What's Up With Mary-Kate's Sunglasses?

10/04/2006 at 09:30 AM ET

Mary-Kate Olsen is definitely known for her out-there fashion choices, and the outfits she’s been wearing during Fashion Week in Paris, which she has been attending with sister Ashley, are no exception. But what really caught our eye were her vintage Chanel sunglasses, emblazoned with the brand’s name and location. We know that Chanel and Parisian style are synonymous by now, but this may be taking her brand devotion a bit too far. Tell us: What do you think of Mary-Kate’s sunglasses? Would you wear them?

Photo: Splash News

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Susan on

Dear God!! I know they say Chanel, but that is just a bit ridiculous! I hate it when you can see the designer name on a product. There is no need to flaunt a designer, particularly if you are Mary-Kate Olsen. I say dump the shades.

Tiffany on


claudeth on

I think she is really pathetic…. looks like an alien!!!

juLia on

I like them

Sarah Glen on

Yes. I think it is fun especially since she is in Paris wearing them. I don’t understand why you have to pick on people for such things. Jealous?

juLia on

i like them!

Mom2ryan on

Poster child for what happens to child stars when they grow up. A cry for help. What was she thinking.

angie on

I think they look rather cute.. very 60’s mod. Being that they’re vintage, I guess that makes sense. ;)

Travis on

She and her glasses are really ugly

Kathy on

MARY KATE—Please remember young women and teens still look up to you for fashion ideas. Please stop dressing in rags. The shades are cute, but the outfit and the hat are not.

Zach Graham on

Hay Well I lIke Them I’d Were U’m Any Day!!!!!

Adrienne Muhammad on

I love Mary Kate’s hat. I recently saw Ashley Simpson wearing the same one. Can you tell me what brand it is and where to find it?

yasmine on

they are ugly and ridiculous and i bet she bought them really expensively zhat a zaste. zhere is the zorld going zith people like this crazy people

Helen on

Definitely a NO-NO!

Devo on

Ya know what’s sad, those hideous glasses most definitley cost more than I make in 6 months.

Elizabeth on

Ridiculous, like everything else she wears.

Angel on

I wouldn’t be caught dead it those! I’d rather burn them they are hideous!

erika on

they are quite tacky and distracting…

LaTisha on

I wouldnt wear them but they do look nice on her. She’s rich and her fashion statement may be a litte drastic at times but come on she looks nice in everything she wears. She has her own style and not trying to be anyone else.

Candace on

I dont think it should matter, she can afford em and if she wants to wear em ,then wear em. Whats the big deal?

secondhand on

i admire mary-kate for her quirky-ness and willingness to try new styles. these sunglasses are no exception. i don’t know if i’d wear them myself, but i give her props for taking the risk! besides, it totally goes with her individual style. if ashley wore it, i’d be like, hmmm, i don’t know ’bout that…

Dana on

I actually think they are not bad at all. Kinda cute! Makes a fashion statement.

JenB on

You can emblazon the name of your fancy-pants company on some ugly sunglasses, but they’ll still be ugly sunglasses. Chanel needs to stick with more classic styles, and so does Mary-Kate.

Sarah on

Totally ugly! I do like the hat though….where can I find one like it?

Amy on

I think she must be bored and looking for something new and different. A self-destructive inclination is manifest here, a desire, perhaps, to rebel against public opinion.

Sarah on


Christine on

Incredibly tacky. Why would she pay a fortune to be a walking corporate advertisement?

sine on

That’s beyond hideous.

Kasia on

I only like them because they are Chanel.

Missy on

Yuck!!! What was she thinking??

Jennifer on

I want a hat like that! Does anyone know where to get one? Kate Hudson had a green one in the post yesterday.

jen on

buy some TASTE w/all the money you’re rollin’ in MK. we know it’s not going towards food!! there’s no reason for her to look like such a slob all the time. it’s ugly and she looks dirty.

