Fashion Faceoff: Paris vs. Courtney

10/06/2006 at 12:50 PM ET

Blonde with a penchant for partying and a knack for getting in trouble. . . Paris Hilton and Courtney Love obviously have a few things in common. So does it come as a surprise that they have the same taste in clothing? Both women went club hopping in L.A. wearing the same polka-dotted satin rompers within weeks of each other. Paris paired hers with red patent accessories (shoes, belt, purse) while Courtney added an oversize sweater and strappy heels to hers. Who do you think wore it better: the grunge goddess or the globetrotting heiress?

To vote on who wears it better, check out our Fashion Faceoff Gallery.

Photo: AlphaX/X17; MAVRIX PHOTO

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Genise on

They both look nice but I have to give it to paris for the belt and shoes.

Jessica on

I cant stand Paris Hilton. I hope she gets her boney a$$ kicked by Shanna!! Courtney looks way better!! My dog would look better!!

major payne on

ill go with the first persons comment. the red brings it out good.

A on

I don’t like it on either…looks like some silky pj’s not something to wear out! The outfit aside…Courtney’s shoes look about 4 sizes too big and the belt Paris is wearing…? Is it a joke? I think she is laughing about it…

Maria on

That belt looks ridiculous on Paris. I actually have to go with Courtney this time.

zina on

Neither, they both look ridiculous in that outfit.

CR on

It’s a cute jumpsuit. I think Courtney looks the best. She really does that outfit justice. It just doesn’t work for Paris, she is too flat chested to wear it and that belt is really too bulky, but I do love Paris’s red shoes.

Lola on

I would say that they both look like dorks. Who wears pajamas out on the town? Strange! I thought Paris was a trend setter. I think she’s failing in that department! Courtney was probably to stoned to realize she left the house wearing her PJ’s.

Amy on

Paris’ shoes are so much better than Courtney’s, but I HATE her belt. I have to say that I’m over this whole belt craze. It’s getting a little out of control. Surprisingly, I’ll give this one to Ms. Love.

Terra on

I’m not a fan of either – but I would have to say Courtney wins this one…. She’s got more shape to fill out and flatter the outfit itself. But was going on with Courtney’s lips?? Surgery??

Lisa on

I agree w/ Maria. The belt looks ridiculous on Paris and Courtney won this one hands down. I do like BOTH sets of shoes tho.

Sonya on

They both look like trash but if I HAD to pick one..hands down Courtney.

Sammy on

I’m on team Courtney. I’ve been rooting for her to turn her life around (again) and from the looks of it, she may be on her way! This is the first picture I’ve seen in a while where she looks healthy and pretty.

Brittany on

I think it looks great on both of them but the red accessories Paris is wearing brings it all together to make a really cute outfit…Courtney’s version looks like it is missing something.

Karen on

it looks like Courtney is missing her toes. Where did they go?

Courtney on

It has to go to Paris though her belt is a bit overdone. The buckle and the flower (or whatever it is) are competing.

Can someone please tell me what is up with Courtney’s shoes? They are HIDEOUS!!

Chrissy on

The outfit itself looks like pajamas. They both look nice in the make-up department. I like the way Paris tied it together w/the red (not digging the actual belt though); Courtney’s shoes don’t really go with the outfit, however she looks the best of the two b/c she fills it out better.

Jennifer on

Courtney wins this most definitely. I really cannot stand Paris Hilton, so anyone competing next to her wins in my book. However, I do like Paris’s shoes and I also like Courtney’s shoes (not that I’d wear them myself but some people can pull them off!).

Chantelle on

Courtney has come along way and she cleans up pretty good too!! Paris looks trashy no matter what she wears…and whats with the belt?!?! You know what would go well? A nice red pair of those gigantic novelty sunglasses to enhance even more (note the sarcasm, people)! Courtney looks classy!
PS I LOVE her shoes

Isabella on

Will Paris stop perfectly matching the colors of her accessories? It looks so juvenille, like something one might have done in first grade. To me it perfectly showcases that she, in fact, has no style whatsoever. Picking outfits through use of color categories is never impressive.

Natalie on

Courtney Looks best.

mishell on

they are both disgusting girls w/no class!! and I wouldnt wear that outfit out in public. They need to find a hole to crawl into. With their money, they should really hire a fashion coordinator that knows what their doing.

Shaden on

ugh…its ugly on both of them!! it looks like a pair of PJ’s!! well paris did wear it better because it acually fits right on her body. & courtney looks junky, its like, ugly!! but i think paris should have gone for a smaller belt around the waist.

Becky on

Parasite Hilton is simply disgusting. She ruined that outfit for everyone.

Jenna on

Courtney looks way hotter in this outfit than Paris.

jenny on

Please! Comparing these two women’s clothing choice is like comparing which is worse – a trainwreck or a 10 car pileup on the freeway. Their clothing choices both need CPR – STAT.

Rebecca on

I’m not a big fan of the outfit, or of Paris Hilton, but she did make the most of it with her accessories and has better legs for the short shorts.

Dawn on

Paris Hilton looks better in the outfit, it is designed to be worn by a very slender person.

Paris Hilton is like a beautiful swan standing out from the crowd – and the ugly ducklings of the world bitterly resent her for it.
I wish Paris Hilton well, she is in my prayers.

Erica on

Parasite Hilton! HAHA! Whoever said that is funny. I like that one. Just as good as J-HO

joAnne on

i prefer paris though she looks good in it, no doubt. while courtney looks a little fat and i dont think her shoes n bag matches her outfit

micheleeee. on

Though Paris has the legs for this outfit,
Courtney L. has the CURVES
Which seems to be MIA in most Hollywood women

go team!

