it was the dress code. You know, the Catholic girl uniform. Yup, I had to wear it, along with the knee high socks. Of course many men like that look, and for those that are reading this, no what I’m talking about, lol. I on occasion wear the knee high socks look. I don’t wear them to be provocative or meaning anything sexy, I wear them because I’m comfortable or something. Most of the time, I’m wearing them around the house and into bed. I have on occasion went out with them on, but I always paired them nicely with a knee length dress or something that Lindsay is wearing. I don’t wear heels with them, mostly ballet flats or Mary-Jane shoes. I like the look on Lindsey and Molly, but don’t care for it on Kirsten.

Ton on

With nice legs kneesocks in ‘speaking’ colours as black and dark red are very sexy. A very good alternative to that military look: boots.

christine on

this trend is so popular in other asian countries. i think it only looks cute if you wear it the right way. no matter though…i think its adorable

Ton on

It is obvious that americans have very different ideas about kneesocks. That is, i think, kneesocks or knee higs have a very different form. Stripes, argyle….
It is what you like to see.
I like plain colorfull (blue, black and red) socks around pretty legs.
Therefore I hate that horrible masculin boots behaviour that seems to be modest. Military look!
Back to the 80’s with nice sexy socks so we saw in Europe, especially Paris.

victor moran on

knee high socks look great on anyone with the right legs,not too fat or thin.just remember to color cordinate them with the shorts/hot pants/mini skirt,shirt and shoes.for me i prefer the dark knee highs over the white ones.

catherine on

I absolutely love Lindsay Lohan. She is one of my favorite celebrities. Whatever she wears she makes it work. She inspired me to love fashion and now I am obsessed with fashion. Since Lindsay is wearing them, I love knee socks!

ucla girl on

I am mid 20’s and have always been a fan of knee sox. I wear ’em, love ’em and get compliments-from both guys and gals. Yes, I see the school girl thing: I totally look the innocent kid part. But Girls applaud my guts in wearing them. They are a bit strange and funky yet feminine and girly at the same time. Maybe I just like the 50-60’s look too much!!

Ed on

Another guy here! I hate kneesocks on women because I love calves. On the other hand, short socks, or…kneesocksthat are pushed down look sexy as hell!!

Anthony on

My big sister gave me a pair of bright red cable knee socks to wear when I was seven, at 40 I still love to wear all the different styles and lengths of womens cotton socks. I love the eighties styles most with the bright striped, argyle cable or plain cotton knee socks, worn with a sweater or top that matches, dress slacks or blue jeans and either clogs, wedges, sandals or high heels. It’s very sexy to me to know that a woman still knows that white toube socks with a colored top and dress slacks still and will always be worthy of throwing up in a garbage can at the sight of it. I have worn them all my life all the time and especially when they were “Not Popular” to wear. I am so glad to see women wearing them proudly again, showing true character and style in my opinion, looking absolutely red hot! I am a guy with a fetish that I’m proud of for womens knee socks. Mens socks do and alweays will suck. I Love the look and feel of knee socks and don’t like substitution of the real thing. Womens socks are the sexiest and most comfortable to wear, sure I get classified as gay wearing them but there is no way to replace true class. I Love the ladies in them and I’m so glad they are coming back!!

Pauline Teh on

I like wearing white knee socks, it so comfortable
and cool. Sometime I just flip down towards ankle when
the socks start to loose. I like the feeling when the knee socks start to slip down on your shoes. Most of the time, I’m wearing them around the house and to work and outing.

Try it out and you will like it.

Anon on

I think kneesocks look terrific on women of all ages. I don’t see them as ugly or only for young kids.

Barry G. Smith on

Hi Y’All,

I LOVE women wearing skirts with socks! My preferences go to knee high or shorter socks with some space to show some leg! In this vein, you can wear shorter skirts with most any socks from anklets to knee high. If you wear a longer skirt (below the knee down to about mid-calf) go with shorter socks or anklets. This latter style goes back to the ’30’s thru the early ’60’s. This longer skirt-shorter sock style can be worn by more women of all ages.

So,gals go for it!

Barry G.Smith

Abby on

I LOVE them!

Someone PLEASE tell me where I can get some! x

Rach on

My boyfriend thinks they are the best thing ever and wants me to wear them all the time,i recently bumped into my boss at the weekend who saw the knee socks and insisted i wear them for work,this winter they where pretty much a 7 day a week item i love wearing them and always with a skirt.
Men love them and i enjoy the attention!.

Mike on

Rach, will you marry me?

Jennifer on

I think knee-socks look and feel amazing…I will admit that some styles look ridiculous, but for the most part they are the hottest thing you can wear! I would wear them whenever possible!!

Jenn on

Kirsten looks cute in the combination. It is something I wear myself and will continue wearing. :)

Christee on

hmmm K I have seen the tube socks on line but what in the world would you wear them with? I think my boyfriend would LOVE them on me since men are visual creatures.

D on

I am male, and I love to see women wearing knee socks…especially with sandals!

Tommy on

I think women wearing cable knit knee socks look sooooooo hot!!! I love seeing women wearing knee socks!! There is nothing hotter looking on a women’s leg’s! I wish more women would wear knee socks!

maylin on

cute..i have a pair and i felt so comfortable wearing them..
my boyfriend likes them too..

kelley on

I think they look great on both girls and even guys. Light colors for guys and dark colors for girls.

kelley on

I think they look great on both girls and even guys. Light colors for guys and dark colors for girls.

Julian on

kim on

what’s the big fuss…….knee socks were a huge fashion garrment in the 50’s 60,s and 70’s worn by girls of all ages…grade school, high school, college and adults….it’s a great look!!

JennyLeah on

Knee socks and thigh-highs (because let’s face it, if knee socks are coming back in, so will thigh-highs) were a fashion icon of the 60’s and early 70’s – the last time they made a reappearance in the fashion scene, I know my mom talked about them being popular while she was my age in 1967ish. And my collection of vintage Archie comics show a lot of knee socks on Betty and Veronica.

So they’re not exactly a fashion of the 80’s, but they did make a comeback in the 80’s. And in the 90’s. And, apparently, they’re making another one.

Zoe on

Do you know ladies who wear knee hi white socks similar to soccer socks design or wear it with flip over above the ankle match with black or white shoes are sexy, model look…
Fashion designer should pay more attention when come to matching with white socks

Carla on

For all you girls that dislike knee socks, here is a little history. Knee socks where huge from the late 1960’s through the erly 80’s. They where a big part of the “preppy” phase in the 70’s. I tell you girls might hate them, but the boys, LOVE them. Why? I have no clue. My only objection was the rubber band marks lol.

Drilly on

Hi all, I Love wearing white cable kneesocks most all the time. I wear them with all kinds of foot wear and with shorts or a skirt or a dress. I get a lot of nice comments on my outfits so my kneesocks must be working well for me. Try it, Thay look good and feel good to. ps. i wear Hoes to help hold them up.

co on

i am male i like knee high socks i wear them myslef so comfortable to wear i have many pairs in black / grey nice under jeans keep me warm in winter i also like to see them on girls looks so cute knee high socks are for every one

co on

do girls like to see guy wearing socks with sandals is this a good idea ?

Abul on

Britney Spears

Mclunatic on

Hottest look on earth if ask me. Watch Clueless with Alicia Silverstone. You don’t see skirt outfits in Penssylvania enough cause it’s always so F’n cold or rainy though.

woundedleg on

Knee sox look adorable.

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