Maria on

I Like Them! She can pull it off! Anyone else wearing them would problaby look trashy. She needs to meet my son…he is like that. They dress cool in their on way and they look good doing it too. Their own special style! Nothing wrong with that.

William Bilinski on

I think they’re faboo!

Kelli on

Vintage? -good.

Most of the time.

Those? -bad.

Hat and dress? -super cool.

Grey hoodie? -not so much.

Nikki on

Those things look ridiculous on her!!!

Barbara on

personally I think she could pass for a bag lady, but I guess I have to give her credit for putting on a pair of sunglasses that are not bigger than her head (however ugly they may be)

Alicia on

these people are insane having all that money and she and her sister wear with rags I know they are famous brand but come there so many prety clothes and now these sunglasses give me a breek plez-heee

Carmen on

What I can’t understand is this – With the millions and millions of dollars that these two young ladies have – how in the world can they dress as horribly as they do. They give hobo and gypsy style a completely new meaning. They look sloppy all the time and just plain horrible.

Tiffany on

They look like poker chips.

Jo on

I am so sick of the oversized glasses look. This is just taking it a step further.

krishana on

i think they are bold and they make a bold statement i like them



^Cat^ on

She’s a freak!

Sara on

c’mom… can’t be serious.. maybe she is just tryin’ to look funny…

Jen R on

I wish I was in Paris right now wearing those glasses.

Astrid on

these girls don’t even have their own identity anymore, they look so sad and wear anything to get media attention. I feel sorry for them.

Terra on

Okay, so I normally would go against anything the twins wear – I agree with the whole “rags” comment. But I actually like the glasses – this is the only thing I’ve seen one of the twins put on that actually looks like they were made for& fit their little faces. I think they are her and if they would look good on a round face as opposed to her petite face, I’d def rock them!

Bren on

She looks stupid, I seriously do not know what happened to those girls!!!

Lisa on

I think she looks really cute. They are fun glasses.

stevie on

I hope she’s getting paid for that kind of advertisement.

teresa on

I think they’re horrible looking. The Chanel designer should be fired!

Jen on

I actually think they look fake or drawn on in the picture. Perhaps it’s just the angle but something about them looks off. Or maybe I just can’t believe that someone would wear glasses that ugly.

EChizzle on

They’re okay but they do nothing for her. She’s a cute girl but she is too petite to wear all the crap she wears.

megan on

I think the shades are really cute on her and go well with her style. Hey, at least she is different and not sporting the same damn thing that we see every day…

jec on

I’d like to know where is the hat from? Does anybofy knows????

Andrea on

She looks absolutely stupid. Another example of a child actor who grows up with nothing to do but spend their money and way too much time on their hands.

shari on

I think that it looks like she bought $2 glasses and wrote on them with white out.

Sarah on

I like the glasses, but hate the Olson twins.

Sarah on

A little bit hilarious…

Amy on

Wow, I could make the hat she’s wearing. Wonder how much she paid for it?? Wonder how much I could charge people for it?? LOL Good thing I’m too honest to scam people like that…

Sarah on


chelsie on

ok people need to stop ragging in the olsens..i think that if they feel beautiful in what they were wear then please shut up..people are just jealous because there 20 yr old billionarres.

stina on


Erin on

whatever. mk rocks. she can do whatever the heck she wants and work it because she doesn’t care, and that…is hot.

Stephanie on

silly glasses, but she is promoting the fashion shows right now…

roxanne on


serena on

I think they are a bit goofy, but you know what.. shes young. Let her have fun! Who says she has to look like every other actress out there? I wear strange outfits sometimes simply because # 1. Im an adult and I can make my own fashion choices, thank you very much. # 2. If I think its comfortable, by god, I am going to wear it.

Leave her be people! Please! sheesh.

Milly on

I remember seeing the Olsen twins when they were younger what on earth has happened to them? Does the world need to know she’s wearing Channel glasses? It’s great to be an individual but this girl needs some fashion tips.

sandy on

I don’t care for the sunglasses at all. They look almost tourist-y.