Sama A.K on

UGH!!!! EEEWW!!! PARIS IS SOOO TACKY!! I mean….if Coutney had Paris’ body, her outfit would look sooo much better! Put paris’ body in courtney’s clothes, and then….it would look nice but Paris matches tooooo much! I think it’s starting to get vile..

Lisa on

Anybody looks better in anything compared to Paris Hilton. The girl is over-rated and highly spoiled.

Dawn: Please get off your alter of Paris. You have no idea what the posters on this board look like. I think the word “resent” is a bit harsh.

Melissa on

NEITHER! It looks frumpy on Courtney and Paris over-accessorised the outfit and it’s too matchy-matchy

Marie on

I agree Courtney looks much better, but I would just like to point out everyone is criticizing Paris’ belt – do you realize it’s a belt with a mathcing clutch that she’s holding under her arm? It’s not all belt : )

Kim on

I think the shorts are too short on Courtney. And Paris’s belt is UGLY!!!

Meghan on

I totally think that Paris looks better. She adds some bright color, while Courtney looks like she could go to bed in it.

mollye on

love paris shoes hate the belt

emily on

i think i had pajamas just like that when i was 10…

Holy Candy on

Very practical outfit — can wear it from the party straight to bed!

Nechyfer on

In case anyone didn’t notice why the belt looks bad, it’s because it’s right below her itty bitty breast.
Courtney wins this one PJ’s or not. Parasite is a phony and you P.H. bubble heads are just making her richer while you stay in your hole. She does nothing redeeming for this world,she’s only looking out for herself.

Adryon on

I think the belt was a little too much for that outfit…but she liked it so it’s ok…

Courtney Love looked a little less cheesy. She had that diva thing going as per usual I LOVE THAT!

sasha on


jenn in florida on

Paris Hilton has finally run her course on thinking that she is so hot. Why she thought she looked good(ever) is beyond me. Courtney on the other hand has never looked better. Love the hair.

Voice Of Reason on

I honestly don’t think this is the most flattering on either of them…

Marilyn on

They both look STUPID..

Krystina on

I think their ugly as you know what….

Stacie on

i like paris’s better…

debbie on

Paris, was that belt meant to be some kind of over your clothes “underwire” bra? I am surprised, I think that Paris usually has a great sense of style and can pull off most anything. And Courtney Love should have left her sweatsuit jacket at home and worn a nicer jacket!

Alison on

My pick is for Paris even with that ridiculous belt. Courtney’s looking anything but hot in those hot pants. Plus, her silicone-injected lips are way overblown.

Brittany Ann on

Paris was going good with the shoes, purse, and tan, but the belt kills it. It wouldn’t be that bad, but it’s so high it looks like she’s trying to use it to support her boobs, what little she has.

Dianne O'Berry on

I think Courtney looks better than Paris. The red belt at the waist with the pouches looks a little off, and Courtney plays do the oufit which I like.

morella on

paris looks gourgeous but i did`nt like her belt

beth on

I think Courtney Love wore this better. I don’t care for Courntey, but I really can’t stand Paris. That red belt she paired with this outfit just looks tacky and cheap, and I’m sure it is an expensive belt. It just looks like something you would find for $.25 at a garage sale – or an Odd Lots Bargain Bin. Courtney looks much better. I just wish she wasn’t so self-destructive. Good luck to her.

Anne-Sophie on

Courtney anytime!!! She looks so much better, and Paris is trash, whatever she puts on, it just fades…

Patricia on

Believe it or not I actually think Courtney has a better body and the out is really ugly but it looks pretty good on her now Paris on the other hand needs breast and better legs and the red thing she calls a belt looks really stupid

Katie on

I will have to go with Courtney. Paris has cuter shoe’s but the belt has to go. Its way to high. And courtney rocks the jacket. Courtney wears it best.

Katie on

I will have to go with Courtney. Paris has cuter shoe’s but the belt has to go. Its way to high. And courtney rocks the jacket. Courtney wears it best.

cindy on

Courtney looks like a common street walker. Paris is always put together nice. The belt is a little over the top but she always matches.

CB on

i have to give it to courtney because i’m so over the belt around the torso. paris is way to skinny it looks way better on courtney.

Jamie on

I’m gona half to say courney cause I can’t stand Paris

bri bri on


miss mia on

i feel like alot of what she wears is to get attention. when she does the show the simple life, maybe its because she has a different stylist from ordinary, but i think she dresses very nice on the show, yet in her ordinary life she has to looka bright colored, trashy mess all the time. makes you think she doesnt have any money, and gets her clothes from good will!

Alexa on

Courtney GMV. Although I like neither, I like the outfit best on Courtney. Although I don’t like Courtney’s shoes, I would like to see her with some sorta pumps on like Paris’ except not in the red, maybe a black. On Paris, it would look better if she lost the belt. I think the red purse, red headband and red shoes are enough. The chunky belt just doesn’t justify the outfit. My fave part is not the outfit, but I like Paris’ shoes the best. The red is very pretty on those open toed pumps.

chopsueyluey on

Miss Courtney looks better to me. That belt Paris has on is hideous! But then I am on Team Richie :O) Courtney looks happy and healthy – really good to see :O)

night on

Fashion Faceoff? More like fashion Felonies

Natelle on

Ok, so she looks hot! How embarrasing that Courtney is wearing an identical outfit??

LeeAnn on

paris looks way better minus the red belt hat has to go but courtney has always looks gross and always will

Alexis on

I totally hate Paris but at least she doesn´t have THUNDER THIGHS!!!! and i heart the redness of Paris´ version

rv on

The vacant look on Courtney’s face actually makes Paris look like quite the scholar. And for some reason Courtney’s lips look like she’s been making out with a light socket. Ugliest “celebrity” alive. Can’t stand that steaming pile. Her 15 minutes were up before Kurt died.

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