Marisa on

I haven’t seen either of them look cute since Full House…

MIssy on


Lolita on

It is horrible… she usually wears better shades than this… I don’t know what happened to her… this is really bad…

Soph on

Hell ya!! They’re Chanel for gods sake… They are HIGH fashion

Erica on

You couldn’t pay me to wear those!! (Ok, maybe you could but it’d have to be a lot of money)Ok, I’d wear them for ten bucks. But Mary Kate actually paid someone else for these!!! I don’t get them, they’re just dumb.

Tawny Williams on

LOVE THEM…people should be open to these, come on guys…they are chanel and the girl is in paris..and it is mary-kate… I am a firm beleiver that some people can totally pull off crazy fashions…and she is one of em’. I go to school for fashion..it is like art…some people can pull off certain looks…have you ever seen how some DESIGNERS dress???…exactly. Give the girl a break. They look Hot Mary Kate.

michelle on

i love her hat. anyone know where to get it???

jenna on

who cares? she wears what she likes…i admire her for having her own unique fashion sense
the only thing i don’t like about her fashion is how she sometimes wears clothes that are a hundred times too big! why? i think it shows that she’s not confident of her form.

jane on

i LOVE them.
the hat is a-m-a-z-i-n-g.

Sandy on

No sorry but I would not wear them. But it’s really up to her what she wears not us!

Carole on

The twins were adorable. That’s when other people dressed them. It shows that even with money, it can’t buy class. These girls look like homeless people. I wouldn’t be surprised if people passing the on the street offer them a few dollars to get a sandwish or coffee. They’d be perfect on the streets in NYC with a cup for change. Food, a good hair cut(with conditioner) and some clothes that fit, would do them wonders. Have some pride girls!

Amy on

If I was Mary-Kate I would totally rock them. She’s earned the right, she’s been through a lot in the public eye and it hasn’t shaken her sense of self- I say good for her, there’s been much worse on so many others, can’t we give her a break?

Crista on

I think she is adorable, she is just expressing her own style!

Maya on

I can’t believe she needs attention so bad.if you think about it, what else do the twins have going for them now besides their teeny bopper clothes at Walmart.Besides straving herself she needs to keep people phtographing her so this is just another shot at staying in pics. too bad but these girls are beyond PATHETIC!

Jane on

hmmm…too charlie and the chocolate factory for me…
they look plastic, not fantastic!

sabrina on

Love it.
I mean, why not? its a touch of fun for every daily issue. It’s not about taste, it’s about knowing how to where them. 100% attitude
if you can’t beat them, join them

hart braka on

how pethetic ! she thinks they look cute on her but they so do not

TellMeMore on

I love the way MK dresses; not afraid to be herself. The glasses are just plain fun.

Tuesday on

Won’t these wafer-elfs ever go away? They aren’t talented actors, they don’t sing, and they certainly don’t do much. The glasses are cool, but cooler on Kurt Cobain or Andy Warhol.

Pam Dela Cruz on

cute & cool!!! i like them!!

Rini on

ugly..and weird..too show off.

Mindy on


haydee on

Don’t anyone at least stop to think that those might be a doctored image? at least i hope for her bohemian whatchamacalit style, she won’t go that far stupid to wear such ridiculous thing—unless! she missed a whole week of food…then i can understand.

ieka on

You’d think the girl could afford a hair bush!

tina on

they are hideous. some people just don’t know what to do with their money. shoot give to the needy…me

Karen on

I would not wear them – but of course I’m not a billionaire. If I could afford to go on Parisian shopping sprees, I think I’d let the world know about it with my Chanel shades, too.

Caitlin from Memphis,TN on

I think she looks adorable, I would wear those sunglasses everyday ( If I could afford them ), there different! I think everyone should stop hatin on this girl, she looks awesome! I would love to have the balls to where some of things she does!

kelly clay on

when are those two going to learn a little fashion sense???? they have soooo much money and dress like they have little to none! they are beautiful young women who desperately need a makeover, tame the scraggly hair and dump the gypsy rags. i usually love anything made by chanel, but those glasses bite!

Mel on

She is a fashion disaster; always hiding under these ridiculous frocks. The hat is atrocious and the glasses are repulsive. She is a pretty girl with plenty of money to buy nice things, so why does she dress like a slob?

Amber on

I think they’re rather ugly and I would never wear them, never.

Sarah on

They look like a cheap knock off you can buy from a street vendor.

olha on

the glasses are ok…she has better ones.lol..but i luv the hat bunches =)i goes with her outfit=) lookin good…

Maryann on

I think the Olsen twins are scary looking and very odd. there is NOTHING about them that I can say I like.

micheleeee. on

que U N I Q U E!
I seriously want to raid this girls closet.
I wonder if that is even possible.

carli on

it’s a clever satire. calm down.

susie lee on

I really love her style…but the glasses are too much.

olivia on

i think she looks fit!! i love them

Mallory on

there ok. but mary kate doesnt usually seem like the “designer name in your face” kind of girl. but i guess what ever floats your boat. she could pull anything off though! i think the twins are adorable

jodi on

I think she can pull just about anything off.

Danielle B on

Dear i know people like to be diffrent but when it get this bad thats just a cry for help! see what happens to cute little girls when they grow?…..

lauren on

yeah they say chanel, but my personal thought is im not so into those circular sunglasses.

rachel on

eeww…lets find ’em and burn ’em!

Bad mEdicine on

haha!=P so hideous!absolutely ridiculuos!

alexandra on

Her glasses are really unusual. I wouldn’t wear them.

dina on

whats wrong with you?
looked silly..

Natalie on

Don’t like the glasses. They look like poker ships or something the Beatles would wear. I think not much attention would have been broughten to them if the designers name: Chanel wasn’t displaced on them in white, that just makes them look tacky. I like how MK dresses, she has her own unique style. Its not hobo or anything, it’s her own sense of style. Besides, now she knows that no one will copy her sense of style and she can stand out from the rest. The style isn’t called HOBO, it’s called ONE SELF…meaning she has her own style and own mind on what she wants to wear. I do love the hat, I have a few hats just like hers, very cute indeed. But adios to the sunglasses, they aren’t doing it to me, but to each their own.

Farial on

Sorry, I like to find something good about everything, but I can’t with those glasses…no class whatsoever.

Gee on

they r gross! they look like she picked them up from an $1 dollar store

Kristi on

she’s young. she’s in the forefront of trying to be different..to stand out…that is what celeberties do. That I suppose is part of their job. This will pass..it all does. :)

becky on

The Olsen twins strike me as a couple of mentally challenged girls. Do they EVER smile? I am guessing the tissue inside each woman’s mouth/cheeks is raw from the constant sucking to give illusion of cheekbones! What a couple of dingbats! Are these girls normal?

Whew! Thank you for letting me vent about them. I have been wanting to do this for a long time! They look like robots…ugly ones at that! There! My meanness exposed!

Oh! The glasses? Butt-ugly, girlfriend!

haydee on

wow! i can’t believe we all go for this crap of comments—that is not how the glasses looked like! they are really cool and don’t have those prints with it. She’s cute and comfortable i give it to her…

Kathy on

Good Gawd – just another in a long LONG line of fashion “don’t’s” I’m so sick of the Olsen twins and their “fashion” style. FASHION? Give me a break, since when did dressing like a bag lady become fashionable?! BoHo Chic? Hardly! The mags had to come up with something to call their “style” other than Bag Lady Chic, so they dreamed up BoHo Chic! These girls need an urgent fashion intervention! They both should be poster girls for what NOT to where – I envision Stacy London grabbing them and whisking them off to some sort of style bootcamp any day now! Gag!

Nina Webster on

Please, she is always so fashion forward but never a label hor!! I think it is a total statement against all this brand obsession! I love it!

Jen on

the red hat thing if ok it give a little parisian vibe.but no on the glasses sorry mary-kate! but you don’t got it dude!

nikki on

I think that they are gross…that is a shame with all that money she doesnt even know what to do with it?!?! What happen to the cute little kids that they used to be!

Sara on

Ewwwwwwwwww….. plzz take them OFFF !!!!
u look UGLY

major payne on

it looks good to me but could have done without the red hat. lol.

Carolyn on

I say… whatever floats her boat.

Star on

Isn’t baglady chic now passé?

jess on

they are out there!!! she is brave to wear them, but kinda quirky!

diahavanna on

i hate those glasses because they have no style

Mim Alien on

I like them!

ugly? not is, just is different!

Elesha LaBrosse on

Its Mary Kate Olsen, She can wear anything she wants. Who knows… because of her those will probably “in” 5 years from now! Rock them Mary Kate!

KVan on

Oh My Gosh!

Tessa on

those look like sun tanning goggles.

Miss P on

ewww………omg i mean i kno their chanel but dang!

Sarah Jane on

It very much goes with her style. She has a euro-mod thing going. It’s very her. I think she made a good choice.



Sami on

Look what the cat drug in!

jennifer on

those glasses are horrible!!!!!!!

Angie on

Has she ever heard of less is more?

Kimberly on

I don’t care how much they cost, they look terrible.

Marin on

Where’s the googly eyes?

Brittany on

Those are hideous! I am suprised Chanel would make something so tacky. They are almost painful to look at.

tracee on

she always looks horrible these days…losing looks to her sister. she looks like she just walked out of a homeless shelter, but yet she has millions of dollars. i dont get it

Penny Rosen on

I usually LOVE her eclectic style,but,I don’t love these sunglasses.

mandy on

Is it just me, or is that freaky??

sarah on

as if they released her from a mental HOSPITAL…..

pace on

she shud at least dress and look like she has money.

Sama A.K on

I actually think it looks ‘Mary-Kate’ I mean, let her do what she wants to do….Its her style, and I honestly love Mary-Kate’s style…always trying new things!

sama a.k on


Aarzoo on


Ruth Hodge on

The glasses seem like some silly comment on her part. She always looks so unkempt as well. I think her whole look just needs to be cleaned up.

ronnie on

i dont hate them, this is her style and this is what she chooses to wear, this is what makes her unique and different, everyone these days are just looking in magazines and are saying if its not in there than its not in,that is NOT true. You can look stylish and not wear what the model is wearing in the magazine, it called being unique.

pénélope on

I am french and i would NEVER wear this glasses !! completely horrible !! whereas mary kate usually is very fashion this glasses are very ugly …

lizzie on

it must not be easy to see anything with those glasses … So what is it for ? fashion … I know …

enigma on

Sure, if I was going to be in a play about the three blind mice!!!! What stupid looking glasses……so not cool!!!

Entourage on

HOLLY COW !!! what was Chanel thinking when they allow Mary-Kate to wear the pair?

Amanda on

Hideous glasses, yes… Jealous, no…
If they didn’t have stark white advertising plastered over the frames, I doubt we’d even be having this conversation!
She’s a cutie, she just needs to ditch the glasses…

Sanne on

oh wow? why do they have to put the labels on the things? are you serious? the label is like 75 % of the cash. you don’t pay hundreds of dollars for glasses that could be from who ever. i love them, not my style, but seriously cool on her. besides you don’t diss chanel, you just don’t

Syrah on

crazy and cute! don’t criticize her unique individuality..

zooey on

leave her alone, she is young rich and famous and having a little fun.We are all guity of wearing something stupid but fun before.

sweden on

she looks like an alien i would never wear them


UMMM… No Thanks!!!

ME on

i think there cute cause theyre on her and w.e so they say the designer name – if they didnt theyd still be a billion dollars neway – haha lighten up there fun!

PrInCeSs on


bianca on

i think she is trying to tell us she missis the good old times of full house

anais on

she look like a witch

dangerass on

when i first saw the pic i thought it was elton john….then i saw the long hair and realized it was kate moss. wait–wha? thats…thats mary-kate olsen?……..then why does she look like she’s on–nevermind.

krissy on

someone needs to give her a makeover

Amandapoo on

Where’s Waldo?

sesza on

omg…so awful. What a try hard.

Abby on

i think they are cool! Like some of u sad a joke, ridiculous. But its a style, no one else has sunglasses like that so u sick out, i would were them

reese on

i dont think they were the best looking sunglasses

anonymous on

oh my gawd. these are just the ugliest things i’ve ever seen! not only are they super round and looking like that beatles dude but to have “chanel paris” written all over them? not my cup of tea!

Brandi on

I would wear them just because I would laugh when some big magazine company made an issue of it. She is totally making a statement saying that magazines will turn ANYTHING into a story. I find it absolutely hilarious.

Carly on

Those are the ugliest flipping sunglasses I have ever seen ! On the plus side, her hair looks super pretty :)

Makster on

Somebody please explain to this young child that her look is ridiculous!!!!! Not just her awful sunglasses. The awful look never seems to just stop there!

KC on


Yvonne on

ugly… what was she thinking,on the name-CHANEL-????????? isn´t helping…

jenna durham on

What is she thinking thme are the uglest flipping glasses i have ever saw. I wouldn’t wear them if someone offered me a million dollars. She’s a celebrity dose she not think people are gonna take a picture of her I would be embarassed to be seen with her.

Maggie on

As much as I love Chanel, those are a bit too over-the-top. I’d hang them on my wall.

Melissa on

What the……???????

Quanza on

i think this is the most ugly sunglasses ever if i am superstar i will try to look go because many pepole will take photos for me

CB on

Doesn’t matter who makes them, nobody wants to read something on someone’s face. It’s distracting…but the had is hip hop happening!!

Amanda on

Personally I think they are VERY UGLY and unattractive! These last couple years though she hasn’t had a very good fashion sense. Her choices for clothing are rags. I think she needs to hire a fashion coordinator and if she has one fire them and get a new one.

lindsay on

so fun… loves it. the hat is tres cute as well

Britt on

Ugly! They remind me of X-Ray vision glasses.

Grace on

To the people who like them- ARE YOU KIDDING!!!!!!!!!What does the C word say anyway?! And what about that so called make-over she supposivly did. She look awful!!!!!!

P.S. Has she gotten really skinny again?

Widie on

Oh my goodness………
That’s terrible……..Where’s planet she’s coming from?????!!!!!!!!

Monica on

I Like them. She has her own personal style, they are kind of different.

Katja Parviainen on

They are very cool, but only she can wear them… don’t even think about buying them. they are out of fashion when she takes them off.

* katja

Ria on

I love her fashion sense. So bold and brave! I love it that she wears what she wants to wear and stays true to herself! Kudos to her! Long live boho-chic!

Jen Stone on

I am so sick of her and her sister. They dress so slovenly and they seem to always have the same facial expression. These girls don’t even look like they are alive.

Sarah on

They are ugly, no one can look at those and actually think that they look good. I dont know what is happening to those girls, they used to be my role model and now….BLAH

Voice Of Reason on

horrible… just horrible

Tina Z on

She is too skinny! Those glasses probably weigh more than she does.

Hilton on


Kriste on

I don’t think there is anything wrong w/them, I wouldn’t wear the personally. Let her be.

Mysti on

Just awful…nothing like showing off! Sheesh!

nicole on

OMG mary kate what were you thinking?! those are U-G-L-Y

You look like a creature from outer space
you sersliosy need to change your style from rags to actual clothes. and a little advice, um, ditch the glasses if you havent got the message yet =)

d on


Cheryl on

I would never wear them, but that doesn’t mean there not fashionable. I would think the writing on the lenses would disrupt my vision.

Renee on

You have got to be kidding me. The glasses are cute, but the huge logo has got to go. Maybe put it on the side in small silver letters or something, but that is just horrible.

Brittany Ann on

Ozzy Osbourn gone Chanel

Dianne O'Berry on

Those glasses are ridiculous. Definite fashion don’t.

Namita on

I didnt like the shades …but if she likes it then who m i to judge.Personaly i like her doesnt matter what she wears.

liz on

the sunglasses are the best part of the outfit.

joy on

umm……i don’t get the point of these glasses. is she trying to make a statement does she really like them. its cool that she likes them but i think they’re ridiculously crazy. i’m sorry but i would use a mirror.

laura on

I think they are ridiculous. Taking the designer thing a bit too far!!!

Stephanie on

I don’t think it is neccessary to wear a logo across your face like that. However, Mary Kate has looked a little bit more chic these days. Check out

Kendra on

Those sunglasses are hideous. I say get rid of them!

Lori on

i just can’t comment on the shades, but the hat is a different story. i was watching breakfast at tiffany’s and noticed that paul’s benefactor wore a strikingly similar one. go mary-kate!

brooke on

it’s horrible!!! i hate it and i hate olsens

susan on

These are really stupid looking sunglasses…lol

Jamie on

Those girls can pull anything off ugly or not

Linda on


kanya on

OMG, she looks so trashy, i mean those sunglasses are so tacky!!! u should keep with the old fashioned sunglasses… i like em better!

tom on

have you seen the movie A BUG’S LIFE???

Christi on

She looks rediculous.

What was she thinking?

Eileen on

She looks disgusting

miss mia on

personally i don’t see what the big deal is about either twin. they both look frail, anorexic, dehydrated, and void of color. they consistently lack any taste in style, and no matter how much money they make, can never buy enough class. they constantly have is dark circles under their eyes, i guess from partying or drugs; whatever… whats wrong with this picture, we are focused on sunglasses, when the real issue is everything else but the sunglasses, which are by the way very grotesque!
what happened to the cute little girls on full house. they grew up into this…… yuck!

sam on

just think,would you wear those to the beach,boardwalk…?
I KNOW I WOULDNT! even if i saw someone wearing those i would laugh. hah!

Teresa on

A tiny, underweight Mary-Kate Olsen? Check. Horrible sunglasses that should be thrown away immediatly? Check. These sunglasses make me wish that the sun would never come out again. Just ditch the glasses, Mary-Kate. Change your style and you might be fine.

ashley on

Heck, I’d wear them. If she wants to wear them, fine. If she wants to wear what some call rags, then let her. At least shes not slutted out like most stars her age, so leave her alone.

Stephanie on

These are seriously fugly. A bag lady with Chanel plastered on her face? She looks like she needs a flea bath.

wain on

possibly influenced by Sir Elton John… so very wrong though

lili on

not really. i love mk and ash, but mk is goin a bit too far with her “different” fashion ideas

Kittie on

Absolutely horrifying! Bet the sponsors paid her a lot of money to advertise them – why else would she wear them?

Come on on

Ashlee get real! You have been wearing curtins around your body, wearing weird sunglaces, and you are just weird! And I used to like you on Full House! You need Help!!!………

Heather on


Elizabeth on

they are such pretty girls but they have horrible fashion sense and these glasses are no exception.

Jessica on

These glasses are shnastyyyyy! Chanel should know better. period.

criss! on

well, the deal is not about her “glasses”, is how both, mary k. & ashley dress behind lots of pashminas, coats, sand tons of blouses all at the same time, it looks like they want to hide something, don’t know if it´s called insecurity, because it really seems like they are not comfortable with themselves

criss! on

well, the deal is not about her “glasses”, is how both, mary k. & ashley dress behind lots of pashminas, coats, sand tons of blouses all at the same time, it looks like they want to hide something, don’t know if it´s called insecurity, because it really seems like they are not comfortable with themselves

andY on

I totally agree with you Criss its obvious they are trying to hide themseles behind the tonss of clothes that they war at the same time. Poor girls really, I hope someday the accept themselves

andY on

I totally agree with you Criss its obvious they are trying to hide themseles behind the tonss of clothes that they war at the same time. Poor girls really, I hope someday the accept themselves

Constance Carmona on

where can I get this hat! Help!

Lisa on

This young lady, unlike most all of young rich Hollywood, actually has a bit of personal style and isn’t afraid of nasty comments made by small-minded mall shoppers. If you don’t like funky Chanel…shop at Gap.

night on

Money does not by Class. Money does not buy style.
Case in point.

Kate on

It`s awfull!I think that she hasn`t got a mirror

Tamara on

I think you care way too much about people that really don’t care about you. Those sunglasses are amazing. and a lot of folks would die to get a pair of those vintage channel.

Johnny on

She is FLAWLESS. The sunglasses are INSPIRING. And you are all IDIOTS for not realizing this.

Jen on

I am not a big fan of the “twin’s” style. They are far too petite and cute for these big frumpy outfits and adding those odd sunglasses just doesnt help.

katie on

I love my 11 pairs of chanel glasses but those are just hideous. I can’t believe chanel would ever make those.

LeeAnn on

ok how tacky does that look , it looks like she got those glases from the dollar store and wrote that on with white out, not cute, not cute at all

starliena on

i think she looks just fine.i mean she has a wonderful stile. i would do that to..good pick..

jessica on

i think she looks cute. she’s young! let her have FUN with her style! i think she looks great. she doesn’t have to dress as serious as a 30-40 year old!

Sofie on

I would soooo wear them!!

fashionknower4556 on

she looks like an umpa lumpa!!! why does this pretty girl wear such ugly things?????

Brittnay on

Oh my god…Coco Chanel would be rolling over in her grave if she read some of your comments. Not only are those sunglasses a product of the woman who practally reinvented ready-to-wear fashion, but there iconic. Made famous by Edie Sedgwick in the 60’s. Those glasses are much more then a piece of expensive plastic. They represent inovation in the fashion world, and serve as part of the reason that Chanel label is still so well liked and respected. It breaks my heart to see how little some of you know about fashion.

lola_forever on

haha! i loveeee these! i want a pair :D

Erli on

i think she is adorable.i love her style ’cause she’s very special.she has her own style,not like other stars we r used to see.love her hat and i got my own same hat last year.simply adorable

kirsty on

wel i think there okay, but over the top..but who cares..why are you noticing her for glasses..pick pathetic..she’s famous..have you seen what some celebritys wear..

antonia on

i think that they would look a bit weird on just anyone but i think that anything would look good on mary-kate or ashley because they are drop dead gorgeous!

Alexa on

i think she is a very fashionable person i would sooo wwear these if i had the right outfit to go with them!!! :DDD

jemna on

I love mary-kate to death, but i mean really? no…i really do NOT like the shades-everything else, very cute though!

sara on

omg who cares what she wears? id she likes them than its her choice wtf ? I would wear them , god id like to see what the people wear that write this. why would you even care ? Its a waste of time.

kayhay on

I really dont know why all of you are freaking out about of her glasses. Shes a celeberty shes in a disguise. NO DUh Shes going to where something tacky shes trying to be avoided by all those fans

ivana on

not my style……..but if she likes it watever thats ok it kida does match except id put the writing somewhere else

Clayton on

This isn’t the first person to have worn these glasses so I would hardly say “what do you think of Mary-Kates’ sunglasses?”… instead ask “what do you think of these sunglasses offered by Chanel.. and worn by Mary-Kate?”..
My response:
I enjoy them, perfect example of completely austere behavior…

Caris on

I love them, they look trendy and cute – I would wear them :) Stop picking on her.. she’s just being a unique individual, is that really shamed upon in society now!?

Chi Chi on

Can you tell me the sunglasses type number?Thanks!

MK on

Looks great and I want it!

shaana on

they are fabulous. You have to be able to appreciate Chanel, (and Vintage Chanel at that!), to really love her glasses

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